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Going Away On Hoilday

Guest ~JarlieFanEver~

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Hey guys,

I thought you all may want to know that I will be going away on the 13th of March to South Austraila with my Mum. Because there will be a special event happening at Gawler Town on the 14th of March-a McLeods farewell party to say good bye to the show because it will be over soon after its 8th and finale series.

I will be back home to New Zealand on the 18th of March. I had never been to Austraila before. It's like that my dream will come true. It's the 2nd country I will be going there. The first country I went (20 years ago) was Samoa with my parents when I was two and a half years old.

I will miss you all, guys! :( But I will pop online and tell you some gossip when I find a internet cafe in South Austraila, I hope so! :)

From Sarah

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