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Til Death Do Us Part

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Story Title: Til Death Do Us Part

Type of story: Long story

Main Characters: Matilda, Lucas, Ric, Belle and two characters I've created called Declan and Tia

BTTB rating: A SC L V/D

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: May include violence, death, language adult themes and sexual content

Summary: The title Till death do us part is basically about the main gang Matilda, Lucas, Belle and Ric fighting for there friendships, love, life and there future until Declan and Tia arrive in the bay to stir up trouble, betrayal and even hatred and maybe even romance.

Chapter 1

Things had never gone smoothly in Summer Bay, relationships never lasted, psychopath's were always on the loose and things were always blowing up or someone was always in hospital.

Matilda was driving Stuarts Point Road in her beat up old red bluebird. She remembered when she left Summerbay to start Uni and remember how sad and upset it was to leave her friends, her home and especially her family but also overwhelmed that she was at a new beginning in her life where she could finally plan her future. She remembered what it was like choosing what subjects she wanted to do at Uni, frustrating because there were so many and hadn't decided on a future yet, scared because Uni was nothing like High School, excited because she would finally get to meet new people outside of SummerBay and... in love, oh how she loved Lucas, Ric and Belle, her three best friends in the world. She had never felt like things could go wrong when she was with her friends and after Cassie left to be with Denton, a pathetic alcoholic, drug abusing gothic that Matilda never took a liking to because he some how persuaded Cassie into them which frustrated and angered Matilda to the point of boiling blood and made her want to kill all living creatures like him on earth, things started to settle down a bit.

Matilda pulled into a car park outside the Diner on Stuarts Point Road because no one new that today, today she was sitting her English Uni exams.

Opening the battered old car door and stepping onto the pavement of the car park, Matilda took in a deep breath, taking in the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass, the stench of salt water floating through the air and someone nearby having a BBQ. Taking in another deep breath and shutting the car door she made her way up to the Diner because in an hour all she would be doing would be writing words onto a piece of paper and taking in the smell of day old coffee and body odor from people who didn't believe in deodorant, YUK!

As soon as she walked into the Diner she heard the voice's of Belle, Lucas and Ric calling out her name and in a bid to ignore them for just a minute while she ordered a choc chip muffin and a banana thick shake she turned to the end booth where they always sat, smiled at them all and signaled she would be over in a minute whilst proceeding to order the usual.

what do you guys think, should i go on or not???

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ok guys chapter two is here hope you like it :rolleyes:

Chapter 2

“Just a choc chip muffin and a banana thick shake please Irene” Matilda ask's as she took out a ten dollar note from her denim black straight legged jeans and sat it on the counter.

“No worries darl, how bout I bring 'em to you, that alrigh'?” Irene asked talking the note and getting Mattie's change from the till and sitting the change back on the counter.

“Yeah thats fine Irene, thanks!” Matilda replied as she turned and headed toward the table to sit with Belle and the boy's.

“Hey guys what's up?” she asked as she sat next to Belle who was directly opposite Lucas which made Matilda opposite Ric.

“Not a lot Mattie, all play and no work!” Ric said as he burst out laughing along with Lucas.

“Don't worry about them Mattie, they've been like it all morning” Belle replied after she rolled her eyes at Ric's comment and turned to Mattie.

“So I've heard this rumour that aparently this new family is moving into mum's rebuilt house, you know after the fire and everything with Jazz and how it had to be demolished and rebuilt. And anyhoo this Cooper family is moving in, mother and two kids mum told me”

“Man thats not a rumour thats just an aparently, aparently Matilda is lesbian. Get mi drift?” Ric said as he burst out in another fit of laughter as Lucas hit his arm to let him know that the girls didnt find that funny at all and neither did he.

Noone had known but since Lucas moved to the bay at 15 he had fallen hard for Matilda and the only person who new about his feelings were Belle. Now 18 along with the rest of the gang, except for Ric who was a year older then all of them, Lucas had never acted on his feelings for Matilda because she had never considered him to be more than a friend, along with Ric, which in a way made him very happy to know that nothing would happen between Ric and Matilda.

Matilda looked at Ric and gave him a fake, pissed off smile she got the first time her and Belle got in a fight when Belle had first moved to the bay. Ric looked back at Matilda and put his hands in the air as if to say 'sorry, didn't think it would **** you off so much' and looked over just in time to see Irene walk out of the kitchen with what looked like a choc chip muffin and a banana thick shake.

“Awww Mattie you need to start ordering something different from the good old Bay Side Diner instead of the same old choc chip muffin and banana thick shake” Ric replied as this time Belle gave him the look.

“Is it like pic on Matilda day is it?” Mattie asked as Irene put her muffin and thick shake in front of her and walked away to take another order from another table.

“No Mattie of course not, Ric's just in a weird mood today thats all.” Lucas said as he again hit Ric in the arm.

“Hmmm yeah” Ric replied as he rubbed his arm where Lucas had hit him......twice and just sat there. Ric wasn't usually like this but today when Matilda walked through the Diner door, Ric fell in love.

hoped you like it guys. :cool:

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Chapter 3

“Ok guys I have to go I have things to do. Wh...what are you guys doing later?” Matilda asked as she loked at all 3 of her friends.

“Well i'm organising a party later on tonight seeing as my birthday is in a couple of days I decided to have the party tonight. You comin' Mattie?” Belle asked as she turned back to Matilda.

“Yeah course im coming I wouldn't miss your parties for the world Belle. I'll see you later on tonight ok oh Belle, what time?” Matilda asked as she got up out of the booth and picked up her hand bag and sliding it up her arm and resting it on her shoulder and moving one side of her braid where her bag sat.

