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Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Two

Guest Red Ranger 1

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No-one's sent a hitman after me so I'm assuming you want this...

Story Title: Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Two

Type of story: Longer saga

Main Characters: Shannon, Sally, Chloe, Curtis, Liam, Selina, Jesse, Joey, Casey plus Michael and Nicola.Others in supporting roles.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Sci-fi for kids.If they're really broad-minded.

Does story include spoilers: Not for this century's episodes.

Any warnings: Violence: Moderate.Sexual Content: Mild.Language: None.

Summary: Lord Zedd, master of all evil, is invading Earth and Summer Bay is his first target.Six local teens are the Power Rangers-Earth's first, last and only line of defence.

If you haven't read Series One yet(still available somewhere on BTTB):

Michael is the incongruously English leader of the Power Rangers.Relationshipwise, he's about to become a human yo-yo.

Nicola is his old friend from England, one of the few people who knows the Power Rangers' true identities and cursing the fact that there are no eligible men in Summer Bay who are old enough to shave.

EPISODE ONE: “Thunder Power”

Lord Zedd stood on the balcony of his fortress.“So far my success against the Rangers has been limited.I need to find a way to deal with them once and for all.”

“We need a monster,”Galdarr decided,“A monster so powerful even the Rangers will be useless against it.”

“Yes,”agreed Zedd,“But what monster?What could stop them?”

“Something equal to the Rangers but opposite,”Galdarr suggested.

“Yes!”Zedd cried,“The Power Rangers have their zords-and I will have mine!”

Shannon was working the kiosk at the surf club when Curtis and Nicola came in.“Hi, guys!”she called, “What’s going on?”

“Curtis has just been telling me about surfing,”Nicola explained.

Shannon could tell Nicola was being bored to death.“When are you gonna get that surfing scholarship through?”she asked Curtis.

“Soon.”Curtis nodded uncertainly.“Quite soon.”

Sally, Liam and Selina were sitting around at the caravan park, trying to alleviate the boredom.“When’s anything interesting going to happen?”Sally demanded, throwing her magazine down.

“I can do without interesting,”said Liam simply.

Sally reddened;it had only been a few days since Stephanie’s funeral.“Oh yeah-I forgot.Sorry.”

“That’s all right.”

“Anyway,”put in Selina,“how can anything be interesting after all you’ve gone through as the Power Rangers?”

Michael and Chloe were walking along the beach.Michael was occasionally turning to throw stones into the water.“So how are things getting on between you and Jesse?”he asked.

Chloe shrugged.“I don’t think it’s going to work out really.He’s still hooked on Selina.”

Michael winced.“Trust me to put my foot in it.”His communicator bleeped and he raised it to his mouth. “Here, Zordon.”

Zordon’s voice filtered through.“Michael.Come to the Command Centre immediately.Something terrible is going on.”

Michael and Chloe teleported into the Command Centre.Shannon, Sally, Curtis and Liam were already there.“What’s going on?”Michael askled.

“Our sensors have picked up mass activity at Zedd’s base,”Alpha replied.

“So what?”asked Liam.

“So Zedd is working on something big,”Zordon told them,“And doubtless it will not be very healthy for us.”

Zedd looked on in delight as his Zeddzord towered above them.“Excellent,”he declared,“Now who will pilot it for me?”

Squatt and Baboo started backing away.“I’ve got a doctor’s appointment,”Squatt explained.

“Yeah-and I’m scared of heights,”added Baboo.

“Weaklings!”roared Galdarr,“I will take control of your zord, master!”

“Excellent, Galdarr,”Zedd replied approvingly,“Now go!Take my zord to Summer Bay-and destroy the Power Rangers.”

The alarm sounded at the Command Centre.“It has begun,”Zordon announced,“The Zeddzord has arrived in Summer Bay.”

“The Megazord and the Dragonzord can take care of it,”Michael replied,“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Dragonzord!”cried Liam.

“Mastodon!”shouted Shannon.

“Pterodactyl!”announced Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Curtis.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

The Megazord and Dragonzord materialised in front of the Zeddzord, the Power Rangers at the controls. “Time to take you down, Galdarr!”cried Shannon.

The Zeddzord was a gigantic creature.It was fitted with weapons on its arms and shoulders and the Z symbol was emblazoned on its chest.“You can try, Power Rangers!”Galdarr sneered from the cockpit.

The Dragonzord lashed out with its tail but the Zeddzord barely flinched.Megazord joined in with its sword.The Zeddzord fired at point blank range, blasting Megazord away.It fired its weapons, hitting both the Power Rangers’ zords with devastating explosions.

“We’re destabilising!”shouted Curtis,“Can’t hold it together much longer!”

“We’re going to blow up!”cried Sally.

“Immediate evacuation!”Michael ordered,“Everyone out!”

They jumped clear as the Megazord exploded.On Dragonzord, Liam saw the hopelessness of the situation and activated the transfer controls, taking the Dragonzord back to the safety of the Command Centre silo.

The Power Rangers materialised back in the Command Centre.“Was that what I thought it was?”asked Chloe.

“I’m afraid the Megazord was destroyed,”Alpha replied,“The Dragonzord was damaged but is salvageable.”

“But how can we stop Zedd?”Liam asked.

“The energy of the Megazord was absorbed back into the morphing grid,”Zordon replied,“We have rechannelled it to construct new zords to replace the Dinozords.Please follow Alpha.”

The Rangers went through a door and descended a staircase into an underground storage area.They saw a group of zords waiting for them, fashioned as even more powerful robotic beasts.

Zordon’s voice was still audible.“These are the Thunderzords.Michael, you will command the Red Dragon Thunderzord.Shannon, you have the Lion Thunderzord.Yours, Sally, is the Firebird Thunderzord. Chloe has the Griffin Thunderzord.And you, Curtis, control the Unicorn Thunderzord.”

“Let’s hope they’re up to it,”Michael sighed,“Back to action!”

The Thunder Megazord stood facing the Zeddzord.“Fools!”Galdarr cried,“I’ll crush your new zords as easily as the old ones.”

“I don’t think so,”Michael replied,“Thundersabre!”

The Thunder Megazord drew its sword and fired a blast at the Zeddzord.Realising the danger, Galdarr teleported clear just as it exploded.

Zedd nodded slowly.“These new zords will be hard to overcome.But overcome them we shall.”

Some time later, the Rangers were assembled in the surf club.“You guys were great,”congratulated Liam.

“So will you be,”Curtis replied,“The Dragonzord should be back in action soon.

Selina and Nicola came up.“Great show, guys,”Selina told them,“I really thought you had it there.”

“But those new zords were really something,”Nicola added.

“I hope they’ll be enough,”Michael replied,“I think Zedd just stepped up a gear.”

Next Episode:

A Ranger's departure!

An alien world!

And someone who actually appeared in the show this century!

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Oh, thank goodness, I have still got an audience.I was starting to worry.Hope anyone still out there enjoys this one.

EPISODE TWO: “Changing Blue”

Nicola and Jenna were sitting in their front room.“Things working out with you and Curtis?”Nicola asked.

“I’d say so,”Jenna replied,“I haven’t felt this good with anyone for…ever.”

Curtis came pounding into the room.“Guess who was just on the phone?”

“The Prime Minister?”asked Nicola.

“Better.The Pro Surfing Federation.I’ve got a scholarship.”He turned to Jenna.“I’ve got to go to Canbera.I leave tonight.I’d like you to come with me.”

Jenna grinned.“Of course I will!I’ll just go and pack.”She raced out.

Nicola checked she wasn’t listening before speaking to Curtis.“One word.What about the Power Rangers?”

Curtis nodded.“Good point.Tell Jenna I had to go out.”He worked his teleporter and vanished.

Michael, Shannon, Sally, Chloe and Liam appeared in the Command Centre.“What’s up?”Michael asked.

“I’ve been offered a surfing scholarship,”Curtis replied,“I’m leaving.”

“I will be able to transfer Curtis’ powers to a new Ranger,”Zordon explained,“But I will need the Sword of Power.”

“The sword is located on a desolate uninhabited planet,”Alpha continued,“You need to retrieve it.”

“Journeying to a distant planet to recover a lost sword.”Shannon thought for a moment.“Hey, that’s a great idea for a novel!”

Michael looked at her reproachfully for a moment then grinned despite himself.He turned and gave the command.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Dragonzord!”cried Liam.

“Mastodon!”shouted Shannon.

“Pterodactyl!”announced Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Curtis.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

Zedd watched the coloured columns of light flashing through space as the Rangers teleported away from the planet.“Where are they heading?”he demanded.

“From the latest surveillance, it looks as though they’re after the Sword of Power,”Galdarr answered.

“We must destroy the sword-then their powers will become untransferable.Mobilise Serpenterror.Finser!”

Finser, the short white-skinned creature with the domed head who served as Zedd’s chief scientist, hurried up.“Yes, Lord Zedd?”

“Despatch the putties to Summer Bay-with a bomb large enough to destroy the whole town!”He burst into maniacal laughter.

The Power Rangers materialised in a rocky plain.Everywhere around them there was darkness.It was forboding.“It really is desolate,”Sally murmured.

“We’re picking up a reading,”Chloe reported, as she examined the handheld tracker Alpha had given her, “Erm…that direction.”

“Well what are we waiting for?”asked Liam,“Let’s go!”

“Hold it!”Michael snapped,“Calm down.Let’s proceed with caution.”

Selina and Nicola were manning the kiosk in the surf club.Joey and Casey came up.“Hi, guys, where’s Liam?”asked Joey.

“He’s, um, very ill,”Selina told them.

“Well, what about Michael or Sally?”Casey asked.

“They’re all very ill,”Nicola explained,“The whole house is in quarantine.”

As the two youngsters left, both girls breathed a sigh of relief.“Covering for the fact your friends are on an alien planet is hard work,”Selina moaned.

Jesse came up.“Hi, you two.OJ, please.Say, do you know where Curtis is?”

The alarm sounded in the Command Centre.“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“Zedd’s putties are attacking Summer Bay and the Power Rangers are still offplanet.”

