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Til Death Do Us Part

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Chapter 21

Matilda walked over to Ric and hugged him lovingly. “Thankyou!” she said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and looked at Belle who was still standing at the door, arms crossed and giving him a filthy look.

“So Ric, who's the third plate for?” Matilda asked as she walked over to the table.

“Ahhh third plate!” Ric said as he looked at Belle confused.

“Yeah there's a third plate here? Who is it for?” Matilda asked again as Belle lifted an eye brow and smiled at Ric who was trying to think.

“Well I thought that, Well...'

“You didn't do this at all did you Ric?” Belle blurted out as Matilda turned around.

“Belle what are you talking about?” Matilda asked as Belle walked past Ric, into the kitchen where she knew Lucas had left a note on the fridge, grabbed the note, walked over to Matilda and handed it to her.

“Here read this Mattie!” Belle said as Matilda took the piece of paper and started reading it. After reading the paper, Matilda looked back up at Ric and he could tell by the look that she wasn't happy.

“So now your a liar as well as a lousy boyfriend!” Matilda said as she turned and headed to the hallway while Belle looked at Ric. After a couple of minutes they both heard Matilda slam her bedroom door which made Ric jump slightly.

“I suggest you leave before you really **** her off!” Belle said as Ric took one more look at the hallway before walking out the door.


Lucas was sitting on the beach, thinking about what he had heard at the Caravan Park, he couldn't believe that is was Tia sending Matilda those message's and that's why Yasmin beat her up. Lucas decided to go to the hospital to give Tia a piece of his mind. Getting to his feet he headed up toward the bus stop where the bus shuold be there soon so he could get to the hospital.

After waiting 20 minutes he had finally arrived at the hospital, walking up the register's desk he asked the nurse what room Tia Cooper was in.

Walking into room 3 Tia looked surprised to see him.

“You have some nerve you know that!” Lucas said as Tia looked at him not knowing what Lucas was talking about.

“What...what do you...'

“Oh dont play dumb, how could you send that stuff to Matilda, she has never done anything to you!” Lucas said as Tia was dumb founded.

“Lucas I...I dont even have a mobile and...and I dont even know who this Matilda girl is...' Tia replied as this time Lucas looked surprised.

“But I over heard Yasmin say she beat you up and that Ric and Mattie wouldn't be together much longer and I...'

“You put two and two together and got me, wait you said Yasmin beat me up!” Tia said as Lucas nodded.

“I am so sorry Tia. I'm going to go and find out what the hell is going on! Lucas said as he left the room without saying another word.


Back on the beach, Yasmin was watching the water creep in and back out again, coming a bit further in each time. The wind had picked up a little which made her long brown hair follow the wind. Looking down at the sand she had wanted a brother but then she found out she was an only child and that her best friend had a brother.

“Hey! Yasmin!” Lucas yelled as he headed down toward the beach. Yasmin turned around saw him, and he didn't look very happy. Getting to her feet she waited until he got closer.

“Hey how are...'

“Cut the crap, I heard you on the phone at the Caravan Park, why did you beat Tia up and leave her for dead?” Lucas asked as Yasmin had a look of horror on her face.


Cassie was in her room back at the Caravan Park because she didn't want to come down while Yasmin was there. Cassie didn't trust that girl, she didn't know why, maybe it was because she had come to trust her instincts more than anything else and when some thing or some one wasn't right, she kept as far away as possible.

Getting up from her chair, she headed down stairs because the house was quiet, too quiet. As she crept down the stairs she saw that no one was home.

“Finally!” she said to herself as she picked up her mobile off the kitchen table and heading out the door.

Cassie had no idea where Drew would be staying now that he was back in the bay, but she decided to try Irene's first because that's where he and Belle lived when they were together. As she walked along Pacific Road, she loved that Sally and Brad had left the Caravan Park to Ric and herself because all she had to do was walk out the front door and down the road a little bit and she was at Irene's the town house that Amanda still owned, Leah's house that her and Vj still lived in or the Wharf where she some times went when she wanted to be alone. She didn't realize that she was outside Irene's place already because she had been thinking about well...about SummerBay.

As she knocked on Irene's door she felt like she had butterflies in her stomach and as she waited all she could think about now was...kissing Drew.

Slowly the door opened and Cassie's heart skipped a beat when she saw Drew had opened it and was leaning up against the door.

“Turner, to what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked smiling from ear to ear.


“That was a private conversation so I suggest you keep your nose to yourself!” Yasmin said as she pushed past Lucas and started walking off.

“Fine I'll just go and tell Ric what I heard then!” Lucas said as he turned around and watched her stop in her tracks and slowly turn around to face him.

Promo for chapter 22

Are Matilda and Ric over before they really began?

What happens at the beach house between Cassie and Drew?

Will Yasmin tell Lucas the truth?


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Chapter 22

Belle was sitting on the couch reading Cleo when she turned and saw Matilda walk into the kitchen.

“Hey, didn't think you'd come out for the rest of the night!” Belle said as Matilda poured herself a glass of water and joined her in the lounge.

“Yeah I thought I'd better face the world some time!” Matilda said as she took a mouthful of her water. “You know it was low to say he did it when he didn't but it was even more low to know that he wasn't there at the hospital for me when he should have been. It's actually starting to make me wonder if I chose the right person!” Matilda said as Belle looked surprised at her comment.

“I thought you loved Ric and thats why you chose him!” Belle replied as Matilda took another mouth full of water. “I thought I did to but things are different between us, I thought that he would be different after we got together. I thought that he would think of someone other than himself and care about someone other than himself but apparently not.” Mathilda replied as Belle closed up her magazine and sat it on the table in front of the couch. “I just, I almost died Belle and Ric wasn't even there, I bet Lucas feels like he's second best, he stayed with me in hospital when Ric should have been there, he didn't give up hope when mostly everyone did, he made this...this beautiful lunch for me and he still loves me whether or not I'm scarred for life!” Matilda said as she slowly broke down into tears, resting her hand on her chest where she was bandaged. She could feel where the doctors had bandaged her, it started around her shoulder, then went to the other shoulder and all the way down to her belly button and had to go back to the hospital every day for the next two weeks to get it changed which was a pain when she wanted to have a shower.

“Mattie I'm sure Ric doesn't think just about your looks and that scar will be as beautiful as you, but it will only be a problem if you make it a problem, by hiding it, by not embracing it, by hating it!” Belle replied as she got up and sat next to Matilda in the arm chair next to the door.

“Mattie you are way to beautiful to let a scar take over you, look at what happened with your burns, you let it over take you but you got through it!”

“Belle I only got over that because I had Robbie, Lucas, Mum, Cassie and...Tony!” she said as more tears rolled down her face. “I only got better because I wanted to live my life and I new I could have skin grafts to make that better, this...this is stuck with me for life and no skin graft will make that any better!” she said as Belle pulled her in for a hug, letting her sob.


“Will you promise me you won't go to Ric if I tell you the truth?” Yasmin asked as both herself and Lucas were sitting on the beach facing each other.

“I wont tell Ric Yasmin, its not my place, its you who will tell him and when you do I dont care but if you dont then I will!” Lucas replied as Yasmin nodded.

“I was on the phone to Tia's cousin Alicia, Alicia was my best friend until she got with my boyfriend Bobby so instead of getting back at her I new that Tia and Declan was moving to the bay and that my other friend Rebecca's brother lived here, So I stole a picture and a heap of letters and came here and I sent those message's to Matilda, Tia found out at the pub last night and was going to tell Matilda so I bashed her!” Yasmin explained as Lucas looked out to sea then realized something she had said.

“Wait your friends brother lived here so you stole pictures! Oh my god your not Ric's real sister are you?” Lucas asked looking at her and by judging the look on her face and that she didn't say anything made everything even more clearer to Lucas.

“Oh my god, that is low even for a girl and what not even 17, Ok I'm not going to say anything but if you do not tell Ric the truth then I...' Lucas said pulling a recorder out of his pocket. “Just recorded everything and will send it to everyone in Summer Bay so you have one week!” Lucas replied as he got to his feet and headed up toward the Surf Club to head to Matilda's place.

