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Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Four

Guest Red Ranger 1

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So, on we go with Series Four, anyone still out there.Series One to Three are still available in the NDL.

Story Title: Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Four

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic (Even shorter saga)

Main Characters: Joey, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Tom, Aaron, Tiegan, Justine plus Michael and Nicola.And occasionally someone else.

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Science-fiction for kids who like Home and Away

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence: Mild to moderate.Sexual content: None.Language: None.

Summary: The Command Centre has been destroyed and the Power Rangers have lost their powers, just as the Machine Empire have decided it's "today Summer Bay, tomorrow the world."The Bay's youngsters find a new base and new powers with which to fight on.

In case there's any newcomers:

Michael is the oddly English number two in the Power Rangers hierarchy, currently single(although he still bears a resemblance to a yo-yo)and living at the caravan park.

Nicola is his old friend from England, still the newest addition to the Power Rangers, lives with the Stewarts and is currently dating Aaron.

EPISODE ONE: “Zeonising Time”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola stood staring at the spot where the Command Centre had been.“I don’t understand,”Chloe murmured,“What happened?”

“How did a bomb get into the Command Centre?”Nicola agreed.

“There was a bomb attached to one of the Zeo segments,”Jesse replied,“Vile or one of his followers must have planted it.”

“But which one?”Sally asked.

“It doesn’t matter now,”Michael sighed,“The result is the same.”

Joey led the way towards the wreckage.“Come on.Let’s assess the damage.”

Master Vile, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Galdarr, Rito Revolto, Finser and the Tengos were on the balcony of the Moonbase.They clinked glasses.“Victory!”Zedd laughed,“At last!”

“The Power Rangers have been defeated,”Vile observed,“Earth is ours for the taking.”

Suddenly an explosion rocked the base.“What’s going on?”Galdarr demanded,“We got rid of those crummy Rangers.”

Repulsa went to her peekascope and peered at the area around them.“Oh no,”she murmured,“Not them. They can’t be here.”

The Rangers had reached the spot where the Command Centre had stood.“It’s really gone,”Michael murmured,“It’s over.Nothing can stop Vile and Zedd taking over Earth.”

“Wait a minute,”Nicola interrupted,“There’s something over there!Look, it’s glowing!”

They went over to the object.Joey picked it up.“It’s the Zeo Crystal!”he realised.

“But how did it survive the explosion?”Jesse wondered,“It must be incredibly tough.”

Suddenly a blaze of light surrounded them and they vanished-as, around the spot where they had been standing, the Command Centre building began to reform.

A tall, rotund robotic figure, with an imitation crown and moustache, entered the Moonbase’s throne room. “Vile!Zedd!”he snarled,“This base is now mine!”

“Yes, King Mondo,”quaked Zedd,“All yours.”

Finser tugged at his sleeve.“Er, sir, I’ve had Squatt and Baboo prepare Serpenterror for launch.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”asked Revolto,“Let’s get out of here!”

As they hurried out, Mondo turned to the rest of his entourage:a tall, slim female robot with a similarly regal air, a squat and rotund robot who resembled him and a gaunt servile mechanoid wearing a Scotsman’s kilt.“Marlena, Sprocket, Clegg-welcome to our new home.And now to conquer Earth.”

The Rangers staggered to their feet.They were in a large futuristic chamber, reminiscent of a bigger version of the Command Centre control room.In glass alcoves nearby stood their Power Ranger costumes.A familiar figure entered.“Ah, Rangers, there you are!And you’ve brought the Zeo Crystal!We can start at once.”He took the crystal from the astonished Joey and went over to the console.

“Alpha!”cried Sally,“What is this place?”

“What about Zordon?”asked Chloe,“Is he all right?”

“Oh yes, he’s fine.He just hasn’t synchronised properly yet.Ah!”

Zordon’s face appeared in the tube.“Welcome to the Power Chamber, Rangers.From it we have been able to reconstruct the Command Centre.”

“It’s slightly out of synch with your dimension,”Alpha explained,“We were able to transfer to it before the explosion.”

“What happened to Vile?”Michael asked,“Why hasn’t he attacked?”

“Vile has returned to his base planet,”Zordon told him,“The Moonbase is now in the hands of the Machine Empire.Look at the scanner.”They did as instructed and a series of images flashed up.“King Mondo, Queen Marlena, their son Prince Sprocket, Clegg, the Cogs.”The last image depicted a group of streamlined robots with identical blank golden faces.“They aim to conquer Earth.”

“How do we stop them?”asked Joey,“We haven’t got our powers anymore.”

“The Zeo Crystal is recharging the morphing grid,”Alpha replied,“Soon we’ll be able to create new Rangers.”

“There are only five segments,”Jesse observed,“You can only create five Rangers.”

Nicola sighed.“Well, last in, first out, I suppose.”

“No,”Jesse replied,“You five found the segments.And I realised just being here, being a part of it, was enough.I’ll stand down.”

“Very well,”intoned Zordon,“Prepare to receive the power of the Zeo Rangers.”The crystal split up into the five segments.They hovered above the Rangers who had retrieved them, blazing with power.“Sally, you are Zeo Ranger I.Chloe, you are Zeo Ranger II.You others, your segments have brought you new Ranger colours.Michael, you are Zeo Ranger II:Blue.Nicola, Zeo Ranger IV:Green.Joey, Zeo Ranger V:Red.” Devices appeared on both their wrists.“Your zeonisers-your new morphers.”

The alarm went off.“Just in time!”Alpha cried,“The Cogs are attacking Summer Bay!”

