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Crash 2 - The Wedding

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Topic Title – Crash 2 - The Wedding

Topic Description – Lucas, Matilda, Ric and Cassie

Type of story: Long-Fic

Rating: T (S/C) (V/D) (L)

Main Characters: ie. Lucas, Mattie, Ric and Cassie, Betty

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: Sexual content, coarse language

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: It has been years since the chopper crash killed Belle, and Henry was shot by the crazed Greg D'Silva, but when news gets to Luc, mattie, Ric and Cassie that he's been paroled and is on his way back to Summer Bay, they leave Sumemr Bay and go and stay with Henry, but on their way back, they are involved in a horrible car accident, that leaves one of them fighting for their lives, and also new character Betty gets up to a bit of trouble.

I have no idea what happened to the other version i posted, but here is Crash 2 again

Chapter One – Life

God! Who would have known that 3 years ago I would end up married to the man of my dreams? And have twins!

"Hey, Matilda, I'm off, see you when you get to uni," Lucas says, he kisses me passionately, and heads out the door, I hear his car start up as he heads to uni,

"Well, Cate, Belle, you're going to see Grandma and Grandad," I say to the twins,

"Yay! Grandma and Grandad!" Cate says

I take them to Mum and Tony's house and head to uni, where I was studying maths and if I get good enough results, my lecturer says I may even make a great teacher,

"Hey Matilda!" Lucas says, he comes over to me and kisses me

"Hey yourself, what did I miss?" I ask

"You're not in the same class as me, remember?" Lucas replies,

"Cassie!" I call to her; she pulls away from her passionate kiss with Ric and comes over,

"Nice of you to grace us with your presence!" Cassie laughs, "You missed our first lecture"

"Good, when's the exam again?" I ask Cassie

"Next period," She tells me, "Are you ready?"

"Peut-etre," I say in French, Cassie looks at me with a confused look on her face, "It's French for maybe,"

"Mattie, don't ditch again," Lucas says to me, "You need to pass this exam so you can become a teacher!"

"Don't underestimate me, I'm not that stupid, it's my final exam, and I really want this position at Summer Bay High!" I say to them, the bell rings and I go into the hall where examinations take place

Lucas' POV

"Thank god our exams are over, I hated that topic!" Ric says

"Why'd you take it then babe?" Cass asks him

"I'll tell you why, he didn't want to be the only one not at uni, so he chose phycology so he could be near the hot lecturer" Matilda says, Cassie and I laugh as we head to our cars,

"Meet at our house at 5.00, OK?" I say, Ric and Cass agree, I drive to dad and Beth's to see Cate and Belle

"Daddy!" Cate says, "Grandad's chasing me again!" She screams as dad runs after her, I pick her up,

"Hi dad! Were the girls good?" I ask

"Hi Lucas, yeah, they were perfect," he replies

"How would you and Beth like to look after them for another hour? Ric and Cass are coming around later, so I was wondering if you could," I tell him, Beth comes out of the kitchen, Belle follows her,

"Hi Lucas," she says, Belle runs over to me and I pick her up as well, god, these girls have gotten heavy

"Hi Beth, I was just asking dad if you two could look after Cate and Belle for another hour or so or so, Ric and Cass are coming over," I tell her

"Yeah, we can do that," Beth replies, I say goodbye to the girls then get back into the car and drive home.

"Hey babe," Mattie says as I walk in

"Hey is for horses," I say, we both crack up, knowing that we both say hey in, like, every other sentence to each other "Well, Dad and Beth are looking after Cate and Belle for another hour while Ric and Cass are here,"

"Well, we've got half an hour to spare, so how about some fun?" Matilda asks

"Yeah," I say, we kiss passionately, Matilda begins undoing the buttons of my shirt, as I do to her, she pulls of my jeans and I rip her skirt of, we walk into the bedroom, still kissing passionately, we fall on to the bed, where we become fully naked, soon enough, we are involved with each other, I pull away from the kiss

"Do you reckon we should use protection this time? I mean, look at what happened last time we didn't use protection, you winded up pregnant, which isn't a bad thing, but …" I say

"Forget it, I'd love another child," Mattie says, we begin kissing passionately.

Chapter 2 – Yes or No?

Ric's POV

I start feeling nervous as we walk over to Luc and Mattie's house; I am going to make an utter fool of myself if she says no, I knock on the door of No. 37, but there's no answer,

"Should we go in?" I ask Cassie

"Yeah, they were expecting us," Cassie says

"What if they're involved with each other if you get the gist," I say, worried

"Well, knock again," Cassie says, I knock and this time we hear a reply

"If it's Ric and Cassie, come in," Matilda shouts, we open the door and enter, Cassie and I start laughing as we see Luc and Mattie covering themselves with sheet's looking for there clothes

"We were just um…" Lucas begins

"We can see that," Cassie laughs,

"Wait here for a moment," Matilda says

"Yeah," I say, Lucas and Matilda walk into their bedroom, I turn to Cassie and we both start laughing, the ring box falls out of my packet,

"What's this," Cassie asks,

"Nothing," I say picking up

"No, that's defiantly something, something Madge Wilkins saw you buy a few weeks ago," Cassie says

"One day, I am going to kill that woman," I mutter

"Yes," Cassie says, Lucas and Matilda emerge from their bedroom, fully clothed,

"This is just for show, but," I say, getting down on one knee, "Since I already know the answer, Will you marry me Cassandra Turner?" I ask

"Yes," Cassie says,

"This is so cool, my best friend is going to get married!" Matilda squeals,

"It's awesome, congratulations," Lucas says,

"What do you say we call Mum and Tony and ask if Cate and Belle can stay the nigh, then get drunk to celebrate!" Matilda laughs,

"Yeah, why don't you, a celebratory drink," Cassie asks

"I just hope they aren't getting sick of the girls," Luc says and walks of, calling Tony and Beth, he walks back a few minutes later, "They will,"

"Good, bring on the alcohol," Matilda instructs Lucas; he pulls out all the undrunk alcohol that had accumulated over the past few years.

Lucas' POV

I can't believe how drunk Cassie got in the space of 20 minutes, but I guess that's what you get when you drink for glasses of pure vodka,

"You should stay here tonight," I say to Cassie and Ric

"Are you saying that I cannot handle four vodka's?" Cassie slurs

"You know what they say about vodka, ones alright, two's the most, three under the table, four under the host," Ric says

"Oh Ric, not in front of people," Cassie slurs

"Lucas and Matilda are hosts," Ric says, Cassie hits him over the head with her hand,

"We'll set up the spare room," Matilda laughs, we walk into the spare room where Ric and Cassie had once, three years earlier.

"Remind me never to drink again," Cassie says as she walks into the kitchen next morning,

"Here drink this," I say passing over a mug of coffee

"Thanks," She says

"I notice you don't have a hangover," Ric says to me and Matilda

"Unlike you, we only drank half a bottle of wine each, and not excessively, oh, we better get down to Mum and Tony's after breakfast to pick up the girls," Matilda says

"Yeah, Cassie, do you want breakfast?" I ask

"No, if I told you what caffeine, chook eggs and a bit of pig did to you, you'd never eat breakfast again" Cassie says

"It's not pig… it's bacon," I say

"What's the difference?" Cassie asks

"Bacon comes in plastic… and it doesn't go oink," I say, Matilda laughs

"Very smart, I can see you would have done well in your exams," Ric says

"It's creative licence," I say, we finish breakfast and Matilda and I walk down to Dad and Beth's while Cassie and Ric drive home.

Chapter Three – Planning

About 3 weeks after Ric and Cassie had become engaged, they called us over to their house for some important news

"I bet they've broken up," I say

"Again, how tragic," Matilda says

"Or not," I say as we walk into Summer Bay House and see Ric and Cassie kissing

"Hi," Matilda says, they pull away from the kiss

"Oh, hi! We would have thought you were going to be a bit longer," Cassie says

"As we can see," I say

"Well, we called you here because, Matilda, I'd really love you to be maid-of-honour," Cassie says

"And you to be best man," Ric says to me

"We'd love to," Matilda says

"Yeah, thanks mate," I say

"And the other reason is, we've set a date for the wedding," Ric says

"Good, when is it?" Matilda asks

"Three weeks!" Cassie says

"Three weeks?" I say, "How are you supposed to plan a wedding in three weeks?"

"With your help, so get on the phone and ask your parents if Cate and Belle can stay the night," Cassie says

"Yeah, I think we might have to, seeing as we'll have a few sleepless nights," Matilda says, and gets her phone out and calls Beth

"Hi mum," She says, "Do you reckon you could look after Cate and Belle for a few nights, Cassie and Ric have set there wedding date, it's in three weeks, I know, it's not a problem is it? We can always get Leah and Dan too, okay, thanks, bye," Mattie says and hangs up, "They'll look after them,"

"Good, I'm going to have to call Martha, see if she'll be a bridesmaid," Cassie says

"Maybe we should get everybody here first," I say

"Good idea, Lucas, you call Jack, Matilda, call Sally and Brad, and I'll call Martha," Cassie says

Matilda's POV

"Okay, got that, and we'll meet back here tomorrow morning," Cassie says, we split into two groups, the boys pile into Luc's 4WD, while the girls get into Martha's,

"Can we stop by Yabbie Creek pharmacy first?" I ask

"Yeah, why?" Martha asks

"Well, I haven't told Lucas yet, but I think I might be pregnant again!" I say

"That's great, is it to do with the thing that…" Cassie begins

"Yeah," I say

"You know, being behind the principals desk, I find I'm missing things," Sally says

"I get the same feeling," Martha says, we pull into the pharmacy car park and I rush in,

"Oh, hi Madge," I say as Madge bumps into me

"Matilda, hello, how are you?" Madge asks

"Good but in a hurry," I tell her

"We must catch up sometime, not just all these little greetings when you drop Cate and Belle off," Madge says

"Well bye Madge," I say rushing back to the 4WD

"Did you get it?" Martha asks

"No," I say

"Why not?" Sally asks

"Madge Wilkins," I say, the other girls start laughing,

"We'll get one in the city," Cassie says, we get into the city and go into the first bridal shop we see,

"This look good," Martha says holding up a pale pink mini-dress

"You have got to be kidding me!" I say, "What about this, pastel indigo one," Cassie says holding up a long pale blue dress with floral motif,

"That looks great, we'll get some of those if we don't find anything better," Sally says, constantly the mother, we finally agree on vibrant pink dresses with country motif and a traditional wedding gown for Cassie,

