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How It Could Have Been

Guest Zetti

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This is small filler chapter to psych you guys up.

Chapter 11

Aden wasn’t going to give up on Belle that easy, he didn’t and wasn’t intending to give up. He loved her and it was a deep and intense passion than ever before.

He had never had the chance to experience that before and now he had had the chance to experience it, he wasn’t about to allow it to go that easily.

What sort of person would he be if he did that. To him he thought not a very good and moral person would give his love up that easily.

Life was never easy but he never expected it to be easy, being molested at a young age and growing up to realise love is precious, love was like time, blink and it disappears. That must have been what had happened as he lost the one important thing in his life.


Belle walked into the room where Chase lay soundly asleep, when Belle told him that she wanted him back, he looked at her with so much joy and happiness.

He honestly loved her and she couldn’t say the same. The spark they once had didn’t exist anymore. She did want

It just seemed to fizzle out and she really didn’t want that to be the situation as she had told Aden it was over.



Chase had heard a knock that he knew was Belle’s knock. It was the knock he wanted as she stood on the doorway sobbing ‘I need you in my life’ she looked up with tears sticking to her face glinting in the reflection of the moonlight

Chase stepped forward and hugged her tightly to him leading her inside. They sat on the sofa breathing each other in and sitting in each others arms. They never wanted to let go.

“I love you Belle” Chase breathed as he held her

In response “Same Chase”

“Have you told Aden?”

“Yes, he said he is on his way back but I want to be with you”.


6 weeks passed and Aden had spent all that time ensuring Belle that he wouldn’t try to hurt Chase. He had no intention of doing that, he was going back out with Chenille. He had a plan, he was going to propose but unfortunately the night he had planned to do it was the same night Chase had planned to do it.

“Do you want go on a double date?” Chenille asked Belle

“Honey I would but I think it will be slightly awkward”

“Yeh.. but it would be fun and let them feel uncomfortable”

“It isn’t them who will feel uncomfortable”

“Screw them, I will be there for you, no one should make you feel uncomfortable”

“I know but I cant help feeling like that”

“Well I know what you mean I would feel the same if it was me”

“Right! Lets tell them then!”

“You agreed!”

“Yes” laughing at Chenille’s shocked face.

Next Chapter: Chase And Aden both propose but whose will Belle accept?

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As I said in the preview of the other fic. Chase and Aden have both proposed to Belle and in this course of the chapter you will find out her decision but the person she chooses was really hard for me as in UK Aden and Belle are hotting up but I love Chase and Belle as well probably because I based Chase on my ideal boyfriend but there you go. I think you will like this chapter.

Chapter 12

Belle threw all the rubbish aggressively into the bin, she had a decision to make, not a simple decision such as choosing which sweater she can wear or what to eat for dinner. This decsion ranked up with decisions of which university or lifechanging job you wanted to. She had to choose who she wanted to spend all her life with. Marriage is for life.

Belle sighed and walked back up to her house door. Leading herself up to her bedroom, she threw all the rubbish in the bin into a carrier bag and proceeded to go out and throw the resy in the bin.

She noticed something hanging out of the bin. She looked at it and she automatically knew who it was she had to be with, this person had never given up on their relationship. She had given up but he hadnt, but she wasnt sure if that was the best reason to marry him.


Aden hadnt slept at all that night, all he could think of was the possibility that Belle would be his wife and he could finally have the family he always wanted. A voice in his head 'but you will eventualy leave for the other world. Is it fair to hurt her?'

Aden was startled but he realised it was true thinking 'maybe I shouldnt marry her, maybe I should sacrifice her so Chase can be happy, he didnt deserve it but then again neither did he but that was the way the dice rolled.

He walked down the stairs to get some food, his stomach was rumbling, he was more hungry than he thought he was. As soon as he entered the kitchen, the phone rang. Aden groaned but picked it nevertheless.

"Aden" Belle's voice came through the phone "Meet me at my house please?" and abruptly hung up to avoid any calls.

Aden stared at the phone but made his way out of the house and hailed a taxi. "Where to mate?"

He gave Belle's address and sat back trying to contemplate rejection, he should have never even bothered to propose, she wasn't to accept it anyways.


Chase was still in bed when Belle rang but he was up and raring to go, he knocked on the door to Belle's. "Oh, you are here as well" Aden voice spoke up from behind him. Chase turned around "She phoned me"

"Me too, well the moment of truth" Chase said sadly, Aden caught his eyes looking dismal. Aden realised how much it was going to hurt to lose her and that it would be same for Chase as well.


Belle prepared to tell them. They entered the living room and declined her offer of food or drink. "Just tell us please" Chase said

Belle breathed in and said "This is a hard decision but I went with the person who has always been here. Who never believed that the relationship was going to fail"

Chase knew then but couldn't find the words while Aden looked so happy "Are you saying you will marry me?"

"Yes I am" Belle said finally

"I cant accept it" Aden comment threw Belle "What?"

