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How It Could Have Been

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: How It Could Have Been

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden/Belle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Parallel Universe!

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Will be given when needed

Summary: In this fic, Aden hasn't been abused by his granddad and he lives with his mother Stacey and Dad Larry and 2 brothers Sean and Julian. Belle is still in school..

How It Could Have Been?

This fic idea originated from adelle4eva so thanks a lot. It will be in a parallel universe and it will rotate backwards and forwards. I may fast-forward it but I will warn you if I do that so you arent confused.

Chapter 1

The sun dawned on a new day, the bed where Aden lay was now empty due to the busy hustle of preparing for school. A new school year dawned and first days were always the worst.

School was the worst institution in the world because you had to wake up at an unsightly hour to go and learn something you may never use again in your life.

"What subject do you have first?" Geoff asked Aden as they walked through the corridors of Summer Bay High. "Double English with Mr Copeland"

"Same! I think" checking his timetable "Yep"

"Room A16 I think" Mattie commented as she caught up with them. Kissing Geoff on the cheek and holding his hands

"Aww the two lovebirds" Aden sniggered

"Coming from you! That is rich"

"True! True!"


Aden had dozed out after about 15 minutes of listening to Mr Copeland; it wasn't that he hated him it was just the overwhelming feeling of school in general.

Suddenly the door sprang open and Belle ran in. "Am so sorry, I'm late"

"It's ok. I know all about it, just sit down"

The only vacated seat was next to Mattie. Aden was sat next to Mattie and so he couldn't ask her what had happened.

As soon as the class finished, Belle whispered to Aden "I need to talk to you"


Belle asked Mr Copeland "Can I use this room for a few minutes"

"Its your recess. Go for it!"



Aden sat down bringing Belle towards him. "Whats wrong babe?"

"My mother has got a job in England near London so she can be closer to Peter"


"I am going with her. That is why I was late. I was packing for it"

"When are you leaving?" Aden whispered while tears formed

"2 hours"

"2 hours!?!" he gasped.

"She needs to go to see the boss and I need to enrol there as well as soon as I can"

Aden cried as Belle held him "I am so sorry but the reason I am telling you now" as she hugged him ".. is because I am going to have to split up with you".

Aden nodded. "I know"

Belle walked away from him and led herself outside where she said goodbye to everyone before leaving, Before she did, she mouthed to Aden "I love you"

"I know" he mouthed back letting the tears flow

Next Chapter: Aden finds himself in a parallel world. How will he get back?

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Chapter 2

2 weeks had passed since Belle left; Belle hadn't kept in contact as she felt it was too hard to maintain a friendship between them.

They were so suited together in a relationship and she couldn't believe she had lost him. Moving here was supposed to be a change but it wasn't the same without Aden but she couldnt go back now.

She needed to adjust to life without him and that meant going out and meeting new people. She was going with a new girl she had met: Chenille.



"Yes" for once she was ready to go out and have some fun

"Am going now mum!" Belle screamed as she left the house


The music was pumping and the guys were moving around waiting for someone to dance with them. Belle eyed up a guy in the corner who was fit but alone. She thought 'should I approach him' 'Nah I will wait for him to come to me, I am sick of doing the run around'


Belle looked back at that night two days later as the guy slept next to her. 'No regrets' she thought 'life is too short for regrets'


At the airport where Aden was landing from Australia, it was jam packed and Martha had a hard time trying to get out of the bustling crowd. After about 10 minutes of pushing and shoving Aden had finally found herself a taxi and had the driver drive them to the address where Belle was living.

He never expected to walk in to see Belle and another guy together. He knocked on the door and a mysteriously half naked guy walked to the door "What can I do for you?"

"Can I talk to Belle please?"

"Who is it?" Belle called out to Chase

"Aden" Aden told him

"Its Aden!"

Belle frowned. She had never heard of a guy called Aden "Who?"


"I dont know an Aden?"

"He says you do"

"Shut him out"


Aden was flabbergasted. He asked a passerby "What day is it?"

"Tuesday 16th August 2011"

Aden recoiled in shock. The passerby was scared so he ran away from him and said "Pyscho"

"How did I get here, everything was the same when I got off the plane" trying to make sense of it all.

Next Chapter: Belle sees Aden for the first time in the parallel world and Chase falls for Belle but can Belle reciprocate those feelings?

