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Will They Ever Be?

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Story Title: Will They ever be?

Type of story: Longish story

Starring: Jack Holden, Martha MacKenzie, Tasha Andrews, Robbie Hunter, Matilda Hunter, Lucas Holden, Kim Hyde, Aden Jefferies

BTTB rating: A SC L V, N

Genre: Romance, Drama, Thriller

Does story include spoilers: maybe

For following Fan Fic is rated A rated, It uses sexual references, mild course language, violence and nudity

SUMMARY: OK guys so you know my last Fan Fic i wrote called Till Death do us part...well this is totally differen't than that one was but I'm hoping just as good.

Jack and Martha go to college, Jack's the most popular guy in school and has the hottest girlfriend (Ranya)...wont be in it much... Martha is a nobody, an outcast and is friends with Tasha and Robbie AKA (the geeks) Lucas and Matilda are 15, best friends and bf and gf and spend every waking hour together...

Will post the first chapter soon if you like the sound of it :unsure:

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Chapter 1

Jack walked down the corridor of Summer Bay High School, hand in hand with his girlfriend called Ranya. Blonde, petite and a fashionista at everything and everyone. Jack watched as everyone looked at him and Ranya walk down the corridor and he loved being noticed and loved and more than ever...envied.

You see...Summer Bay High wasn't just a high school, it was also a college where you could do year 11 and year 12 without having to go anywhere else or couldn't afford it.

Jack was just about to walk past a locker when a guy shut it and called out his name. Stopping and turning around he saw Kim and Aden approaching him.

“Hey man whats up?” Aden called out hi-fiving Jack, Kim following to do so as well.

“Not much mate, hows things between you n' Anne Marie?” Jack asked looking at Kim who shrugged.

“She think's everything is fine but what she dont know is tht I know she's cheatin' on me man, just coz I'm popular dont mean that I dont have feeling's!” Kim replied as Aden pat his shoulder.

“It's ok man, I've slept with almost all of the year twelves around here!” Aden said as Kim started laughing.

“What even the...hmmm...GEEKS!” Kim screamed out as three people turned around, two girls and a boy, one of the girls had long brown hair and was rather tall but skinny and rathr tanned, the other girl was tallish with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes and had fair skin and the boy, well he had short light brown hair with blue eyes, was average but skinny, a geek skinny and always wore glasses.

Ranya stopped in front of the two girls and looked both of them up and down. “Well if it isn't Martha freak MacKenzie. Hasn't anyone told you that checkered flannel shirts with shorts and cowboy boots went out of fashion, like 50 years ago!” she said starting to laugh as the blonde haired girl looked to the ground.

“My god Tasha, I love your skirt, vintage isn't it? And goes with that white boho top so well!” Ranya said as Tasha kept looking at the ground, this really got Martha pissed off. Martha pushed her which knocked her into Jack, who had his back to her talking to his friends

“Hasn't anyone ever told you what a skank you are?” Martha yelled as Jack and the boys all looked at her and started laughing but stopped as Ranya walked toward her, eye's squinted. At this point Ranya and Martha were nose to nose, and both girls could see the fire in each of the eyes. All of a sudden Martha got pushed back into her locker as another girl came out of no where. Everyone started laughing, except Robbie and Tasha who were making sure Martha was ok.

“Get out of my face, geek!” Ranya said as she took Jack's hand and they walked off down the hall, again hand in hand with there friends following.

what do you think guys

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Well it is only short but here is the next chapter for you guys...hope you like it

Chapter 2

Martha and Tasha were on there way to history class, Tasha couldn't help but be worried at Martha who was limping slightly.

“Are you sure your ok Mac, I mean Ranya's friend did push you pretty hard!” Tasha said as Martha nodded.

“I'm fine Tash!” Martha lied. Martha was secretly in so much pain that she felt like fainting, her back was killing her and even nodding or talking made her want to scream out in so much pain that it frustrated her.

Walking into the classroom Martha and Tasha looked around, seeing Ranya, Jack, Kim and Aden at the back of the room was no unusual crime but if you were seen sitting in there seats, god help you.

Martha and Tash had to sit next to each other in the only two seats left which happened to be seated right in front of Jack and Kim. Tasha sat in the seat just in front of Jack and Martha was just about to sit down when Kim pulled the seat out from underneath her, which made her fall flat on her buttox, making everyone laugh at her. The teacher hadn't arrived yet so no body could settle the class down. Going bright red in the cheeks, Martha looked around and saw Tash look at her.

