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A Summer Romance

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Story Title: A Summer Romance

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Belle and Aden, also Matilda, Geoff, Annie, Nicole, Roman, Irene, Cassie

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Humor, Drama, love

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Language, sex scenes (but not explicit), Self harm, lots of partying, other than that will warn before hand, oh and some violence

Summary: All he wanted was some Summer Fun, All she wanted was to fall in love, but when they meet, everything changes, and when he finds out her terrible secret, can he help her before its too late?

Aden Jefferies is your typical bad boy, and when his dad sends him to Summer Bay for the Summer he thinks its the perfect opportunity to have some summer fun, hooking up with girls, drinking, having fun.

Belle Taylor is your typical teenage girl, pretty, smart, funny, but she has one problem... She's never been in love!... and is hiding a terrible secret that no one knows

One night at a party, both Aden and Belle run into each other, Aden thinks she is just another girl to hook up with, but when they hang out, things begin to change!

I have changed the plot line a little and slowly everything will be revealed.


I was hoping to have a video made, but maybe that will come soon

A Summer Romance

Chapter 1

Feeling somewhat disturbed from looking at the same loose piece of cotton that he had been staring at for the last hour and a half, he looked out the window at the heavy trees zooming past him in a blur before turning his gaze back to the piece of loose cotton in front of him. Reaching his hand up he began picking at it, watching as it slowly began to unravel as he toyed with it.

The smell of the long tainted bus was beginning to get to him, as much as he tried to ignore it, he screwed his nose up in disgust. Someone on this bus obviously doesn’t know the meaning of deodorant because someone, well maybe more than one person had a serious case of bad B.O.

He had been stuck in the same smelly, revolting space for way too long, feeling claustrophobic of sitting down for too long he pressed his face up against the window and tried to breathe in the fresh air through the glass.

Why his father was sending him to Summer Bay for the summer was beyond Aden’s idea of fun. Aden Jefferies, yes he was your typical bad boy, he loved partying, drinking, hooking up with girls and the occasional drag of a joint. Aden’s dad, Larry and Roman Harris (Whom Aden was staying with this summer) had been great mates since they were little and had decided this little get away plan for Aden to (hopefully) settle down, (more like get away) from his wild partying antics in the city.

Aden chuckled at his father’s last conversation to him before Aden was forced onto the bus and waved off by his father. “Now no going flirting with Roman’s daughter mate, she doesn’t need to be used while your there. Remember, you’re a guest in that house and that town so no fooling around,’

Stuff that!. Aden thought to himself as he moved his now, cold face away from the window and settled to staring back at the loose piece of cotton in front of him on the seat. He was going to have fun this summer, and no one was going to stop him, dad or no dad this was just who Aden was, a party boy who loved to have fun.


The bus had finally pulled into the bus depo in Summer Bay, a small, very small to be precise, sea side town that was very accustomed to peace and quiet and most likely, all the goodie too-shoes who wouldn’t go out after 6pm.

Aden climbed off the bus and took a long deep breath as the salty fresh air filled his lungs, expanding his chest broadly as he held it in for a second before releasing like it had been too long since his last breath.

He looked around as the bus driver unloaded all their luggage, taking no care in what was inside as he threw them all onto the ground, each only just missing the last and hitting the ground with an almighty ‘Thud!’

“Oi! Mate, watch what your doing there will you,’ Aden yelled as a degraded grunt escaped the drivers mouth and he continued to throw the luggage on the ground behind him.

Aden turned around and saw him walking toward him, tall and muscular, tanned, blonde hair and a wide grin across his face. “Aden!’ he emphasized once he was close enough as Aden smiled and shook the man’s hand.

“Roman, long time,’ Aden said back as Roman nodded too much in agreement, still shaking Aden’s hand rather forcefully and very hard as Aden tried not to make any emotion.

“Too long mate, the last time I saw you, you were 6 and now look at you, 17 years old,’ Roman said as he finally let go of Aden’s now throbbing hand.

“Where’s your daughter, and how old Roman?’ Aden asked looking behind Roman for any sort of hot girl following in suit of her farther but with no such luck.

“School mate, she’s 17 too, blonde, has an attitude and loves all the expensive stuff and wont settle for anything less,’ Roman replied as Aden laughed.

My kind of girl!. Aden thought to himself as he heard rustling behind him as he turned and saw that all the luggage had finally been unloaded, some bags were on top of others where the driver just threw them and some had landed about a meter away as people walked around looking for their bags.

Walking over, Aden immediately uncovered his bag and heaved it over his shoulder as Roman asked him if he was ready to go. Aden nodded and followed Roman to the car.


“No you don’t get it, now I have to live with two boys for the Summer Holidays, my dad who will most likely be stuck working most of the time and some blonde idiot named Aden,’ Nicole spat as she walked along the corridor with a blonde boy, a brunette girl with long brown hair and another brunette with short, shoulder length brown hair who was way too skinny for a 17 year old.

“I’m sure it wont be that bad Nic,’

“Geoff, not every one loves every one as soon as they meet ok, this is the 21st century were talking about,’ Nicole scoffed to the blonde haired boy named Geoff who rolled his eyes and kept walking toward his locker.

“What Geoff is saying is that he might be nice, not everyone hates a person as soon as they see them Nicole,’ the very skinny brunette replied as the other girl laughed along with Geoff as they all reached their lockers.

“Belle not everyone gives people the benefit of the doubt either and Annie, the bible isn’t always right either so don’t even bother saying anything about god and all that crap, I’ve had enough from Geoff today,’ Nicole replied as both Belle and Annie looked at each other and rolled their eyes with a smile before pulling their bags from their lockers and slipping them over each shoulder, closely followed by Geoff and Nicole before they all headed away from the school corridors for their last class for the day… double P.E.

“Hey I’m having a party later at my place, you guys in, Irene wont be home until at least midnight?’ Belle asked as Geoff, Annie and Nicole all looked at each other.

“Sure,’ they all replied as Belle nodded before looking at Nicole.

“Bring the new boy if you want, I have to go,’ Belle said as she waved to the 3 people before walking away with her bag still slumped over her shoulders, weighing a damn ton!.

Belle had always hated P.E and almost always made an excuse to get out of it as she made her way home to the Beach House which she shared with her foster mother, Irene Roberts. Irene had kindly taken Belle into her home two years ago when Belle was having problems at her own home with her mother and Belle had stayed with Irene since then.

No one had ever figured out why Belle now lived with Irene and Irene never pushed Belle to tell her what had happened whilst she had lived with her mother, Amanda Vale.

She walked up the remainder of the beach to her house and pushed the key in the lock, turning it and pushed the door open, removing her keys as she walked inside.

“Irene,’ Belle yelled as she entered the kitchen and waited to see if there was any kind of response… There was nothing.

Closing the door, Belle dumped her bag from her shoulders, leaving it sitting up against the bench in the kitchen before making her way to the bathroom and closing the door behind her and locking it.

There, she looked into the mirror at her ghastly pale reflection and red puffy eyes along with her dry hair. She felt very faint but pushed that aside as she looked down into the sink before proceeding to open the drawer.

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Thanks so much, Laurzy, Taniya, ~AdelleFanEver~ and Lise, glad you all like it!

so here is chapter two, slowly things will be revealed

Chapter 2

Sitting up against the wall in the bathroom she wiped her red puffy eyes as more tears slipped down her cheeks as the reflexes in the back of her throat work over time to calm themselves down as she grabs the towel and wipes her mouth gently as the liquid leaves her face and embeds itself on the towel as she throws it in the basket and gets out a new one.

