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Trouble Hits the Bay

Guest J+M4EVA!

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Hey guys so sorry about the late reply havent been on a lot

here it is!

Chapter 4!


As the wind picks up

Mattie and Cassie and Belle huddled up on the floor cold and worried

"i think we should go" Mattie said

"We cant Mattie look what happend to cassie we will die"Belle repled to mattie

As they all start to get colder and colder

"Mattie where are the blankets" as Drew sits their shaking from the cold

"ill get them for you" Mattie said

As she went and got the blankest from the cupboard then and hanedd them all one


as everyone was getting into the cars to leave Sally couldnt help but think about where they are

As they all drove out of the town a tree fell out onto the road


The wind started to die down

"guys the wind its stared to die down we should leave" Mattie said as she started to get her stuff

"Mattie do you want to be half way out of that town when these winds start to pick up?" Ric asked mattie

"No but we can go to the surf club where everyone else is"Mattie sugested

"i think it is a good idead" Belle said

as they all aggread to pack the stuff up and head to the surf club


As ric was driving them all to the surf club

ric saw no cars

"NO they have left" Belle said

As ric gets out of the car

" i think we should stay here incase on our way back to the house something happens" Ric said

As they quicky brang all heir stuff into the surf club

"what are we going to do?" Cassie asked

" i dont know" Ric repled

As they sat their thinking of what they were going to do

have they left or are they still in the bay and what will they do?

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Chapter 5


As they all were shakeing they were wondering how long this would last

As a few hours past the weather got better

"Drew"Belle said as she walked up to him

"yeah Belle"

"Whatever happens i want you to know i love you"Belle told Drew

Aden heard what Belle said to Drew and got angry

"I love you to Belle"

Drew and Belle hugged


Aden walks out of that room really angry

"Aden whats wrong" Cassie asked

"go ask your two timming friend"

"Aden she isnt a two timmer"

"Yes she is one moment she likes me the next she is all over drew"

"im sure she has a good explantion"

"If its good come and find me"

Aden walks off


Cassie walks up to Belle and Drew

"Belle can we talk please"Cassie asked Belle

"Sure, ill be one sec Drew"

Just before Cassie was going to say something she hears Matilda scream

"Matttie"Belle and Cassie screamed

As they all ran to were Matilda was they saw that someone else was their with them, they werent alone


Back on the road Sally thinks she should turn back and go and get them and find them

"Alf we have to go back" Sally said to Alf

"Sally im sure they will be fine"

"Thats easy for you to say two of them arent your children Alf"

"Sal i think their older enogh to take care of them selves"

"what if their not? Alf im just ment to live with the fact that we left them behind"

"Sal just dont worry they will be fine we just need to stay at the City for a while"

"Alf arent you getting it if we have to leave town so do they"

"if they leave their cant take the coast way the winds Alf"

"Sall just calm down tehy will be fine trust me"

As Sally knew that they wouldnt be she didnt know what to do


Whos at the surf club with them? and what will sally do?

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