“Anytime after 9 Mattie and its at Irene's place” Belle replied as Matilda nodded, said goodbye to her friends and made her way back out of the Diner.

“I'm gunna go to the loo” Ric said as he got to his feet and made his way past the counter and down a hall out of sight.

“So Luc, your coming tonight arn't you?” Belle asked as Lucas nodded.

“Yeah course I am, there's no way in the world I'd miss your...' Lucas's voice trailed of as he watched a boy and a girl, both tall and reasonably tanned walk into the Diner.

“Luc, Luc!” Belle yelled out to him as she waved her hands back and forth in front of his face. Belle looked where Lucas walk looking and decided to follow his gaze. As she turned around she saw the 2 strange looking people.

“They must be the new people moving into mums place” Belle said lowering her voice completely as Lucas looked back at her.

“Are you serious?” Lucas asked looking back at the 2 people.

“Tia, Hurry up and make up your mind, mum's waiting for us in the car” Declan said as he looked around the Diner, looking at all the face staring back at Tia and himself.

“Tia hurry people are staring!”

“Oh are they!” Tia replied as she turned around and saw everyone looking at them. Her blonde hair moving slightly as she looked around.

“Got nothin' better to look at do ya. What looking the two newcomers up n' down, get a life you bunch of losers” she yelled as as she lifted her two hands and resting all fingers bar her middle fingers in her palm. Tia then turned back around, grabbed the food and walked out of the Diner with her brother following in tow.

After the had walked out the door the whole room erupted in talk and Belle turned back at Lucas just as Ric returned to his seat next to Lucas.

“What was all that about?” he asked as Belle shrugged and Lucas smirked.

Later that Night

Both Ric and Lucas stood there in awww as Matilda walked into Belle's party looking like the only woman that even mattered to them. Ric went to walk off and over to Matilda but lucas had already gone.

Lucas picked up a can of Jim beam on his way over and when reached Matilda held out the can to her.

"You look great, beautiful" he said as Matilda took the can out of his hand and smiled with that beautiful elegant charming smile of hers.

"Thanks Lucas, you look good yourself" she said as she took a mouthful from the can.

2 hours later

"LUCAS, can i talk to you" Matilda stumbled to say as she also stumbled over to Lucas with this time a bottle of what looked like cheap wine.

"Mattie, your drunk!" Lucas said as Matilda took his hand and dropped the bottle whilst looking into his eyes.

"Yes but people tell the truth when there drunk, did you know that Luc?" she asked trying to keep her balance as herself and her hair had a mind of its own.

"No, i, i didn't" Lucas replied as Matilda started giggling.

"Luc i love you" Matilda said as Lucas looked ataken back but before Lucas could say anything he realized that Matilda was kissing him.

Passionate, loving, steaming hot kiss...Matilda kissing Lucas.

Matilda kept kissing and slowly entwined her tounge with Lucas's, wrapped her arms around his nice, warm body and pulled him in close so he could feel every groove, every bump, every breath. Lucas slowly put his arms around her waist as she pulled away.

"I need another drink!" she screamed as she ran off towards the direction she came in.

Matilda had just got back to the bar when Ric approached her.

"Mattie can i talk to you?" he asked as she turned and smiled at him with another glass of alcohol.

"Sure!" she replied taking another mouthful from her cup.

"Mattie, i love you, your my best friend and i love you!" he said as Matilda smiled.

"I love you too Ric" she replied as Ric caught her off gaurd and kissed her.

Steamy, wet, alcoholic, passionate.

At first Matilda didnt kiss him back but then started warming to the idea.

'This must be the alcohol talking, i wouldnt usually do this but hey weve all had alot to drink'

hope you guys like it. i wont be posting again for a few days

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Chapter 4

Matilda opened her eyes to the sound of birds chirping and the smell of hot coffee, getting out of bed she wondered what had happened that night before and because she was so drunk she couldnt exactly remember. Picking up her dressing gown, she glided it over her arms and then made her way to the kitchen. Ever since Beth had moved to the city after the big break up with Lucas's dad Tony, Beth had decided to leave the house to her daughter, hoping that one day she could return. Matilda elegantly ran her finger's through her hair and stopped in her tracks when she saw Belle sitting at her kitchen table with 2 cups of coffee.

“Belle! What...what are you doin' here?” Matilda asked as she made her way over to the table and joined Belle.

“I have such a headache and I kissed some random last night but not half as bad as you were, Ric and Lucas aye?” Belle replied as Matilda took a sip from her coffee and spat it straight back out.

“WHAT? I, what did I do?” Mattie asked as her hands hit the table and her head followed.

“You...you dont remember, you told Luc that you loved him and kissed him and then Ric told you he loved you and kissed you and you kissed him and said you love him too” Belle replied as Matilda's head shot up in surprise, disgust, disbelief and anger.

“OH GOD!” Was all Matilda could say as she grabbed her coffee and started skulling it.

Belle watched in shock at Matilda's eyes started watering and tears started rolling down her cheeks. Belle didn't know whether the tears were from the hot coffee that Matilda for some reason started skulling or because Belle could see the guilt and frustration in Mattie's eyes and knew that Matilda didnt want to ruin her friendship with the 2 boys.

Matilda got to her feet and made her way over to the sink, rinsing out her cup and looking out the window.

“I cant believe I did this Belle, how am I meant to tell them that I dont think of them that way? I never have, boys are the least of my problems I mean with Uni and my writing and keeping up the rent on this place by myself its hard enough. And now the rents gone up on this place and I cant afford it and now im going to have to look for a flat mate an...'