“You ok Mac?” Tasha asked leaning over and helping her best friend to her fet.

“Everyone I would like you to meet a new student! Martha MacKenzie, Martha you can take a seat next to Natasha Andrews over there” the teacher said pointing to a girl with curly blonde hair.

Making her way over to the seat next to the girl called Natasha, Martha went to sit down when the chair was pulled out from beneath her.

“Kimberley Hyde, that was not appropriate at all, detention after school!”

“Mac...Mac...Martha!” Tasha practically yelled this yelled as Martha looked up at her and took her hand. Tasha helped Martha to her feet and then looked at Kim angrily.

Finally taking a seat Martha put her head in her hands and let herself drift off to that happy place, that place where she didn't get picked on from her first day arriving at Summer Bay High and where she was actually happy at a school where everbody was equal.

Martha opened her eyes when the bell rang and the teacher walked through the door.

“Morning Class welcome back to your first day of year 12, I am Mrs Carter and I will be your history teacher for the rest of this year.” she said as she grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote her name in plain on the board for everyone to see.

“Now I would like for us to get to know one another so we will start with you and go across the room and you can introduce yourselves to me!” she said as she took a seat and watched the boy get to his feet.

“Hi my names Tim Coleman!”

Martha dropped her head back in her hands and drifted back to her happy place, her safe place. She must have been dreaming for a good couple of minutes before Tasha hit her. Snapping back out of it she looked as Tasha got to her feet.

“Hi my names Natasha...Tasha Andrews!” Tasha said as she sat back down.

Reluctantly getting to her feet, she sighed and rubbed her back where she had been pushed.

“Hi my names Mar...' Martha's eyes started to blur and she felt sick, she felt herself go very pale in the face.

“Haha the geek's choking!” was all she heard before she blacked out.

Promo for chapter 3......Why did Martha black out and who gets a shock confession?

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sorry it took so long for chapter 3 but here it finally is guys

Chapter 3

As Martha opened her eyes, she felt light in a way, looking around the saw herself drifting past locker's and when she looked up she almost fainted at who was carrying her.

“What...what happened she asked looking at the guy carrying her down the corridor. “where are you taking me?”

“What happened was you blacked out and the teacher told me to take you to the nurses office!” the man replied still carrying her down the corridor.

“And since when does Jack Holden, most popular guy in school listen to teacher's?” Martha asked looking up at his muscular, tanned body.

“Since, well since being popular isn't what it's cracked up to be!” Jack replied this time looking at her, at that moment there eyes met, Jack had never really realized how beautiful Martha MacKenzie really was until for that moment for some reason. She had first moved to the bay in year 9 and was picked on instantly by Jacks best mate Kim and all the popular people and Jack said nothing because at first it was funny, really funny but now it beyond a joke.

“Jack!” Martha said as Jack snapped back out of it, still walking down the corridor. “You walked straight past the nurses office!” Martha replied pointing to the door which was now feet away from them.

“Oh, oh god!” Jack said smiling and turning back around.

Later that day

Martha had finally been allowed out of the nurses office and Tasha was outside waiting for her, with the biggest grin from ear to ear like she had won the lottery.

“Soooo...' Tasha started as she laughed a little before taking her friends arm.

“So...what Tash?” Martha asked looking confused at her best friend.

“So Mac...so what was it like to be carried down the corridor's by the most popular guy in school!” Tash asked starting to dream about herself being carried down the corridor by Jack Holden, spunk, drop dead gorgeous most popular guy in the school.

“Tash...I fainted!” Martha replied laughing at her friend who obviously didn't hear a word she just said. Martha kept walking with her best friend but didn't mention to her about the stare between herself and the spunky Jack Holden.

Martha kept walking with Tash but Tash didn't realize that she was just about to run straight into Kim and Ranya.


Books went everywhere, heads bumped and both Ranya and Tasha ended up on the floor. Ranya was the first one to get to her feet, Tasha slowly following, rubbing her forehead. Ranya grabbed a pint sized mirror out of her purse which Kim had reluctantly picked up from the ground and handed to her, looking at her forehead she saw that it was very red. She threw the mirror back in her purse and pushed Tasha who didn't retaliate, again Ranya pushed her which aggravated Martha, stepping in front of Ranya Martha gave her one hard push before taking a step forward.

“You wanna pick on someone, make it someone your own size!” Martha screamed as Jack came tearing down the corridor at the commotion. Ranya got back to her feet.

