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So you think you can dance - Scandinavia

Guest Eli

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Before you all start rolling your eyes and ask me why I post this here and not on some Norwegian board, I'd just like to say: I already did that, and it never really kicked off. Plus it would be nice to get some Swedish opinions (I don't think we have any Danish members...) as well. Or anyone else's opinions for that matter :P

So, moving on; anyone watching SYTYCD Scandinavia on Kanal 5 (Sweden), Kanal 5 (Denmark) or TV Norge (Norway)? I haven't really had the chance to watch that much yet, I watched the Oslo audition episode, but I missed both the Copenhagen and the Stockholm auditions. I noticed one of the dancers in the promo though, I think her name is Mona. She was in the last Norwegian season I think, but I think her friend Alexandria or something was the only one of the two to get past the choreography cut after the auditions. Is Mona in the finals this year, or was that just an old clip?

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