Climbing numbly to her feet she drags herself to the door where she unlocks it and emerges slowly out of the bathroom before stopping in her tracks and frowning slightly. Turning her neck she scans the sink and lets go a sigh of relief from thinking she had let it lying around but she hadn’t.

Making her way to the couch, she sits down for a moment and picks up a tissue as no sooner does she start to cough vigorously.

Bringing the tissue up to her lips she coughs loudly as her eyes glisten with tears at how much it hurts before finally she stops coughing, screws up the tissue and slides it in her pocket before pulling her long sleeves down her arms and lying down on the couch as her eyes slowly droop shut as she begins to slumber.


“So welcome mate,’ Roman expressed as he opened the front door and walked inside, Aden subtly in tow as he looked around the lounge room. Slowly he looks at the stairs and then straight ahead into the kitchen as Roman smiles.

“It’s not much but…’

“It’s amazing Roman, and just you and Nicole live here?’ Aden asked as Roman nodded before slowly beginning his decent up the stairs, gesturing Aden to follow, which he did.

Turning to his right, Roman walked down the hall a fraction before coming to the first door on the left and pointing inside as Aden walked in, Roman leaning up against the door frame.

“You’ll be sleeping in here, Nic’s room is on the right just down the hall there and mine is right at the end,’ Roman said as Aden looked around the slightly large room and nodded so that Roman understood that he was listening, in which Roman continued. “Bath room back down the hall, along with the toilet so you get settled in and Nic will be home,’ Roman looked at his watch as his eyes widened. “Very shortly’ he concluded as he left the room, leaving Aden inside as he plonked his stuff on the double bed and sat down on the edge.

Once Aden was settled he made his way back to the stairs. But, instead of walking down them he sat on the railing and slid down it, landing on his feet at the bottom of the landing just as the front door opened and in walked an Olive skinned, long blonde haired, blue eyed girl who was reasonably skinny and had a nice set of legs on her.

Aden raised an eyebrow a the blonde as she skipped through the door, stopping in her tracks as she noticed him standing there looking back at her. “Oh hi, you must be Aden,’ Aden heard her say but he didn’t take notice as he was staring googly-eyed at her moist pink lips parting so she could speak.

“Hmmmm,’ he replied as Nicole rolled her eyes and skipped into the kitchen where Aden returned from his gaze. She’s HOT!. He thought to himself as he begun to walk into the kitchen where he found both Nicole and Roman sitting at the kitchen table. Nicole talking her dad’s ear off so vigorously that Roman looked like he had trouble keeping up with his daughter.

“So Belle has invited us to a party at her place tonight and if you let me go I promise I’ll be home by 10:30 and I’ll even take blondie here with me,’ Aden heard her last sentence. Blondie Boy!. He thought to himself. He’d never been called that before.

“Well I suppose so, but only if you back by 10:30…’ Roman said as a smile crossed Nicole’s gracious lips as Aden trailed his vision toward them once again. “Yay!’ he heard her yell as she leapt from her seat, giving Roman a quick kiss on the cheek and a small hug before leaping toward the door and stopping mere inches from Aden.

“Party, tonight, you coming?’ she asked simply with an unusually seductive grin on her face as Aden grinned broadly back. “Wouldn’t miss it,’ he replied as she nodded and grazed past him and took the stairs as he watched her from the kitchen.


Soon enough night soon fell on the sleepy sea side town and Belle was soon startled awake to a loud banging on the door as she slowly sat up on the couch and looked around, rubbing her tired eyes before slowly, weakly climbing to her feet and making her way toward the kitchen door. Opening it she was greeted by Geoff and Annie as the barged through the door, after a quick ‘hello’ to Belle.

Belle excused herself to go and get changed before any more guests arrived and retreated into her bedroom, closing the door and locking it before slipping her long sleeve top over her frail body and looking up, seeing her reflection in the mirror she quickly threw her top at it and made her way over to the wardrobe where she found a nice pair of dark blue skinny legged jeans as she slipped them over her legs and clasped the button in its place. Next she rummaged through her tops and shirts and finally found a nice long sleeve light purple top and slipped it over her body, wincing in pain as she brushed her hands up against her ribs but passing it off just as quickly.

Fixing up her hair and applying some more concealer and foundation to her face she also put on some eye liner and mascara and headed toward the door.

For she had a party to host!

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks so much guys, glad your all loving it and in time all will be revealed :)

Arn't you guys lucky, 3 updates in one day :P

Chapter 3

The party was in full swing by the time Nicole and Aden arrived. Nicole had taken over an hour to get ready, bopping to the music as Aden sat in his room waiting very impatiently for the blonde to hurry herself up. Finally Aden had resorted to waiting downstairs, watching some T.V when she came prancing down the stairs in a white halter neck mini dress which made Aden’s eyes widen and make every bone in his body arouse at her sight.

Roman had then offered to give them a lift on his way to work, only for Nicole to kindly decline and say that they would be fine walking because it wasn’t that far.

As Aden looked around the packed house he could see Nicole making her way over towards a skinny brunette before stopping and looking back to see if Aden was behind her in which she rolled her eyes and wavered him toward her.

Once he was over there Nicole grabbed his hand and pulled him further until they had finally reached the skinny brunette with a pair of skinny jeans and a purple top who looked rather fragile.

“Belle, meet Aden,’ Nicole whipped as she spun back around and pushed her way back through the crowded house leaving Aden standing in front of Belle.

“Nice to meet you Aden, Belle Taylor!,’ Belle said holding out her hand as Aden took it and shook it gently for fear that he might break her arm off because she was that skinny.

“Aden Jefferies, nice to meet you too,’ he replied as Belle smiled weakly before letting go of his hand.

“So you in town for long?’ Belle asked, trying to make polite conversation but not really in the mood to do so. Belle just wanted to sleep, to crawl into her nice warm bed and fall asleep.

But she couldn’t. “Excuse me,’ Belle said as Aden nodded and watched her walk very slowly through the crowd and into the bathroom and shut the door. Aden grinned to himself. “She’d be a lot cuter if she weighed a bit more!. Aden thought to himself, but seeing another smaller brunette standing in the corner talking to Nicole made Aden look up, raise an eyebrow and grin.

Walking over to them he stood next to Nicole and coughed once to get her attention, which he did.

“Annie, Aden, Aden, Annie,’ Nicole scowled as Annie held out her hand to shake his, instead he kissed the top of her palm which made her blush a little.

“Very, very nice to meet you Annie,’ Aden spoke as Annie nodded whilst Nicole rolled her eyes in disgust. Nicole crossed her arms defensively over her chest as Aden lead Annie away from them, through the crowd and outside.


She looked into the mirror and saw that her face was drawn into her cheek bones. I look like death warmed up!. Belle thought to herself as she turned in the taps and splashed water over her face a couple of times before turning the taps back off and looking back into the mirror. As water droplets fell back into the sink.

“Come on Belle, pull yourself together,’ Belle spoke to herself as she reached over, pulling the towel from the rack and patting her face dry before looking back up into the mirror to see the discoloured blotches over her face. “****!’ she mumbled as she opened the drawer and rummaged through it to find some concealer and more foundation.

Finding nothing, Belle screamed under her breath before she started coughing uncontrollably again as her face went a ghostly white and her lips went slightly purple.

Stumbling over to the toilet she collapsed on the floor and leant her head over the bowel as her stomach churned as her stomach let off small heaves, her body shaking as her chest tightened and she struggled to breathe.

