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Story Title: Opposites

Story description: Jack, Martha, Kim, Robbie and some of my characters

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Most important characters/Current cast/2005 cast etc.

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: Some spoilers for UK pace

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: Nope, if any occur will warn at beginning of the chapter

Summary: The basis of this story is that Jack is living in Summer Bay and loves his life while Martha lives on the other side of town and hates her life. This fic is about how they meet and change each other but will it be for the better or not?

I hope you like this and any ways I can make it better, please shout out....

Jack is mentioned in this chapter but doesnt really make an impact yet, he will be in it soon...

Its also very short but will gradually get longer,

Chapter 1

Fitzy was throwing bits of paper and it kept on hitting Jack, he glared at her and then concentrated on the letter he had got the other day.

It was a white envelope and it had nicely in a crisp way have Jack Holden written on there. He placed it on the desk and wondered what would make him open it curiosity or fear?

Martha lived on the otber side of town with a popmpus neighbourhood but she couldnt see any way out, all she wanted was a freedom of speech but her father.

That was never going to happen. She had to follow his way or be disowned, as much as she hated the life she was living, she still loved her family.


6 month later

An encounter the next day was to change Martha's perspective on life, she was to meet a person who would in his own sense, change her.

A new day dawned revelaing the vast beauty of Summer Bay and she sat on the beach realising that if she had the courage to leave the strictness of her life, she could do this whenever she wanted.

Kim Hyde materilaised behind her and asked if she had the time. she was startled but told him "its half past 2"

"Damn I need to get to Salt Lake Avenue in 30 minutes!"

"Sorry. Salt Lake Avenue?"

"Yes, why do you know the place?" his face brimming with hope and care, someone actually wanted her help with it? She finally even if it was with a stranger felt needed.

"I live on the avenue! What number?"


"Oh, I am supposed to be there to give a training session"

"to Mr Macklin" Martha finished for him. She stood up and looked at him. He was cute but not her type, men who spend way too much on them trying to make them more appealing were not her type.

She knew people would find this sad but she wanted a man who was themselves all the time and never put on a show.

Was that really bad or unrealistic, she knew there was a man like that out there somewhere,

"Yes! I need to get there in 24 minutes" he began to walk off fast paced. Martha laughed and shouted out to him "Hold on, I will get you there in 15 minutes", she walked up to him and walked him to her car.

They got there on time to see another man who knew Kim but not Martha, she was intrigued by the way he looked at her.

She couldnt see why people hated men from the other side of town, stereotyping them straightaway!

"Martha, this is my friend Robbie, I asked him to meet me here, he is my assisant for the day"

"Nice to meet you"


Kim rang the bell for the house and Martha slipped out around the back as she wasnt supposed to be out in the first place.

On the way home, Kim was infatuated with Martha and vowed to find her again.

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I dont like this chapter. Not descriptive enough but it will be better as the fic goes on...

Chapter 2

Kim arrived home with an air of glamour and was so relaxed. She had made a big effect on him and she now had such a control over him that he was entranced by her, Robbie sighed when he saw him and vowed to knock him out of it.

Jack and Kim lived together and at that time, Jack was at Martha’s house arresting her for shoplifting.

“You do not have to say anything, but anything you do say may be given up as evidence in a court of law, do you understand?”

Martha bowed her head in shame as they led her to the police car, they being Jack and a new constable called Claire.

She was driven to the police station and led into the interview room where she was left for the timely period of an hour.

“Ok” Jack walked in. “We are letting you off with a caution”

“You are telling me that you left me in here for an hour for no reason”

“I can charge you if you prefer?”

“Nah, I’m good”

Martha looked at him, she couldn’t figure out what it was she liked about him, he was ok looking but there was something else.

“Right Ms Macklin, you can go”

“I don’t want to?”

“Excuse me?” Jack said perplexed “most people just take the caution and leave” He didn’t know what her motive was and wasn’t sure he liked it as well.

“I will be going but I wanted to ask, if you wanted to come to dinner with me?”

“Well, not often I get asked that and I’m flattered but I am dating someone”

“The good guys are always taken”

Jack laughed and chuckled. He liked her, she made him laugh, she was sexy in her own way as well. To top it all, she had a great body.


Martha went home feeling a bit defeated and vowed to make her life more upbeat again. She hated her life and how she had no say in what she could do.