“Your going to pay for that...geek!” Ranya screamed shoving Martha so hard that she fell into Tasha. Ranya went for the both of them, Kim laughing until Jack stepped out in front of her, a pissed off expression on his face, a vein popping out of the side of his neck when he got really pissed and where his dimples usually were, were the indent of the chin line.

“Ranya, quit it!” Jack said as Martha made sure Tash was ok. “I am sick to death of you thinking you own everyone here...ONE MORE TIME...and were over!” he screamed.

Review...Is Jack falling for Martha?

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Chapter 4

Ranya looked at Jack with surprise and then started laughing, as did Kim.

“Nice joke babey. I almost fell for it, you were so believable!” Ranya said as Jack didn't move.

“I wasn't joking Ranya!” Jack replied sternly as he heard Martha ask Tasha if she was ok.

“Yeah sure Jack!” Kim replied as Ranya's face was now just a serious as Jack's.

“What are you protecting these geeks now are you, are you sure you dont want to become...' Ranya started as Jack's facial expression deepened which made her shut up.

“Ok!” Was all she said.

“Let's get one thing straight Ranya, Your only popular because of me, that can easily change if people find out I dumped your ass!” Jack replied as Ranya's face went from pissed off to horror in a matter of seconds.

“You...you wouldn't do that would you...Jack, would you?” Ranya asked as now everyone was looking at him, even Martha and Tasha.

Jack looked at everyone and everyone looked at Jack. Would he, the most popular boy in school, dump Ranya because she was picking on people. Everyone was thinking it but no one was scared to ask, all of a sudden Jack saw Matilda and Lucas walking down the corridor, being lunch and all so of course they would be together.

“Hey Jack!” Matilda called out walking past him, hand in hand with Lucas, her hair tied back in a neat bun with her side fringe parted both ways.

“Heya Mattie, Luc wait up!” Jack called out running away from a stunned Ranya and Kim and leaving Martha and Tasha giggling at his scared ness.

After School

Matilda and Lucas were walking down the corridor hand in hand when they saw Ranya at her locker, from a distance she looked fine but as they got nearer they saw that she was crying.

“Ranya!” Lucas yelled out as she turned, glanced at him and then went back to her locker. Walking up to her, Lucas leaned up against the locker with Matilda next to him.

“What's wrong?” he asked as she shut her locker and looked at him.

“Dont become popular!” was all Ranya replied as she walked past Matilda and started into a run.

Ranya got outside the school gates and burst out crying and realized that she was still in public, pulling herself together she noticed Martha saying goodbye to Tasha so Ranya thought this was the time to get her.

“Hey!” Ranya called out walking toward Martha who looked at her and went to turn around. Ranya started running and when she was close enough to Martha pushed her so hard that Martha had to hold her hands out, stopping her face from hitting the ground.

“Don't think your so tough now do you!” Ranya screamed. “Get up...GET UP!”

“Owe!” Martha said to herself as she rolled over so her back was now on the ground.

“I dont even see what my boyfriend see's in you...your pathetic and, a geek!” Ranya screamed as Martha lifted herself up off the ground. She didn't bother hitting Ranya back but instead just let Ranya hit her across the face again. After Ranya kicked her, which made Martha tumble to the ground, Ranya kicked her in the stomach before turning on her heels and running in the direction she came before.

Martha closed her eyes, crawled up into a ball and hoped to god, that some one would find her, someone like Jack.

Review...Who finds Martha...Will Jack find out the truth about Ranya?

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Chapter 5

Jack and Kim were walking down the school street when Jack saw Martha lying there, unconscious.

“Oh my god!” Jack yelled as he went to run over to Martha but got held back by Kim holding onto his shoulder.

“Just leave her man, she's a geek!” Kim said as Jack spun around and grabbed Kim's collar.

“Unlike you Kim, I have a heart!” Jack screamed letting him go and turning around and running toward Martha. Jack reached Martha and didn't bother leaning down he just fell to his knee's, leaning over her, he wrapped his arms around her and scooped her up before heading to the hospital.

Kim looked on in shock as Jack did this. Noticing how gentle Jack was with Martha and how compassionate he had become lately which sickened him.

Jack looked behind him, watching Kim look on at him.

“Are you coming?” Jack yelled before Kim towed up to him, abruptly following him without another word.