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Just a Note: I am not happy with this chapter, but I cant torture you guys any longer. Well I can, I just dont want to.. :lol: Here you go.. Its really short. Sorry. :ph34r: .

Chapter 3

Aden was still reeling from the shock of his apparent fast forwarded life in the future. He had managed to get a bar job and a small bedsit which was quite crummy, he needed to figure out how to get back to his world not this messed up idiotic version of it where he didn't belong.

"2 lagers and a white wine please mate"

"Coming up" the only good thing about this world was that no questions were asked, he looked normal in this world, no one knew him and his past and that was the way he liked it.

He gave the drinks to the guy who had ordered it and said to his boss "Going for my lunch"

"All right, see you" His boss liked Aden as he worked hard with no complaints although what he didn't know was that his son was dating Belle and that was bound to cause some sort of friction.


"Let's go for a drink, we have spent too much time holed up in here" Chase moaned dragging Belle off the sofa

"All right! I am coming!" she grabbed her coat and went down the street incidentally where Aden was walking to go back to work.

"That's Aden, the guy that knew you"

Belle said "Let me talk to him. I will meet you in the pub"

"Dont be long" kissing her on the cheek

"I wont"

She walked up to Aden and asked "were you the guy who knew me?"

"Yes, I used to go to kindergarten with you in Australia" he lied trying to make himself seem normal not mental

"Aden who?"

"Jefferies, Aden Jefferies. Pleased to meet you"

"Nice to see you" Belle was intrigued, he seemed like a nice guy and if she wasn't with Chase, she would snap him up like that imagining she was clicking her fingers.

"Am off back to work"

"Where do you work?"

"Pub around the corner"

"No kidding?"

"Why?" Aden asked

"My boyfriend's dad owns that pub and I am meeting Chase there now"

"Let's go then"

Next Chapter: Belle sets Aden up on a double date with him and Chenille and her and Chase. How will it go?

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Just A Note: Quite short chapter but eventful. Let me know what you think :ph34r:

Chapter 4

Aden watched the world go by as he sat on a train on a double date with Chenille and of course Chase and Belle. He couldnt bear to watch Belle with him but he was trying to move on so maybe this was the best way to do that. He couldnt afford to get on Belle's bad side.

He had been so immersed in this world for the past 2 months that he had nearly forgot how he was supposed to get out of there and go back to the world where Belle still loved him and lived with him.

"This is our stop" Chase noted as the train grinded to a halt "lets go then" taking Belle by the hand and leading the way off the train. "How long is it?" Belle asked

"About 2 mins, it is across the road" Aden put in before Chase got a chance to. "Thanks Aden" Chenille said as she took his hand, Aden let her, he was going to enjoy today regardless of being in love with Belle. "Here we are" after crossing the road.

The hotel looked gorgeous "Shall we go to our rooms and settle in before we go to the restaurant?" Belle asked them all. All nodded in agreement, they were all in agreement.

"I will go and check in" Aden said as he approached the reception. "Hey we have a booking under "Jefferies and Taunton" Taunton being Chase's surname.

"Hold on and let me check the system" the clerk said "here we go, the keys to room 342 and 343" he said while handing them the key as well. "Enjoy your stay"

"Oh we will, thanks" taking the keys and putting his hand around Chenille's shoulder making her happy and feeling included.


The two couples reunited after half an hour and got a table in the courtside area of the open plan restaurant. They wanted to dine under the moonlight to make it more romantic.

"Shall we order" after they had been sitting down for over 15 minutes. "Yes lets do that" Chenille said holding Aden's hand under the table.


"I shall call the waiter"

"Waiter, we are ready"

"Be with you in a minute"

The waiter approached them and asked "Sir & Madam's what would you like?"

Chenille and Belle said " Vegetable Lasagne with french dressing please"

"And you sirs?"

"Roast Lamb please"

"With trimmings?"


"Same for me as well" Chase interrupted

"Very well, what drink would you like?"

"Wine please for all of us"

"Very well"

Aden led the conversation into their ideal date, Chase started "A beach date at night under the stars with a picnic"

"Mine would be.." Belle started " just a night in with the perfect DVD"

"The Notebook" Aden and Belle said at the same time.

Chase was taken aback, he didnt even know that how the hell did Aden know that?

