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Wed, 19 Mar 08 - Episode # 4598

Guest Dan F

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Thanks to JT :wink:

My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Nicole, Nat, Melody and Britney “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 19 Mar 08 - Episode # 4598]


In the corridor, Aden is mouthing of about Miles to anyone who will listen – but Maddie, Annie etc are so not impressed with what Aden has to say.

Annie sees Geoff looking at [blonde hailed] Britney, and she doesn’t like it, but when Geoff walks away, Annie approaches a girl called Melody, and suggests that Geoff is interested in her.

After Maddie, Aden etc get into classroom, Aden suggest to Maddie that’s its only a matter of time before she “falls” for him.

As miles is about to enter the classroom, Bartlett wonders if miles would like Bartlett to accompany him [to intro him] but miles insists on going in alone. Miles enters the room, and despite somni unsavoury comments form Aden, launches into a GRTEAT plan. He tells that students about how Sally is leaving the bay, and that it world be a great idea for the school to have a farewell for her, with several students on a committee form each class. Miles even asks Axl, one of Adel’s mates to be on the committee – and much to Aden’s annoyance, Axl agrees.


Martha gets off the phone – and she tells morag that roman has been delayed again. She doesn’t like it that he seems to be avoiding telling her about his daughter, but Morag seem to like how enigmatic roman is being. Martha’s mood doesn’t improve when Morag comments about her recent ruin of picking the wrong guy.


Mr Bartlett looks the window ion the classroom door, and he sees Miles activitely leading a class [that’s all ears] about Shakespeare. Bartlett decides not to go into the room.


Roman & Irene get out of his van, and they wonder why Leah has asked them to come here. Irene is a tad concerned when Leah starts talking about the bridling at the end of the wharf – as several businesses had gone bust there in last few years. Leah tells them that Dan always that of the building would be a great venue for a drop in-like care for the youth of the bay. Irene & roman wonder what Leah’s plans are – and she tells that that she plans on using half the space in the big building for the DIC with the other half being the new diner. Irene &^ roman think Leah has come up with a great idea.


In the corridor, annie suggest to Geoff that he should really think about going out with sandy haired Melody [who also goes to bible studies etc], rather than Britney.

Nearby, Aden makes it very clear to the likes of Maddie & Miles that he’s not keen on anything that’s transpired here today.

Annie suggest geoff that if Britney is the girl for him, she’ll go to church with him on Good Friday. Jeff approaches Brittney and ask her about Good Friday, but she well & truly rejects him [laughter form her & several of her friends].


Jack enters and he tries to chat to Martha, but they are interrupted when Roman, Lea & Irene n enertr, and tell Martha etc of their new business plans.


In the classroom, Bartlett “suggests” to Miles that he’s heard a lot of talk form the studnts about this Sally farewell idea. He thinks that miles should have run the idea buy him 1st.

Annie again tries to get Geoff to ask out Melody to the point where Geoff is so annoyed with Annie that he just blurts out that he doesn’t want to go out with Melody because “she’s not pretty like the other girls”. Melody, of course, is standing kinda right behind Geoff – and can’t believe that he’s said this. Btw, not that it should make any difference, but Melody does seem to have a large nose.

In a classroom, miles speaks to Aden, and tells him that he should stop reacting to ppl all the time, and, if he puts in a good effort this year, that Aden can set himself up to do ANYTHING. After miles leaves the room, the look on Aden’s face suggest that maybe Miles has got through to him.


Irene comments to the others taht she can’t believe that things have gene form doom & grown to GREAT so quickly.

Nearby, Jack tries to talk to Martha, but she insists [harshly but fairly] that they shouldn’t be talking to each other the rule was that Martha & Sam has to be friends before they [jack & Martha] could, and marth & Sam soooooo aren’t friends.


Geoff & Melody are both siting in a classroom. They are tho only ones in tejhn room. Melody tells Geoff that she knows that the others just don't “get” the faith that melody etc has in God. Before leaving the room, melody makes it VERY clear to Geoff that she’ll NEVER forgive him for what he said.


Roman approaches Martha and apologises for being held up so much.

He then tells her about his [blonde] daughter Nicole. He tells Martha that he had [whilst a teen] a ‘ship with girl called Nat, whose parents didn't like roman at all, and they {Nat’s family} moved away almost as soon as the discovered that Nat was preggers. Roman tell Martha that he had no idea where to start looking for them, but after his left the Army, he started the search again. Although he did find Nat & Nicole, he’s only just started to be back in Nicole’s life, and as for Nat, he tells Martha that he camlet believe now that he ever loved her. Martha thanks Roman for tell her what’s happened.


In corridor, Bartlett congratulates Miles for “playing” him today, but he also “suggest” that Miles shouldn’t try at again, as Bartlett’s bite IS worse that his bark.


Martha enters, and since both she & roman [siting on couch] are very happy right now, roman way agrees with Martha’s latest suggestion, and they eagerly head upstairs [to the bedroom I’m gathering for their mood].



Sam is eager to keep her secrets hidden form the world !!!

Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: black spaghetti strap top/brown knee length skirt


Irene: orange long sleeve blouse/brown top/dark long pants


Jack: green (large “A Z” in pink) t shirt


Aden: SBH uniform

Annie: SBH uniform

Axl [Aden’s mate]: SBH uniform

Britney: SBH uniform

Geoff: SBH uniform

Martha: faded black [white check] mid thigh dress

Matilda: SBH uniform

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: olive green button up shirt/blue [multicolour cityscape like motif] t/denim jeans

Morag: brown v neck top/white jacket/dark long pants

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/white button up shirt/blue [white swirls] tie

Roman: purple “SL 140” t/olive green shorts

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