“I cant move in and help out around the place!” Belle piped up as Matilda turned her head around and looked at Belle.

“Are you sure I meant it's $350.00 a fortnight and...'

“Mattie, I can handle it and with you at Uni all the time and your writing you dont have time to look after this place all the time and I know for a fact that Irene's talking about selling the beach house and moving in with Tom” Belle replied as Matilda smiled and completely turned around.

“Oh my god Belle you are a life saver so things are getting serious between Irene and Tom Buckly?” Matilda asked as Belle got to her feet and Matilda walked her to the front door of there new house.

“Yeah but I still dont like the guy but hey, you should go and have a shower because you told Lucas you'd meet him at the surf club at noon and figure out what your going to do. I'll start bringin' my stuff over later” Belle said as she turned and disappeared out the door leaving Matilda wondering what she had got herself into and how she was going to explain this to Ric and Lucas without hurting the both of them.

Please tell me what you think and if i should continue :unsure:

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Chapter 5

Staring down into the mirror, Jezmiin couldn't believe what she had got herself into. She was being charged with the murder of her boyfriend and her best friend and didnt even know how they had been killed. Of course she had blackouts every now and again but she loved Callen with every inch of her heart and Lucee had been there for her through thick and think. Jezmiin looked at her thin figure and her dark brown hair and was so proud of herself that she hadn't eaten in over a fortnight and that she had got to the goal weight she wanted to become a model but now with charges over her head her dream may have just flown out the window.

Matilda closed her laptop and looked at the time. She couldn't believe what she had seen when she noticed it was almost 11.00 am, she hadn't even had a shower yet and had to meet Lucas at the Surf Club in an hour and she still couldnt figure out what she was going to say to him. Running into the bathroom and stripping off her pajama's, Matilda was just about to turn on the hot water for her shower when her mobile started ringing. Looking at herself and then out into the kitchen where she kept her phone she sighed and bolted out to the kitchen not believing that she was completely stark naked and just about to answer her mobile.


“Mattie!” the voice said on the other end. “It's Ric, we need to talk!”


“Ummm sure Ric, I have a couple of things to do but if you wanna meet at the beach at about 2 then...yeah” She said as he agreed, Matilda said goodbye and hung up the phone and ran back into the bathroom to have her shower.


Lying on his bed, feeling a sense of utter belief and looking at a photo of the four people who were known as 'the gang' sitting on the beach all wearing there swim wear, the girls looking much more vibrant than the two boys but all of them happy to be next to one another. Ric looked at the girl in the pink bikini with her hair plaited either side and sighed, he had told Matilda Hunter that he loved her last night and she said she loved him too and that made Ric ecstatic. Ric couldnt believe his luck and couldnt wait to meet up with the whole gang later just to see Mattie so he rang her and now they were meeting at about 2.00 pm on the beach.

“What a perfect way to ask her out on a date!” Ric thought to himself as he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in!” he yelled as out as he hid the picture underneath his pillow and looking towards the door when Belle walked in.

“Belle what are, what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked as he sat up in his bed, ran his fingers through his hair and watched as Belle shut his bedroom door and headed towards him.

“Why the long face?” he asked as she sat at the end of his bed and also ran her fingers through her own hair then turning to face him.

“I...I was just at Mattie's and she couldn't memba what she...you dont know what she did last night Ric and both you 2 are going to either have your hopes up or be hurt by her and I...'

“Woh, Belle, what...what are you going on about? I know what she did last night and I know that she loves me and I love her and...'

Belle snorted which made Ric stop in his tracks and look at her. “You'r jealous?”

Belle's eyes widened and she started laughing. “Ric trust me I'm not jealous, I'm moving in with Mattie for godsake and anyway I have no reason to be jealous, there's only one person I'm after and she aint Mattie...'

“Woh, she...your...your a lezzo?” Ric asked as he hit himself on the head and rolled his eyes. “Of course you are, you haven't hit on me or Lucas and I always see you checkin out girls...'

“No Ric i'm Bi ok I like both guys and girls and anyway just coz' I havent cracked onto you or Luc dont mean I dont check you 2 out” Belle said as Ric's eyes widened and she started laughing uncontrollably.

“Whats the matter Ric? Don't believe me? Didn't expect me to be bisexual?” Belle asked as Ric kept opening and closing his mouth hoping words would come out but nothing came out. Ric couldn't help but look at Belle, the shock of her like both male and female erupted through his body and in a way kind of made him excited and judging from the way Belle's eyes suddenly widened and when Ric followed when her eyes had rested, Ric quickly grabbed his pillow and covered his now erect penis.


Waiting outside the Surf Club for Matilda to turn up was the hardest thing Lucas had ever done. His heart pounding so fast it felt like someone was ripping it out of his chest and shoving it back into his chest over and over again. Checking his watch again for the third time in 10 minutes he noticed it was two minutes till midday, two minutes until he and Matilda officially became a couple as she told him last night. Again Lucas checked his watch and then looked to his left which is the way you headed to get to the Diner and also to his right which is how you could get to the Headland and then Lucas looked at his watch again. It was now exactly noon and so thinking Matilda would be walking from her house he looked to his left and could faintly see a figure turn out of Saxon Avenue which was where Matilda lived and also Lucas's dad Tony and his new wife Carole who was situated right next door to Matilda's. Lucas drew deep breath's until the figure of Matilda was not even two meters and taking one more deep breath he looked up and smiled at the beautiful, elegant, blonde girl standing in front of him.

“Matilda! You look...wow, gorgeous!” Lucas exclaimed as Matilda smiled and swept part of her hair behind her left ear showing off the hoops earrings that she was wearing.