“Teleport Selina and Nicola here,”Zordon decided,“They are the only ones we can rely on.”

“But someone else is with them!”cried Alpha.

“Teleport him as well.It is imperative this is kept secret.”

In the surf club, a wave of white light surrounded Selina, Nicola and Jesse and they vanished.

They reappeared in the Command Centre.“What is this place?”asked Jesse.

“The Command Centre,”Selina replied,“What are we doing here?”

“The putties are about to blow up Summer Bay,”Zordon replied,“You are the only people who can stop them.”

Jesse looked at his friends warily.“You’re not Power Rangers, are you?”

“No, we’re not,”Nicola replied,“Curtis, Michael, Chloe and the others are.”

“But they’re getting the Sword of Power we need to transfer the power from the blue power coin,”Alpha cut in.

Jesse threw up his hands.“Explain it to me later.Let’s go.”

The Power Rangers were dashing across the surface of the planet.Shannon glanced up and saw a giant metal serpent swooping down towards them.She knew from the files Zordon had showed them that this was Zedd’s space vehicle.“Look!It’s Serpenterror!”

Michael followed her gaze.“Run.”

Zedd and Galdarr watched from Serpenterror’s bridge.“Atomise that planet!”Zedd ordered.

“There’s the sword!”Curtis cried as the planet began to desintegrate around them, explosions covering the ground under the onslaught from Serpenterror’s weaponary.

“What’s that sort of…shimmering around it?”Liam asked.

“Alpha told me about that before we left,”Chloe explained,“It’s a defence barrier that only lets those of high moral standards pass.”

“Oh dear.”Michael turned to the others.“Who’s the most innocent and pure person here?”

They all looked at Sally.“I don’t know whether to be flattered or not,”she sighed.Bracing herself, she stepped through the shield and lifted the sword.“All right, I got it!”

“Let’s get out of here!”Shannon shouted.They activated their teleporters and vanished.

Selina, Nicola and Jesse materialised by the putties who stood in a circle guarding the bomb.A countdown read 30 seconds.“Aim for the Z!”Nicola shouted.She and Jesse charged in, aiming punches and kicks at the putties.

Selina ran to the bomb.“Keep them back!I’m going to try and defuse this!”

“You’d better hurry!”Jesse shouted, downing a putty with a well-aimed chop,“There’s only 20 seconds left!”

Selina looked at the bomb, came to a decision and tore out every wire she could see.The countdown carried on.12, 11, 10, 9…then it stopped.

Seeing they were beaten, the putties vanished.So did Selina, Nicola and Jesse, as they were teleported back to the Command Centre.

The Power Rangers appeared in the Command Centre seconds after their friends.Sally handed the sword to Alpha.“Hey presto-one magic sword!”

“Excellent work, Power Rangers,”congratulated Zordon,“We are now ready to perform the Power Transfer.”

Selina and Nicola turned to Jesse.“And I think we’ve got a candidate right here,”Selina announced.

“Way to go, Jesse!”Shannon cried.

Alpha handed the sword to Michael.“I think this is your job.”

Curtis and Jesse moved to face each other.Michael stood in between them.He studied the inscription on the sword for a moment then held it aloft.“I call upon the power of light to transfer the power of blue from one worthy candidate to one other worthy candidate.Arise, Jesse McGregor, Blue Ranger!”

Curtis’ Power Rangers uniform faded away and reappeared on Jesse.“It suits you, mate,”he observed.

The alarms sounded.“Looks like you’re in for a baptism of fire,”Chloe noted.

“Serpenterror is about to attack Earth!”Alpha cried.

“I’ll get the Dragonzord!”Liam decided.

“And we,”Michael added,“will get the Thunder Megazord.”

Zedd sat on the bridge of Serpenterror.“With the Power Rangers gone, we can now destroy Earth.”

“But, boss,”Galdarr protested,“the Power Rangers ain’t gone.”

Zedd looked at the screen.The Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord were below them, weapons firing. “Retreat!”he ordered,“We’ll deal with them another time.”

Curtis and Jenna were waiting for their train to arrive.Nicola was trying to stall them.“I don’t know where they’ve got to.I’m sure that quarantine was lifted.”

Around the corner, out of sight of everyone, columns of red and black appeared as Michael and Shannon teleported in.They hurried over to their friends.“You don’t get rid of us that easily,”Shannon told them.

“Good luck.”Michael shook Curtis’ hand.“We’re going to miss you.”He turned to Jenna.“Both of you.”

“Thank you.”Jenna smiled.“We’ll miss all of you.”

Sally, Chloe, Liam and Jesse watched the farewell on the viewing globe.“I’m going to miss them,”Chloe sighed.

Liam grinned at Jesse.“But at least we got a top notch replacement.”

“Thanks for inviting me aboard, you guys,”Jesse noted.

“No problem.Welcome to the team.”Sally indicated for them all to place their hands together.


Next Episode:

No monsters!

The Rangers forgetting what a secret identity is!

And a cameo from Alf!!

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I did however think that it woulda of been Selina that left this time, but I was wrong but kinda glad because when I read Curtis I think Drew

No, Selina's around for a while as yet, I was writing characters out as they disappeared from the UK screens and occasionally introducing them as they came to prominence.I had to write five departure episodes this series.I ended up knowing how Bob Budianski felt when Hasbro rang up to say "We're bringing out twelve more Transformers toys, can you use them in the comic?"

Anyway, enough about my problems, on we go with a very atypical and, at times, surprisingly brutal episode.


Michael, Shannon, Sally, Chloe, Liam and Jesse had been summoned to the Command Centre.“What’s the trouble, Zordon?”asked Michael.

“There is no trouble,”Zordon replied,“On the contrary, I have called you here to inform you that Zedd should be no trouble for the immediate future.”

“Why not?”asked Chloe,“Has he left?”

“Every 200 years he has to go into suspended cryosleep,”Zordon explained,“Such a time is now upon us.”

“The period should last about 48 hours,”Alpha added.

“So for the next two days Zedd will be sleeping?”asked Liam.

“Time to relax at last!”cried Shannon.

“I don’t know,”Sally sighed,“It all seems too convenient.”

Jesse laughed.“Pessimist!There’ll be no trouble at all.”

Selina and Nicola were walking along by the surf club.They saw a gang of youths spray-painting the wall. “Hey!”Selina cried,“Stop that!”

The leader of the youths laughed.They turned and leaped on their motorbikes, riding off.The two girls ran up to the wall.Surrounded by a random mismatch of colours there was a word:STEEL.

“Steel,”read Nicola,“That was written on their jackets as well.But who are they?What do they want?”

“I’ve a nasty feeling we’ll soon find out,”Selina answered.

Michael was manning the kiosk at the surf club while Chloe chatted to him.“How come you’re so cheerful?”she demanded.

“I’m always cheerful,”Michael replied.

“Even though Sally’s just dumped you?”Chloe winced at her tactlessness.“Sorry, I didn’t…”

“It’s all right.Just one of those things.”Michael called over to Joey and Casey.“How long do you two plan on hogging the pool table?”

“What’s the problem?”Joey asked,“No-one’s waiting to use it.”

The Steel leader and one of his men came in.“Guess again.Move over.”

“Who are you?”Michael asked.

“The name’s Skin, man.”

“Well, Skin Man, you can have it when we’re finished,”Casey snapped.

Skin shoved her out of the way.“Don’t push her!”Joey shouted, starting forward.Skin punched him full in the face, knocking him down.

Michael started forward too but the other thug, Stoney, hit him with a pool cue, knocking him flying. Deliberately, Skin used a cue to rip the green cloth on the table then broke it over his knee.

“Keep your rotten table!”he shouted at Chloe, who had been watching the incident helplessly.Taking out a spray can, he painted the word STEEL on the exposed wood.“Just remember to tell everyone who did this.”

Jesse was in his caravan.There came a knock at the door and Selina entered.“Not too busy, are you?”

Jesse put his arms around her.“What do you think?”

At that moment, Shannon burst in.“Jesse!Steel just…”She broke off.“Oh.Am I interrupting anything?”

“Yes,”Jesse replied,“Go on.”

“Steel trashed the surf club.Michael and Joey got beaten up.”

“Are they all right?”Selina asked.

“Yeah.Just a few bruises.Mr.Neilson has called a meeting to discuss it.”

“Oh, that’ll be right,”Selina moaned,“He hates teenagers.Do anything to make out we’re all trouble makers.”

“Well,”mused Jesse,“We’ll just have to go along and make sure he doesn’t.”

Sally, Chloe and Liam stood in the Command Centre.“Zordon, what do you know about this Steel bunch?” asked Sally.

“Very little,”Zordon replied,“But I will try to find more.”

“Thanks for your help,”Liam told him,“We’ll be back.”

“I take it you intend to challenge Steel.”

“If we have to,”Sally answered.

“At this time, you should be conserving your power, not wasting it,”Zordon snapped.

“What’s the point in saving Summer Bay from the extra-terrestial if we let it fall to the extra-nasty?”Chloe asked,“That’s what being a Power Ranger is all about-helping people.”

“You’re right, Power Rangers,”Alpha agreed,“Zordon and I will give you all the help we can.”

Michael, Shannon, Jesse, Selina and Nicola sat together at the back of Neilson’s meeting.Neilson was giving an angry speech to the crowd.“These Steel thugs are a nuisance-a terror to the neighbourhood!We must take strong action.We all know young people today are trouble.”

“Present company excepted I hope!”called out Michael.

Neilson looked at him.“Hmm.As I was saying…”

“You’re saying nothing, bud.”The five Steel members entered the room.“I’m Skin.These are my friends Stoney, Rockeye, Link and Granite.And we’re your worst nightmare.”

Skin drew a knife and advanced down the aisle.As he passed where he was sitting, Michael leaped out and grabbed his arm, knocking the knife to the floor.Stoney moved towards them but Shannon kicked him away.Jesse felled Rockeye with a well-aimed chop while Selina and Nicola grabbed Link and Granite in powerful arm locks and shoved them to the ground.

“It’s not over yet, punks!”Skin shouted as they retreated,“We’ll be back!”

