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Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Three

Guest Red Ranger 1

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So, here we go with another set.Hope people read it.

Story Title: Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Three

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic (Shorter saga)

Main Characters: Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Joey plus Michael and Nicola.Others in supporting roles.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Science-fiction for rather broad-minded kids

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence: Mild to Moderate.Sexual content: Moderate.Language: None.

Summary: Summer Bay-and indeed the whole world-is under attack from the terrible alliance of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.So it's fortunate it's the very town where six teenagers have been given the mantle of the Power Rangers.

In case there's anyone who hasn't read the first two series(if you want to do so now you'll find them here and here):

Michael is the incongruously English number two in the Power Rangers heirarchy, who at this point seems to be yo-yoing back and forth between Sally and Chloe at an alarming rate.

Nicola is the newest addition to the line-up and Michael's old friend from England, who always seem to have a hard time finding a boyfriend.

EPISODE ONE: “Ninja Rangers”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola had once more been summoned to the Command Centre. “Where’s the fire, Zordon?”asked Chloe.

“We cannot yet be certain,”Zordon answered,“But we have detected an energy trace heading for the moonbase.”

“It appears,”Alpha noted ominously,“that we have a new enemy to contend with.”

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were also tracking the energy trace.“Any idea what it could be?”Zedd asked.

“No,”Repulsa answered,“but it’s strangely familiar…”

A skeleton in a military suit appeared, flanked by bird-like creatures.“Hi, sis,”he greeted them,“Me and the Tengos thought we’d drop in for a chat.”

Repulsa stared at him.“Rito!How ya doing?”

“Sis?”Zedd repeated.

“Yep.Rito Revolto at your service.Always pleased to help out a friend of my sister’s.”

“And how do you plan to help me?”

“Simple.I’ll destroy the Power Rangers.Send me down to Earth right away.”

Zedd nodded.“Very well.You will have your chance-now.”

The alarm went off in the Command Centre.“Our enemy has shown his face,”Zordon announced grimly, “Observe the viewing globe.”

A hideous skull-like face appeared.“Who is that?”Sally asked.

“Rito Revolto-Rita Repulsa’s brother.He has brought with him his army of Tengos.They are attacking Summer Bay.”

“Then we’ve got to sort them out,”Joey snapped,“It’s morphin’ time!Tigerzord!”

“Mastodon!”cried Nicola.

“Pterodactyl!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

The Power Rangers confronted Revolto and the Tengos.“Okay, Revolto,”Michael snarled,“Let’s see what you’re made of!”

“More likely to see what you’re made of,”Revolto sneered,“Tengos-attack!”

The Rangers met the Tengos’ attack head on.A series of punches and kicks soon dealt with them.“Now it’s your turn!”Jesse snapped at Revolto.

Zedd and Repulsa glanced at each other.“Galdarr!”Zedd bellowed,“Get down there.”

Galdarr saluted.“Yes, master.”He vanished.

“Now,”Repulsa continued,“Let’s make them grow!”

Galdarr and Revolto loomed over the Rangers.Nicola looked at Michael.“We need the Thunderzords.”

“Agreed.Thunderzord power now!”

“Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!”cried Nicola.

“Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur Red Dragon Thunderzord power!”snapped Michael.

Joey raised his hand.“Tigerzord power now!”

The Tigerzord and the Mega Thunderzord turned to face Galdarr and Revolto.“Feeling lucky, punks?” Galdarr snarled.

Revolto fired a blast at the Mega Thunderzord while Galdarr attacked the Tigerzord with his sword.He slashed straight into its mouth.Joey struggled to retain control of his machine as its systems went wild.

Revolto laughed evilly as he blasted the Mega Thunderzord’s sword from its hand.He sent bolt after bolt into the giant robot.

“Evacuate!”Michael shouted,“She’s gonna blow!”

Joey, realising the battle was lost, leapt clear of his zord and joined the other Rangers in retreat.Their morphers de-energised as they watched explosions rip through their zords.Within minutes, they were piles of molten metal.

“Our zords-gone,”gasped Sally.

“More than that.”Joey held up the blackened remains of his morpher.“Our powers are gone.”

“Oh great,”Jessegroaned,“What do we do now?”

“We return to the Command Centre,”Joey replied,“There’s nothing we can do here.”

Zedd slapped Galdarr and Revolto on their backs, laughing wildly.“Perfect!You two really showed those Rangers!”

“Yeah,”Revolto agreed,“They won’t be giving us any more trouble.”

Zedd turned back and stared down at Earth.“Nothing in the world can stop me now.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola had returned to the Command Centre.“What can we do, Zordon?”Chloe asked,“Our zords have been destroyed and our powers are gone.”

“There’s only one chance,”Zordon decided,“You must journey to the planet Ninjor.There you may be able to gain new powers.”

Alpha checked the console.“We’ve got just enough power to get you there-but if this doesn’t work we won’t be able to get you back.”

“If this doesn’t work,”Jesse observed,“there isn’t much point in coming back.”

“Let’s get going,”Joey decided,“Operate the transporter, Alpha.”

Finser hurried onto the balcony.“Lord Zedd!Mistress Rita!We have just detected from a transporter trace from the Rangers’ Command Centre.It appears to be en route to the planet Ninjor.”

“Ninjor?”repeated Zedd,“They’re after new powers.”

“They must be stopped!”Repulsa decided,“Despatch the Tengos to follow them!”

The Rangers had arrived in the desolate plains of Ninjor.“I sure feel naked without my morpher,”Michael mused.

“If you were looking for new powers”-Sally looked around her without enthusiasm-“where would you go?”

“A cave system?”Nicola suggested.

“Or a lost city?”observed Jesse drily.

“Underground.”Joey looked about.“Somewhere underground.But where?”

At that moment, Tengos appeared, surroundng them.“How do we get past these guys?”Chloe asked.

“Hit ’em hard, hit ’em fast,”Joey replied,“Let’s go.”

The Rangers struck back.Even without their powers, they were still capable fighters.Soon, they had cleared a path through the Tengos and were dashing across the plain.

Zedd spun round to address his men.“Galdarr!Rito!”

The two minion rushed forward.“Yes, sir?”they chorused.

“Get down to Summer Bay.Now the Rangers are out of the way I want that place destroyed.”

The Rangers approached a cave mouth.Inside was a flight of steps, leading downward.“Think this looks a likely place?”Jesse asked.

“As likely as any we’ve come across so far,”Sally replied.

Michael turned to Joey.“As leader, the honour of going first should be yours.”

Joey sighed.“Thanks, mate.”He led the way into the depths of the planet.

Galdarr and Revolto had appeared in the streets of Summer Bay.“Move back, punks!”Galdarr snarled at a group of onlookers.

“Yeah, ya losers!”Revolto added,“We’re in charge now!”

Aaron, Tiegan, Justine and the other residents watched with horror.“What’s going on?”Aaron demanded, “Where are the Power Rangers?”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola found themselves in a large chamber.A giant floating globe of light hovered in front of them.From it came a booming voice.“Who dares to intrude?”

Joey stepped forward.“I am Joey Rainbow, leader of the Power Rangers.We have been sent by Zordon to acquire new powers to save Earth from Lord Zedd.”

“Zordon?”A beam came from the globe and hit Joey on the forehead for a second before dissipating harmlessly.“Yes.You tell the truth.Approach, all of you.”

The Rangers gathered in a circle around the globe.“We are ready,”Joey announced.

Beams of brilliant light came from the globe, surrounding them.“Here are your powers, my friends,”came the voice,“Arise, Ninja Rangers.”

Joey raised his arms.“I am the Falcon!”

“I am the Ape!”cried Michael.

“I am the Crane!”shouted Sally.

“I am the Bear!”snapped Chloe.

“I am the Wolf!”announced Jesse.

“I am the Frog!”finished Nicola.

The glow faded away.Joey took the lead.“Ninja Ranger power-now!”

In a flash, they transformed into the Ninja Rangers, wearing colour-coded cowled robes with medallions denoting their chosen animals.Ready for combat, they quickly left the cave system and dashed towards the Tengos.

“It’s time to suffer, Tengos,”Joey snapped,“The Power Rangers are back in business!”

The Rangers dived to attack.This time their strength was added to by the skill of ninjas.The Tengos were soon overcome.They lay bruised and dazed for a short while then vanished.

Michael examined his new costume.“I preferred the old ones but these are quite good.”

“Actually we’ve got both.”Chloe produced a new morpher.“Spoilt for choice, eh?”

Sally turned to Joey.“So what do we do now, glorious leader?”

Joey pulled off his costume which vanished as he did so.“We get back to Earth-and we save the world.”

Galdarr and Revolto were interrupted in their destruction by the appearance of the Rangers in their civillian clothes.“Well look who it is,”Galdarr mocked,“The powerless rangers.”

“Wrong, Galdarr,”Jesse snapped,“We have our powers again.”

“And we’re going to use them,”Nicola added,“On you.”

“Rangers!”Joey snapped,“Let’s take them down.It’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Pink Ranger power!”shouted Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”summoned Jesse.

“Yellow Ranger power!”ordered Chloe.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

Revolto backed away from the Rangers.“Uh-oh.”

The Rangers’ powers were new and fresh.They swung into action, weapons spinning, fists flying.Galdarr and Revolto were no match for them.Within minutes, they were retreating, overcome once again.

Zedd turned away angrily.“I don’t believe it!The Rangers are more powerful than ever!”

Repulsa clutched her head.“Why do things never go right for us?”

The Rangers had returned to the Command Centre.“Congratulations,”cried Zordon,“You have completed a long and dangerous quest.”

“It had its moments,”Michael agreed.

“It’s a pity the Thunderzords were destroyed,”Alpha remarked,“However, we have a surprise for you.”

“We have constructed new zords based on your animal spirits,”Zordon explained,“When you are in trouble, you may call on the power of the Ninjazords.”

“I wish we wouldn’t need them,”Sally sighed,“But I think we will.”

“That was our toughest challenge yet,”Chloe decided,“I think we can beat anything.”

Joey gestured for them to huddle together.They placed their hands together then leapt in the air.


Next Episode:

Some old friends!

A new enemy!

And a look at what could have been!

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Thanks for your comment, hope the wait wasn't too long.

I know I said it in the header but just in case:The sexual content in this episode is definitely worthy of a T-rating.Prepare for the longest wrap up ever...

EPISODE TWO: “Crossover”

Nicola was sitting in the lounge, flicking through the channels on the set.Aaron came in.“Bored?”

“Immensely,”Nicola replied,“What are you doing?”

“Nothing.With Casey gone, I usually end up feeling like a spare lemon with Joey and Tiegan.”

“Mmm,”Nicola agreed,“I can understand that.”