“Thanks, after last night and all the alcohol I never thought that I could have felt this bad like I felt when I woke up this morning but then Belle told me what I did and now I feel like a using, pathetic idiot!” Matilda replied as Lucas kept looking at her.

“What...what are you talking about Mattie, you told me last night...'

Matilda sighed and looked down at the ground. “I know what I told you Luc, trust me I know but I had way to much to drink and I...'

“And you said that people tend to tell the truth when there drunk Mattie” Lucas's voice had started to raise and Matilda knew that when Lucas raised his voice he was either frustrated or getting angry and that wasnt good to be around when he got like that.

“Lucas I...i dont know what to say except I'm so, so sorry...'

Lucas shook his head and held up one finger. “Just answer me this Mattie, do you have any attraction or think you will towards me?”

Matilda's eyes widened and she looked at the ground again just as a piece of hair fell seductively over part of her left eye and her cheek bone. Looking back up at Lucas as tears started trickling down her face and her bottom lip started shaking. “I dont know!”

Lucas looked at Matilda and saw the tears rolling down her cheeks and the way her bottom lip trembled when she was highly emotional which made Lucas look at her beauty even more. The way she looked at someone she loved or cared about with those beautiful baby blue eyes and the way her cheeks lit up when she was really happy and just the way her hair shon in the sun and glided with her when she moved.

“Ok, come here!” he said as he moved towards Matilda and took her into his arms and cuddled her whilst she sobbed. Lucas could feel her chest moving in and out as she took in every breath. “I'm sorry I upset you!”

“No I'm sorry Luc, I shouldn't have hurt you and made you feel or believe that...'

Lucas cut her off as he moved back a touch and placed his finger on her lips. “Sshhh, sshhh, sshhh it's ok. I have to go because dad and Carole have something to tell me but can I come over later?” he asked as Matilda held back her sobs and slightly smiled. “Sure!” She replied.

hope you like it guys please let me know what you think :unsure:

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Chapter 6

Walking along Pacific Road where Tia and Declan Cooper were staying in the Townhouse they were renting with there mother they walked past the Beach house which was right next door to there house and they noticed a lot of boxes in the back of what looked like a 2004 Lexus silver Convertible, also with boxes in the boot.

“Wow, Declan look at this baby. God the people in this town must be rich!” Tia exclaimed as she ran to the convertible park outside the Beach House and started running her hand over the paint work. “God I wonder who lives here?”

“That would be me and I dont anymore!” Belle replied as Tia jumped and stepped back looking startled at the fact that she got caught touching this girls car. “You like it huh?”

“I'm... I'm sorry that my sister had to be such a pain in the ass.” Declan said as he grabbed his siters arm and started walking towards there house. When they had got to the driveway Belle yelled out to them.


Both Tia and Declan turned and looked at Belle as she smirked and opened her car door. “Don't ever go near my car again!” she said as she started the engine, put the car into drive and sped off down the road, past the boat wharf and out of site.

“Great one Tia, you always have to cause trouble around here dont you? The one chance we have of actually making friends around here and you go and touch some girls convertible who most likely is friends around here with everyone, nice going einstein!” Declan screamed at his sister and with that he ran up the drive way and entered the house, slamming the front door behind him.


Sitting on the couch and watching the movie Chicago where the girls are doing the cell block tango, Matilda saw how each of them would want to kill but she could never do that, no matter how hard things got in her life she could never take another living soul. Feeling ashamed of herself whenever she did something wrong she would always put the movie Chicago on because it made her feel better and made her feel like her problems werent so bad. She still couldnt come to terms with the fact that she told Lucas she loved him and kissed him and then went and kissed Ric as well. Matilda started thinking about what Ric wanted to see her for so badly and then realized that he was probably going to ask her out or confess his love to her.

“Oh god you stupid..' Matilda started to say to herself but suddenly stopped when she heard Belle's convertible pull up outside her house. Pausing the movie Matilda got to her feet and walked out the front door to see Belle emerge from her car and start pulling boxes out of the back seat. Matilda ran down to the car, said 'hi' to Belle and started helping her unpack her stuff from her car.

An hour later once Belle's car was unloaded and all the boxes were scattered all over the lounge Matilda looked at her wrist watch and gasped at the time.

“Belle I've...I've gotta go I've gotta meet Ric on the beach in 10 minutes” Matilda said as she grabbed her phone, shoved it in her pocket and took off out the door to try and be on time to meet Ric.

2:05 Pm

Ric sat on the beach looking out at the calm dead light blue sea that was shining from the sun which made it look like sparkling blue n white sea water. Ric was very anxious and nervous. He had butterflies in his stomach and had never felt this way about a girl before, not even when he was with cassie.. When he and Cassie first got together he was the happiest ever and he did love her but there relationship was more of a sexual relationship, there was hardly ever talking and when they got into fights, they would have sex afterwards and everything was fine but Ric had never had butterlies with Cassie. When he was around Matilda h saw much more than her good looks and great figure he saw how sensitive she was, how much she cared for her family and friends, how she kept up her appearance even when she was down and how she tried to make everyone else feel better when they were down. He saw how the way dimples appeared at each end of her smile when she was exstaticly happy or the way her mouth would gape open only an inch when she was shocked or wowed or just the way her bottom lip trembled when she was upset or just the slightest glare in her eyes when she was pissed off. Ric also noticed that she picked at her cuticles when she was frustrated or always put her hair up when she was thinking and the fact that she would not be seen in last months clothes made Matilda who she was.


