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Washed Away

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Story Title: Washed Away

Type of story: Medium/Long Fic

Main Characters: Ruby Buckton, Matthew Lyons, Annie Campbell and Jai Fernandez

Characters Mentioned: Ruby, Matthew, Annie, Jai, Geoff, Irene, Alf, Charlie and Roman (and other background ones)

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: For out of Aus, yes

Any warnings: Very very mild language (like God, so if you're offended by that then sorry)

Summary: Trying to escape her messed-up life, Ruby and Annie go camping. But when the weather turns nasty and the river they are camping beside breaks it’s barriers, they are washed downstream. In an attempt to rescue them, Jai and Matthew Lyons defy the wishes of Alf and the rescue team and go out into the bush themselves.

Chapter One

Ruby’s nose itched. It itched like heck. Giving up any pretence that it would stop, she reached up and scratched it. Annie let out a small cheer.

“I win!” She grinned.

Ruby just yawned purposefully. “I am so bored.”

The pair of them had spent the last five minutes doing staring contests as they sat on the beach, but now the novelty had worn off. Now Ruby was bored and it was only the fourth day of the Christmas holidays.

Annie gave her usual pout. “Oh, okay, what do you want to do?”

Ruby shrugged. She had no idea. She’d learnt a while ago that in a small town, despite the many highlights, there were many down turns too. One was running out of things to do. It didn’t help that one of her favourite things to do of late, surfing the net and chatting online, had been taken away from her by a certain…

“Matthew.” Annie warned, breaking into Ruby’s thoughts but at the same time finishing them correctly.

Matthew Lyons was the bane of her existence. Since she had discovered he had been her ‘friend’ Skye, she had tried hard to ignore him. It had been working for a while as he seemed to have taken it up too. Even the last day of school, when she had literally run into him while speeding around a corner in the school halls, had resembled a black and white film – no sound. She had simply glared at him and he’d returned before walking off. She’d glanced back at him, feeling a little superior, to find him watching her. With a smirk in his direction she had just left. But then, just the week before, he had turned up at her house where she’d been having lunch with her sister and started calling her names. It had taken all of her self-control not to punch him and even more of her strength to stop Charlie doing the same. But now here he was again, walking towards her. Like a good best friend Annie had given Ruby warning but not enough for her to make a break or hide from him. So, instead, she just pushed herself to her feet, brushed the sane off her hands on her bare legs, and put her hands on her hips.

“What do you want Lyons?”

He thumbed back to the Surf Club. “Your sister wants you.”

Ruby frowned. Charlie wanted her? Her guard dropped for a second before she remembered who she was talking to. “And she sent you?”

Matthew shook his head. “I volunteered.”

Ruby scoffed. “Alright, I’ve heard pathetic Lyons but this takes the cake.”

Matthew rolled his eyes. “I was on my way down here anyway.” He raised one hand in a lazy wave. Turning to see who he was waving at, Ruby spotted a blonde girl she recognised from school return the wave with a grin. “I’m meeting Casey.”

Ruby glanced back at him, finding he was standing right in front of her invading her personal space. She instinctively took a step back and the smallest smile played at the corners of his lips. “Is that supposed to make me jealous?”

He grinned. “Not really.” He stepped around her before shooting back one last comment. “But is it?”

Ruby stood still, not giving him the satisfaction of looking at him at all, until he was a good distance away. Then, grabbing her bag, she looked at Annie. “C’mon, let’s go.”

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Thanks for the support guys. Sorry i took so long to write Chapter two. Lol. Uni work and such. But anywhere, here's chapters two and three. Thanks again. :D

Chapter Two;

“Charlie!” Ruby skidded to a halt in front of her sister as the eldest Buckton turned away from Roman and gave her sibling a brave smile. But Ruby didn’t buy it. “Charlie, what’s wrong?”

Charlie glanced at Roman, who nodded, then took a deep breath. “I need to go to the city for two weeks. There’s something I need to do there.”

Ruby frowned. “Uh, okay.” She glanced at Annie, who shrugged, then back at her sister. “So, what’s happened? Is this to do with dad?”

Charlie bit her bottom lip. “Sort of. One of dad’s previous cases has come up again. I need to go back and sort it out.”

Ruby narrowed her eyebrows. “Okay, so what’s the big deal?”

Charlie failed in speech so Roman stepped forward. “Ruby, your dad has been accused of fitting up somebody. The case has gone to court again.”

Ruby shook her head. “What? No! Dad was a good cop.”

Charlie looked about ready to cry so Roman put a hand on her shoulder. “We know that, but they don’t. Morag is doing what she can, but the accusations seem to be getting too much for your dad. His Alzheimer’s is worse than ever.”

Ruby’s bottom lip shook as she held back tears. “What? Do you mean he’s forgetting more th…” She coughed back a sob. “Why are they doing this to him? Can’t they see he’s sick?” Her voice rose as she became more distressed.

Charlie went to her. “This is why I need to go back Rubes. To sort this out and help Morag.”

Ruby looked at her. “Fine, I get that. But I’m coming too.”

Charlie shook her head. “No, Rubes, it’s best you don’t. Dad isn’t in a good place right now. He doesn’t want you to see him.”

Ruby pushed her sister away from her. “What? But you can go? That’s not fair.”

