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Chris is home a crushing success

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Chris is home a crushing success

Herald Sun

December 17 2007

WHEN Aussie Chris Egan left Home and Away four years ago to try his luck in Los Angeles, it was a path that many had trod and failed.

But Egan, 23, has had success, featuring in a number of telemovies and being cast in a new Aussie feature film called Crush.

"I am genuinely very excited to be working on Australian soil with an all-Australian team," he said from Los Angeles.

"I am very happy to be involved with such a high-quality project. I really believe in this script and this will be a great experience."

The movie is about an American exchange student, played by Egan, whose life turns into a living hell after being seduced by a mysterious Aussie girl.

Filming of the thriller begins in Perth on January 2.

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