"I'll get a test and take it now," I say as we walk out of the shop,

"I'll come with you," Cassie says, we go into the nearest pharmacy and buy one,

"Three," I say

"Two," Cassie says,

"One!" We say in unison, I look down at the test and scream,

"What, what is it?" Cassie asks

"Look!" I say excitedly, pushing the test at her,

"Oh my god!" Cassie squeals, we rush out to see Martha and Sally

"I'm pregnant!" I say

"That's brilliant news," Sally says,

"Awesome," Martha says

"Do you and Lucas plan what you say together, he always uses the word awesome?" I ask,

"No," Martha replies, Cassie laughs as we head back to Summer Bay

Lucas' POV

"Call Matilda, Lucas find out what colour the bridesmaids dresses are," Brad says

"Okay," I say getting my mobile out and dial Mattie's phone number,

"Hello," Matilda says

"Hey," I say

"Oh Lucas, I have some news for you, I'm pregnant!" She says

"Really, oh my god, that's great news!" I say "Well, I called because everyone wants to know what colour the brides maids dresses are, I think they want to make sure the assistant knows or some crap like that," I say

"Oh, Okay, they're bright pink with a kind of country pattern on them," Matilda says

"Only Cassie," I mutter, "Thanks Mattie, see you back in the Bay," I say

"Bye Luc, Love you," Matilda says,

"Love you too," I say before hanging up,

"What was it?" Ric asks

"Matilda's pregnant and the dresses are pink with a country pattern," I say

"That's great news," Jack says, "I'm going to be an Uncle again,"

"Its excellent news," Ric says,

"Good thing the weddings early, Matilda might show," Jack says

"Yeah, a weird coincidence isn't it?" I ask

"Whatever," Ric says, we get our suits then head back into Summer Bay

Chapter Four – Wedding Bells

"Matilda, hurry up! We have to get Cate and Belle to Madge's," I yell

"Okay, I'll drop them off now, her house isn't that far away from Cassie's," Matilda says rushing into the kitchen, carrying a dress bag, "Pass me the keys, please," I throw her the keys,

"Cate and Belle, hurry up, you're leaving in a minute!" I call out, looking for my tie as I do so

"What are you looking for?" Matilda asks

"My tie," I reply

"Which one?" Matilda asks

"My black and grey one," I tell her,

"Is this it?" Mattie asks me, throwing over a tie,

"Yeah it is, where was it?" I ask her,

"On the door handle," She laughs; Cate and Belle walk into the kitchen,

"I'll see you tomorrow," I say to them,

"Bye dad," Cate says,

"Yeah, see you," Belle says, I hug them quickly,

"Bye Luc," Matilda says, we kiss then they head out the door, Jack and Ric walk in,

"We ready to get this show on the road?" Ric asks

"We should wait for Brad," Jack says,

"Speak of the devil," Ric says as Brad walks in, after a couple of drinks, we change into our suits,

"Have you got the rings?" Brad asks me

"Yeah," I say, pulling out the ring box,

"You're one of the few people I know that haven't lost a set of wedding rings," Jack laughs,

"We should get going, we can't go in my car because Mattie's got it," I tell them,

"We'll go in mine," Brad says, we pile into his car and head to the church.

Matilda's POV

"You look beautiful Cassie," I say

"Absolutely," Martha says

"You're not wearing cowboy boots are you?" I laugh; Martha hits me over the head with a pillow,

"No," Cassie says,

"We ready to go?" Sally asks us walking into the bedroom,

"Yeah," Cass says, we get into the limo that Sally has hired and head to the church.

Lucas' POV

"Do you reckon they're here?" Ric asks

"Yeah, so stop worrying!" I laugh,

"Here they come now," Jack says as music starts playing, they reach the end and the music stops

"We are assembled here to witness the joining in marriage of Cassandra and Eric, do you come freely, without reservations to give yourselves to each other in marriage?" The celebrant asks,

"I do," Ric says

"I do," Cassie says

"Will you love and honour each other as husband and wife for the rest of your lives?" The celebrant asks

"I will," Ric says

"I will," Cassie says smiling at Ric,

"And will you accept children lovingly from god, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his church?" The celebrant asks

"I will," Ric says

"I will," Cassie says

"Hand your bouquet to your bridesmaid," The celebrant instructs Cassie; Cassie passes the bouquet to Matilda, "Now face each other and hold hands and make your vows," The celebrant tells Ric and Cassie, they face each other and grasp each others hands,

"I Eric Dalby take you Cassandra Turner to be my wife, I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, and to love and honour you for the rest of my life," Ric says

"I Cassandra Turner take you Eric Dalby to be my husband, I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, and to love and honour you for the rest of my life," Cassie says

"The rings please," The celebrant says, I pull them out of my jacket and place them on his bible, "May the lord bless these rings, which you give to each other as a sign of your love and fidelity," she says making the symbol of the lord above them with her fingers, she gives Ric, Cassie's ring he places it on her finger, Cassie does the same vice versa, "With the authority vested in me, and before the eyes of god, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride," The celebrant says, Ric and Cassie kiss passionately as half the town of Summer Bay applaud.

Chapter Five – 2 Break Ins and a Reception

"Introducing the foster mother and father of the bride and groom, Mr. Brad Armstrong and Ms. Sally Fletcher," Dad says through a microphone, Sally and Brad walk into Noahs, "Mr. Jack Holden and Ms. Martha Mackenzie," Jack and Martha walk into Noahs, "The Best Man and Maid-of-Honour Mr. Lucas Holden and Ms. Matilda Holden," We walk in to applause and sit down at the bridal party table, "And the man and woman of the hour, Mr. And Mrs. Ric and Cassie Dalby!" Dad finishes, we break into applause as Cassie and Ric walk into Noahs, they walk over to the bridal party table and sit down,

"Finally married! How does it feel?" Matilda asks Cassie,

"Astoundingly brilliant!" She laughs

"I feel euphoric!" Ric says

"You really should see a doctor about that," I say

"It means I feel ecstatic!" Ric tells me, we all laugh

"I knew that," I say

"Please welcome the bride and groom to the floor for the bridal waltz," Dad says through the microphone, we start clapping as Ric and Cassie take to the floor

"She didn't plan anything without telling Ric did she?" I ask

"Well…" Matilda says, the waltz music turns into a kind of fast upbeat pop song,

"What the…" Ric mutters looking clueless,

"Are we dancing or what?" Cassie asks him

"Yeah," Ric says, Matilda and I start laughing, and we get up and join in

"You look wonderful by the way," I say to Matilda

"Thankyou, I wasn't really sure, I mean, how many people would wear bright pink with country motif?" She asks

"Only Cassie," I say, we both start laughing, the mood lightens and after a few songs we take our seats for the speeches,

"Now, welcome to the stage the Matilda and Lucas Holden!" Dad says, we stand up and walk to the stage,

"For anyone who doesn't know us, we're Lucas and Matilda Holden," I say

"We got married a few years ago, but enough about us, this is about Ric and Cassie, many of you may not be aware of this, but when Ric changed from Dalby to Ric, I had a slight crush on him,

"And when I moved here from the city, I had a crush on Cassie," I say, a few people start muttering,

"But it was no use trying because they only had eyes for each other," Matilda says

"And we're lucky we didn't pursue the feelings, or else I wouldn't have ended up with my magnificent wife and this wedding wouldn't exist," I say

"Ric and Cass have had a few ups and downs," Matilda laughs

"Like the time they broke up and got back together, and the time they broke up and got back together and so on and so on," I say a few people laugh

"Yeah, but they always got through it in the end," Mattie says,

"All we really want to say is, Ric, look after Cassie, and if you don't you'll have us to deal with," I laugh

"Thankyou," Matilda says as the crowd starts applauding, we get off the stage and listen to speeches by Alf, Sally, Brad and Morag,

"It's now time for the bride and grooms last official duty," Dad says

"Will all the eligible gentlemen please form a group about here," Cassie says pointing to an area,

"You too Mr. Stewart!" Sally says

"No way love, I'm way to old for this," Alf says

"Come on grandad, its not like you're going to catch it!" Ric laughs

"All right then," Alf says, and of course he catches it

"Come on girls," Cassie says, she throws her bouquet and the group of girls scramble to catch it,

"Yes!" Colleen screams as she catches it,

"That's what I was flamin' afraid of!" Alf says

"Now, now Alf Stewart, it's not all that bad," Colleen says, the reception thins out until it's only Ric, Cassie, Matilda, me and the staff of Noahs left,

"We better get going," Matilda says to me

"Yeah, see you tomorrow at the diner at about 12 for lunch," I say to Ric and Cassie

"Yeah, see you later," Cassie says and we go home,

"What the f***?" Mattie says as we walk up to the door, which is wide open,

"Should we call the police?" I ask

"We should see if anything's been taken," Matilda says, we walk through the house and see photos and letters missing,

"Oh my god," I say picking up a piece of paper,

"What?" Matilda asks

"This," I say passing her the paper

"You won't be so lucky next time, I'd watch my back if I were you, you're dead! Oh my god, call Jack or Lara or someone," Matilda says, my phone begins ringing,

"Hello," I say

"Hi Lucas, when Cassie and I got home it was trashed and photos and letter were missing and we got a weird note," Ric says

"Oh my god, our house was to, and we got a note aswell, it said; You won't be so lucky next time, I'd watch my back if I were you, you're dead!" I say

"The note we got was exactly the same!" Ric says,

"Call the police then," I say

"Okay, bye" Ric says, I turn and face Mattie, "Ric and Cassie's place has been broken in to aswell, I'm going to call the police," I say,

"Yabbie Creek Police Station, Senior Constable Fitzgerald speaking," Lara says after a few rings

"Hi, Fitzy, it's Lucas," I say

Lara's POV

"Hi Lucas, Jack isn't here, can I take a message?" I ask

"Actually, I've called for the police," he says

"What's happened then?" I ask

"Matilda and I got back from Ric and Cass' wedding and the place was broken into and we got a note, so did Ric and Cass, Ric just called and told me," Lucas says to me

"I'll send someone over," I say, "Pete, a break in at the Holden house,"

"Okay, you coming?" Peter asks me

"Yeah, and we should send someone over to the Caravan Park, Luc said Ric and Cassie were broken into aswell," I say

"McGrath and Cooper, The Bay Caravan Park, they've been broken into, head out there now," Pete says.

Chapter Six – "Who Would Do Such A Thing?"

Matilda's POV

"Hi Lara, Peter, do you want to sit down?" I ask

"Hi Matilda and Lucas, no thankyou, we'll stand," Peter says, "Can you tell us who might have done this?"