The Hunter House

Matilda was lying on the couch with Lucas on top of her. She had never been as happy as she felt when she was with Lucas, although it hadn't all been smooth sailing but somehow, they had managed to pull through it, by trusting and most importantly, loving each other, although Lucas had never said 'I love you' to Matilda but that hadn't worried her because when he was ready...he would say it.

Lucas lent down and kissed her softly on the lips, the cherry lip gloss eradicating his body. Lucas moved back and looked at Matilda's baby blue eyes and pushed a piece of hair out of her face.

“I love you!” he whispered looking at her.

Matilda's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open a bit.

Did he really just say...I love you? Matilda thought to herself before smiling and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I love you too!” she replied as they both smiled and went back to kissing each other.

Northern District Hospital

Jack rushed through the hospital door's just as Nurse Julie was walking out of a room.

“Jack, wh..' her voice trailed off as she looked at the unconscious girl in his arms.

“In here!” she said walking into triage 1.

“What happened?” she asked as Jack laid her on the white sheet's.

“I dont know, I found her like it!” Jack replied as Kim didn't even bother coming into the room. Instead he pulled out his phone and started typing.

Jack just found Martha...unconscious, he's going to find out from her when she wakes up!

Kim pressed send on his phone and found Ranya's number before pressing ok. Putting his phone away he watched as Jack looked upset at the passed out Martha, like...like he was in love.

An hour later Martha opened her eyes and looked around. Looking at her arm she noticed there was a drip in her hand and saw medical kits which meant she was in hospital. As she looked the other way she saw Jack walk in the room.

“Martha!” he said walking over to her and taking her hand. Removing it from his grasp she looked at him. “Who did this to you?” he asked.

“Your girlfriend!” was all Martha replied

Review...Ch 5...Jack finally loses it...Tasha tell's Martha who she has a crush on

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Chapter 6

When Alf and Sally had arrived to see Martha, they had asked Jack what had happened so Jack told them what had happened and said that if Martha wanted to press charges on Ranya then she had every right to.

Jack then left Alf, Sally and Martha alone because he had some business to attend of his own.

As he was just about to walk out of the hospital doors, he looked around wondering where Kim was but seeing as Kim was nowhere to be found he walked through the doors and was caught by what he saw. At first he thought he was seeing things but then when both people looked at him and clearly backed away, heads bowing because they couldn't believe they had just been caught, caught by Jack Holden...most popular guy in school, best mates with Kim Hyde and boyfriend of Ranya Renolds, staring at them, mouth so wide open that a dozen flies could fly straight in his mouth.

“Jack!” the male said wiping his mouth and looking at him. “It's not what it looks like!”

“Kim, it is...I know what I saw!” Jack replied as the girl started blushing.

“Hey, sorry you had to see that Jack!” the girl replied as Jack smiled at her.

“Martha's in room 5 Tash!” Jack replied before walking past them on his way out of the hospital.

Tasha looked at Kim and smiled before walking through the door, heading to Martha's room, not beliving that she and Kim had just been caught.

Tasha walked into Martha's room and smiled at the girl lying there, she had a black eye and bruises all up her arms but whether or not she had anymore bruises she didn't know.

“Where's your mum and pop?” Tasha asked taking a seat next to her best friend.

“Sally's not my mum, she's my foster mum and Sal and pop have gone to get a coffee. Martha said sitting up in the bed a little before looking at Tash who seemed extremely happy for some reason.

“Tash what's going on?” she asked looking at her.

“Well I'll tell you before Jack does. Jack caught me kissing Kim Hyde!” Tasha said as Martha looked a taken back at what had just come out of Tasha's mouth.

“You...what, Tash what are you thinking. You know what he thinks of us!” Martha yelled as Tash tried to calm her best friend down.

“It just happened Mac, I have liked Kim for so long and now he has finally taken notice of me...ME MAC!” Tasha was almost in a high pitched happy scream.


Jack had just arrived out the front of Ranya's mansion as Jack called it. She lived about five minutes from the school and her house was huge. One day she was telling Jack they had 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a parlor, a gaming room and even a pool room but yet she still had to get with Jack to be popular but that was it.

Jack made his way up to the front door and rang the doorbell, a minute later Ranya opened the door and smiled.

“Hey Jack, your...late, for our...meeting!” Ranya exclaimed winking at him. Jack didn't move but looked at Ranya.

“Were over!” he finally said as she smile disappeared from her face and was replaced with anger.

“You...you cant dump me!” Ranya screamed now pushing the door open and crossing her arms. “I made you what...who you are today!”