Her throat burning as she continued coughing, one last small heave before she finally felt something coming up as she leant into the toilet bowel and let the contents of nothing spill from her mouth and into the toilet bowl.


“You know you are so beautiful,’ Aden said as he rubbed his hand over her cheek and leant in closer to her as she giggled.

“Your rather cute too Aden,’ she replied back as she looked deep into his emerald green eyes.

“I’m going to kiss you Annie!’ Aden said as Annie looked at him, mouth open a gape, not knowing what to do as Aden slowly leant in, wrapping his hands around her waist as he kissed her pink lips, parting them gently with his tongue as he felt her hesitate for a moment before she began to give into him, letting herself fall into him, feeling his hardness up against her.

At that moment all Christian thoughts went out the window as his arousal, aroused Annie as he deepened the kiss, playing with her tongue as she let him.

Yes!. Aden thought as he began to run his hands up the inside of her shirt, feeling as she let go a small moan under their kisses her he rubbed her bare skin. “I’m going to get laid!. He thought to himself. “This is going to be great!.

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Awwwwwwww thanks guys :)

And yes I am feeling generous which is why I have another update

Although, I think they are getting shorter and shorter, but they will be getting longer lol

Chapter 4

The salty fresh air whirled through the window as Belle began to stir, rolling over in her bed and wincing as she realised she was lying on her ribs. Pushing herself up in the sheets she looked around the slightly darkened room and yawned before climbing out of bed and walking out into the kitchen where she saw Irene sitting at the table.

Morning love, sleep well? Irene asked looking at a very skinny Belle. Irene was beginning to worry about the fragile 17 year old. Her personality had changed dramatically since Belle had come to live with Irene and she had lost a lot of weight and was always wearing clothes that covered herself up even on very hot days.

Yeah ok, Belle mumbled as she sat down next to Irene and started picking at her finger nails. Irene noticed that Belle did that a lot, especially first thing of a morning when she would first get out of bed.

Well love I have to get to work but I think we should sit down and talk about things tonight ok, Irene said as she sat the cup she was holding back on the table as Belle slowly looked up but kept her head down. Sure, Belle replied.

Well you have something to eat and get ready for school, it is your last day after all, Irene said as she got to her feet and kissed Belles hair before picking up her hand bag and leaving the house through the kitchen door.

Belle sat there, slowly craning her neck around to see if Irene had really gone before turning back and slowly reaching over the table and picking up a piece of toast.


Hey you ready to go? Nicole asked as Geoff opened the front door and nodded before picking up his school bag as Nicole rolled her eyes, giggling before spinning him around and pulling him to him. Stay still! she ordered as she began fiddling with his tie as she heard Annie yell out to wait for her.

There, Nicole laughed as Geoff smiled and thanked her graciously before yelling for Annie to hurry up as she scurried out the door with her school bag in tow. K, Im ready, she panted as Geoff and Nicole nodded and all walked down the drive to head over to Belles before school started.

Somethings up with Belle, Nicole piped up as Annie and Geoff both agreed. Shes looking like death these days, worse and she has no life in here and is really skinny and Im beginning to worry about her I mean none of us know why shes living at Irenes and she wont talk about it. Nicole finished as Annie began to talk but then saw Aden walking along the beach.


He walked along the beach, shoes in his hands as the waves ate away at his feet. He had a massive hang over from drinking last night but couldnt really remember drinking all that much. He did remember kissing a girl last night. Feeling a pair of eyes on him he looked up and saw her looking at him. She smiled and waved as he frowned before giving a fake smile and waved back before continuing along the beach.


She applied the concealer to her face as she looked in the mirror at herself. Feeling ashamed of her looks, her body, herself as she started applying the foundation and then her eye liner and finally some mascara. Searching around the bathroom for her wrist band that she had been given from her dad as a little girl she looked down before shaking her head and pushing the band over her wrist.

Looking in the mirror once more she took in a deep breath before she felt her stomach heave as her body started shaking violently once again as she felt her chest tighten once again as she started seeing black moving spots on her eyes and felt a wave of dizziness overcome her before she collapsed, unable to grab hold of anything as everything which was sitting on the sink went flying all over the place.

Help, she whispered ever so softly that not even she thought she had said as she began to lose consciousness. Help, she whimpered again as she heard a voice yell out her name before she blacked out completely.

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You guys are so smart :)

But that is not the only thing wrong with Belle. Yes I can confirm she has an eating disorder and Jen, thankyou and the only reason I can convey this into the story is because I went through it and am drawing from my past experience. I'm not afraid to share that with you guys either.


Chapter 5

“Belle,’ Nicole yelled as she walked through the door with Geoff, Annie and Aden closely followed behind her. Nicole glanced angrily toward Aden as he shrugged.

“I heard something from here,’ he said as she scoffed and walked into the lounge and looked around at the empty house before glancing toward the bathroom and seeing a pair of feet.

“BELLE!’ Nicole screamed as she raced toward the bathroom and over Belle’s legs and fell down beside her. Grabbing the girls shoulders she shook Belle violently as Annie raced to the phone and dialled ‘000’ and explained what had happened while Geoff and Aden watched on not knowing what to do.

“Belle, wake up!’ Nicole shook her again before stopping in her tracks and resting two fingers on the side of her neck to feel for a pulse. “She has a pulse,’ Nicole sighed as Aden walked in the bathroom, manoeuvring over Belle’s body and leaning down beside her as he slowly pulled her top up to reveal of ribs protruding excessively through her skin. Lifting her hand up he noticed red grazes on her knuckles which were red rore and looked like they had been bleeding.

“What’s this, why are her knuckles grazed?,’ Aden asked as he held up her hand in which Nicole looked at as Geoff and Annie stood in the door way as the sound of the ambulance could be heard just down the road.

“I have a feeling, I cant be sure,’ Nicole replied as she took Belle’s hand and waited for the ambulance to arrive with Aden sitting beside her as well and Geoff and Annie who were standing at the bathroom door.

“Is she sick?’ Annie asked innocently as Geoff wrapped his arms around his little sister as Nicole looked up, worry etching every inch of her face. “Something like that,’ Nicole replied as she looked over at Aden as he looked back at her.


“Morning Irene,’ Roman said as he walked into the kitchen as Irene looked up from cutting up the food in front of her and smiled as Roman proceeded to put his apron around his waist.

“Morning love,’ Irene replied as she went back to cutting up the stuff in front of her before picking it up and placing it in the bowel as Roman walked over to join her. “So what’s it like having another male in the house?’

Roman smiled as he put some plates down as Irene started putting the stuff on them. “Well Nicole and Aden haven’t killed each other yet so that must be a plus. They haven’t hooked up yet as far as I know so I cant complain there so good so far I’d say,’ Roman replied as Irene laughed.

“Well they cant be any worse than Belle, she will barely speak to me, she’s changed so much, her personality, clothing, even her eating habits, I’m really beginning to worry about her,’ she spoke as Roman looked at Irene and nodded, remembering a conversation he had not so long ago had with Nicole about Belle.

“Nicole was saying she has been different more distant, skinny and just really down all the time,’ Roman said as Irene looked up and nodded before frowning. “I told her just to let Belle know she’s there for her no matter what, and if Belle doesn’t want to talk then you cant really make her, just let her know your not going anywhere,’ Roman replied as he picked up the plates as Irene nodded.

As Roman walked out carrying two plates the phone rang. Wiping her hands on her apron she walked over to the phone and picked it up. “Irene Roberts... yes I... oh my god is she alright... yes I’ll be right there,’ Irene hung up the phone just as Roman walked back into the kitchen and saw the worry on Irene’s face.