Yasmin looked surprised at what Lucas had just said. He had recorded everything. Yasmin was so stunned that she couldn't even move, what was she going to do. She couldn't tell Ric, he would hate her. Yasmin new there was only one thing to do, leave SummerBay, today!


“Drew hey, can...can I come in?” Cassie asked as Drew stepped back and let Cassie into the Beach House. Seating herself on the couch she looked at Drew who until now didn't realize that he was shirtless.

Drew saw Cassie staring at his bare chest and decided to heat things up a bit. Sitting himself next to Cassie he rested one arm on the top of the couch and rested his hand on her leg which made her jump a little bit but look him straight in the eyes.

Drew looked back at Cassie and smiled which made her go week in the knee's, made her stomach feel like it was over taken by butterflies and she could feel herself blushing and before she say anything, her lips were joined with Drew. Embracing the warm feeling of his mouth was like eating a plate of pasta straight out of the pot. Pulling back Drew smiled again which made Cassie smile. Drew got to his feet and leaned down to Cassie's ear before whispering.

“Lets move this somewhere more private!” he whispered, taking her hand and leading her to his room that he and Belle used to sleep in. Closing the door and turned to Cassie and walked toward her as she moved back, both moving closer to the bed. Once Cassie was sitting on the edge of the bed Drew put his knee in between her legs and leaned over her, kissing her neck he listened to Cassie moan. Cassie was laying on the bed with Drew on top of her and she knew what was going to happen next but did nothing to stop it.

promo for Chapter 23

Cassie tells Drew that she wants there relationship to stay secret...why? is she ashamed of him?

Matilda and Ric make amends but what will happen to make something big happen?

Will Yasmin really flea the bay?

A surprise visitor returns to the bay...who is it?


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Chapter 23

Belle watched the now sleeping Matilda who had moved from the arm chair to the sofa and had drifted off to sleep, Belle had a date tonight with Declan but felt like she had an obligation to cancel because Mattie had just got out of hospital and was starting to feel down on herself again, like she felt when she had the burns and went through bulimia. Belle was just about to pick up her phone when there was a slight knock on the door. Looking up she saw Lucas standing there.

“Come in!” Belle said lowering her voice and pointing at Matilda. “Come over here!” she said as she got to her feet and walked over to the table.

“We have to do something Luc, she is slipping back into that pity stage, she is already hating her scar and she hasn't even seen it yet. You remember what happened last time Lucas, we almost lost her.” Belle said as Lucas looked at the beautiful sleeping blonde on the couch. He didn't see any scar, he didn't care if she weighed 180 kilo's or if she had a face full of zit's, nothing could stop him from loving her.

“Did she like my lunch I made for her?” Lucas asked looking at Belle who went from scared to pissed off.

“Ric was here when we got back and told her he did it until she read the letter, she called him a liar as well as a lousy boyfriend. Lucas if you love her dont stand back and watch Ric tear her heart out. She told me today that she doesn't know if she chose the right guy anymore and doesn't know how much Ric really knows her so now is your chance, I have a date in three hours so can you stay and watch out for her until I get back please?” Belle asked as Lucas nodded and watched Belle get to her feet. “I'm going to have a shower, if she wakes up just be there for her, if she needs to talk or what ever!” Belle said as she walked into the hallway just beyond the kitchen and disappeared out of site.


Yasmin walked into the Caravan Park house and looked around, she couldn't believe she had to leave this place just after she got here but she couldn't let Lucas tell Ric the truth and have him hate her. Walking up the stairs Yasmin grabbed her suitcase which she hadn't had time to unpack yet and took one last look around before exited out of the spare bedroom and back down the stairs, taking one last look around she knew that she could never come back to Summer Bay so she decided to take a little something with her, walking over to the fire place mantel piece she picked up a photo which had Cassie, Ric, Sally, Brad, Pippa and Alf in it before pocketing it and heading out the door.

Walking pas the Surf Club Yasmin stopped and took one more look at the beach before noticing Ric walking along the shore line, his head down and his shoes in his hands. Backing away from the side line of the fence so she couldn't be seen she looked around and saw the bus coming just down the road, running she got to the bus stop just in time to get on the bus and final get out of Summer Bay.


Slowly opening her eyes, she looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings and then looked next to her. Cassie felt relieve when she saw that Drew was still next to her and smiled as she got out of bed and slipped on her bra and undies, then looking around for her top which she found on the mirror which was next to the door, all she had to find now was her skirt, now where would that be? She taught to herself as she started searching the room, not knowing where it was when suddenly Drew opened his eyes and smiled at Cassie who looked so beautiful.

“Lost something?” he asked as she looked up, stunned but excited at the same time.

“Yeah my mini skirt, you seen it?” she asked as she couldn't find it anywhere in the room.

“Try looking out the bedroom window Cass, I wouldn't be surprised if something of mine isn't out there as well!” he said as he also got out of bed, slipping on his boxer shorts, followed by his shorts then poking his head out of the window before returning back to Cassie.

“Yeah it's outside” he said laughing as he walked out of the room and out the lounge room door before returning a couple of minutes later with Cassie's mini skirt in his hand.

“Oh my god thankyou so...' Cassie said as she went to take her skirt from Drew but was stunned when he pulled it out of her reach. “Much!” she said again as she tried to take the skirt again. “Drew!” she said looking at him. She knew he was enjoying this because of the smile he had going from ear to ear.

“Cassie, you want your skirt, you'll have to catch me first!” he said before taking off out of the room, Cassie chasing after him.

“Drew give me my skirt!” she shouted as he ran around the lounge and the TV before jumping over the sofa and running up the stairs.

“Drew!” Cassie said as she chased after him.


Lucas was sitting on the coffee table watching Matilda when her phone went off. Stirring slightly Matilda slowly opened her eyes and saw Lucas looking at her.

“What, when did you get here? What are you looking at?” Matilda asked sitting up and running her hands through her hair.

“I got here a while ago and I'm looking at you Mattie, you almost died and still you look as beautiful as ever!” Lucas said as Matilda looked down.

“No I dont!” she said as she lowered her voice and looked at the phone sitting on the table next to Lucas.

“Mattie look at me...look at me!” he said as he nearly repeated himself four times before Matilda would look at him. “You do not have to be ashamed of yourself, you went through a very major operation and survived where as most people don't and you have people who love you for who you are, not what you look like!” Lucas said as tears started running down Matilda's cheeks. “Like I love you!” he said this time as his voice lowered which did make Matilda look at him.

“You mean you...you dont love me for my looks!” Matilda exclaimed at she moved toward Lucas who looked straight back at her and shook his head.

“No!” he said taking her hands and also moving closer to her so there faces were just centimeters apart. “you are strong willed, caring, beautiful, intelligent and you have a great personality and for that...' he stopped because there eyes had finally met for the first time since they had been friends, properly engaged in each other, each one knowing what the other was thinking. Matilda could see the love that Lucas had for her in his eyes and by the way he talked and held her hands and for the first time in along time, it made her feel safe.

Lucas could see that Matilda was hurting but for the first time in along time he could see in her eyes the safety that surrounded Lucas and the love that he had for her made him stronger every single day and thats what kept him going while she was hospital.

Bell walked into the kitchen because things had gone quiet and for a split second she saw the love that these two could have if they just realized that Ric wasn't the one for Mattie. Belle watched on as these two star crossed lovers looked, gazing into each others souls and just by the look that they were giving each other, Belle knew that they were meant to be.

But in that minute that all three of them were watching was soon broken as Ric walked in the door and also saw that look and at that moment Matilda pulled back and looked at Ric, Ric who looked at Lucas and Lucas who looked at Ric, with Belle watching them all un-noticed and unloved.


Cassie and Drew were lying on the couch together, Cassie had finally managed to get her skirt back, after they ended up exploring each other another three times. Drew felt as though he had everything he had ever wanted and wanted to share it with the whole world.

“So when are we going to tell everyone?” Drew finally broke the silence as he soon enough felt Cassie tense up. “We are going to tell our friends arn't we?”

“Well I was hoping it would be just us for a while and...'

“Your ashamed of me arn't you?” he asked as Cassie sat up and looked at him. Drew looked hurt, in all his life he had never been with someone who was ashamed of him.