“I know Ruby but please just don’t make a fuss. I just thought you should know that I’m leaving this afternoon.”

But Ruby was just shaking her head, fighting back tears. “This… this isn’t fair… I… I…” Giving up on speech she turned and ran from the surf club, knocking two people aside as she did. Annie gave Charlie a sad smile then went after her friend, intending to give the two knocked aside a small sorry until she realised who they were. So, instead, she ignored them and hurried after Ruby.

Pushed into the wall Casey dusted herself off with a glare in Ruby’s direction, but glancing between the disappearing figure of Ruby and the sad figure of Charlie Buckton, Matthew just frowned and wondered what was wrong.


Annie caught up with Ruby at the entrance to the beach as she collapsed in tears against one of the wood fence posts that separated the grass from the sand. She put a hand on Ruby’s arm, showing her friend she was there for her, before Ruby turned and wiped her eyes.

“It’s not fair Annie. Why can’t I go see him? I want to help look after him too.”

Annie shrugged. “I don’t know Ruby, but if your father doesn’t want you to see him like he is than he must be pretty bad.”

“Which is more reason for me to go. I should be able to help. He’s my dad too!” She almost squealed under the new onset of tears that were coming to her eyes. “Why doesn’t he want my help?”

Annie didn’t know what to say so just gave her friend a sad look. Ruby didn’t like that answer and shook Annie’s arm off. “Can I just have some time alone please Annie?” Ruby asked.

Annie nodded. “Sure. I’ll just be in the surf club, waiting, okay?” She gave Ruby one last sad smile then turned away. Ruby trudged down to the beach and sat in the dunes at the far south end. Down here there was no one. No one to disturb her and ask her how she was. No one to make sure she was okay. Down here she didn’t have to pretend to be okay. She could just hide in the dunes and stare at the sky until she felt better. Until the pain of her life went away.

It was down here that she realised the perfect way to make the pain of life go away. And, grabbing her bag with a small smile, she stood and went back to find Annie.

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Chapter Three;

Annie was halfway through a juice when Ruby sat down across from her with a grin. “I’ve got it.”

“I’m sorry? What have you got?” Annie asked with a frown.

“The perfect way to get away from all this. I think we should go camping.”

Annie nodded. “Sounds cool.” She smiled. “I’ll give Melody a call and we can he…”

Ruby cut her off. “Nah, just you and me. Get out there for a few days, forget things.”

Annie frowned. “Uh, I don’t know, maybe.” She bit her lip. “I guess there’s that camping ground near the old waterhole that Geoff and I always wan…”

Again she was cut over. “A camping ground is not real camping. I mean real camping. Just a tent, sleeping bag, food and the great outdoors. Come on Annie, it’ll be great.”

Annie sighed. “Okay, sure, just as long as we tell people where we’re going.”

Ruby grinned. “We will. Calm down Annie, you worry too much. Now, I’m getting a drink. Do you want anything?” Annie shook her head so Ruby left. Annie just frowned at the table wondering why she had such a strong belief that this would not end well.


“Hey, how are you? I saw the fight with your sister.” A voice asked as Ruby paid for her drink.

She turned on it, her smile wiping off her face quickly. “Okay, Matthew, A – it wasn’t a fight and B – it wasn’t your business. So go away.”

Matthew got defensive. “I was just asking.”

Ruby picked up her juice. “And I was just answering. So, discussion over, you can go now.” She turned away from him but he didn’t relent.

“Was it about your father?” He inquired.

Finally Ruby stopped, having had enough. “Look, Matthew, I don’t think I can spell this out any clearer for you. This… is… none… of… your… business.” She said, emphasising each word with a hand gesture as she said it.

Matthew just frowned. “This is probably why your sister didn’t want you to go with her.” He shot at her.

Ruby just gaped. “I’m sorry… what?” She finally managed.

“I heard her talking about it to Roman. She didn’t want you to go because you’re such a d…” But Ruby didn’t get to find out Matthew’s new name for her as she tipped her orange and pineapple juice over his head. He gasped and glared at her but she just turned and walked away from him.


“Okay, tent and sleeping bags, check. Spare clothes, check. Enough food for three days, check. Enough water for a week, check. Emergency phone, check. Letter for Irene, check.” Ruby scrolled through the list then put the letter down on the kitchen table. “Ready Annie?”

Annie gave a small nod. “Yeah, I guess.”

Ruby grinned. “C’mon Annie, cheer up. Camping is supposed to be fun.”

“Yeah, I know. But, maybe I should just give Jai or Geoff a call first and tell them we’re going.”

Ruby rolled her eyes. “We left Irene a note. Anyway, Geoff is out with Nicole so you shouldn’t disturb them and would Jai really answer your calls right now?” The pair had been having problems and hadn’t been on speaking terms for the last week.

“I guess not.” Annie agreed. She gave Ruby a smile. “Okay, let’s go.”

Ruby nodded. “That’s the spirit. Now, let’s move, we have some walking ahead of us.” Then, shouldering their things, they left the house. Neither of them noticed the storm clouds forming overhead. Neither of them paid them any heed.

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I like this fic as it's a step away from all the JM and Adelle fics. It's great to see Ruby, Annie, Matthew and Jai in a fic with mention of other characters too.

I'm looking forward to future chapters and keep up the great work. :D

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