Joey took the lead, slamming his zeonisers together.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”cried Sally.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”shouted Chloe.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”summoned Michael.

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”ordered Nicola.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”snapped Joey.

The Power Rangers appeared in the path of the Cogs.“Okay,”Joey snapped,“Let’s see what these new powers can do.”

“Go Zeo!”agreed Michael.

The Power Rangers tore into the Cogs, taking them out with a series of punches and kicks.The robots fell to pieces under the onslaught from the Rangers and lay smoking on the ground.

Sally grinned.“We’re back in business.”

Mondo glanced at the scan of his troops’ battle.“These Power Rangers are a worthy opponent.But I will destroy them.They cannot stand against the Machine Empire!”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola retired to the Diner for a celebratory meal.“Well,”Chloe observed,“the Machine Empire was clearly no match for the Power Rangers.”

“We can handle Cogs,”Nicola agreed,“but what about when they send something bigger against us?I take it we no longer have the Shogunzords?”

Jesse sighed.“They were destroyed, along with the Ninjazords.Don’t worry though-Alpha and I are working on something.”

Joey raised his glass.“May I propose a toast-to the Zeo Rangers.It’s zeonising time!”

The others all clinked glasses.“Zeonising time!”

Next Episode:

Another set of zords!

Another departure!

And another case of full disclosure!

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EPISODE TWO: “Absent Friends”

Joey and Justine went into the Diner.They noticed Nicola sitting nearby, looking glum, and went over. “What’s up?”Justine asked.

“You know that band Aaron and Tiegan have joined?”Nicola began.They nodded.“They’re going away on tour.They’ll be gone for months.”

“Is Tiegan going?”Joey asked.

“She hasn’t decided yet.Aaron is though.”

Joey headed for the door.“I’d better look for her.”

“And I’m going to find Aaron.”Justine looked at Nicola.“You coming too?”

Nicola shrugged.“Sure.Why not?”

King Mondo sat on the bridge of the newly-formed Machine Bridgehead, a giant construction built on the site of Lord Zedd’s old Moonbase.“Have we heard any word of the Power Rangers yet?”

“They don’t seem very bothered about us, Daddy,”Prince Sprocket sighed,“They’re just going about their normal human business.”

“How foolish of them,”replied Queen Marlena,“They have yet to learn the ways of the Machine Empire.”

“Quite,”agreed Mondo,“Prepare an army of Cogs-and Chromata.”

Michael had called round to the beach house to see Chloe and Olivia.Will hovered nearby.“Aren’t you two pretty sick of being responsible parents?”

Michael shook his head.“Never.”

“Fine.I’ll leave you guys to it.I’m supposed to be meeting Sam and Gypsy.”

As he left, Chloe turned to Michael.“How are things with you and Sally?”

“We’re still not talking.”

“That’s going to make Power Ranger business pretty hard.”

“You fell out with Selina.”

“That was your fault!”

Michael held up his hands.“Okay.Whatever.Let’s just hope nothing happens before we make up.”

Joey, Nicola and Justine had caught up with Tiegan and Aaron round the back of the surf club.“It was nice of you to tell us,”Justine moaned.

“Look we’re not leaving for a couple of days,”Aaron pointed out.

“That makes no difference.We…”

“Look!”shouted Tiegan.

Cogs materialised all around them.“Quick,”Joey snapped,“You three try and get away.”

“No chance,”Tiegan replied,“We’re helping you out.”

“No time to argue,”Nicola cut in,“Here they come!”

Michael, Sally and Chloe materialised in the Power Chamber, Chloe clutching Olivia.“What’s going on?” Sally asked.

“Joey and Nicola are being attacked by Cogs,”Zordon revealed.

“Then we’ve got to help them!”Chloe cried.

“I’m afraid we have a more pressing matter,”Jesse revealed,“One of the Machine Empire’s robots teleported down a short while ago.”

“Chromata.”Alpha pressed a switch and the screen display a sleek, black robot.“He can control the flow of time, making objects older or younger or reversing events.”

Michael sighed.“I guess our friends will have to wait.Jesse, Alpha, you okay to keep an eye on Olivia?”

“Sure thing,”Jesse confirmed.

“Then it’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”cried Sally.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”shouted Chloe.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”snapped Michael.

The Power Rangers materialised facing Chromata.“Okay, buddy,”Michael snapped,“The party’s over. You’re out of time now.”

“Out of time?”snorted Chromata,“I am time!”He directed his power at a lamp post nearby.Instantly it rusted and decayed away.

“Nice trick,”Sally commented,“Pity it can’t do you any good.”

“All lasers-fire!”Michael ordered.

The three of them drew their laser pistols and fired.The bursts stopped in midair, frozen in time.Chromata stepped aside and then unfroze the beams, watching them sail harmlessly past him.

“This guy can control time,”Chloe remembered,“We’ve got to find some way around that.”

“I haven’t had a lot of experience of cheating time,”Michael sighed.

Chromata turned to face them.“Then perhaps I should give you more experience.”

“Oh no, not again!”cried Michael, as the blasts hit them.Their uniforms decayed into rags and they aged rapidly, sinking to the floor as eighty-year-olds.

In the Power Chamber, Jesse was working at a console.“We’ve got to get the Zeo Zords operational.They could stop Chromata.”

“The Rangers are in serious trouble!”Alpha cried,“We must alert Joey and Nicola.”

“But Tiegan and the others would overhear you,”Jesse pointed out.