"Yes what?" Chase managed to find his voice


10 minutes later Belle had calmed down enough for Aden to explain " I have learnt so much these past few days and now I finally know how much this hurts Chase to lose you" He paused looking at Chase before he carried on "He doesnt deserve to lose you to me, just remember one thing. He was prepared to sacrifice the relationship when he got cancer to protect you, I dont think I could have done that" his voice began to crack up "Dont make him pay for that sacrifice." He got Belle's hand and Chase's and placed them together. "That is the way it should be, not me and Belle" talking direct to Chase "but you and Belle as you love her"

"Whoa hold on" Belle said "dont I get a say in this"

"No" Aden said simply "This is what you want, in fact look me in the eyes and tell me this isn't what you want"

Belle couldnt do it and admitted "I am sorry, but this isnt how i wanted this to end up.

Aden smiled "Sacrifice is part of life, just promise me two things Chase"

Chase smiled "After what you just did, anything"

"First look after her and second treat her like a princess as it is what she deserves"

Chase smiled "I will"

Next Chapter: Aden goes back to the other world.

Dont kill me as there are two worlds :)

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^^ :P yeah, but that doesn't mean i don't like Adelle... and you made me think you updated <_< hmmm

:lol: I know, I dont expect to stop loving Adelle. I havent stopped. :lol:

Well finally this fic has come to an end. It will be sad to stop but I have to concentrate on school and focus on my a levels so I can go to a decent uni. I will explain why I did what I did in the last chapter. As I am a Chase/Belle supporter I put them together in the parallel world so I can have my happy ending and I put them together for you in the other world so we can all have our Adelle happy ending not like Australian Pace :angry:

Dont be sad though as the fic is ending, I have a few oneshots planned.

Chapter 12

Aden walked the roads kicking the air, just air completely empty yet so crucial to human survival. How weird was it that something we cant see is so crucial to our life just like God.

Belle was still in shock but she hugged Chase. “I need to talk to him for once last time” looking up at Chase’s face

“Go, I know you do, you owe him that at least” Chase finally understood what Aden meant to her.

She didn’t love him the same way he loved her but it was enough to keep the relationship

Belle ran out after him “Oi!” shouting to Aden

“What?” Aden said dejectedly as he turned around “Why did you leave without saying goodbye?”

“It isn’t goodbye. You are always with me" remembering all the good times they had together..

“Where are you going?”

“Home” finally understanding the ultimate sacrifice was what he needed to do to return to where he belonged.

“Where is home to you?”

“Home is where my heart is and my heart is you, but I can't watch you and Chase move on”

“So you are just going to disappear out of my life”

“No” Aden said as he looked deep into her eyes “I will be in your heart always and when times are tough just remember me and you will be ok”

“I can't forget you”

“That's the spirit” Aden walked away and just carried on walking straight into the front of a bus. He figured it was the quickest way out.


A few seconds later, he found himself in hospital “What happened” he croaked as he felt his head with a bandage around it.

"Oh god. You are awake!" Geoff and Lucas said simutaneously

Aden was bemused but still very weak "How long?"

"1 year"

Aden was geninuely shocked and his next question was "how?"

"You fainted and crashed the car into the end of a bridge"

"How did I get found?"

"Belle found you"

Aden was confused. "She went to England?"

"No she didnt. She couldnt leave you, she loved you"

"Loved?" thinking doesnt she love me anymore"


Geoff interjected "Lets just leave this till later"

Lucas smiled. "Let him rest" as the doctor came in. "Well young man, its been a while" Rachel noted as she came in

"Yep keeping us all in suspense" as Lucas and Geoff left the room


Belle was dreading walking back in, she didnt know how to react or talk to him as the last time she saw him alive and talking was the afternoon she left.


Aden cried as Belle held him "I am so sorry but the reason I am telling you now" as she hugged him ".. is because I am going to have to split up with you".

Aden nodded. "I know"

Belle walked away from him and led herself outside where she said goodbye to everyone before leaving, Before she did, she mouthed to Aden "I love you"

"I know" he mouthed back letting the tears flow

End of Flashback


Aden asked Lucas "Is Belle around?"

"Yes, do you want to see her?"

"Nah let her come when she is ready"

"She has hardly left your side"

"I hope one day we can fix the rift between us"

"I am sure you can"


Geoff sat next to Belle, "go and see him, just let him know how you feel"

"Yes I will, just need to psych myself up first!"


Aden had been lying there for another hour before Belle mustered up the courage to go and see her.

"Hey Aden" Belle said gently as she approached him "Are you Ok?"

"Ok as I can be yeah"

"Good, you scared me"

"I scared myself"

"I cant lose you Aden. I.." she stopped and corrected herself "We need to.. fix.. the... relationship... or we are... going nowhere..."

"I agree but can you stick by me?"

"Yes" she stared into his eyes and leant towards him. Aden arms automatically went around her waist absorbing everything she had.

They were at peace with one another and very determined to make it work between them.



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