Michael turned to address the crowd.“Mr.Neilson is right.Steel are dangerous.We must do all we can to stop them.We must all be on our guard.”

Chloe and Joey were waiting at home when Selina came back.“Did you guys really deck Steel?”Joey asked,“That’s what Casey was saying.”

“I guess we did,”Selina sighed.

“Unreal!”cried Chloe,“We won’t see them again.”

“I don’t know.”Selina looked thoughtful.“I think they’ve got more to do with this town than we thought.”

Next morning found Sally, Shannon and Nicola all at the Diner.“Anyone see any sign of Steel this morning?”Shannon asked.

“No,”Nicola replied,“Maybe they’re gone for good.”

Unfortunately, her theory was instantly disproved as Link and Granite walked in.They strode up to the counter.Alf Stewart was clearly unimpressed.“Get out of here, you hooligans!We’re not taking your money.”

“No,”Link snarled,“We’re taking yours.”He drew a knife and brandished it in Alf’s face.

“Leave him alone!”Sally leaped forward and grabbed Link in an armlock.Granite punched her full in the face then kneed her in the stomach.Shannon leapt forward but Link pushed her away, sending her crashing into one of the tables.It collapsed under her wait and she hit the floor.

Nicola stepped forward but Alf waved her back.“Stay back, girl.The money’s not worth anyone getting hurt.”He handed the two Steel members the cash.They went out, laughing.

Neilson stood up from the corner table where he’d been sitting.“See what happens when you wretched kids try to be adults?You get people hurt and property damaged.You don’t know a thing.”He stormed out.

Alf looked at Sally and Shannon.They were back on their feet but still looked unsteady.“Nicola.You’d better get these two to hospital.”

Liam came running into the beach house and stopped, panting.Selina, Joey and Casey all stared at him. “I’ve just come from the hospital,”he explained,“Steel robbed the Diner, beat up Sally and Shannon.”

“How are they?”asked Casey.

“Battered.If only we knew where these Steel peple hang out we could take the fight to them.”

“I’ve heard talk there’s a biker gang hanging around this old shack out towards Yabbee Creek,”Selina recalled,“That could be them.”

“There’s only one way to find out,”Joey commented,“Go and see.”

“And get our heads kicked in?”enquired Casey sarcastically.

“No, we go there tonight, see if it’s them and if it is we call the police.They won’t even know we’re there.”

Which is how that evening found Liam, Selina, Joey and Casey creeping around an old shack in the woods at Yabbee Creek.They could hear the rumble of voices coming from inside.“It’s them, I’m sure it is,”hissed Casey.

“There’s someone else there too,”realised Joey,“I’m sure I know his voice.”

Selina nodded.“We’d better make sure.You lot stay here, I’ll get in closer.”

As Selina went, Liam felt a prickling sensation.“There’s someone behind us.”

They turned slowly.There stood Stoney and Rockeye, hefting baseball bats.Very large baseball bats.

Skin and Link were inside, taking money from their employer, Neilson.“Despite that business at the meeting you’ve done well,”he told them,“Soon I’ll be able to convince them to keep teenagers out of town. Close down that wretched high school and then they’ll all be shipped off to a nice boarding school I can recommend.”

Selina, crouched by the door, was so intent on listening she didn’t hear Granite creeping up behind her until he’d clasped a hand over her mouth.

Neilson turned at the commotion.“Well, well, well.A little spy.Now what are we going to do with you?”

Michael, Chloe and Jesse were all back at the beach house.“So where are Selina and Joey tonight?”Jesse asked.

Chloe shrugged.“I don’t know.They just stormed out of here all secretive.”

The communicator bleeped.Michael answered it.“Yes, Zordon?”

“Liam, Selina, Joey and Casey have been captured by Steel,”Zordon explained,“I have homed in on Liam’s power coin.You must teleport there at once.”

Michael, Chloe and Jesse materialised just outside the shack.“Where are they?”asked Jesse.

He was answered by a flurry of hammerings from a nearby hut.Chloe tore the bolt open and Liam, Joey and Casey tumbled out.“Where’s Selina?”she asked.

“Inside,”Casey replied,“Steel are there and someone else-I think he’s in charge.”

Liam looked at Michael.“I really think it’s time we got serious.”

Michael turned to Joey and Casey.“What we are about to do you will never speak of to anyone.It’s morphin’ time!”

“Dragonzord!”cried Liam.

“Triceratops!”shouted Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

Joey stared at his much changed friends.“Something tells me we’ll have to have a long talk later.”

Michael turned to the other Power Rangers.“Let’s go.”

Selina was tied to a chair, her mouth taped up.Neilson stood over there.“You’ve seen me.I’ll have to get rid of you.”

“You want me to kill her?”Skin asked.

“No, dunderhead.I’m going on a business trip to Malaysia next week.I’ll just tell my pilot I’m bringing an extra passenger along.I think she’ll have a great deal of difficulty getting back to Summer Bay from there.”

“Not so fast!”The Power Rangers stepped into the room.

“Power Rangers!”cried Link,“What are they doing here?”

“Mr.Neilson!”cried Chloe,“So you’re behind this!”

“Give it up!”Jesse snapped,“We freed your other prisoners and they’ve gone to get the police.”

Steel made a break for the door but the Power Rangers were too fast.With several well-timed moves, they overpowered the villains, leaving them winded on the floor.Jesse untied Selina.“I’ll get her home.You guys wait for the cops.”He teleported out.

When Neilson and the others had been taken into custody, Constable Gardiner came over to the Power Rangers.“Thanks for all your help.”

“No problem,”Michael told her.

Chloe looked round and saw Joey and Casey, who had arrived back with the police.“You guys want a lift home?I imagine you and your friends have a lot to talk about.”

Nicola sat in Shannon and Sally’s room at the hospital, watching over her two friends.She felt a tap on her shoulder.Michael and Liam had entered.“How are they?”Liam asked.

“Fine,”Nicola replied,“You two look smug.”

“Steel are under lock and key-thanks to the Power Rangers,”Michael explained,“Along with their boss, Mr.Neilson.”

Nicola’s eyes widened in surprise.“Neilson?So he was behind it all!”

“One glitch,”sighed Liam,“We had to let Joey and Casey know who we are.Chloe’s filling then in.But all in all, a happy ending.”

Jesse and Selina sat in the caravan.“Thanks for saving me,”Selina told him.

Jesse shrugged.“It’s my job.And it was a pleasure.I’m going to be moving out into a house soon.Feel free to come and visit whenever you like.”

Selina smiled.“I’ll hold you to that.”And she kissed him, another part of Liam’s happy ending.

Next Episode:

An extreme makeover!

An extreme monster!

An extreme ego trip!

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Okay, extreme might be talking it up a bit.But there are times when it's hard to write a preview that doesn't say "There's a monster and the Power Rangers fight it."

EPISODE FOUR: “Going Through Time”

Zedd sat up in his cabinet, his rest finally at an end.He looked about him.“Report.”

Galdarr bowed low.“The Power Rangers have had trouble from some human criminals.Their powers will be drained.”

“They are weak,”Zedd murmured,“How about a way to make them even weaker?Do not disturb me-I have things to work out.”

Sally, Shannon and Chloe were walking along the beach.“Are you two sure you’re okay?”Chloe asked, “That business with Steel really took it out of you.”

“We’re fine,”Sally answered,“Honestly.”

“So how about you?”Shannon asked,“You’ve been spending a lot of time with Michael lately.”

Chloe coughed discreetly.“Yes, well.”

Joey answered the door and foundf Jesse standing there.“Hi.Selina in?”

Joey gave him a ask-a-silly-question look.“She’s spent all morning getting ready.Things really serious between you?”He moved aside to let Jesse in.

Jesse nodded.“Yeah.They are.”

Joey went and sat down.“I dunno.You’re still young-live a little.”

Zedd clicked his fingers in delight.“Of course!That’s it!”

Galdarr looked puzzled.“What’s it?”

“Youth!The Power Rangers are all young and energetic.We must make them old, weak, useless.”

Michael and Liam were at home.“Casey still bugging you?”Michael asked.

Liam shrugged.“I like her, you know, but not like that.Still, Chloe’s been hanging around you lately.Sure she’s not getting the wrong idea?”

Michael was saved from answering when a blaze of light shot down from the sky, hitting the clock on the mantelpiece.The clock vanished but the light remained, shooting out the door.“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,”Michael murmured.

They dashed outside to be confronted by the clock, now converted into a monster.“Come and get me, Rangers!”he snarled.

“Okay,”Michael snapped,“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Dragonzord!”cried Liam.

“Tyrannosaur!”shouted Michael.

They stood facing the monster.“Time flies, Power Rangers!”he cried.He gestured towards them and power beams fired from his chest at them.The two Rangers writhed in agony under the onslaught as the beams encircled them.

Jesse and Selina were down at the surf club.“Enjoying yourself?”Selina asked.

Jesse smiled.“I have never…”He was cut off by the sound from his communicator.He sighed.“Sorry, got to go.”

Jesse materialised in the Command Centre and saw Shannon, Sally and Chloe grouped around the viewing globe.“This had better be good, Zordon.”

“Zedd’s Flexitime monster is attacking Michael and Liam,”Zordon replied,“I fear they are in grave danger.”

“I’m trying to get a lock to bring them back here,”Alpha explained,“Ah-got it!”

Michael and Liam materialised and sank to their knees.The others ran to them.“Are you guys all right?” Chloe asked.

Michael and Liam slowly removed their helmets.Under their suits they had been transformed into old men.

Selina and Nicola stood watching in horror as Flexitime tore through Summer Bay.His time waves caused buildings to crumble to dust before their eyes.“You say he used those beams on Michael and Liam?”Selina asked.

Nicola nodded.“One of the guests at the caravan park saw the Red and Green Rangers being attacked.I hate to think what that would do to them.”

Michael and Liam lay in life support tubes while Alpha worked on them.Shannon turned to Zordon.“We’ve got to face Flexitime but if that’s what he can do to people…”

“I can do nothing to help,”Zordon replied,“You must simply be on your guard.”