“What’s wrong, is everything ok?’ he asked as Irene looked up at him and took a step back.

“It’s Belle, that was the hospital, Belle’s in hospital, she’s collapsed,’ Irene said as Roman didn’t know what to say. “Go,’ he finally said as she looked up at him and nodded. “I’ll be fine here, I’ll call in one of the casuals until you get back ok, go,’ he urged her as she took off her apron, picked up her hand bag and raced out of the Diner.


She raced through the emergency doors and almost bowled over two nurses as she raced over to the nurses station and smacked up against it as the nurse looked up. “Belle – Taylor,’ Irene panted as the nurse opened her mouth to say something as someone behind Irene spoke up. “Irene,’

Irene spun around to see Rachel Armstrong standing there as Irene raced over to her. “What’s happened, is Belle ok?’ Irene asked as Rachel held out her hands to calm the woman down.

“She is now. Irene how long has Belle been making herself sick?’ Rachel asked as Irene’s eyes widened and she clasped her hands over her mouth in shock. “I... I didn’t know,’ she said as Rachel nodded and walked over to one of the seats and sat down, ushering Irene to do the same. Once Irene was sitting down Rachel began to speak again.

“Belle’s weight is dangerously low for a 17 year old teenager, a normal weight would be around 45/50 kilograms but at the moment, Belle weigh’s 22 kilograms which has amazed me that she hadn’t collapsed before now. Belle’s oesophagus is torn but I can’t understand why she hasn’t coughed up any blood, her major organs have begun to shut down and that is not good. Irene Belle needs professional help but she won’t let us give her any fluids or put a canula in her arm or anything, maybe you can talk to her,’


“Belle can you please talk to me, why are you doing this to yourself?’ Nicole asked as she looked out the door to make sure no one else was around to hear this. “I’m not doing, anything!’ Belle said through gritted teeth as she kept her head lowered and picked once again at the cuticles of her nails. “Belle making yourself sick is not doing nothing, your killing yourself, cant you see what this is doing to you,’ Nicole was concerned for her friend and was going to try and get her to see sense but nothing was getting through to Belle.

“You, you have no idea what I am doing so just get out and leave me alone,’ Belle said finally looking up at Nicole and stopped picking at her nails. “You have no idea how beautiful you are Nic, I envy you. I wish I was as skinny, as pretty, as smart as you but I’m...’

“You are Belle,’ Nicole cut her off as Belle shook her head in disagreement and lowered her head back down just as Irene walked in which made both Belle and Nicole jump lightly.

“Hi Irene,’ Nicole said as Irene nodded and put her hands on Nicole’s shoulders. “Hi love, you better get going to school, let them know Belle wont be there and I’ll call the principal to explain why,’ Irene spoke as Nicole nodded, looking at Belle who refused to look at her before picking up her school bag and walking out as Irene closed the door and dragged a chair over to the bed and sitting down looking at Belle. “What are you doing to yourself love, your not well,’ Irene said as she saw Belle roll her eyes and slowly look at Irene.

“I told Nicole and I’ll tell you, I’m not doing anything now can we go home please?’ Belle asked as Irene didn’t know how to deal with this, she had never had to deal with something so big like an eating disorder before and didn’t know how to handle it. “Rachel wants to examine you...’

“No!,’ Belle said as she shot a look at Irene and shook her head. “I want to go home and I DONT want people touching and poking and prodding me so find out if I can go or not,’


“Aden, Aden wait up!’ Annie yelled as she ran along the beach to catch up to Aden who finally stopped and turned to look at her. “I wanted to thank you,’

“What for?’ Aden asked raising an eye brow as Annie smiled and looked down before back up. “For respecting my decision last night,’ Annie replied as Aden laughed and nodded. “You mean you not wanting to have sex but the other stuff we did,’ he replied as she blushed a little and nodded without another word.

“Annie can I ask you something?’ Aden asked as Annie looked up and nodded. “Have you ever been given ummm, have you ever been...’ he trailed off not knowing how to put it into words as she giggled. “What, fingered or aroused without a penis inside me?’ Annie finished as Aden laughed and nodded. “Yeah I mean, yeah,’

“No Aden I haven’t, you were the first to make me, well, wet with just your fingers and a tongue so if we don’t mention this to anyone I would be very happy. Christian girls arn’t meant to do that sort of stuff you know,’ she replied as Aden laughed and nodded. “Our little secret, I promise,’ he replied as she nodded before turning and walking off up the beach as she saw Nicole walking along with Geoff as both had stopped to wait for her.


Irene unlocked the door as Belle walked in, arms crossed over her chest as she went to go straight into her bedroom. “Ahhh no you don’t girlie, back here,’ Irene said as Belle stopped at her door and turned her head to look at Irene who sat the keys in the bench and walked to the fridge and pulled out the butter, lettuce, tomato, german and bread. “Your going to have something to eat and you wont be leaving that table until I see it is all gone,’ Irene threatened as Belle just looked at Irene, watching as she made the sandwich and poured a glass of orange juice and sat them on the table before looking at Belle.

“Sit and eat,’

AN: Now I know this is an Aden/Belle centric and the next chapter will have a Belle/Aden scene :)

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yeah you dont really realise how big these problems are until you find out it has happened to you or a friend of yours, I have moved forward and I am healthy but I do now suffer a conciquence of my eating disorder but it is something I can live with now :)

onto the chapter


Chapter 6

She put the last bite in her mouth as her reflexes worked over time heaving as she gagged on her own food wanting to race to the bathroom and bring it all back up. Looking up she saw Irene watching her as Belle struggled but finally swallowed the last bite before looking at Irene. “Can I go now?’ Belle asked as Irene shook her head.

“No, now your going to sit here for an hour and your not going to go anywhere near that bathroom,’ Irene replied as Belle opened her mouth to protest but Irene lifted her hand up to silence her. “No butts either girlie,’

Closing her eyes she began to feel nauseas as she could feel Irene’s burning eyes watching her. Feeling as it wanted to come back up Belle swallowed a couple of times before opening her eyes. “Can I go and lay down for a while?’ she asked as Irene watched her before slowly nodding as Belle slowly climbed to her feet and walked into her bedroom and closing the door, not having the guts to lock it as she quickly bolted over to the window, leaning out it and forcing her fingers down her throat as her stomach heaved a couple of times before the contents came flooding back up and out the window as she reefed her hand out of her mouth, grazing her knuckles once again. As she leant on the window seal, letting the contents of green, red, brown and white chunks hit the flower bed before she finally stopped.

Eye’s watering as she searched the room for something to wipe her hand with, she found an old top underneath her bed and wiped her hand along with her mouth before stuffing it back under her bed and going over to her drawer and getting out two breath mints.

She then walked over to her bed and sat down on the edge before sighing and wiping her teary eyes just as Irene walked in with a glass of water. “Belle, love I bought you a drink,’ Irene said as she walked over around to Belle and sat down beside her, holding the water up as Belle took it and held it weakly in both her hands. “Thanks,’

“Listen love I know I probably seem like the worst person in the world at the moment but I need to do this, for you, so you can get better because you may not believe or want to believe it but you are very sick love,’ Irene soothed as she ran a finger through Belle’s hair, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

“You don’t know what it’s like Irene,’ Belle said so low that Irene almost couldn’t hear as she frowned.

“What, what’s like Belle?’

“What it’s like to have to live, every day with what my mother done,’ Belle began to shake at just the mere thought of even thinking about her mother let alone talking about her.