Chloe slowly eased herself into a chair.Michael propped up the cushions behind her.“Are you sure you’re comfortable?”

“I’m sure,”Chloe snapped, before softening her tone slightly,“Thank you.”She glared at him.“This is all your fault, you know.”

“So you keep telling me.”

“I’m not going to be much use as a Power Ranger for the next few months.”

Michael shrugged.“We’ll make sure you get the comfy seat on the Mega Ninjazord.”

Alpha checked the instruments in the Command Centre.“Ay ay ay!Zordon!We’re detecting a breach in reality.”

“This could be serious,”Zordon observed,“Summon the Power Rangers.They must investigate.”

Zedd and Galdarr stood by the machine they had set up in the park.“Perfect,”Zedd cackled,“We’re beginning to get a fix.”

“It looks as though we’ve found our new allies,”Galdarr noted.

“Very well.You stay behind and guard the machine.Summon Rito and the Tengos.We’ll all go through together.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola materialised in the Command Centre.“What’s going on?” Joey asked,“There hasn’t been a monster alert.”

“No,”Zordon replied,“Zedd appears to be interfering with the fabric of the dimension.”

“Why would he do that?”asked Sally.

“The only solution can be that he is trying to open a portal to another dimension,”Alpha answered,“Either he’s leaving-or someone else is arriving.”

“Better get down there and investigate,”Jesse sighed.

“Agreed.”Joey turned to Chloe.“You stay here with Alpha and monitor things.The rest of us will get over there.”

Zedd and Revolto were about to enter the portal when Joey, Michael, Sally, Jesse and Nicola materialised behind them.“No!”cried Zedd,“It’s too soon!”

Galdarr drew his sword.“You two go ahead.I’ll take haf the Tengos and hold them off.”

“Zedd’s getting ready to leave!”Sally cried.

“Then let’s make this quick,”Joey replied,“Ninja Ranger power-now!”

Transformed into the Ninja Rangers, they engaged the enemy.Zedd, Revolto and a group of Tengos disappeared through the portal.Nicola dived after them and vanished.

Nicola landed in the park a few metres away.She got up and looked around her.There was no sign of the other Rangers, Galdarr or the Tengos.Neither was there any sign of Zedd’s party.She glanced down and saw she was no longer wearing her ninja costume.

“This is strange.”She spoke into her communicator.“Joey, Michael, Zordon!Do any of you guys read me?”Her communicator was dead.She sighed.“I suppose I’d better go into town and see what’s going on.”

Nicola made her way to Sally and the others’ house.The door had been left open.So she went inside.Her eyes widened in amazement.Michael was standing in the lounge-and he was kissing Shannon.

“Shannon!”she cried,“When did you get back?”

Shannon turned round.“I haven’t been anywhere.Who are you?”

Michael started forward and grasped her hand in greeting.“Nicola?I haven’t seen you for years.Shannon, this is Nicola, an old friend of mine from England.Nicola, I’d like you to meet Shannon, my wife.”

Nicola stared at him.“Your wife?But…The portal.Zordon said it crossed dimensions.”

“Zordon?”repeated Michael,“How do you know about Zordon?”

“You’re Power Rangers?”Nicola saw the astonishment on their faces that confirmed it.“Take me to Zordon.Maybe he can explain what’s happened.”

Alpha ran a scanner over Nicola.“Ay ay ay!Just look at these readings!”

“What is it, Zordon?”Michael asked,“What’s happened?”

“It appears,”Zordon pronounced,“that Nicola does not originate from this universe.”

“What?”cried Shannon.

“Are you familiar with the concept of alternative dimensions?”Zordon asked.

“Parallel universes?”Michael clarified,“Sure.It’s the theory that every time a choice is made a new universe in which the other alternative is played out.”

“Nicola comes from a parallel universe.”Zordon’s face moved slightly to address her.“How came you here?”

Nicola took a deep breath.“Zordon-my Zordon-detected a breach in reality and sent us to the park.We found Zedd entering this rift.I followed him through and ended up here.”

“Zedd?”repeated Michael,“Who’s Zedd?”

“The world-conquering maniac we fight.You’ve never heard of him?”

“No,”replied Shannon,“We fight Ivan Ooze.”

“If Zedd entered the rift before you then he must be here also,”Zordon realised.

“I’ll summon the other Rangers,”Alpha decided,“We must brief them immediately.”

Flashes of pink, blue, yellow and green signalled the other Rangers’ arrival.Green?!Nicola stared at the newcomers.Sally and Chloe were there but Chloe clearly wasn’t pregnant.The green flash had accompanied Liam, the blue Aaron.

“Gather round, Rangers,”Zordon began,“I have a strange story to tell you.”

Ivan Ooze, who had the appearance of a large white-skinned old man, surveyed the earth from the moonbase, his lieutenant Galdarr at his side.“It seems those Power Rangers are also aware of the rift,”Ooze observed.

“But where could it have come from?”Galdarr wondered.

Ooze’s pig-headed henchman, Mordent, entered.“Er, boss.There’s someone here to see you.”

Zedd and Revolto strode onto the balcony behind him.“I am Lord Zedd, come from another dimension to propose a deal to our mutual advantage.”

Ooze sneered at him.“Oh yeah?Like what?”

“Power Rangers.We combine forces, crush the Power Rangers on your Earth, then go back through the rift and crush them on mine.Then we’re free to each rule our own world.”

Ooze mused over this.“Yes.Your plan has potential.Let’s discuss this further.Galdarr, bring the ooze juice.”

Zedd’s image was on the viewing globe in the Command Centre.“So who is this Zedd?”asked Sally, “Where does he come from?”

“In our universe,”Zordon explained,“he rules a vast empire some fifty light years away.In the universe Nicola comes from, Zedd is attempting to conquer Earth.His presence here remains a mystery but there can be no doubt it will spell trouble for someone.”

“Us probably,”Liam commented.

“You’d better go back, Rangers,”Alpha told them,“We’ll inform you the moment anything happens.”

“What about Nicola?”asked Aaron.

“Yeah, can we return her to her own universe?”added Chloe.

“We’re working on it,”Zordon replied,“Meanwhile, I suggest you, Michael, take her home with you.Fill her in on any differences between our universe and hers.”

A few hours later, Michael and Shannon were fielding questions from Nicola.“So what happened to Jesse?” she asked.

“He and Selina decided to move down the west coast,”Shannon replied,“They still keep in touch.”

Nicola sighed.“Back home, Selina’s in Paris with you.And what about you two?What are you doing here? Where’s Pippa?”

Michael looked away momentarily.“Pippa died last year.We couldn’t save her.Shannon and I had just married so we moved back in here.Sally and Liam helped.We were able to apply for custody of Sam and Chris so the family stayed together.”

“And what about Tiegan and Justine?”

“Tiegan’s still with her foster family.Justine’s with her mother.”

Nicola nodded slowly.“Pippa took them on too in my reality.Liam’s with his mother and you moved out. You know being here is so…strange.”

“I can understand that,”Shannon agreed,“We’ll make sure you get home.”

Zedd, Ooze, Galdarr and Revolto sat around drinking ooze juice.“You know, Zeddy,”Ooze announced, “This could be a golden opportunity!”

“I agree,”Zedd replied,“I’m willing to destroy the Power Rangers in any universe.Well.Your world. What’s the game of play?”

“Galdarr and Mordent will lead a combined army of Tengos and Oozoids in an attack.Meanwhile, you, Rito and I will grow to giant size and give the Rangers big trouble.”

Liam finished tinkering with Nicola’s communicator and handed it back to her.“There you go.This is now working on the same frequency as ours.You’ll be able to use the transporter as well.”

As Nicola was putting on her communicator it went off.“Never thought I’d be glad to hear that,”said Chloe.

Michael answered the signal.“Come in, Zordon.We read you.”

“Zedd and Ooze are launching a combined attack on Summer Bay,”Zordon announced,“Transport to the Command Centre immediately.”

The Rangers operated their teleporters and vanished.

Michael, Shannon, Sally, Chloe, Liam, Nicola and Aaron appeared in the Command Centre.“What’s the state of play?”Michael asked.

“An army of Tengos and Oozoids are attacking the streets,”Alpha replied,“While Zedd, Ooze and Rito have grown to giant size.”

“We’ll have to split our forces,”Aaron commented.

Michael nodded.“Shannon, you, Sally, Chloe and Aaron sort things out down hgere.Liam and I will take the Manticore Lightningzord and the Dragonzord and deal with Ooze.”

“What about me?”Nicola asked.

“I am afraid there is not enough power in the morphing grid to energise your power coin,”Zordon told her.

“Then I’ll fight without it,”Nicola retorted,“I’ll go with Shannon and the others.”

“You are very brave.I can see why my other self selected you as a Power Ranger.”

Michael turned away and gave the order.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Green Ranger power!”cried Liam.

“Black Ranger power!”shouted Shannon.

“Pink Ranger power!”announced Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”summoned Aaron.

“Yellow Ranger power!”ordered Chloe.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

Michael and Liam’s zords stood facing up to Zedd, Ooze and Revolto.“Hello, playmates,”Ooze greeted them,“Not often I fight you in open combat.”

“What is that zord?”Zedd asked, staring at the Lightningzord,“It’s hideous.”

“Cut the cracks, Zedd,”Michael snapped,“We’ll beat you in this universe like any other.”

Fed up of talking, Revolto charged at the Dragonzord, sword raised.At the same time, both Zedd and Ooze charged at the Manticore Lightningzord.Battle was joined.

Shannon, Sally, Chloe, Nicola and Aaron had joined battle against the Tengos and Oozoids, a group of lumbering humanoid creatures composed of a hard purple ooze.Galdarr and Mordent directed events from nearby.“Destroy them!”Galdarr roared,“Destroy the Power Rangers!”

Nicola found herself severely outnumbered and forced to the ground.A Tengo jumped towards her-but then a fist sprang out of nowhere and knocked it aside.

“I can’t let you out of my sight for a minute, can I?”came a familiar voice.

Nicola swung round.It was Michael-her Michael.The rest of the Rangers from her universe-Joey, Sally, Chloe and Jesse-were there too.“We got through the rift,”Joey explained,“And we can transmit the morphing signal through.So-it’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Pink Ranger power!”shouted Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”summoned Jesse.

“Yellow Ranger power!”ordered Chloe.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

Joey turned to the others.“Get the Mega Ninjazord working and give those guys a hand.I’m going after Galdarr.”

Ooze laid punch after punch on the Manticore Lightningzord then stepped aside.“Yours, Zedd!”

Zedd fired a charge from his staff, bowling the zord over.In a flash, the Dragonzord threw off Revolto and ran to shield its fellow from a stream of laser fire aimed by Zedd and Ooze.Suddenly, a new figure joined them.The Ninja Megazord, the giant robot formed by the five Rangers’ new zords, had made it through the rift as well.

