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Secrets and Lies

Guest martha-jack

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story also by -x-siana-x-

Story Title: Secrets And Lies

Story description:

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: ill just say jack and martha. but loads more are included :rolleyes:

BTTB rating: T

does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: Sexual content (SC), might be violence (V), language (L)

summary: martha and macca are blood related, their parents are called john and rebecca (dont no why)

and jack lives with his mum and dad tony and kate.

ok you may notice some of the scenes are kind of from home and away, i just changed them a bit lol

Info on story

the mackenzies moved from summer bay when martha was 9 years old, she was heartbroken when she was separated from her best friend jack and so was he, now after 6 years the mackenzies decided to move back to the bay to meet up with their old friends the Holdens.

Chapter one.


martha sat in the back seat with her hand pressed against the window as she took one last look at her best friend jack disapearing into the distance, as tears began to flood her eyes she curled up on the seat she was in and cried herself to sleep.

9 years later - 2003.

"martha......MARTHA" the voice yelled as she opened her eyes,

"Macca, leave me alone i was up late studying last night" she said shutting her eyes.

"well mum said if your not washed and dressed in fifteen minutes then we'll have to drag you back to summer bay looking like that and we'll have to leave your car here" he laughed as she opened her eyes and shot out of bed and into the bathroom


"martha, how much longer have we got left before we get there" macca moaned before noticing the 'welcome to summer bay' sign

"at last" he yelled while browsing out the window at all beaches and women

"you perve" martha screached

"i was just checking wether anyone here is worth having, thats all"

while driving through summer bay they noticed a police car trailing behind them

"oh great" she smacked the stearing wheel as she pulled over and the police man approached their car

"sorry officer, i wasnt going that fast was i"

"actually miss, you were" the police officer replied to her while grinning

"come on, im new round here i honestly didn't no" she pleaded trying not to argue back


"hey it doesn't look like mum and dad are here yet" macca said jumping out the car and approaching the address that was written on a peice of paper,

as they got nearer to the house macca pushed on the doorbell

"g'day mate can i help you" tony said staring at the two people by his door

"hi, its martha....mackenzie" she whispered as he flung the door open

"OH MY GOD, i cant believe you guys are here already" he yelled giving inviting them in and giving her a hug and shaking macca's hand

"KATE....KATE THE MACKENZIE'S KIDS ARE HERE" he shouted down the hall

"WHAT, ALREADY" kate shouted back to him whilst running to the door and hugging them both with delight


"mackenzie kids.....you mean are parents arent here yet" martha said to tony

"no, not yet anyway their probly held in traffic"

"they should have listened to me when i said our route was quicker" martha whisperd in anger to macca

just then the door swung open and a mysterious man entered in a white top and school trousers.

"i'm home" the voice yelled as he walked over to them all, and straight away he recognized martha's face

"macca, martha this is jack" kate said , as martha and jack stared at eachother looking very surprised

"your martha" jack said looking at her, thinking 'WOW shes hot maybe i cou...'

"you jerk" she yelled as his thoughts were killed, this wasn't the answer he was looking for.

"you gave me a ticket earlier on" she added

when his memory was refreshed he quickly realised 'S**T' what has he done

"sorry, i was just doing what i was told to do, it was part of my work experience" he said innocently

2 hours later after being shown to their bedrooms and unpacking their stuff, their parents still wasn't here

'were the hell have they got to' martha thought over and over again sitting amongst tony, kate, jack and his little brother lucas as macca entered through the door

"there's police everywhere on a road in yabbee creek, i asked someone and they said traffic is really tight for now, so athere probebly there" he said trying to catch his breath

there was a sudden knock on the door as macca saw two police men was standing there

as macca opened the door to them .

"sorry, but we were given this address and wondered if michael and martha mackenzie was here" they informed.

Preview : what life changing news is about to be revealed to martha and macca

and will martha and jack go back to being friends again.