“If we do not contact them,”Zordon observed,“the whole of humanity will suffer.Send a message.”

Joey, Nicola, Tiegan, Aaron and Justine battered away at the Cogs.Joey’s communicator went off.He sighed and answered it.“This isn’t a good time!”

“It’s even worse for Michael and the others,”came Jesse’s voice,“At the moment they’re just about ready for the Geriatrics Ward.”

Joey sighed.“Okay.We’ll report back soon.”He looked at Nicola.“We’ll have to use our powers.”

“What powers?”asked Justine,“What was all that about?”

Ignoring her, Joey pressed his zeonisers together.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”cried Nicola.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”ordered Joey.

The two Power Rangers tore into the Cogs.With their heightened abilities, they completely destroyed them.Their friends stared.“You’re the Power Rangers?”asked Tiegan.

“Yes-and we’ve got to be elsewhere,”Nicola replied.

“Okay,”sighed Aaron,“We’ll sort this out later.”

Joey and Nicola materialised in the Power Chamber.“What have you got for us?”Joey asked.

“I’ve been running a check,”Jesse replied,“You’re going to have to hit the cylinder on Chromata’s belt. That’ll reverse time and restore the others.”

“What do we do?”asked Nicola,“Use our guns?”

“No, they’re affected by the time fields.You’ll have to make physical contact.”

“Okay,”Joey snapped,“Back to action!”

The two Power Rangers materialised by Chromata.“You’re just in time,”he snarled.

“Spare us the puns,”Joey retorted.He and Nicola charged at Chromata and laughed into a combined drop-kick.Their feet connected with the cylinder, smashing it.

Instantly, Chromata began to reverse through his most recent actions, eventually reaching a point before he aged the other Power Rangers, restoring them.Michael staggered to his feet, helping Chloe up.“Time out,”he commented.

Clegg watched from nearby.Perched on his shoulder was his little assistant Orbit, a tiny robot who consisted largely of a spherical head and body and who was attached to him by a cord.“I think he needs our help,”Clegg observed in his Scots burr.Using the cord, he swung Orbit in circles above his head.“Around and around and away we go!”

He released the cord and Orbit flew over to Chromata.A thin tube sprang out of the smaller robot and slotted into the corresponding hole on Chromata, feeding him more energy.The robot grew in size, towering over the Rangers.“I’ve just gained more time!”he laughed.

Joey got out his communicator.“Jesse, you’d better have something for me.”

“I have.The Zeo Zords.Zeo Zords I and II are cannons, pulled by Zeo Zords III and IV-animal zords.Zeo Zord V is a bird.”

“Understood.”The Power Rangers all raised their arms.“We need Zeo Zord power now!”

The Zeo Zords came hurtling towards them and the Rangers all leapt into their own zord.Then they came together to form the Zeo Megazord.Chromata laughed.“You can’t stop me!”He fired blasts, destroying buildings.

“The Zeo Sabre’s fully charged,”Nicola reported.

“Good,”Joey snapped,“Activate the Zeo Helmets.”

Each Power Ranger had control of a helmet, which materialised on the head of the Zeo Megazord at their command.“Cannon helmet!”snapped Sally, firing a cannon at Chromata.

“Pyramid helmet!”added Chloe, blasting him with energy.

“Tactical helmet!”ordered Michael, scanning the creature.

“Gravity helmet!”pronounced Nicola, lifting him off his feet.

“Activating Zeo Sabre,”reported Joey,“Firing now.”

The charge from the sword completely destroyed Chromata.

Mondo punched his hand in frustration.“These Power Rangers are becoming a nuisance.But I’ll make them pay.Oh yes I will.”

Michael was waiting at the caravan park with Tiegan and Justine for the others to arrive.“You’re sure about staying?”he asked Tiegan.

“I’ve just found out my friends are the Power Rangers,”Tiegan pointed out,“I’ve got a few things to sort out here first.”

Joey came running up.“Has he got here yet?”

“Nope.You’re still on time,”Justine replied.

A car drew up and Nicola and Aaron got out.“Thanks for meeting here,”Aaron commented,“I didn’t want a big farewell at the bus.”

Joey shook his hand.“See ya, mate.Good luck with everything.”

“Thanks.”He hugged Justine affectionately.“Bye, sis.”He looked at the others.“Bye, Tiegan.Bye, Michael.”

Nicola kissed him.“Goodbye.I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”He got back into the car and drove away.

Michael glanced at Joey and Tiegan.“Well.I think you two have got some things to sort out.”He paused thoughtfully.“And so have I.”

Next episode:

Another new zord!

Another new monster!

Another Ranger standing alone!

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Michael poked his head round the door of his old home.“How are things going?”

Sally and Jesse were sitting at the table.“Fine,”Sally answered,“Glad you’re speaking to me again.”

Michael shrugged.“You know me.I can’t stay mad with people forever.Except Mondo of course.”

“How are things with you and Chloe?”Jesse asked.

Michael smiled and sat down.“I can’t believe I’ve got another chance with her.I swear I’m not gonna blow it this time.”

“Mmm.”Jesse sighed.“Our relationships do seem to have a habit of ending in disaster.”

King Mondo turned angrily from his monitor.“I cannot stand the way these Power Rangers take me lightly! They talk of relationships and trivial human matters.They should live in constant fear!”

“How about waking them up, Pop?”asked Prince Sprocket.

“I’ve a better idea,”Mondo mused,“I’ll put them to sleep.Prepare to activate Droner!”

