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Irene, Kane, Rocco

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Name: Irene, Kane, Rocco

Type: long fic

Main Characters: Irene Roberts, Kane Phillips, Rocco Cooper

BTTB Rating: G/A

Genre: Love, Romance, Drama, a little swearing and a little violence

Any Warnings: only that there are a couple of words and hitting used...not much though...and some romance...

Spoilers: No none

Summary: ok, in this story Kane is 31 years old and had an affair with his teacher Irene Roberts 17 years ago leading them to have a son Rocco who was addopted and never heard from again until recently when he made contact with his parents. Now there in for a rude awakening when their bad boy son to town and their secret comes out.

So it's not confusing.

Student (father): Kane Phillips

Teacher (mother): Irene Roberts

Their son: Rocco cooper

Kane's girlfriend: Amanda Vale

Irene's partner: Martin Bartlett

Irene's daughter: Jazz Roberts (orginally Jazz Curtis)


Amanda walked into the kitchen and put her arms around Kane.

"Hey you" she said

"Hey i gotta go. I'm late for work" Kane told her as he kissed her goodby.

Kane was part owner of the gym after going into business with Tony.

After he left Amanda sat down to read the paper and eat her breakfast, when she heard continues banging on the door.

She sighed and got up to open it

"Ok, ok i'm coming" she mutted to herself

She opened the door to find a guy bent over infront of her and she smiled

He turned around

"Hey i need a place to crash, and i need some money. How much can you give me?" Rocco barged in and asked Amanda.

"What?" she asked, not knowing what was going on.

He saw her purse sitting on the table and grabed $450 out of it.

"Thanks babe" he said and shut the door.


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