“It’s over, Zedd!”came Michael’s voice from the new zord,“We’re here to take you back home.”

The Tengos lay in a scattered heap, the Oozoids reduced to their component parts.As Joey fought Galdarr, he glanced at the others.“I can handle him.Go and help your boss.”

Shannon raised her arm.“Orc Lightningzord!”

Sally followed suit.“Basilisk Lightningzord!”

Chloe joined them.“Skeleton Lightningzord!”

Aaron finished off.“Gargoyle Lightningzord!”

The zords of that universe combined with the Manticore Lightningzord, forming the Lightning Megazord. With the new, more powerful zord joining the battle, the villains were soon overcome.In the combined control room, Michael gave a command.“Lightning sabre, now!”

The Lightning Megazord fired a blast from its lightning sabre, atomising Ooze here he stood.Zedd turned to Revolto.“Let’s get out, quick, before they turn on us!”They both vanished, transporting back through the rift.

Down below, Galdarr and Mordent vanished also, en route back to the moonbase.Both groups of Rangers gathered around the remains of Ivan Ooze.“It’s over,”Shannon gasped,“We’ve won.”

Her husband looked at his other self and Joey.“With a little help from our friends.”

Nicola glanced around the Command Centre at her colleagues.As well as Joey, Shannon, Liam, Jesse and Aaron, there two Michaels, two Sallys and two Chloes.To avoid confusion, she decided to think of the ones from her universe as having the suffix 1 and from this universe as 2.

“I thank you greatly, Rangers from Another World,”Zordon pronounced,“Thanks to you we have rid our world of Ivan Ooze.”

“We’re working on a way to return you home, now that Zedd has sealed the rift,”Alpha observed,“But it will take until tomorrow at least.”

“So what do we do until then?”Joey asked.

“We’ll find you somewhere to stay,”Michael-2 replied,“But first, let’s throw a party!”

All the Rangers had gathered at Michael-2 and Shannon’s house.Joey, both Michaels, Shannon and Nicola had retired to the kitchen.“I’ve arranged for Sam and Chris to stay with friends,”Michael-2 explained,“so Sally and Chloe can have their room.Nicola, you bunk down with Sally.Michael, you’re staying with Liam.”

“What about me and Jesse?”Joey asked.

Shannon looked round at the rest of the guests.“Chloe, can you take Joey at your place?”

Chloe-2 shrugged.“Yeah, sure.We’ve got a spare room.My Joey wouldn’t mind-better make sure no-one sees them together though.”

“I should be able to smuggle Jesse in at my place,”Aaron added, having overheard.

“Then it’s settled.”Shannon took Michael-2’s arm.“Come on.Let’s dance.”

Michael-1 glanced round at Nicola.“It is very strange seeing yourself married.”

“How do you think I felt?”Nicola wandered off towards the floor.

Chloe-1 was sitting down when Chloe-2 came over to her.“Hello.”She next to her.

“Hi.”Chloe-1 looking embarassed.“Seems strange seeing myself thin again.”

“So who’s the father?”Chloe-2 asked.

Chloe-1 reddened even deeper.“Michael.”

“Michael?You mean you and he are…”

“Were.It was a long time ago.”

“Less than nine months evidently.”

Joey and Jesse came over.“Would either of you like a dance?”Joey asked.

Chloe-2 got up.“Yeah, I’m game for anything.”

Jesse looked at Chloe-1.“I don’t suppose you’d…no, you wouldn’t.”

Michael-2 and Shannon led the dancing, kissing.Michael-1 was dancing with Sally-2 nearby.“Did you ever date your Shannon?”Sally-2 asked.

Michael-1 shrugged.“No.I was attracted to her at one point.But never did anything.”A thought occurred to him.“Did you go out with the other me?”

“No.”Sally glanced sideways to where Sally-1 was dancing with Aaron.“You mean you and-the other me..?”

“’Fraid so.”

Sally grinned.“Did she kiss good?”

“Great.How are you?”He leaned forward and kissed her.

Liam and Nicola looked on.“Fast worker,”Liam commented.

“He went out with the other her,”Nicola explained,“Actually I went out with the other you for about a week.”

“Really?”Liam began kissing her.

Sally-1 glanced at her other self kissing Michael.“Never thought I’d see that again.”

Aaron looked bewildered.“What?”

Michael-1 tapped Nicola on the shoulder.“Er, would you care to swap rooms?”

Nicola looked at Liam then smiled.“Yeah.Okay.”

That night, Michael-1 accompanied Sally-2 up to her room.She took her shoes and socks off then kissed him passionately.“Did you ever do this with the other me?”

“Yes,”he replied,“But never here.”She had begun unbuttoning his shirt.“Never anywhere so like home.”

“I’ll make you feel at home.”Sally gazed into his eyes and kissed him as they moved towards the bed.

Nicola sat on the other bed, the one Michael should have occupied.Liam sat on his own bed.“We don’t have to do this you know,”he said.

Nicola looked at him, puzzled.“What?”

“We don’t have to.We can have separate beds.Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Nicola got up and walked over to him.“I’m comfortable right here.”She leaned over and kissed him.

The following morning, the Rangers assembled at the Command Centre.“Rangers from Another World,” spoke Zordon,“We have found a way to return you home.Thanks to you, our world has a chance for peace. But Zedd escaped and your world needs you.”

“We know all that, Zordon,”Joey replied,“We’ll make sure our world’s peaceful before long.”

Michael-2 stepped forward and shook his hand.“Thank you for coming to help us.We’ll never forget you. Any of you.”

Michael-1 kissed Sally-2 and turned to his double.“Look after her for me.”

Nicola kissed Liam.“I’m gonna miss you.”

Chloe-2 patted her double’s unborn child.“A mother.You look after yourselves, hear me?”

“I hear you,”Chloe-1 replied,“You’ll be a mother yourself one day.And a good one.”

Joey beckoned all those from his universe to gather round.“Let’s get ready, guys.Our world needs us.”The Rangers activated their teleporters on the frequency Zordon had given them and vanished, leaving their counterparts alone once more.

Next Episode:

Another monster!

Another Ranger standing alone!

And yes, it does still pay to be the writer.

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EPISODE THREE: “Radioed Rangers”

Jesse wandered into the surf club and sat next to Michael.“And how are you, mate?”

“You sound cheerful,”Michael noted.

“You know that radio set Rachel’s been on about?Finally got it.”

Michael nodded.“You’re happy because you made her happy.”

“Joys of fatherhood, mate,”Jesse agreed.

“Mmm.And I’ve got all that to come.”

“Oh.Yeah.”Jesse got up.“Come round.I’ll show you.”

Lord Zedd strode back and forth irritably on the balcony.“Spare me.A new generation of Power Rangers ready to take their parents’ place as permanent thorns in my side.”

“Nonsense!”Rita Repulsa retorted,“We’ll destroy the Rangers long before they come of age.”

“Yeah,”Rito Revolto agreed,“We’ll splat them!”

Zedd glared at him.“Despite your idiotic ramblings, I can sense an idea coming on.Let the great mind think.”

Sally was busy rearranging things as Nicola entered.“Hi.What’s up?”

“Just getting everything ready,”Sally replied,“You know Michael’s moving back in soon?”

“Yeah.I heard.He’s taking over the running of the caravan park while Pippa’s away, isn’t he?”

“That’s right.”Sally sighed.“House sharing with my ex-boyfriend.”

“And ex-leader.”Nicola thought for a minute.“He went after your other self in that parallel universe, didn’t he?”

“Shut up.”

Michael and Jesse stood over Rachel as she sat playing with the radio.“Can’t you get her to rurn it down?” Michael asked.

“Oh come on!”Jesse teased,“Are you telling me you never played loud music?”

“Yes, I am actually.”

A bolt shot from the sky and zapped the radio, which disappeared.“Where’d it go?”Rachel asked.

Michael and Jesse exchanged a glance.“I’ll inform the others,”Michael decided.

Jesse nodded.“I’ll leave Rachel with her mum then I’ll join you.”

The monster created from the radio, Radio Head, materialised earby and looked about him.“Perfect,”he decided,“I will begin my broadcast-and destroy the Power Rangers.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola had all gathered at the Command Centre.“What happened to my radio, Zordon?”Jesse asked.

“Is it something to do with Zedd?”asked Chloe.

“To answer your questions in reverse order,”Zordon responded,“yes and it has become Zedd’s Radio Head monster.”

“We’re still trying to locate him,”Alpha added.

“Keep it up, guys,”Joey instructed him,“Let’s nail this one quickly.”

Repulsa looked through her peek-a-scope at their latest ally.“A radio monster?What good is that?”

“Radio Head wull make some rather uncoventional broadcasts,”Zedd answered,“His radio waves will enslave the Power Rangers’ minds.”

“That’s what I call a good tune!”Galdarr commented,“Hur hur hur.”

“Got him!”Alpha announced,“He’s hiding in the woods!”

“Yo!”Michael shouted,“Let’s get after him.”

Joey looked at Chloe.“You know what I’m going to say.”

“Stay here?I know the drill.”

Joey turned back to the others.“It’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Pink Ranger power!”shouted Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”ordered Jesse.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

Aaron, Tiegan and Justine were in the woods nearby.“Anyone know where Joey is?”Justine asked.

Tiegan shrugged.“I don’t know.He keeps going off.”

“You never see him during monster alerts-you noticed that?”Aaron thought for a moment.“Come to think of it, Nicola’s usually out too…”

These thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Radio Head.“Greetings, humans.Allow me to play you my tune.”

The trio stood transfixed by the music.Seconds later, the Power Rangers appeared.“Move back, guys,” Joey told them,“We’ll handle him.”

Aaron spun round and threw a punch at him.Caught off guard, Joey was sent sprawling.“Aaron!”Nicola cried,“What are you doing?”

“These people are under my control,”Radio Head answered,“Join them.”

As the radio signal entered their heads, the Rangers stood stock still.Then they raised their arms.“Glory to Lord Zedd!”

In the Command Centre, Chloe watched in horror as the viewing globe displayed the current events.“We’ve got to do something to help.”

“I might be able to build a jamming device,”Alpha decided,“But we need some parts.”

“You must both go to the store house,”Zordon told them,“There is no-one else.”

Zedd was concerned.“If Zordon can jam the signal, the Power Rangers will be freed.We must stop them.”

“Send the Tengos down,”Revolto advised,“They’ll mince that tin can no trouble.”

Chloe and Alpha materialised in the store house.“It shouldn’t take me long to find the parts,”Alpha announced.

Tengos appeared, surrounding them.“How long do you need, Alpha?”Chloe gasped.

“About two minutes.”

“Long enough.Ninja Ranger power now!”