“No all you made me...Ranya...was a better person!” Jack screamed back, turning around and walking away from her, leaving her stunned and screaming out words he ignored.

Review...what will happen next...are Kim's feeling's genuine toward Tasha or does he have a motive?

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Chapter 7

The next day when Jack arrived at school, everyone was staring at him and he knew straight away that everyone knew about his break up with Ranya. Living in a small seaside town like Summer Bay had it's advantages but also it's disadvantages like everyone knew everyone else's business which at time was really annoying.

As he walked down the hall a lot of guys and especially girls were looking at him, then all of a sudden everyone started clapping at him, guys were walking up to him and patting him on the shoulder and girls were either shaking his hand or giving him a kiss on the cheek. Jack felt over whelmed at the fact that he was being congratulated over his break up with Ranya. All of a sudden Robbie walked up to him and shook his hand.

“Well done man, the best thing you ever did is get rid of her!” Robbie said as Jack smiled at him and kept on walking. In the end Jack had to walk into a classroom and lock the door just to get away from everyone, as he rested up against the door and looked to the end of the classroom and saw Martha sitting in a chair.

“Hey!” he said as he walked over to her and took a seat next to her.

“Are you ok?”

“A black eye, bruised arms and bruised ribs but apart from that, I'm..ok!” Martha replied, not looking up at him.

“Martha I...' Jack didn't know what to say, he knew she was upset, angry even but what could he say to make her feel better so he just started rambling. “I am so, so sorry for this happening to you, I wish I could have done something to stop it all but I was blind and...and stupid and...'

“Jack, your rambling!” Martha said as she was now looking at him.

“Oh my god, your eye!” Jack said as Martha's gaze quickly met the ground again. Jack lifted Martha's face up so he could see the bruise surrounding her left eye. The purple and black along with some blue made it quiet clear that she had been hit more than once. Once again there eyes had met and Jack not realizing it until he was close enough that there lips had met, realized that he had just kissed Martha MacKenzie. For a long ten seconds it was just the two of them until Martha pulled back and looked to the ground before getting to her feet and making her way to the door.

“Jack I...I dont want to be the popular guys girlfriend, I wont be that person, I dont want to be popular and turn out to be Ranya!” Martha said before unlocking the door.

“I'm not going to give up!” Jack yelled before she exited the room, leaving just him and the scent of Martha's french vanilla perfume surrounding him, eradicating him to a point where he wanted more.

Kim was standing at his locker when Tasha reached him and smiled.

“Hi!” she said as he went to speak Ranya appeared out of nowhere and kissed Kim on the lips. At that moment Tasha felt like her heart had just been ripped out of her chest. She couldn't believe what she was seeing with her own two eyes...Kim was kissing Ranya...Ranya was kissing Kim. Tasha turned on her heels and started running down the hall when she ran straight into Martha. Tasha looked at her best friend for a moment before running past her, tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Tash...Tash whats wrong?” Martha screamed after her best friend as she looked in the direction where Tasha had just come from and saw Kim and Ranya, locking lips, swapping saliva, playing tonsil hockey in the middle of the corridor and without even caring. Turning on her heel Martha ran in the direction her best friend had gone and knew that Tasha needed her, at this moment...nothing was more important to Martha...not even Jack Holden.

Review...Kim tell's Jack about the kiss...Jack throws a party...and a steamy kiss ends in disaster

ok guys this is the only other chapter i am posting till i come back from work...talk to you guys then

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Chapter 8

Martha had spent most of the afternoon with Tasha and trying to make her talk about what had happened between Kim and Ranya but Tasha was too upset to talk.

“Tash, come on say something please. I've never seen you so upset over a guy before!” Martha said as she held Tasha in her arms and let her sob.

Tasha finally puled back form her friend and looked at her, her black mascara had run and her foundation was all blotchy from her crying.

“I thought he liked me!” Tasha said more tears dwelling in her eyes.

Martha pulled her friend back into a hug when she saw Jack approaching them with a bunch of roses in his hand. Martha looked around to see if anyone else would be near by but there wasn't as everyone was back in class.

Martha looked just as stunned as Tasha did when Jack stopped in front of both girls, bent down on one knee and looked at Martha who was starting to go red in the cheeks.

“Mac whats going on?” Tasha asked as she looked at Martha who now had a small smile on her face.

“Long story!” was all Martha replied.