She always had to toe the line, her parents drew the line and it gave her no power or control over what she wanted to do and what she had to do as they were two completely different things.

She needed to regain control of her life so she made the decision to leave home and cut herself off from her family.

She needed money to survive so she transferred over 35 thousand dollars from her parents account to her, they wouldn’t work it out for about 3 weeks by which time she would be long gone.


Jack got home from work, intrigued by Martha she wasn’t his normal type but odd occurrences always seem to happen in his line of work.

He put it down to his seemingly good looks and walked into the bedroom to see a look on his girlfriends face as she was with his best friend Kim and they weren’t just talking.

He stopped, froze and then when he regained his senses, lunged at Kim. He punched him and chucked him and his girlfriend.

He had way too much anger in him to calm down but his dad came over and realised he was very angry and sat next to him and held him in his arms. Just like the old days.

Next Chapter: Jacks girlfriend is beaten up but who did it?

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Jack girlfriend is called Sophie and she isnt beaten up, Sorry Martha fans, No martha in this one, maybe next chapter :)

I am making this up as I go along so tell me if there is anything you want to me to add.

Chapter 3

Tomorrow dawned on Jack and the memories of yesterday came flashing back to her, he didn’t know what he supposed to do now.

His girlfriend is his life, he wasn’t going to try dress up the fact that she was the one he saw a future with.

Sophie was at home in tears, crying tears over the fact that she was caught but also because she didn’t want to lose Jack, he was her one and only love in all her life.

She vowed to get him back no matter what, she believed that if she didn’t, it would mean that she didn’t love him as much as she said she did.

In her view she had to show Jack but at that moment Jack was getting rid of everything that belonged to Sophie, to rid himself of her, he had to get rid of everything that reminded him of her.

He transformed the entire house and he was proud but his dreams were to be dashed when Sophie later on that night was attacked.

It was a cold murky night and Jack felt the cold tingle on his skin and to his utmost surprise he liked it, he had an aim for his life just from that feeling.

He wanted to find his true path and the perfect soul mate to share it with, and he wasn’t going to do that feeling sorry for himself.

A curt knock came. Knock. Creak, as Jack walked up to the door beckoning to his cat to move, his adorable car Mr Wiggles.

“Mr Jack Holden?”

“Yes” Jack said a bit taken aback, he didn’t expect a police officer to be at his door

“I am Senior Constable McGrath”

“ Sorry Constable, is there a problem?”

“Actually Sophie Greenwood went missing this morning and we were wondering if you know where she is?”

“Nope, I haven’t seen her since we split up” Jack commented more to himself than to the police officers.

“Sorry, come in, its very cold”


“I got the impression from Mr and Mrs Greenwood that Sophie was your girlfriend” as he sat down and he tried to be nice to him. The poor man looked worn out.

“We were till she cheated on me and we split up”

“Oh, well the reason I am there is that she has gone missing and I am trying to find where she might have gone”

“I know where she went”


“Let me go and see her and you can stay back and watch but I think I know where she went”

“Ok, I will be keeping a close watch on you”

“No more than I expect Constable”

Jack set off the place that Sophie went to when she was upset, so much for getting rid of her in his life.

He reached the graveyard and watched while Sophie cried into the headstone of her mother. “I made another mistake, cheating on Jack, I love him”

“I love you too” said Jack coming out of the shadows

“Jack, what are you doing?”

Jack beckoned for her to come into his loving arms, she accepted, she loved this man more than anything.

She buried herself in Jack’s shirt “I am so sorry”

“Forget it, I am just glad you are ok”

That moment was one for them to cherish as a stranger watched in the midst and was determined to have Sophie and destroy those who were in his way.

Jack! He smiled devilishly. This was going to be fun.

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Sorry that this chapter is so short and mainly dialogue, I just want to keep on doing chapters as a means of relaxing after revision. Once my exams are over I will be posting more longer chapters and hopefully more people will read the fic.

Here we go. My next chapter :)

Chapter 4

Martha stared in to thin air while Tasha was toeing the line and being a swot while she was training for teacher training college.

Martha was complaining about Tasha dumping the hunk of the year “Why?”

“I don’t know, I am doomed with men? What about you?”

“Well Mr. Right hasn’t come yet”

“Doesn’t mean he wont”


Martha sighed and then came as simultaneously a phone call that was for Tasha and it made Tasha’s face light up. It was glistening.

“What?” Martha pounced on her as soon as she came off the phone.