Wearing her ninja outfit, Chloe took on the Tengos while Alpha searched for the parts.Eventually he cried,“I’ve found them!Let’s go!”

They teleported away and the Tengos found themselves alone.

Zedd slammed his fist into the palm of his other hand.“No!Now they can build the jamming equipment.”He thought for a moment.“But they won’t get close enough to use it.”

“Send the Tengos to protect Radio Head?”asked Repulsa.

“Yes.”Zedd smiled evilly.“And the other Power Rangers.”

Alpha finished tinkering with the jamming device and held it up for examination.“Ready.”

Chloe took it from him.“It looks like some sort of gun.”

“Point it at Radio Head and fire it.It will cut off the signal controlling the other Rangers.”

“Okay.”Chloe stepped forward.“It’s morphin’ time!Yellow Ranger power!”

Chloe materialised in the park.Joey, Michael, Sally, Jesse and Nicola stood impassively, blocking the path to Radio Head.In front of them were the Tengos.

Chloe nodded grimly.“Yes, I thought I’d run into you guys.”

Two Tengos charged.Chloe countered their attack with punches and kicks.More Tengos pulled at her. Another one leapt at her but was punched away before it could reach her.Michael stepped to her side.“Hey, that’s the mother of my child you’re having a go at!”

Chloe stared at him.“Why didn’t you receive the signals like the others?”

“Well I did-duck!”Chloe ducked down and Michael punched the Tengo behind her.“I just didn’t listen to them.I’ve never been one to follow orders blindly.”

The two Rangers took on the Tengos and overcame them.“Now for the really hard bit,”Chloe observed, “We’ve got to get past our friends.”

“I’ll handle it,”Michael told her,“You get to Radio Head.”

Sally stepped forward.“You must be stopped.”

“Sorry, sis,”Michael sighed,“But I can’t be.”He knocked her aside and parried a swing from Jesse, who had come up behind her.As Joey and Nicola also charged, Chloe ran round them.

“Come to sing my song, girl?”Radio Head snarled as she approached.

“No, chum,”Chloe replied, producing the jammer,“I’m cutting your performance short.”She fired.

A few yards away, the brainwashed Rangers shook their heads clear.“What have we done?”Joey asked.

“What you were told to,”Michael replied,“But that’s all over now.”

Zedd roared with anger.“The Rangers are free!How can this have happened?”

“Never mind, dear,”Repulsa replied,“We can still defeat them if we make our monster grow.”

Zedd and Repulsa fired a combined blast from their staffs towards Earth.

Radio Head grew in size to tower over the group.“I’m gonna crush you out of existence!”he snarled.

“No chance,”Joey responded,“We need Ninjazord power now!”

The Ninjazords came to join them and combined to form the Ninja Megazord, with the Falcon Ninjazord slotting into the back of the larger zord.“Let’s nail this loser!”Jesse snapped.

“Full power,”Joey ordered.

Radio Head hurled himself at the Ninja Megazord, raining punches on it.“Hydraulic muscles activated,” Nicola announced.

The Ninja Megazord threw Radio Head aside, drews its Ninja Sabre and fired, obliterating him before he could get to his feet.

Zedd buried his face in his hands.“No!They can’t have!”

“They have,”Repulsa sighed,“They’ve done it again.”

The Rangers returned to the surf club.Calling a few favours at the kiosk, Michael and Sally were able to get everyone drinks.“So,”Joey observed as they all sat together,“Radio Head’s been destroyed, we’re free of his control and Aaron and the others are back to normal.”

“Some of us were never abnormal,”Michael observed.

“Yeah, okay,”Sally sighed,“You did well, but congratulations go to Chloe.”

“Couldn’t agree more,”Nicola echoed,“You should have been out there from the start.”

“If I had been I’d’ve ended up like you lot,”Chloe replied,“Still, baby’ll be born in a few weeks.Then I’ll be back with you lot.”

Joey raised his glass.“I’ll drink to that.”

They clinked glasses together.

Next Episode:

A new set of zords!

A new enemy!

And an awful lot of damage gets inflicted!

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Sally and Nicola helped Chloe ease herself into a chair.“Oh, I hate being pregnant,”she moaned.

“It’ll all be over in a few days,”Sally assured her.

“Yeah.”Nicola looked around the surf club to make sure no-one was listening.“The Power Rangers haven’t been the same without you.”

Chloe smiled.“Thanks.Both of you.You sure know how to make a girl feel wanted.”

Joey and Aaron had retired to the Diner.“So what’s been going on with you and Tiegan?”Aaron asked.

“Same as usual,”Joey replied,“Nothing worth mentioning.Anyway, what about you?I’ve noticed you and Nicola spending a lot of time together lately.”

Aaron held up his hands.“Hey.We’re just good friends, that’s all.”

“Oh yes?”Joey clearly didn’t believe a word of it.

“That’s all,”Aaron insisted forcefully.

Lord Zedd was pacing the balcony angrily.“Curse those Power Rangers!They always manage to defeat whatever monster I send against them.”

“Then why not go in person, dearest?”asked Rita Repulsa.

“Because of the danger!”Zedd snapped,“Things are all right for those Rangers.They have their zords to protect them!”

“Why don’t we build our own zords?”asked Rito Revolto.

Zedd turned to him.“Yes!Yes, of course!Finser!”

Finser shuffled up.“Yes, Lord Zedd?”

“The old zords.The Shogunzords.Prepare them for combat.It is time to destroy the Power Rangers.”

Michael had popped into the flat to see Chloe and found the other girls with her.“Not intruding on any private conversations, am I?”he asked.

Chloe smiled weakly.“Only blaming you for putting me in this condition.”

“Oh.Nothing new then.”

“You’re being very blasè for someone who’s about to become a father,”Sally noted.

“Trust me.I’m packing it underneath.”

Nicola got up.“I’ve got to go.I’m meeting Aaron.”

Michael followed her to the door.“You and Aaron seem to be getting on very well.”

“You can talk.”Nicola gestured back into the room.“What about you and her?”

“It was all over between me and Chloe a long time ago.”

“Not Chloe.Sally.”

Michael made sure he was out of earshot.“I dunno.Since Pippa left and I moved back in, I’ve begun to remember why I fell in love with Sally in the first place.Maybe I never stopped loving her.”

Zedd stared up at the towering Shogunzords, five humanoid robots with different coloured flashes on their chests.“Perfect.I will command the White Shogunzord myself.Rita will take the Yellow Shogunzord, Galdarr the Red Shogunzord and Rito the Blue Shogunzord.”

“What about the Black Shogunzord?”Galdarr asked.

Repulsa smiled.“I’ve asked an old friend along to help us out.”

In a puff of smoke, a woman in gold armour with a scorpion’s tail appeared.“Scorpina at your service.”

Zedd laughed.“Mount up everyone.This time the Power Rangers will die.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola had all assembled for a drink at the surf club.“Not often we all see each other outside Power Ranger business,”Jesse observed.

At that moment, their communicators went off.“Mmm-and now isn’t one of those times,”Michael commented.

They found a quiet corner.Joey raised his communicator.“We read you, Zordon.”

Zordon’s voice crackled through.“We are facing great danger, Power Rangers.Teleport to the Command Centre immediately.”

The Rangers activated their teleporters and vanished.

The Rangers materialised in the Command Centre.“What’s going on?”Joey asked.

“Zedd is launching an attack,”Zordon told them.

“Only this time he’s got his own zords,”Alpha added.

“What?”Michael gasped.

“Observe the viewing globe.”Zordon provided a commentary to the images.“The Shogunzords, created long ago and left inactive.Zedd and Finser have reactivated rgwm.They may even have an edge over the Ninjazords.”

“I guess,”sighed Sally,“we’ve got a chance to find out.”

Joey took the lead.“It’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Pink Ranger power!”shouted Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”summoned Jesse.

“Yellow Ranger power!”ordered Chloe.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

The Ninja Megazord arrived to confront the Shogunzords.“Trying to copy our equipment, Zedd?”asked Joey.

“Not at all,”Zedd replied,“Just creating an improved model.”

Michael adjusted the weapons.“I’m targetting the Red Shogunzord.”

“Fire when ready,”Joey snapped.

The Ninja Megazord opned fire but the White and Yellow Shogunzords moved into action, flanking it and catching it in a crossfire.The Ninja Megazord fell back, damaged.

“Form Shogun Megazord!”Zedd ordered.

The five enemy zords combined into the Shogun Megazord, which aimed its weapons at the damaged robot and opened fire.

“Prepare to destroy it!”Zedd ordered.

“We’re low on energy,”Repulsa pointed out,“We need to recharge.”

Zedd nodded.“Very well.We’ll return at full strength.They won’t be functioning by then.”

Chloe worked her panel.“I’m operating the emergency transfer.We’re returning to the Command Centre.”

The Power Rangers materialised in the Command Centre.“What happened to the Ninjazords?”asked Jesse/

“Back in storage,”Alpha replied,“But the damage was severe.”

“Repairs will not be complete for several weeks,”Zordon added.

“Weeks?”repeated Nicola,“So what do we do now?”

“We can do nothing but wait.Return to your lives.I will summon you when the time arrives.”

Zedd watched as the power levels on the Shogunzords rose.“Perfect.Soon we will be able to return to battle.”

“And the Rangers’ zords won’t be nearly ready!”laughed Repulsa.

Zedd smiled.“Exactly, my dear.We will never have a better chance to destroy them.”

Nicola was on tenterhooks at home.Aaron came in.“What’s up?”

“That last monster business,”Nicola replied,“The Rangers took quite a beating.”

“They’ll win.They always do.”He sat down beside her.“You’re really worried, aren’t you?”

“Yeah.Yeah, I am.”

“Sorry.”Aaron slowly leaned over and kissed her, just as Nicola’s communicator went off.“What’s that?”

Nicola jumped to her feet.“Something very important.I’m sorry about this.”She pecked him on the lips. “Hold on to that thought.”

The Rangers had been summoned to the Command Centre.“The Shogunzords?”asked Sally.

“Yes, Rangers,”Zordon replied,“They have launched another attack.”

“And we have no means of stopping them,”Alpha added.

“Apart from ourselves,”Joey replied,“We’ll take them on without or zords.”

“That’s probably the craziest idea you’ve ever had,”Michael sighed,“But you’re right.There’s no alternative.”

“I suppose I get to stay behind?”Chloe asked.

“You suppose right.”Joey turned to the others.“Let’s go.It’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”

“Pink Ranger power!”

“Blue Ranger power!”

“Red Ranger power!”

The Rangers gazed up in awe at the Shogunzords looming over them.“You forget how…big they are,”Sally commented.

“Better use our guns,”Jesse decided.

“Good idea,”Joey confirmed,“Fire!”