"Um, no, we're generally well liked in Summer Bay," I say

"What about anyone from the city, have you made any enemies?" Lara asks

"Steve Brayburn for one," I say straight up thinking of all those years ago when we found out he was the father of Lee's child

"Oh and Greg D'Silva, but he's in jail, isn't he?" Luc says

"He was released a few weeks ago on parole, we were warned just in case he came back, and they mentioned that he told them he was coming back to Summer Bay," Peter says

"Great, Lucas, I'm going to call Madge, see if she can look after the twins for a few nights until this is sorted out," I say worried,

"No problem," Luc says, Lara's phone rings, I call Madge and she agrees on the idea of Cate and Belle staying with her for a while,

"That was McGrath, he thinks this guy could cause threat to you, so he's setting up a safe house," Lara says, "Who else besides yourself, Ric and Cassie, do you think needs to be in the safe house?"

"My brother Henry, but he's in the city, and I think that's all, Jack and Tony shouldn't worry, they're after Lucas, Ric, Cass and myself," I say

"Pack what you think you might need and meet me and Pete at the Surf Club in an hour," Lara says, She and Peter leave

"Who would do such a thing?" I ask Lucas

"I don't know, but we should start packing and get some clothes for the girls for Madge, I'll drop them the clothes off while you pack," Lucas says to me

"Okay, what do you think we'll need?" I ask

"Just pack a bit of everything, see you in a minute," Luc replies, we kiss tenderly.

-Surf Club

"Any idea where we are going?" Cassie asks

"No, maybe we'll end up at the Motor Inn in Yabbie Creek," Lucas says

"That's to far for work!" I say, Lara and Peter walk into the bar,

"Sorry if this causes any inconvenience but you're staying at The Yabbie Creek Motor Inn, but on the plus side Martha and Jack will be staying with you," Peter says, Martha and Jack walk in,

"We've been thinking Peter," Martha begins, "Why not stay here, at the Surf Club?"

"We don't have any bedding and it wouldn't be safe," Peter says

"You're forgetting we co-own the Caravan Park," Cassie says

"And mum and Alf wouldn't mind us staying here," I add

"Even so, it's not safe," Lara says

"Is it going to be any safer than a hotel?" I ask

"Well no," Peter says

"And we all work here so it's easy," Lucas tells them,

"All right then," Peter says, "Call Beth and Alf and see if it's okay with them, and get some bedding too," He adds to Cassie and Ric.

Lucas' POV

"Thanks for volunteering to stay with us," Martha says to Jack and Martha

"No problems," Martha says

"Bed!" Jack says

"What? At 10 o'clock!" Ric says

"Remember this place needs to be open at 10am tomorrow," I say

"That's true," Ric says, Mattie and I climb into our bed, (Behind the bar)

"Goodnight everyone," Jack says

"'Night Martha," Ric says

"'Night Ric," Martha replies

"Goodnight Mattie," Cassie calls out, "Goodnight Lucas,"

"Goodnight Cass, goodnight Ric," I say

"'Night Luc and Mattie," Ric says

"Goodnight Ric, goodnight Martha," Matilda says

"Goodnight Matilda and Lucas," Martha says

"Goodnight Martha," I say

"'Night Cass," Martha says

"Goodnight Martha," Cassie says

"What about me?" Jack asks

"Goodnight Jack," We all say in unison, there is silence for a moment before …

"Goodnight John-Boy," Martha says dreamily, we burst into laughter

(Just to let you know, it's Luc, I had to add that goodnight scene in for the length of the chapter!)

"Morning!" Jack says loudly

"Wazzamatter?" I ask groggily

"Wake up, we have to get this stuff away before opening," Jack replies

"I'm up, I'm up," I say loudly

"Mail!" Martha calls walking into the bar, "Lucas," She passes a few envelopes over, "Matilda, Cassie and Ric," She says passing them one envelope each,

"Our exam results!" Cassie says excitedly, I rip my envelope open,

"What'd you get?" Martha asks,

"78.4%," Ric says

"82.8%," Cassie says

"96.2%," Mattie says

"98.9%," I say,

"Congratulations all of you," Jack says, I open one of the other envelopes,

"This is from Henry!" I say, "It says, 'Dear Lucas, Matilda, Cassie and Ric, sorry about not coming to the wedding, I've had little time, working in the firm, but to make it up to you, I want you all to come down to Sydney, have a few weeks of fun, let me know, LoL, Henry" I say

"Do we go?" Mattie asks

"Why not, we're out of Summer Bay, and we can spend time with Belle and Cate without worrying about the guy that's behind the break-ins," I say "What about you, Ric and Cassie?"

"Yeah, it should be fun," Cassie says, Ric nods with agreement. I call Henry,

"That's settled, we leave for 2 weeks, the day after tomorrow!" I say excitedly

Chapter Seven – Crash!

Matilda's POV

2 weeks have passed already! We decided to leave Belle and Cate with Henry, since he hasn't seen then for so long

"Summer Bay here we come!" Cassie says as we pass the 'Welcome To Summer Bay' sign

"What's that idiot doing?" Lucas asks pointing at a car with its headlights on full-blast,

"I don't know," I say, he starts driving towards us,

"Oh my god!" Cass screams as I swerve away from the road.

Jack's POV

"They should be back by now," Martha says worried

"They will be, knowing those four, they're drunk and sleeping it off at a hotel," I laugh, secretly worried myself, my mobile rings, I answer it "Constable Jack Holden," I say, my heart plummets as I hear what's happened,

"What was it?" Martha asks,

"A Crash On Summer Bay Road," I say, worried.

Cassie's POV

I open my eyes and look around, I feel a throbbing pain in my arm, but ignore it,

"Lucas!" I say as I see blood spilling out of a large gash on his head, Matilda opens her eyes and grasps her stomach, screaming in agony

"The baby!" She screams

"That's my brothers car!" We hear Jack yell, "Lucas! Matilda! Cassie! Ric!" Jack says, getting louder as he gets closer Matilda continues to scream in agony, I feel for a pulse on Ric, he has a strong one, I feel for Lucas' pulse, I feel a faint one

"Matilda! Are you okay?" Jack asks, he walks down to the car, she shrieks in pain again,

"Help my baby," She says

"How's everyone else?" Jack asks

"Ric's unconscious, but has a strong pulse and Lucas is bleeding heavily, unconscious and has a low pulse," I say, worried,

"We'll get the pregnant one out first," A male voice says

"Right-O," Says another man, he opens the door and begins to pull Matilda out, "Geoff,"

"Yeah?" The man called Geoff says

"Look," He says pointing to Luc,

"I see what you mean, get the firemen down here with the vice-cutter," Geoff tells someone,

"What's going on?" I ask

"His legs are wedged under some metal the tree pushed forward on impact," Geoff says

"Oh my god," I say

Martha's POV – At the Hospital

"Jack said they'll be here in about 5 minutes," I say

"How are they?" Beth asks

"Cassie's alright, just a few scratches and bruises, but it's Matilda and Lucas they're worried about," I say

"Why?" Tony asks

"It sounds like Matilda's in prem-labour and Lucas lost a lot of blood," I say, the hospital doors bang open,

"Lucas Holden, 21, suffered an arrest on the way to hospital, blood loss, damaged legs, " An ambo says

"What?" Tony says

"Arrest," Beth whispers,

"Trauma bay 1," Rachel says, the doors open again,

"Matilda Holden, 20, premature labour," Another ambo says,

"Take her to maternity room 3," Rachel says, the doors bang open for a third time,

"Eric Dalby, 23, loss of consciousness, fractured neck," Says another paramedic,

"Trauma bay 1," Rach says, the doors open for a final time,

"Cassandra Turner-Dalby, 22, fractured humerus and clavicle," The paramedic says,

"Trauma bay 2," Rachel says, "I'll get surgery prepared, do an x-ray, see where he's bleeding,"

Cassie's POV

"There we go," Julie says, finishing of the cast, "You'll be better in no time at all,

"How are Matilda, Ric and Lucas?" I ask

"Ric's just come out of x-ray and I haven't heard anything about Matilda or Lucas, I'll go check now for you," Julie tells me

"Thankyou," I say

"Are you up for visitors?" Sally asks from the door,

"Yeah," I say, Brad and Sally walk in,

"How are you feeling?" Brad asks,

"I'd be great if I knew what was happening with Ric, Matilda and Lucas," I say

"Haven't you heard?" Sally asks

"Heard what?" I ask

"Lucas had an arrest on the way to the hospital, he's in surgery now," Brad says,

"What!" I say, sitting up,

Rachel's POV

"Perforated kidneys," I say looking at the x-rays, "We need a donor,"

"Not much we can do till then," John says, "Do you want to tell his family?"

"Yeah, they're my friends, I have to tell them," I say and walk into the waiting room,

"Rachel, what is it?" Martha asks

"Both of Lucas' kidneys have burst, we've fitted him with artificial kidneys, but they won't hold out for long, we need a donor soon, Tony, you and Jack are the likely choices," I say

"We'll take the tests," Jack and Tony say together

"Okay, come straight through," I say pointing to one of the examination cubicles

Matilda's POV

"Birth averted! Well done Mrs. Holden" The midwife says

"Thank god," I say, "Does anyone know how my husband is?"

"What's his name?" The midwife asks

"Lucas Holden," I say

"Oh, he was in surgery last time I heard," The midwife says

"What! Why?" I ask worried,

"I don't know," She says, I start to get out of the bed,

"Back into bed," The midwife tells me

"Okay, but can you get these people here, Tony Holden and Beth Hunter," I say

"I'll see what I can do, now rest," The midwife says,

"Thankyou," I say

Tony's POV

"A message for you from Maternity," Julie tells Beth and I

"What is it?" Beth asks worried,

"Matilda would like to see you," She says,

"Thanks Julie," I say, we start to walk to Maternity when Rachel walks up to us "What's happening Rachel?"

"We've done extensive testing on Lucas' legs, some of the nerves were damaged," Rachel says,

"What does that mean?" I ask

"You stay here, I'll go and see Matilda," Beth says to me, I nod

"It means he may not be able to walk again," Rach tells me.

Matilda's POV'

The door opens and mum walks in,

"Hi mum," I say

"Hi sweet, how are you, how's the baby?" She asks

"Fine, nobody is telling me how Lucas is, be honest with me," I say

"Well sweetheart, he needs a kidney transplant or he won't survive," Mum tells me

"What about Jack and Tony?" I ask

"They've had the tests done, we just have to wait for the results," Mum says

"What if they aren't compatible, mum? Do we sit back and watch Luc die?" I ask, really worried,

"We hope it won't come to that," Mum says

"What if it does?" I ask

"I don't know," mum says to me, we hear a knock on the door,

"Come in," I say, Tony walks in

"Hey love, how you doing?" he asks

"Okay," I say

"What did Rachel want?" Mum asks him,

"She told me, I think you should hear this to Mattie, she said Lucas may-" He begins, there is another knock on the door and Lara walks in,

"Hi Matilda, do you mind if I ask a few questions about the accident?" She asks

"No, go for it," I say

"Well, what happened?" She asks

"I remember leaving my brother Henry's farm at around – um – about 6 o'clock, then when we were just outside the Bay then Lucas pointed out some guy with his lights turned up bright, then he started coming towards us, then I swerved and remember hitting a tree, I was out of it until I started getting my contractions, then I was brought here," I say

"Can you remember what the car looked like?" Lara asks

"I think it was a light coloured – white or yellow – Holden VN Commodore," I say casting my mind back.