“I got the job”

Martha squealed in delight “I knew you would”

“Summer Bay is a fantastic place”

“I know, they will be lucky to have you”



Jack and Sophie lay in each others arms fully clothed just taking in the togetherness they felt, they knew it felt right and would anything to keep it the way it was.

Jack’s phone rang; he got up groaning and picked it up grimacing when he came off. He turned to Sophie with a grim look and she knew!

“They want you to go in don’t they?”

“They need me to check some paperwork”

“Its fine. I will make my way out.”

Jack called after her “I forgive you so don’t leave thinking I hate you”


Jack went to the police station where he was told that new interns has joined and would be under his care

“Who are they?”

“A women you know?”

Two figures came out of the shadows and it turned out to be two of the most important features of his past.

He turned to Fitzy who was grinning “thanks”

“No problem”

Next Chapter will probably be next week now, sorry :(

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Sorry its late. Enjoy

Warnings: Some sexual scenes

Chapter 5

“Oh my god” was Jacks first reaction to the interns, he never expected to have 3 girls and a girl that he knew but how he knew her wasn’t as clear as people thought it was especially Jack.

The moon set and so did the interns, they settled into their first night shift with Jack.

He wanted them to do some paperwork so they could get a bit of awareness about how administration work cropped p more than the practical work.

After an hour as Jack had predicted, an intern named Karen piped up. “I don’t want to do this, its boring, cant we get some practical done?”

She looked beautiful with her low cropped shirt as she leant into Jack obviously knowing what she was doing.

She put her hand on his upper thigh and leant in a bit more making him feel uncomfortable. After a few mesmerising moments he pulled away and sent all the 3 interns home.

Later on nearing the end of his night shift, he had to write a brief summary of how the interns did.

Picking up a piece of paper, he looked at it and then wrote for intern 1 whose name was Natalie Hankins.

Intern 1 Natalie Hankins

She worked well and adapted her skills of writing to all aspects of the paperwork and as a c consequence she finished all pieces given to her. Overall a good first day especially for her who at the beginning didn’t seem to have a lot of experience but I am sure that by the end of the intern programme she will be very good and better herself.

Intern 2 Jodie Kennedy

She didn’t want to do a lot of the administration work but she did adapt herself to it and the practical situation, she has the potential to be great. I think she will with dedication.

Intern 3 Sam Tolhurst

Not afraid of hard work and also wants to succeed for her family’s future. One thing that concerns me is how she can’t separate work from home.

Jack made the long journey home after his night shift, he hated walking home after a night shift, the worst shift imaginable, but well crime doesn’t stop at night

Jack picked up a separate piece of paper and form under that a diary tumbled. He was intrigued to see a diary in his own house that he never knew about. He opened the cover and it belonged to Sophie.

He knew it was suicide to open it and read it but he was really curious to know that is was, a diary of his girlfriends life was interesting to say the least.

He opened it to the latest entry and was gob smacked to see an entry about someone who she worked with and how she loves him.

He snapped it shut, he tried to pretend he didn’t see it but as the words circulating around in his head controlling him.

It was about 5am in the morning and Jack just wanted to sleep but the words wouldn’t let him.

He thought to himself, this is pathetic I am just getting agitated over nothing but a thought in the back of his head said she was unfaithful once why cant she do it again. He vowed when he and Sophie got together that he wasnt going to be paranoid.

He is absolutely fantastic, I can talk to him like a normal human being and a grown up. I don’t feel pressured to be different. I can be myself and as he put it “unique”. I don’t know what to do, should I tell him, whether or not he is my colleague and work relationships especially for me end in disaster

Next Chapter: Will Jack confront Sophie?

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Right this next chapter and the 6 after it will be the culmination of the fic, in some chapters it will fast forward and in some it will rewind but the end will be whether JM get together.

Good news and bad news as well. The good is Martha will feature in the next few chapters quite a lot and the bad news is that once she is introduced it means the end of the fic.

Once I finish this fic I will revert back to my other fic Decisions that I hope you will read.

Another note: Some of Martha’s family are in the bay such as Alf (Mr Stewart) so we will be visiting some of her past as well as Jacks. The main idea is to unite Jack and Martha through revelations of their past.

I hope this excites you and makes you want to read more because if you are really interested I will maybe if I had time write short chapters and that way more chapter maybe up chapter 25 at the moment it will be up to 14 ish but we will see.