"You told me at the pub the other day"

"Oh yes I did, I remember now"

"Hmm funny" Chase grinned

The food came and everyone got stuck in and laughing at each others eating habit. The evening went off without a hitch until a group of men in balaclava's stormed the room "Put your hands on your head and lay on the floor now!" A man screeched

They set the room to be able to be detonated by a bomb. "The room is to go up so arrivederci everyone"

Aden held on to Belle as he contemplated being blown up. The next thing he knew he was being dragged out of the room. He was sat in an ambulance while he heard something in the background "one dead"


"Belle Taylor"

Next Chapter:

How will Aden react to the news? Chase is devasted but is he hiding something?


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A chapter is ready to post :P

There is some mild swearing in this chapter so you have been warned!!!

Chapter 5

"You said it wouldnt be when we were there!" the figure growled

"You were there at the wrong time, you didnt contact us so how were we supposed to know"

"Dont give me that bull****, I dont have time for it, she is dead because of you and I swear to God, unless you get out of my sight right now I will seriously hurt you"

He scurried out of sight and the figure took its frustations out on the wall hurting his knuckle at the same time. He never wanted this to happen, why now!


"Hey, are you ok?" Chenille asked as Aden came out of the shower "You look pale?"

"Im fine just a bit tired, do you mind if I sleep?"

"Go for it. Will join you soon"

"Thanks" kissing her on the lips and getting into his PJ's before falling into bed and knocking himself out fast asleep. He was dreaming of Belle. It didnt seem real that she had died, life was so unfair. How could this happen? Why now? Life was cruel but what could he do?. He didnt have her heart, Chase did and so therein lies the problem.

Chenille got into bed with him and draped her arms around and used his warmness to fall asleep, she loved him and although Aden didnt love her the way she wanted him to, she was satisfied for the moment. One day she was going to make him love her the same way he loved Belle.


"Eat something please?" Chase's mum urged him

Chase was devasted at losing Belle but he couldnt connect it in his head, to him it didnt feel like he was dead, it felt like numbing pain which was creepy but satifying, it prevented him going into meltdown. He dealt with it by writing music and he used the lyrics from one of his favourite westlife songs to numb the pain.

If you wanna know

Tomorrow morning I have to leave

But wherever I may be

Best believe I'm thinking of you

I can't believe how much I love you

The tears began to flow as he sang this song quietly to himself. The realisation that Belle would never return had only just began to sink in and it had hit him hard.

All we have is here tonight

We don't want to waste this time

Give me something to remember

Baby put your lips on mine

And I'll love you forever

Chase would love Belle forever, he didnt seem to be to envisage life without her, with her funeral in a week, he didnt know how he was going to cope, all he knew was that he had to cope.

Anytime that we find ourselves apart

Just close your eyes

And you'll be here with me

Just look to your heart

And that's where I'll be

If you just close your eyes

Till your drifting away

You'll never be too far from me

If you close your eyes

I know I'm going to see you again

But promise me that you won't forget

Cause as long as you remember

A part of us will be together

So even when you're fast asleep

Look for me inside your dreams

Keep believing in what we're sharing

And even when I'm not there to tell you

I'll, I'll love you forever

Anytime that I can't be where you are

This part of the song had him stood waving around singing to Belle, a tribute to her over the way he felt about her, he loved her more than anything.

Is there anywhere that far?

Anytime you're feeling low

Is there anywhere that love cannot reach?

Oh no

It could be anywhere on earth

It could be anywhere I'll be

Oh baby if you want to see

Just close your eyes

And you'll be here with me

Look to your heart

That's where you'll be

Just close your eyes

Till your drifting away

You'll never be too far from me

As he sang the last part of the song, he felt a weird stillness within him. No one could know what part he had to play in the shooting, No one.

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Chapter 6

Chase was frantically speaking on the phone. "You cant, I told you it is for the best!"

"Best for who though Chase? I hate doing this"

"What do you suggest?"

"Telling the truth, or at least Aden"

"Oh come on, he might tell the whole world and are you ready for that?"

"You cant keep it as a secret for long though. ok?"

"Ok, we will work out a way to tell him, but when he finds out we cant predict his reaction so we have be prepared"

"I know, I will ring you later" the figure hung up

Chase was so tired, tired of the mess he was in, how could he go through it without Belle by his side? He felt like a part of him disappearing everyday that passed meaning that Belle was dead. He wanted her back but he knew he couldnt. Things never worked out the way he wanted them to. Such a pity as he needed her at that moment.

