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  1. The fan fiction "You are my Rock" by Traceve is a Changelo fic. It's mainly about Charlie so far but Angelo is mentioned once or twice.
  2. Could someone make me an Ella Scott Lynch sig that says "Ella Enchanted" on it? Could someone make me a Charlie and Angelo av? Could someone make me an av with any character(s) out of these: Ruby Charlie Angelo Joey Martha Sorry, I probably ask for too much.
  3. Aimes

    All Saints

    This is an All Saints fan fic Chapter 1 Claire sat on her bed thinking about what she had just discovered. How did she tell her boyfriend Steve that she was pregnant with his baby? They hadn't been together for very long. She knew she wanted this baby. She wanted her family with her but they were in Western Australia. Claire what out of the room with the positive pregnancy test is her hand. She was still dealing with the aftermath of her assualt. She had to do the brave thing. Feeling more in danger than ever, she walked out of her home and locked the door. She got in her car and drove to the hospital. When she arrived she asked Gabby if Steve was there. Gabby said that Steve was in the MRU office. Claire walked to the MRU office and went in. Steve was there. Steve: Claire. Claire: Hi. Claire sat down. Claire: Would you mind coming around to my place this afternoon? Steve: Sure. I'll be around in about an hour. Chapter 2 Steve knocked on Claire's door. "Who is it?" Claire shouted "Just me" said Steve Claire got up and opened the door. Claire: I'm pregnant. Your going to be a dad. Steve got down on one knee. Steve: Marry me. Claire: Yes, I love you Steve Taylor. Claire hugged Steve. Claire: I can't believe I'm going to get married and have a baby. That's my fanfic. I'm a massive Claire and Steve fan and I've made up the romance nickname CAS. The baby was a girl named Ella Claire Taylor. Claire and Steve married in a fairytale ceremony.
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