Please comment. hope you liked it :rolleyes:

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macca and martha looked at the two policeman standing at the doorway

"yes, im michael mackenzie and this is my sister martha" macca quickly said

"well....erm....we've just recieved dome news......your parents, well theirs bin an......theirs bin an accident" the police informed

and as soon as those words came out martha fell right to the floor, it felt like the world was caving in on her, it was getting harder to breathe

"no"she murmored "no,no...this is'nt happening" she burst into tears

macca's eyes was starting to fill up with tears, but then he thought 'no' stay strong for martha's sake

"so...they...the two of them"

"no your mothers in hospital, shes awake but not saying anything to anyone" said the policeman

"we've gotta go and see her" macca yelled

"i'll give you a lift mate" tony said, kate couldn't have, she was having trouble breathing herself one of her friends has just died.


northern districts hopspital

macca entered the room were his mother was in, as he looked at her she was stirring at the wall, like she was looking right through it, she must have felt empty..lonely like a part of her life was destroyed within a few minutes

"mum" macca whimpered neeling on the floor next to her, not knowing what to say to her

"please mum, we need you, martha needs you, just say something" macca gripped her hand really tight while he cried like a baby on her bed.

but still she said nothing, she couldn't even look at him, he looked just like john and it would kill her to be reminded of him.

"well, i'm gunna go home, ok if you need me i'll be righ here, i love you" he said drying his eyes and kissing lightly and quickly on the forehead.

5 weeks later

rebecca mackenzie had gotten worse, she still had,nt come out of hospital she was very ill now,

"i'm going to see mum" macca yelled as he reached for the car keys

"can i come with you" martha shouted from behind,

"sure" he smiled "come on"

1 hour later

as martha gave her mother a kiss goodbye she walked out of the room, as macca went to follow her their was a sudden reaction from rebecca, she grabbed his arm tightly.

macca opened the door quickly and shouted for one of the nurses to come in quickly, what was going on, he was crying like mad, as soon as she saw him so was martha, unaware of what was happening she knew it was bad because at leat 4 nurses went in to help

"WHAT'S GOING ON, PLEASE TELL US" martha yelled before getting the attention of doctor rachel armstrong

"im sorry...i'm really sorry, she didn't make it" rachel said with a sudden tear

"no..No"martha yelled "NOT AGAIN...NO" she fell once again to the floor in a pool of tears she screamed at the loss of another parent.


4 years later 2007

martha rushed down the hall and into the kitchen for a quiet breakfast alone

"hi babe" jack smirked and looked over at her

'oh no' she thought of all the people to be awake it had to be him

"don't hi babe me you little freak" martha grinned at him

"screwing anyone knew today" he said as she looked right at him

"what the hell do you mean by that, i havnt been screwing anyone...this week"

"what about you mr. i havnt got laid yet" martha laughed at him

jack looked right at her with bit of a frown

"martha i'm with amanda, so i've obviously screwed her" he said while leaving the room

martha jumped up from her seat and went into the living room were she found macca lying on the couch

something was not right with him, he's hiding something and it must important because he's done nothing with his life since he quit his job except drink, and once even got caught with drugs.

"macca, when are you gunna stop daydreaming and drinking and get yourself job you lazy git, you need to start paying fo food or rent because tony and kate can't keep paying everything for you" martha shouted at him

"martha just pissoff will you, your in my face twenty-four seven" macca yelled then left the room

'ok he's definetely hiding something'

Preview: what is macca hiding, could it be important

what will macca do if he finds out martha is pole-dancing

and things aren't going to well between jack and amanda.

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"hi babe" jack shouted as he made his way through amanda's living room to her kitchen when he

saw amanda sitting uncomfortobly at the table,

"are you okay" he smiled at her and took hold of her hands

"do you wanna watch a movie tonight" he asked as she looked at him in a strange way

"erm.....yeah sure, what time" amanda replied with a fake smile

"about seven"



"MARTHA, your late again, you know how important you are to these men" cam yelled

"i know, and i'm sorry i just lost track of time it wont happen again" martha said with a cute face but at the same time quite sexy

"my boyfriend just kept me up all last night" she said laughed before kissing him