Right rant over, last warning, there is swearing in this chapter, its mild but still swearing.

Please comment on it.

Chapter 6

Martha breathed in the seaside air, the saltiness she could feel it bubbling away in her mouth.

She let it take her to some parallel universe in her mind where she was free of her family’s pressure and has a man who loved and treasured her.

She was very romantic, all she wanted was someone to curl up on the sofa with and just embrace them with all the love that she could offer.

“Hello” Tasha called out to her with her face scrunched up thinking. What the hell is Martha doing standing there with a wishful look on her face.

“HELLO” Tasha bellowed as it bounced of Martha’s eardrum, but still she kept on daydreaming. They said love is powerful as that was what Tasha assumed Martha was daydreaming about but this was beyond powerful, it was almost manipulative.

Martha jerked herself back to life and fell to the fall in a mess of clothes and hair.

“Whoa” she said as she recovered herself back to the normal day

Tasha started to laugh. Through laughs she managed to blurt out. “You said Jack Holden’s name”

Martha froze, she didn’t know what to make of that, what did it mean? Was she in love with someone who she hadn’t even properly met?

Anyways last she heard, he was with her enemy Sophie greenwood. Sophie had been a bully and she now was happy with Jack, she had made Martha’s life a misery and Martha didn’t stand up to her.

“It doesn’t mean anything though!”

“Maybe not but what if it does, what if he is the one for you and you are letting him slip through”

“He has a girlfriend”

“You and I know that relationships are not what they seem”

“Yes I know”

“Lets go and see if he is in the diner with her”




“Some revenge might be good”

“I don’t do revenge”

“But I do”

“Yes I know. OK”

“Yet!!” Tasha squealed.


Jack was in the diner as Martha and Tasha entered. They sat in a booth next to theirs.

Jack was with Sophie and they seemed on edge.

Jack was asking, “I know I shouldn’t have but how can you justify that especially as I took you back”

Martha and Tasha smiled, the relationship was already rocky so it wouldn’t be hard to drive an extra large wedge between them.

Colleen approached their table and smiled sweetly, “what would you ladies like?”

“Spaghetti Bolognese for me” Martha told her, colleen turned to Tasha “and you?”

“Super Burger and an orange juice for me and Martha”

Martha agreed with the orange juice and Colleen tumbled away to the kitchen to put their order to Leah and Irene.

Sophie screamed at Jack taking Martha by surprise, as she was right behind them and closest to Sophie than Tasha was. “You betrayed my trust and so it is over”

“That’s fine” jack said in an amazingly calm voice “me and you never really suited and now you are getting defensive, so f**k you Sophie, who cares about a slag like you.

Jack was close to tears and his face was read after his temper had snapped. He ran out of the diner closely followed by Sophie who obviously had decided that she wasn’t finished with Jack.

Martha and Tasha hadn’t done anything to hurt Sophie but they decided that a little more pain might just make up for about 1% of the pain she caused Martha to have to be witness to when she was in high school.

The next thing she heard shocked her to her core, “Hey Mr Stewart”

Martha’s mother was Roo and she always talked about a Mr Stewart whose she tried to remember back first name was beginning with A.

“Alf! The hamper you ordered is ready, who is it for?”

“Sally and Pippa, they want to go on the boat.

“She has grown” Leah commented as she brought the food to Martha and Tasha’s table.


Martha sat there in silent eating her food. Tasha asked her “what’s with the face? You

looked shocked and serious. A frightening combo”

Martha grinned, “That’s me, frightening”

“Who was he?”


“The guy that you were so surprised to see”

“That was I think, my granddad”

“Your mums dad?”

“Yes, I thought he would have moved away by now, but obviously not”


Next Chapter: Jack faces up to life without Sophie and Martha talks to her granddad for the first time.

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A filler chapter to keep you going because I dont know when I can post my next chapter :P

“What you going to do then?” Tasha asked as they went to pay

“Ask around and find him. I am not losing him this time around. I cant”

“It will hurt too much wont it?” a voice came from behind her

She turned to see Jack sat down again in the same booth that they just emerged away from.

“Sorry” Martha approached him and gestured to the seat. Jack nodded and she sat down. “what do you mean?”

“Don’t bother finding him if he isn’t someone you want to find”

“I know that, I have only heard of him, he apparently lives around here”

“I have lived here all my life nearly, who is it you are looking for?”

“Alf Stewart?”