Ric turned around and saw Matilda running down the sandy path which was situated in front of the Surf Club. As Matilda ran toward him he watched the sand getting kicked up into the air and slowly make its way back down and rest again on the sand as she ran. She finally approached him and out of breath took a seat next to him, also looking out to sea.

“Its beautiful isnt it?” she asked as Ric looked at her and saw her hair waving from the slight wind.

“You sure are!” he said in a dream still watching her hair then coming back to reality when she asked “What?”

“Oh nothing, yeah its beautiful. Mattie I want to ask you something?” he asked as Matilda looked at him then back out to the ocean. Ric then noticed that Matilda was picking at her cuticles.

“Whats wrong?” he asked straight out as Matilda then looked at him looking confused.

“How did you know something was wrong?” she asked as Ric smiled.

“Because your picking your cuticles, you always pick your cuticles when your frustrated so...whats wrong?” he replied as Matilda looked at her cuticles and suddelny stopped and rested her arms beside her.

“Ummm Ric I dont know how to say this, last night when...whe you told me...' Matilda stopped suddenly and sighed.

I never thought this was so hard

“Mattie!” Ric said as Matilda then looked at him again.

“Sorry, ummm, when you told me...'

“That I loved you?” Ric finished off the sentence because he knew Matilda was having trouble.

“Yes, yeah that...that one. Did...did you mean it or was it the...'

Ric took Matilda's hands which made her stop again. “I meant every word of it Mattie and I want to ask you on a date tomorrow night!”

Matilda's eyes widened and and her mouth slightly opened. Pulling her hands out of Ric's she looked out towards the sea again, then back at Ric just to make sure he was serious and when she saw the seriousness in his face she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Not the reaction I was hoping for Mattie but oh well. So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?” Ric said looking straight into her eyes.

hope you like it guys :rolleyes:

Promo 4 chapter 7

Who is the mystery girl Belle likes

Will Mattie say yes to a date with Ric

Tia starts causing trouble for Matilda

Declan fall's for another newcomer but she's not so new to the bay

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Chapter 7

“I...Ric I...' Matilda started to say but Ric cut her off as he moved in and kissed her lightly on the lips, the sweet sensation of her cherry and strawberry lipgloss eradicating between two lost souls, one who couldn't live with out the other and the other not knowing what to do.

Matilda suddenly pulled back and got to her feet and started running back up toward the Surf Club. Ric turned and watched her disappear around the corner and head back the way she came. Watching her put one hand over her mouth he knew he had upset her and couldn't believe how stupid he was.


Matilda ran and ran and kept running until she realized that she had ran all the way back home. Now breathing heavily Matilda made her way back up to the house and when she got to the front door she walked in and stopped in her tracks.

“Hey Mattie!” Lucas said as he looked at her and saw her red eyes from where she would have been crying.

“Mattie whats wrong?” he asked as Matilda broke down and crossed her arms across her chest. Lucas got to his feet and walked over to Matilda and pulled her into another hug. To Lucas that would be a record, two hugs in one day when she she wouldn't even hug him at all before.

“Sshhh, sshhh, sshhh its ok, it's going to be ok!” Lucas whispered to Matilda as she sobbed and put her arms around Lucas. After a couple of minutes Lucas took a step back and wiped her face, even when she had been crying she still looked as beautiful as ever. “So!” Lucas said as he looked at his shirt. “I'm gunna have to change that but hey it was worth the tears”

Matilda coughed and laughed at the same time and walked over to the couch. “I'm sorry Luc its just...Ric, Ric asked me out on a date and when I didnt reply he kiss...oh god I didnt reply!” Matilda said as she put her head in her hands.

“Hey, hey, hey its ok. I'm sure Ric understands, hang on Ric?” Lucas said as Matilda looked back up at him and nodded.

“Wow I didnt know Ric love...liked you!” Lucas said as he felt a surge of pure jealousy and hatred erupt through his body like a volcano exploding.

“Neither did I, I dont know how I went from having noone chasing me to two of my bestest friends falling...” Matilda's voice trailed off as she looked sternly at the front door. “Ric!”

“Ric!” Lucas said as Lucas looked at Matilda and swiftly turned around to see Ric standing at the door holding a wrapped up box. 'OH, Ric...hi!”

“Hey Luc, Mattie can I talk to you” Ric gestured looking at Matilda and Lucas. “Alone!”

“Oh, ummm, i'm just gunna go to the toilet Mattie, can I use your toilet?” Lucas asked getting to his feet and looking at Matilda who was staring at the carpet.

“Sure Luc!” she replied as Lucas took off as fast as he could into the hallway.

“Mattie I am so, so sorry I didnt mean for...'

“For what Ric, for you to kiss me, for you to make me feel like I have to make a choice between my two best friends, to have your two best friends in love with you and not knowing if you love either of them back...'

Ric looked straight at Matilda at the words 'two best friends in love with you' and started laughing. “Wait, Lucas is in love with you? What did he come to ask you out as well or was he coming over to kiss you just like I did” Ric snorted as Matilda started glaring at him.

“Yes Lucas loves me but the funny thing is he hasnt made a pass at me or asked me on a date or kissed me!” Matilda started to raise her voice and she got to her feet and walked to the door. “He has just been there for me which is more than I could have ever said for you now get out!” Matilda was now screaming just as Lucas ran back into the lounge.

“Whats going on?” Lucas asked as both Matilda and Ric looked straight at him.

“I dont want you here Ric and thats...' Matilda's voice trailed off as she looked at both Lucas and Ric before falling to the ground unconscious.

promo for chapter 8

Whats wrong with Matilda and why did she fly off the handles. Does she actually have feelings for one of her friends?

