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The Foundation for the Study of Infant Death

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Some of you may remember that during last summer I did a charity sky dive to raise funds for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death or (FSID). This was the second event that I have done in recent years as I have previously also waxed my legs for charity- both of these events raised substanitail amounts of money. However the time now has come to move onto something bigger, that will hopefully raise awareness of the chairty on a national, and possibly international level.

Some of you may know this and others of you may not but before I was born I had a brother who died of cot death. Now nless you have experienced what that is like (and many of you will have) then you will have no idea how much it hurts to not know one of your own brothers or sisters. To think about them everyday and not know what they were like, their favourite colour and all the other things that are really important. In short, someone who you can turn to when you really need to just talk.

So, myself and a group of friends have therefore decided we are going to walk to the base camp of mount everest. Can you please all visit this site and send it to literally everyone you know, as we are intending to get national media coverage, and really push the boat out on this. You may also choose to sponsor us yourselves, for which we would be hugely greatful. We are even going to be speaking to big companies and celebrities to apply for sponsorship and grants.


Just so you know, it takes only £48 pounds to save a babies life, and we need to raise around 32,000.

Please give all you can, and once again I stress, please send the link to ALL you friends and family, who can then pass it on to their friends and their colleagues and at work. Also- just in case you are worried, any funds contributed goes straight into the charities bank account.

Please sponsor us, and also post your ideas on here of how we can raise more money- this means such a lot to us and we truly want to make this experience a reality to raise awareness of the charity.

Thanks in advance,

The snowballs!

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My cousin lost a baby just before Xmas 1998. Even tho it's nearly 10 years ago and she has other kids now we often wonder what he would have been like and every Xmas my cousin puts an angel on top of her Xmas tree in his memory.

Hope you make loads of money for a fantastic cause, I'll certainly visit the site.

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