Chloe and Nicola were wandering along the path by the beach.Chloe was pushing Olivia in her pushchair. “Missing Aaron?”she asked.

Nicola nodded.“Yeah.And my chances of seeing him again are steadily reducing.Whereas you…”

Chloe grinned.“Yeah, I know.Guess I’m just lucky.”

“Lucky?A few months ago you were saying you’d never get back with Michael.”

“Things change, people change, circumstances change.You never know how things will work out.”

Mondo had summoned Queen Marlena to see his latest weapon, Droner.The robot had a blueish tinge to him, with a cuboid body and head, arms and legs sticking out of it.His chest was composed of a giant speaker.“Very impressive, dear,”Marlena purred,“What does it do?”

“I can create vibrations in the Power Rangers’ upper neural cortex,”Droner explained,“rendering them inoperable and inducing a state of REM.”

“What did he say?”Sprocket asked.

“He’s going to send them to sleep,”Mondo replied,“And when he does, there’ll be nothing to stop us.”

The alarms sounded in the Power Chamber.“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“There’s another of Mondo’s machines on the way!Arrival imminent.”

“Summon the Power Rangers,”Zordon ordered.

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Nicola and Jesse materialised in the Power Chamber.“What’s going on, Zordon?”asked Joey,“More trouble from the Machine Empire?”

“Yes, Joey.A new monster is attacking Summer Bay.”

Jesse had gone to his post.“I’m getting a fix on the co-ordinates.I can put you down.”

“Okay,”Joey replied,“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”cried Sally.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”shouted Chloe.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”summoned Michael.

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”ordered Nicola.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”snapped Joey.

The Power Rangers appeared in front of Droner.“Would you mind telling us who the hell you are?”Michael asked.

“I am Droner!”came the reply.

“Is that so?”Sally asked,“Well, we’re here to send you back to Mondo-in pieces.”

Droner laughed.“You can try, Power Rangers.”

The Rangers leapt into action against their new foe, striking him with their weapons, and at first it seemed they might win.Then, Sally collapsed.Nicola ran to her side.“She seems to be…”She fell over too.

Michael turned to Droner angrily.“What have you done?”As he approached the robot, he too collapsed.

Chloe looked at the sensor on her zeoniser.“That robot’s sending out some form of high frequency sound wave.It…”She got no further, crumpling to the floor.

Joey could feel himself losing consciousness.He put his communicator to his mouth.“Power Chamber, emergency recall!”He teleported away.

Mondo laughed.“Perfect!All the Power Rangers rendered helpless in minutes-and that Zeo Ranger 5 can’t do much on his own.Victory is within our grasp!”

“How about extending his powers so he can subdue all of Summer Bay?”suggested Marlena.

“An excellent scheme.Clegg!”

Clegg’s voice sounded over the bridgehead’s communicator.“As you command, Your Majesty.”Down in Summer Bay, he swung Orbit above his head.“Around and around and away we go!”

Orbit flew across towards Droned, plugged into him and increased him to giant size.

Joey shook his head to clear the aftereffects of the assault.“Wow, for a few moments there I felt really drowsy,”he muttered,“What happened?”

Jesse had taken his helmet and was adjusting it.“It seems Droner was sending out some kind of sonic vibration which dulls the brain’s nerve endings.In effect, he was sending you all to sleep.”He tossed Joey his headgear.“I’ve insulated your helmet-you should be all right.”

A worrying thought struck Joey.“What about Michael and the others?”

“They all succumbed to the vibrations,”Zordon replied,“To teleport them would be dangerous.You must destroy Droner’s sonar.”

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I’m afraid it may be, Joey,”Alpha replied,“Droner has grown to giant size.”

“Then what can we do?I can’t handle the Zeo Megazord alone!”

“There is something.”Jesse led him over to a console.On a screen appeared a large zord similar to Joey’s Zeo Ranger costume.“We’ve been developing something new recently-the Red Battle Zord.It’s connected directly to your brain waves.But we haven’t tested the interface…”

“It’ll be tested in battle, Jesse,”Joey replied,“Back to action!”

Droner rampaged through Summer Bay.His waves had already rendered most of the population unconscious.Now he was smashing everything in his path.Suddenly he found his way blocked-by the Red Battle Zord.“Power Rangers,”he hissed,“You think you can stand up to my might?”

“I don’t just think I can,”Joey replied confidently,“I know I can.”Under his breath he muttered,“I just hope this works…”He aimed a punch at Droner but the movement was slow and jagged, easily dodged.He tried to move forward but the zord stumbled and almost fell.

“Pathetic!”Droner laughed,“Is that really the best you have to offer?”

Joey cursed himself.“Don’t try so hard,”he muttered,“We are one.If it is our destiny, we will triumph.”

The Red Battle Zord swung into action.With one mighty blow, it smashed the sonar in Droner’s chest.

The other Power Rangers recovered and looked about them.“I don’t know what that is,”Michael observed, seeing the Red Battle Zord,“but I think we ought to help it.Activate Zeo Megazord now!”

The Zeo Megazord swung into action alongside its fellow.“Good to have you back, guys,”Joey noted, “Time to deliver the coup de grace.”

The Zeo Megazord charged up its Zeo Sabre and fired, blasting Droner to fragments.

Mondo roared with anger.“Those Power Rangers-they think they’re so smart.But I will destroy them.Oh yes.Ultimately, I will destroy them.”

Michael patted Joey on the back as the Power Rangers entered the Diner.“So now you’ve got your fancy new zord, I was wondering…”

“Oh, here we go again!”Chloe laughed,“You want command of the Zeo Megazord, right?”