“Okay.”Shannon took the lead.“It’s morphin’ time!Mastodon!”

“Pterodactyl!”cried Sally.

“Triceratops!”shouted Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”snapped Chloe.

Shannon, Sally, Chloe and Jesse leapt from a rooftop, landing in front of Flexitime.“Give up, clock face!” shouted Shannon,“You’re beaten.”

“Good morning, Power Rangers,”sneered Flexitime.

“We’re here to bring you down,”Sally cried.

“Really.Have a nice time.”Flexitime fired a burst at them.They dived aside.Chloe sprang forward and attacked him with her Power Daggers.

Watching from his balcony, Zedd sighed.“Oh dear.I’d better make my monster grow.”He fired a charge from his staff.

Flexitime loomed over the town, towering way above the Power Rangers.“We can’t fight him on our own!” Jesse shouted,“We need the zords!”

Michael scrambled to his feet.“Got to get out there.”

“Wait, Red Ranger!”Alpha cried,“You’re still very weak.”

“They need me to activate the Thunder Megazord,”Michael replied,“There’s no alternative.”

“You are very brave,”Zordon answered,“Good luck.”

Michael nodded and stood as straight as he could manage.“Back to action!”

Michael appeared close to the other Power Rangers.“What are you doing here?”Chloe asked,“You should be resting.”

“No,”Michael replied,“I should be helping you lot.We need Thunderzord power now!”

“Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!”cried Shannon.

“Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord power!”snapped Michael.

The five zords came together to form the Thunder Megazord.Michael slumped over the console, weakened by his efforts.“Shannon, you’d better take command.”He staggered to a back seat.

Shannon took the command chair.“Okay,”she snapped,“Let’s get this show on the road!”

Alpha bent over Liam holding a device he’d cobbled together.“I hope this works, Zordon.”

“So do I, Alpha,”Zordon replied,“So do I.”

Alpha aimed the device at Liam and activated it.The decades faded away until he was his proper age again.“It worked!”cried Alpha,“Ay ay ay ay ay!”

Liam got up.“Alpha, you’re a genius.Thanks.You too, Zordon.”He braced himself.“Back to action!”

Liam reappeared in the streets of Summer Bay.“Let’s see this guy take on Dragonzord power!”He raised his Dragon dagger and it emitted its sonic signal.The Dragonzord was activated and came to the side of the Thunder Megazord.

“Hey, look, it’s Liam!”cried Sally.

“Zordon and Alpha must have reversed his ageing,”Jesse added.

“All right.”Shannon smiled.“Fire all weapons!”

The Thunder Megazord and the Dragonzord both opened fire, destroying Flexitime.

Zedd turned away in anger.“Whose stupid idea was this anyway?”

Michael lay on the bed in the Command Centre as Alpha’s device did its work, leaving him young and revitalised again.Chloe stood over him.“It was very brave of you, coming out to battle in that condition.”

Michael shrugged.“It’s my job.”

“And you did it very well.”Chloe bent over and kissed him.

Shannon, Sally, Liam and Jesse sat in the surf club.“I’ll tell you one thing,”Liam commented,“After being about eighty I’m never going to complain about being too young again.”

“It was a close one,”Jesse observed,“We were just lucky that in the end Zedd was out of time.”

They all joined in the friendly laughter.

Next Episode:

Another departure!

Another schmaltzy closing line!

And a one-on-one battle with Lord Zedd!

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EPISODE FIVE: “Losing Green”

Liam walked into the lounge, followed by his mother Frances.“Look, I told you,”he complained,“I don’t want to go to Peru!”

Sally and Shannon, sitting on the sofa, listened bemused.“Please reconsider,”Frances protested.

“No,”Liam snapped.He stormed out.

“Don’t worry about Liam, Mrs.Tanner,”Shannon soothed,“He just really likes it here.”

“I know,”Frances replied,“But I’ve only just found him again and I have to get back to my job.I don’t want to lose him.”

Zedd stood back from his view of Earth and smiled.He turned to face Galdarr, Squatt and Baboo.“It appears Liam’s having a disagreement with his mum.”

“Lucky him,”moaned Squatt,“I never had a mum.”

“Me neither,”added Baboo.

“Then you’ll be glad,”Zedd told them,“that soon neither will Liam.”

Liam sat despondently on a table in the caravan park yard.Casey came up and sat next to him.“Hi,”she greeted him,“Your mum still giving you grief?”

Liam nodded slowly.“She wants me to go away with her.”

“And you wanna stay here, right?”Casey checked.

“I don’t know,”Liam replied,“I don’t want to leave you and the Bay, but I don’t want to lose Mum either.I just don’t know.”

Chloe, Selina and Joey were sitting at home, mulling over Liam’s dilemma.“I don’t see what his problem is,”Selina sighed,“Either he wants to live with his mum or he doesn’t.”

“Well maybe he actually wants to get to know his family, unlike some people,”snapped Joey.

“I know what you mean,”Chloe agreed,“My parents are far from perfect but there are times I feel like dropping everything and going to find them.”

Joey nodded.“Well, he’ll just have to decide for himself.”

Zedd was in his moonbase as his Trapper monster, a giant green creature with long claws, approached for duty.“Excellent.”Zedd smiled at Finser, who had constructed the monster for him.“You’ve done well, Finser.Well, Trapper?Are you ready?”

“As ever, Lord Zedd,”Trapper replied.

“Your mission is to seek out the Green Ranger’s mother and transport her to my dimension.Then the Rangers will be forced to either rescue her or save their miserable town.”

Michael and Jesse were wandering along the beach when they saw Frances sitting nearby.They went over to her.“How are you?”Michael asked.

“I’m all right,”she replied,“Just worried about Liam.”

“Still saying he’s not coming?”asked Jesse,“Well, he’ll come round.”

“He’ll come round too late!”Trapper had appeared nearby with a group of putties.

“Get back, Frances!”Michael shouted, as he and Jesse sprang at the putties.However, while the putties held their attention, Trapper raced forward and grabbed Frances.

“Sorry,”Trapper sneered,“Looks like I gotta run.”He vanished, taking Frances and the putties with him.

Michael spoke into his communicator.“Zordon, this is Michael.One of Zedd’s monsters took Liam’s mum. We couldn’t stop it.Alert the other Rangers.”

He and Jesse teleported away.

Frances found herself in a darkly-lit room, shrouded with smoke.There didn’t appear to be a door anywhere.“Where am I?”she demanded.

“You’re in my dimension,”Zedd replied as he approached,“I am Lord Zedd.”He turned to his creature. “Trapper, you attack Summer Bay while I look after our guest.”

The Power Rangers were at the Command Centre.“Have you found her yet?”asked Liam.

“We have,”Zordon replied,“She is in Zedd’s dimension.One of you must go there and rescue her.”

The alarm sounded.“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“Trapper is attacking Summer Bay!”

Liam turned to the others.“I’ve got to find Mum.”

“Of course,”Michael replied,“Join us when you can.It’s morphin’ time!”

“Dragonzord!”cried Liam.

“Mastodon!”shouted Shannon.

“Pterodactyl!”announced Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”snapped Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”ordered Michael.

Michael, Shannon, Sally, Chloe and Jesse materialised in the middle of Summer Bay.The street was deserted except for Trapper.“Power Rangers!”he greeted them,“Aren’t you one short?”

“Not as short as you’ll be!”Shannon replied, swinging at him with her axe.

Trapper staggered back.“Good shot, Black Ranger,”he congratulated,“But it’s early days as yet.”

Liam teleported into Zedd’s dimension.He saw Frances nearby.She was held by chains that were attached to her wrists and to the floor.“Don’t worry,”he whispered,“I’ve come to rescue you.”

Zedd stepped out of hiding.“You haven’t confirmed that with me, Green Ranger.”

Liam recovered quickly from the surprise.“I’m glad you’re here.I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you for a long time.You killed Stephanie.You nearly killed Michael and me.I’m going to make you sorry.”

Zedd drew a large sword and advanced.Liam drew his Dragon dagger and went to meet him.Frances watched helplessly as the two titans clashed.

The other Power Rangers were still battling away at Trapper.“I don’t get it,”said Sally,“He’s usually grown by now.Why hasn’t Zedd made him grow?”

“I don’t know,”Michael replied,“Maybe he has other things on his mind.”

Liam swung at Zedd with his dagger but Zedd parried it with his staff.“Too slow, Green Ranger,”he sneered,“Looks like you’ll fail again.”

Angered, Liam went in savagely, raining down blow after blow on him.Zedd was forced to retreat from the onslaught.Losing his footing, he crashed to the ground.Liam loomed over him and struck fown with his blade, catching Zedd a nasty blow to the shoulder.“Get out of here, you loser!”he snarled.

“Later, Ranger!”cried Zedd as he faded away.

Liam took out his blaster and shot through the chains holding Frances.Then he took her arm.“I’ll take you home.”

“Thank you…Liam.”

Liam coughed.“I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else, ma’am.”

Frances looked up at him.“I don’t think so.”

Zedd staggered onto the balcony, supported by Galdarr and Baboo.“Curse that Green Ranger,”he snarled, “I’ll get even with him.”

“Good idea, master,”agreed Galdarr,“Why don’t you start by making your monster grow?”

“Just what I was about to do.”Zedd staggered free from Baboo, fired a charge from his staff and smiled evilly.

Trapper loomed over the Power Rangers.Chloe looked up at him then glanced at Sally.“You happy now?”

“No, not really,”Sally replied.

“Looks like you’ve got a big problem, guys.”They turned at the voice to find Liam arriving on the scene.

“You got your mum away okay?”asked Jesse.

“No sweat,”replied Liam,“Looks like we won’t see much of Zedd for a while either.I knocked the stuffing out of him.”

“Good show,”Michael congratulated,“Now-we need Thunderzord power now!”

“Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!”cried Shannon.

“Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur Red Dragon Thunderzord power!”snapped Michael.

As the other Rangers formed the Thunder Megazord, Liam sent out the sonic tone from his Dragon dagger.The Dragonzord rose from the water to join them.

“Move aside, Rangers!”shouted Trapper,“I’m unbeatable!”

