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Come Back Down

Guest Cerise

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Story title: Come Back Down

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Geoff and Nicole

Genre: Kind of fluffy, not overly though.

BttB Rating: T (I don't think it's that bad though)

Warnings: A little bit of (L) and (Drug References).

Does the story include spoilers: Nope.

Summary: It's Christmas, but Nicole isn't in the holiday spirit.

This is one of my presents for chri0t. I have two more oneshots for you, a Tachel one and an Adelle one. I just picked those three pairings to write about that you wanted. I also have a video in the works and a few banners and a couple of icons. I hope that's okay. :)

Come Back Down

A geoff/nicole oneshot.

There's going to be a Christmas Party tonight. In the Surf Club, apparently everyone from Summer Bay is welcome. I'm pretty sure they just forgot about me. I doubt anyone will want me there, to be honest, not after what I did. Actually, I'm not sure what I did, because it all happened too fast. It's all a blur as I try to remember, but I'm pretty sure it's just my brain blocking it out. Everything was just so confusing, and then he'd offered me it. It was... a holiday. To the best destination in your world. That's how he had described it. And it sounded like exactly what I needed. He never told me the side effects. And the curiosity that came along with it. Because after a few weeks the E just stopped doing it for me. And when I told him that, he told me it was just natural, and I should try what was in the next bag.

I shake my head, trying to forget. That was the worst mistake of my life.

I should have known what I'd be giving up.

Because there was my father, I should have known he'd be so disappointed.

Because there was Aden, a brother figure/best friend, I should have known how he'd react.

Because there was Geoff. I knew how he'd feel.

That's what troubles me the most. I knew how Geoff would react, so why did I do it?

It was just too hard to resist.

I don't know how many hours have passed, the party must be in full swing now. Christmas my ass. This was probably the worst Christmas ever. Sitting on a rock in the freezing cold, my arms wrapped around my own shoulders to keep in what little heat there was left. The problem with Australia: It gets far too cold at night time.

I suddenly feel a heavy piece of material being draped over my shoulders, my arms being pulled into sleeves, and the sudden surge of warmth. The person sits down beside me, looking at the side of my face which is still turned towards the sea.


I hear the voice speak, I don't comprehend the words though. I don't realise whats happening until he turns my head towards him. Although I know it's Geoff, I still am surprised. He takes my hand, and he says something.

"When you come back down, if you land on your feet, I hope you find your way back to me."

Usually I'm not able to comprehend words with such meaning, but I know exactly what he's talking about. He smiles at me, and his lips touch my icy cheek. Then he pulls me up and we stalk walking. Where to, I don't know. I just know.... that it will be okay.

Merry Christmas, Nicole. I hope you find your way again.

When you come back down

If you land on your feet

I hope you find a way to make it back to me

When you come around

I'll be there for you

Don't have to be alone with what you're going through


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