“I am the best candidate.”

“Don’t worry,”Joey replied,“In my absence, you’ll be in charge.”

“That Red Battle Zord really was something though,”enthused Sally.

“Something,”Nicola echoed,“How did you get it working?”

“Mmm, that’s my question,”agreed Jesse,“You handled the interface remarkably well.”

Joey shrugged.“They say adrenaline and blind panic carry you through a battle-but in the end I guess you just have to ignore the danger and focus on your own inner strength.That way, you can’t fail.”

Next Episode:

A new Ranger!

A new zord!

Some new enemies!

So...basically the same as every other episode.

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Yay, a comment!Hope you enjoy this one.

EPISODE FOUR: “The Colour of Gold”

A pyramid-shaped object floated through space.Pursuing it were three fighters.They opened up with their laser weapons.The pilot of the pyramid, who wore a black armour with gold trimmings, slapped his controls.“Come on, Pyramidas.Just a few more parsecs…”

At that moment, one of the enemy weapons struck its target.Pyramidas flew out of control-towards Earth. The lead raider, Voonmar, a spindly green-skinned creature in a black uniform, laughed evilly.“Perfect. Prepare to land-the Gold Ranger is at our mercy.”

In the Power Chamber, alarms sounded.“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“What’s going on?”

“A craft is crashlanding on Earth,”Zordon replied,“Summon the Power Rangers-they must investigate.”

King Mondo stared at his monitor.“A crashed spaceship-and more arriving.I wonder what all the fuss is about.”

“Perhaps we should find out,”suggested Queen Marlena.

“Yeah, Pop,”echoed Prince Sprocket,“Let’s go have a look.”

Mondo chuckled.“Well-who am I to argue with my family?I’ll assemble the Cogs immediately.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola had arrived at the Power Chamber.“What’s going on, Zordon?”Sally asked,“There hasn’t been a monster attack.”

“No, Rangers,”replied Zordon,“Something far worse-an extra-terrestial incursion.”

“Aliens landed here?”translated Nicola.

“That is so, Zeo Ranger IV.”

“Where?”Joey asked,“And who?”

“A few miles away,”Alpha replied,“And we don’t know who.That’s why we need someone to investigate.”

Michael shrugged.“I think I’ve got a window in my schedule.”

Chloe looked at him in mock astonishment.“You have a schedule?”

Jesse went to his panel.“I’ve got the co-ordinates.I can put you down in the general area.”

“Okay,”Joey agreed,“Let’s go.”

The Power Rangers materialised beside the crashed ship.Joey looked at it.“It’s not how I imagined a spaceship.”

“What did you think it would look like-a flying cigar?”Michael joked.

“Well,”Sally sighed,“if we’re going to find out who this ship belongs to, we’d better look inside.”

“I’m afraid we can’t allow this.”They turned to find Voonmar standing behind them, flanked by his associates, Buler and Ruskin.“We cannot allow you to interfere.”

“We always interfere,”Nicola noted.

“It’s what we’re best at,”Chloe added.

“Then I must destroy you.”

At that moment, Sprocket, Clegg and the Cogs appeared.“Okay, Power Rangers,”Sprocket sneered,“Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Joey looked at Voonmar.“I don’t know who you are, but I think we’re on opposite sides.”He looked at Sprocket.“And I know you’re not on our side.So I guess we’d better stop whatever you’re both doing.It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”Sally cried.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”Chloe shouted.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”Michael summoned.

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”Nicola ordered.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”Joey snapped.

Voonmar laughed.“Power Rangers!Ha!You’re no match for us!”

Sprocket glared at him.“Who are you anyway?”

“Apparently I’m an ally.Now are you going to order an attack or do we do it alone?”

“Neither,”Joey interrupted,“Power Rangers-ATTACK!”

The Rangers swung into action, battling against both the Machines’ Cogs and the aliens.Buler found himself facing up to a very aggressive Nicola.He raised his gun but she knocked the weapon round as he fired.The blast went in the opposite direction to what he’d intended, vapourising him.

“Withdraw!”Voonmar ordered.

“Right,”Clegg agreed,“You can come with us.”

The villains vanished.“Who were those guys?”Sally asked,“What did they want?”

“They wanted me.”A young man emerged from Pyramidas, carrying a gold staff.“I am Trey of Tipheria-the Gold Ranger.”

“The Gold Ranger?”Mondo repeated,“I’ve heard of him.His presence on Earth could pose a problem.”

“We are bounty hunters,”Voonmar explained,“We were hired to destroy the Gold Ranger.”

“We will assist you.Clegg, can Orbit interface with biological entities?”

“I, er, believe so, Your Majesty.”

“Good.Then let him do so.”

Trey was speaking with the Rangers, who had demorphed and returned with him to the Power Chamber. “Voonmar has been pursuing me for many months, hoping for this day.The last attack caused my metabolism to destabilise.For the moment, I am unable to use the Gold Ranger powers.If they are not transferred to another in a matter of hours, they will be lost forever.”

Michael looked around.“How do you feel about transferring the powers to Jesse?”

“That would be an ideal solution.”

Jesse approached.“What do I do?”

“Grab my staff.”

Jesse did as he was told.Bursts of power crackled along the staff towards his body-and bounced off.“It’s not working!”

Alpha ran a scan over him.“Your body is charged with ions.It must be a side effect of the wounds you suffered when the Command Centre was destroyed.”

“Then we’ve got to find someone else to transfer the powers to,”Sally noted.

