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2008 - Sally's Secret

Guest Skykat

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There is only Sally and big Pippa and of cause Tom did too. Who have known all these years Sally’s, very, very dark secret.

But now Miles is back in her life, how long will it be before he finds out Sally’s secret?


The Caravan Park.


Sal, will you just tell me. You have been acting weird for days now.

Sally’s face pales, she puts her head down. Her lip quivers...


It can’t be that bad? Surly!!


I have been meaning to tell you for years.

Sally takes a deep breath.


Hey, come here.

Leah walks up to her. Put her arms around Sally. Sally pulls away.



Sally runs out the door.



Leah goes after the very, distressed Sally but Sally is already in her car.


Sally, wait!

Leah manages to, get to the passenger side of her car. Climbs in.


Come on Sal, Please talk to me.

Sally, still looking away from Leah. With fresh tears in her eyes. Running down her sodden red cheeks.

Sally stumbles with her words. Takes a deep breath in...


I... killed my mum.


Don’t be silly, how you could have killed, and your mum. You were only about 3 yrs old.

Sally is hysterical, now.


It was my entire fault, she died…. I… was in the boat with them. I…

I had seen a swan in the water. I went across to the other side of the boat to have a better look.

Sally Paused for a few seconds.

Leah stroked Sal’s hair and wiped the tears from her own eyes, before wiping the tears from Sally red sodden face.


Hey come here it’s not your, fault!! Do you here me. It was an accident.

Sally takes a deep breath. And begins to say something.

Sally: They covered it up, so it looked like an accident. So I would not feel guilty. When I was old enough to understand.

Leah: Why do you have to leave the bay, Miles will understand. So will everyone else.

Sally: No they will not.

Leah was just about to say, something. When Sally asked to be left alone.

Leah got out the car, Sally drove off at speed.


Sally!!! Come back,

It was too late, Sally was gone.

It was a very, very long three hours. Thankfully. Leah heard Sally’s car pull up.

Leah and Miles came rushing out to Sal’s car.

Sally got out the car, and almost collapsed. With emotions.

Miles: What’s this I heard, your going to leave the bay.

Why, sis why. You are not responsible for mum’s accident.

Sally looks in Leah’s direction.


Sorry Sal, I thought he’d got a right to know.

Sally, looked beyond Leah and Miles, There was Colleen. In the distance.

Sally: I have to leave, I don’t want Little Pippa. Growing up, being bullied and teased. Over my past.

Miles and Leah tried to reason with her. It was not good.


I have made my mind up. I’m leaving as soon as I can.

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