“No I just, I've been in really bad relationships and it got worse when everybody found out. I just want it to be me and you before the whole world finds out!” Cassie replied as she tried to look convincing but failed. Drew looked away, hurt and pissed off.

“Your scared of what everyone is going to think, its not about your past relationships is it Cassie, hell I got with Belle's mum so imagine what I went through. Cassie listen to me they are not just your friends, they're mine as well and I want them to know, I want them to know that I have found someone who makes me happy, who makes me feel loved and I thought that you would want that too but if not then lets just end it...'

“No Drew I love you, I have loved you since...since you and Belle split, when I was last back in the bay, the day you left but please, let it just be us and when I want the world to know, I'll post it on my myspace!” she said as Drew smiled a little. “Hell I'll yell it out to SummerBay when the times right!” she said as Drew's smile grew bigger and taking her in his arms made him feel exactly the way he had described to her, loved, happy and something much more in which he couldn't explain.


Matilda and Ric were walking along the beach because she didn't want to end things badly. She realized that Ric did love her and Lucas helped her realize that.

“Ric I want to start a family, I want to finish my book and get it published and I want to spend the rest of my life here in Summer Bay with you.” Matilda said as she turned and faced Ric who didn't look like he cared.

“Mattie I dont want to spend the rest of my life in Summer Bay and...and kids are the last thing on my mind and you know that and what...what was that between you and Lucas today?” Ric asked as Matilda looked shattered, hurt, unloved, dead. Matilda's face went from hope to dread with just the word of Ric not wanting kids.

“Ric I almost died and your telling me you didn't want kids. Ric dont do this, you know how I felt about kids and about the Bay. I love it here, I love the people here and I...I thought I loved you but now I'm not so sure!” Matilda said as she started running up toward the Surf Club. As she ran inside she saw that Noah's bar was open and it was drinking hour so she decided to drown her sorrows with a couple of drinks. An hour later Matilda had drank two scotch on the rocks, a bloody Mary and a whiskey when Lucas walked in and saw her swaying from side to side. Walking over to her he put his arms around her waist which made her look. Helping her to her feet, Lucas put Matilda's left arm around his neck and slowly walked out of the bar with her.

Hunter House

Lucas pulled back the sheets of Matilda's double bed and ly her on the bed, taking off her shoes and rested her feet underneath the covers and slid the covers up to her neck, she was paralyzed drunk and she didn't even know it. Kissing her softly on the forehead he went to walk away when she grabbed his arm, pulling him toward her she pulled the covers back and slowly stood up, ripping his buttoned shirt open she started kissing his bare chest which made him breathe heavily, closing his eyes he could feel her slowly moving down. He knew this was wrong but he had also had a bit to drink but he knew how to handle his alcohol, he was still drunk which made him really horny with every kiss, every touch that Matilda did.

The Town House

Declan kissed Belle's neck and moved down toward her breasts, squeezing them tightly she moaned again and again as he moved his hands down her wait to her jeans. Belle couldn't believe how much he turned her on but it felt good, too good. As he unzipped her jeans he pulled them down her thigh's and after removing them completely leaned back on top of her. Belle could feel his hard erect, hot body pressing against her, wrapping her legs around his bottom she felt him against her and she wanted more.

The Beach House

Cassie and Drew were on Drew's bed, Cassie was on top of Drew and she could feel everything. Moaning again she began to move a bit faster, faster and even more faster. As they both moaned they could feel the emotion, the connection, the intensity of each other. Cassie leaned her hands on Drew's rock hard ab's and she could feel his pelvic muscles move eracticley but didn't want to stop, it felt so good, so relaxing, eradicating in each other, feeling the love of each other, like they were meant to be.

promo for chapter 24

which girls fall pregnant in the bay? Who will miscarry?

Lucas finds out Yasmin fled the bay...what will he do now?

Who was watching one of the couples? the SummerBay visitor is found out...who is it?


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ok guys here are the next 3 chapter as promised lol

Chapter 24

Lucas slowly opened his eyes and looked around, the sweet aroma of vanilla filled the air as did a sweet smell of strawberries. Looking around he didn't realize where he was until he went to roll over and saw Matilda lying next to him, so peaceful, so beautiful.

“Oh, oh god!” Lucas said as he looked around the room again and saw that he was in her room. The pink walls, black curtains and a huge, lightly covered flower dona made the room what it was. Over in the corner of the room was her built in wardrobe which the door was half open showing her array of fashionable clothes and next to the door was a cabinet which held her TV, her DVD player, her main surround sound system box also sat on top of the DVD player and in the top corner of the room, each corner had a small stereo which was amazing considering that she had done it all herself. On top of the cabinet were some porcelains ornaments that she had collected and had also been bought for her and the one thing that stood out to Lucas was the photo sitting on top of the TV that was in a frame covered with flowers saying Best Friend Forever. In the portrait was a group of people, Lucas, Belle, Matilda, Ric, Cassie, Drew, Annie and Geoff all sitting on the beach and all in there bathers, all the girls had bought the same bikini that day, black two piece with multi coloured spots all over it and the boys, Lucas and Geoff were wearing blue and green speedo's and Ric and Drew were wearing board shorts not to say the least.

Pulling back the covers, Lucas stopped in his tracks when Matilda stirred slightly but didn't wake up, Pulling on his army shorts and white bonzee he had been wearing the day before he looked at Matilda again and watched her slowly breathing but doing nothing more meant he could leave without her even knowing she had slept with him. Picking up his thongs he walked over to the door and took one more looked before opening it.

Matilda opened her eyes, she had just heard the door creek, only she knew how to sneak out of her room without making the door creek. Matilda rolled over and saw Lucas looking at her.

“leaving so soon?” she asked as she sat up and looked at him. Lucas sighed and let go of the door.

“Mattie you know we can't do this, you're with Ric!” he explained as Matilda put her head down. Looking back up she saw the hurt in Lucas's eyes.

“Luc, come here!” Matilda said as she saw him hesitate before walking over and sitting beside her.

“Lucas, with every new day there is a life, with every breath there is matter and with every wrong there is a right.” she said as Lucas looked confused.


“The saying that you can't kill two birds with one stone is what I'm putting you, me and Ric in. Say you and Ric are the two birds and I'm the stone. I wouldn't kill two birds with it but choose which one deserved to have the stone. I had a massive argument with Ric last night because Ric doesn't know me at all!” Matilda explained as she took Lucas's hand. “would you say that you know me?”

“Mattie I know you better than you know yourself. I know that your favourite food is chocolate and I know that you absolutely love frangapanies, you refuse to wear anything last season, when your thinking you tie your hair back but you prefer to leave it out, the way your bottom lip trembles when you are highly emotional. The way you look at someone you love or care about with those beautiful baby blue eyes and just the way your cheeks light up when you are really happy and just, just the way your hair shines in the sun and follows your figure when you walk. The way you try to make everyone else feel better when they're down, the way your dimples appear at each end of your smile when your ecstatically happy, the way your mouth gapes open only an inch when your shocked or wowed or just the way your bottom lips trembles when you upset or when you get that glare in you eyes...that means your pissed off. Mattie you dont realize that you have so much to offer a person, and its much more than love!” Lucas replied as Matilda's mouth had gaped open just an inch. Lucas then looked down and noticed she was picking her cuticles. “And when your nervous, you pick at your cuticles, Mattie your nervous!” Lucas said as Matilda looked at her fingers and saw she was picking at her cuticles. “Why are you nervous?” he asked.

“I guess I just...I've been friends with you, Ric and Belle for so long that I never saw what was in front of me. I have so much going for me in Summer Bay that I didn't realize that love...love was all around me. I'm not saying that what we did last night was alright but we can't ignore the attraction that is between us and I felt that yesterday but... as you said, this can't go on because I am...whether or not I like it, with Ric so what I am suggesting!” Matilda explained as Lucas listened on feeling like somebody was watching them for some reason.

“I am suggesting that until Ric and I break up, we keep our love or attraction for each other under the covers. Last night was a once off and I know we didn't use protection because there is nothing laying on the ground around here but I can't get pregnant because I am on the pill. If we feel the need to see each other then we will but now you have to go before Belle gets up!” Matilda said as Lucas nodded and got to his feet. He knew that this couldn't go on between them because of Ric. Lucas gave Matilda one last kiss, this time on the lips before leaving the bedroom and not saying another word.

