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Wed, 12 Mar 08 - Episode # 4593

Guest Dan F

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With thanks to JT :wink:

My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ If You Thought That Reverend Hall In a Police Uniform was Intriguing …. “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 12 Mar 08 - Episode # 4593]


Sally thinks that Mr Bartlett is here to kind of gloat about her resignation, but he insists that he didn’t know that she had. He tells Sally that he is here for her help – to get Miles to teach at the school.


Miles thanks Morag for giving him for money a while ago – when she all but ran him oer. It made him realise that there are still good tings in the world – kind ppl etc.

Miles asks Morag if she can help him found someone.


Mr Bartlett ell Sally hat he thinks that Miles will be more willing to accept a job at the Scholl if offer comes form Sally. Sal thinks that Miles won't be keen on the idea – given the kids reaction to him when he 1str arrived in bay, but Mr Bartlett insist that i5ts Miles choice, not Sally’s.


Miles tells MORAG that he kept in close contact for quite a whole with another perron who was in phuket at the time of the tsunami. They spoke to each other several times a week at 1st [when both back in Aust], but then Miles life fell apart and they lost contact. Miles wonders if Morag can use her contacts to find this person – who he thinks in still living in Sydney.


Belle, Matilda & Cass are all in Belle’s room, and Belle tells them about THAT fight with Drew, incl him calling her a slag. Although Matilda tries to suggest that they could get back together, Cass is “with Belle, i.e. when it’s TRULY over, you know it.


Sam is lying on the bed and someone is running their hand through her hair – its’ Johnny, in a police uniform no less!!! He is then face to face with her – wiping tawers form her face.

Sam THEN wakes up and she scrams!!!!!!!

Jack comes into the room – and Sam tells him that she just wishes that these constant nightmares would stop.



Rachel tells Jack that she is about to go out to dinner with Tony. Jack wonders about Sam –and Rachel suggest that perhaps sedatives are the way to go with her lack of sleep problem.

It the bedroom, Sam looks in the mirror, and sees Johnny behind her. It’s all in her mind of course – but that doesn’t stop her form been frightened of him.


Sally tries to convinces Miles to teach at the school –especially when she hears that Drew partly left town because Mr Bartlett has being ultra smug. Sally insists that the school needs teachers who REALLY care about the students.


Rachel arrives – and can see that Tony & Jazz have been talking. Jazz looks distressed, but insist that Tony should go out to dinner with Rachel. Rachel isn’t exactly keen when she hears that Tony has told Jazz that she can stay in Luc’s old room for the time being.


Tony assures Rachel that he was nothing ti worry about with Jazz. Rachel truly jokes that if she finds Tony in bed with Jazz, it’s just because he’s helping her out.


In bedroom, Johnny kisses the in tears Sam, and as he walks away, we warns her that he will strike when she least expects it. With her “vision” of Johnny gone, Sam is totally in tears.


Tony vacuums that annexe floor, and that piece of paper that was taped to bottom of bed fame falls to the floor. Tony takes all of luc’s old school books and a cupboard and puts them in a box. Some books and papers fall on the floor, and Tony puts Johnny’s piece of paper with luc’s things in the box.



Miles is worried that the school kids won’t respect him. Btw, as he & sally talk, there are serval unknown teenagers nearby. Sal insists tat miles had the courage to best his fear of the ocean, but miles is worried that he won’t have sally by his side in class. Sally thinks that miles CAN do this.


Tony tells jack that he hopes luc’s schoolbooks will be useful for Rory one day.

Sam slowly walks up the hallway as jack tells Tony that Johnny, berfore he died, was saying something about under the bed. Sam tells Tony & jack that she is gong next door, as thinks she left something in the annexe.


Sam looks under luc’s old bed, but doesn’t find anything of interest. She tears things out of drawers & cupboard – no sign of whatever john was talking about.



Ric, Maddie & Cass think its VERY cool when Sally & Miles tell them that Miles has decided to accept the offer and teach at SBH.


Jack tells Sam about the school book, and then he answers the phone.

When off, jack tell sam that the autopsy on Johnny has revealed that he had a VERY high level of cirum potassium in her system. Jack tells Sam that either someone buggered up big time at the hospital, or Johnny was murdered!!!!

End Of Ep


As the investigation begins, will jack realise that he is living with a killer?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Sam: bright yellow (with lacy white lining) PJ singlet top/light blue shorts


Johnny: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt


Rachel: blue thin strap dress [with lighter blue crest on the bust]/dark brown beaded necklace


Belle: black [white mosaics] top/black knee length pants

Cass: grey way low cut mid thigh dress - with orange [black tropic?] top neath/black [with brown tribal motif on upper right leg] long pants

Cass: red top

Jack: orange [yellow lions’ head?] t

Jack: white singlet/grey track pants

Jazz: red spaghetti strap top

Johnny: dark sleeveless t

Matilda: tan cardigan/white thin strap top/dark shorts

Matilda: white [red hearts] thin strap top

Miles: brown button up shirt/dark blue [white buildings? motif] t/bone long pants

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/bone shorts

Morag: white & light brown horiz stripes top

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/light blue button up shirt/blue [white swirls] tie

Ric: black [grey unknown motif] t/olive green shorts

Ric: yellow [black tropic] board shorts/black [white crest?] t

Sally: blue [with several big white buttons vertically on the bust] wide strap top/white shorts

Sally: red top [that doesn’t cover her shoulders at all]/black long pants

Sam: grey scoop neck t/black knee length skirt

Tony: red & white horiz striped polo shirt

Tony: white button up shirt/dark long pants

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