“Oh shut up!”responded Liam.

The Dragonzord fired its missiles, blasting Trapped.The Thinder Megazord aimed its Thunder Sabre and blasted him apart.

The Power Rangers were assembled in the Command Centre.“Congratulations on defeating Lord Zedd, Liam,”intoned Zodon,“However I have a feeling you have something to tell me.”

Liam nodded.“Nearly losing Mum showed me how much she means to me.I’m going with her.To Peru.”

Sally nodded.“We’ll miss you.Hey, do we need a new Green Ranger?”

“I’ve got just the person.”Liam went to a console and activated the transporter.

Joey materialised.“Any objections, guys?”

“None at all,”Chloe replied.

Alpha passed Michael the Sword of Power.“I think you know what to do.”

Michael stood between Liam and Joey.“I call upon the power of good to transfer the power of green from one worthy candidate to another worthy candidate.Arise, Joey Rainbow, Green Ranger!”

Michael, Shannon, Chloe, Joey, Nicola and Casey had all gathered to see Liam and Frances off.“Promise you’ll write!”Nicola called.

“Yeah, if you learn how,”added Chloe.

Liam glared at them both.He shook hands with Michael and Shannon then looked at Joey.“’Bye, mate.”

Joey looked embarassed.“Yeah.’Bye.”

Casey looked up at Liam tearfully.“Place won’t be the same without you.”

“I won’t be the same without the place.”Liam hugged her then turned and got in the car.Frances drove out of the caravan park.

Sally and Jesse came running up.“Oh, have we missed him?”asked Jesse.

“I think we’ll all miss him,”Shannon replied.

Michael signalled to them.They placed their hands together before leaping in the air.“POWER RANGERS!”

Next Episode:

A new enemy!

An unlikely alliance!

And one of those lines you just have to include in this story.

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EPISODE SIX: “Invasion of Azetbur”

Jesse and Selina were sitting in the surf club.From her position at the kiosk, Shannon watched as a full-scale argument started to brew between them.

“I’m not saying I mind you spending time with Rachel,”Selina snapped,“It’s just between that and Power Ranger business I never see you.”

“She’s my daughter,”Jesse snapped back,“I’ve known her a lot longer than I’ve known you.”

“Well, fine.”Selina got up and stormed out.

Sighing to herself, Shannon came over.“Problems?”

“You could say that,”Jesse replied,“I haven’t spent enough time with Selina lately.It’s my own fault but I end up taking it out on her.”

“I don’t understand you sometimes,”Shannon murmured,“Why is it you can never say what you really feel?”

Michael, Sally and Nicola walked along the beach together.“You guys have had it pretty easy recently,” Nicola noted,“Think Zedd’s given up?”

“No,”Michael replied,“That would be too big a stroke of luck.”

“Maybe he’s worried about something,”Sally suggested.

Michael mulled this over.“Nah.After all-who could worry Zedd?”

Zedd paced backwards and forwards in his throne room.“Curse those Power Rangers,”he muttered,“Is there nothing I can do to stop them?”

Finser came running in.“Er-Lord Zedd, I think there’s something here you really should see.”

Zedd followed him out onto the balcony.Galdarr, Squatt and Baboo were all staring up at a huge spaceship hovering over them.“What is that?”Squatt asked.

“Maybe it’s my brother paying a visit,”suggested Baboo.

A woman with red skin and dressed in glittering robes materialised in front of them.With her were her two male blue-skinned lieutenants and half a dozen green creature who, in addition to the four usual limbs, had assorted tentacles.

“Azetbur!”cried Zedd.

“Not yet conquered Earth, Zedd?”Azetbur enquired mockingly,“Thought I’d have a go instead.”

“We’ve been trying,”Galdarr muttered,“But the Power Rangers keep-”

“Power Rangers!”snapped Azetbur scornfully,“I’ll show you what I think of them.Grelks, get down to Earth and do your stuff.”The tentacled creatures vanished.She turned back to Zedd.“Now.I’m giving you and your minions ten minutes to clear this satellite before Lieutenants Balaton and Gersham rip you limb from limb.”

Chloe was sitting at the table trying to work while Joey and Casey sat in front of the television.“So how does it feel to be a Power Ranger?”asked Casey.

“Keep your voice down,”hissed Joey.

“Why?Chloe’s the only person here and she knows already.”

Selina stormed in.“Hi!”called Chloe,“Hey-weren’t you out with Jesse?”

Selina walked past her.“Don’t ask.”

Shannon and Jesse were talking down at the surf club.“What I don’t understand,”Shannon was saying,“is why people who obviously care much about each other can argue so much.”

It was at that point that the Grelks materialised around them.“Who are you guys?”Jesse asked.

“Grelks.Servants of Empress Azetbur,”came the response.They raised their arms and pointed at the pair. There was a flash and Shannon and Jesse vanished.

They reappeared in a quarry-like landscape.The area was lit by moonlight but it was eerie and alien.“Where are we?”asked Shannon.

Jesse sighed.“I don’t know.But I think it’s a long way from Kansas-and Summer Bay.”He examined his wrist.“My communicator’s gone!”

“So’s mine,”Shannon replied,“And my morpher.I think we’re stranded.”

A rather crowded Serpenterror took off from the moonbase.“Where to, boss?”asked Galdarr, who was at the controls,“Andromeda?Centauri?”

“Earth,”replied Zedd simply.

Everyone looked at him, astonished.“Earth?”repeated Finser.

“If I cannot conquer Earth, then neither can Azetbur.I intend to stop her-and I know just who can help me.”

Michael, Sally, Chloe and Joey materialised in the Command Centre.“We got your call, Zordon,”Michael announced,“What’s the trouble?”

“Shannon and Jesse have disappeared,”Zordon informed them,“They have vanished from this planet.”

Alpha looked up from his panel.“Ay ay ay!We’re getting a call-from Lord Zedd!”

Joey came over.“What?Zedd’s calling us?”

“Put it on audio,”Michael snapped.

Zedd appeared in the viewing globe.“Rangers.We share a common enemy.I beg leave to speak with you.”

The Power Rangers looked round at each other.“It’s an obvious trap,”decided Chloe.

“I don’t know,”replied Michael,“We outnumber him and he sounds sincere.”

Sally nodded.“I say we let him in.”

“Let him transport here,”Zordon ordered.

Zedd, Galdarr and Finser appeared.“A pleasant surprise,”Zedd observed,“Zordon, Michael, Sally, Alpha. A most unexpected pleasure.Now-to business.You know of the Empress Azetbur?”

Michael glanced round for help.“Anyone?”

“Controller of the Tinzuno Empire,”Zordon replied,“Warlike, cruel and without mercy.”

“She’s taken over the moonbase,”explained Galdarr,“She’s gonna invade Earth.”

“I have no desire to see Earth fall into the hands of a rival,”Zedd pronounced,“I propose an alliance to defeat her.”

“So you’re just in it for yourself,”Joey snorted.

“Of course.Who isn’t?”

Finser produced some familiar objects.“We took these from Azetbur.”

Chloe snatched them from him.“Shannon and Jesse’s communicators and morphers!”

“Azetbur has stranded them on Yusantus,”Zedd revealed,“A bleak, uninhabited world.”

Michael glanced up at Zordon.“Zordon.What do you advise?”

“This concerns your world and your friends,”Zordon answered,“You must decide.”

Michael turned to Zedd.“Then I agree.One last hope.”He offered his hand to Zedd.“Together.”

Zedd took the hand.“Together, Power Ranger.For now.”

Azetbur paraded in front of her army.“You have done well.The Power Rangers are separated, their forces in disarray.”She turned to Gersham.“Lieutenant, you will take my Tinzunozord down to Summer Bay and level the place.The rest of you, await further instruction.”

The alarm went off in the Command Centre.“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“Summer Bay is under attack!”

“The Tinzunozord,”identified Zordon,“One of Azetbur’s most powerful weapons.”

Sally punched the air in frustration.“And without Shannon and Jesse we can’t use the Thunder Megazord.”

“Surely our primary goal is clear!”cried Zedd,“We must recapture the moonbase.”

“That’s your goal,”Michael snapped,“Not ours.I can see two other goals:the recovery of Shannon and Jesse from Yusantus and stopping the Tinzunozord reducing Summer Bay to rubble.”

“I could use the Dragonzord,”Joey suggested.

Michael nodded.“I’ll put the Red Dragon Thunderzord into humanoid mode and hoin you.The distraction should allow Zedd to storm the moonbase, providing, Lord Zedd, you release Galdarr to help Sally on Yusantus.Chloe, you’re with Zedd.”

Chloe handed Sally the communicators and morphers.“Here.They’ll need these.”

Zedd nodded slowly.“I agree with your plan.Finser, remain here and assist with the co-ordination.”

Michael stepped forward.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Dragonzord!”cried Joey.

“Pterodactyl!”shouted Sally.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”summoned Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

While their colleagues were preparing for battle, Shannon and Jesse were struggling across the surface of Yusantus.Finally Shannon gave up and sat down.“This is hopeless.”

Jesse looked down at her in astonishment.“Come on, Shannon, we’ve got to get going!”

“Why, Jesse?”Shannon asked,“What’s the point?We don’t know where we’re going or even where we are!”

Jesse sat down beside her.“You’re right.”

“We’ve got to think this through logically.How did we get here and how are we going to get back?”

Jesse thought for a moment.“And who were those guys that attacked us?They weren’t putties.Where do they fit in?”

Michael and Joey looked up at the Tinzunozord as it smashed its way through Summer Bay.“Man, we’d better pray to God this works,”Michael commented,“Give me Thunderzord power now!Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord!”

His zord came swooping down from the sky, letting his jump aboard.Once at the controls, he triggered the conversion sequence that would normally see it forming the core of the Thunder Megazord.Instead, with the other four zords absent, replacement arms and legs flipped out, leaving a humanoid robot slightly smaller than a Megazord.

Joey took out his Dragon dagger and transmitted a sonic tune.The Dragonzord emerged from the sea and moved to join the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Gersham laughed cruelly from the other zord.“Power Rangers!”he snorted,“Prepare to be annihilated.”

