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2008 - Facing The Future

Guest Skykat

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Sally has been selected to participate in a faculty exchange program sponsored by the Education Department and the University of Wisconsin School of Education. It is a new partnership and the Education department has selected several faculty members from through out the state to be part of the program. Sally has to decide by Friday if she wants to be a part of this. It would require some time being based in Sydney and a full year in the United States. It’s a big change for Sally to contemplate with finally meeting her long lost brother and a community she has grown up in and grown to love. Leaving Summer Bay will be difficult for Sally and she is having a hard time deciding what to do.


Interior: Summer Bay House

Leah knocks at the door and a distracted Sally answers it.

Sally: Leah. (sounds a bit surprised) Come on in.

Leah enters and the two walk to the living room and sit down on the sofa.

Leah: I hear you’re leaving the Bay.

Sally: Colleen’s talking again, isn’t she?

Leah: You know Colleen, she loves a good gossip, so what’s going on?

Sally: The Education Department wants me to participate in being a part of an education exchange program between us and the University of Wisconsin School of Education in Madison, Wisconsin. I would be placed in a local high school after some observing and teach in the United States. The school of thought is it will broaden our horizons with an exchange of ideas.

Leah: Sounds intriguing.

Sally: It is, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve spent a good part of my life here and the idea of leaving scares me. I finally met my long lost brother and so many people depend on me here. It’s a difficult decision to make. How did you decide to go to the U.S. with Dan?

Leah: (sighs a bit) Well, at first I didn’t want to go, but I realized I couldn’t stand in the way of Dan’s dream. He wanted this so much and I felt it would be selfish of me to stop it. When I found out he died I was devastated I didn’t spend more time with him and go to the U.S. when he did, but I had responsibilities here to deal with before I could join him. I regret that, but I know in my heart that we had a wonderful life that was tragically cut short. I miss him, but I have Dan with me always. He is here (points to her head) and here (points to her heart). He will never be far from me wherever life takes me.

Sally: It sounds good, but it really is hard to implement in the mind.

Leah: No, it isn’t. You will always be a part of Summer Bay, as Summer Bay will always be a part of you. It will always reside in your heart and mind, never far for you to go to when you need a safe place. Plus with e-mail and even slow air mail you can always stay in touch with us.

Sally: True, but it doesn’t make it easier to decide what to do. Does it?

Leah: No, but you can’t let the past dictate your future. Johnny couldn’t let go and look what happened to him. He terrorized you, because he couldn’t let go of what happened to Rocco.

Sally: You’re right. Pippa is young enough she might enjoy the adventure. Cassie is thinking of moving to Sydney, so it might work out with me there to be a shoulder to lean on for her now.

Leah: So you have made up your mind.

Sally: No, I haven’t, but a good night’s sleep may put everything in perspective. I’m getting closer to a decision, but I wouldn’t be planning any farewell parties yet.

Leah: I wouldn’t dare, but speaking of farewell parties we were thinking of doing something at the diner.

Sally: (interrupts with a half serious look) Leah (and the two begin laughing)

End of Scene

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