"Oh how I wish Belle was here"

"..Here I am"

Chase froze, all the colour draining from his face, he wanted to believe it wasnt Belle so he wasnt going mad but some part of him really wanted it to be Belle so he could reclaim his life again.

"Turn around please?"

Chase turned around but walked backwards toward the bed. "What?!? You are supposed to be dead?"

"No only you and Aden thought I was dead"

"I cant take this in. Please go, I need time"

"Please listen to me" Belle said "This wasnt easy for me, I knew how hard it was going to be for you to have me walk back into your life when you were trying to contemplate life without me"

Chase scoffed "Why? Why fake your death?"

"Because you played a part in the shooting and I know you had no choice"

"Listen, why have you come back now?"

"Because I am pregnant"

Chase was stunned, he wanted nothing more than to be father but what about his family, they all believed Belle was dead. "Say something please" Belle urged

"What do you want me to say?"

"Anything, are you happy about it?"

"Oh yes, I want to be a father but what about us?"

"What about it?"

"My involvement in the shooting?"

"I cant forgive it, but I can try to"

"Will you ever forget?"

"I cant, It is not easy as it sounds"

"I know, nothing is ever easy"

"Can I ask you something?"


"What is it you were gping to tell Aden? Something that you couldnt predict how he was going to react to?"

"To be honest, I cant say till I tell him, now please can you go. I need time to get my head around all this"

Belle looked sombre. She smiled and stepped up to kiss him but Chase rebuffed her, he wasn't ready for it. He had his own issues to deal with first before he considered being with Belle again.

"I love you" Belle said for the first time ever. Chase didnt respond, he didnt know how to, he was a human being with feelings not a stranger who wanted to screw every woman he met. Once upon a time, he might have been like that but he wasnt now and ironically it was because of Belle..

Next Chapter: Chase finally tells Aden a secret that will change his life forever, will Aden accept it or not?

Please dont kill me for making Belle pregnant. I have a twist up my sleeve.. Also I have a dillemma. I am not sure that I want Belle to be with Aden in this fic as I write more about Chase. I fall more in love with Chase and Belle. I think I will leave Belle with Chase in the parallel universe and make the fic longer with Aden trying to win her into his love life. :P Please review :)

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This is to make up for the fact that there may not be a chapter tommorrow, sorry, :):lol:

Chapter 7

Chase had geared himself to tell Aden this secret that had been weighing so heavily on his shoulders. It had been 2 weeks since the fall out of Belle's planned death.

Chase thought Aden had took it hardest but then he knew why, it wasn’t easy for anyone especially Aden, he had been through so much and still come through.

Chase admired him; he was a stronger person for it. He didn’t think he could be that strong if he was in his position

Belle being pregnant meant his whole life was going to change.

For the better Chase was hoping, he didn’t want to be a bitter father like his was and everyone before him in his life. He didn’t have time to be bitter anymore. His child was the most important thing in his life.

He knew he had no time to dwell on the past; he had to look to the future, once he had told Aden what he had to reveal. He could move on with his life.


Belle was in the bathroom puking again, all she seemed to do was puke half the time and the other half cleaning up the puke. She really hated morning sickness.

She wanted Chase to live with her but she didn’t want to push things since they got back together.

Things were finally going right and Belle wasn’t going to allow that to change quite so quickly. It had taken them so long to get to where they were right now.


Aden was exercising in his room when he heard the doorbell go. He stood up, stretched and headed towards the door.

He opened it and to his surprise there stood Chase “Hi”

“Hey, I need to talk to you. Can I come in?”

Aden was still surprised “Yes of course you can”

Chase walked in and said “what i am about to say will definitely shock you but it is true”

"Go on then"

“Ok. You are scaring me now. What is it?”

“Your father is called Larry isn’t he?”

“Yes, that is common knowledge”

“I got in touch with a friend of mine”

“Who?” Aden was beginning to feel annoyed and yet intrigued at the same time.


“Julian who? Am I supposed to know him”

“His mother married my father”

“Right, I am still failing to see how this affects me?”

“His mother is called Heather Jeffries”

Aden recoiled in shock. “Are you s.s.saying my mother is alive?”

“Yes I am”

Aden frowned before thinking and remembering ‘parallel universe. Of course’

“She married my father”

Aden took this in and the penny dropped “you are my brother. Half brother” correcting himself

“Yep. I only realised myself a few weeks ago that it was a possibility, you are a hard one to find”

“Who’s been looking for me?”

