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Thurs, 20 Mar 08 - Episode # 4599

Guest Dan F

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Thanks to JT! :wink:

My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I’ve Done A Lot of Weird Things for $1000, But Nothing Like This “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 20 Mar 08 - Episode # 4599]


Rachel observes [in kitchen] as Sam way gets angry with Rory for not doing as he’s told [i.e. stop playing computer games]. When Sam leaves the room, Rory wonders why she is taking her anger out on him., jack tells Rory that Sam is used to healing ppl – and getting them out of hospital, not putting ppl in there [when she hit Johnny with that cricket bat].


Ric enters and sees belle just “vegging out” on the couch. She tells him that Gavin is annoying her at work, so she is taken some time off.

After Ric tells Belle that he’s not been able too find a garage in the district at which he can finish his apprecnitecehip, he tell her that he is gong to the city to speak to Drew. Belle, when asked by Ric if she’d like him to pass on a message to Drew, tells Ric to tell drew that he is a looser.


Drew walk along the street until he arrives at Amanda’s place. Jazz is sitting on the front steps. It’s clear that Jazz has been trying this approach for a few days, and she really wants Drew to talk to her, but he’s not so keen.


There’s now a sign outside which says that a kiosk is open.

Inside, colleen tells Rachel & tony that she is glad that Alf etc has given her some shifts here until the new place is operational, although she adds that she won’t be dealing with Leah’s side of the place [the DIC type hang out].

Rachel tells tony that Nurse Julie has been suspended for work for the time being [her negligence in leaving the syringe unattended]. Rachel also tells that she has a feeling that Sam might have been the one who killed – as she might think that Johnny’s associates might do something to her. When tony questions these thoughts, Rachel insists that the power of fear overpowers that logical side of the brain.


Sam is lying on the bed when jack enters the room. She tells him that she just wishes all this would be over, and jack doesn’t help things by telling her that some of the ppl at the police station think that Sam might have killed Johnny. Jack insists that he doesn’t believe that for a second.

Soon after, in the main part of the house, Sam apologises to Rory for going off at him mealier. Sam then tells jack & Rory that she is keen to go to the city and visit her sister. Jack then agrees to go withy Rory to the movies.


Drew [still sitting on Amanda’s front steps] wants Jazz to leave his alone, and she agrees that she will – when Drew comes up with a REAL plan for his future. Jazz walks away – she’s so not happy with drew’s attitude

Btw, Drew is house-sitting for Amanda etc, whilst they are way at the moment.


Rachel enters and jack tells her that Sam has goon to the city. Talk turns to Johnny, and jack makes it clear to Rachel that he doesn’t believe that Sam could have killed him.


Sam enters a pub, and at the counter, she makes clear eye contact with a man near her.


Leah talks to the project manager for the new business – and is pleased that they should be able to open ahead of the time that she thought it would take.

After the male project manager walks away, Alf approaches Leah and after they talk about the business, talk turns to Sally – and how it will feel weird in the bay without her. Leah insists that life will go on – just like it has even after Dan’s death.


Rachel enters, and starts helping Cass packs for the holiday. When Rachel make a comment, Cass says that part of her knows that this holiday is kinda running way form her problem, but Cass also knows that she’s NEVER felt more alive that she does now.


Leah enters and bell comments about how Irene is sending ppl over her to prevent bell form doing something crazy. Belle however is VERY pleased when Leah asks her to do a kind of “photo essay” in the creation etc of Leah’s new business [so she can send it to the US dude who gave her the $100,000]


Ric approaches drew – who is still on the front steps. Ri9c is most annoyed that Drew just up & left that bay without even a goodbye to Ric, maddie etc. Drew’s reaction prompts Ric to tell drew that belle is right – drew IS a looser.


Sam arrives home – just as jack & Rory are heading off to the movies. When they have bailed, Sam gets her mobile and starts dialling.


Rachel comments on how Cass had initially packed way to much stuff to take on the plane, and Cass comments about storing the things they [Cass, sally, lil pip] leave here in oz at Pippa’s house.

Rachel’s phones rings – its Sam.


Sam wonders if Rachel is coming home for dinner tonight, but form the way that Sam reacts, it sound like Rachel is not. After ending the call with Rachel, Sam phones someone else – he tells the person that they can come over to her house.


Jazz enters, and makes it clear to belle that she is VERY worried about drew. Indeed, there’s a real vulnerability ton jazz’s voice. Jazz tells belle that she thinks that bell is the only one who might be able to get through to Drew


Joe, the guy that Sam made eye contact with at the bar, enters – and when Sam asks, he tell her that he parked down the street at that n one saw him come here.

He asks Sam if she has the money, and she gives him $1000. Joe comments that this is on of the weirdest thing he’s been asked to do [his actual line there is my ep title]. Joe & Sam then both give us the impression [looks on faces] that joe is about to MAJORLY hit Sam,


Belle is in kitchen, listening to music on her IPod. Drew scares her with he appears at the back door. She lets him in and drew wonders if they can talk.


Sam looks on the mirror in the hallway. Her face is now mostly covered in abrasions – courtesy of Joe I’m gathering.

Rory & Jack enter the house – and moments later, Rory sees Sam who appears to lying unconscious in the hallway, Jack & Rory try to revive Sam – both are shocked by how bad her face looks!!!!


Rory finds THAT piece of paper that was taped to the bottom of Luc’s old bed

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jazz: black, yellow, white & blue [black on bust, and yellow & blue separated by wide white vertical stripes] low cut v neck dress


Rachel: black satin PJ shirt & matching long pants


Ric: maroon (gold crest) t/denim jeans


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt

Belle: black & grey horiz striped singlet top/red log pants/dark blue converse like shoes

Cass: mauve low cut singlet top, with a grey singlet top neath

Colleen: bone (Noah’s) blouse

Drew: dark t/dark long pants

Jack: green [white lining] polo shirt/old blue jeans

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Joe: brown [white horiz striped] polo shirt/denim jeans

Leah: light yellow [green leafy motif] knee length dress

Project Manager: dark button up shirt/grey long pants

Rachel: white [red floral, black trim] wide strap top/dark knee length skirt

Rory: orange [black “ride it like you [something] it”] t/jungle “camo” shirts

Rory: yellow [various coloured tractor etc motifs] PJs

Sam: bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top/blue [white floral?] long PJ pants

Sam: white [hot pink “festival” logo with wave like motif] singlet top/denim jeans

Tony: white [sB gym] t

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