“Alf?” he said in a disbelieving tone

Tasha had now left the diner having paid for her and Martha, she figured she would want to be alone with him.

“yes?” raising her hopes slightly to finding him

“He will be at the surf club”

“Can you show me?”

“Yes, come on”

Martha and Jack walked towards the surf club. Martha had no idea what she was going to say to him when she saw him

“relax, he has been trying to locate you since I arrested you”

“So he knows me” she asked tentatively

“yes, he wants to know you”

“why didn’t he visit?”

“I don’t know, you ask him”

Jack went forward and pulled her granddad to one side. He was bald and a bit chubby, but she didnt know what she expected of him.

Her granddad was surprised and Jack beckoned her to come forward. She went up and hugged her granddad. She was so happy and when she broke off from him. He was beaming.

“I cant believe it, my granddad”

“Neither can I!”

“I am glad I found you, thanks Jack”

“No problem”

Martha and her granddad chatted away the night till Martha’s phone went off. She picked it up and it said “turn around”

So martha turned around and the image there shocked her to her core..

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Contents unsuitable for younger ages.'

Chapter 8

2 days later

Jack was happily lying on the beach watching the sky and just basking in his glory of finding Alf his granddaughter.

Another bonus was that she had a gorgeous and sexy figure; he had found another girl so soon after Sophie and for that reason and that reason only he was backing off from striking up another relationship.

He wasn’t sure whether his feelings for Martha were lust or meaningful feelings. He needed to find out but he had to find a way to do that.

He decided the only way to do that was to take her out as friends and that would assess their impact of their friendship.

Martha left the surf club in a hurry in tears running along the beach sobbing before she collapsed a few centimetres away from Jack,

Jack jumped up and took her in his arms. Rocking her back and forward not willing her to talk till she had got everything out of her system.

She stopped sobbing about 5 minutes later and she sat up smiling freakishly at Jack who was staring at her in bewilderment.

“are you going to tell me what is going on?”

“No” she said regretfully

Jack stood up, dusted the sand off his clothes and smiled sadly “I see. Well I will see you around sometime”

Martha nodded and as soon as he was out of sight, she banged her head in frustration, why didn’t anything ever go right for her? She had found someone who just cared about her and was willing to let her be who she was.

Instead of forcing her into another friendship that meant she had to be who he wanted her to be not who she was. He was willing to give the chance to be herself, the chance to express how she feels or how she wants to feel.

She cried into her hands but the next thing she knew was that she was being dragged across the sand into the grass which so long it was next to impossible to see who was in there if there was anything actually in there.

She struggled but this person was too big to overpower. He turned her around and gagged her before he tied up her legs forcing them to bend as he did it.

She struggled once more, so he picked up a rock, pulled up the back of her t-shirt and continuously threw it down till he had made a dent in her skin but she still didn’t stop struggling.

He then pushed down on the dent till she moaned in pain, he leant down and whispered “you are not allowed near Jack, this will make you realise you are only allowed to be with me”

She was turned over and he made sure no one could see as he pulled a bag over her head, slowly before dragging her up the grassy hill to the darkest place in the grass where it was guaranteed that no one would see them.

He made her sit up while he opened the van door that was nearby before picking her up and throwing her in.

He got into the van with her and signalled to the driver to set off and to put down the barrier so he couldn’t see what he was going to do, the driver obliged.

To the side of Martha, she saw a pan of water, a few seconds later she was lying down half naked with him sat on top of her. He smiled devilishly and said “the pain I am about to inflict on you will be nothing compared to what I will do when we arrive at our destination”

He ungagged her and stuffed some paper with thorns down it, he took off her bra and he kissed It tentatively as she tried to struggle, she earned a slap for struggling before he injected some painful poison bit by bit into her system,. She had to lay there while he touched her body with his hands.

She blacked out and as soon as she came around, she was in warm bed, fully clothed, she tried to get up but she was handcuffed to the bed.

A few moments later she had woke up sweating in her bed, it was all a dream or was it?

Next Chapter: Jack delves into some hot water..

Comment please!

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Next Chapter!!!!

Just a note: there is about 5 chapters left :)

Please enjoy the chapter.

Its not very long sorry.

Chapter 9

Martha woke up shaking, as her eyes adjusted to the harsh lighting creeping in from all nooks and crannies of the curtains.

She was so relieved it was a dream. It felt so real to her and it was like a real day but a nightmare all in one.