The Rangers fired ineffectively upwards.“Time to get splattered, Rangers,”laughed Scorpina, unleashing the Black Shogunzord’s firepower.

The Rangers dived aside.“It’s times like this,”sighed Nicola,“that I wish we still had the Power Cannon.”

Zedd laughed.“Foolish Rangers.Nothing can save you now.”

Chloe had been running a scan at the Command Centre.“I think I’ve found something!”she cried.

“What is it?”asked Zordon.

“The entry code to the Shogunzords.If we can recalibrate the power coins to the same frequency, Joey and the others can enter the Shogunzords.”

“Excellent work, Yellow Ranger!”cried Alpha,“I’ll pass on the information rightaway!”

Joey took the message.“Okay, Alpha.We’re on it right away!”

“What’s the plan, boss?”asked Michael.

“We’re going inside.Our power coins can give us entry.Pick your opposite number.”

“There’s no pink one,”Sally pointed out.

“Chloe’s not here, so you can handle the Yellow Shogunzord.Let’s give them the surprise of their lives.”

Working the controls of the White Shogunzord, Zedd was stunned when Joey entered the cockpit.“Power Rangers!”he cried,“How did you get in here?”

“We found the key,”Joey replied.

Zedd swung at him with his staff.“Well you shall not get any further!”

Michael, meanwhile, was confronting Galdarr.“So, we meet again,”he observed.

“Clever, clever, Red Ranger,”Galdarr sneered,“Another rematch.”

Repulsa swung round as Sally entered and fired a charge from her staff.Sally dived aside, raised her Power Bow and shot the staff from her grasp.Screaming in agony, Repulsa vanished.

Jesse and Revolto were grappling on the Blue Shogunzord.“Pesky Ranger!”Revolto snarled,“I’ll grind you into dust.”

“I think not!”Jesse shoved him aside and raised his gun-only to watch him vanish.

Nicola struggled with Scorpina.“Get back to hell!”she snapped, throwing her away.

Scorpina unleashed her skin but Nicola dodged.Then she leaped out the skylight.

Meanwhile, Galdarr had gained the upper hand.He hurled Michael to the floor and raised his sword.“The final end!”he snarled.

A burst of fire shook the zord, sending Galdarr tumbling off his feet.Michael looked and saw the smoking weapons of the Yellow Shogunzord.“Good work, Sal,”he murmured, before grabbing Galdarr and hurling him out the back door.

Zedd watched his allies’ defeat.“No!”he screamed,“Why do I always lose?”

“I guess because you’re a loser,”Joey replied, pushing him straight through the windscreen.

Zedd got to his feet, looked round and saw Galdarr and Scorpina.“Right,”he decided,“You two are going to grow.”He fired a charge at them.

Joey glanced at the two monsters.The change in size had altered Scorpina’s appearance, making her more monstrous with the head and claws of a scorpion.“No problem,”he decided,“Form Shogun Megazord!”

With the other Rangers at the controls, the Shogunzords came together.They charged up their weapons and opened fire.Galdarr and Scorpina tried to face the onslaught for a few seconds then gave up and disappeared.

A short while later, the Rangers had returned to the Command Centre.Michael went over to Sally.“Thanks for saving my life.”

Sally shrugged.“You’d do the same for me.”

Joey and Jesse were congratulating Chloe.“You did well today,”Joey noted.

“Yeah,”Jesse agreed,“If it wasn’t for you, we’d really have been in soup.”

“Attention, Rangers!”cut in Zordon’s voice,“The Shogunzords will be our new zords while repair work is done on the Ninjazords.”

“But there’s only five of them,”Nicola pointed out,“There’s six of us.”

“I have considered this.Sally, until the Crane Ninjazord is repaired, you will pilot the White Shogunzord alongside Joey.”

Sally nodded.“Okay, Zordon.”

Joey smiled.“I’ll be glad to have you onboard.”He called the Rangers together and they touched hands.


Next Episode:

A monster!

A reunion!

And possibly the first ever birth in a Power Rangers story!

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Michael hurried downstairs and entered the living area to find Sally eating breakfast.“Morning,”she greeted him cheerfully.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”Michael demanded.

“Well, you looked so peaceful,”Sally replied,“I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“I’ve got to pop round and see Chloe.The baby’s due any day now.”

“You’re lucky I don’t mind you spending so much time with another woman.”

Michael grinned.“I’m lucky full stop.”He kissed her then hurried out.

Rita Repulsa looked angrily through her peekoscope.“They really make me sick, these humans.”

Lord Zedd nodded in agreement.“I know.They’re so…affectionate towards one another.It’s quite sickening.”

Repulsa paused.“They care for their young.I’m beginning to get a brilliant idea.”

Joey, Jesse and Nicola were at the Command Centre.“What’s the point in bringing us here, Zordon?”asked Joey.

“Yeah,”added Jesse,“What was that about a surprise?”

“Behold, Rangers,”commanded Zordon.A spotlight picked out a set of colour-coded motorcycles, one for each Ranger, parked nearby.

“Now that is a surprise,”Nicola observed.

“The Shark Cycles can transfer you to a site of trouble in minutes,”Alpha explained.

“I can’t wait to try these out,”Joey commented.He thought for a moment.“Then again, perhaps I can.”

Michael was fussing round Chloe.“Are you sure I can’t get you anything?”he asked,“Do you need another cushion?”

“A cup of tea would be nice,”Chloe told him.

“What?”Michael made for the kitchen area but Chloe called him back.“What?”he asked.

“It’s started.”

“What-now?You’re having the baby here?”

“I will do if you stand there gaping.”

Michael took a moment to understand this comment then nodded.“I’ll get the car.”

Zedd scanned the planet.“I’ve got it.”

Galdarr stared at him.“Got what?”

“My next monster.”He turned to Repulsa.“Take a look.”

Repulsa glanced through her peekascope at the spot indicated.“A baby?”

“In its mouth.”

“A bottle!Yes.That could work.”

Zedd nodded.“I need to do-this.”He fired a charge from his staff.

The bottle appeared in the street, transmogrified.He laughed evilly.“Enter Milky Way!”

The alarm went off in the Command Centre.Joey, Jesse and Nicola spun round anxiously.“What’s going on?”Joey asked.

“Zedd’s Milky Way monster is attacking Summer Bay,”Zordon replied.

“We’d better call Michael and the others,”Nicola noted.

“That may not be profitable.”The image on the viewing globe showed Michael and Chloe in the delivery room.

“Way to go, guys!”Jesse laughed.

“Okay,”Joey sighed,“We’ll try and do this without them.It’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Blue Ranger power!”shouted Jesse.

Zedd watched from his balcony as the three Rangers took on Milky Way.“Perfect.That should keep those Rangers busy.”

“Why, boss?”asked Rito Revolto,“What do you plan to do?”

“I plan to send a group of Tengos to the hospital to destroy Michael and Chloe.And you will lead them.”

Joey, Jesse and Nicola continued to make lunges at Milky Way but he simply pushed them aside.“You fools!”he laughed,“You can’t stop me!”

“We need reinforcements,”Joey snapped,“Otherwise we’re doomed!”

Revolto and the Tengos materialised in the hospital car park.“Okay,”Revolto snapped,“let’s find those Rangers!”

Sally was adjusting a clock in the lounge where her communicator bleeped.She answered it.“Sally here.”

“Rito Revolto is about to attack the hospital with an army of Tengos,”Alpha told her,“You must teleport there immediately.”

“Okay.I’m on my way.”

Michael cursed as his communicator bleeped.He looked helplessly at Chloe then ran out into the corridor. “Michael here.”

“Michael?It’s Sally.I’m outside.The Tengos are here.”

Michael sighed.“Okay.I’m on my way.”He went back into the room.“I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.”He kissed her on the forehead.“I’ll try and make this brief.”He rushed outside.

Sally stood blocking the path to the doorway.Revolto and the Tengos approached her.“Move aside, little Ranger,”Revolto snarled.

Michael ran to her side.“Believe me, I’d bet on her against you any day.”

“Ah.The expectant father himself.Get them.”

Michael snapped a command.“Ninja Ranger power now!”

They changed into the Red and Pink Ninja Rangers and began battling the Tengos.

Milky Way hurled the three Rangers aside and began ambling away.“I’ll destroy Summer Bay first, then come back for you,”he snorted.

The Rangers got to their feet.“We’ve got to get after him!”Jesse cried.

“But how?”asked Nicola,“He’s too fast!”

Joey clicked his fingers.“The Shark Cycles!”

The White, Blue and Black Shark Cycles appeared nearby.The Rangers leapt onto them and powered off after Milky Way.

Michael and Sally battled away at the Tengos.With a series of punches and kicks, they eventually overcame them.Revolto brandished his sword.“I’ll take care of you!”

Michael sighed.“Stand back, Sal.I’ve got to have a word with Bone Head here.”He dived at his opponent, bringing him down, and, with the skill of a ninja, parried all his opponent’s blows, while getting in some of his own.

Eventually, Revolto gave up.“I’ll get you one day,”he snarled as he disappeared.

Michael and Sally tore their costumes off.“Quick, go!”Sally snapped,“Otherwise you’ll miss it!”

Joey, Jesse and Nicola had caught up with Milky Way and drove straight at him on the Shark Cycles.Milky Way was knocked off his feet.The Rangers leapt off their cycles.“Have you missed us?”Nicola asked.

Milky Way snarled at them.“Resistance is useless!”

“Oh, how predictable,”Joey sighed,“Come on, Rangers, let’s take him apart.”

Michael and Sally dashed up to the delivery room and stopped just outside.“Listen,”Michael said,“I want you to go and help Joey and the others.”

Sally nodded.“Okay.See you soon.”She pecked him on the lips.

Michael hurried inside and took Chloe’s hand.“Okay.I’m here.”

Sally watched them for a moment then came to a decision.“It’s morphin’ time!Pink Ranger power!”

Jesse aimed a kick at Milky Way and was brushed aside.“This guy’s tough,”he commented.

“Heads up!”came a voice as Sally leapt through the air towards them, aiming a kick which knocked Milky Way over.

“All right!”cried Joey,“Let’s take him out!”

Zedd hammered his fist into his palm.“There’s too many of them!”

“Then why not make our monster grow?”asked Repulsa.

Zedd glared at her angrily.“What do you think I’m about to do?”

Joey, Sally, Jesse and Nicola stared up at Milky Way looming over them.“Looks like our problems have grown,”Nicola commented.

“Guess it’s time to try out these new zords,”Jesse observed.

They all raised their arms.“Shogunzord power now!”

Michael listened to the alarms blaring around him and glared ruefully at Chloe.“Only you would go into labour during a monster alert.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t have picked a more convenient time,”Chloe snapped through clenched teeth.

The doctor called out,“One more push!That should do it!Okay!”

