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Jack and Martha

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Story Title: yet to be decided

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tony, Mattie, Ric, Lucas and a few others

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will warn throughout

I have done about 7 chapters already. Please let me know what you think =)


Martha and Jack had been together now for 3 months. Jack loved his work, as well as Martha. Martha was getting sick of him putting work before her all the time. What will happen?? Mattie and Ric are together as well.


Martha walked along the beach, carrying her shoes. Reflecting on the night she just had. She had to admit, it wasn't the best. She woke up, at 3am, to the sound of Jack coming home. He was still asleep when she woke up at 8am. He wasn't going into work until 3pm and she hoped the day could be spent with them together.

She walked into the house. Jack was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. It was 9:30 am. "Hey there", he said, smiling.

"Hey" said Martha. "You busy today, i thought we could go to the lookout, spend the day together", she said.

"Yep great". "I will head down to the diner soon and pick up a picnic basket", said Jack..


At the lookout

Martha and Jack were sitting on the blanket. Happy for once. Jack was actually spending the day with her. It had been ages since they had a relaxing day, with no stress.

"So", Martha said. "Wanna go for a swim"

"Race you?" replied Jack, running to the water.

Martha followed him. Both were splashing each other. Jack grabbed Martha's waist, pulling her in for a kiss.

"Jack", said Martha"

Yes Sweetie"

"If we get married, will you want kids?", asked Martha

"Of course. Maybe now isn't the best time, with me working a lot. But when the time comes, sure I would love to be a daddy." He said

Suddenly, Martha felt her heart sink. She was worried. She wanted to have kids with Jack, but he wasn't ready.

**Please let me know what you think!! Its my first Fanfic**

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It was a few days since Martha and Jack had been on their picnic. Martha was still unsure about their relationship, mainly because of all the time Jack spent at work. There was never enough time for themselves anymore. Martha decided to make a special effort tonight.

It was 5pm

Martha put a nice, clean table cloth on the table, set up some candles, and began preparing the special meal. She then decided to have a shower, as Jack would be home at 6pm.

6:25 pm

Martha was sitting on the lounge, watching a stupid and pointless game show, waiting for Jack to come home. She knew Jack loved his work, but didn't he love her as well?? Confused thoughts ran through her mind. Martha was caught in a dream....


"See you tomorrow, Jack", said Lara

"Yeah, bye", replied Jack

Jack stayed at the station for a further 30 minutes, finishing paperwork and odd jobs. He had the day of tomorrow so it didn't matter to him what time he got home.


Martha suddenly woke up, realizing she had a dream. However she realized it wasn't just a dream...but reality. It all became too much. Tears began rolling down her face. She got up. "9:24 pm" read the clock. She walked into the kitchen, cleaning up from her dinner, which she ate by herself. She then began blowing out the candles. Jack walked in.

"Ohh Martha, I'm so sorry", he said.

"Sorry. Jack is that all you can say"

"Martha. I was held up at work"

"Yeah Jack you always seam to be held up at work. When will there be time for me?" she said, crying.

"I will make it up to you"

"No, Jack", said Martha.

Picking up her bag, keys and phone she began walking to the door.

"Martha, where are you going? Can't we sort this out?", said Jack.

"Honestly, Jack. I don't know. Ive given you so many chances"

"Martha, wait. Where are you going"

"I will stay at grandad's. He is away for the next couple of weeks, so he wont mind. I will come by in the morning and get some clothes", said Martha, still crying.

She walked out the door, with Jack behind her. She got into her car and drove off. Leaving Jack confused and heartbroken. He walked inside and broke down. Going to the fridge and grabbing a beer, which turned into 2 and 3 and 4......


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