Outside Matilda's bedroom window, the tall, Caucasian blonde smiled to herself. She had just overheard something between Matilda and Lucas that no one was meant to know about. She knew she could mess with Matilda's head and that is what she was going to do.


Belle opened her eyes and looked around the room. She didn't see the surroundings of Declan's room which meant she must have come home some time during the night. Pulling back the sheets Belle rubbed her temples with her thumb's and after a couple of seconds opened the top drawer next to her bed. Pulling out the Nurofen she got two tablets before throwing them in her mouth and picking up the bottle of water sitting on the draws. Sculling the water Belle laid back on the bed and tried to go back to sleep, after about 20 minutes she knew she couldn't sleep so decided to have a shower.

As she walked out of the bedroom she saw Matilda walk out of her room which was next to Belle's and Matilda looked just as bad as she did.

“Morning!” Belle said as Matilda said 'morning' back and made her way into the kitchen and out of sight.


Cassie awoke to the smell of what smelt like egg's and bacon. As she climbed out of bed she couldn't be bothered looking for her own clothes again so she slipped on one of Drew's and slid her undies on and walked out of the bedroom. Looking at the table she saw that Drew definitely had made breakfast.

“Morning beautiful!” he said as he carried a frying pan from the stove and put scrambled eggs on two plates along with bacon, a piece of toast and fried tomato.

“Morning!” she said as she walked over to the table. “this smells great!”

“Good I hope it tastes even better, sit down and eat!” he said as Cassie seated herself at the table and picked up a knife and fork..

“You know Turner! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would end up getting with you but I have not been as happy as I am with you since...well since Belle!” Drew replied as Cassie took a mouthful of scrambled eggs, looked up at Drew and smiled.

“Drew, you dont have to explain to me, I thought Denton was the one for me, but things didn't work out ok. I have never felt so happy either and Belle must have been stupid to not take you back but I guess in the end I'm the lucky one who got you!” Cassie replied as Drew smiled and reached his hand over the table, taking Cassie's hand into his.

“I love you!” Drew said as Cassie looked at him looking shocked for a second then smiling.

“I love you too!” Cassie replied as she squeezed Drew's hand and put another fork full of scrambled eggs into her mouth.


Walking along the beach toward the lookout, Tony had received a message from someone he really didn't want to hear from. He couldn't believe she was back, why was she back. He was now a happily married man to Carole and she was the next best thing that had happened to him since he and Beth had a bad break up. He and Carole had been trying for a baby for 2 month's since their beach wedding in which Matilda refused to attend, so soon after he and her mum split. Finally making it to the look out he saw the blonde haired, reasonably tall, Caucasian woman looking out at the ocean.

Walking up beside her he waited.

“Tony hello!” the woman said not looking at him.

“What are you doing here and dont bull**** me this time Naomi!” Tony replied as this time the woman named Naomi looked at him.

ok the next on will be up in a sec

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Chapter 25

“Dont sound so enthused to see me Tony!” Naomi replied as Tony turned to face her, not looking happy, she went to take his hand but he swiftly moved it away from her and put both hands in his pockets.

“I told you not to come back to the Bay, after helping split me and Beth up I told you I never wanted to see your pathetic face again or didn't I make that clear to you?” Tony said as his voice went darker as he spoke, letting her know there and then that she wasn't wanted back in the Bay. “Now what ever it is you want Naomi I want nothing to do with, Matilda Hunter is back in the Bay so you will be leaving before she gets word that you are here, she has had enough to go through without you bringing up bad memories and by god if you go any where near either of my son's that will be the least of your problems...are we clear?” Tony asked as Naomi didn't get much time to speak.

“Tony I...'

“ARE WE CLEAR?” Tony screamed this time as spit emerged from his now redding face which looked like a wild strawberry. Tony turned and started walking off before Naomi turned and looked at him speaking very loudly.

“If you dont want Lucas to find out he is going to be a dad then I suggest you listen to me Tony!” Naomi said as Tony stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around. Looking down at Naomi's big, fluffy black jacket he watched as Naomi open the jacket and let Tony see her growing baby bump.


Matilda was sitting on the couch waiting, waiting for Belle to get out of the shower so she could go to the toilet. She's meant to get her peroid today, she didn't know when but today was the day she was meant to get it and she was paranoid because she had no pad's left for a night.

“Belle hurry up I gotta go to the toilet!” Matilda yelled as she heard the shower switch off.

“Yeah, yeah hold ya' horses!” Belle's voice screeched from inside the bathroom. A couple of minutes later Belle walked out of the bathroom and out into the kitchen where she looked through the arch at Matilda who was pale white in the face. “Ok Mattie, you can use the bathroom, are...are you feeling ok?” Belle asked as Matilda looked at her and smiled. “Yeah fine why?”

“Oh no reason!” Belle replied as she walked back into the hallway out of sight. Getting to her feet Matilda walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, her face had no colour and she looked like a ghost. Her pupil's were bigger than normal and she couldn't stop shaking since Lucas had left.

“Belle!” Matilda yelled out as she started to feel sick, like she was going to throw up. “BELLE!”

“Yeah!” Belle said as she walked into the bathroom as Matilda looked at her and collapsed onto the floor, hanging onto the sink to try and hold herself.

“Oh my god Mattie!” Belle said as she ran into the bathroom and put her arm around Matilda's waist and wrapping Matilda's right arm around her neck for extra support. “Come on, I'm taking you to see Rachel!” Belle said as she almost had to drag Matilda out of the bathroom.

The Hospital

“Honestly Rachel I'm feeling fine now!” Matilda said as Rachel took her pulse, checked her eyes and also checked her reflex's.

“Matilda, from what Belle was telling me you just collapsed, that is not fine and that you were also as white as a ghost and the fact that your pupil's are still extended.” Rachel said as Matilda lay on the bed, looking a little more alive. Her face was still pretty white and she still wasn't feeling the best but apart from that she was fine.

“It's probably just a bug I've caught or something!” Matilda replied as Rachel looked at the chart a nurse bought in.

“Matilda did you drink last night?” Rachel asked still looking at her chart.

“Ahhh yeah Ric and I had a fight so I had a little to drink!” Matilda replied looking at Rachel.

“A little this says that your blood alcohol content was 2.9 this morning. That would explain why you arn't feeling the best but it doesn't explain why your pupils are dilated!” Rachel replied as she turne the page and looked at the drug reading. “Matilda did you take any drugs last night?”

“NO, no of course not, not in my life...why?” Matilda asked sitting up curiously.

“Because there are drug reading's of ecstasy in your system, no wonder you are pale and your pupil's are dilated. Matilda someone drugged your drinks last night to an extent that could have sent you into cardiac arrest. Ok for the next two week's I want you to stay away from alcohol because it is too soon after you operation and if you are feeling down, dont drink instead talk to someone, I'm sure Belle will listen, or even Lucas or your mum now that she is back for a while.” Rachel replied as Matilda nodded and looked on in shock that someone had spiked her drink, she had always thought that Noah's was a drug free zone and with a security guard at the door from 5 onwards since that girl died from a drug overdose two years ago would stop people from bringing drugs in but obviously they had still found ways to do it.

“Ok Belle you can take Mattie home but just keep an eye on her because if she is coming down from ecstasy then she will see things that arn't there, she will scratch at her arms because she will think something is crawling over her or she will be very moody!” Rachel replied as Belle nodded.

“Ok Rach, thanks!” Belle said as she helped Matilda to her feet and lead her out the door so they could be home in time for Matilda to meet Belle's new boyfriend.


“From this moment, life has begun, from this moment, you are the one, right beside you, is where I belong!” Drew sung as he washed his hair in the shower, he was such a happy man these days he just had to sing and he didn't care who heard him. “FROM THIS MOMENT OOOOOOOON!” Scrubbing his hair with herbal essences strawberry flush he danced around singing, bare naked under the hot water.