"Thankyou," She says, then walks out of the room,

"What were you saying Tony? About Lucas?" Beth asks

"There was extensive damage to the nerves in his legs, he may not be able to walk again," Tony says, I start to cry,

"It's okay sweet, it's going to be okay," Mum says

Rachel's POV

I knock on the door of Matilda's room,

"Come in," Beth calls out, I walk in

"Hi," I say

"Hi Rach," Matilda says through tears,

"I've just received the results of the compatibility test for the kidneys," I say "They were both negative,"

"What now?" Tony asks

"There are 2 options, he spends most of his time in the hospital getting his blood purified by dialysis, or we test people willing to donate," I say

"What will happen if he goes on dialysis?" Matilda asks

"It's not that convenient for him, he has big dreams," Tony says, "He want's to teach, but if he spends most of his time at hospital that won't happen," Tony tells Matilda

"Is he awake? Can I see him?" Matilda asks

"He is, but he's groggy from all the pain-killers we had to give him, but you can see him," I say

Chapter Eight – Take The Rain Away

Matilda's POV

I walk into Lucas' room and start crying,

"I've never seen him like this before, so helpless," I explain my tears to Rachel, who has wheeled me in,

"Hey," He says numbly

"Hey yourself, you had us worried," I say

"Julie filled me in on what's happening, does it help if the person has the same blood type?" Lucas asks

"Yeah, occasionally," Rachel tells him

"What about Henry? Doesn't he have B- blood?" Lucas asks

"Yeah he does!" I say loudly,

"I'll leave you here Matilda, I'm going to make a few phone calls, where does Henry live?" Rachel asks

"The City," I reply, she leaves the room, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Nah, you can't take the rain away," Lucas says

"Yes I can, I can make sure you don't live in darkness, I can give you hope and I can give you love, that should be enough to take the rain away," I say

"I hope it is," Lucas mutters under his breath Rachel walks back into the room,

"I've just settled it with a doctor in the city, they're going to see if Henry will consent to donating one of his kidneys," Rachel says,

"That's great," Lucas says,

"While I have you awake, I need to do a few minor tests on your legs," She says, I begin to walk out of the room before Rachel says, "You can stay if you want Mattie,"

Rachel's POV

I pull a reflex hammer out of my pocket,

"Tell me if you can feel this," I say and lower the hammer down hard at the top of his femur,

"A little," He says, I lower it down a little harder mid-femur, "I felt it a lot better," I lower it down one more time even harder at his ankle, "Ow!" He shouts

"You felt that!" Matilda says

"I did, and it killed," Lucas says smiling,

"That's excellent news!" I say excitedly, "A few days after you have your operation, we'll start teaching you how to walk again," I say, "By the way, we can discharge you Matilda, you only have minor scratches, and you are no longer in danger of a premature birth," I add

Matilda's POV

"See you tomorrow babe," I say kissing Lucas on the cheek,

"Bye," Lucas says, I walk out to Mum's car and we drive home,

"When was next door sold?" I ask as we pull into the driveway of my house,

"About a week ago," Mum says "A woman in her twenty's, a live in boyfriend as well, I think,"

"Is that her?" I ask pointing to a blonde walking up the street,

"Yep," She replies, I walk over to her,

"Hi," I say, "I'm Matilda Holden, I live next door to you,"

"Hello, I'm Elizabeth Evans, but my friends call me Betty," Betty says

"Hi Betty, do you want to come around for a coffee or something?" I ask

"Love to, just let me tell my boyfriend, Chris," Betty says,

"Okay, just walk straight in when you come over, a little info about Summer Bay, no one locks there doors," I laugh

"See you in a few minutes," Betty says, I walk inside and put the kettle on, "Hello," Betty says walking in

"Hi," I say turning to face her,

"What happened?" She asks

"Oh, the scratches and stuff, earlier this evening, I was involved in a motor accident, my husband Lucas, and our best friends Ric and Cassie are still at hospital," I explain,

"I'm surprised that let you discharge," Betty says,

"Not me, I was only in premature labour, and I live next door to a doctor, Rachel Hyde, you might know her," I say,

"You're expecting! Congratulations! Is this your first?" Betty asks,

"No, I've got two three year old twins staying with my brother at the moment, you might meet them soon, Henry will be down here in a few hours, I think, taking tests to see if he can donate a kidney to Lucas," I say, then fill her in on the details of the night,

"You're pretty young! When did you get pregnant with your twins?" Betty asks,

"Now that is an interesting story, I got pregnant my first time with Lucas, at age 17, then we moved in with Kim and Rachel, then Sally Fletcher, Ric and Cassie's foster mum, then we rented this place with Ric and Cassie, before Henry convinced me and Luc to move back in with mum and her boyfriend Tony, Lucas' dad, we later bought this place with help from our family and friends, then, I gave birth in the local diner, after my brother was shot by a deranged man seeking revenge for his fathers death, Jack, Lucas' brother, is the local cop, he testified against Harry D'Silva and he went to jail, then after his father died Greg D'Silva came to the Bay, spied on us for a while, then, you know the rest, Lucas then helped me give birth to our daughter Cate, and I gave birth to Belle in hospital," I say in one long breath, Betty looks at me confused, I laugh, "This town is weird,"

"Yeah," She agrees

"What are you when you're not at home Betty?" I ask

"I'm a cop," She replies

"Awesome," I say

"What do you do?" Betty asks

"Part-time barmaid, but I've just got my uni results back and I'm going to apply for a job as a teacher," I say,

"Cool," Betty says, my phone starts ringing,

"Excuse me for a minute," I say, then answer my phone.

Cassie's POV

"Hey," I say as I walk into Ric's room,

"Hi," He says,

"How are you feeling?" I ask him

"Better than can be expected, they don't think I'll be able to move my neck for a while," He says,

"Oh well, at least you'll heal," I say brightly,

"Yeah, I suppose so," he says,

"Do you want to see Lucas?" I ask,

"Yeah, why not?" He replies

Matilda's POV

I rush into the hospital and see Henry with Rachel,

"Are you a match?" I ask

"Yeah, he's going into surgery tomorrow," Rachel says

"That's excellent," I say "Henry, where are my lovely girls?" I ask

"In with Lucas," He says, I walk into his room and see Cassie and Ric sitting with him and the girls,

"Hello," I say,

"Hello mummy," Cate says hugging me,

"Hi mummy," Belle says, she too hugs me,

"I missed you," I say hugging them back, I hear a knock on the door and see Lara,

"Hi Fitzy," Luc says, she walks in,

"How about I take you two home? Get some sleep, eh?" I say to the twins, they nod and I take the girls home and put them to bed. At about two o'clock in the morning, the phone rings

"Hello," I say hazily,

"Matilda," Betty says hysterically,

"Betty, what's the matter? Who died?" I ask

"I heard weird noises, and you're the only one I know around here, and Chris is at work," She says,

"Hang on, I'll be right round," I say, "Bye,"

"Bye," Betty says, I hang up and check on Cate and Belle, before walking over to Betty's; I knock on her door, "Matilda!" She says

"Where did you hear these noises, I'll go have a look," I ask

"Outside," She says leading me through to her backyard, I take a good look round and walk back to her,

"The slightest sound of a cat and you run for the high-hills!" I laugh,

"Thank god," She mutters

"You know Bette, I think this is the start of a great friendship," I say.

Chapter Nine – Pregnancy In The Air

"You're going great!" Rachel says to Lucas as he manages to walk with just a cane sort of thing, it's been 2 months since the accident, Lucas had the transplant and started walking again, still no word on who caused the accident; I look over at the door and Betty walks in, as Rachel walks out

"Hey Bette," Luc says

"Hey yourself, what can we do for you? Sergeant," I say looking at her police uniform,

"We got the person who caused the car accident," She says

"Who was it?" I ask,

"Greg D'Silva, he breeched bail so he's back to jail," She says smiling,

"Thanks Betty," I say,

"Yeah thanks for letting us know," Lucas says, she walks out of the room,

"I've got some good news, you know the application for teaching positions we filled out and I sent them off?" I say

"Yeah," He says

"I got a call from Sal, we've been accepted, and we start next semester!" I say excitedly, "But then I have maternity leave, so you're on your own," I laugh,

"Thanks," Luc laughs, "If it's a boy, are we still going with Whil or Aaron?"

"Nah, they don't sound as good without "Hunter" on the end, I was thinking along the lines of Cisco," I say,

"Unusual, isn't it?" Lucas asks,

"Don't you like it?" I ask,

"No, I love it, but it's a bit unusual, even for you," Lucas smiles. Rachel walks in,

"You can be discharged Lucas, I bet you're sick of this hospital," She says,

"Me? Never, especially with all that excellent hospital food," He says, with a hint of sarcasm,

"I've got the papers here, you just have to sign," Rachel says, "And once you get home, no strenuous activity, unless it's necessary," Lucas signs the papers and I take him home,

"Where are Belle and Cate?" He asks when we walk in,

"I thought we could use the time to ourselves, make up for lost time," I say,

"Matilda, you're 5 months pregnant, and Rach said no strenuous work," Lucas says,

"Unless absolutely necessary," I remind him.

Cassie's POV

"I can't look, you look," I say pushing the pregnancy test towards Ric,

"Okay," He says grasping the test, then grabbing the box,

"Yes or No?" I ask,

"I'll give you a hint, three letters," He says, I smile

"Oh my god! We're going to be parents!" I say, "I better call Matilda, she knows what I'm in for,"

"Yep, and I'm calling Luc, see what it's like being a dad," He says, I nod and we pull our phones out and punch in the numbers, no answer from either.

"Probably catching up on 2 months," I laugh,

"While we have the opportunity, names, any suggestions?" Ric asks,

"Good idea, Joy or Flynn," I say,

"I agree, since they mean so much to us," Ric says,

"Yoo Hoo, only me!" Colleen says walking into the house,

"Hello Colleen, here's your mail," I say passing some envelopes over to her,

"Thankyou Cassandra, how are you?" She asks,

"Fine thankyou," I reply,

"Hi Colleen," Ric says,

"Oh Ric, Sally wants me to tell you that she'll be back in about half an hour, she's just gone to see Leah and Daniel," Colleen says,

"Thanks," Ric tells her,

"Goodbye," She says, then walks out of the house,

"Why didn't you tell her about the pregnancy?" Ric asks,

"I don't want all of Summer Bay to know before Sally, Brad, Lucas and Matilda, and she is the biggest gossip in this town," I say,

"Good point," Ric replies.

