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Todd Lasance Interview from Creme Magazine

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Note: I made the choice to type all this out to improve my typing for my job as a receptionist.

Hey todd what are you up to today?

Today i've got the morning off, which has been nice I got it off because i worked 17 hours yesterday though its the first i've had a shoot like that it was 15 scenes from 7:30 in the morning to 11 at night .


How did you get the role of Aden?

I just kept auditioning! My first ever role was two and a half years ago on home and away playing aden for eight weeks. Then i just did a few different roles here and there on other stuff then they called me back as a regular which was just awesome. I love my character.

Do you remember what you were doing when you got the call to say you got the part?

Oh man, yeah this is a good story actually. I was in the bush playing paintball. me, my dad and my brother are big paintball kind of people so is my mum really, she's really into paintball, well, maybe not so much actually.... Anyway, I was literally in the middle of nowhere and I was surprised my cellphone was acutally getting a signal, I was with one of my dad's friends and a mate when i got a call. It was my agent and he really played it down. I thought he was just called me about an audition i could go to. So we were having this regular conversation when he says "Yeah so home and away want you back as a regular." I just lost it. I literally did. I was yelling and just going crazy and the rest of the guys had no idea what was going on.

Whats it like playing Aden? He's a pretty complex guy...

To be honest, I love it. I absolutely love it, I wouldnt want to play anyone else. I love that he's edgy and spontenous and all the rest of it. From an acting perspective its brilliant - you have all the trauma, the abuse, the neglect, all of that background to work with to make him a complex character. Its great getting to play something totally different.

So you're not much like Aden at all?

Oh yeah, I guess our only similarity is that we play sport. I'm fairly into sport and being active. I wanted to be a professional sportsman when i was growing up. Either that or a policeman. so yeahm I couldnt really be any different to him really.

Well to be fair, you do look kind of simliar?

Ha! Yeah, You're right...although we do dress pretty differently, so even then we look different! (Laughs) Im much more placid than Aden.

What was your first day like?

I was a nervous wreck! It was the first gig I ever did! I'd had one yea of training in Sydne but i hadn't actually done anything filmed on tv like that the pressure was really on, you know time is money and lll of that i was so nervous on my first day mark (who plays ric) and lynne (who plays irene) were there and they really settled my nerves. I had to just stop thinking about the one and a half mllion people watching the show and then all the internaional people watching. I have really high expecetations of myself. I always wanna do the best job possible.

Were you a fan of the show before you got this gig?

Not hugely, I knew who the cast were. When I first got the role I would religiously watch it for the few months leading up to going on the show. I had a few people who were litterally obsessed witht the show. Now i watch it as often as i can to see what else is going on in the show.

Do you have a girlfriend?

No I Don't.

Are you looking? Would you ever consider dating a fan of the show?

Ah, it depends I guess on what type of level of fan they are. Are they crazy fans, or just some one who kind of watches the show? See it defeinitely is more difficult now thaat im on the show when it comes to that sort of thing or just meeting new people in general. YOu never really know what their intention is. Are they speaking to you because they just want to. or are they speaking to me because im on tv. Its hard! o, to answe your question if they watch the show, thatx cool. They have to like me for me though.

Have you filmed a kissing scene?

Oh yeah I have and they're soooo weird! They're not so glamorous or intense as they look on tc. Theres so much set up its unbelievable, well theres a lot of set up for all scenes, but particularly for a kissing scene. They have to work out excatly where you are and what you are doing coz its normally a pretty tight shot. Where are we going to start, where do you end. It's so not a regular kiss, It's pretty weird.

Who do you hang out with most from the cast?

It's going to sound corny, but everyone on the show really is brilliant and its gfeat to work with all of them. I probabbly spend more time with Lincoln than anyone else though, coz we actually live together! He's my flatmate. It's funny coz we're great mates but our characters hate each other.

How do you feel about smoking?

I'm the anti-smoking authority on set! Im not naming names, but a few of the people on set do smoke and i give them a really hard time about it I'm really against it. I'll hide their smokes and everything!

What were you like at school?

I was just your regular student really. I didn't really get into much trouble. Although, I did get told off for talking quite a bit and all my report cards would say something like "Todd's a good student but he would excel if he was not so easily distracted by his peers".

If a celebrity could come on the show as a guest actor for a day, who would you want it to be?

Without a doubt, Leonardo Dicaprio. He's my idol. I think he's brilliant. I'd go as far as to say as the day i work with him that could be the day i retire.

Do you have a message for your fans in NZ?

I was just speaking to Lincoln about New Zealand and about how amazing it is to get so much fan mail from there. We'd love to come over and meet all our fans. That would be brilliant. All the Kiwis we've met have been so nice. We met a few guys once who were these massive really huge guys who walked over and we were like "Uh oh here we go..." but they wanted to come up and shake our hands and say how much they love the show. Its great! I do try to reply to as much fan mail as i possibly can and i do appreciate hearing from you. Thanks so much for your support and for watching the show. Hopefully we'll be in NZ sometime soon.

I hope you all enjoy reading it. Taken from CREME magazine July 2008

SCANS IN HERE http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30940

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Not Spoilerish at all

Wish they Explain how he cameback as Aden, as it only said he played Aiden 2.5 years ago and got called to be a Reg, his character wasnt a regular for months when he returned as Aiden

And i wish there was reference to him from his first appearance other then it being mentioned he was going out with Cassie and He was a footballer plus Aden didnt even have a dad in his first apearance.

Also good to see that theres another Antismoker around but only difference is i dont tell people not to smoke

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Thanks for typeing that up thats weird how he said he doesn't have a girlfriend I found his my space the other day or someone may have made it up I don't know & it had pics of him & this model girl. Heres the link you may have to log in to see it the girl is alos in his top friends.


Thanks again.

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Also I thought it was funny how he said cellphone?

I found that weird to,we call them mobile phones in Aus.I don't know anyone who says cellphone...

Thanks for posting.

I live in the USA and we use cell phone. It took me awhile to get use to mobile phone, I thought it was a cordless at first.

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