“From this moment, I have been blessed, I live onlyyyyyyy, for your happiness!” He sung as he stepped back under the water to rinse the shampoo out of his dark curls. As the water trickled down his back he could hear someone giggling outside the door. Smiling to himself he stepped back out from underneath the water and shook his head vigorously before talking.

“Turner are you laughing at me?” he yelled as the giggling stopped. “Turner I swear I'm gunna come out there and hug you so tightly that you will need to shower again if you dont answer me!” Drew yelled as he turned the shower tap's off. Stepping out of the shower he grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his stomach before walking to the door and opening it to find Cassie standing there laughing. “Right come 'here you!” he yelled as Cassie screamed and ran off back into the lounge room with a dripping Drew chasing her in just a towel.


“You never slept with Lucas!” Tony said as he walked back over to her.

Covering her baby bump back up she looked at him feeling guilty. “Yes I did, two days before I broke you and Beth up by sending you that letter!” Naomi replied as Tony tried to catch a lie.

“You have no proof its Luc's and if you dare say anything to him and get his hopes up then you will have me to deal with and it won't be pretty Naomi so I suggest you disappear and never, EVER show you're face in Summer Bay ever again!” Tony replied as his face was now as red as a tomato and his hands were flying in every direction.

“Lucas slept with Matilda last night and didn't use protection but she is with someone else isn't she?” Naomi asked with a very cheeky tone of voice. Tony could tell she was getting smart now and this really pissed him off.

“You leave Matilda out of this and do you think it will make him happy that you were spying on them, my son genuinely loves that girl and if they end up together, good on them, he deserves so much better than you and dont you dare blackmail me or him. You do...' Tony said as he lent in toward Naomi. “I'll kill you!” he whispered as he moved back and saw the shock look on Naomi's face before he turned and walked off for the last time, not even bothering to turn around and look back at her.

and the next one

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Chapter 26

Two days had passed since Matilda and Lucas had slept together, a day had passed since Tony met Naomi on the look out and it had been almost 7 days since Matilda received her new heart and Colleen had died.

Dear Diary,

I cant stop thinking about what I did with Luc, I know there is chemistry between us and I know that he loves me but I'm with Ric, even though he doesn't want kids or doesn't want to stay in the Bay I cant help but feel an obligation to stay with him anyway. I told Luc we shouldn't see each other unless we really had to because of things and I know it was the right thing to do, even though I feel like such a bitch for saying it. I dont know what it is that's making me stay with Ric but thats just the way I'm feeling. The other day when Luc and my eyes met, it was like I could feel his love, I could feel the safety net surrounding him and I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I found out yesterday that my drinks got spiked at Noah's when Ric n I had a huge fight, well it wasn't huge but I want kids and he doesn't and I want to stay in the Bay and he doesn't so I dont know why I'm still with him but I guess in a way I do love him.

Well thats it for now...must go and get my bandages changed, god I feel like an elephant having to wear bandages from my shoulder's all the way to my belly button.

Luv Mattie :)

Closing up her diary and slipping it back in her top pants drawer, Mattie walked out of the bedroom and picked up her car key's from the kitchen table. Walking to the front door she opened it and saw Ric standing there with his hand up in a fist, looking like he was just about to knock.

“Mattie, hey!” Ric said as Matilda walked out and shut the door.

“Hey Ric!” Matilda said as Ric looked at her.

“Where are you going?” he asked following Matilda to her car.

“To get my bandages changed Ric, want to hold my hand? Or dont you want that either?” she asked sounding aggressive toward him.

“Mattie, where is this coming from?” Ric asked looking surprised as Matilda opened her car door and Ric slammed it shut on her again.

“Where's this coming from, where? Ric I almost died, you didn't visit me at all, you lied to me about that dinner Lucas made and then you tell me you dont want kids or dont want to stay in the bay... Oh no Ric I have no clue where this is coming from. I have to go I'll be late to get my bandages done!” Matilda said as she turned from Ric, re-opened the car door and slid in the drivers side before shutting the car door again. As Matilda started the engine she took one more look at Ric before sighing, putting the car into reverse and backing out of the drive way.


Declan and Belle were walking along the beach when they saw Lucas run up to them.

“Have you guys seen Yasmin? I cant find her anywhere!” Lucas asked as both Declan and Belle looked dumb founded.

“What Ric's sister! I saw her get on a bus a couple of days ago!” Declan replied as Lucas said something to himself before punching the air.

“She's not Ric's sister! Listen to this!” Lucas said as he got out a tape recorder and pressed play.

“Will you promise me you won't go to Ric if I tell you the truth?”

“I wont tell Ric Yasmin, its not my place, its you who will tell him and when you do I dont care but if you dont then I will!”

“I was on the phone to Tia's cousin Alicia, Alicia was my best friend until she got with my boyfriend Bobby so instead of getting back at her I new that Tia and Declan was moving to the bay and that my other friend Rebecca's brother lived here, So I stole a picture and a heap of letters and came here and I sent those message's to Matilda, Tia found out at the pub last night and was going to tell Matilda so I bashed her!”

“Wait your friends brother lived here so you stole pictures! Oh my god your not Ric's real sister are you?” .

“Oh my god, that is low even for a girl and what not even 17, Ok I'm not going to say anything but if you do not tell Ric the truth then I... Just recorded everything and will send it to everyone in Summer Bay so you have one week!”

Declan and Belle stood there in shock as they couldn't believe what had just been said between Lucas and Yasmin on the tape. Belle turned to Declan who was just standing there looking before she took her new boyfriend into a hug.

“I cant believe Yasmin would do that, is Yasmin even her real name?” Declan asked as Belle looked at Lucas who shrugged and put the recorder back in his pocket.

“I dont know but because she fled, everyone's going to know about this. I'm going to post it on my myspace!” Lucas said as he turned and ran off toward his apartment above the Diner, where he had been living for about a month now.

Belle looked at Declan and Declan looked back at her. All of a sudden Belle gripped her stomach and started screaming in pain before falling on her knee's on the sand.

“Belle, Belle whats wrong?” Declan yelled over the top of Belle's screaming.

“I dont know, get my car!” Belle screamed as another rush of pain swept over her, this time sending her into a crumbled heap on the sand as Declan ran up to the Surf Club Car Park to retrieve her car.

Promo for chapter 27

Is Belle Pregnant without knowing...is she miscarrying?

Matilda gets her bandages changed but the doctor's find something else...what?

Lucas posts the record on his myspace...will Ric find out?

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Chapter 27

Lying in emergency room 1 Belle didn't know what was going on, one minute she was fine and then it felt like someone was stabbing her in the stomach. Rachel had done some test's and said she would hurry them through in which she did. Half an hour later Rachel returned with a piece of paper in her hands.

“Belle, the reason you collapsed over in pain is because you were pregnant and miscarried!” Rachel replied as the looked of shock and the pain of not even knowing she was pregnant. Belle just looked at Rachel in silence, she didn't know whether to feel sad because she was pregnant and miscarried, happy because she wasn't ready for another child, lonely because she had only just got together with Declan or angry because she should have treated her body a bit better.

“Belle, if you need to talk to anyone, I can call one of our councilor's and ask her to...'

“No!” Belle said looking down at her stomach. “I just want to go home Rachel!” Belle said. Rachel tried to pin point the tone her Belle's voice but she couldn't, there was no sadness, no anger, confusion, happiness, nothing.

“Ok, I'll sort out the papers and then you can go, Matilda is just in the other room getting her bandages done if you want to see her.” Rachel replied as Belle nodded and got to her feet and walked past Rachel who had a very worried look on her face.

Matilda was sitting on the bed, just putting her top back on because she had got clean bandages on when Belle walked through the door holding her stomach.

“Hey!” Mattie said as Belle just sat in the seat in front of the window. “Belle, Belle!” Matilda said as Belle slowly looked up at her, emotionless.

“What's wrong?” Matilda asked as she retreated from the bed and lent down in front of Belle.

“I...I was...Pregnant!” was all Belle managed to say as she still showed no emotion in her eyes, on her face or in her voice. Her voice was blank, plane, normal. She didn't smile and she didn't look at Matilda she just kept her hand on her stomach, wondering if it was a big joke but knowing that Rachel wouldn't joke about something like this.