Lucas' POV

"That was different," I say,

"Yeah, way different," Matilda agrees,

"I love you so much," I say,

"I love you too," She says, we get out of the bed and dress, we walk into the kitchen

"Oh my god! I was supposed to be there 10 minutes ago to pick up Belle and Cate," Matilda says,

"I forgot about that! I'll go see Ric and Cassie," I say,

"Okay, say hi for me," Matilda says, "And I'll be round soon,"

"Okay, love you," I say,

"Love you too," She replies, we kiss and she heads out of the door, "Oh Ric and Cassie! Lucas was just about to see you, I have to pick up the twins, and I'll be back here soon," Matilda says,

"Hold it Matilda, this involves you too," Ric says, Matilda stops and walks back over to the kitchen table,

"Well, this was kind of unplanned, but it's enjoyable all the same…" Ric begins,

"Stop keeping us in suspense!" I say,

"I'm pregnant!" Cassie says,

"Oh my god!" Matilda squeals,

"I know!" Cassie says,

"Is this what I have to put up with mate? Two screaming girls?" Ric asks,

"You say that like it's a bad thing," I laugh,

"What's it like Luc? Being a dad that is," He asks me,

"It's brilliant, I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world," I say, the phone begins to ring,

"Madge!" Matilda exclaims.

Chapter Ten – School

I grab my suit out of the wardrobe, it was my first day as a teacher at Summer Bay High, having started to walk fully without the aid of a walking stick, I pull my shirt on as Matilda walks in,

"Flashy," She says, smiling at me, "A bit over the top isn't it? We are in Summer Bay after all," She says, throwing her arms around my neck,

"Maybe I want to make a good impression on my first day," I say, kissing her,

"You don't have to dress smart to make a great impression, just let them know how smart you are," Matilda says, kissing me softly, I meet up with Ric and we walk down to the school together, Ric pulls out two sheets of paper,

"Sal gave me these last night," He says, passing one sheet to me, "It's what your classes were doing before their teacher was doing before they left, and this is your timetable," He finishes, passing me the other sheet, I look down at it,

"Year 11 first period," I say, then look down at what they were doing, "Starting an assignment about the Great Writers…" I trail off, thinking of how I could make it an interesting,

"Mate," Ric says, "We're here," I look up and see we're standing directly outside SB High,

"It feels different, you know, standing out here, about to start my career," I say.

-About and hour later

I walk into A11, my first class of the new Semester, my first ever lesson as a teacher,

"Settle down everybody," I say as half the class scramble to get to their seats, "As you are probably aware, Mr. Hall has decided to retire after 30 years of teaching, and I'm going to take your class instead, I'm Mr. Holden, and just a bit of background info, I'm married, have twin girls, another one on the way and I'm 21 years old," I say, "Now, if you cast your minds back to last term, you were studying the "Great Writers" as they are known as, you are now going to do an assignment about one of them," The class groans,

"How much of this assignment counts towards our final grade?" A male student asks,

"Um… ah you must be Robert, I think I remember you from when I attended this school," I say, he nods, "It's 40% of your grade for this term, this assignment is to be thoroughly researched, presented in an appealing way, and you may work in a group of about 4," I say, a female girl rases her hand,

"Name?" I ask,

"Nicki Tomaszewski, sir, you've mentioned the criteria, but what does the assignment entail?" She asks me, I rummage through the paper I have on my desk, I pull out the assignment sheet,

"You are to research the life and works of one of the following, Maya Angelou, Charlotte Brontë, Virginia Woolfe, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain, you are to include excerpts from their work and in your own words what you think it means, for example, in Maya Angelou's book And Still I Rise, she writes, 'My crime is "heroes, dead and gone" dead Vesey, Turner, Gabriel, dead Malcolm, Marcus, Martin King. They fought to hard, they fought to well. My crime is I'm alive to tell' can anybody tell me what they think Angelou is saying through that passage?" I ask, I see one hand go up,

"Name and answer?" I ask, pointing to her,

"My name's Rosa, and I think that Maya is portraying her heritage, about America's hatred of African-Americans through the '60s, and how she felt guilty that whilst all those she mentioned made America see differently, they died, while she is still alive – survivors guilt!" She adds, looking at the confused faces in the classroom,

"Very good! You hit the nail right on the head Rosa!" I say, "The next thing you have to do is create handouts to draw attention to major points about his or her life, and present it to the class," I finish to loud, unhappy moans.

Ric's POV

I walk into the Staff Room and sit next to Lucas, who is reading a few sheets of paper,

"How was your first lesson?" I ask him; he looks up from the paper,

"Really great! I managed to at least teach them something about the great writers, there writing sometimes has meanings," He says,

"Is that all?" I ask him, thinking that in a double lesson that all he could teach students that books have meanings,

"Yeah, it may not seem a lot, but they then started talking about their assignment," He says, then trails on about how his other year 11 classes would understand, becoming bored after about 2 minutes, I start thinking about Cassie, and our child.

Chapter Eleven – Secrets

Matilda's POV – A Few Months Later

Cassie and I walk into the diner and sit down at one of the booths, I pull a few ultrasound pictures out of my pocket,

"As of today, I'm officially full term," I say, she looks at the pictures,

"Do you know the sex?" Cassie asks me, I nod,

"Lucas doesn't want to know, but I really wanted too, so I found out today, it's a boy!" I say excitedly,

"That's great!" Cassie says, hugging me, "Little Cisco Holden,"

"What's this about Cisco Holden?" Lucas says, walking over to us with Ric and the two girls, he looks from my face to Cassie's, "You found out the gender today, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but only because I couldn't wait," I say, pulling Belle up onto my knee and hugging her, the doing the same with Cate, "I wasn't going to tell you, I was going to keep it a surprise,"

"Oh well, the cat's out of the bag now," Lucas says, his mobile begins ringing, "Excuse me," He says, walking away from the table,

Lucas' POV

I answer my phone and place it to my ear, "Hello," I say,

"Hi, Lucas, it's Betty," She says, "I'm calling just to let you know that a court date's been set for Greg D'Silva, we need you and Ric to come and testify against him,"

"Why us?" I ask, walking back over to Ric, Cass, Mattie and the girls,

"Because Cassie and Matilda are pregnant, Matilda's full term, she could go into labour in court," She says,

"When's the date then?" I ask,

"October 25th," She says,

"Thanks for that Bette, I'll let Ric know," I say, then hang up,

"Let me know what?" Ric asks, I fill them in on what's happening,

-October 24th

Ric, Betty, and I walk into the hotel in Sydney we are staying at whilst awaiting the trial for Greg,

"I think I might go and have a drink," Ric says, "Anybody else? No, okay, see you later," He says, walking over to the bar,

"He can't go without a drink for a minute, can he?" Betty asks me, I nod,

"Only when he's worried," I say, "He's probably thinking about Cassie, this stay is probably the longest they've been away from each other since they married," I tell her, we walk up a flight of stairs and to our rooms,

"Listen, Lucas, I can trust you, right?" Betty asks me,

"Yeah, of course you can," I say, confused,

"I've been dying to tell someone this since I got here," She says, I look even more confused, "I'm in witness protection, I witnessed a drug lord get murdered, my real name is Victoria Amos, and Chris isn't my boyfriend, he's the guy they got to protect me," She says,

"What?" I say, feeling deeply confused,

"I'm in witness protection, and single," She says seductively, moving in and kissing me.

Chapter Twelve – Unfaithful

Betty's POV

Lucas begins kissing back, but pulls away almost straight away,

"I'm sorry Betty, but I can't," He says in a loud whisper, I nod,

"I've wanted to do that for a few months," I confess, as we walk into my room, "And I've wanted to tell someone about witness protection, and you're the only one I trust enough to do so,"

"I'm flattered you trust me that much, but I don't get why you're here if you're supposed to be in witness protection, I thought you were to keep out of public area's, what if this drug lord sees you?" Lucas asks,

"I've changed my looks so I can still carry on with policing, I'm a natural brunette, not a blonde, I look a lot tanner, and I've slimmed down," I tell him, we sit on my bed for hours talking about my whole witness protection ordeal,

"I better go see how Ric is," Lucas tells me,

"Thanks for listening, I've really wanted to get that off my chest," I say, he walks out of the room and I exhale deeply.

Lucas' POV

"Ric!" I call out through the bar, loud music pumping out of the speakers, "Ric!"

"I'm over here," He calls back from the other side of the room, I walk over to him and see about 10 empty glasses around him, "Where ya been?" He asks me,

"Nowhere special," I say looking around the bar, "What's going on?"

"Some celebration, all I know is they're handing out free booze," He says, he grabs me a glass from a waiter walking passed.

– A Few Hours Later

I walk up the stairs after about a dozen drinks and open the door to a room.

Betty's POV

Around midnight I hear the doorknob of the door in my room turn, I open my eyes and look up at the door, a figure walking in, I instantly recognise the person,

"Lucas," I say, "What are you doing here?" He doesn't answer, but he pulls of his shirt and gets on the bed, he moves in and starts kissing me, and, I start kissing back, soon he's undoing my bra, and a bit later, we're both completely naked…

– The Next Morning

Lucas' POV

I wake in the morning, my head pounding, I feel something hit my back and look I look round,

"Oh my God," I whisper as I see Betty lying next to me, I look around the room, our clothes strewn across it,

"Oh my God," I hear Betty say as she sees me next to her,

"Please tell me we didn't," I say, she nods,

"We did, I thought it was a dream to start with, but it must have been real," She tells me, "You better go,"

"Yep," Is all I can get out of me, I dress and walk to my room across the hall, hoping that Ric wasn't awake, "S**t!" I say as my mobile begins ringing, I start to feel even worse as I see Mattie's name flashing across the screen.

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Chapter Thirteen – Returns

I answer my phone almost instantly and continue walking into my room,

“Hello,” I say, pulling my shirt off, and throwing it onto the bed

“Hey Lucas,” Matilda says, “Why didn’t you call last night?” She asks me, I flush,

“Um, Betty and I were very busy,” I say as truthfully as I can, “With court stuff,” I add on quickly,

“It doesn’t matter anyway, you’ll never guess who showed up last night,” Mattie says, “Robbie and Tasha!” She says, not giving me a chance to answer,

“What? Are you serious? That’s great, I can’t wait until I see them! How are they, and how’s Ella?” I ask all in one, my mood a bit lighter than what it was, I hear the door open and look around, Ric walks in, clutching his head, obviously still pounding from the night before

“They’re fine, nothing much has changed, since you last saw them, but Ella, she is absolutely gorgeous, she looks a lot like Tasha!” Matilda tells me, as the door opens again and Betty walks in, I look away from her, feeling embarrassed,

“That’s awesome, we’ll I’ve gotta go Mattie, but I’ll call you again soon, love you,” I say, my mood changing

“Love you too,” She tells me, then I hang up.

