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Calling all Aussies

Guest Liz

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My boyfriend used to live in Australia and he has a song lyric stuck in his head by an Aussie artist which he estimates hearing in 1987, but has no idea who it is by or what the title of the song is. After searching all over the internet, he's resigned to asking me make a plea for him to any Aussies who have any idea where this comes from:

It was Austraila Day in (1984?)

Nothing much was going on.

That's all he has! Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, y'all! :D

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No luck yet, but this turned up in a search:

Every day is Australia day - “Sons and Daughters” and “Home and Away”.

And then the news comes on and the sound goes down,

‘Cos she can’t be bothered with all them politicians -

"They’re all just a bunch of flaming drongos".


Full lyrics to whatever the heck this is here lol (a bit of strong language, so beware): http://mickeymo.blogspot.com/2008/04/best-...yrics-ever.html

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any chance of it being this?

Track: Southern Sky

Artist: Paul Norton

Lyrics: It was an Australia Day, 1985. Nothin much was goin' on then. Sitting in the same old eyes, they were singing, something about the rain. It was an Australia Day and I'll never be the same. Oooh can you hear me? Ohhh can you feel me? Yeah - you're alive and well, living under a Southern Sky.

thats all i could find of the lyrics, i don't know if thats all of them.

i got it off this site


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