She needed to get out of the house and clear her head, she really needed some head space at that moment in time.

Getting up from the bed made her legs feel like lead but she managed to pick her legs up and move to the bathroom


{20 minutes later}

She opened her front door and was chuffed to see people bustling around. She needed the sense of normality in her life at that moment in time

Her friend spotted her and waved to her smiling. Martha felt at home and happy in her life and felt like she was gettting the head space she needed.

She was still shaking from the dream and she wanted to find a safe place she could sit and not worry about being attacked or anything like that.

Her idea was to visit the diner. She thought if she did that then she can relax while chatting with friends of hers namely Leah in the diner.


Jack woke up and decided he needed a run and a hot shower. He ran the entire beach about 27 times before he collapsed on the floor.

Martha was sat in the diner literally shaking. Jack entered the diner and he looked at her with caring eyes.

She smiled at him trying to repress all the previous images she had in her brain, she was so glad it was just a dream to her.

If that had happened in reality, she wouldn’t be there, she would have committed suicide as that is not a situation she wanted to be in.

“Are you ok?” Jack enquired

“Im fine” she smiled

“Good, I was hoping that we could go on a date sometime?”

“I am not sure that is the best thing to do at the moment. I am in a really difficult place in my life and I need to work through it”


“I will see around?”

“Yes, of course”

“Bye then”


Jack watched as Martha walked away and thought to himself “I want her”

“Jackk!!!” Tony shouted at him

He turned around reluctantly from watching Martha, he seemed to be mesmerized. It was easy to lose yourself when watching the love of your life.

He could hardly believe that he had finally found her. He was going to make her want to go out with him otherwise there would be no point to live.

Next Chapter: 6 months later, a lots changed, has too much happened for them to go back?

Find out!!

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Only 5 ish chapters left.

Sorry its so late

Chapter 10

“I cant believe Im back” Martha looked out at the bay with the fog looming, she could sense it was going to be a long day

“Forget the past” the figure said while gesturing towards the beach.

“Jack is going to be so hurt when he sees me” leading the figure

“You had to do it, you had to hurt him”

“Now I have a chance to get him back into my life but we are completly different”

“i know but remember no one loves him like you”

“He wont believe me” she sat on the sand watching a familiar figure wicker in the water, after a start she recognised the figure.

She was so taken back, the looming fog seems to be cluttering her judgement so Tom approached him. He wasnt the first person who wanted Martha to himself but deep down, he was always going to be second best.

He was sprawled on the floor with an empty bottle in his hand and he looked so withdrawn.

Tom aroused him by getting some nearby water in a bucket and throwing it all over him.

Jack woke up with a start. “Oh I must have fell asleep” but he wouldnt look Martha in the eyes. “thanks”

He got up and walked away from her, Martha chuckled to herself. Tom was confused “why you laughing for?”

“he’s walking away from me and this is exactly what I did!”

“and thats funny how?”

“He is making me pay, which is what I used to do to him when we were friends having a bust up”

“What about us?”

“I havent forgotten about us, there is still an us. Me and Jack are only friends.”

Martha leant forward and kissed him feverntly on the lips. Tom kissed her back leading her on the grass. They seperated and looked so at peace with each other.

“I will tell the whole world about us”

“Yes but just let it be us now” Tom leant in and kissed Martha again.


Jack was reeling from watching Martha passionately kissing another guy. He couldnt stomach this and made an instant decision.

He walked the five minute journey to his flat and just threw everything he owned into a few bags and left a note for his dad and Lucas.

Sorry, I have to leave. You must have heard by now about Martha returning and I cant handle it, I am leaving for the time being or forever, I dont know.

Dont worry.

Jack x

Jack then left the flat and got in the car, he drew past the place Martha was and stared at her for the first and final time before driving out of the place he had always called home. A place like home...


Martha looked at Jack as he left and she knew he had to leave but she couldnt go after him, the plan she had set in motion was too important to desert.

She hoped that one day he could accept her decision and they could be happy but deep down she knew he could never do that hence him leaving the bay.

She hugged Tom and said “dont ever leave me, i mean even though the relationship isnt real, I dont want to be alone”

“I wont leave” Tom promised, this was the one promise he would keep as he was falling in love with Martha.

She didnt feel the same way but he hoped one day that she would return the feelings he possesed for her.

Next chapter: Martha searches for Jack! Can she persuade him to return?

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