“We’ve got to get ready, we’re due at the court in a few hours, we need to go through the notes that Morag sent me,” Betty says, “She’s going to meet us at the courthouse, where’s Ric?” She adds on,

“Throwing up,” I say, indicating the bathroom, and the sound of retching, “Um, about last night…” I begin, but Betty stops me,

“It was what I’d been hoping for ever since I got to know you,” She says, I flush again, going a deeper red,

“Listen, Victoria – ” I begin, but she cuts me off again,

“Call me Betty,” She says,

“Okay, Betty, I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that I returned your feelings, but the truth is, I was drunk, and subconsciously, I decided to come up to your room, and, you know the rest of the story,” I say,

“But if you decided to come up to my room, you must have some feelings forme, surely,” She says, I exhale deeply,

“Well, yeah, you’re attractive, and have a great personality, and if I wasn’t married, you’d be the kind of person I’d go out with,” I explain,

“So what’s the problem?” She asks, moving closer towards me,

“Haven’t you been listening, I’m married,” I say, her face moves closer to mine,

“That hasn’t stopped people in the past,” She says, and then kisses me, I kiss back, I pull away, but move in to kiss her again!

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Chapter Fourteen – Almost Sprung

Betty’s POV

Lucas continues to kiss me, as his hand runs up and down my back, almost complexly forgetting about Ric, he start to unbutton my shirt as the toilet flushes, he pulls away from me instantly,

“What’s going on?” Ric asks from the doorway, I look at Betty, hoping that Ric hadn’t seen us,

“Um, I need to go over a few of the notes about the case with you two,” She says, he nods with agreement. I sigh, glad that we hadn’t been caught,

– 1 Hour Later (Outside the courthouse)

Betty, Ric, and I walk over to Morag, who’s sitting at a table in what seems to be like a foyer,

“Lucas, Ric, it’s good to see you again,” She says as we sit down,

“It’s great to see you again too, Mrs. Bellingham,” I say, Ric nods in agreement,

“Call me Morag,” She says, “I trust Elizabeth filled you in on everything?” She asks us, we nod, my mobile begins ringing,

“Excuse me,” I say, and get up from the table, I look at the screen and see Mattie’s name, I answer,

“Hello,” I say,

“Hey Lucas, it’s Tasha,” Tash says,

“Hey Tash, what’s up?” I ask,

“Um, Mattie’s gone into labour, she wanted me to let you know,” Tash says, I breath heavily, I was hoping that I would be back in time for the birth, “Is there anything you want me to tell her?”

“Yeah, just tell her I miss her and I love her so much, and that I wish I was there with her,” I say, momentarily forgetting what had happened between Betty and me.

– A few hours later

I sit in my hotel room, looking at some of the pictures of Cisco, Tash and Rob had e-mailed me, from what I could tell, he had Mattie’s eyes and nose, my mouth, and a mixture of our ears, I hear the door open and I look around, I see Betty, she shuts then locks the door,

“I thought we could finish off what we started this morning,” She says, walking over to me,

“Betty, I really, really like you, but my wife has just given birth to my 3rd child, I love her to much to cheat on her more than I already have, and she wouldn’t cope well if she found out,” I say, Betty moves in and kisses me, and I kiss back, then pull away,

“Who said she would find out,” She said, kissing me again, I surrender and kiss her back.

Betty’s POV

Lucas pulls my shirt over my head, still kissing me, god! This is what I had been hoping for, ever since I had met him, I’d found him attractive, and after a while, I began to like his personality, I feel bad that I could break up his marriage, but you just have to do anything for love! I pull away from the kiss and pull his shirt off, and undo his belt, knowing that we were safe, Ric had gone back to the Bay to see Cassie, Luc pulls me into another kiss, we carry on kissing and stripping down until we are completely naked,

“We haven’t got any protection,” Lucas says, I shrug,

“We’ll have to risk it then,” I say to him, he nods slightly, before long, we're making love.

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Chapter Fifteen – If You Love Me (Let Me Know)

Lucas’ POV

I awake in the morning, my mind instantly crosses to Matilda and Cisco, but then to Betty, I look over at her and watch as she inhales and exhales as she sleeps, looking almost like a doll. I climb out of the bed and look around for my clothes; I look over at Betty again and smile, I had never felt this way for anyone, other than Mattie, over the past few days, I had sort of been regretting my choice of proposing to Mattie after she gave birth to the twins, I love her to bits, but I never really had the chance of having another proper girlfriend, if Belle had survived the chopper crash, then I'm pretty sure we would have gotten together, I was in grief when Mattie and I had first had sex, but I had never really stopped loving her, but I have always thought that we got married to young,

“Penny for your thoughts,” Betty said, looking at me,

“How long have you been awake?” I ask her, hastily picking up my shirt and pulling it on,

“Long enough to see something’s bothering you,” She says, I look at her, then to the computer screen, where to pictures of Cisco were still up,

“Oh, is this about Mattie and your kids?” She asks, I exhale deeply as I pull on my boxer shorts, and then my jeans,

“Yeah, but it’s also more than that,” I say, I then tell her about my worries and fears,

“Have you told Mattie that you feel this way?” She asks me, I shake my head,

“You’ll have to tell her, then work out where you go from there, if you stay married or divorce,” She says, I look surprised at the suggestion of divorce,

“I'd never divorce her, she’s been through to much, the fact she was almost raped when she was 14, then kidnapped by some creep at 15, broken hearted when she found me in bed with some random chick at 16, nothing happened,” I add, looking over towards Betty, “The explosion at my brothers wedding that left her scarred and then the pregnancy and her brother being shot only a few months after that,”

“You can’t stay with her just because you feel sorry for her; you need to think about your happiness as well,” Betty tells me,

“In don’t mean it like that, I love her, honestly,” I tell Betty,

“But when you voiced your concerns to me, you said you’re feelings for me are more intense and that your love for Mattie is more like friends with privileges,” She reminds me, I sigh and nod,

“We have to meet Ric and Morag at the courthouse in about an hour, I think we should get ready,” I say, trying to get off the topic of my love life,

“Okay,” Betty replies.

- 45 minutes later

“Hey,” Ric says to me and Betty as we walk up to him and Morag outside the courthouse,

“Hey,” I say, “What’s the news back in the Bay?” I ask,

“Nothing new, just that Matilda’s settling in with baby Cisco,” He tells me,

“Good,” Is all I can manage as we are ushered into the courthouse by Betty and Lara,

- Inside the courthouse

“Please take a seat,” The bailiff tells us as the judge sits down, we all take a seat and wait for him to speak,

“We are here on October 27th 2007 to conclude the case of Holden and Dalby vs. D’Silva, now, what have the jury decided on?” He asks the group of people on his left,

“On the charge of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm, guilty, on the charge of two counts of breaking and entering, guilty and on the charge of stalking and terrorising not guilty, and he is to receive 4 years in jail with a maximum non parole period of 3 years,” The head juror tells us,

“WHAT!” Ric and I shout out at once,

“4 years!” I say, “How could you not find him guilty of stalking us! Or terrorising us!”

“The evidence wasn’t substantial,” The juror tells us,

“What do you mean, ‘wasn’t substantial’, we had the notes he left my two clients, which I might remind you, read something like, ‘you won’t be so lucky next time, I’d watch my back if I were you, you’re dead!’ and then only a few weeks later, the car my clients were in ended up head first into a tree, after they had told no one that they were leaving Summer Bay, he must have followed them, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is classed as stalking,” Morag argues, but the juror ignores us and walks away.

Preview: Will Luc tell Mattie how he’s feeling, or about the affair he’s having

How will Matilda and Cassie react to the news that Greg D’Silva isn’t in jail for long?

Someone in the Bay is pregnant but who?

Lucas tells Jack and Martha about his concerns and affair, how will they react?

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Hey, thanks for the replies. I love hearing feedback about this fic! Here's the next chapter

Chapter Sixteen – Confessions of a Young Aged Love Rat

Betty, Ric, Morag and I head back to Summer Bay in complete silence, upset that he didn’t get more time, we had just past the “Welcome To Summer Bay” sign when Ric broke the silence,

“Did I tell you? Cassie had an ultrasound yesterday, and we found out the sex of the baby, we’re going to have a daughter!” He tells us enthusiastically,

“That’s great Ric,” I say, “It really is,” as Morag and Betty congratulate Ric more enthusiastically, I stare out the window and begin getting engulfed in my own thoughts, do I tell Mattie how I'm feeling? Do I tell her I've been sleeping with the blond next door? Should I tell anyone else about my affair? As I debate about whether or not to do the things, we pull up outside Noahs,

“Lucas,” Betty says, nudging me with her elbow, I break away from my thoughts and look out the window again,

“Oh,” I say, “I didn’t realise we were here,” I climb out of the car and walk into the bar, I see Robbie, Tasha, Dad, Beth, Mattie and Cassie standing over at one side, I walk over to them and pull Mattie into a passionate kiss,

“We won,” I tell her, “But not much, he’s in jail for 4 years, no parole for three, and he isn’t being charged with stalking and terrorising,”

“What!” Mattie and Cassie say in unison,

“That’s what we said,” Ric tells them, “Apparently there wasn’t enough evidence against him,”

“He broke into our houses, he left us threatening notes, he fu*king followed us out of Summer Bay, and then caused us to loose control of our car, nearly killing you and Lucas, how is that not called stalking and terrorising?” Cassie asks Ric, he shrugs his shoulders and looks at Morag,

“Why are you looking at me?” She asks, “I was sure he’d get time for stalking you lot, but there’s no point doing a retrial, he could lose time,” She says.

- The next day

The next morning, I decide to walk down to see Jack and Martha and tell them about my concerns, if anybody knew what I should do, I was sure it would be them, I would have gone to dad, but he’s Beth’s husband, he couldn’t keep the fact I'd cheated on his wife’s daughter a secret for long. I walk up to the door and knock on it, after a few seconds, Jack answers,

“Hey Luc!” He says, “What’s up?”

“Can I talk to you and Martha? It’s important,” I tell him, he looks concerned,

“Yeah, sure, come in,” He says, I fill both him and Martha in on what I had been doing for the past few nights, and what I had told Betty yesterday,

“What should I do?” I ask, “Do I tell her, or don’t I?”