Where was Belle ?

Who surprises Ric by returning to the bay?


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Chapter 8

'Where am I?'

This is not your time, Matilda you need to know that you are strong and dont fight your feelings because in the end they will just cause more problems!


Yes my darling!

'But how can you...'

'I'm dead?'

No your heart failed because you have a rare condition. I cannot tell you darling but dont stress about what will come natural...


“Come on Mattie stay with us!” Rachel screamed. “Get me one mill of adrenaline and charge to 360!”


“Ok we have a rythem, right nurse I want a full CT scan. I want to know why she went into cardiac arrest so quickly!” Rachel said as she pulled the sheet over Matilda's bare chest and walked to the back of her bed and picked up her chart.

An hour later Matilda still hadn't woken up and that was starting to worry Rachel. As Rachel walked out of room 1 both Lucas and Ric bolted over to her along with Belle who looked like she had only just arriven.

“Rach, whats going on?” Lucas asked as Rachel looked at all three of them and motioned them to sit down.

“Right we dont know what made Matilda collapse the way she did but the signs are showing that she has an irregular heart beat which basically means that something is going on with her body and we dont know what. Now I need to know, what happened before she collapsed?” Rachel asked as she pulled up a seat in front of Lucas and Ric seeing as they were the ones that called the ambulance.

“I come out of the bathroom coz I heard Mattie yelling her lungs out, I had never heard her like that before and when I come out she told Ric to leave but was really red in the face and really puffed out like she had just been running and I could see she was having trouble breathi...'

Rachel stopped Lucas before he went on any further, got to her feet and walked back into room 1 where Matilda was still lying unconcious. Lucas looked at the room and feeling so useless got to his feet and went to walk away.

“Luc, where are you going?” Belle piped up. That had been the first thing Belle had said since she had arrived at the hospital to find out what was going on.

“I have to get out of here, I cant handle this...' Lucas said as his frustrations grew and grew util he felt like he was ready to explode. Belle got to her feet and ran after Lucas, stopping in front of him and grabbing his shoulders.

“Where were you today Belle? Why couldn't you have been there, Ric hurt her and she cried on my shoulder and I love her so much and...what if she...' Lucas's voice trailed and tears started falling down his cheeks.

“Don't you dare think like that Lucas Holden. Mattie is strong, its gunna take more than this to get rid of her and from what Ric was telling me, she really stood up for you at home!” Belle said as she took Lucas into a warm embrace and just hugged him, listening. Listening to the sound of phones ringing, of beepers going on, of shoes tapping on the floor, of the dripping and beeping sound all the machines made but nothing could rip her heart out at the fact of Lucas crying.

“Come and sit back down, I have somebody who wants to see the both of you!” Belle said as she pulled back and guided Lucas back over to where all three of them were sitting. As Lucas took a seat Belle walked around the corner and returned not to soon with none other than Cassie.

“Hey guys!” Cassie said as both Lucas and Ric looked astonished and surprised that Cassie, Cassie Turner was standing in front of them, at the hospital, while Matilda was lying in room 1.

“Cassie!” both Ric and Lucas said at the same time.

“Yeah its Cassie, and you remember Annie?” Belle asked as Annie walked around the corner and took Belle's hand.

“Oh my god!” Ric said as he and Lucas watched Belle stroke Annie's long brown hair and kissed her softly on the lips before turning back to them.

Promo for chapter 9

Matilda's deteriating...why?

Lucas and Ric start competing for Matilda's love

Who does Tia kiss?

Does Cassie still love Ric?

all in the next chapter :P

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Chapter 9

Later on that night once everyone had promised Rachel they would go home because there was no news on Matilda's condition. Rachel sat in her room watching her sleep, she was so peaceful and calm but if the tests came back with what Rachel feared then things were going to be tough for Matilda down the track. Rachel got up and had just opened the door when she saw Lucas standing there with a bunch of flowers.

“Lucas I told you to go home. I told you I would call if there was any change or news...'

“I know Rach but I had to see her. I know your not telling us something but please I just wanna know Rachel” Lucas said as Rachel took a step back and let Lucas into the room.

“I cant say anything to anyone until Beth arrives tomorrow morning. At the moment Matilda is in a comatized state and I think...actually I know she did it to keep herself alive but let me tell you one thing Lucas. The best thing she has to waking up is for someone to talk to her and reassure her that people want her to come back.” Rachel said as Lucas nodded in understanding but also devastation.

“I just want her to come back to me...us” Lucas replied as Rachel nodded her head and left the room to leave Matilda and Lucas alone.


“So What made you come back to the bay?” Ric asked as he and Cassie were sitting on the couch back at the Caravan Park.

“Look I know you dont believe me when I say this but...I missed this place and everyone in it, although I cant believe half the people left. Sally, Pippa, Brad, Dan, Drew. Mind you I always thought Belle and Drew would never split and...'

“Just like you thought me and you would never split?” Ric cut Cassie off before she could say anything else which made her look down at the ground.

“I'm sorry Ric, I...I never meant to hurt you!” Cassie said as Ric started laughing and smacking the top of the couch.

“Can I get that on paper pleeease because its not very often those words come from your mouth. Just tell me Cassie, do you still love me? Is that why your back? Really back?” he asked as tears started swelling in Cassie's eyes and she looked back at the ground.

“Why do I always need a reason to come back Ric, you know the whole world doesnt revolve around you!” she screamed as she got to her feet and headed for the stairs. “And just remember Eric that Sal left this place to the both of us!” she finally said before disappearing out of site.