Chloe groaned with pain as she gave the final push.Seconds later, they could hear crying.The doctor looked up.“Congratulations, Miss Richards.It’s a girl.”

The White, Blue and Black Shogunzords had energised were doing battle.Milky Way chuckled away angrily.“You can’t defeat me!”

Inside the cockpit of the White Shogunzord, Sally was checking the scanner.“I’ve got an idea!There’s a small gap between the bottle and the nib.Aim at that.”

Joey pressed the communicator.“Jesse!Nicola!Concentrate your fire!”

The Shogunzords opened fire.“Oh dear” was all Milky Way could say before he exploded.

Zedd turned angrily away and stormed off, leaving his followers trembling in his wake.

Michael and Chloe were having their first look at their new baby.“She’s got your eyes,”Chloe commented.

“Just so long as she’s got your brains,”Michael replied.

Joey and Nicola entered.“Not disturbing anything, are we?”Nicola asked.

“Not at all,”Michael told them.

Joey came over.“Oh, she’s beautiful.Have you thought of a name yet?”

“Olivia,”replied Chloe.

“Olivia?”repeated Nicola.

“Chloe’s idea,”Michael clarified.

Nicola touched him on the shoulder.“Sally’s outside.She wasn’t sure if it would be tactful.”

Michael nodded.“Thanks.”He went out and quickly found Sally.“Hi, gorgeous.”

Sally put her arms around him in a hug.“I wasn’t sure if I’d be welcome.Or what all this means.”

“It means…things are going to be different.But I’ll still love you.And I’m sure Chloe would appreciate a friend.”He led her back to the others.“Come on.Let me introduce you to your new step-daughter.”

Sally laughed as they went back to join the rest of their family.

Next Episode:

Another new villain!

Another major smackdown!

And they really introduced a lot of new gimicks that year...

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EPISODE SIX: “A Vile Threat”

Lord Zedd scanned his surroundings with his magna vision.“Something’s wrong,”he announced.

“Wrong?”repeated Rita Repulsa,“What could possibly be wrong?”

Zedd pointed to a ball of fire heading through space.“That.It’s heading straight for us.”

Rito Revolto rushed in.“Hey, sis!Something’s coming.”

Repulsa shot him a withering glance.“We had noticed.”

“Whatever it is,”Zedd snapped,“they’ll be here any minute.Prepare a reception committee.”

Michael and Sally had gone round to see Chloe and Baby Olivia.“Oh, she’s beautiful,”Sally remarked,“Just like her parents.”

“Ha ha.Very funny,”Michael replied, before turning to Chloe.“Have you thought what we’re going to do with her while we’re on Power Ranger business?”

Chloe smiled.“Well.I have had an idea…”

Zedd, Repulsa, Galdarr, Revolto, Scorpina and an army of Tengos stood in a circle around the edge of the throne room.Zedd took out a small device.“By my calculations, our visitor should arrive any second now.”

There was a flash of light and a tall grey-skinned robed figure carrying a staff appeared.Galdarr stepped forward.“Hold fast, intruder!Prepare to meet your…”

With barely a glance, the newcomer sent Galdarr sprawling with a blast from his staff.“What a dump.I don’t know how you two can live like this.”

Repulsa shook with fear.“No.Not him.Not here.”

“You know him?”asked Scorpina.

“He’s Master Vile,”Revolto replied,“Our father.”

Alpha adjusted a control.“I’ve prepared the file, Zordon.”

“Good,”Zordon replied,“Summon the Power Rangers.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Jesse and Nicola appeared in the Command Centre.“We got your call, Zordon,”Joey confirmed,“Is anything the matter?”

“We have detected a new biorhythm on the Moonbase,”Zordon replied,“Our scanners have confirmed who it is.Behold the viewing globe.”

An image of Vile appeared.“Who is this?”asked Jesse.

“He’s Master Vile, Rangers,”replied Alpha,“The father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto.”

Nicola thought this over.“So he’s worse than them, then?”

“And Zedd?”put in Sally.

“Infinitely so,”Zordon answered,“I hereby place you all on battle alert.Vile is sure to make a move on us soon.”

Vile looked at his offspring in disdain.“Still skulking about on this moon, are you?Haven’t you managed to conquer Earth at all?”

“Well, it’s not easy,”Repulsa replied, apologetically.

“Yeah,”agreed Revolto,“The Power Rangers are…”

“Now wait a minute!”Zedd stepped forward.“I am Lord Zedd and I demand to know what you’re doing here!”

“Is that any way to speak to your prospective father-in-law?”Vile smiled.“I’m here to help my children.If they want Earth, they shall have it.”

“And how do you propose to do that?”asked Galdarr.

“Well, I’ll start by having a look at your Tengos.”

The viewing globe was displaying schematics of the Power Ranger costumes.“What exactly have you done, Zordon?”asked Joey.

“I have introduced a new facility-the Metallic Armour.It will reinforce your costumes when faced with a tough opponent.”

The alarm went off.Alpha adjusted a control and the image changed.“Ay ay ay!The Tengos are attacking!”

“I think it’s time to call Chloe,”Sally decided.

Michael raised his communicator.“Chloe.Red alert.We need you here.”

Chloe appeared, carrying Olivia and a travel bag.She passed the baby to Alpha.“Be careful with her, won’t you?”

“Ay ay!”replied Alpha,“I’ll be very careful, Chloe!”

Joey raised his morpher.“It’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Pink Ranger power!”shouted Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”summoned Jesse.

“Yellow Ranger power!”ordered Chloe.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

The Power Rangers arrived at the site of the Tengo attack.“Okay, Rangers,”Joey snapped,“Let’s take these jokers apart.”

The Rangers dived to the attack, but the Tengos they encountered this time were a lot tougher than usual.“What’s with these Tengos?”Nicola asked,“They’re much stronger than any we’ve ever faced before.”

Jesse punched one full in the face.It barely flinched.“I don’t think this is going to be easy.”

Zedd examined the action with his scan then turned to Vile with new respect.“What did you do?”

“A simple re-engineering,”Vile replied,“I’ve enhanced their powers several times fold.”

“It won’t stop the Power Rangers for long,”Repulsa told him.

“No,”Vile agreed,“But it will keep them occupied for a while.Long enough for me to put the second part of my plan into operation.”

Michael struck one of the Tengos in the stomach with a well-aimed kick.The creature staggered for a few seconds then rallied and shoved him away.He turned to Joey.“I think it’s time to use some extra artillery.”

Joey nodded.“I agree.Metallic armour-power up!”

The Rangers’ costumes were encased in the metallic armour, giving them an almost glittery sheen.They turned back to the Tengos.With a flurry of punches and kicks, they were able to overpower them.“Well,” Chloe commented,“that didn’t cause us too many problems.”

“Don’t you think that in itself is suspect?”asked Sally.

The communicator went off.“It seems you were right, Sal,”Nicola noted.

Joey raised the communicator.“Zordon?This is Joey.What’s the problem?”

“Report to the Command Centre immediately,”Zordon commanded,“We have a new opponent.”

Vile strode onto the balcony.“Did transference go ahead successfully?”

“Yes, master,”Galdarr confirmed,“Morphatron is in position.”

“Couldn’t we go down there too, Pop?”asked Revolto,“I’d really love to beat the stuffing out of those Rangers!”

“No!”Vile snarled,“Your intervention would only result in confusion of the plan.Morphatron will take care of them.”

The image of a purple-skinned blobby humanoid monster was on the viewing globe.“So what’s this one then?”asked Jesse,“Another of Zedd’s monsters?”

“No,”Zordon replied,“Morphatron is a creation of Master Vile’s.The result of his genetic engineering experiments.”

“Let me guess,”Chloe sighed,“Vile’s monsters are a lot worse than Zedd’s.”


“Well,”Michael sighed,“I suppose we’d better get down there and see what we can do.”

Joey nodded.“I agree with you.Back to action!”

The Rangers materialised in front of Morphatron.“Whatever your game is, chum,”Joey snapped,“we’re putting a stop to it.”

Morphatron advanced soundlessly tpwards them, its arms extended in front of it.Sally drew her pistol and fired several shots at it-with little effect.Morphatron turned towards her and placed its hands around her neck.Jesse leapt to her defence, dragging the creature off her.He was knocked aside, with an accompanying explosion.

“This thing certainly is tough,”Nicola noted.

“Concentrate your fire!”Joey ordered.The Rangers raised their guns and fired concentrated bursts at Morphatron.The blobby creature appeared to suffer some damage but remained standing.

“It’s times like this,”Michael sighed,“I wish we still had the Power Blaster.”

“It’s times like this,”put in Chloe,“I personally wish we had a Power Tank.”

“This monster is certainly impressive,”Zedd noted.

“It’ll be even more impressive if you make it grow,”responded Vile.

“As you wish, Father.”Repulsa raised her staff and fired a charge.

The Rangers glanced upwards in horror as Morphatron loomed over them.“I think a big problem just got bigger,”Sally noted.

Morphatron raised a foot to crush them and the Rangers dived aside in the nick of time.They all raised their arms.“We need Shogunzord power now!”

The Shogunzords came lumbering towards them.They took up their posts in their respective zords, then activated the conversion sequence, forming the Mega Shogunzord.“Battle stations!”Joey ordered,“Fire all weapons!”

The Shogun Megazord opened up with its lasers.Morphatron barely flinched.It began landing blow after blow on the zord’s body.Joey activated the communicator.“Zordon, we need help here.”

“We will attempt to boost your systems.”

“That won’t be enough!”cried Jesse.

Alpha’s voice came through.“Rangers?I’m activating the Ninja Megazord.It’s coming to meet you.”

Joey glanced round.“Michael, take a party across and take command.”

Michael nodded.“Okay.Chloe, Nicola-prepare for transference.”

The three Rangers teleported across to the Ninja Megazord.“All systems are online,”Chloe reported.

“Good,”Michael responded.He paused.“Feels strange being in command again.Okay!Let’s give Joey a hand!”

The Ninja Megazord threw itself into action alongside the Shogun Megazord.Sally looked up from her panel.“Joey, I’ve run a scan and I think I’ve found Morphatron’s weak spot.There’s a hole in the back of its neck.”

Joey pressed the communicator.“Shogunzord calling Ninjazord.”

Nicola’s voice came through.“We read you, boss.”

“Aim for the back of its neck.”

The two zords concentrated their fire.Morphatron collapsed, weakened.The Ninja Megazord raised its ninja sabre and fired a charge, destroying it.

Zedd turned away in anger.“Your plan failed, Vile!The Rangers defeated you!”

“They have beaten me this time,”Vile replied,“But I’ve come closer than you ever have.I’m sticking around for a while-and I will destroy the Power Rangers.”