"ok well go get changed and ill see you on stage babe" cam ordered


10 minutes later

martha walked onto the stage in listning to the music and walked up to the pole in the middle of the stage and started dancing for the group of men that booked her for the afternoon, but to everyone else in the family she was a barmaid in some club in yabbee creek, she couldn't let them know especially macca because he would flip and jack because he would want a private dance of her or he would book a front row seat to watch her so thats why it was kept personal. only one person knew about it and that was her best friend tasha

later that night

"hey i'm home" martha yelled

"hi honey, how was your day" a voice replied to her

"well it was good until i heard your voice jack" martha said dissapointed

"don't be like that princess i really wanna know how your day was" jack said walking to her trying to sound interested

"no your after a screw on the dinner table" martha said sarcastically whilst smiling at him

"yeah well one day your gunna give in to that and you'll wanna screw me on the dinner table" jack smirked and winked at her

"jack i wouldn't screw you for a million dollers especially on the dinner table" the words she yelled at him actually offended him, does she find him that repulsive "well well i would prefer to do someone else rather than you, you know, but i'm saying i wouldn't mind a bit of you" he said biting his lip and looking at her breasts, "martha i'm joking, you take everything to serious" he said leaning over to pick a plate out the cupboard

she saw him leaning over and when she noticed his behinds in those tight uniform pants she suddenly felt a bit weird, until he turned around

"are you checking out my ass martha" he giggled

"no if i looked that way i would die" she lied trying not to look again until he finally stood up and walked to the front door

"bye then i'm going to work" he shouted before leaving the house.


martha and her best friend tasha walked along the beach as they would every once in a while

"so what have you been upto lately mac" tasha asked her

"yes im still doing my job if that's what you mean" martha said not being able to look at tasha properly

"if i tell you a secret do you promise not to tell anyone" tasha whispered to martha

"sure, i promise

"okay, well i'm cheating on robbie"

martha immediatly choked on her cup of tea

"oh my god,who is it" martha shouted at her

"jonah" tasha cried

"what are you gunna do about it" martha asked

"i don't know"

5 minutes later

"you know i'm really worried about macca, i think he's hiding something from me, because he was doing work and good pay a few years ago now he

doesn't care he's like an alcaholic"

in the holden house

macca was just sitting on the couch thinking about one of the worst memories in his life and how was he going to deal

with it.


their was a sudden reaction from rebecca, she grabbed his arm tightly. he shut the door and sat by her

"mum, are you okay we've been worried sick about you, we'll get you outta here soon" macca asked

"m....michael"she whispered, he was thrilled to here her voice

"pl..ease, i don't wa..want to go ho...me" she told him

"what ofcourse you do, you just feel a bit unwell"

"no, a me...dicine is on the table insert it in th..the tube and i'll be with him ag...again" she asked

"what, are you insane, it'll kill you" macca yelled

"pl..ease, i can't live with..out him, tony and katie will look aft..er you and martha better than i could" she cried

"no, it'll ruin our lives"

5 minutes later

macca inserted the drug through the tube and kissed his mother for the last time

"i-love-you-and-martha" she quickly said

"i love you too" he said crying his eyes out before she started to have a fit and he cried his eyes out and called

for help.


-macca finds out about martha pole dancing, what will he do

-jack 'forgets' about his date with amanda and what is she hiding from him

-the police come knocking again at the holdens front door, what could it be for this time.

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Macca lay on the couch with his eyes wide openthinking of the dreams and flashbacks that were stuck in his head of his poor mother, how could he of done that, how could he of killed her,his own mother. he knew he was going to regret it for the rest of his life and that Martha could never find out.

1 hour later

"hi mate" Tony said making his way to the kitchen to start breakfast, Tony turned his round waiting for a response from macca but he just got up and walked out of the house, Tony was stunned what kind of person was Macca becoming.