“Love what h-‘

“I’m going to go for a walk,’ Belle interrupted as she sat the glass of water on her bedside table and climbed to her feet and walking around the bed and out the door, leaving Irene sitting there, pondering over what could be so bad that Amanda had done to cause this.


“So do they know what is wrong with Belle?’ Geoff asked Nicole as they all stood around there lockers inside the school hallway as Nicole fumbled in her mind of an excuse. “Not that I know of,’ she lied before looking down and pretending to fix her hair.

What the hell has happened to me? Nicole thought to herself. I was a perfect liar when I first came here now I suck, I worse than suck! She thought to herself as she fixed the black bow in the side of her hair.

“Well what were those grazes on her knuckles that Aden pointed out?’ Annie asked as she looked at Nicole as Nicole looked back up at Annie.

“Look I’m not sure I thought it was something but it’s not so I don’t know,’ Nicole lied as Annie nodded and started twirling her pig tail around in her hands. Nicole noticed that Annie had a light glow to her face. “Annie why are you glowing?’ Nicole asked as Annie looked up quickly to see Nicole very interested and Geoff confused as he tried to figure out what Nicole meant by ‘glowing’

“What?’ Annie asked also a little confused as Nicole laughed. “Your glowing, like you’ve just realised sex or something,’ Nicole giggled as Geoff looked at Nicole with a frown as Annie’s whole body flushed red but Annie also laughed.

“Don’t be stupid, I’m Christian Nicole,’ Annie said as she turned and opened her locker, pulling out an apple and taking a bite out of it.


As she walked along the path toward the beach she felt very faint and dizzy as she slowed down her pace to an almost stop and leant up against the fence separating the grass from the long shrubs and the sand. Closing her eyes she took a couple of deep breath’s before opening them again and lowering her head.

“You ok?’ she heard as she heard a male voice ask behind her. Slowly she cranked her head and saw the boy from the party standing there behind her looking a little worried. “Fine!’ she replied giving him a fake smile and turning back around to face the ocean as he moved and stood next to her.

“Hey your knuckles are bleeding,’ he said as she quickly looked down before pulling her long sleeve top partly over them.

“Yeah, accident,’ she replied as she looked at him and saw that he had that look she had seen plenty of times before, the look that said “Yeah right as if”

“Aden, right?’ Belle questioned as Aden nodded and turned, resting his elbow on the fence and looking at Belle. “Yeah and your Belle,’

Belle looked at him, surprised he would even remember her name because they barely even had a proper conversation to begin with. Well that and the fact that if she were him, she wouldn’t remember a name after a two minute conversation and an ugly looking girl staring at him.

“I heard crashing at your place earlier and went to find Nicole, I wasn’t going to but thought you were being robbed or something, lucky I did seeing as we found you passed out in the bathroom.’

“Yeah sorry ‘bout that, haven’t been feeling the best lately,’ Belle said as Aden smirked and nodded. “I can tell,’ he replied as Belle shot him an unimpressed look before closing her eyes once again.

“Listen Belle, those grazes arn’t an accident, never have been have they?’ he asked as Belle slowly opened her eyes and looked at him before gently shaking her head. “No,’ she whispered.

“I’m pretty good at listening you know,’ he said as she smiled gently, her first real smile in a long time. Lifting her head up she eyed him carefully, taking in every feature before resting her eyes on Aden’s. “Pretty good,’ she said as he grinned and pushed himself off from the fence and held out his hand for her to take. “Very good,’ he replied.


The sun was beaming down as the kids in uniform sat outside underneath the trees, in the shade, on the picnic tables under shaded trees just to get away from the blare of the sun. Geoff, Annie and Nicole were sitting on the grass in the sun with all different kinds of kids looking at them like they were complete weirdo’s as they chatted away and ate their lunch which they had bought back from the Diner.

“I wonder how Belle’s doing,’ Nicole more said to herself than anyone as Geoff and Annie agreed as Nicole looked at them both before sighing and sitting her half eaten salad roll down in the plastic paper on the grass. “I have to tell you something,’ she said as Geoff and Annie both looked at Nicole as she took a deep breath and let go before looking at them both and starting to talk.

“Belle has been making herself sick. Those grazes on her knuckles are from forcing her fingers down her throat to make herself sick and all the weight she has lost is because of it. Belle has an eating disorder,’ Nicole piped up as Geoff and Annie looked utterly surprised, both mouth agape in shock and eyes wide with fear and anger present.


“When I was little, my and dad split up and dad left and moved away and I never saw him after that day. Mum got really depressed and started drinking every night and day. As I got older, When I first turned 13 mum got a new boyfriend and after two months he moved in with us, after that mum changed and she was always extremely happy and sometimes slurring her words. Anyway when I was 14 mum and her boyfriend started fighting, once in a while, then once every month, soon enough it was weekly and then daily and so when mum went out Da... David started coming into my room when she wasn’t home and, touching me, groping me, kissing me, well one day I stood up to him and told him to get out, I told him “Get out of my room, get out, get out, get out” and then he hit me and left. A couple of minutes later he came back with...’ Belle’s voice broke as the tears were now running freely down her face as he foundation began to fade and the red blotches on her face became visible.

“With what...?’ Aden asked as Belle rested her hands over her face and tried to control her breathing as she once again began to feel dizzy.

“A base ball bat,’ she said as she began to shake violently and started gasping for air as her face once again went a ghostly white and her lips tinged purple.

“Belle its ok,’ Aden soothed as he rubbed her back gently. “What happened?’

Chapter 7

What happened to Belle?

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Thanks guys Im glad you all like this and I know it is very confronting which is why I have the warning's up before the chapters if it contains such stuf.


Chapter 7

“It’s ok, you can tell me,’ Aden tried to comfort the teen, not knowing at all how she was feeling, this usually wasn’t Aden’s sort of thing, he was used to hooking up with girls and getting his bit, not sitting there listening to a clearly traumatised girl telling him her darkest secrets. He didn’t know why he said he was a very good listener but he just felt compelled to this girl for some reason and he barely even knew her, and she barely knew him yet she was spilling her guts to him.

“No,’ she whispered ever so softly as she sniffed and wiped her now red puffy eyes and her blotchy face. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t feel so comfortable telling a complete stranger my life,’ she began to sob again as more violent shakes over took her fragile and skinny body.

“I should go,’ she said as she went to get to her feet as Aden quickly followed. As Aden watched her stand up she suddenly lost her balance and tumbled over as Aden caught her and held her in his arms, a warm fuzzy feeling spreading through his body as he held her close to him.

“Sorry,’ she whispered as he took hold of her waist and held her up, making sure she had her footing before he let go. “You ok?’ he asked as she smiled weakly again and nodded. “Have you eaten?’ he asked as her eyes shot open and she looked at him, wondering whether he knew or whether he was just asking a random question.

“Yeah, just before I left,’ Belle lied as Aden nodded. Well technically it wasn’t a lie, Belle did eat before she left, even if she was forced to by her guardian she did eat and Aden seemed to believe her, she wasn’t going to just blurt out that she made herself throw it back up outside her bedroom window.

“Listen,’ Aden said as Belle looked up at him, feeling the heat from the sun starting to get to her as she hadn’t had nothing to drink today, she didn’t even drink the orange juice Irene had got her with her lunch. “I’m going to a party tonight, why don’t you come,’ he said as she looked at him, wondering why on earth he was asking her of all people.

“Sure, I guess I’ll go, give me your phone and message me with the address and I’ll meet you there,’ she said as Aden smiled and nodded before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his mobile phone before handing it to Belle, looking at her knuckles which had finally stopped bleeding and were starting to scab as she typed her number into his phone before handing it back to him.