He fired a burst of power.The Red Dragon Thunderzord was hit and staggered back.The Dragonzord fired its missiles, battering the Tinzunozord.

Chloe, Zedd and a squadron of putties were crouching round the corner at the moonbase as Azetbur and Balaton stood on the balcony.“Those foolish Power Rangers are still trying to resist me,”Azetbur snarled, “Despatch a party of Grelks to Yusantus.The Rangers transported there will be eliminated.”

Chloe glanced at Zedd.“You think we should send a warning to the others?”

Zedd looked at her scornfully.“You forget Galdarr is there.He will ensure your Power Brats come to no harm.Now-to business.”

Azetbur turned round slowly as Chloe and Zedd stepped into view.“Well, well, well.Zedd.I never thought I’d see the day when you kept such good company.”

“Give it up, Azetbur,”snapped Chloe,“Together we’re more than a match for you.”

“You were warned not to come here, Lord Zedd!”cried Balaton,“Now you will die!”

As Balaton dived in, Chloe blocked his blows and took him on.At the same moment, Zedd charged at Azetbur, staff whirling.The putties engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the Grelks.

Sally and Galdarr ran across the surface of Yusantus.“There they are!”cried Sally.

Shannon and Jesse got up at the sound of her voice, tensing as they saw Galdarr.“What’s he doing here?” Jesse demanded.

“The creatures that attacked you were from the Tinzuno Empire,”Sally explained,“We’ve joined forces to stop them.”

At that moment the Grelks appeared.“Grelks!”roared Galdarr,“Prepare to meet your doom.”He charged in, raising his sword.

Sally produced the communicators and morphers.“You’ll need these.”

“Thanks.”Shannon grinned.“It’s morphin’ time!Mastodon!”

“Triceratops!”cried Jesse.

Zordon, Alpha and Finser stood watching events on Yusantus on the viewing globe.“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“Our friends are under attack.”

Finser coughed.“Perhaps we should alert Lord Zedd and the Yellow Ranger.”

Chloe dodged another thrust from Balaton while answering her communicator.“What’s the problem?”

Zordon’s voice broke through.“Chloe, Shannon’s party have been attacked by Grelks.”

Chloe glanced round.“Zedd, Galdarr and the others are under attack.”

Zedd ducked Azetbur’s swing.“Putty Squadron Two, teleport to Yusantus immediately.”

The putties materialised on Yusantus and charged in to fight the Grelks alongside Sally, Shannon, Jesse and Galdarr.

Shannon breathed a sigh of relief.“I never thought I’d be relieved to see a platoon of putties appear.”

The Red Dragon Thunderzord and the Dragonzord blazed away at Gersham in the Tinzunozord.“I could really do with a Thunder Sabre now,”Michael commented.

“It’s all about teamwork,”Joey answered,“We’ve got to work together.”

Zedd drove Azetbur back with a flurry of blows.“You have always sought to undermine me,”he snarled, “Claiming planets that were mine by right.”

“It’s because you’re too soft!”Azetbur laughed mockingly-and Zedd pushed her off the balcony, sending her plummeting to her death.

“My Empress!”cried Balaton.

“Sorry, chum,”Chloe commented,“It’s all over.”She plunged a Power Dagger into him.

Chloe, Zedd and the remaining putties stood looking around the field of bodies.

“Concentrate your fire on the chest!”Joey shouted.

Michael followed his advice.The Tinzunozord’s chest plate exploded.In the cockpit, Gersham worked the communicator frantically.“Empress, I need teleport now!”There was no answer.“Empress?”Seconds later, the zord exploded.

Galdarr dealt with the final Grelk.They all looked around.“It’s over,”Sally murmured.

Shannon raised her communicator.“Zordon.We’re coming home.”

Some time later, the Power Rangers stood on the balcony before the moonbase’s newly restored ruler. “Whatever your motives, Zedd,”Michael observed,“you helped save Earth.Thank you.”

“Today we fought as allies,”commented Zedd,“Tomorrow we fight as enemies.I thank you for helping me regain the moonbase.Farewell.”

Michael and the others turned away and teleported out.

Next Episode:

A Ranger gets an upgrade!

A Ranger gets an offer!

And most of the Rangers get to do nothing!

No, you see, there's a reason, cos...oh, you'll find out.

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Shannon, Selina and Nicola were sitting in Shannon’s front room, going over recent events.“So what’s all this about you going to Paris?”Nicola asked Shannon.

Shannon sighed.“I’ve been offered a place at a university there.It’s a really good course but I’m not sure I want to go.”

“Well I hope you don’t,”Selina replied,“No offence.It’s just if you do I’ll miss you.”

Michael and Jesse were wandering along the beach.“So, things with Selina sorted out?”Michael asked.

Jesse nodded.“Me going missing like that really sorted us out.I suppose you have to lose something to appreciate it.”

They noticed Joey and Casey walking in the opposite direction.“Hi, what’s up?”Michael greeted them.

“Well, it’s a beautiful day,”Casey replied,“So we’re going swimming.”

Jesse shrugged.“In that case we won’t hold you up.”

Lord Zedd paced back and forth on his balcony while Galdarr, Squatt and Baboo cowered nearby.“Azetbur embarassed me,”Zedd snarled,“And although she has paid I fear the humans see me as a joke.”

“Oh, I’m sure they don’t, boss!”cried Squatt.

“Yeah,”Baboo added,“No-one would ever laugh at you.”

“Silence, you sycophants!”Zedd cried,“I need to reassert my authority.”

“If only we could turn the clock back,”Galdarr sighed.

Zedd swung round.“Yes.Instead of turning it back, we shall in fact stop it altogether.”

Sally and Chloe were round at Chloe’s place.“Are you sure you want to do the cooking?”Sally asked.

“Look, Selina’s at your place and Joey’s out,”Chloe reminded her,“So what’s the alternative?”She turned over an old-fashioned hour glass.

Zedd looked at the hour glass through his magna-vision.“Of course.Just what I need.”

“What are you going to do with it?”asked Galdarr.

“Guess.”Zedd raised his staff and fired a burst.

The alarm sounded in the Command Centre.“Zedd is launching another attack on Summer Bay,”Zordon announced.

“Ay ay ay!”Alpha cried,“It’s Time Sands!”

“Alert the Power Rangers,”Zordon ordered.

Down on the beach, Joey’s communicator went off.But Joey wasn’t there.He was still in the water.He didn’t hear it.

The other Power Rangers were grouped around the viewing globe, watching an animated hour glass decimate the countryside.“Time Sands?”repeated Sally.

“Yes,”Zordon replied,“This is an unknown element.We may get a few surprises.”

“Keep trying Joey,”Michael told Alpha,“The rest of us’ll get out there.It’s morphin’ time!”

“Mastodon!”cried Shannon.

“Pterodactyl!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

The Power Rangers materialised in front of Time Sands.“Rangers!”Time Sands greeted them,“Aren’t there more of you usually?”

“It doesn’t matter,”Shannon replied,“We’ll still duff you in.”

“Really?”Time Sands opened a compartment in his glass chest and sprayed sand at them.

The Rangers collapsed in agony.“Got sand in my eyes!”Jesse cried.

Blindly, Salluy raised her bow and fired it, catching Time Sands a glancing blow.He screamed in agony.

Zedd growled in anger.“Fools!Let’s see how they manage after I’ve made my monster grow.”He raised his staff and fired another bust towards Earth.

The Rangers stared up at Time Sands.“Our problem just got a bit bigger,”Chloe commented.

The Rangers all raised their hands.“We need Thunderzord power now!”

“Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!”cried Shannon.

“Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur Red Dragon Thunderzord power!”snapped Michael.

The Thunder Megazord faced up to Time Sands.“Time to start losing!”Michael shouted.

“Am I supposed to be impressed?”Time Sands fired a beam from his hand at the Thunder Megazord.The robot-and the Rangers inside it-stopped moving completely.They had been frozen in time.

Joey and Casey had come out of the water and were now dressed.Joey looked in his bag.“Oh no!”

“What?”Casey asked.

“My communicator’s registering.I’ve got to go.”He strapped on his communicator and teleported away.

Joey appeared in the Command Centre.“Joey, thank goodness you’re here!”cried Alpha,“The other Power Rangers took on Zedd’s Time Sands monster alone and were frozen in time.”

“Oh great,”Joey murmured,“I can’t see the Green Ranger stopping it alone.”

“Maybe not the Green Ranger,”Zordon agreed,“But the White Ranger could.”

Joey was confused.“White Ranger?”

“The ultimate Power Ranger,”Zordon explained,“Give your power coin to Alpha.We haven’t much time.”

Zedd sat back on his throne, dreaming of grandeur.“I’ll have myself crowned king.No-emperor.Emperor of Earth…”

“Boss,”Galdarr called,“We’re detecting a power surge in the Command Centre.”

Zedd turned to him, horrified.“You don’t mean..?”

Alpha handed Joey his power coin.It now blazed with white light.“The White Ranger controls the Tigerzord,”Zordon explained,“Good luck.”

Joey attached his power coin to his morpher.“It’s morphin’ time!Tigerzord!”

The White Ranger materialised by the frozen Thunder Megazord.Joey looked at his new outfit.“I could get used to this.Tigerzord!”

At the command, the Tigerzord, a giant robotic white tiger, came bounding towards him.Joey leapt into the Tigerzord and worked the controls that converted it into a humanoid mode.“Fool!”Time Sands cried, “I’ll freeze you too!”

“Not a chance.”The Tigerzord fired all weapons.Time Sands was blown to pieces.

Time started again for the other Rangers.“What’s been going on?”asked Jesse.

Joey sighed.“I think we’ve got a lot to talk about.”

A short while later, the Rangers were having a drink at the surf club.“So you’re the leader of the Power Rangers now,”Chloe commented.

“Yeah.”Joey looked awkwardly at Michael.“Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,”Michael replied,“You’ll be great.”

Selina, Nicola and Casey came up.“So who was the white one?”Nicola asked.

Everyone pointed at Joey.“Our new leader,”Sally announced.

