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Unmissable week ahead!

Guest simmins

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thanks for Neighboursfans.com

Monday 12th May

After learning that he is not Ned and Stu's brother, Steve uses denial rather than anger to deal with the shocking news that Jim isn't his real father. Steve rises above the hurt to hear Jim out, only to be hit by a worse revelation: Steve's real father was Jim's best mate; and Jim is the man responsible for the death of Steve's real father.

Tuesday 13th May

Paul thinks he has solved the blackmail mystery only to learn it’s worse than he thought. Paul receives an anonymous text message that points to a second, unrelated blackmailer. With their happiness at stake, Paul, Elle and Kirsten realise that the danger is bigger then they feared.

Wednesday 14th May

Fearing Carmella's disapproval of Elle may sway her generosity in Chloe's access negotiations, Oliver decides to keep

his relationship with Elle a secret. However, in the midst of custody negotiations, Sienna tells Carmella of Oliver and

Elle's relationship. Feeling deceived, Carmella pulls back on the access arrangement and declares Elle will have nothing to do with her baby. Marco, worried by the extent of Carmella's anger, wonders if Carmella's outburst is based around her unresolved feelings for Oliver?

Thursday 15th May

Upset that she will never have a chance with Steve, Nicola seduces Riley again and shocks him in the heat of the moment when she calls out Steve's name. Appalled that Nicola has been using him as a substitute for his dad, Riley is distracted and runs over Chris Knight's dog, leading to a dangerous meeting with Bridget.

Friday 16th May

Ty's astonished to hear Rachel's beautiful singing voice but she refuses all attempts to share her talent. Discovering the emotional pain behind Rachel's reticence, Ty works hard to help her heal, earning Susan and Karl's respect.

Sounds like quite a heavy week ahead. The first week's episode of the new Neighbours boss.

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