“She deserves to know how you’re feeling,” Mack tells me, Jack nods in agreement,

“If you keep it lingering, she’s going to find out some way or another, and she’s going to be even more devastated if she finds out from a third party,” Jack tells me, I nod and thank them both,

“Oh, Lucas, there’s something we forgot to tell you!” Martha says excitedly, “You, are going to be an uncle! I'm pregnant!”

“Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me sooner, this is great news, congratulations!” I say, and walk back to my place, not wanting to hold out on telling Mattie any longer, I walk into the kitchen and find her washing dishes,

“Hey Luc, what’s up?” She asks me,

“Where are the kids?” I ask, not wanting them to be around for this,

“Cisco’s asleep and Cate and Belle are over at Sally’s with Pippa, why?” She asks me, I open my moth, but close it again,

“Lucas, will you please tell me what’s going on?” She demands

Preview: What will Lucas tell Matilda? How will she react?

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Thanks for your responses Shawtyy, here's the next chapter

Chapter Seventeen – Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Matilda’s POV

“Lucas, will you please tell me what’s going on?” I ask, feeling concerned,

“Well, Mattie, um, the thing is...”He begins, but trails away,

“What?” I ask softly, he avoids looking at me in the eyes,

“Um, Mack’s pregnant,” He says very fast, as if he doesn’t want to say it,

“Oh my God!” I squeal, knowing how much Martha has wanted a child since she and Jack married! “That’s great news!” I look over to him, and see he is still avoiding my eyes, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” He says, I look at him doubtfully,

“No, really Luc, you can tell me,” I say, he keeps ignoring me, so I keep pestering him, I really don’t like seeing him so upset,

“I cheated on you!” He shouts at me, I look at him, sort of taken aback,

“What?” I ask

Lucas’ POV

“I cheated on you!” I shout at Mattie as she pesters me for an answer,

“What?” She asks, looking at me with a confused but horrified expression,

“The night you were giving birth to Cisco, Betty and I slept together, but before that, the first night there, I'd had too much to drink and, I went up to Betty’s room, and you can imagine what happened after that,” I tell Mattie, I look over at her and see tears running down her face, I pull her into a hug, but she pushes me back, “And I told Betty how I was feeling, and I just don’t think I love you as much anymore,”

“I want you out,” Matilda says to me through deep sobs, “I want you out of this house now, before Cate and Belle get back,”

“Where can I go?” I ask her,

“I don’t know, you’re dads house, the caravan park, your girlfriend’s house, I don’t really give a f**k, as long as you leave me alone,” Mattie says to me

- Later that week

I wake up and walk to the kitchen, and see Betty sitting at the table, drinking coffee,

“Hey,” I say to her, she looks up at me and smiles,

“Were you planning on getting dressed this morning, or were you going to walk around all day practically naked?” She asks me,

“Now that’s a hard question, get dressed and go outside, or stay in my boxer shorts and inside with you? Now that’s a hard question,” I say, walking over to Betty and kissing her softly,

“I've got an answer for you, get dressed and we’ll go to the diner before I have to go to work,” She says to me, I shake my head,

“You know what Colleen and Irene are like, we’ll be given the cold shoulder,” I tell her, she stands up,

“I don’t care if we’re given the cold shoulder; I want to be with you in a public place. We can’t hide out forever you know, people will just have to get over the fact that we’re together,” Betty says, and I nod in agreement.

- At the diner

Betty and I walk into the diner and I see Mattie sitting with Ric and Cassie, and then I see Colleen,

“Maybe we should go,” I say to Betty, I must have said it loud enough because right after I complete the sentence Ric calls out to us,

“Yeah, maybe you should,” Betty ignores him and walks over to a booth and sits down, I walk over to Mattie,

“How are you feeling?” I ask her, Ric scoffs,

“How do you think she’s feeling?” He asks me, “Maybe hurt, upset, an-” He begins, but Mattie cuts across him,

“Oh, you know, as they say, silver threads and golden needles cannot mend this heart of mine,” She says angrily at me, “Come on, let’s go,” She says to Ric and Cassie,

“No, we’ll go, you were here first,” I say to her,

“I don’t want to interrupt your romantic breakfast,” She snaps at me and walks out of the diner with Ric and Cass.

Preview: We head into the future to see what happens after that day in the diner. Will Luc and Betty stay together? Will Cassie have a boy or a girl? Will Martha have a boy or a girl? Will Mattie find love again?

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Sorry i havn't updated sooner, we've just moved and the internet has just been connected.

Chapter Eighteen – The One Set 4 Months Later

Lucas’ POV

I walk into Summer Bay High and instantly run into Ric,

“Hi,” I say, he looks at me and nods,

“Hi,” He says stiffly, well, it’s a start, his first sorta kind word in months, I walk into my classroom and set up for the lesson, an hour later the bell rings,

“Sit down,” I say as students pile in two by twos or four by fours, “Open up your books to page 95,”

“Hey sir, is it true you left your girlfriend?” One student asks, “While she was pregnant?”

“No Tom, I didn’t leave her while she was pregnant,” I tell them,

“I thought you told us that she was pregnant, a few weeks back,” Nicki tells me,

“That’s because a few weeks back she was pregnant, but she wasn’t ready for kids and had the pregnancy terminated without telling me, and tried to pass it off as a miscarriage, but I found out from Dr. Armstrong that she had got rid of it, and we just broke apart, now open your books to page 95!” I say, not really wanting to discuss my private life in depth with teenagers, “Okay, where were we up to? Ah, yes, ‘I took a deep breath. Well, in the first place you never stopped to gimme a chance to tell you my side of it – you just lit right into me. When Jem an’ I fuss Atticus doesn’t just listen to Jem’s side of it, he hears mine to, he hears mine too.’ Now what does that tell us about 1930’s Southern America?”

- Later

I walk out of the schoolyard and down to the diner where I was meeting Jack and Martha. I walk past the beach and Matilda walks up to me,

“Hey,” She said politely, “I heard about Betty and the termination, how are you feeling?” She asks me, I shrug,

‘I don’t really know, I mean how should I feel, it’s not like it was born and I’d grown attached to it, but on the other hand, it was my own flesh and blood and feel upset that she didn’t tell me,” I tell her, we sit on the beach for hours just talking about things, life, school and love,

“Do you think you’ll ever find love again?” She asks me, I shrug again,

“No idea, what about you?” I ask her,

“Maybe, at the moment I’m hung up on this guy I know,” She says, moving in and placing a kiss on me, I kiss back, but pull away almost instantly,

“I’m sorry Mattie, but I don’t feel that way about you anymore, can’t we just stay friends?” I ask, she nods,

“I guess so,” She says, “I had a feeling that you and I wouldn’t work out after the divorce, but to let you know, I’ll never stop loving you,”

“I better go,” I say almost instantaneously after she says that, “I was supposed to meet Jack and Martha a while ago,”

“Bye,” I hear Mattie shout as I rush off,

Jack’s POV

“Where’s Luc?” I ask myself as I look at my watch, “He was supposed to be here hours ago!”

“Maybe he got held up at work,” Martha says to me,

“Yeah, I guess so,” I say to her, I hear the front door open, and then see Lucas walk in,

“Sorry I’m late! Mattie and I ended up talking, and then we decided to stay friends,” Lucas tells us,

“That’s a bad idea,” Martha says,

“Why?” I ask, “Aren’t you friends with any of your exes?”

“Nope, it just doesn’t seem right, and if you get into any fights, they are way bigger than what they would usually be,” She tells me and Luc,

“I’ve never had that problem, we’ve all remained friends,” I tell her,

“What about Amy Jones, you and her hate each others guts now,” Lucas says, I nod,

“Well, she was too up herself, not down to Earth enough,” I say,

“Enough about exes; how was the ultrasound?” Luc asks us,

“It was so weird, looking at that tiny body,” I say, and it was, it was the first time I had the time to attend an ultrasound,

“You’ll never believe who we saw at the hospital,” Martha says to Lucas, “It was Cassie, they had to induce labour because of health problems, according to Rachel, something to do with the baby’s cardiac tissue, she had a girl,”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner, I’d have gone and seen her,” Lucas tells us.

Preview: Does Martha have a boy or a girl? Will Lucas and Matilda get back together? Ric and Cassie’s relationship is in trouble... again. Will there marriage survive?

Thanks for being patient!

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Chapter Nineteen – Together

Lucas’ POV

I walk along the beach, deep in thoughts, why did I ever cheat on Matilda? It was the stupidest thing I have ever done, I mean, with her, I guess it was love, not just friends with benefits, lust overcame me, I suppose,

“Lucas!” I hear Ric call out, I turn around and see him rush towards me,

“Hey!” I say to him as he catches up to me, ‘What’s up?”

“Have you ever done anything so stupid that you regret it?” He asks me,

“Think about how Mattie and I broke up!” I remind him,

“Oh... yeah. What did you do about it, oh. Sorry!” He says to me, before sitting down on the sand,

“What did you do?” I ask, sitting down next to him,

“Promise you won’t judge me,” Ric says to me, he glares at me and I nod.

“Of course I won’t, you’re my best friend!” I tell him, he takes a deep breath,

“I, um, erm, slept with someone else, not Cassie,” He says quickly,

“What! How could you do something so stupid! Did you ever consider how Cassie would feel about this!” I shout at him,

“It gets worse,” He says, “It wasn’t just some random person, it was, well, Henry,” He says, my jaw drops and I look at him shocked for at least two minutes, not saying a word, my mouth opening and closing like a goldfishes,

“Henry, as in Henry Adam Hunter, my ex-wife’s brother, as in a guy!” I say when I finally get my voice back,

“Well, yeah, he invited me up to his farm, and things just, sort of happened,” He tells me, I stare at him, open-mouthed,

“Are you going to tell Cassie?” I ask him as soon as I get my voice back again, he looks at me solemnly,

“That’s the thing, I don’t think I can tell her, she’s been under a lot of stress lately, staying at the hospital while Joy develops more,” He tells me, “So I think I might hold it off,”

“You can’t do that, you were unfaithful, Cass needs to know,” I say to him, he pulls out his mobile and starts writing a txt, as son as he finishes, he passes the phone over to me, I look at the screen, it reads;

Cass, need to tell you that I’m gay and that I’m leaving you, from Ric.

I stare at the screen, not believing it,

“Listen, mate,” I say to him sternly, “You cannot break up with your wife via a text message,”

“Too late,” he said, putting his phone back in his pocket, I just did!”

5 Months Later

Matilda and I walk hand in hand along the beach, lost in the moment, just looking as the sun set, turning the sky a warm and pleasant orangey-pink, you see, Mattie and I had finally agreed to a counselling session, and we realised we were still in love,

“Happy birthday Lucas,” Matilda says to me again, still not looking away from the sky, I small and place my hand in my pocket, and pull out a ring box,

“Matilda Harriet Jane Hunter,” I say, getting down on one knee, she looks at me with a shocked expression, “Will you do me the greatest honour and give me your hand in marriage?”