Martha walked into the kitchen and was soon followed by Jack and Lucas

"morning" she yawned while pulling out a chair and falling onto it,

"morning" Tony replied handing out the breakfast

"dad, wheres mum" Lucas asked

"she left early this morning, she'll be out of town for a few days" Tony replied looking at each of them, "and i'll be joining her this afternoon ok"

"WHAT" Martha yelled

"i'll be going to the city this afternoon for a couple of days with kate"

'great' Martha thought looking at Jack who had a huge grinn on his face, Macca's mostly at the pub getting drunk, Lucas is either at school or spending the day with his girlfriend Matilda and now Tony and Kate will be gone she will be left alone with none other than Jack.

while she looked at him in anger he winked at her and looked at her with lustfull eyes, she had to admit that when he looked at her like that she mostly wanted to throw herself at him.

"shouldn't you be seeing Amanda today" martha grinned as his face dropped, he forgot that he was suppose to be seeing her yesterday, they set a date, now she was really going to fume at him.

he quickly leaped out of his seat and rushe through the door much to Martha's delight seeing him panic was really funny.


Jack practiclly took Amanda's door off it's hinges sprinting into her house, when he saw her lying on the couch with another man in her arms,

"WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON" he raged as his blood began to boil.

5 minutes later

Amanda launched her clothes on and threw the other man out of her house,

"jack, i'm so sorry" she pleaded for his forgiveness, "it was just...you didn't show up last night"

"what you thought because i forgot one night you thought forget it, i'll have sex with someone else, you are a slag Amanda, a proper SLAG" he shouted as she slapped him hard right across the face,

"don't you dare insult me, you never give me the time of day lately, you only ever want to see me when your friggin horny" Amanda yelled as she burst into tears.

"i needed to feel wanted, i needed someone to need me for something other than sex Jack"

as she continued to cry he put his arm around her as she cuddled up to his warm body, as soon as she was comfortable he moved away from her and let out the words he hated saying to any women

"your right, this isn't working Amanda, you and me, we just don't go" he said making his way out of her house

"JACK, please don't go, i still love you" she shouted over to him

"yer but i don't think i love you, i don't think i ever have, i really like you but your just not the right women for me" he said. holding his head up he walked out and closed the door behind him, what has she done, she burst out crying as she fell to the floor.


as Martha was swinging round on the pole listning to the music that played all around the club, she swirled round and round as she stopped she noticed a familiar face standing by the bar but before she could hide her face he turned and looked directly at her, her insides practiclly started aching with embaressment and shame, it was Macca.


Macca stormed into the house with Martha behind him as Jack sat at the table eating his luch,

"you're just a little slut Martha" Macca screamed in her face

"at least i have a job"


Jack looke stunned as the words left Macca's mouth, Martha Mackenzie the girl he use to be best friends with, who used to be a complete nerd before she came to summer bay, was a pole dancer. in his case the thought of Martha swinging round on a pole with hardly any clothes on was quite a turn on.

"you know what Macca, i don't care what you, Tony or Kate think, i can do whatever the hell i want and i will carry on doing it" she yelled at him

"yer well if mum and dad could see you right now they would be turning in their graves thinking they've brought a complete slut up"

just then Martha kneed him right were it hurts and left the room and slammed her bedroom door shut.

he screamed like girl in agony kneeling on the floor when the doorbell rang,

as he opened it two police officers was standing at the front door

"can i help you" he asked

"are you Mr. Michael Mackenzie" one of the asked him

"yes" he replied quite nervously

"we would like you to come to the station with us please"


"we'll explain on the way"

Macca followed the two of them to their car.

Preview :

- what has Macca done that might see him in jail for a long time

- The holden's lives are turned upside down in a shocking event

- Jack and Martha grow closer as friends, but will that be ruined when Sam Tolhurst moves to the bay

Please comment, hope you liked it. :rolleyes:

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As Macca waited silently in the police station all sorts of things was running into one of his ears and out of the other, what if, no they couldn't know that, could they, they couldn't know about him killing his mother.

well whatever the reason he was surely going to find out because the officer had just exited the room and began walking his way.