“I know someone,”Joey realised,“I’ll just…”

At that moment, the alarms sounded.“I fear it is too late,”Zordon announced,“Mondo has found a way to increase Voonmar and Ruskin to giant size.They’re attacking Summer Bay.”

Nicola turned to Joey.“We can’t wait.You’ll have to go anyway.”

“Yes.Michael, you’re in charge.Try and hold them off.”Joey rushed out.

Michael took the lead.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”

Voonmar and Ruskin were suddenly confronted by the Zeo Megazord.“Ha!”Voonmar laughed,“No contest.”

“Where’s the Gold Ranger?”Ruskin wondered.

“He’s in the process of transferring his powers to a new Ranger,”Michael replied.

“No problem,”Voonmar sneered,“We’ll just destroy him too-after we’ve taken care of you.”

Tiegan, Justine and Tom had taken refuge in an abandoned warehouse.Joey came running up.“Thank goodness I’ve found you.”

“What are you doing here?”Tiegan asked him,“You should be…”

“Tiegan,”hissed Justine warningly.She nodded towards Tom.

Joey shook his head.“No, it’s all right.Tom, I need your help.”

Tom looked puzzled.“What do you mean?”

“Prepare yourself for a shock.It’s morphin’ time!Zeo Ranger V:Red!”

Tom raised an eyebrow.“That’s impossible.”

Joey removed his helmet.“No it’s not.”He sighed.“We need someone to take on the Gold Ranger’s powers.You feel up to it?”

“What do I have to do?”

“Come with me.”Joey laid a hand on Tom’s shoulder and worked the teleporter.

The Zeo Megazord shook under the onslaught.“Damage report!”Michael ordered.

“We’ve suffered a lot of damage to the armour,”Chloe reported.

“Scanners are down,”Nicola added.

Michael sighed.“Okay.Focus on one target.”

“But that’ll leave us vulnerable to attack from the other one!”Sally protested.

“I know.But if we don’t even up the odds soon, we’ll be doomed.”

Tom grasped Trey’s staff.“What do I do know?”

“Let the power flow through you,”Trey told him,“Then-focus it.”

Tom did as he was told.He stiffened.“I can see it!”

Joey smiled.“Arise, Tom Nash-Gold Ranger!”

“Welcome aboard, Tom,”Zordon stated.

“I’ll see about sending Trey home,”Jesse told them,“You two held Michael and the others.”

Tom nodded.“It’s morphin’ time!Gold Ranger power!”

“Armour almost completely obliterated!”Chloe reported.

Michael sighed.“Prepare to evacuate.”

“No, wait!”Sally cried,“Look!”

The Red Battlezord and Pyramidas appeared.“Voonmar!”Joey cried,“Leave them alone!”

“Now!”Michael snapped,“Activate the Zeo Sabre!”

The Zeo Megazord, taking advantage of the distraction, fired a charge, obliterating Ruskin.

“No!”Voonmar cried.

Tom opened the comline.“Guys, our zords can combine.I’m transmitting the pattern to you.Slot into these positions.”

“Okay,”Joey agreed,“Activate combination.”

The upper half of Pyramidas opened up and the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord slid into position, their occupants joining Tom in the main control room.“Zeo Ultrazord activated,”Joey announced,“Fire all weapons!”

A barrage of enemy beams destroyed Voonmar.

Mondo looked on in frustration.“It seems the Rangers have swelled their ranks.But never mind.We’ll destroy them.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola and Tom had returned to the Power Chamber.Trey’s image appeared on the scanner.“Thank you, Power Rangers, for ridding me of Voonmar.I feel sure I can trust you to keep my powers until I can use them again.”

“You can, Trey,”Alpha replied,“Earth out.”

Joey clapped Tom on the shoulder.“Good to have you with us.”He signalled for the others to crowd round. They touched hands, then leaped in the air.


Next Episode:

Some more new zords!

An epic showdown!

And the return of an old face!

(For about ten seconds.)

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EPISODE FIVE: “The Final Confrontation”

King Mondo stared at the image of Earth, far away in the distance.“The Power Rangers grow ever more powerful,”he mused,“They gain more zords, more members, more everything.”

“I know, dear,”agreed Queen Marlena,“It’s just not fair.”

“What are you gonna do, Pop?”asked Prince Sprocket.

“Prepare for a final showdown.I’m pitting my best agent against them.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola, Tom, Tiegan and Justine sat around the table in Michael and Chloe’s flat.“Have you heard?”Sally asked,“Pippa’s not coming back.”

“Yeah,”Michael added,“She’s invited us to come and live with her.”

“What?”Joey asked astonished,“Well, are you going to?”

“Of course he’s not,”Chloe replied.

“No, I mean you others.”

Tiegan shrugged.“Sam’ll probably go.I’m not sure about myself.And Justine isn’t saying.”

Nicola looked at Sally.“I take it as read you’re not going.”

“No, she’s not,”replied Jesse.He gave Nicola a quick kiss.“But as soon as I have the place to myself I’ll let you know.”

They heard crying from the next room.“Oh-looks like Olivia’s awake,”Chloe noted.She got to her feet. “I’d better see to her.”

“I’ll give you a hand,”Michael offered.Joey and Sally followed them out.

Tom took Justine to one side.“You’re not really thinking about going, are you?”

“And why shouldn’t I be?”

“Well-I’d miss you.”

“Yeah, so much you won’t let them know we’re together.”