“Mattie come back to us please, please dont leave me, I love you!” Lucas said as Matilda cautiously stirred in her sleep and slightly moving her head. Lucas took hold of her hand and had to look twice just to make sure that it was a tear that had come out of the corner of her eye and sure as Lucas was for his love for this girl, it was a tear.

“Mattie, Mattie I know you can hear me, come on Mattie come back to us, please come back. Everyone wants to see you and Belle has something to tell you and boy it was a shock to Ric and I and... You probably dont want to hear about that anyway!” Lucas said as he got off the seat and sat on the side of the bed, still holding her hand but also running his fingers through her hair.

1:00 Am

Matilda slowly opened her eyes and could feel the oxygen mask on her face, she could also feel someone holding her hand and when she turned her head she saw Lucas sitting forward in the chair with his face on the bed...asleep. Matilda just wanted to close her eyes and sleep so close her eyes she did.


Lucas opened his eyes and saw the heart machine she was hooked up onto staying at one loud beep. Lucas jumped to his feet, opening her door he ran out calling out for someone to help him and finally 2 nurses and 1 doctor came running towards the room and all he could here as they shut the door was “1 mill of adrenaline and charge to 200!”

The next morning

Lucas was taking a walk along the beach to clear his head. After the events of last night and Matilda going into Cardiac Arrest again scared him to death but they had only just managed to stabilize her in time but they couldnt say whether or not she would have any brain damage from the amount of time that her heart had stopped. Stopping and turning Lucas saw the amazing sunrise that was starting to beam over the water which made the water look slightly orange and staring out even more he could see the slight tinge of green, yellow, red, brown and maybe even a touch of pink in the clouds. As he watched the water slowly edge in at the sand like it was nibbling on a piece of apple was amazing and he could feel the slight wind blowing through his blonde locks. Running his hand through his hair he had the feeling that someone was watching him so turning around he saw that girl that went off in the diner that day standing behind him. Judging from the tall lean figure and blonde hair you could have sworn that Matilda was standing behind him but no...Matilda was in hospital fighting for her life.

“Hi!” the girl said as she made her way up and stood next to him. “Beautiful isnt it?”

“Yeah it is” were the only words that managed to escape Lucas's mouth.

“So you are?” the girl asked looking at Lucas's tall thin figure, scruffy blonde hair and facial features to die for.

“Lucas!” was all he replied as he ran his hands over his face.

“So does Lucas have a last name?” the girl asked moving in front of him and facing him.

“Holden, do you always ask so many questions? And you are?” he asked looking directly at her this time, this time noticing how much she looked like Matilda. She had the same hair colour and length, and close to the same facial features except Matilda's face was more rounded and this girls was more of an oval shape.

“Jane!” the girl replied looking him deeply back in the eyes.

“Jane?” Lucas asked this time his left eye brow lifting and him crossing his arms.

“Doe!” she replied still looking at him.

“So your name is Jane Doe Cooper is it? I dont think so!” he replied as he went to turn and walk off but was caught off guard as the girl grabbed his waist and kissed him.

Lucas's eyes widened and then he pulled back. “What...what the hell are you playing at? My best friend and the love of my life is dying in hospital and no one knows why and you wanna kiss me...GET LOST!” he screamed turning around and running up towards the surf club, not even looking back.

Ric was sitting in the Diner when he saw Lucas walk in wearing the same close as he had done yesterday.

“Lucas!” Ric said as he got to his feet and walked over to Lucas who had just ordered what looked like a coffee to go. “So nice of you to drop by, hows Mat...'

“Don't even go there Ric. If it wasn't for you she might not even be in hospital but you couldnt help yourself could you Ric, the good old Eric Dolby upset Mattie because she didnt know if she loved him, asked her out on a date then kissed her and now look where she is!” Lucas said as the brunette lady handed him his coffee and walked back into the kitchen.

“Dont blame this on me Luc, your the one who as she said was only there to be here friend but was that the truth Lucas, was it? Or were you there to make a move on your own best friend?” Ric came back, this time his voice rising.

“When Mattie gets better I will get the girl, even if it means beating the crap out of you get do it but let me assure you Lucas, you fight me on this and you will lose because as you said, the good old Eric Dolby...always...gets the girl!” Ric was now shouting and he new he had pissed Lucas off because he could see the tone in his eyes change dramatically and saw him clench his fist. Ric gave one last laugh before walking past Lucas and disappearing from the Diner.

Promo for chapter 10

Will Matilda ever wake up?

Who messes with Matilda's life support machine?

What is Annie hiding that could destroy her and Belle's relationship?

all to come guys n gals lol :D:P

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well i would have to say this was the most gripping chapter ive written and im now dedicating this chapter to *purple*star*

hope you like it!!! :lol:

Chapter 10

After going home, having a shower and also something to eat Lucas had went back to the hospital. Walking into her room he saw Beth, Robbie, Jack, Martha and Hailey also in the room.

“Lucas!” Beth said as she looked up from her daughter lying motionless in her bed, hooked up to so many machines and drips which were feeding her, giving her fluids and also antibiotics. What really upset Lucas was the tube going down into her throat.

“Hey Beth, Robbie, Jack, Martha, Hailey. Where are the others?” he asked as he entered the room and shut the door behind him. Never in his entire life had he seen so many people around Matilda's bedside but never had he ever seen Matilda like this before either.

“Tash is back home with Ella,!” Robbie said as he watched his little sister lay there lifeless, motionless.

“Scott couldnt make it due to work and Noah so he stayed home and sent me” Hailey replied as she looked at Beth.