Matilda was just about to speak when Rachel walked in and looked at both girls. Matilda looked back at Rachel but Belle didn't, she just sat there, hand on her stomach, staring at the ground for an answer, any answer.

“Matilda, can I talk to you for a minute?” Rachel asked as she moved her head slightly, pointing out that they should go out of the room.

“Ahhh sure, Belle I'll be back in a sec!” Matilda said as she got up and walked out of the room followed by Rachel. Out in the corridor Rachel look back into the room and then looked at Matilda.

“Mattie we got your blood results back, and how we said we found something in your womb, well I thought it was a sist or something but the test results are telling us that you'r pregnant!” Rachel said as Matilda's eyes widened and her hands appeared over her mouth now gaping mouth.

“Wh...no, no I cant be pregnant. This must be a mistake, I'm on the pill!” Matilda said as Rachel handed her the piece of paper.

“Matilda the pill doesn't always work and this test is 100% possitive!” Rachel replied as Matilda had to sit in a chair before she fell.

“So you and Ric are going to be parents?” Rachel asked sitting down next to her, smiling slightly before turning and looking back in the room where Belle was still sitting in the same chair, still looking at the ground.

“No...no not me and Ric, me and Lucas!” Matilda replied as Rachel turned and looked at her in surprise.


Lucas had just finished posting the recorded tape between himself and Yasmin and had just looged off his laptop in his apartment above the Diner when his phone started to beep. Knowing it was only a message he wasn't to worried, getting to his feet and walked into the kitchen, poured a glass of water, skulled it and then walked over to where his keys were and picked up his mobile. Opening the message he saw that it was from Matilda so he opened it.

I need to talk to you, we have a problem, it's urgent!

Lucas looked at the message again before pressing reply on his phone. He stared at the blank reply before typing.

“Ok meet me at the lookout in 20!” Lucas typed before pressing send. Looking at his phone he waited until finally a message flew away from the screen and writing appeared that said 'message sent' before placing his phone in his pocket and walking out the door, letting it slam shut behind him.

Opening up the door which was situated in the lounge, Naomi looked around before walking into the apartment and closing the door behind her. Picking up her phone she went into her message's and started typing.

'Come to my apartment, I have big news. x Lucas x' before typing send. Clicking, on Belle's number, Ric's, Declan's, Irene, Cassie, Drew, Annie, Geoff, Leah, Jack, Martha, Beth and Tony's she double checked she had everyone before clicking on 'send'

As she message went through everyone she was sending it to, she smiled to herself before taking a seat on the couch, and waited.

promo for Chapter 28

Everyone turns up at Lucas's just after Lucas and Matilda arrive back at his apartment...they dont know why!

Ric find's out the truth about Yasmin and much more!

Drew and Cassie are exposed!...what will happen now?

Someone dies...WHO? :o

all to be revealed in the next chapter....not long until my final chapter :P

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Chapter 28

Matilda was waiting at the lookout, the waves looked so vigorous, crashing up against the rocks and then creeping back out again just as it swept back in again. As she sighed she thought about what she was going to say to Lucas but noteven words could form in her brain. As she turned away from the lookout she saw Lucas standing at the entrance of the lookout just looking at her.

“Luc!” Mattie said as Lucas walked over to her. Lucas just stood there as Matilda smiled at him. She then hugged him and stepped back.

“We are going to be in big trouble!” Matilda said as she turned and looked back out at the lookout, back down at the water creeping out from in between the rocks just to be splashed up onto them so vigorously that if that was a person, they would be dead with just one blow.

“What are you talking about?” Lucas asked as he moved and stood next to Matilda and watched as she took a big, deep breath and turned to him, taking his hand for support.

“I'm pregnant!”


Belle was sitting on the couch back at the house, she still didn't know what emotion to show, or if she should show any at that fact, she was pregnant and didn't even know it. Only one person was the father but she couldn't find words to tell him that he was, only very shortly lived, a dad...

Looking at the black TV screen and pictured herself as a mother, the small reckless girl she had always dreamed of having and probably would have had by now if she didn't abort the baby to Drew. An immerse measurements of thoughts began to sweep through her mind...Was I being punished for aborting my first baby, did I miscarry because of my first abortion, is this all my fault because of the first time, do I even deserve kids?

Belle was bought back into reality when he phone beeped twice before falling silent again. Picking up her phone she read the message.

Come to my apartment, I have big news. X Lucas X

Belle canceled out of the message, she couldn't stand to be around anyone with big news or any kind of news, not with the news she had received today. Getting to her feet she left her phone behind and walked out the door, not even bothering to close the front door behind her.


Lucas and Matilda walked in the door of Lucas's apartment above the Diner when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

As Matilda sat on the couch Lucas opened the other door which was just behind the couch.

“Ric, Declan, what are you guys doing here?” Lucas asked as Matilda looked over to see Ric who looked back at her.

“You...you sent us a message saying to meet you here and that you had big news!” Ric said as he pushed his way past Lucas and went and sat next to his girlfriend.

“Ahhh no Ric I didn't!” Lucas replied as Declan made his way inside also, Lucas was just about to close the door when he had thought it had jammed, as he looked over there stood Irene, Cassie and Drew.


“We got a message saying you had big news!” Cassie said as herself, Drew and Irene made there way through the door, followed by Leah, Jack, Martha, Beth and Tony who had a very worried expression on his face.

“Whats the news Luc?” Beth asked as the rest walked through the door, Tony very hesitant because he knew who the message had come from.

“Guy's I dont know what is going on...i sent no message to any of you” Lucas said as everyone stood there looking at him like he had gone crazy.

“You didn't but I did...Lucas!” came a voice from around the corner and as everyone looked they all saw the one person who had ruined a lot of lives in Summerbay.

“Naomi!” Lucas said as Beth stood herself up, her face turning blood red and her eyes glaring at her like she was ready for the lunge.

“What are you doing here?” Lucas asked as Naomi stood in front of them all.

“We are missing some people, Belle, Annie and Geoff...where are they?” she asked as Matilda quickly stood up.

Matilda lunged towards her, grabbing her coat by the collar and shoving Naomi up against the wall so they were almost nose to nose.

“What...the...f**k are you doing here?” Matilda asked, a anger in her voice, her eyes looking straight into Naomi's.

“Now, now Matilda that wouldn't be good for the baby now would it?” Naomi asked as Matilda looked at her.

“Baby, your pregnant?” Ric piped up looking at Matilda who didn't return the gaze. “But we haven't eve...' his voice trailed off as he saw Lucas look away from him. “YOU!” he screamed as he went to lunge at Lucas but was caught by Matilda defending him. Matilda quickly backed away from Naomi and was in front of Lucas with Ric looking down at her.

“Don't you dare touch him!” Matilda said, arms outstretched, and starting to go very red in the cheek's.

“That's not the only secret and lie being told in this town!” Naomi said as she held up a recorder which Lucas noticed straight away as his. As she pressed play everyone went quiet at the voice's. Ric noticed that is was Yasmin and Lucas talking.

“Will you promise me you won't go to Ric if I tell you the truth?”

“I wont tell Ric Yasmin, its not my place, its you who will tell him and when you do I dont care but if you dont then I will!”

“I was on the phone to Tia's cousin Alicia, Alicia was my best friend until she got with my boyfriend Bobby so instead of getting back at her I new that Tia and Declan was moving to the bay and that my other friend Rebecca's brother lived here, So I stole a picture and a heap of letters and came here and I sent those message's to Matilda, Tia found out at the pub last night and was going to tell Matilda so I bashed her!”

“Wait your friends brother lived here so you stole pictures! Oh my god your not Ric's real sister are you?” .

“Oh my god, that is low even for a girl and what not even 17, Ok I'm not going to say anything but if you do not tell Ric the truth then I... Just recorded everything and will send it to everyone in Summer Bay so you have one week!”

Once the tape had been played she pressed stop and Lucas looked at Ric who looked back at him.

“You were my mate, my best f**king mate!” Ric screamed as Matilda looked down at the ground, still in front of Lucas with her arms outstretched.

“And Cassie and Drew, don't you two have something to tell everyone?” Naomi also asked as Cassie and Drew looked at her then at each other and then at everyone else who was also looking at the both of them. “I mean you two are together after all!” she replied as both Cassie and Drew looked at the ground and everyone else, Matilda looked at Cassie and Drew.