Casey looked at him, astonished.“You’re the White Ranger?”

Joey put on a mysterious look.“It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.”

Next Episode:

Another departure!

Another two supporting characters!

And the most rubbish monster ever!

No, it's a joke, you see, because...oh never mind.

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EPISODE EIGHT: “Moving Black”

Selina was sitting at the table doing work on the computer.Shannon entered behind her.“Sel, we’ve got to talk.”

“Can’t it wait?”Selina asked,“I’m a bit busy.”

“I’m going,”Shannon said simply.

Selina swung round.“What?”

“I’m going.I’m going to Paris.I leave tomorrow.”

Selina turned away again.“Fine.Terrific.Great.”

Shannon wanted to say a lot more but she knew Selina wouldn’t listen.Sadly she turned and walked out.

Zedd turned from the transdimensional scanner.“So the Rangers are soon to be understrength, are they? Good.”

“But they’ll choose another Ranger straightaway, Master,”Galdarr replied.

“Not if there’s no-one to perform the ceremony.”Zedd turned to look at Earth.“I’ve got an idea.”

Michael, Sally, Chloe, Tiegan and Aaron were making the preparations for Shannon’s leaving party.“Hurry up, everyone!”Michael called,“She’ll be here in a moment.”

“Who elected you leader?”Sally demanded.

“I’m oldest and I’m best-looking.”He glanced at Chloe.“Okay.Second best-looking.”

“Oh please,”Tiegan moaned.

Joey, Jesse, Nicola and Casey entered.“Not too late, are we?”Jesse asked.

“No, she hasn’t got here yet,”Aaron replied.

“Where’s Selina?”asked Chloe.

Joey sighed.“We tried.She wouldn’t come.”

Outside, a blast of Zedd’s power struck the dustbin.Instantly it changed into an anthropomorphised travesty of its old shape.Zedd’s latest monster, Trash Collector, was born.

Inside, everyone was shocked as Trash Collector suddenly burst through the door.“What is that?”Casey asked.

“It looks like one of Zedd’s monsters,”Nicola replied.

“Oh,”Casey retorted with biting sarcasm,“I didn’t know that.”

“Cease this meaningless prattle!”roared Trash Collector.He bent down, the lid on the top of his head flying off to reveal his gaping interior.Unable to resist the powers unleashed, everyone was pulled inside him.

Zedd clenched his fist in triumph.“Excellent!Those Power Brats and their pesky friends all trapped by my monster.Only the Black Ranger escaped-and she won’t evade capture for long.”

Shannon went in the house and glanced around.Everything was set up for a party.She waited but what she expected to happen didn’t.Shortly after, Selina came hurrying in.“Hi, sorry, I’m late, I-”She looked around.

“Somehow I expected more than just you,”Shannon commented.

Selina looked at her, confused.“Where’s everyone else?Have they left already?”

“They weren’t here when I arrived,”Shannon answered,“I think something went wrong.”

Her communicator bleeped and she answered it.Zordon’s voice came through.“Shannon, the other Rangers and several of your friends are in danger.I need you at the Command Centre.”

Shannon turned to Selina.“I’ll see you later.”

“No you won’t,”Selina replied,“I’m coming with you.”She took Shannon’s hand.“Beam me up, Scotty.”

Shannon sighed and operated her teleport.A column of black light enveloped them both.

Shannon and Selina materialised in the Command Centre.“What’s going on, Zordon?”asked Shannon.

Alpha gestured to the viewing globe.“Zedd’s latest monster, Shannon.Trash Collector.”

“But what’s happened to Joey and the others?”asked Selina.

“Prisoners inside Trash Collector,”Zordon answered,“However-we may have a solution.”

“A magnetiser,”Alpha explained,“They will only remain prisoners as long as Trash Collector’s body is sealed.A magnetiser will separate him long enough for us to get them out.”

Shannon nodded.“Let’s get on with constructing it.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola, Casey, Aaron and Tiegan sat in the cavernous interior of Trash Collector.Michael was systematically patting the walls.“No wat out.We’re trapped here.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,”Casey commented.

“But what are we doing here?”asked Aaron.

“Yeah,”agreed Tiegan,“Why did they pick on us.”

The others looked at each other, embarrassed.“Well who knows?”Nicola asked.

Joey sighed.“At least they didn’t get Shannon and Selina.”

Shannon and Selina had collected the newly-constructed magnetiser from Alpha.It was a gun-like device with a magnet forming the barrel.“A shame we can’t test it,” Selina commented.

“We’ll test it when we take on Trash Collector,”Shannon responded,“Let’s get down there.”

The two girls appeared in front of Trash Collector.“Hi, people,”Trash Collector greeted them,“I brought some friends along to say hello.”

Putties materialised them.“I’ll take care of these bozos!”Selina shouted,“You get to Trash Collector.”

As Selina beat her way into the putties, Shannon dashed past them and aimed the magnetiser at Trash Collector.“Time to get trashed!”she shouted pulling the trigger.

Trash Collector’s body was torn apart and his captives tumbled out.“Quick, you lot!”Selina shouted,“To the shelters!There’s a monster alert on!”

“We’ll catch you up!”Joey shouted.

Tiegan kissed him quickly.“See you soon.”

When only the Rangers were left, Joey turned to the others.“It’s morphin’ time!Tigerzord!”

“Mastodon!”cried Shannon.

“Pterodactyl!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

The Rangers squared up to Trash Collector.“We’re taking you down,”Sally snapped.

Trash Collector staggered to his feet.The effects of the magnetiser had caused slits to appear in his body but he remained largely intact.A double-kick from Michael and Joey knocked him back down again. Shannon and Sally charged in, delivering blows, then leapt aside as Chloe and Jesse fired at the monster. Trash Collector rocked forward onto his knees.

“I am beaten, Rangers,”he shouted,“But I am not defeated.”He faded away.

The Rangers gathered around the space where he had been.“Well,”Michael sighed,“Looks like we’ll need a new dustbin.”

Some time later, they were all at the party.Aaron handed a glass to Shannon.“We don’t know each other very well, but I’ll still miss you.”He thought for a moment.“So, how did we get out of Trash Collector?”

Casey rushed over and grabbed his hand.“Enough of chatting up other girls, thanks.Let’s dance.”

Selina came over.“Sorry I was pigheaded earlier but I’m really going to miss you.”

Shannon nodded.“I’ll miss you too.But can you do me an enormous favour?”

Michael, Sally, Chloe and Jesse watched alongside Alpha as Shannon and Selina stood before Joey.Joey raised the Sword of Power.“I call upon the power of good to transfer the power of black from one worthy candidate to another worthy candidate.Arise, Selina Roberts, Black Ranger.”

Shannon turned to Selina.“Make sure you look after these guys.They tend to get into trouble.”

“Oh, thanks!”Chloe came over.“Welcome aboard.”

“One thing bothers me,”Selina commented,“What happened to Trash Collector?”

“Pass,”Jesse replied,“But I’m sure he’ll be back.”

Next Episode:

A new villain!

A new(and very temporary)love interest!

And the supporting cast gets expanded very quickly indeed!

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EPISODE NINE: “The Feminine Touch”

Joey came down into the lounge.He noticed Chloe sitting on the couch looking glum.“Cheer up!”he cried, “Shouldn’t you be out with Michael?”

“We split up,”Chloe replied simply.

“Oh.Yeah, I forgot.I dunno.You and Michael.Jesse and Selina…say, where is Selina anyway?”

Michael and Selina kissed as they fell back onto the bed.Suddenly Selina struggled free.“I’m sorry.”

“Look, what’s the matter?”Michael snapped,“I’ve split up with Chloe over you.You’ve split up with Jesse.We’ve got nothing to feel guilty about.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t,”Selina agreed,“But I do.”She walked out.

Sally was sitting in her lounge.Nicola knocked on the door and came in.“On your own?”

“Well who else is going to be here?”Sally asked,“Shannon’s gone, Michael’s moved out, which leaves me and…”

Tiegan and Justine entered, in the middle of an argument.“That’s my top!”Tiegan protested.

“Well tough, I’m wearing it!”Justine responded.

Nicola sighed.“I see what you mean.”

Lord Zedd stood on his balcony.“Dissent among the Power Rangers,”he mused,“I wonder if this can be turned to our advantage.”He glanced up.“Wait.What is this?”

A surge of white energy flew through the air.It landed in the middle of a cgamber and reformed into a humanoid female, wearing orange robes and with an elaborate headdress.“Zeddy!”she exclaimed.

Zedd stared in astonishment.“Rita?Rita Repulsa?”

Repulsa smiled.“You see, to be having a problem with these Power Rangers, Zeddy.Can I help?”

Jesse and Aaron were at work in the bait shop.Casey came wandering in.“Hi, how’s it going?”she asked.

Aaron grinned, pleased to see her.“Fine,”he replied.

Jesse’s communicator went off.“I’ve got to pop out,”he announced,“Aaron, can you keep an eye on the place?”

“Well, actually,”Aaron began.

Casey kissed him quickly, then turned to Jesse.“I’ll make sure he does.”

“Thanks.”Jesse hurried out.

Jesse materialised in the Command Centre, joining up with the other Power Rangers.They all turned to face Zordon.“We’re all here, Zordon,”Joey announced,“What’s the problem?”

“A new foe has come to light.Observe the viewing globe.”

An image of an oddly dressed woman appeared.“Who is that?”asked Sally.

“Rita Repulse, a cruel witch.And an old flame of Zedd’s.”

“Never knew he had it in him,”Michael chuckled.

“She’ll launch an attack soon,”Alpha noted,“Be careful, Rangers.”

Repulsa glanced around the domain, her eyes alighting on a familiar face.“Finser, my old buddy!How are your monsters?”

“I’ve built up quite a collection since we last met, Your Majesty,”Finser replied.


“Trapjaw?”repeated Zedd.

“That’s right, Zeddy.Something that’ll really stuff up those Rangers.”

The alarm sounded in the Command Centre.“Red alert,”commented Chloe.

“Trapjaw is attacking Summer Bay,”Zordon announced.