“Everyone! They care about you”

“This is weird even for me”

“I will introduce you when you are ready”

“This means I will be an uncle”

“You will.”

“Thanks Chase, I appreciate all this help”

“No problem”

Next Chapter: Belle finds out she lost the baby and Chase rejects her.

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Just A Note: Dont kill me if I say that I may not be able to update tommorow :(:ph34r:

Chapter 8

Chase was wandering about in his room, pacing and wearing the carpet out. He was so nervous, he was due to get some very important test results.

The phone rang making him jump out of his skin, he hurriedly picked them but much to his disappointment it wasnt the person he was looking for. It was Aden.

"Hey, Belle rang me, somethings happened she is in the hospital"

Chase dropped the phone and ran for the door hurriedly driving like lightning to the hospital. Aden just got there before him and was hugging Belle

"What happened" Chase cried as he saw a bruised Belle

"I was mugged"

"... and the baby?" Chase asked her knowing something was wrong

"They have done tests but they wont tell me anything" Belle said as she burst into tears. Chase held onto her while Aden said "I will try to find out what happened with the results"

Chase answered "thanks mate"

Aden walked out, partly because it hurt too much to see Chase comforting Belle and because he wanted to be the one who has there for her.

"Excuse me. Is there a reason Belle Taylor hasnt got the results of her tests yet"

"The doctor is doing his rounds. He wll be there as soon as he can"

"Thank you" Aden said disgruntingly, he wasnt happy at all.

He came back to the room and said "the doctor will come when he can"

"Thanks Aden"


Aden headed home after a while, he didnt feel right being there so what he decided was that he was going to do was go home and sleep. He would see what had happened later on that day.


"I am sorry to have to tell you this but I am afriad that the fall caused the baby to get hurt" he paused "you lost the baby"

Belle froze and moved away from Chase, "Can I be alone please?"


"Please Chase, I need to be alone"

"Fine, see you later, I need to see someone anyways"



Chase headed to the oncology department and asked for Doctor Kalie "Have you got an appointment?"

"No I need to get my results"

"Right, let me see if he is in"

"Thank You"

Chase sat down and shook as he did. The receptionist made several calls and she said "He will see you now"

"Thank You"

Chase plodded along the corridor letting his feet stick to the floor so it prolonged him finding out whether or not he had cancer.

"Sit down please"

"Can you please just tell me?"

"Fine. You do have cancer but it is treatable, it is in the early stages"

"When would I start treatment?"

"As soon as possible"


"The best place is in Perth"

"Western Australia!?!?"

"Yes" the doctor replied calmly

Chase had a big decision to make. "I need to do something first and then I will go"

"Right, I will organise for when?"


"Ok. I will do"


Chase left the office and prepared to talk to Belle. He had to psych himself up for this one.

"Hey Chase"

Chase didnt reply, he was distant

"Whats wrong?" Belle asked?

"I cant be with you anymore" he said defiantly

"Why?" Belle said close to tears

"Because everytime I look at you I will see the baby we never had"

Belle sucked in her breath and realised he was right, it was never going to work between them. They were too different.

"Sorry" and with that Chase walked out on Belle and her life. If only Belle knew the truth but Chase knew that she could never find out.

Next Chapter: Will Belle use Aden to make herself feel better and will Aden let her?

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Slight change of plan. I want to be able to make this fic longer so instead of finding out why Aden ended up in the parallel world a lot later than I originally wanted to, also as of September, i will post once a week due to starting school again and religious commitments. This chapter has fastforwarded 6 months and Aden and Belle are together :lol: but Chase returns and things get messed up again :ph34r: so watch out for flashbacks in the upcoming chapters. Anyway enough of my waffling on, here is the chapter you all waiting for, a adelle relationship/fling... This chapter is longer than I wanted it to be but I need to get this scene out of the way, so I apologise in advance. Please review honestly, i honestly hate this chapter.

Chapter 9

It had been 6 months since Chase left and 2 months since Aden and Belle started their relationship. It had been hard for Belle after losing Chase but she was angry at the same time.

She wondered 'how is he? where is he? why did he leave without explaining? It annoyed Aden when she didnt talk about how she felt but what could she say. 'That she didnt love him as much as she did Chase? Really good conversation material'

"Where are you going Belle" as she made to get up as Aden lay in bed

"Work, have to got to sometime or I will lose my job"

"Yes I know, me too"

"Look, come on lets have a shower together" Aden suggested

Belle rolled her eyes "You still have some energy after last night "Dont answer that!"