“It could be awkward with us living in the same house.Anyway, would you want everyone to know you’re going out with a Power Ranger?”

Mondo produced a gleaming blade.“The Sword of the Ancients!With it, I will destroy the Power Rangers!”

“What if they destroy you, dear?”Marlena asked,“That would be disastrous.”

“But they won’t.Nothing can stop me now.”

The Rangers’ communicators went off.Joey answered his.“Joey here.What’s the problem, Zordon?”

“The situation is grave, Power Rangers,”Zordon replied,“We face our greatest challenge yet.You must come to the Power Chamber immediately.”

Chloe turned to Tiegan.“I hate to impose, but could you and Justine keep an eye on Olivia?Take her to James if you…”

Tiegan nodded.“Sure.No problem.Get going.”

The Rangers operated their teleporters and dematerialised.

They reappeared in the Power Chamber.“Greatest challenge yet?”Joey asked,“What’s that, Zordon?”

“King Mondo himself,”Zordon replied,“He’s attacking Summer Bay in person.He is armed with the Sword of the Ancients.He will be exceedingly powerful.”

“We’ll stop him.”Joey took the lead.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”cried Sally.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”shouted Chloe.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”announced Michael.

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”summoned Nicola.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”snapped Joey.

“Golden Ranger power!”ordered Tom.

The Power Rangers materialised in the middle of Summer Bay.Mondo loomed over them, grown to giant size.“Power Rangers!”he roared,“You are no match for me.”

“That’s what you think,”Joey snapped,“Zeo Zord power now!”

Tom raised his arm.“I call on the power of Pyramidas!”

The Zeo Megazord and Pyramidas battled against Mondo.The Machine leader struck with his sword, striking a blow to the Megazord.“We’ve got a failure in the armour,”Nicola reported.

“We can’t take much more of this,”Michael insisted.

Joey turned round.“Chloe, can you bring the weapons into play?”

“I can try but I’ve got no targetting scanners,”Chloe responded.

“We lost them in the last attack,”Sally explained.

Tom watched from his cockpit.“Those guys are in trouble.Better lend a hand.”He charged into battle in Pyramidas, firing as he went.

Alpha looked at the readouts on the Power Chamber consoles.“Ay ay ay.The Rangers can’t hold him.”

“You mean the Zeo Zords can’t,”Jesse corrected,“But there is an alternative.”

Alpha looked at him.“You mean…”

“Contact the Power Rangers,”Zordon ordered,“They must be equipped without delay.”

Jesse’s voice came over the intercom.“Jesse to Zeo Megazord.Guys, we need you back here right away.We have something that we think might stop Mondo.”

Joey pressed a control.“Tom, try and hold him on your own for a while.We’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Make it seconds,”came Tom’s reply,“Good luck.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe and Nicola appeared back in the Power Chamber.“Make it quick, people,” Michael snapped,“We’re needed out there pretty quickly.”

The viewing globe sprang into life.“Power Rangers,”Zordon announced,“I give you the Super Zeo Zords.”

Five robots flew into view.Emblazoned on their chests were symbols akin to those on the Rangers’ costumes.“For us?”Chloe asked.

Jesse nodded.“Waiting for you to take command.”

Joey grinned.“Back to action.”

Tom stared in horror as Mondo proved impervious to his best efforts.Suddenly, a new figure appeared.The Super Zeo Megazord.

“It’s over, Mondo!”Joey cried,“Surrender!”

“Never!”Mondo raised the Sword of the Ancients and fired a charge at the Super Zeo Megazord.The zord soaked it up and then fired a charge of its own as Pyramidas opened up too.Mondo was obliterated.

Marlena watched disapprovingly from the moonbase.“I told him.Didn’t I tell him?He never listens.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola, Tom, Tiegan and Justine had returned to their meal.They all clinked glasses.“To victory!”

“So is Mondo really dead?”Tom asked.

Jesse shook his head.“No.He’ll be able to repair himself-but it’ll take some time.”

“Never mind!”Tiegan cried,“You’ve beaten him.”

Sally laughed.“We did too.”

“But who haven’t we beaten?”Nicola asked.

“What do you mean?”enquired Justine.

“Earth seems to get a lot of attention,”Michael pointed out.

Nicola nodded.“And I’ve got the oddest feeling we shouldn’t hang up our Ranger outfits yet.”

Lord Zedd watched events from his base on the edge of the Solar System.“So, Mondo has been defeated, has he?This could be the chance we’ve been waiting for.”

“To do what?”asked Rita Repulsa.

“To take over the Machine Empire-and to destroy the Power Rangers!”

Next Episode:

A new enemy!

Another departure!

A Summer Bay resident makes a choice!

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Glad you liked it.

Well, this one marks the rather abrupt end to the rather short fourth series but don't worry, the fifth will be along shortly.It was having to write another departure story for another character who I hadn't used much that convinced me to concentrate mainly on the Rangers hereon.It was also around now that I realised of the current line-up two were non-HA characters, one was Sally who obviously wasn't leaving soon and even Chloe had been around since I started writing them so I wasn't going to need replacements very often.


“You’re really sure?”Justine asked.She stared hard at Tiegan, not quite sure what she was hearing.”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“But even Sam’s not going!Why are you?”

Tiegan sighed.“Look, I’ll miss you and Joey and Michael and all the rest.But my place is with Pippa.I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.I understand.But I’ll still miss you.”

Lord Zedd approached the area where Galdarr and Finser had been working.“Well?”

“It’s ready, sir,”Finser replied,“May I present-Louis Kaboom!”