"come on, we need to talk to you" the policeman said making his way to the interview room

5 minutes later

"so you know why you're here don't you Michael" one of the officers asked

he could see the seriousness in their faces and thought, 'theres no point in trying to lie to them, i might aswell tell them everything'

"ok, yer it was me" he yelled, "i killed my mum ok, she asked me to put her out of her misery so she could be with my dad again ok" he cried as the words left his mouth

"WHAT" the officer shouted

"we was only going to ask you to pay these fines you have been ignoring for the past month" the officer said stunned at what they had just been told

"sorry, but where going to have to arrest you"

'OH CRAP' he thought, 'what have i just done', Martha is going to freak out when she hears this, he might aswell go straight to prison because he couldn't face Martha. He couldn't bare to see the look on her face because her life has been ruined enough.

2 months later (macca was sentenced for 7 years and martha say she will not forgive him for what he's done)

"dad when's mum gunna be come" Jack looked as his dad was washing the dishes

"in an hour, so i've gotta tidy this place up quick" Tony said as he started to dry the dishes

"well i'm going to robbie an tasha's party ok" Jack looked at Martha who was still putting on her lipstick after 5 minutes, but he noticed the dress that she was wearing, she looked absolutely stunning, and her shoulder lengh dark brown hair resting on her kneck looked absolutely stunning.

"yer,yer i'll only be one..more..second, done" Martha smiled as she threw her lipstick in her bag and made her way out the front door,

"bye Tony" Martha quickly yelled



"for god sake Jack, why do you have to be so annoying" Martha yelled as she slammed her car door shut

"i was only asking if you could show me a few of your moves on the pole" Jack grinned

"no, what you want is an erection and i'm not giving you it" Martha smiled before leaving him, jack whispered to himself "too late" as he went his seperate way

2 hours later

Martha made her way towards Tasha as she heard a conversation starting between some lads and Jack

"you can't even get a girlfriend mate" one of the voices said

"yes i can..erm..i already have one" Jack looke quiete nervously

"oh yeah, who then"

as Jack looked around the room his hands were shaking, Martha didn't even think she just opened her mouth and the words came out,

"hi babe" she faked a smile as she approached him and planted a kiss on his left cheek,

"i've bin looking for you everywhere"

Jack was worried, what was she doing, but he just played along with it,

"hey honey" he put his arms around her

'what the hell am i doing helping a man that i can't stand' Martha thought to herself

"what, she's your girlfriend" the man pointed at Martha, "yeah, i am, so why don't you..." before she could finish her sentence Jack interrupted her "yeah, she is why"

"well, no offence to you but, she's HOT" he licked his lips, "in your dreams."

as the two men walked away from them Jack turned and came face to face with Martha, he looked at her sparkling eyes, there really must be a loving gentle women deep down inside and he was getting a glimpse of that,

"why did you do that" he asked as he broke the moment "i thought you couldn't stand the sight of me"

"well i can't" she laughed, "but i wasn't gunna see you embaress yourself now was i" the two of them started laughing together for the first time since she had moved back to summer bay.


Tony sat on the sofa waiting for Kate, where could she be, when he heard the sound of the doorbell he leaped up from where he sat and sprinted towards the door hoping to see his wife stand before him,

but instead a strange woman was there

"hi, im Samantha Tolhurst, i'm new in summer bay and i was just wondering where the surf club was" the strangeer asked

"erm..yeah, would you like me to drive you" Tony offered

"that would be a great help, thanks" Sam said as the two of them left the house and stepped into the car.

10 minutes later

"TONY, JACK, MARTHA, LUCAS" Kate yelled throughout the house as a quick shock ran through her body,

"oww" she gasped, as the pains got more and more stronger in her heart and the pains kept on growing and growing until she fell onto the floor, she couldn't even let out a scream, it hurt even more, as this was happening Tony was standing outside the door placing the keys in the door, he slowly turned them.

As he opened the door he quickly noticed Kate lying on the floor

"KATE" he yelled as he ran and dropped right beside her to help her up, "HELP" he yelled to the top of his lungs as Lucas walked in the room rubbing his eyes from the long sleep he was just woken up from

"MUM" he shouted, "LUC, GO GET HELP"

Preview - how will Jack cope with the loss of his mother

- Martha finally realises pole dancing isn't her thing

- Who will Jack find comfort in Sam or Martha.

please comment. hope you liked it

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