The Rangers gathered in the Diner afterwards, having collected Baby Olivia from the Command Centre. “Team work,”Joey commented,“It never fails.”

“Our resources will be spread pretty thinly if we have to keep two zords on the go though,”Michael observed.

“Oh come on!”Chloe exclaimed,“You enjoyed having your own Megazord as much as anyone.”

“Besides,”Sally added,“with that extra firepower, we can knock out anything Vile or Zedd send against us.”

Nicola lifted her glass.“To victory!”

Jesse smiled.“I’ll drink to that.”

They all clinked glasses.

Next Episode:

An attack on several fronts!

Some dangerous opponents!

More Master Vile!

(Yes, okay, I'm finding it hard to say anything about this one.)

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Oh-something I did mean to say but forgot it was this episode:

Irene gets a mention!

EPISODE SEVEN: “Frontal Assault”

Jesse staggered into the dining room to see Michael and Sally already having breakfast.Rachel was also tucking into a bowl of cereal.“Toast’s under the grill,”Sally announced,“And we made some extra bacon-yours is in the oven.”

Jesse grinned.“Now I know why I let you two move in.”

“And there was me thinking it was for the scintilating company.”Michael patted Rachel on the head. “You’re lucky to have her with you, Jess.I can’t see Olivia coming to live with me.”

“It’s tough missing out on your kids growing up,”Jesse agreed,“But Chloe lets you visit whenever you want.”

“Mmm.”Sally nodded.“Fathers have a habit of turning up when you least expect them.”

Rita Repulsa surveyed the scene through her peakascope.“I find myself agreeing with you, Pink Ranger. Why did he have to turn up now?He always spoils things.”

Master Vile appeared behind her.“What was that, child?”

“Er…nothing, Pop.”

As his minions grouped round, Vile turned to address them.“I have a plan to defeat the Power Rangers. Instead of sending senseless monsters, I shall send some of my most intelligent followers.”

Lord Zedd snorted.“Been there, done that.This lot are even more useless than monsters-at least monsters don’t run out on us.”

“Ah-but this time they will be attacking in greater numbers.”He turned to Rito Revolto.“You will lead a team of Tengos in an attack on ground level.Meanwhile, you, Galdarr, and you, Scorpina, will grow to giant size and begin attacking Summer Bay.Nothing in the world can stop me now!”

Joey, Chloe and Nicola met up with their friends at the Diner.“How’s the co-habitation going?”Chloe asked.

“No arguments-yet,”Sally replied,“Still, it is pretty strange.”

“Try having a kid in tow,”Chloe remarked,“Irene’s looking after her at the moment but I hardly have any time to myself.”

“Well, the offer of babysitting is always open,”Joey reminded her.

“Mmm-even Alpha’s volunteering,”observed Nicola.

At that moment, the communicator sounded.“Speaking of who,”Jesse sighed.

Joey answered the call.“Joey here.Go ahead, Zordon.”

“Report to the Command Centre immediately.We are detecting multiple attacks.”

The Rangers withdrew to a quiet spot and activated their teleporters.

The Rangers materialised in the Command Centre.“Mmm,”Michael mused,“Guess it’s my bit turn to do the ‘Hey, Zordon, what’s up?’ bit.”

“This is no laughing matter, Red Ranger,”Zordon admonished,“Rito Revolto is leading an army of Tengos to attack Summer Bay.”

“Well we’ll take care of them,”Sally observed.

“And Galdarr and Scorpina have grown to giant size and launched a second attack,”Alpha added.

“That could be a bit more of a problem,”Jesse mused.

Joey issued the orders.“Chloe and I will take the Shogun Megazord out there.Michael, I want you and Nicola to control the Ninja Megazord.Sally, Jesse-you’ll have to handle the Tengos.Everyone ready?”

“Raring to go,”replied Nicola.

“Okay.Then it’s morphin’ time!White Ranger power!”

“Black Ranger power!”cried Nicola.

“Pink Ranger power!”shouted Sally.

“Blue Ranger power!”summoned Jesse.

“Yellow Ranger power!”ordered Chloe.

“Red Ranger power!”snapped Michael.

Sally and Jesse arrived to confront Revolto and the Tengos.“Rangers!”Revolto sneered,“You’ve come to play!”

“That’s right,”replied Sally,“And this is one game you’re going to lose.”

They charged into battle.

Joey, Michael, Chloe and Nicola materialised in the main street.Galdarr and Scorpina loomed over them. “Hur hur!”laughed Galdarr,“What’s life like down there, Rangers?”

“I think it’s time to bring these jokers down to size,”Joey noted.He and Chloe raised their arms.“Shogun Megazord now!”

Michael and Nicola followed suit.“Ninja Megazord now!”

The two Megazords thundered towards them and the Rangers leapt inside.Joey activated the communicator.“Team Leader to Ninja Commander.You reading me, Michael?”

Michael responded from the Ninja Megazord.“Loud and clear, sir.”

“You two take care of Scorpina.”

“Understood,”Nicola replied,“Selecting target.”

Chloe turned to Joey.“Guess we’ve got Galdarr then.”

“You guessed right, Yellow Ranger.”Joey took hold of his controls.“Let battle commence.”

Vile watched from the balcony of the Moonbase.“Yes, it’s all working out quite nicely.”

“How do you make that out?”Zedd asked,“The Rangers are fighting back unhindered.”

“And they’re usually a match for Galdarr and Scorpina,”Repulsa pointed out.

“Ah yes!”Vile replied,“But this time their forces are split, their zords undermanned.I imagine they’ll have quite a problem dealing with it all.”

In the cockpit of the Shogun Megazord, one of the panels exploded.“Direct hit!”Joey cried in annoyance, “Why wasn’t that covered?”

“I’m already doing the work of three people,”Chloe snapped,“We’re seriously undermanned here!”

On the Ninja Megazord, Michael and Nicola were facing similar difficulties.“We’re losing energy from our armour!”Nicola reported,“And with all this pounding we’re taking I’m having trouble getting a clear aim with the weapons!”

“And without a scanner operaror, it’s hard to handle the hand-to-hand stuff,”Michael agreed,“Dammit!We need help.”

Help was nearby, but not close enough.Sally and Jesse were involved in a pitch battle with the Tengos. Revolto stood nearby, directing operations.“Pulverise them!”he bellowed,“Cut the Rangers into little pieces!”

“I think we need extra power!”Jesse called.

“Agreed,”Sally replied.They both raised their arms.

“Metallic armour-power up!”

With their reinforced suits, the two Rangers tore into the Tengos.“Keep me covered!”Sally ordered,“I’m going to try and reach Revolto!”

“Okay,”Jesse replied,“Good luck.”

The Shogun Megazord was being continuously battered by Galdarr’s sword.“It’s over, Rangers!”he snarled,“We’re gonna take care of you real good!”

Joey came to a decision.“Chloe, I’m gonna transfer you over to the Ninja Megazord.With your help maybe they’ll have a chance.”

“But what about you?”Chloe asked,“You can’t handle this thing on your own!”

“I’m gonna reverse the combination sequence and use the White Shogunzord.It’s the only way.Now move!Get over there!”

Chloe teleported over to the other zord and turned to Michael.“Reporting for duty, sir.”

“Take over at the other panel.Try and get the defences back on line.And try and give me a visual.”

“Where’s Joey?”asked Nicola.

“On the White Shogunzord,”Chloe explained,“He’s trying to take on Galdarr.”

“We’ll help him out as soon as we can,”Michael promised,“First we’ve got a job of our own to complete.”

Sally launched herself at Revolto in a drop kick.He was bowled over but got up.“Nice try,”he cackled.

“I intend to do more than try,”Sally retorted.

Revolto drew his sword.“Don’t you get it, Ranger?You’re beaten.Just lie down and accept it.”

“I’ll never accept it,”Sally replied,“We’ll keep on fighting you to the end.”

“Die then!”Revolto snarled, diving to the attack.

Sally grabbed her Power Bow and used it to parry Revolto’s thrusts.Behind her, Jesse tore into the last of the Tengos, overpowering them with ease.He came to stand at Sally’s side.“Do you need a hand?”

“No,”Sally replied,“I think I can manage him.”

“I think so too.”Revolto backed off.“Be seeing you!”He disappeared.

Scorpina was still battling against the Ninja Megazord.Although her attacks had been reduced, she was still putting up a fight.“You can’t last much longer, Rangers!”she cried,“You should give up!”

“In a way she’s right,”Nicola observed,“We’re losing power fast.”

Michael pressed the intercom button to contact the Command Centre.“Activate Ninja sabre!”He turned round.“Give me all available power now!”

The Ninja sabre came flying through the air, fired at them from the Command Centre.The Ninja Megazord caught it and fired a charge.Scorpina was obliterated where she stood.Nearby, the White Shogunzord continued to battle Galdarr.

“Your buddies have all been defeated, Galdarr!”Joey shouted,“You’ve lost!”

“Perhaps!”Galdarr roared,“But I can still deal with you!”

“I doubt that, Galdarr,”came a voice from behind him.

Galdarr swung round.There stood the Yellow and Blue Shogunzords.Sally and Jesse had arrived.

Galdarr sighed.“It seems the odds are no longer in my favour.Never mind, Rangers.Next time.”He vanished.

Vile stormed around the balcony angrily.“How do they do it?How do they always win?”

“I told you your plan sucked,”pointed out Repulsa smugly.

“It didn’t suck!”Vile snarled,“It was a perfectly good plan!It was those fools we employ who messed it up!”

“Perhaps now you understand why I’ve had no success all these years,”Zedd commented.

“Perhaps!”Vile conceeded,“But I will destroy the Power Rangers-one way or another.”

Joey and Michael carried Chloe’s bags into the front room of the beach house.“This had better be it!” Michael complained.

“Well actually…”Chloe grinned at their pained expressions.“Joke, guys.”

“I’m surprised you wanted to move back in here,”Joey observed.

“Well.Having my own place was nice, but this is home.It always will be.”

Michael coughed.“By the wat, thanks you two.We’d probably have been in stew if we hadn’t received back-up.The Ninja Megazord came pretty close to being destroyed.”

“Hey, we’re a team!”Joey replied,“We look out for each other!”

“And Scorpina’s dead now,”Chloe commented.

“Yes,”Joey agreed,“But Vile, Zedd and Repulsa are still alive.And I have a feeling they’ll try something else soon.”

Next Episode:

A dangerous situation!

A dangerous quest!

And get ready for that cliffhanger!

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Well, here we are at the season finale once again and it's a big one, folks.

EPISODE EIGHT: “The Final End”

Michael was leafing through a book in the sitting room at the caravan park.Tiegan came in and tapped him on the shoulder.“Back again, eh?”

Michael shrugged.“Well, after Sally and I split up, I didn’t really fancy staying on there.”