“Martha MacKenzie, I told you I'm not giving up and I wont, I am inviting you to be my date at a party I am having tonight and of course Tasha and Robbie can come...what do you say!” Jack asked holding the roses out to Martha who took them, smelling them she giggled a little and looked at Tash who had stopped crying and was smiling at her best friend, who was finally getting noticed.

“Your a hard guy to reject Jack Holden but yes I will be your date!” Martha replied as Jack jumped in the air and punched nothing and yelling out yes.

“I'll see you and you Tasha and Robbie at my party at 7!” Jack replied as both girls nodded and watched him run off, jumping every now and again.

After School

Jack was walking out of the school gates when he ran into Kim waiting for him.

“Jack, I...I need to tell you something!” Kim said walking with a very happy Jack.

“I got stuff to do, tell me at the party tonight!” Jack said as he patted his friend on the shoulder and ran off.

Holden residents

The party was in full swing as Jack moved through the crowd, the house his dad had bought had two stories, down stairs had the lounge, dining, kitchen, bathroom and upstairs had four bedroom's and another bathroom. Jack had locked all the bedroom's apart from one which was his own. As he pushed his way through the on coming crowd someone handed him a drink which he reluctantly took and sculled which is when he saw Kim who had already told him about Ranya kissing him and had already said he didn't care. Jack started feeling dizzy so climbed up the stairs and made his way to his room which was at the far end of the hallway. Sitting on his bed he put his head in his hands and when he looked up he saw Martha standing in the door.

“Martha!” he yelled motioning her to come in, he started to wonder when she shut the door. Sitting next to him she kissed him lightly then a little harder and thats when the door opened, pulling back he saw Martha standing in the door, a shock look on her face and when he looked back at the girl he saw Ranya sitting next to him. Looking at both girls once more, all he got out was sorry before he blacked out.

Review...Jack wakes up and doesn't remember a thing...What was in the drink that was given to him?

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Chapter 9

Martha was walking along the beach. She felt like her heart had been ripped out of her body, like a ton of bricks had pulled out her heart and squished it into a thousand tiny pieces that were beyond repair. She was stupid to think that Jack Holden, most popular guy in school would fall for her, a loser, a geek. She wished she had never opened up her heart because she knew she was going to be hurt like this. Jack and Ranya had been on and off since year 9, since she first moved to the bay and since she had been living in the bay they had broken up 15 times and got back together again so what was different this time. Martha remembered the kiss between herself and Jack and then remembered the conversation between the both of them and she now wished she had stuck to it.

“Jack I...I dont want to be the popular guys girlfriend, I wont be that person, I dont want to be popular and turn out to be Ranya!”

“I'm not going to give up!”

“I'm not going to give up!”

“I'm not going to give up!”

That last sentence played over in Martha's head like a broken record skipping the same part of a song over and over again. Sighing heavily Martha sat down on the sand and looked out to see. She loved it here in Summer Bay and looking out to see made her feel like she could just forget everything and everyone. The beautiful, sparkling blue sea drifted in, slowly eating the sand and then crawled back out again and kept repeating itself. Sitting all alone, Martha wiped her face as a tear trickled down her cheeks just as Jack approached her.

“hey!” Jack said as Martha looked at him, sighed and got to her feet.

“Jack just dont!” Martha said as she went to turn but was stopped because Jack had grabbed her arm.

“What's goin' on? We kissed last night...'

“No we didn't Jack, you and Ranya kissed last night, you two have been on and off since year 9 and I'm not going to be a bystander and get in the middle, I was stupid to think you would ever like me!” Martha said as she went to turn again but Jack tightened his grip on her.

“Martha I do like you I do, me and Ranya were...were over for good!” Jack said as Martha looked down at the sand.

“I'm sorry Jack but I let my guard down and I like you but I refuse to be second best in your life!” Martha finally said as she turned around and walked up the beach she heard Jack yell out.

“I'm not giving up Martha MacKenzie!”

At this Martha smiled and kept walking up the beach until she couldn't hear or see Jack.

Jack plonked down on the ground where Martha had been sitting. He couldn't believe this, how could he have kissed Ranya and thats when it hit him, the random drink being handed to him, feeling dizzy afterwards and going to his room and straight after Ranya turned up and Jack thought it was Martha. Jack got to his feet and ran up the beach, he was going to sort this out once and for all, even if it means losing everything he had earned in which he didn't want. Jack was finally going to give Ranya a piece of his mind.

Review...Will Martha ever let Jack into her heart again and two people realize there love for each other

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