“And I cant get a hold of Henry so I left a message with his school to tell him.” Beth replied as she looked on at her daughter, not knowing whether to laugh, cry and explode because the doctors hadnt told her anything yet.

Lucas looked back at Matilda and leant over the bed, kissing her softly on the forehead.

20 minutes later

Hailey had just walked back into the room with 4 coffee's for Beth Robbie, Jack and herself when Matilda started moving. Beth stood up and Martha rushed out the door to get Rachel who would have been in, in five minutes anyway.

“Matilda! Sweetheart can you hear me. Its your mum sweet” Beth said as she started sweeping the hair out of Matilda's face that had brushed over her eyes since she started moving.

Slowly Matilda opened her eyes and feeling something down her throat started choking just as Rachel rushed in with Martha and nurse Julie in tow.

“Ok Matilda its Rachel. We need you to keep very still whilst we take out this tube ok!” Rachel said as she slowly took out the tube that was Matilda's mouth. “Ok Matilda dont try and... Matilda...Matilda can you hear me...'


“Guys I need you all to wait out side right now!” Rachel yelled as Julie helped everyone outside and closed the door.

Outside everyone saw 3 more doctors rush into the room and almost slam the door behind them.

“Oh god I cant lose her I just cant” Beth cried as Robbie took his mother into his arms and just stared at the door tell her it was ok and that Matilda was strong and she would pull through it.

“Ok she is stable for now. Dr Jensen I want you to have a look at something!” Rachel said as she took out an x-ray they had done an hour earlier and put it up on the board and switched on the light.

“It shows that Matilda's heart is extremely enlarged and when we done an ultrasound she had an irregular heart beat and her feet are also swollen as are her glands.” Rachel explained as the doctor nodded, took one hard look at the scan and shook his head.

“Of course, she is going into the second stages of heart failure. All the signs point to it, enlarged heart, irregular heart pattern, swollen ligaments, and she has started breathing heavily. Rachel ring the city hospital and explain what is going on and tell them that the first heart to be donate that is cross matched with her blood type that we are having. I am not having this girl, this young girl dye” he said as Rachel nodded and walked out the door.

“Rachel!” Beth said as Rachel closed the door and looked at her and the rest.

“Beth, we have stabilized her again but we dont know how long for. Has there ever been any records of heart failure in your family that you know of?” Rachel asked as Beth gave a heavy sigh of relief that didnt last long at all.

“None that I have ever been told of, w...why?” Beth asked as Rachel pointed for her to sit down.

Beth and Robbie took a seat whilst the rest stood standing.

“Matilda is deteriating very quickly and what I suspected is now confirmed. Matilda is now in the second stages of heart failure and if we dont get a heart I would say in the next 7 days, I'm sorry to say Beth but Matilda will die!” she said as she saw a look of horror, shock and devastation on Beth's face.

Beth's POV

This cant be happening to me, first I lose my dad to a heart attack and now my daughter, my precious daughter's heart is failing.

I cant do this, I dont know whether to cry, laugh and hope to god she is joking and scream until I feel something...anything.

My only other daughter wont have anything to do with us since...since she blamed us for her baby's death and now...i cant lose her!

“Beth! Beth are you ok?” Rachel asked as Beth slowly looked at her. Rachel could see the tears forming in Beths eyes and didnt know what to say, under these circumstances there was noting nobody could say to make Beth feel any better or worse.

“I want to be alone with my daughter!” Beth said as she got to her feet, looked at all Matilda's family and friends and disappeared into her daughters bedroom, closing the door behind her.


Cassie, Ric and Belle were on there way to the hospital when Belle's phone started ringing.

“Cassie can you answer that please because I'm driving!” Belle asked as Cassie picked up her phone and answered it.

“I hope Mattie is awake!” Ric said as he sat in the back of Belle car, feeling the wind blow through his hair and flow up his nostrils.

A couple of minutes later Cassie sat Belle's phone down and looked at Belle who was now turning every couple of seconds because of the look of horror on Cassie's face.

“Cass what is it?” Belle asked pulling over to the side of the road 10 minutes from the hospital.

“That was Luc, everyones at the hospital because...because Mattie's heart is failing and if they...if they dont have a heart within 7 days she could die!” Cassie said tears starting to dwell in her eyes and trickle down her face.

Belle also looked horrified but instead of crying she put her hands back on the wheel and speed off as fast as she could.


“How can I tell her, we've been together for 2 months!” Annie screamed down into the phone.

You tell her or I will

“You wouldnt, you cant, how do you think she would feel if she finds out the truth about her girlfriend being pregnant to. No your not telling her!” Annie screamed as she hung up the phone and screamed.

Later that night

Everyone was still at the hospital outside Matilda's room, there had been no more news. Martha had fallen asleep sitting on Jack and holding tightly onto his chest. Robbie and Hailey had fallen asleep with a blanket over the both of them and Cassie, Belle and Ric had convinced Lucas to go to the cafeteria with them to eat and Beth, no one had seen her leave the room since she had entered.

Gripping the door handle to room 8, turning and taking one last look at the sleeping people outside her room. So caring yet so clueless she turned the door handle and slid inside and closing the door softly again. Taking one look at the sleeping, beautiful blonde just lying there lifeless, she walked around to where the life support machine was working away, rising and falling over and over again. Taking one last look at the her, she flicked the power point off and watched as the machine fell and dint rise again. Walking back around to the door, she opened it and disappeared the way she had come but what she didnt know is that behind Matilda's pillow was a heart machine which started beeping endlessly.

promo for chapter 11

Who switched off Matilda's life support machine and tried to kill her.

Who is Annie pregnant to?

Who does Declan finally ask out after watching her from afar?

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