Tiegan smiled sympathetically.“You never seem to have much luck with relationships, do you?”

“You can talk,”Michael replied,“I hear you and Joey are on the rocks.”

“You know how it is.You get tired with people.”

“Yes,”he mused,“And they get tired with you.”

In the Command Centre, Alpha was examining the controls.“It’s as we feared, Zordon.The worst thing that could possibly happen.”

“Indeed, Alpha,”Zordon replied,“It is time to put our contingency plan into action.Summon the Power Rangers.”

Vile was also aware of the Rangers’ plight-more so than they were themselves.“Yes,”he murmured,“As I had hoped.”

Zedd and Repulsa came onto the balcony.“You wanted to see us, Vile?”Zedd asked.

“Yes,”Vile replied,“It seems my initial plan, together with your attacks, has paid dividends after all.The Rangers are at our mercy.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”asked Repulsa.

“Yes,”replied Vile,“The Power Rangers have no power.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola had been summoned to the Command Centre to be told the news.“You mean-we can’t use our powers?”Joey asked.

“The damage sustained to the morphing grid when the Thunder Megazord was destroyed was never fully corrected,”Zordon explained.

“So why hasn’t it shut down before?”Sally asked.

“The drain caused by using both the Shogun and Ninjazords has exhausted our power banks,”Alpha replied,“We can work the teleporter but there’s not enough energy to morph.”

“So what’s the plan?”Chloe asked.There was an apprehensive pause.“There is a plan, isn’t there?”

“Yes,”Zordon confirmed,“There is a plan.The Zeo Crystal.The only thing that can re-energise the morphing grid.”

“What is the Zeo Crystal?”Jesse asked,“Where is it?”

“It is split into five separate segments scattered across the globe-North America, Africa, France, Brazil and China.You must collect them.”

“Now there’s a first,”Nicola sighed.

Joey took charge.“Jesse, stay here and co-ordinate events.I’m going to America.Chloe, you’re in Africa. Nicola, France.Michael, Brazil.Sally, China.Let’s go, people.”

Vile observed events from his balcony.“Perfect.A chance to possess the Zeo Crystal.All power will be ours.”

“And we’ll finally get our revenge on those meddling Rangers,”Galdarr added.

“Precisely.I will follow the White Ranger to America.The rest of you-to Africa, France and all the rest! The Power Rangers are at our mercy.”

Nicola teleported into a quiet back street in Paris.She spoke into her communicator.“Down and safe, Jesse. Where do I go from here?”

“The segment of the Zeo Crystal is in the Louvre,”Jesse responded,“You’ll have to go there.”

Nicola sighed.“Okay.I suppose no-one thought to send me a few francs…”

Michael was making his way through the slum town outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.Despite his claim to be a noted linguist, his Portugese obviously needed a little practise.“Ah, excuse me!”he called out, speaking in English,“Has anyone seem a sort of magical crystal thing around here?”

A hunched old man approached him.“You are Australian?”

“No, sir.I’m English.But I’ve spent a lot of time in Australia.”

“English, yes,”the old man acknowledged,“Someone told us you would be coming.”He led Michael into a nearby slum building.

There stood Zedd, his staff gripped in his hand.“Red Ranger!”he cried,“So, we meet again.”

Jesse looked at the readings on the Command Centre console.“We’re detecting the first segment.Michael must be pretty close.”

“I’ve got the teleporter locked on,”Alpha reported.

“Good,”Zordon replied,“Be ready to transfer Michael back here the moment he has the segment.”

Michael glared at Zedd.“I might have known you’d try and interfere.What do you want?”

“The same as you,”Zedd answered,“The Zeo Crystal.”

The old man opened a chest to reveal a glowing crystal segment.“We were told that one day two men would come to claim the crystal.You must fight for it.The winner will be allowed to depart with the crystal.”

Zedd turned to Michael.“It will give me great pleasure to destroy you, Power Ranger.”

Michael faced him defiantly.“I’ve always wanted to go one-on-one with you.”

The pair circled each other.Zedd made the first move, darting forward to strike with his staff.It caught Michael a heavy blow on his arm.He leapt back in pain and Zedd struck again, clubbing him to the ground. He stood over him, staff raised.

Michael dived aside as the staff came down.Thinking fast, he decided to do the most stupid thing possible. He charged straight at Zedd.The impact knocked them both over.Michael jumped up and grabbed Zedd in a powerful neck hold, beginning to throttle him.He stopped and looked at the old man.“Finished?”

The old man nodded.“Finished.”

Michael got up and went over to the segment.He picked it up.Zedd got up and fired a charge from his staff-just as Michael teleported away.Cursing, Zedd vanished also.

Michael reappeared in the Command Centre.“I have a feeling that was a timely intervention,”he observed.

Alpha took the crystal from him.“The first segmemy.Well done, Michael.”

Jesse turned back to the console.“We should be hearing from Nicola soon.”

Nicola was going through every gallery in the Louvre.So far she had no found no trace of anything that could be said to resemble a magic crystal.Jesse’s voice suddenly filtered through her communicator. “You’re close, Nicola.It’s two hundred metres ahead of you.”

“Must be in the next gallery,”Nicola decided.

She heard a familiar voice coming from that direction.“Duh, how do you get this thing open?”

She stepped through the doorway.“Hello, Rito.”

Rito Revolto turned to face her.“Huh.Black Ranger.You got no chance without your powers, girl.I’m gonna grind you into dust.”

“Oh really?”asked Nicola, speaking with a confidence she really didn’t feel,“Well why don’t you just try then?”

Enraged, Revolto drew his sword and charged at her.Nicola leapt aside and glanced at the area Revolto had been studying.She saw a glass case, with the second segment inside.

She had no time to consider this, for Revolto was on the attack again.She jumped back to avoid the deadly swipes from his sword.

Suddenly, a thought struck her.She stood her ground.“Hey, Rito!”she called,“Bet you can’t hit me if you throw your sword.”

“Oh yeah?”Revolto hurled his blade.Nicola leapt aside-and the blow shattered the glass case behind her.

Nicola ran forward and seized the crystal.She pressed her teleporter and vanished…

…reappearing in the Command Centre.“Special delivery,”she announced.

Michael, Jesse and Alpha came forward to congratulate her.“Well done,”intoned Zordon,“Now only three segments remain.”

“Mmm,”agreed Michael,“So where are Joey, Sally and Chloe?”

Sally wandered through the streets of Peking.Suddenly she heard screaming.She hurried towards the source.A familiar voice drifted towards her.“Where is it?Tell me!”

“No,”replied a frightened female voice,“You do not deserve it.”

Sally sighed.The voices came from a large wooden building.Bracing herself, she stepped inside.There was Rita Repulsa, menacing a young Chinese woman.

“Okay, Rita,”she snapped, trying to sound confident,“Show’s over.”

Joey had found himself in the North American prairies.He slowly made his way towards an Indian reservation.An old Indian stood up.“Who are you?”

“My name is Joey Rainbow.”

The Indian laughed.“Your name is almost an Indian name.Why do you come here?”

“I seek the Zeo Crystal.”

The Indian nodded.“Yes, I believe you do.Follow me.”

Repulsa faced Sally with a smile.“Well, well, well.Pink Ranger.What a pleasant surprise.”

“Stop menacing the locals, Rita,”Sally snapped,“I’m the one you want.”

Repulsa laughed.“Oh, you poor deluded girl.I don’t want you.I want the Zeo Crystal.”She raised her staff. “However, seeing as you’re here…”

Sally leapt aside as a charge was fired at her.She hurled herself at Repulsa and grappled with her.The witch tried to fight back but at close quarters Sally was her superior.Eventually she was forced to back away and vanish.

The Chinese woman approached Sally.“Thank you for helping me.”

“No problem.Now if you excuse me I’ve really got to go.There’s something I’ve got to find.”

“Look no further.”The woman took a glowing crystal from a trunk.“The reward for your bravery.”

Sally took it from her and smiled.

The Indian led Joey through the hills towards a canyon.“The crystal you seek is located here.”

Joey entered the canyon-and there stood Vile, holding the crystal aloft.“Looking for something, Power Ranger?”he sneered.

Joey leapt at him in a flying karate kick.Vile was knocked off his feet, dropping the crystal.Joey picked it up.Vile laughed and disappeared.

The Indian approached.“You have done well.Now go.”

Joey and Sally appeared in the Command Centre at the same time.“Another segment for the collection,” Joey announced.

“And another,”added Sally.

“Excellent, Rangers,”intoned Zordon,“Only one crystal remains.”

“Right.”Jesse went to his panel.“Now where’s Chloe?”

Chloe was on the African plain, talking with a group of nomadic travellers.“Yes, Miss Richards,”a woman was telling her, “long ago the secret of the Zeo Crystal was entrusted to us.The final segment is located in this valley here.”She indicated on a map.

Chloe got up and shook her hand.“Thank you for all your help.”

She followed the woman’s directions until she came to the rim of the valley.Scanning the valley floor, she could make out the glint of the crystal among the rocks.She hurried down-only to be confronted by Galdarr, as he appeared between her and the crystal.

“Hi there, Yellow Ranger,”he sneered,“Come to play?”

Chloe moved to meet Galdarr’s attack and tried to parry his sword thrusts.Galdarr pressed on the attack-but suddenly he heard Vile’s voice in his mind.“Return.Let her have the crystal.”

When Chloe next struck at him, Galdarr let the blow hurl him away-and then vanished.

Galdarr reappeared in the Moonbase.“Er-what’s going on?Why do you want the Power Rangers to have the crystal?”

“Yes, Vile,”agreed Zedd,“Why?”

“When I fought the White Ranger,”Vile explained,“I attached a bomb to the crystal segment.Once the crystal is complete it will explode.”

Chloe appeared in the Command Centre.“The final segment,”she reported.

“You have done well, Power Rangers,”congratulated Zordon,“Now the crystal is complete and we can begin to recharge the morphing grid.”

Suddenly, the alarms sounded.“Something’s wrong!”Alpha cried.

Michael glanced at a panel.“It’s the Zeo Crystal.It contains a bomb.”

Jesse pushed past him.“I’m going to try and teleport it out of here.”

The console exploded, throwing him aside.Nicola ran to him.“Are you all right?”

“Yeah.I think so.”

“Get out of here, Rangers!”Alpha shouted,“I’m teleporting you clear.”

The Rangers vanished…

…to reappear some distance from the Command Centre.“What’s happening?”Sally demanded.

“I don’t know,”Joey replied,“Quickly, before…”

He stopped.Before their eyes, the Command Centre exploded…

Coming Soon:

Did Zordon and Alpha survive?

Will the Power Rangers retain their powers?

New villains, new Rangers and even fewer supporting characters as we go Zeo!

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