“So I’ll see you tonight then, will message you with time and place,’ he said as Belle nodded and started making her way up the beach with her arms folded across her chest.


She raced through the kitchen door and straight to the cupboard before stopping in her tracks when she saw the padlock on the cupboard door as she looked around the other cupboard which contained food and saw that they also were padlocked. Racing over to the fridge Belle pulled on it but nothing happened and then she saw it, push over locks on the fridge and freezer.

“No,’ Belle whispered as she raced into her bedroom and searched all her hiding places and seeing that everything was gone. “No, no, no, NO, NO, NO’ she yelled as panic began to rise as she ran her fingers through her hair before racing into the bathroom and looking in the mirror before reefing the drawer open and pulling out a small box.

Sitting the box on the sink counter she looked at it before opening it and pulling out a small square blade and holding it between her middle and index finger before placing it down next to the box.

Looking down at her wrist and then at the blade, she glanced back at her wrist before pulling her sleeve up and removing her wrist band her father had given her, revealing red scars all the way up her arm, some over lapping each other where she had run out of room on her arm.

Trailing her finger over the scars as tears appeared in her eyes before she looked back up into the mirror as images of her past flooded through her brain and echoed back through the mirror as her bottom lip quivered before she pushed the door shut and pushed the lock in.

Opening another drawer she pulled out a face washer and picked up the blade, sliding down the cupboard onto the floor as she started sobbing quietly as she moved the blade around in her fingers before placing it down on her arm, before removing it so it hovered over her arm an inch as more images flashed through her mind before she pushed the blade into her skin and pulling back as she whimpered as her skin ripped and blood seeped through, running down her arm and dripping onto the face washer which she had placed underneath her arm as her sobs became louder as she made another cut, deeper this time as this one hurt more and she screamed through gritted teeth before dropping the blade as it fell to the floor and letting her arm fall onto the face washer, leaning her head back onto the cupboard and crying uncontrollably.


“I just don’t believe it, what would make Belle do something like this to herself?’ Roman asked as Irene shook her head and looked sadly back at him.

“I don’t know, as soon as she left I called in a lock technician to fit locks on all the cupboards and even the fridge and I searched her bedroom. Roman you should have seen what she had hidden in there,’ Irene’s voice cracked as she took a breath. “How could I not have seen this, seen the signs,’

“Irene you cant blame yourself, Belle fooled everyone, even her friends and I can tell you that Nic picks up on everything so she even fooled Nicole. All you can do now is encourage her to get help before she ends up killing herself,’

“Yeah I know love, I’m just worried that what she is doing now has something to do with why she left her mother’s place,’ Irene replied as Roman nodded in understanding. Looking at the time Irene’s eyes widened as she picked up her bag. “Love I have to get back are you going to be ok here?’ she asked as Roman nodded and practically pushed her out of the kitchen. “I’ll be fine, you just get home to Belle ok,’ he said as she nodded and waved before leaving the Diner.


“So what are we meant to say to her?’ Annie asked as Nicole shrugged and looked at Geoff who was frowning and looked like he was in deep thought. “I mean by the sounds of it she didn’t listen to you so she most likely wont listen to us,’ Annie kept talking as Nicole looked back at her as Nicole stopped in her tracks as Annie soon stopped, Geoff how ever kept walking and got a meter ahead before realising Nicole and Annie weren’t with him.

Racing back toward them as the girls were giggling and laughing, Geoff blushed slightly before nodding his head. “Ok, funny very funny,’ he said as Nicole looked at him before looking up and seeing Aden headed towards them.

“Hey there blondie boy,’ Nicole piped up as Aden rolled his eyes, beginning to grin evilly before getting close enough to them. “Hey prima ballerina,’ he replied as Geoff grinned broadly and Nicole shot evil stares at him as Annie looked away grinning.

“So what’s up?’ Nicole asked as Aden rested his elbow on her shoulder, leaning up against her like she was some sort of leaning post.

“Party, tonight, you guys gunna come?’ Aden asked as Annie suddenly looked up at him as he winked, making her blush a little as she quickly looked away from him.

“Sure am,’ Nicole chirped, now feeling rather happy that there was another party on tonight. “Where is it?’ she asked as Aden grinned broadly and pushed himself off Nicole and stood next to her.

“Up at some place called... The look out,’ Aden said as Nicole nodded. “So Geoff you in or out?’ Aden asked as Geoff smiled.

“I’m in, can Annie come?’ Geoff asked as Annie looked up at the mention of her name before looking at Geoff and then at Aden who grinned broadly before nodding. “Course she can,’ Aden replied as Annie smiled sweetly before blushing slightly and entwining her fingers in each other in front of her and swaying back and forth.

“So who else is going to be there?’ Nicole asked as they all began walking along the path once again, Aden walking with them.

“I’ve got to message Belle but she’s coming,’ Aden said as Geoff, Annie and Nicole all stopped in there tracks and looked.

“She’s out of hospital?’ Nicole asked as Aden nodded and looked at them all looking back at him with worried faces.

“Is there something up?’

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so guys, because christmas is coming up there will be a christmas in this fic, whether or not it will be happy is a different story but you will soon see :)


Chapter 8

Aden knocked on the door and waited for an answer before sighing as no answer came. Knocking again he waited as he heard shuffling before the door creaked open and Belle’s face appeared in the crack of the door.

“What, what are you doing here?’ Belle asked as her voice croaked a little.

“Can I come in?’ he asked as she looked at him for a moment before nodding slowly and moving backward, pulling the door open wider and moving out of the way as Aden smiled gently and walked inside as she closed the door behind her and followed him into the lounge before offering him a seat on the lounge which he kindly took. “I just had a chat with Nicole, about you,’ he said as Belle rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Great,’ she whispered under her breath as she saw Aden look at her and wait for an answer in which she didn’t give before he started talking again. “They are very worried about you when I said you were coming to the party tonight and then they told me something which makes a hell of a lot of sense,’ Aden pressed on as Belle started tapping her foot lightly, feeling very frustrated once again.

“Just talk to me...’

“About what, Aden,’ Belle finally cracked as she yelled at him as her arms flung out in front of her. “About the fact that everything is my fault, that after David... after what happened that I felt so sick and, dirty that I began doing this,’ Belle pulled up the sleeve of her right arm, revealing the very old scars up her arm and the newly fresh ones which were red around the cut. “So god damn dirty that I rebelled against my mother and was always getting into trouble until she saw them and sent me away to a clinic; I was so god damn happy when she sent me away because he couldn’t, touch me, well I thought he couldn’t until he started visiting me which was when I started forcing myself to throw up,’ tears were now streaming down Belle’s cheeks and her face was ghostly white but she couldn’t stop, everything she was feeling was out on the table now and Aden knew it, a complete stranger knew it.

“I know I have a problem, and I know it’s killing me but... I, I want it to Aden. I just want to die so I can... can stop... feeling,’

Aden looked at Belle and saw her whole body shaking violently as her lips went purple and her hands dropped to her side and her legs began to wobble. Jumping off the couch he ran toward her as her legs gave way and she fell into him as violent sobs over took her body and she closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest as she sobbed into him.

“I just want to die,’ she repeated over and over again as she rested her arms onto Aden’s as he kept a tight grip onto her as Nicole, Geoff and Annie stood in the door way, over hearing everything that had been said between the two. Tear forming in Annie and Nicole’s eyes and Geoff just standing there in complete shock.

