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2008 - African Adventure

Guest Skykat

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Sally has been waking in the night after having recurring dreams about an orphanage in Africa where children have been calling her name.

She later receives a letter from Floss who has left the Circus. She has been in Ghana for the last 6 months helping out at an orphanage. Sally thinks it’s a little strange that Floss is in the place she has been dreaming about but doesn’t give it a second thought.

Floss arrives in Summer Bay a week later and tells Sally that she has been having visions about Sally doing wonderful work at the orphanage in Ghana. When Sally tells Floss about her dreams, Floss suggests that it could be Sally’s destiny to go there. She tells Sally that she could start a new life there with Pippa.

Sally is reluctant at first. Although she has been thinking of making a fresh start somewhere, she’s worried that Ghana might not be a suitable place for Pippa to grow up.

After talking with Floss about the orphanage and the area in Ghana, Sally sees that it could be a fantastic experience for Pippa and somehow it makes sense for them to move there. She can feel that these children need her.



Sally is cleaning up the kitchen after she has been baking. Leah knocks on the door.


(walks in and sees the mess)

Hi Sal, wow you’ve been busy!


Yeah, I know. Pippa and I were baking this morning. It’s taking me longer to clear up than it did to make the cakes!

(starts to wipe the table)

Thanks for coming. How’s VJ feeling now?


He’s ok. The doc said it’s tonsillitis so he’s got antibiotics. Dan’s looking after him and is probably letting him have far too much ice cream!


Aw, well if it makes him feel better!


Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, let me give you a hand while you tell me all about this big news you have.

(picks up a dirty baking tray and carries it to the sink)

I’ve been dying to know since you asked me to come over.


Thanks, but this can wait.

(She takes the baking tray out of Leah’s hands and puts it on the side.)

Let’s go and sit down.

(They walk into the lounge. Leah sits in the chair and Sally sits on the sofa looking a little nervous but excited.)


So? Does this have something to do with Floss? You’ve seemed a bit distant since she arrived.


Well yeah, in a way.


You’re going to think this is silly but lately I’ve been having these strange dreams. They’ve been so vivid, so real. These children, African children, have been calling out my name, like they need me.


(reassuringly and intrigued)

It’s not silly at all, Sal. I think dreams can be very powerful.


Then Floss came back and told me about the orphanage she has been helping at in Ghana.

(passes photos of the children to Leah)

These kids are so bright and have so much going for them but they don’t have enough teachers to help them learn or to take care of them. It breaks my heart to think of their potential going to waste.


(looks at the photos sympathetically and then at Sally)

I know, I agree. It’s so easy to take our lives for granted. (pauses)

I think back to my school days and how I’d moan about having to go! (laughs a little and pauses) But what exactly are you saying?


When Floss showed me photos of the children it was as if I already knew them. I almost recognised their faces. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I want to experience something new. The kids have grown up so much. Cassie has Henk, Ric and Martha have their own lives now. They don’t need me anymore.

(pauses) I love Summer Bay and it will always be in my heart but I feel like I’m needed somewhere else now. So, (takes a deep breath and looks at Leah)

(At the same time as Sally speaks Colleen comes to the door and also speaks)


I’ve decided to move to Ghana!


Yoo hoo, only m

(pauses mid-speech with a look of horror on her face as she realises what Sally has just said)

What? Oh my goodness!

(Colleen runs out of the house. Sally stands up. Sally and Leah look at the door where Colleen was)



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