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'Home & Away' star criticises producers

Guest Zetti

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Former Home & Away star Bobby Morley has claimed that the soap's producers treated him like a "meat puppet".

The actor finished filming his role as Drew Curtis on the Aussie show earlier this year. He has since landed a lead part in The Strip, a police drama series.

"It's nice to be in a show where it's not based on taking your shirt off," Bobby told the Herald Sun. "That was one thing that got me down [in Home & Away]. If that's all I am - a meat puppet - then I don't know that I want to keep doing it."

Asked why he quit the soap after two years, he replied: "It wasn't a good place to be in. Home & Away is a great place to learn, but it's a machine and it can chew people up and spit them out. I stepped out not really caring whether I had another job."

Morley credited his new TV role for reinstating his love for acting following his experience on Home & Away.

"I've got a little bit of a career going and I don't want to lose it," he said. "I never really cared about it before now."

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