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G'day, I'm a tanorexic mate

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ARE you a 'tanorexic' girl who's hooked on turning yourself brown? article here

Or is your bedroom such a mess it's now become your 'floordrobe'?

Well, thanks to some new Australian words, it's easy to describe your problem.

Dictionary chiefs Down Under are holding a poll to find the Aussie Word of the year from a list of funnies.

And as it's Australia Day tomorrow, we're paying tribute to their wit by bringing you some of the best.

Arse antlers

A tattoo just above the buttocks, having a central section and curving extensions on each side.

Butt bra

A garment worn as a support for the buttocks. [butt + bra]

Credit card tart

A credit-card holder who moves from provider to provider, transferring a loan from one account to another at a similar low rate of interest when the agreed period of the first account is about to expire. Also, card tart, rate tart.


The playing of video games that require the gamers to undertake physical exercise, such as those in which the players engage in an interactive virtual bicycle race on screen by pedalling on a bicycle simulator which drives the visualisation.


noun a blog which is contrived for marketing purposes. [f(ake) + (b)log]


A floor littered with discarded clothes, viewed ironically as a clothing storage system. [floor + (war)drobe]


The phenomenon of obesity in Western countries, seen as a worldwide health problem. [glob(al) + obesity]

Great Firewall of China

The internet blocking system which prevents access for Chinese internet users to sites deemed undesirable by the Chinese government.


A grooming procedure in which hair is shaved or trimmed from a man's body, as from the back, legs, chest, genitals, etc. [man + (land)scap(e) + -ing].

Read dating

A form of speed dating in which the participants display a list of their favourite books underneath their name tag in order to facilitate the identification of a common interest.

Slummy mummy

A mother of young children who has abandoned all care for her personal appearance. See yummy mummy. [slum + -m- + -y + mummy].


An obsessive desire to have tanned skin, placing the sufferer at risk of skin cancer. [tan + (an)orexica (nervosa)].

Password fatigue

A level of frustration reached by having too many different passwords to remember, resulting in an inability to remember even those most commonly used.

Tart fuel

Wine coolers and alcopops, viewed by men as deceptively alcoholic drinks that will lower a woman's resistance to sexual advances.


Tourism which combines volunteer work with sightseeing. [volun(teer) + tourism].

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