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The NZ sigs were beautiful. :wub: NZ seems to be a beautiful country. I wish the beaches over here were that beautiful. :(


These are my favourites. They're great. :wub:

Love the Tessa James sig. :wub:

The animated sigs are really nice. :D But you should post a link to see them because I think animated images aren't allowed on this forum.

Awwww thanks very much, Yes NZ is a beautiful country, I'm so excited coz i get to go down to Queenstown (South Island) and i've never been to the South Island (I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED & ONLY 5 WEEKS TO GO!)

You're just getting better and better! I really like that last batch of icons and my favorite is the Kate one. Those animated signatures is gorgeous too, esp "the boys" one. Good job!

Thank you glad you like my work

Sorry to be off topic,

Katie, you will definitely enjoy Queenstown. Although i have been there a lot, it seems to change everytime.

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