"Why not" Aden laughed as he pulled her towards him and kissed her gently on the lips leading his hands all over her body and Belle repicroated before pulling away from him

"I cant, later though?"

"Will hold you to that"

Belle chucked "I know you will"


Chase was on the train, he had been through so much and he had found out he was in remission so he could finally move on with his life. He had been trying for so long but there was something missing and he knew what that hole was in his life. He missed Belle, the smell of her, the feel of her laying curled up in his arms at night as he dreamed sweet dreams with her.

"Hello?" Chase picked up the phone

"Chase mate, it is Aden"

"Hey Aden, its been so long" he said as cheerily as he could

"Yeh I know, sorry been busy"

"Cool, do you need me or something?"

"When are you coming back?"

"Now, I am on a train back"

Aden paused before chipping in "Do you want Belle back?"


"Because for the last 2 months, we have been in a relationship"

Chase felt like he had been stabbed a million times, although he had no right to feel that way, when he left he wanted Belle to move on but he didnt expect it to be with Aden

"Chase?... You there?" Aden asked as he never answered

"yes sorry, I need to go have to change trains, see you soon"

"You didnt answer.." Chase had already hung up before Aden got a chance to finish the sentence. He didnt believe Aden deserved to lose his girlfriend to him.

Belle wasn't going to welcome him with open arms anyways so all he had to do was see her again and ride the inevitable storm that was to come with it.

He wasnt prepared mentally for her reaction but he was physically, she could punch him and beat him up and he could deal with that but he didnt think he had the energy to withstand abuse and he had a harder job, to tell her the truth about why he left.

Chase shuddered at the thought as he got off the train and changed the train headed straight for the city of liverpool where Belle was living now.

He hoped that Belle would be understanding and one day that he could earn the respect that he lost when he walked out on after she lost their baby, she wasnt going to be happy that he was back.

She might just refuse to listen and be stubborn but that was a reaction that Chase was going to have cope with, he knew it was never going to be easy but when was anything worthwhile ever easy.


Aden knocked work early and went to the train station to try and catch Chase before he saw Belle. He didnt want to put Belle through any more pain and heartache, God knew she had been through so much and she didnt deserve any more pain in her life.

Chase spotted Aden and made his way over to him "Aden?" he frowned "what are you doing here?"

"Wanted to see you before you saw Belle"

"Look mate, I dont want to take her from you, I just need to explain why I left, why I had to leave"

"I know why you left and you did the right thing, I would honestly have done the same thing but remember to Belle you walked out on her when she had just lost the baby and mate it took her so long to recover"

"I hate that I hurt her but I have to fix it or I will hate myself"

"Fine, let me make this easy, I will book a table tonight and you meet me there, we can try and do this amicably. We dont need anymore pain"

Chase nodded "Great thanks Aden"

"Anyways, its great that you are back"

Chase smiled "Glad you think so bro"


"Yes I spent so long thinking so what you are my brother not half, that means you are a half a person and you arent"

Aden smiled and the two guys walked to a hotel where Chase checked in. "Why dont you text me soon where we are going to eat and I will see you then?"

"I already got a reservation, just meet me here" handing Chase a piece a paper with the address of the restaurant.


"A date tonight?" Belle asked

"Yep?" Aden said tilting his head "Problem"

"Nope. Looking forward to it"

"Good" leading her by the hand to the door "lets go"

"Looking like this" Belle protested "You look gorgeous"

Belle glared "Fine but if people stare at me then you are sleeping on the sofa"

Aden grinned thinking 'I am already going to when you find out the truth'


Chase was so nervous, nervous about telling Belle the truth and also for seeing her again. He didnt think the restaurant was the best time or place, but when was there was going to be the best place to go?


Aden led Belle into the restaurant and had a waiter lead them to their seats. Belle looked at the table they had ended up on and couldnt process the thought that Chase was there.

She turned "What is going on?"