“Belle,’ Nicole said quietly as tears ran down her cheeks, along with Annie as Aden kept one hand around Belle but gently moving it up her back before slipping his other hand below her legs and scooping her up as she leant into him still weeping but slowly pointing toward her bedroom as he carried her in there as Geoff, Annie and Nicole stood rooted at the kitchen door.


Walking back out of Belle’s bedroom after finally convincing her to get some sleep, he walked into the lounge to see Nicole still there, but no Geoff or Annie in sight. “Where’s Geoff and Annie?’ Aden asked as Nicole looked up, blood shot, red, puffy eyes and wiped her face.

“Annie took off so Geoff went to find her and take her home,’ Nicole croaked as Aden walked over to the couch where she was sitting and leant down in front of her, reaching his hand up and wiping away her tear stained cheeks.

“Come on, lets get home,’ he said standing up and holding out his hand for her to take, in which she did. Entwining his fingers in hers; he smiled as she gave a sweet smile back. “So no party,’ she said as Aden laughed before shaking his head at her. “No, no party,’ he replied before walking, tugging her along as she caught up to him as they left the house, Aden closing the door behind him.

“So do you actually know what happened between Belle and David?’ Nicole asked as they walked along the beach, still hand in hand as Aden shook his head before letting go and wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close to him.

“No and we can only assume until she is ready to reveal the full details. All I know is that what ever happened has and is still affecting her big time and she wants to die to forget it all,’ Aden replied as Nicole sighed and leant her head into him as they continued along the beach toward where Nicole lived and where Aden was staying.

“You know, when dad said you were coming to stay for the Summer I thought you were going to be different, an ass to be honest but your not, your quite the opposite,’ Nicole said as Aden smirked and nodded.

“No, I’m an ass but I think this place is affecting me,’ he replied as Nicole giggled and pushed him to the side as he stumbled before gathering his footing and stopping and looking at her as she stopped and looked back at him giggling.

“You did not, just do that,’ he said as he positioned himself, looking ready to chase her as she grinned and began laughing. “I’m so going to get you,’ he said as she screamed and turned, running off down the beach as Aden began chasing her as her screams echoed down the beach.

Catching up to her he grabbed onto her as she screamed and spun her around in circles, making himself dizzy as he lost his footing and they both tumbled down onto the sand backwards as Nicole landed on top of Aden and they both cracked up laughing. Pushing Nicole off him so she landed next to him as they continued laughing, Nicole had almost forgotten about what had happened earlier as Aden climbed to his feet and grabbed her hands and reefing her to hers as well as she almost stumbled right back into him from the full force of him pulling her up.

“C’mon, let’s get back,’ he said as she nodded and linked her arm through his and they began walking once again back to the house.


Irene walked through the door and closed it behind her and looking around to see an empty house, a quiet house. Looking at the cupboards and noticing that they were still padlocked she walked over to the fridge and looked at that, also still padlocked.

“Hmmm,’ she said as she walked through the Belle’s room and saw the door shut. Opening it quietly as light began streaming through the door into Belle’s room Irene looked in and saw a very small, but very there bump in under the duvet and looked actually very surprised that Belle was asleep and not at that party being held up at the look out.

Closing the door she walked back into the kitchen and switched on the kettle before making herself a cup of black herbal tea as she was beginning to get a head ache from everything that she had found out most recently.

Once she had made her tea she walked into the lounge and plonking herself down on the couch, lifting her feet up and resting them at the other end as she held the hot cup in both hands. “Oh lord,’ she said to herself as she closed her eyes and sighed before lifting the cup up to her lips and taking a small sip of it.


“Well I guess I’ll see you in the morning,’ Aden said as he stood at his bedroom door, leaning up against the door frame as Nicole stood no more than an inch away from him and nodded. “Yeah I guess so,’ she replied as she put her hands on his shoulders and leant up onto her tippy toes and kissed him gently on the cheek before letting go and walking down the hall to her bedroom door. “Night!’ she said, giving him a long, lingering look before disappearing into her bedroom as she door shut gently behind her.

Smiling to himself as he watched her bedroom door for a moment he then turned around and walked into his bedroom, closing his door behind him and slipping his shirt over his arms and head and throwing it on the floor before sitting on the edge of the bed and kicking off his shoes.

Removing his belt he then pulled off his jeans and also threw them with his top before pulling back the duvet cover and climbing under it and switching off his bedside lamp, leaving the room in complete darkness as he slowly let his mind drift off to sleep.

[1:28 AM]

The door slowly creaked open as she poked her head inside and whispered his name. “Aden,’ before slipping inside and pushing the door shut before leaning up against it as he slowly began to stir but did not wake, instead just rolling over.

Smiling she crept over to the empty side of the double bed and pulled the covers back before climbing under it with him, slipping her hand over his torso and down until she found the edge of his boxers, she slipped her hand down and started toying between his legs as she felt him harden and moan as more movement erupted as his hand went down with hers and encouraged her as he hardened more.

A wide grin spread across Nicole’s face, she didn’t know whether his eyes were open or not as she kept playing down underneath the covers. Nicole felt a sudden movement before feeling a warm breath just mere inches over her own face before a tender pair of lips graced hers.

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thanks so much guys :)

it wont be long now until you find out what actually happened to Belle

any way, thank you, enjoy and I love you all for all your amazingly, wonderful, loving comments

Chapter 9

“Get out, get out of my room, get out, get out, get out,’ she screamed as tears ran down her cheeks and flushed red of anger as he raised his fist and hit her as she fell backward with a ‘Thud’ on the floor beside her bed as he left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Raising her hand up to her cheek which was burning red where she had just been hit she choked back sobs and slowly crawled up and onto her bed as she heard things crashing and banging around in the other room.

She kept her eyes firmly on the door before she heard raging footsteps coming back toward the bedroom and the door handle turned as she whimpered but did not move.

The door was pushed hard as it flung open and he stomped into the bedroom with a base ball bat in his hand as he raced toward her. “Come here bitch,’ he yelled as she scrambled backwards as her feet found the edge of the bed in which she couldn’t go any further. Reaching the bed he scruffed her hair and pulled her upwards, so she was mere inches away from his angry face before he pushed her, forcefully down as he let go of her hair as her head hit the pillow before he climbed on top of her and smirking such an evil grin it made her shiver before she screamed out for help.

Sitting the bat on the bed he pulled out a piece of rope from his back pocket and grabbed her hands, tying the rope very tightly around her wrists before tying the rest of the rope around the bed head. Pulling out some electricians grey tape he pulled it at, ripping a long piece of with his teeth before clamping it firmly over her mouth as fear spread throughout her eyes.

Ripping her top open, and her favourite top at that he scanned over her gently rounded breasts before smirking ugly and trailing his fingers over her body as she wriggled, trying to get away from his touch.

Trailing his fingers down her stomach he rested them at the tip of her jeans before looking at her and beginning to un-button her button and pulled the zip down.

She awoke in a pool of sweat and pushed herself up as tears were also streaming down her cheeks and her hair was sticking to her neck and face as she ran her fingers through her wet hair.

Pushing the duvet back she climbed out of bed and saw that where she had been lying was completely soaked. Wiping her cheeks and eyes she proceeded to remove the duvet and sat it down on the floor, also removing the sheets she walked to her door and pulled it open before walking into the bathroom and plonking them in the basket and walked into the hall and got a new pair of bright pink satin sheets.

After re-making her bed she put the duvet back on and climbed back into bed and dimming her lamp as she held onto the duvet tightly as slowly tears started forming in her eyes.

Reaching over, she switched off her lamp and closed her eyes, trying to fall back to sleep but unable to for fear that her nightmare would come back again.

