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2008 - I Want You To Leave The Bay With Me

Guest Skykat

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The news of Cassie having HIV has spread all around the bay and finally gets back to her. She then confronts Sally, Ric and other residents of the caravan park of how upset she is. She storms out the van park house with Sally running after her. Cassie doesn’t know this, jumps into her car and accidentally reverses into Sally. Sally does recovers in hospital, but has a nervous breakdown thinking she can’t trust anyone and everyone she loves is trying to hurt her. She eventually has counselling and recovers from what has happened but decides although there have been many happy times in the Bay, she has experienced just as many bad times. She then decides that it is finally time for her to move on, somewhere where she can start afresh and make new happy memories for herself and more importantly somewhere Pippa can grow up happy.


(Cassie knocks on the door to Sally’s room, Sally pretends to be asleep but Cassie still enters)

Cassie: Sal…Sally.

(Sally continues to pretend she’s asleep)

Cassie: I’m so sorry. I never wanted any of this to happen. It’s all my fault, I’m so

Stupid. (She starts to cry) I guess I deserve all of this. You’re the best thing in

My life. When I had no one, you took me in and have cared for me ever since.

I’ve just ruined it all and drove you away from your own home. I…I don’t

know what I’ll do without you Sal.

(Cassie gets up and begins to leave, Sally opens her eyes)

Sally: Cassie

Cassie: oh, Sally. I thought you were asleep. I’m sorry, I’ll leave.

Sally: no, Cassie, wait.

(Cassie stops and turns around)

Sally: I heard everything you said and you’re right. It’s selfish of me to leave you

Now when you probably need me the most. That’s why I want to ask you

something. Cassie, Will you leave the Bay with me?

(Cassie’s stares at Sally, END OF SCENE)

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