"We need to talk" Chase said

"Talk after what you did to me" Belle said angrily

"Belle!" Aden demanded "Sit and we will do this amicably"

"I cant believe you didnt tell me"

"Listen. You need to know the truth about why he left. It wasnt out of selfishness. It was actually a noble gesture" Aden said helping Chase

Belle sighed "Ok, you tell me whatever it is and then you can leave"

"No. Belle. Dont do that, just let this happen and then we will see what happens" Aden said glaring at her

"Go on chase" Aden gestured

"Ok. Do you remember when you asked to be alone after the news of losing the baby was given?" Belle nodded "I went to the oncology department to get my results"

Belle's eyes widened and showed understanding spurring Chase to continue "I had to see whether or not I had cancer. Unfortunately I did and the best place to have treatment was in Perth, Western Australia (WA). I didnt want to uproot you after the horror of losing our baby and.." Chase had to pause as it was getting too emotional for him.

"Its ok, continue, I am here for you" Aden said as he patted him on the leg

"and.. I didnt.. think.. you... deal with the prospect of losing me as well"

Belle was shell shocked "You should have told me. I would have been able to cope"

"I didnt want you to have to, besides you are happy now, I am not going to do anything to jeopardise that. I want you to know Aden that you really do make her happy so I give you my blessing bro"

Aden smiled "Thanks mate, I appreciate it"

Next Chapter: Can Chase forget Belle that easy? Aden tries to find out why he ended up in the parallel world?

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Sorry it has taken me so long to write this update but I can see an ending in sight maybe 3 more chapters to come

Chapter 10

Aden walked through the bustling town of Liverpool, he was so overwhelmed. He had no idea where he was but he did know where his contact was. He was going to try and prevent his return to his world as he loved the parallel world.

No one knew who he was and at times it was depressing and he needed a hug but he wouldn’t change this world for anything at all.

“Excuse me” as people bristled past him

“Yes” as a young woman stopped by

“Sorry to disturb you but do you by any chance know where the university is?”

“Yes, I do, I am heading there now, do you need a lift?”

Aden wasn’t sure whether he should or not, she was painstakingly hot. She smiled and Aden buckled “Ok, lets go”

She hailed a cab “my name is Liya”

“Liya” he repeated “Nice name” Aden commented

“Thanks” she smiled again and Aden couldn’t believe the effect she had on him. They chatted for the 10 minutes it took to get to the university.

She paid the man and said to Aden, “Where abouts are you going?”

“Near the cathedral”

“Ok, I shall show you the cathedral and then I will leave you to it” she smiled

Aden so wanted her and it was obvious she liked him. He said “This might seem a bit forward, but I need somewhere to stay tonight”

“And you wondered if I had accommodation or know of a decent place to stay?”

“Well yes basically”


“Hey mate”

His friend approached him “Hey and who is this?” gesturing towards Liya

“This is a friend I only just met”

“Hi” Liya directed to him before directing to Aden “Here is my phone number. I will find something


“Bye” she said to both as she sauntered off


Aden and his friend ended up in a pub. “So can you tell me why I ended up here?”

“Listen I cant, because that is for you to figure out when the time is right”

“When will the time be right?”

“When you came here to do what it is you came to do”

“Any ideas as to what that is as I have been here for 7 months”

“Listen time in the other world is paused and it will go back as soon as you go back”

“So basically you have no idea”

“Sorry mate”

Aden sighed “Oh well”


The night dawned so quickly and Belle hurried her pace to the door of the house her journey was supposed to stop but the journey seemed to continue and continue. The whole world didn’t seemed to stop for her and she didn’t want the world to stop for her.

She had just kissed Chase again and it was the weirdest feeling but somehow she has enjoyed it. She so believed that when she was with Aden nothing else mattered but right then, she knew that she wanted Chase.

Why was life so complicated? Chase didn’t even have to approach her, she knew what she was doing. She sat in the 24 hour cafe near Chase’s and as she watched the world go by she saw a glint in the window and she finally knew who she loved. That night was going to change a lot of people’s lives forever.

It wasn’t going to be easy, but when is anything ever easy? She picked the phone up and dialled a number. Aden picked up, he seemed out of breath “We need to talk”

“Whats up babe?”

“I am going to tell you something that will hurt you” she paused “... I kissed Chase”

Aden gasped before his whole body tensed up with anger “ YOU did what?!?” he said as his voice raised

“I kissed him”

“He didn’t kiss you first?”

“No I kissed him”


“And what?”

“You were obviously going to say something”

“I am going to get back with him”

“Why, he doesn’t love you the way I do”

“He does and I love him back” she said with determination

Next Chapter: Will Aden retaliate by sleeping with Liya and Chase and Belle reunite

:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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