Sighing, she rolled onto her back and looked up at the ceiling as tears trickled out of the corners of her eyes and ran down, falling slowly onto the pillow. Every now and again she would look over at her clock and see the time, 3:17 AM, 3:43 AM, 4:17 AM. Time was ticking by so slowly that Belle wished she could hurry up and fall asleep or do something so she wasn’t just lying there.

Slowly the sun started rising and creaking through the curtains as Belle sighed, still unable to sleep. Pulling back the duvet she climbed out of bed and walked into the bathroom, deciding that if she couldn’t sleep she would instead have a shower.


As the sun shone through the curtains and he rolled over, slowly yawning as he opened his eyes and saw a heap of blonde hair lying next to him. He smiled before pulling back the covers and climbing out of bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed he looked back at the sleeping blonde next to him and shook his head with a grin before pulling his boxer shorts back over his legs and walking out of his bedroom to go to the toilet.

After he went to the toilet he walked back into his bedroom and saw that she had moved over to his side of the bed but was still very much sleeping. Going through his draw’s he found a clean pair of dark blue jeans and a red shirt with ‘Billabong’ written across it and walked out of his room, closing the door just in case Roman was to walk past and look in before he walked down stairs and into the kitchen and looking at the time on the microwave and looking stunned at the time, 6:15 AM.

Knowing that he was now too fully awake to go back to sleep he decided to go for a walk, maybe along the beach, yes; the beach would be good.

Picking up the key in which Roman had leant to him, he walked to the front door before stopping and looking up the stairs to see if anyone was moving, nothing as far as he could hear so he unlocked the front door, pulled it open and left, making sure to lock it on his way out.


She woke just as she heard the front door close and looked around the room, rubbing her eyes before making out where she was, sitting up she looked over her shoulder and saw that the other side of the bed was empty and then looked around the room for any sort of clock to see what the time was. After much searching she found Aden’s phone in his jeans pocket in which he had worn the day before and looked at the time, mouth agape at how early he was awake.

Quickly putting his phone back where she had retrieved it, she climbed out of bed she crept over and pulled his door open, peaking her head out the door and seeing no sign of life she quickly pulled the door open and crept down the hall and into her room where she quietly shut the door and climbed into her bed.

Hopefully dad doesn’t know about what happened last night! She thought to herself as she reached into her draw and pulled out her ipod, switching it on and placing the ear phones in her ears before closing her eyes. There was no way she was getting up so early.


He was walking along the beach, taking in the salty air and watching the ocean so calm, he had never seen something so spectacular as the sun rising over the water, the tinges of red, orange, yellow and purple illuminating the sky and reflecting from the ocean.

“Beautiful isn’t it?’ he heard a female voice behind him as he turned around and saw the skinny brunette standing there before him. “Yeah,’ he replied as she smiled gently and sat down where she had been sitting as he sat down beside her.

Silence over took them both as only the sound of the ocean was all that they both could hear. Both closed their eyes for a moment before re-opening them and looking at each other. “I wanted to thank you,’ Belle finally spoke as Aden turned and looked at her, smiling sweetly. “What for?’ he asked.

“For not cracking onto me like you have Nicole and Annie,’ she replied as his smile faded and turned into a frown. Belle looked at him and smiled once again before nodding. “You came to the Bay to have fun, hook up with chicks and party; right,’ was that a question? Aden thought to himself as Belle started giggling. He hadn’t heard her giggle since he had arrived in the Bay. “Not a question,’ she said as he smiled.

“Yeah I did,’ he replied as Belle nodded and looked at him for a moment before frowning. “What?’ he asked as she shook her head.

“Are you being a ‘playa’ because its who you think you are or because you think it’s the only way to get a girl?’ Belle asked as Aden frowned and looked away before looking back at Belle. “What do you mean?’ he asked, confused as she shook her head.

“Just try being yourself Aden because being yourself is better than trying to be someone else,’ she said before she climbed to her feet and waved him a goodbye before walking back up the beach, leaving Aden thinking about what she had just said to him.

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sorry it's so short guys, next chappy will be longer :)

Chapter 10

Dear Diary,

I don’t know what it is but something about this new guy called Aden Jefferies who is staying with Nicole for the Summer makes me feel I don’t know, hope. It’s weird because I know nothing about this guy.

Everyone knows now that I’ve been making myself sick, after two years of hiding this I can’t do it anymore, I spent so long hiding it that I forgot almost how to tell the truth.

This guy Aden, is such a playa, he’s already tried getting with Annie but because she’s religious she wouldn’t have done anything with him but I am sure he has already slept with Nicole.

I said something to him today which made me think about what I had said afterwards, and it makes no sense to me because I have forgot how to be myself.

Well that’s all for now



He walked through the door and pushed it shut behind as he headed into the kitchen to see Roman sitting at the table eating some toast. “Morning,’ Roman said as he munched away on his toast.

“Morning,’ Aden replied as he opened the fridge and pulled out the orange juice an poured himself a glass and walked over and sat down opposite Roman. “Can I ask you something?’ Aden asked as Roman nodded.

“Do you think I party to try and be someone else or if its because I am?’

Roman frowned and sat his toast down before thinking for a moment before looking back over at Aden. “To be honest I wouldn’t have a clue mate,’ Roman replied as Aden nodded just as a blonde came prancing into the kitchen wearing a pair of mini shorts and a tank top. “Morning,’ She chirped as Aden and Roman both looked at her, seeing that she was much more happy then she usually was.

“Morning,’ they both replied as she took the orange juice from the counter and poured herself a glass before putting the juice back in the fridge and looking at them both before leaving the kitchen as they heard her running up the stairs.

Aden smiled, glad that she wasn’t embarrassed about what had happened between them and finished off his orange juice before getting to his feet and putting the glass in the sink. “I have something I need to do,’ he said as Roman nodded and waved him goodbye as Aden left the kitchen and the house.


She once again found herself sitting on the beach, in that exact spot she had been sitting earlier with a certain someone named Aden. She thought back to when she had gotten her first boyfriend. She was 14 at the time and was going through terrible things so never bought him back to her house, never kissed him very much, only just held hands with him, but never let him touch her. She couldn’t, it was too painful at the time, reminding her of David and what she had been through, before she met Aden she had just wanted to end all her pain; still did.

But something about him had changed her, she was smiling more times in one day then she had done over the past year. But she knew that it was just having someone different around.

“Thought I’d find you here,’ she heard him say behind her as she craned her neck behind her, seeing him standing there. “And how’d you know I’d be here?’ she asked as he sat down beside her and shrugged his shoulders. “I have a sixth sense I do,’ he replied as she looked at him for a moment before bursting out laughing.

“What?’ he asked as he grinned. “Did I say something funny?’

Belle stopped laughing and looked at him as she shrugged her shoulders as he smirked before nodding. “What you said to me earlier,’ he said as Belle nodded and crossed her legs in the sand. “Maybe you should take your own advice on some of that,’ he replied as she went to say something but nothing coming out.

“You have an eating disorder that is killing you, and... you cant even take your own advice, even though you are so smart, beyond your years for a 17 year old girl,’ Aden replied as Belle frowned, not sure if she wanted to listen to this but unable to move either.

“I don’t know how to be anyone else,’ she replied as this was Aden’s turn to listen. “For the past two years I’ve been living with Irene and she doesn’t know why or what happened. I’ve been hiding what Ive been doing for so long now I forgot how to just be me. I don’t even know who me is anymore,’ she replied as Aden smiled and took her hand in his before looking out to the ocean.

“Then let me help!’ he replied

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