“Yes!” She says excitedly, trowing herself at me and kissing me passionately, I kiss her back, and we carry on for hours, forgetting the events of the years that had past and the trouble we had, we just clung to each other, as if to say we never wanted to be separated again.

The Next Day

I awake in the morning laying on the beach, my shirt and pants about 50 meters away and Mattie’s head laying on my chest, I look at her as she sleeps, I can’t believe how gorgeous she looks! I stroke her hair softly before she awakes,

“I love you,” I say as she opens her eyes, she nods in agreement and picks up her bra,

“What time is it?” She asks me; I look down at my watch,

“5am, why?” I ask her; forgetting the fact we were on a public beach,

“I don’t want people seeing us like this!” Mattie says, getting dressed, “And I have to go and see Cassie, her divorce is coming through today,” Mattie said, pulling me into a hug, before walking down the beach, I smile as I watch her as she pulls on her shirt.

- Later

I walk up the steps and into Northern District Hospital and into Martha’s hospital room,

“Hey Luc,” Martha said, cradling her baby, “How did it go?”

“She said yes!” I say excitedly, Martha nods, and gives Jack her child,

“That’s excellent! I'm so happy for you!” Martha tells me, throwing her arms around my neck,

“Have you decided on a name?” I ask Jack, he nods,

“Samantha Elizabeth,” Jack tells me.

In the next chapter, i recall how Ric and henry fell in love and how Lucas and Matilda got back together, which leads into the final chapter.

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This chapter is just a filler, which ties up loose ends, this will then lead into a final chapter, which will (hopefully) tie off all the loose ends. Hope you enjoy, and your suggestions on what should happen in the final chapter are always welcome, just post them in the topic or PM or e-mail me.

Chapter Twenty – Past

Lucas’ POV

I slowly sit down in front of the video camera, planning what to say, Matilda pushes her finger down on the record button, I inhale deeply,

“Hi dad and Beth! I thought it was time I filled you in on what’s been happening over the last two years,

“It’s been ages since we last spoke, I hope everything is going well in Paris and that you, Scott, Hayley, Noah and Ken are all okay. Well, me and Mattie have been back together for a few years and we’ve realised we never really told you how we got back together, it all started like this...

“Matildas was given a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover (a book banned in Australia), and you know her, not much of a reader, so she gave it to me, and after reading it, I realised that I had given up the best thing in my life for meaningless sex, stupid, I now know, but true,, so I went over to her place and we eventually sorted things out, we spoke for hours, and after loads of sucking up, and a few promises, we decided to give it another go. One promise, off of the top of my head was that I had to remain celibate for 6 months, which was hell, but I got through it, and the best thing that came from that promise was that once the 6 months were up, we had the best make up sex ever! I bet you don’t want to hear tis, but I'm gonna tell you anyway, we went out for a picnic on the beach, and the next thing either of us knew, we were naked, and I'm not going to tell you the rest, because Matilda will kill me, and then the next morning, I proposed. We’ve kept our promise and opted for the long engagement, to see if we were still deeply in love and ready to get married. It’s worked and we’re planning the wedding at the moment, we’ll send you out all the information when as we decide on it.

“Anyway, Summer Bay has never been this interesting. Leah and Dan have been undergoing IVF, and have been informed that their last try was successful, The BeachSide Diner was closed due to foundation problems, and Leah, Irene and the new guy in town, Roman, have stated their opening up a new diner, near Alf’s jetty. Planning is well underway, and it should be completed mid-this year. They’ve stuck with the name style, calling it the WarfSide Diner, original, eh? Sally and Brad left Summer Bay, seeing as how Cassie has moved on from Ric, and is now very happy with Aden Jeffreys, who’d have thought? She’s still very upset about losing custody of baby Joy, but she’s enjoying life as an almost bachelorette, which brings me to Ric and Henry. I don’t know how much they have told you, with you being Henry’s parents and all, so I’ll give you a brief run-down of events...

“Ric was struggling to cope with Joy’s heart deficiency, which, as Rachel has put it, fixed over time as the heart grew stronger, so he called up Henry and they went out bar hopping, to help Ric forget about his troubles, and they both ended up completely trashed, and ended up in bed with one another, they’ve been in love ever since.

“Okay, enough about Ric and Henry, I left off at the diner, so I’ll move along to Noah’s and let me just say, Martha was the perfect choice to sell it to, she’s been making so much business, but then again, that could be due to the fact almost all the female population in Summer Bay head down there every Saturday night to see a new male resident strip every week. She somehow managed to get jack, Aden, Roman, and even me to participate once, and the rest of the time she hires a professional.

“Jack’s revelling in his new role as father and as Detective Senior Constable, alongside Fitzy, he couldn’t be happier, and neither can Martha.

“You probably know that Robbie, Tasha and Kit have made the move back to Summer Bay, and they love it here even more than the last time they were living here. Ella is incredibly mature for a 7 year old, just like Tash, but she can also be so stubborn, just like Robbie.

“Well, I better go. I hope you enjoy Paris, give me or Matilda a call when you get this, we both send our love, and Cat, Belle and Cisco say they miss you. Bye.” I finish, and Matilda presses the stop button.

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Well, here it is, the final chapter, I hope you have enjoyed it all the way through. I'm not going to push it and write a third unles people find it necessary, it may seem a bit rushed, but i put days into this to make it just right, I've tied up all the loose ends in the epilouge at the end.

Chapter Twenty-One – End

Matilda’s POV

“Is that everything?” Roman asks me, climbing down from the ladder he was using to put up decorations for the wedding reception tomorrow,

“That should do, for now anyway, if there’s something else that needs adding, I’ll let you know,” I tell him as I place the name cards on a group of tables,

“Are you sure that’s going to work out?” Lucas asks, looking over my shoulder,

“Am I sure what is going to work?” I ask him, he looks down at the seating arrangement again,

“I know I left this for you to do, but I wish you would have consulted me before putting Cassie, Ric, Henry and Aden at a table together,” He tells me,

“I don’t see the problem, last time Ric and Cassie were together they were fine,” I say, referring to last weeks, when we made the final plans for the wedding,

“I see a huge problem that you probably haven’t heard about,” he tells me, before walking off, I follow him,

“What’s the huge problem?” I ask, “If it’s going to affect the wedding, shouldn’t I know,” I see Cassie walking in, looking angry and hurt, Aden following after her, nursing his hand,

“That is part of it,” Lucas says, pointing to them, “Ric got custody of Joy for the Christmas holidays, breaking a Gentleman’s Deal he had with Cassie that every second year he would giver her Joy, well, Cassie called his a heartless fairy and Ric went off!” Lucas tells me, I stumble on the expression,

“You mean he left?” I ask, confused,

“No, he literally went off, through a punch at Aden, and Aden retaliated, there was a large brawl, I'm surprised you didn’t hear it!” Lucas tells me, I look at Cassie and sigh, I can’t believe the pain she is going through, Lucas and I were never this catty in our divorce, but then again, he didn’t leave me for a guy, which would make things even more awkward, I walk over to Aden and Cassie,

“How are you?” I ask her, tears beginning to form in her eyes,

“I can’t believe he can be this heartless, can’t he accept that she’s my daughter too, I let him have her for 48 weeks a year, and all I expect are 4 weeks at Christmas, and he turns me down,” Cassie says, bursting into tears, Aden gives her a tissue before putting his arm around her,

“Do you reckon you could stand at the alter with him while Luc and I get married?” I ask her, “And if we move him and Henry from the bridal table?” I ask her, she thinks about it for a moment before slowly nodding,

“I can’t let this fight ruin your wedding, I’ll be fine.” Cassie says to me, before pulling me into a hug.


I wait at the doors of the church, smiling, it was finally here, the day I had been waiting for, for years, Tony grasps my arm and I hear the music begin to play, the church doors open and I walk up the isle, looking at Lucas, his blue eyes meeting mine, and at that moment, I realised even more that this was the absolute right thing to do, we make it to the top of the isle and I look deeply into his eyes, knowing true love would keep us together, not even Betty Evans could take the love we share for each other away from us,

“We are assembled here to witness the joining in marriage of Lucas and Matilda, do you come freely, without reservations to give yourselves to each other in marriage?” The celebrant asks,

“I do,” Lucas says

“I do,” I say

“Will you love and honour each other as husband and wife for the rest of your lives?” The celebrant asks

“I will,” Luc says

“I will,” I say,

“And will you accept children lovingly from god, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his church?” The celebrant asks

“I will and have,” Luc says

“Same here,” I say

“Pass your bouquet to your bridesmaid,” The celebrant instructs me; I pass it to Cassie, “Now face each other and hold hands and make your vows,” The celebrant tells us, we face each other and grasp each others hands,

“I Lucas Anthony Holden take you matildas Harriet Jane Hunter to be my wife, I promise to be true to you, this time, in good times and in bad, and to love and honour you for the rest of my life,” He says,

“You better. I, Matilda Harriet Jane Hunter take you Lucas Anthony Holden to be my husband, I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, and to love and honour you for the rest of my life,” I say to him,

“The rings please,” The celebrant says, Aden pulls them out of his jacket and places them on the celebrant’s bible, “May the lord bless these rings, which you give to each other as a sign of your love and fidelity,” he says making the symbol of God above them with her fingers, he gives Luc my ring he places it on her finger, I do the exact same, “With the authority vested in me, and before the eyes of god, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride,” The celebrant says, Lucas puts his face close to mine,

“This time’s forever, Mrs. Holden,” he whispers gently, we kiss softly,

“It better be,” I whisper back, kissing him more passionately, we hear the crowd erupt in applause.

The End


After Lucas and Matilda got married, Betty showed up, and confessed an undying love for Lucas, who rejected her, on her way out of Summer Bay she was involved in a high speed collision and died on impact, Lucas was never able to forgive himself, thinking he had caused the accident, he went his whole life wondering if he had let her down gently, would she still be alive today. Matilda was promoted to deputy principle of Summer Bay High. Cassie and Aden had two more children, Flynn and Max, sadly max died nearly 20 years later of a drug overdose, Cassie was unable to cope and had mental breakdown, straining her relationship with Aden, they sorted things out. Henry and Ric made amends with Cassie and Aden and bought a share in the caravan park when it was going through hard times; they moved in with them and resolved the Joy issue. Beth and Tony had a surprise when Beth found out she was pregnant and became a healthy, older mother to Lucas and Matilda’s sister Miranda. Rachel gave birth to a boy called Jonathan, and Martha and Jack had one more child, whom they called Alan.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you think I should write a third, make the suggestion and I might write one, but in my opinion three is pushing it a bit much, as i said at the beginning.


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