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Trouble Hits the Bay

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Chapter 1

Story Title: Trouble hits the bay

Type of story: long /short fic

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Drew, Ric, Cassie and Mattie

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Later on in futher chapters

The wind started picking up a storm.

As Cassie, Belle and Mattie ran from school to the summerbay house they were all wet.

Cassie opended the door and walked in and Mattie and Belle ran in

" i have never seen it rain this much in one day" Mattie said to Belle and Cassie

" either have i" Belle repiled

" is it me or is this house cold aswell" Cassie asked them

"yea it is" Mattie said to Cassie

" that would be beccuase the windows are all open" Belle said to them

Cassie closes the windows.

" i wonder where Sally is she should of been her by now" Cassie said as she looked worried

" im sure she is allright dont worry Cass"

*Belle gets a call from her ex-Drew hangs up on him*

"Belle who was that" Mattie asked Belle

"it wasnt anyone"

Drew and Belle broke up when Belle saw that Drew cheated on her.


As Ric was on his way home from work the rain was comeing down hard so he made a pit stop at the diner

When he walked in there was nearly everyone from the Bay there, he scaned the room for Casse and Mattie, but he couldnt see them

"Ric finaly your here" Sally said to Ric as he had walked in *Sally looked behind him thinking Casse and the Girls came with him*

"Hey Sal uhm whats going on?" Ric asked Sally

"There is a massive storm coming in and thats not even half of it. Ric weres Cassie, Mattie and Belle?"

"I dont know Sally why?" Ric asked Sally

"They should of been here no one nows where the are"

Ric looked shocked

"Sally i have to go find them"

"Ric its dangrouse out their you cant"Sally told Ric

Ric turns around to leave when he bumps into Drew

"Ric tell me that you know where Belle is please" Drew asked Ric

"Im so sorry mate i dont im going to find them her Mattie and Cassie are the only ones that arent her"

"Im coming with you i need to make sure Belle is Allright" Drew told Ric

"Drew Belle will be fine with me trust me mate"

Ric walked out of the Diner to find them

"Ric No" Sally called out


Aden walked in to the summerbay house

"Belle are you here"Aden called out

Cassie walked down the stairs

"Aden what are you doing here" Cassie asked Aden

"Well why arent you at the diner wheres Belle?" Aden asked

"Why are we ment to be at the Diner? Aden"

"There is a huge storm coming and you needed to leave and go there and were did you say Belle was again?"

"What why didnt i know about this" Cassie asked

"i dont know, but where is Belle?"

Mattie walks down the stairs and see Aden

"She is in my room" Cassie said

" Dont go up their Aden she is getting chaged" Mattie shouted out to Aden

Aden runs up stairs and walks into Belles Room


What will Aden she when he goes to Cassies Room and what will happen to them all?

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Chapter 2

Aden walks into Cassies room Belle is getting changed

Belle screams"aden get out" Belle says to Aden

As mattie and Cassie rush upstaris

"Oh my god Belle i didnt know you were getting changed"

"what are you doing here?" Belle asked Aden

Mattie and Cassie stand in the door way

"I came to save you, Cassie and Mattie"

Ric and Drew heard the scream from out side as they run up to the room to see Belle half Nacked and Aden there

Mattie and Cassie see Ric and Drew

"What is he doing here?" Drew asked Belle


Back at the Diner nearly everyone in the bay were their waiting for some news

as Ric and Drew just left with out telling any one where they were going.

"Has anyone seen any of the follwing. Cassie, Mattie, Belle, Drew, Aden and Ric" Alf asked

"Ric and Drew went lookng for Cassie, Mattie and Belle" Sally told Alf

"Any one seen Aden or any body know where those two foles would of went?"Alf asked

No one new they all shocke their heads, but they didnt know if they were safe.


"Belle please tell me why i see you half naked and this jerk in the same room as you?" Drew had asked Belle

"He came to help us now can everyone leave so i can get chaged please"

Mattie, Cassie walked down the stairs as Ric, Drew and Aden follwed

moments later Belle walked down

"Now someone tell me what is going on?" Belle asked

"There is a storm coming we ahve to go now" Ric said back

"What is so bad about a storm?"Mattie asked


Is it a storm? or is it worse then one?

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Chapter 3

The wind starts picking up

As Ric looks out the window he sees something that isnt rain

"Guys look out the window what is it?"Ric asked

Mattie, Cassie, Drew, Belle and Aden go to look out the window

"Ric that is not a storm" Belle said

"Well what is it?" Ric asked Belle

"Stop asking questions we need to get out of here now" Aden said

They all go out the back door to the Carvan Park

As the wind was very storng some of the ccarvans were moving

"Back in the house" Belle screamed over all the noise

As they are all ruing back to the house, Cassie trips over a peice of wood

"Cassie" Mattie screams

Cassie tries to get up as the wind pushes her down again


Alf had recived news it was bad news though

"Alf whats going on?" Sally asked

"i do not know how to put it"

"Just say it allready Alf we need to know" Sally told Alf

"The Bad weather may cause a Tsumai or a Cyclone" Alf told everyone

Everyone stod there witch shock on their faces

"We have to leave the bay" Alf told everyone

"Alf we have to wait for Ric and Drew to come they went to find Cassie, Belle and Mattie" Sally told Alf

"Aden is missing aswell"Axel pointed out

"We cant wait for them we have to leave now or we will all die. Now everyone get in the car to leave" Alf said

"Alf i cant leave Ric and Cassie behind" Sally pointed out

"And what about Belle, Mattie, Aden and Drew. Alf we need to find them" Leah said to Alf

"Leah we have no time we have to leave them behind if we look for them we could end up dieing" Alf repled to Leah


As Ric and Aden help Cassie into the house Drew closes the Door

"What are we going to do?" Belle asked

" i dont know Belle" Mattie said

"I think we should go upstairs and trie and get some sleep" Cassie said

"Good idea Cass, Boys in the spare room, Girls in Cassie's room"Belle told them

"I think we should all be in the same room incase something happens" Mattie said

"Whatever lets just go"

They all go into Cassie's room


What will happen to them. Will everyone leave them behind?

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