“Is this true?”

“Well we were going to wait but seeing as big mouth b**ch here screamed it out...yes!” Cassie replied as she took a step towards Drew and took hold of his hand.

“And Declan, Belle hasn't told you but she was pregnant and miscarried this afternoon when she collapsed on the beach!” Naomi said as Declan looked at her, surprised but pissed off.

“Who are you?” he asked just staring at her coldly as Lucas, Cassie and the adults looked at him.

“Beth, you want Tony back, Drew you slept with Annie, Annie slept with Dom, Cassie you and Declan have a rather shady past, Leah Drew was going to be a dad last year but couldn't deal so Irene gave Belle the abortion money!” Naomi replied as an eruption of fights broke out between everyone in the whole room. Tony tried to stop but he couldn't so he screamed.

“SHUTUP! WHAT ABOUT YOU NAOMI, please were not the only one hiding a secret are we?” he asked as everyone stopped there bickering and looked at Tony who was staring aimlessly at Naomi.

“I dont know what your talking about!” Naomi replied as Tony broke out laughing before walking over to her and ripping open her jacket, showing her baby bump which made everyone the room gasp and start whispering with each other.

“Lucas, did you ever sleep with this...this thing?” Tony asked looking at his son who looked back at him wondering why. “Because she is claiming it's your's!” Tony replied as Beth, Leah and Matilda all looked at him.

“No, no way dad I never slept with her. Your lying...YOUR A LIAR!” Lucas screamed as he brushed past Matilda, this time pinning her up against the wall. “You came back here just to destroy lives so I'm going to destroy your's.” Lucas said out loud as he walked her to the front door and pushing her out it, Naomi looked at him with pleading eye's but before had the chance to do anything Matilda brushed past him and pushed her, she pushed her so hard that Naomi missed 4 steps before rolling down the rest and hitting the ground with a thud.


Belle stood on top of the lookout wall and looked down. She couldn't face staying alive and living with killing another baby. Spreading out her arms she dropped the note behind her that she had written and rushed forward, feeling the air flow through her hair and up her nostril's and she flew down, faster...the rocks becoming closer every second and she could feel it now and she could see it, the one rock her head was going to hit, the water racing out from between the rocks again.

promo for chapter 29

Who dies...Belle or Naomi?

Who can forgive who in the bay and who decides to leave?

Who finally loses it and buy's a gun?

all to come in the final moments of this story :(

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Chapter 29

“Female, 30 years old, pregnant! Name unknown!” the ambulance officer said as they rushed a woman into emergency just as Rachel ran around the corner.

“Ok into triage 2! You three, take this and find out whats going on and you three come with me, some girl jumped over the lookout edge just as someone was walking past. They called it in, they have retrieved her and are bringing her in now! Get triage 1 ready, move it, she may need blood, find as much of every type you can find!” Rachel screamed as doctor's and nurses flew in every direction to do as they were told. Rachel stood there and waited, about five minutes after she had told everyone about the second emergency the double doors flew open and in came another 2 ambo's with a girl on the bed. Rachel walked up and was shocked at the sight.

“Belle! Oh my god Belle!” Rachel screamed as they flew her into triage 1. Her hair was completely red from where she was bleeding out and part of her face was completely cut open. The ambo's had cut open her top and her skirt to stop some more bleeding coming from every part of her body. Rachel could tell just by looking at her leg that it was completely crushed, which meant that if she survived she was going to have to have her right leg amputated and her left shoulder had been pushed forward which meant it had been dislocated. Two of her fingers had also been dislocated and another finger on her right hand was completely severed, beyond repair. “Ok lets move! MOVE!” Rachel screamed as every one set to work to try and save Belle Taylor.


Everyone had left Lucas's apartment after the whole confession against free will thing, everyone had gone there own seperate ways, everyone except Cassie and Drew and Lucas and Matilda. All four of them sat opposite each other in the flat, not doing anything or talking, but just sat. They had all wondered where Belle was and were starting to worry when suddenly Drew piped up.

“I cant believe you and Luc are havin' a baby!”

Everyone looked at Drew and then Matilda spoke up. “I cant believe you and Cass are together, congrat's guys!”

“Thanks Mattie, you mean that?” Cassie asked looking at Matilda who finally rested herself up against Lucas.

“Yeah of course. And anyway it's taken me this long to finally realize what I want!” Matilda replied as Lucas looked at her and smiled, taking her into a warm loving embrace.

Cassie was just about to say something when Matilda's phone started ringing. Answering it she listen, her eyes widened every second she stayed on the phone and once she was off the phone she looked at everyone.

“Belle jumped off the lookout onto the rocks, they managed to get her back but she wont survive the injuries. She asked to see us!” Matilda replied as everyone looked at each other before getting to there feet and rushing out the door.

Later that night

Everyone was at the hospital when Belle passed away but it had been Matilda who was the last one to speak to her. Belle had told her not to worry about rent because the next 2 months rent money was in her room in an envelope and that she would be much happier now that she would be in a different place.

Everyone sat in the waiting room. Matilda and Cassie were crying on Lucas and Drew's shirts. Ric and Declan were just sitting there, staring and Irene and Leah, Tony and Beth were talking amogst themselves, trying to figure out why she would do something like kill herself.

No one was telling them about what would happen now or what her injuries were but to tell the truth no one had asked.

After a while of waiting, Lucas and Drew took the girl's back to Lucas's place and Matilda would sleep in Lucas's bed with him and Drew and Cassie would stay in the spare room.

Ric was still at the hospital but was in Naomi's room.

“Why are you here?” she asked looking at him, tears rolling down her cheek's. The doctor's had told her that she had lost the baby but would have to carry it to full term which made her break down. Lucas had surely ruined her life, by killing the one thing she was looking forward to...Tony's baby...

“I want to help you, get revenge that is!” Ric replied as Naomi looked at him and then reached into the draw beside her. Pulling out her handbag she opened it and pulled out a gun.

“Let's get revenge!” she said holding the gun in her hand.


Jack, Martha, Tasha, Robbie, Leah and Irene all decided to say goodbye to the bay the following day, there was to much hurt, anger, humiliation and not enough trust left in the bay anymore. Irene had lost Belle and she didn't want to stay and have to remember it and Leah was to hurt and angry after Dan's death to forgive and forget and Tasha, Robbie, Jack and Martha moved from the bay in the first place because of all the lies, stalker's and beatings going on...it was just no place for a child to grow up.

Promo for the very last chapter

Who die's?

Who pulls the trigger?

What could possibly happen to send the bay into turmoil?

all to come in this final, breath taking, very last saddening chapter... :(

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Chapter 30...final

Naomi had been let out of hospital the next day and Ric said she could stay in the spare bed room at the Caravan Park in which Naomi agreed to.

And thats where they started planning there revenge but little known to Ric, Naomi had a different agenda to Ric.

“So, let me get this straight, your not just getting revenge on Lucas, but the whole community...why?” He asked as they both sat at the kitchen table in the Caravan Park House.

“Because that child I was carrying was Tony's and I came back for him, but seeing as he is now married and Beth is back, I'm going to make everyone's life hell...' Naomi replied as the gun sat in the middle of the table. Ric got to his feet and locked the front door, which he had closed earlier and walked out to the back door at the kitchen and shut and also locked that.

“And you promise me Mattie wont get hurt?” he asked looked at her. Naomi paused for a minute, hesitated then kept working on the timer and wire's she had in front of her.

“Yeah, course!”


Matilda awoke early the next morning to a sweelt snoring Lucas, slowly pulling back the sheet's she climbed out of bed, suddenly realizing she had no clothes to wear today and over her dead body was she going to wear the same clothe's again, two days in a row....dead, suddenly it hit Matilda that Belle was dead, not coming back, never alive again. Tears started trickling down her cheek's at she got to her feet and walked out of the room, in the kitchen Cassie was sitting at the table, her back to Matilda and sipping on a warm drink by the looks of it. Walking over and joining Cassie, Matilda couldn't stop the tears forming in her eye's and looking at Cassie red eyes meant she had been crying as well.