“Trapjaw?”asked Jesse.

The viewing globe sprang into life to reveal a creature with a long, multi-fanged snout, akin to a crocodile.

“Good luck, Rangers,”bid Alpha.

“Right!”Joey answered,“It’s morphin’ time!Tigerzord!”

“Mastodon!”cried Selina.

“Pterodactyl!”shouted Sally.

“Triceratops!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”ordered Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

The Rangers materialised in Summer Bay.Trapjaw turned to face them.“Give it up, Rangers!”he snarled.

“Give up yourself,”Joey answered,“Your bucket’s been kicked.”

Trapjaw laughed.“And how do you expect to beat me?”

“Like this!”Sally fired an arrow from her Power Bow.Trapjaw caught it-and ate it.

“Oh,”Michael sighed,“You’re one of those.”

“I’ll eat anything you send against me!”Trapjaw roared.

“Including us?”Chloe replied,“That is so gross.”

“Well let’s see him eat this!”Jesse hurled himself at Trapjaw in a two-footed kick, knocking him in the face and leaving him sprawled on the ground.

“You’ll pay for that!”Trapjaw snarled, struggling to his feet.

Zedd and Repulsa stood watching from the balcony, side by side.“Now what do you suggest?”asked Zedd.

“We make our monster grow!”Repulsa cried.They crossed their staffs and fired a combined blast towards Earth.

Trapjaw loomed over the Rangers, enlarged in size.“You’re hardly a snack now,”he grumbled.He pulled up a telegraph pole and began chewing it.

Joey rurned to Michael.“Would you like to give the order?”

Michael nodded.“We need Thunderzord power now!”

“Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!”shouted Selina.

“Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!”cried Sally.

“Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!”summoned Jesse.

“Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!”snapped Chloe.

“Tyrannosaur Red Dragon Thunderzord power!”ordered Michael.

The five Thunderzords combined to form the Mega Thunderzord.Joey snapped an order.“Tigerzord power now!”

The Tigerzord came bounding towards him.As Joey leaped to the controls, it converted to robot mode.

“I’ll eat my way through the lot of you!”Trapjaw snarled.

“Oh yeah?”replied Joey,“Well chew on this!”

The Tigerzord generated a fireball between its hands and then launched it at Trapjaw, blasting him.The Mega Thunderzord stepped forward and fired a charge from its Thunder Sabre.Trapjaw exploded.

Zedd turned to Repulsa scornfully.“Your monster was useless and so was your plan.”

“Just a trial run, Zeddy,”Repulsa replied,“I’ll be sticking around for some time.We’ll get those Rangers yet.”

Michael was waiting in his caravan.There was a knock at the door and he threw it open.Selina stood there. “I knew you’d come,”he greeted her.He drew her towards him and kissed her.

Selina pulled away.“I only came here to tell you it’s over.I’m sorry.But I’ve got a lot to sort out.I’m sorry.”She turned and walked away.

Michael closed the door slowly and sighed.“Now THAT’S the story of my life.”

Next Episode:

A bonding exercise!

A new zord!

And my anonymity gets shot to pieces...

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EPISODE TEN: “Packaged Rangers”

Sally sat slumped behind the kiosk at the surf club.Joey and Casey came up.“What’s the trouble, Sal?”Joey asked,“You’re looking down.”

“All that Ranger business giving you trouble?”teased Casey.

“We’re hardly a team anymore,”Sally snorted,“Michael, Jesse, Selina and Chloe have all dumped each other so they’re always arguing.”

“But surely all those death-deafying escapades draw you together?”suggested Casey.

“Not really,”Joey replied,“Although you do have a point.Maybe we should wish for Zedd and Repulsa to start something.”

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa stood side by side on their balcony.“Perhaps they’re right,”Zedd sneered, “With all this in-fighting we could wallop the Rangers without any problems.”

“Perhaps I should have Finser prepare a monster,”Repulsa mused.

“Or we could send Galdarr down with a squad of putties,”suggested Zedd.

Repulsa shook her head.“No.We’ll wait.An opportunity will arise.”

Michael was greeted by Jesse on opening the door.“Hello, Michael,”he said simply.

Michael nodded.“Mr.McGregor, this is a surprise.To what do I owe the honour?”

“I want to talk…Mr.Billinghurst,”Jesse replied, his tone neutral.

Michael walked away from the door.“You’d better come in.”

Jesse followed him into the caravan.“You tried to poach my girlfriend.”

“You’d split up!”Michael snapped.He paused.“All the same it was tactless of me.I’m sorry.”

“A lot of good friends have moved away recently,”Jesse observed,“Curtis, Shannon, Liam.I can’t afford to lose another.”

Michael offered his hand.“Neither can I.”

Jesse accepted it.“I’ll shout you a game of pool.”

Selina came downstairs to find Chloe sitting on the couch.“How are you?”she asked nervously.

“Fine,”Chloe replied,“I’m so glad you stole my boyfriend-twice.”

“That’s not fair.”

“That’s what I just said.”

Selina gave up.She walked away, leaving her former friend alone.

Michael and Jesse were playing pool at the surf club.“You will never pot that ball,”Jesse pronounced.

“Oh yeah?Watch this.”Michael took the sgot.He completely miscued and the ball bounced off the cushion before coming to a stop.“You’re right.I won’t.”

Sally and Nicola glanced over at them from the kuosk.“Guess that’s what they call male bonding,”Nicola commented.

Joey came over.“That’s one problem solved.Orange juice please.”

Sally smiled.“Coming right up, sir.”She placed the carton on the counter.

Repulsa favoured the object with her peekascope.“There!That’s it!”

“How can a carton of juice help us?”asked Galdarr.

“It has potential,”Zedd replied,“Twisted with our own special brand of magic.”

Repulsa nodded eagerly.“Let’s call it-Dejuicer!”

Zedd and Repulsa directed a combined energy surge towards Earth.

The drink carton vanished as Joey was about to pick it up.It formed into Dejuicer, who appeared a few metres away.

Joey turned to Casey.“You know what to do?”

Casey nodded.“Good luck.”She and Nicola herded everyone bar the Rangers out.

Joey glanced to the others then gave the order.“It’s morphin’ time!Tigerzord!”

“Pterodactyl!”cried Sally.

“Triceratops!”shouted Jesse.

“Tyrannosaur!”snapped Michael.

The Rangers squared up to Dejuicer.He cackled evilly.“Time to get dejuiced.”

Selina stood at the workbench in the kitchen, preparing a sandwich.Chloe entered but ignored her, going to a cupboard at the opposite end of the room.The first sound was the bleep of the communicator.Chloe answered it.“Go ahead, Zordon.”

“The other Rangers are under attack at the surf club.Teleport there instantly.”

Chloe looked askew at Selina before giving the order.“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Mastodon!”cried Selina.

“Sabre tooth tiger!”shouted Chloe.

Chloe and Selina dashed into the surf club.Joey, Michael, Sally and Jesse were lined up in front of Dejuicer.“Juicing time, Rangers!”he bellowed.

Beams flashed from Dejuicer and struck the four Rangers.As their friends looked on in horror, they changed into appropriately coloured drink cartons.

Chloe raised her communicator.“Zordon, emergency!Teleport us and the other Rangers to the Command Centre immediately!”

The two Rangers and what was left of their four comrades materialised.Alpha stared at them in amazement. “Are those..?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”Selina turned to the giant head visible above them.“Zordon, is there anything you can do?”

“I’m afraid not, Selina,”Zordon replied,“There is only one way to return them to normal.We must destroy Dejuicer.”

Zedd and Repulsa were delighted at how things were going.“Perfect,”Zedd purred,“Most of the Rangers are out of action.”

“But Dejuicer won’t be able to cause much trouble if he’s that size,”Galdarr commented.

“Right!”Repulsa chuckled,“It’s time to make our monster grow.”

“Ay ay ay ay ay!”Alpha cried as the alarm sounded,“Dejuicer has grown to giant size!”

“How can we stop him now?”Selina asked,“Without Michael and the others we can’t work the Thunder Megazord.”

“The Tigerzord’s no use without Joey,”Chloe commented,“And I can’t see our zords being much use.”

“There is one alternative,”Zordon announced,“Tor the Carrier Zord.”

“Tor the Carrier Zord?”the girls echoed.

“Yes.”A tortoise-like zord appeared on the viewing globe.“He was designed as both a supplement to and a shield for our existing zords.If you integrate your zords into it, you can use it to fight Dejuicer.”

“Good plan, Zordon,”Chloe congratulated,“Back to action!”

Chloe and Selina materialised close to Dejuicer.“We need Thunderzord power now!”

“Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!”cried Selina.

“Sabre Tooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!”shouted Chloe.

As they took their places in their zords, Tor the Carrier Zord came lumbering towards them.The top slid open and the Lion and Griffin Thunderzords slotted into place.Internal conveyors carried Chloe and Selina to the combined zord’s control room.

“Puny Rangers!”Dejuicer snarled,“You can’t harm me!”He fired energy beams at them.

“I’m disrupting his beams,”Selina noted, disturbing the atmosphere and causing the energy to dissipate.

“Firing all weapons now!”Chloe announced.

Tor opened fire, vapourising Dejuicer with a blast.

Repulsa stormed away.“It’s not fair.Now those Rangers will be more united than ever.”

“There, there, my dear,”Zedd comforted her,“We’ll destroy them soon.”

In the Command Centre, Chloe, Selina and Alpha watched as the cartons reformed to become Joey, Michael, Sally and Jesse once again.“Phew-wee!”sighed Michael,“I never want to be a fruit juice again.”

“At least you got to be strawberry,”Joey commented,“I was apple.”

“It’s good to see you’re okay, Rangers!”enthused Alpha.

Jesse looked at Chloe and Selina.“Hey-are you two friends again?”

Chloe grinned.“You can’t keep a good Ranger down.”

Sally smiled.“I do like a happy ending.”

“Unless you’re Zedd,”Selina added.They all joined in the good-natured laughter.

Next Episode:

Some unlikely couplings!

A civillian stands alone!

And sometimes it pays to be the writer...

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