“Eh?What’s that?”asked Rito Revolto, examining the robot.His body was shaped like a giant cannon with arms, legs and a head.

“It’s a machine, dumbo!”snarled Galdarr.

“A machine to rule the Machine Empire,”added Rita Repulsa.

“Activate.”Zedd addressed Kaboom.“I am Lord Zedd, your master.You are to take control of the Machine Empire and govern them according to my instructions.Do you understand?”

Kaboom snorted.“Yeah, right, Zeddy.I’ll run ’em myself-then I’ll control Earth.See ya.”He vanished.

Zedd turned to his followers.“All right, you cretins.What went wrong?”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola, Tom, Tiegan and Justine had gathered at the caravan park for a farewell meal.“Well, Tiegan,”Joey began,“I think we can all say the Bay won’t be the same without you.”

“Mmm,”agreed Tom,“It’ll be much more peaceful.”

“And we’ll all miss you,”Michael concluded.

“Thanks, guys,”Tiegan replied,“I’ll miss you too.Incredibly.”

Queen Marlena stared over the balcony on the moonbase.“I wish we could do something about those meddling Power Rangers,”she moaned.

“Why don’t we, Mum?”asked Prince Sprocket,“Make a monster of our own!”

“There’s no need for that.”Louis Kaboom entered.“I am Louis Kaboom-and I’m taking charge of the Machine Empire.”

“On what grounds?”Marlena demanded.

“On the grounds that I can destroy the Power Rangers.Clegg!”

Clegg scurried forward.“Yes, sir?”

“Assemble a party of Cogs.We’re going to Earth.”

The Power Rangers’ meal was interrupted by the bleep of the communicator.Joey answered it.“We hear you.”

“Summer Bay is under attack,”Zordon announced,“We seem to have a new enemy.Report to the Power Chamber immediately.”

Joey sighed.“Sorry, Tiegan.Looks like we’re gonna have to cut short the farewells.”

Tiegan smiled.“Hopefully I’ll still be here when you get back.Go on.Go get ’em.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola and Tom activated their teleporters and the columns of light whisked them away.

They materialised in the Power Chamber.“What’s going on, Zordon?”Sally asked,“What’s all the trouble?”

“And what was that about a new enemy?”Michael added.

“Louis Kaboom,”Zordon replied,“New master of the Machine Empire.”

Alpha directed their attention to the viewing globe.“We don’t know where he’s come from but he’s leading a party of Cogs.”

“Then we’ll have to sort him out,”Joey responded,“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”cried Sally.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”shouted Chloe.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”announced Michael.

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”summoned Nicola.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”snapped Joey.

“Gold Ranger power!”ordered Tom.

The Power Rangers materialised facing Kaboom, Clegg and the Cogs.“Hi there,”Chloe greeted them,“Glad you could join the party.”

“Sorry if we’re gatecrashing,”Nicola added.

“Not at all,”Kaboom sneered,“You’re guests of honour.Cogs-ATTACK!”

“Power Rangers-FORWARD!”Joey echoed.

The Power Rangers and Cogs charged into battle.Kaboom turned to Clegg.“While they’re distracted, I’ll destroy their town.You know what to do.”

“Yes, sir,”Clegg agreed.He swung Orbit above his head.“Around and around and away we go!”

Orbit plugged into Kaboom and increased him to giant size.He went on the rampage, smashing up buildings.

Tom turned to Joey.“You guys get going.I’ll take care of these flunkies.”

“Okay,”Joey agreed.He raised his arm.“We need Super Zeo Zord power now!”

The Super Zeo Zords flew into battle and combined to form the Super Zeo Megazord.Kaboom laughed. “Puny humans!You think you can stop me?”

“We think we can try,”Joey replied.

“Then you will fail!”Kaboom opened up with his weapons.The Super Zeo Megazord was whipped with explosions.

In the Power Chamber, Joey pressed the communicator.“Joey!Use the Warrior Wheel!It’s your only chance!”

Joey smacked his head in frustration.“Of course-the new Warrior Wheel!I’d completely forgotten.”He turned round.“Michael, take over.”He vanished.

Below them, Tom was battling the Cogs.He swung at them with his staff, following through with punches and kicks.Soon the Cogs were all smouldering wrecks.He looked around him.“Now what are the others doing?”

The Super Zeo Megazord was still taking a pounding.“How much more can we take?”Michael asked.

Nicola looked up from her panel.“Not much.”

“Hey-look!”cried Sally, pointing.

The Warrior Wheel, a giant hollowed out black wheel, had entered the fray with Joey at the controls.It charged at Kaboom, gathering speed.Kaboom paused.“Time to go.”He vanished.

Michael, Sally, Justine and Tom had gathered to say goodbye to Tiegan.“So long, Tiegs,”said Justine,“I’m gonna miss you.”

“Life won’t be the same without the endless arguments,”Tom agreed.

“I’ll miss you guys, too.”Fighting back the tears, Tiegan got in the taxi as it drove off, taking her to a new life somewhere else.

“So what happened to Kaboom?”asked Sally.

“He was defeated-but he got away,”Michael replied,“And somehow I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.”

Marlena looked at Kaboom disdainfully.“Leader of the Machine Empire!Hah!You ran!”

“A temporary withdrawal,”Kaboom replied,“I’ll go back-and when I do, it’ll be the end of the Power Rangers!”

Next Series:

Divatox!The Turbo Rangers!General Havok!The Rescuezords!

Two departures, two changes of Ranger!

And the natural order restored at last...


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