“Why did she have to go?” Cassie asked as she also saw Matilda crying. As the girls took each other's hands they started sobbing to a point where Lucas and Drew both came out to comfort them.

After an hour of sobbing in Drew and Lucas's arms, Matilda and Cassie had said that they were going for a walk.

In the city

Jack and Martha were sitting outside a cafe, having a coffee when Martha looked up, a bit scared.

“What wrong?” Jack asked taking her hand.

“I dont know, I just feel like we left too soon, I mean Beth needs us and Mattie and Luc will need us, Jack I would feel so much happier if we went back, just for a few more days until everything settles down.” Martha said as Martha's left hand sat on top of Jacks right hand.

“I'm so glad you said that I was thinking the same thing...let's go now and we should be there in no more than an hour.” Jack replied as a smile grew on Martha's face. Martha got to her feet and walked around and sat herself on Jack's lap.

“I love you!” she said as Jack wrapped his arms around her waist and snuggled into her back.

On the beach

Matilda and Cassie were sitting together on the beach when Ric approached them. There's a town meeting in half an hour, ab...about Belle and what were going to do for her, at the Surf Club!” Ric said as Cassie looked up but Matilda didn't. “Are you guys coming?” he asked looking at both girls.

Cassie nodded but just then Matilda spoke up.

“I'm not!”

“Mattie, Belle was our best friend!” Cassie said taking her arm as Matilda shook her head.

“I cant Cas, after everything that's happened I...I just cant!” Matilda said as more tears rolled down her face.

“I'll be there Ric, and so will Drew!” Cassie said as she looked up at Ric who nodded and turned and walked away leaving the two girls to cry over Belle's death.

Caravan Park

“Mattie's not coming which means Lucas won't either. They will probably stay at his apartment!” Ric said pacing back and forth from the door to the stairs to the kitchen table and back again.

Naomi smiled and picked up the gun. “Perfect. You go to the Surf Club and place this on the table and then meet me at Lucas's apartment.” Naomi said as she walked out the door leaving a box sitting on the table marked 'For Belle Taylor'

Ric walked over to the box and went to open the lid when Naomi poked her head back in the door.

“And don't look inside, it's just for Belle's meeting!” she said as Ric took a step back, nodded and watched her disappear again. Ric picked up the box and walked out the door not far behind her.

Five minutes later Ric had arrived at the Surf Club and when he walked inside he saw how beautiful this place had been decorated. There were a few row's of chairs with ribbon's on the back of them and then in the middle there was a photo of Belle, Her hair was short and she was wearing that leather choker that was always seen on her but in that picture, she was amazing, she had blonde and pink highlights through her hair and it was rough like the way she loved it, her head was slightly turned to the left and that smile she always had on her face was just beautifully showing off her white teeth. Ric would miss her. Sitting the box on the table he took one last look around before exiting from the Surf Club again and heading toward Lucas's apartment.

In the car

“Jack!” Martha said as Jack drove there car back to SummerBay. It had now been half an hour since they left the city and Jack was driving as fast as he could to get there. “Jack, somethings wrong, I...I can feel it!” Martha said as Jack looked at her and then back at the road, passing a huge, Freight truck.

“You mean like, like the feeling you got at our...our reception!” Jack stated, again looking at Martha who nodded and looked at him with a very worried expression.

Jack looked back at the road before putting his foot down on the excelorator which started speeding up the car. Jack looked at his speed'o in which case he saw that he was doing 120Km.


Cassie and Drew had already left Lucas's to head to the Surf Club. Everyone was staring at them, mainly because they were Belle's friends and now the whole town knew about her death, Belle had become a SummerBay favourite in the town and every and anyone knew her from her photography and the family portraits she had started doing of a day time in Noah's Bar. Belle's face had even become known in the city where some of her photo's of the bay had been placed in an art gallery.

Cassie and Drew headed toward the Surf Club where they met up with Tony, Beth, Alf and a few of Belle's friends from just around the bay.

“Hey!” Cassie said as Tony greeted her with a hug, as did Beth and Alf shook her hand.


Matilda had just awoken from sleeping, she must have drifted off to sleep on the couch and not realized it. Looking around she couldn't see Lucas anywhere.

“Luc!” she shouted before hearing his croaked voice coming from the bedroom. Getting to her feet she proceeded into the bedroom where she found Lucas standing in the corner of the room, shaking. Running over to him Matilda took his hands and jumped as the door closed. As she turned around she saw Ric standing in front of the door and as she looked over the top of the bed she Naomi in front of the mirror, holding a gun up in there direction.

“What, what's going on...what are you doing here?” she screamed as Naomi moved closer to the bed, pointing the gun now directly at her.

“I want Lucas to watch the one thing he loves...be taken from him, just like you took that baby from me, mine and Tony's baby!” Naomi now screamed pointing the gun at her.

“What, you said you weren't going to hurt her!” Ric screamed as Naomi pointed the gun at him.

“Shutup, you were stupid enough to believe me so now that's your loss!” she screamed as she pointed the gun back at Matilda and pulled the trigger.


Tony and Beth were talking to Alf when all three of them heard a gunshot coming from the direction of the Diner.

“Did you hear that?” Tony asked looking at Beth who nodded as did Tony. Beth, Tony and Alf all took off in the Direction on the gunshot and soon heard screaming coming from Lucas's apartment. Running toward it the screaming got louder.

“Mattie, No Mattie come back to me. You killed her!” was all they heard.

“Matilda! Matilda!” Beth screamed as she ran off as fast as she could, Tony in tow and Alf calling the ambulance and the police.


“Ring my phone, Ric RING IT!” Naomi screamed as Ric pulled out his phone, tears streaming down his cheeks and dialing Naomi's number.

Lucas sat there, holding Matilda in his arms, blood was coming from her chest where Naomi had shot her and Lucas didn't know if Matilda was still alive.

“Now you!” Naomi said as she held the gun at Lucas's chest and shot again.

Jack and Martha were just driving into the Diner Car Park when they heard a gunshot come from Lucas's apartment, looking at each other they both got out of the car and held onto each other just as they looked at the Surf Club.


Tony and Beth had also heard the sound of the explosion .Tony looked at the Surf Club and saw it up in flames, Alf had been bowled over by the impact of the blast and there was glass, bricks and smoke everywhere.

“Lucas!” Tony screamed as he kept running up the stairs. Beth was already there and was trying to get in but the door's were locked so Tony kicked at it, once, twice, three times and finally it flew open, Running in the saw the other door open and looking around they couldn't see anybody, as soon as Beth ran into the bedroom and screamed Tony knew it was bad.

“NO MATTIE, TONY COME QUICK, THEY HAVE BEEN SHOT!” Beth screamed as Tony burst into the bedroom and saw his son and Matilda lying next to each other, cuddling each other but blood coming from both of there chest's. Running over to his son and Matilda and Beth who was trying to hold Mattie sat down beside Beth and tried to hold Luc.

“No!” Both Lucas and Matilda said next to each other as they kept hold of one another.

“Mum, it's ok, now I can be with Lucas, tell Scott and Robbie not to be upset but to move on with there live's as if there's no tomorrow and tell Cassie and Drew to be happy together and that I'm happy for them!” Matilda said gasping for air as he breathing got slower.

“Dad, tell Jack and Martha I'll always be with them and tell Jack that Martha will have that baby they have been trying for. I love you so much...dad” Lucas also gasped for breath and looked at Matilda who was also looking at him.

“Mattie, I...i love y...you s...so much and n...now we c...c, can be together fo...forever!” Lucas stumbled for breath as Matilda smiled and cuddled closer to him.

“I love y-you s-so much Luc-cas Holden and n-now we can f-f-finally share the next l-life to-together!” Matilda also said as they looked into each other's eyes.

“I-I'll see y-you on the oth-other side!” they both said as Beth started crying so much that she had to breathe for air. Tony was also crying and took Beth into a hug as they slowly watched Lucas and Matilda's chest rise and fall one last time.

ok well guys thats it, your probably wondering about the ending and wondering if im going to do a sequel well i am thinking about it so if you guys want me to then i will but its up to you guys...I hope you liked Till Death Do us Part and would love your final comments on this fic :lol:

Thanks for reading my Fic


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