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Guest Aimes

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I don't have photoshop but if you would like an avatar or signature if you could leave a correct, current email address and what you like, you can get it.

My example (using my information):


May I please have a Charlie av?

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While it is greatly appreciated that you are offering to make avatars and signatures, the general set up of this section is for people who make graphics to post their creations in their own thread. I would also discourage people from posting their email addresses on the forum for security reasons.

So if you are continuing with avatars and signatures, feel free to create your own thread. Otherwise look for peoples requests for artwork in the Artwork Request Thread.

Thanks :).

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You need to upload your images to an image hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack. You then copy and paste the URL for the image between or use the Insert image button when you add your reply. See here.

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