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The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

Guest princess.sparkle

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Story Title: The desperate kingdom of love

Type of story: long/short fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Mainly Kirsty, also includes, Ric, Mattie, Jack, Martha, Miles, Leah, Irene, Alf, Colleen and maybe a few others.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers: Yes, may be for UK viewers

Any warnings: Not that I can think of

Summary: Kirsty is bitter at some of the Summerbay residents after their treatment of and attitude towards her and Kane.

How dare they, thought Kirsty as she hugged her knees up to her chest to counter the sea breeze as the waves lashed angrily at the rocks beneath her. This was once such a happy place for her, for her and Kane, this very spot where she sat once witnessed her and Kane's wedding vows reunion. The sea below was the very sea Kane flung himself into as he professed his love for her.

Now he was in jail, partly for a crime he did not commit and partly for a crime he commited out of desperation after the people who were supposed to care about him turned their backs on him as they fed him to the wolves. His brother and father made sure he was were he was today, the law that deserted him when he needed it too.

What's more the people of Summerbay, they had the nerve to turn their noses up at them, like they were somehow better than them. Like they were above them and that she and Kane were something to be wiped of the bottom of their shoes if they should be so lucky. They thought Kane deserved to rot in jail. They thought he was some waste of space, low life scum who didn't deserve their time of day, their pity or sympathy, just sheer disgust.

Not that she wanted their pity or sympathy, for herself or Kane. But she hated that they thought of him with such disregard and distaste. They didn't know Kane, they knew nothing about him or his life, what he'd been through - how hard it had been for him. Growing up with an abusive, drunk for a father and a thug of a brother. Yet Kane had revealed himself to be the kindest, sweetest guy Kirsty had come across. The rest of the world saw a destined-for-prison, no good waste of space, she saw a man with the kindest heart. And when he looked at her... when he looked at her she knew she was safe, she knew she was completely and utterly loved...

"Kane is where he belongs!" Screamed Kirsty's once-step-sister, her face retorted in anger. "He doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy or help, because of him Ric's a mess! You and your low life family almost ruined mine - Your dad did everything he could to break mum's heart and your slut of a sister screwed over my brother. Now your low-life crim of a husband waltzs back into down and holds a gun to my boyfriends head! Your pathetic, you know that!"

Just who did that Matilda think she was? What gave her the right to scream at Kirsty right in the middle of the diner. She was sorry that Ric had got involved in Kanes break-in, but Kane would never have hurt him. There's just no way he would have, this was the man who ran into a burning building to save a man's life, the man who risked a mineshaft to save her life and the lives of her family...

"You fled town with a fugitive. You remained on the run with a man wanted for armed robbery. A man who commited a series of other robberies on the way. Now you are going to give me all the information I need and then I will see that your husband is put away exactly where he belongs for a very long time. Where he should have been put away three years ago-"

"Kane never commited the robbery he was accused of, that was all a lie." Kirsty retorted sternly and confidently, she truly believed in her husbands original innocence.

"Of course he didn't." Smirked Jack, "Just like I suppose he didn't rob a jewelary store, or hurt Mr Jefferies or pull a gun on Ric right?" Jack smilled at her smugly, just like he'd proved her wrong, like he'd won.

She'd only recently met him but instantly disliked him. Just because he had a few badges did not make him beter than them. Yet he acted like he was somehow miles above them. Like they were nothing but criminals to be dealt with. Like they did not matter, like their baby son did not matter...

"What you did was completely irresponsibly. You could have provided us with a medical history and with vital information that could have speeded up your son's recovery and treatment. But you chose to run, to put yourselves before your child."

"We did it for him, so that he could have a life where his father was around-"

"So his father could avoid justice." Rachel muttered under her breath, loud enough for Kirsty to hear.

"Kane was innocent from the crime we were running from-"

"That's up to the court to decide. Regardless, we're here to discuss your son and what you did was irresponsible and selfish, you put your own needs before..."

Rachel had countinued with her patronising lecture for a paticularly long time. Colleen had since explained that Rachel longed for a child of her own, so that explained her over sensitivity, yet did not excuse her dismissal of theirworth as parents and as humanbeings. She'd show them, thought Kirsty, she'd show each of them...

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