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The Other Side - Letter From The Dead

Guest Cerise

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Type of story: Oneshot

Rating: G

Main Characters: JM

Genre: None, really

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Five years after Jack's mysterious death, Martha finds out that maybe it was a shock to the Summer Bay residents but not so much to Jack...

- I've been doing a lot of Oneshots lately, but it's because your only commited to one part and then that's it. Basically it's to build up my confidence for another long Fic. :)

Letter From the Dead

She fought her way up the old ladder, that led her into the ancient, dust-covered attic. A dim light shone threw a narrow window, letting her make out boxes that stood everywhere and Cobwebs that stretched from one corner to the other, giving it a slightly spooky look.

Martha had never gone up there, it had been Jack who threw the cardboard up there carelessly and always sat on a flea-bitten piece of turquoise furniture by the window that gave him just enough light to read. He had said it was comfy up there, but as Martha sat down she realized it was anything but, and it occurred to her that he was probably just trying to get away from it all...

Sometimes she wished she could do that. But wouldn't everyone, if their husbands died mysteriously, no trace that someone poisoned, strangled, stabbed or shot him.

The police investigated, but to no avail. It was as if his heart had suddenly just stopped, but there was no sign of any sickness or disease.

Sinking deep into Jack's favorite chair, a folded up piece of paper, stained with age caught her attention. A six letter word written in faint, faded black ink spelt the word 'Martha'.

Her name.

Hastily, she picked it up, unfolding it with trembling fingers. It was his handwriting, she was sure of it.

I figured I'd leave this letter here, as I'm sure this will be the first place you'll go to after I die. I know this, because if you were in my shoes, I would grieve in your favorite place. Well, not that woman's club you love.

There is no denying I will be murdered, tonight, 1st of January 2008. I can not explain it all in the one letter, I have not the time. I just want you to know that I need you to move on. My death will seem a big mystery, I am sure of it. I just want you to know I know whats happening, and I shall not be afraid.

I love you Martha.

Have a great life. I will always be there for you.

Even when you don't know it.

And the tears started spilling before she knew it.


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