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All alone, Susan Losses her eye sight!!!!

Guest simmins

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Just as things couldn't get any worse for Susan Kennedy...

All alone, Susan experiences a loss of vision. What is wrong with her?

Recently told she had suffered a series of small strokes, Susan thought things couldn't get any worse, health-wise. But she was wrong, and suffers more alarming symptoms in the coming weeks leading to a devastating diagnosis..

Walking back to the car after a trip to the shops with Libby, Susan is terrified when her vision blurs. With Libby inside the shopping centre, Susan is all alone when her sight completely goes. Initially, her doctor has no answers, and Karl feels helpless. When they discover the real reason for Susan's illness, everyone is floored...

Susan on the ground in the carpark:

http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/m...cans/Susan1.jpg :mad:

Karl supporting Susan - Susan crying out for Karl:


Scared Libby holding her mum:


Dr Karl trying to comfort his upset wife:


I really feel for Susan!

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