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Cary + Hunter

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title: Cary + Hunter

type of story: long fic

genre: drama

rating: A

Cast: Cary, Hunter plus regs

spoilers: No

warnings: sexual refrences, violence, language


Cary is a friend of Ruby's from her old school. Cary shows up in town looking for his friend. later Hunter comes causing havoc in Cary's life and also the people around him.


Cary Jennings is a 16 year old very good looking teenage boy. He calls his mother Adrienne by her first name because he thinks she's very childish, before coming to Summer Bay Cary met a teenage girl named Hunter she soon began stalking him thinking he was inlove with her


Hunter Greenaway is a 17 year old girl with model looks, she comes across very nice but deep down is a complete psycho and once she finds a guy she likes she gets him whatever it takes and if she can't have him no one can. When Cary comes to Summer Bay she tracks him down and his best friend Ruby Buckton and any other girl around him is in danger.


Ruby and Xavier walked into the surf club and saw a guy playing by himself

"Oh my god" Ruby said "Cary, long time no see" she said moving the ball he was about to hit

"Hey Bucks" he said

"Does little baby have no one to play with" she said jokingly

He put the pool cue down

"Is this your boyfriend?" he asked

"oh Xavier this is Cary my bestest friend in the whole world"

"Hey" Xavier grunted

"I'm gonna get a drink you want one" Xavier asked Ruby

"No" she replied as he walked away

"Nice guy Bucks, you sure know how to pick 'em" Cary said

"Hey i seem to remember a few of your girlfriends"

He picked the cue up

"Wanna play?" he asked her

"I'll only kick your ass" Ruby said


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