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The Best Mistake

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Story Title: The best mistake

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Jack and Martha + others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes for non Au viewers

Any warnings: No

Summary: Jack and Sam are married, Martha is single, could one night of passion between the two ex lovers bring them closer together or tear them further apart and what could happen that will turn the lives of all involved on there heads.



"Kids are great aren't they" Jack said as he sat on the towel with his new wife Sam,

"Yeah they are" she said smiling watching her son Rory and his friend play on the sand in front of them,

"I can't wait till I have kids" Jack said thinking about the future",

Sam was a little taken aback by his comment and asked,

"What you mean your own kids?" Sam asked,

"Yeah" Jack said a little confused about her sudden outburst,

"But Jack I" Sam stopped,

"What?" Jack asked slightly confused,

"Jack that part of my life is over" Sam said waiting of a reaction,

Jack turned to face her,

"What?" he asked slowly "What do you mean?"

"Well I have Rory and I don't want any more kids I'm sorry Jack but that's just how I feel" Sam said,

"Right" Jack said hurt and confused about what was happening,

"I hope this doesn't change things" Sam said,

Jack looked at her,

"I have to go" Jack said standing up and making his way up the beach.

Sam sighed; she should have known this day would come…

"You have been here for hours" Martha commented as she looked down at a rather drunk Jack as he drunk the last of his beer,

"Another?" he asked looking up at her,

"I don't think so" Martha said looking down at his amused at his state,

"Please" he begged like a child,

Martha chuckled,

"We're closing" she said,

"Oh come on, one more drink together for old time's sake" Jack said,

"Mmm" Martha said,

"Fine one more" Martha laughed making her way to the bar…

"It was so not funny" Martha laughed as she topped up her wine glass and took another sip,

"It was hilarious, I can still see the look on you're grandfathers face" jack laughed along with her as he took another sip,

Both of them were rather drunk and enjoying each others company,

"So what's the story?" Martha asked,

"About?" Jack drawled,

"Why are you drowning your sorrows?" she asked,

"Because I officially suck at being married" Jack lifted his glass as if proposing a toast,

Martha laughed,

"What happened?" Martha asked

"Sam doesn't want anymore kids" Jack said drinking the last of his wine,

"Oh" Martha said looking down realising how much of a deal breaker this would be on Jacks behalf as she knew how much he wanted his own kids,

"Yeah something about that part of her life being over" Jack laughed as he crack open the other bottle of wine sitting on the table in front of them,

"Jack I think you should go home and talk to her" Martha said looking at him,

"I don't want to" Jack complained like a child besides I'm having fun" Jack said,

Martha laughed as she decided that one more drink couldn't hurt and poured her self another,

"Fine" Martha greed as she sipped at her drink,

Jack and Martha stumbled there way up the stairs to the flat above the diner, tripping over there own feet laughing,

After several failed attempts of opening the door Martha finally managed to unlock it,

They both burst inside in a fit of giggles for no apparent reason apart from the alcohol getting the better of them,

Martha turned to him,

"You want a drink?" Martha asked giggling as she entered the kitchen,

"I think we've had just about enough" Jack laughed before in unison the pair saying,

"Nah" and bursting out into another fit of uncontrollable giggles,

Martha opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of white wine and two glasses from the cupboard,

"Here you go" Martha said handing him a glass of wine,

"Thankyou" Jack said in a put on posh accent,

"Well heres to us both officially sucking at relationships" Martha said holding up her glass,

"I'll toast to that" Jack laughed as they clinked there glasses together,

And both brought there own glass to there lips.

"I don't get it" Martha laughed as they watched TV,

"Neither" Jack laughed,

"I'm hungry" Martha randomly blurted out standing up but the amount of alcohol she had consumed became apparent as she toppled over and fell back onto the couch straight on top of Jack,

They both burst out into a fit of laughter until the room became quiet as they realised that Martha was now lying on top of Jack and they were staring straight into each others eyes,

Martha leant down just as Jack was leaning up and there lips met in a kiss that each had waited for, for over a year,

The kiss grew more passionate as it went on and before they realised what was happening clothes had already begun to be discarded to the floor and they were making there way towards the bedroom.

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Things are always different in the morning.

“Err” Martha moaned as the first rays of sunlight hit her through the window as she began to wake,

She though back to the previous nights events and then froze as she felt the familiar hold around her waist.

She swinger head around slowly she cast her eyes on the man that was holding onto her, Jack.

He was still fast asleep, Martha had no idea what to do, did she lay there in his arms like she used to?

Did she wake him and kick him out of bed like he was a one night stand? Or should she get up and go for a run along the beach and wait until he wakes and then return when he had gone?

Martha sighed, she wished she could just lay in his arms and when he woke he would look into her eye sand kiss her like he used to and then get up and cook her breakfast, but that was a long time ago she was reminded when she looked down and resting neatly on her stomach was Jacks hand but placed around one of those finger was his wedding ring, Martha felt a ping of guilt surge through her body as she thought of Sam.

Martha carefully pulled back the covers and made her way to her draws pulling out a pair of underwear, her sport bra, a pair of gym pant and a singlet.

She made her way to her bed and pulled her Nike’s out and put them on before taking one last longing look at Jack before making her way to the door, opening it and closing it quietly behind her.

Jack opened his eyes for a split second and them squeezed them shut as the after effects of the alcohol were in over drive and the suns rays beating down on him weren’t helping,

Suddenly Jack realised he wasn’t in his own bed and then it hit him, Martha.

His eyes snapped open and sat up suddenly in bed and looked around, Martha’s room he thought.

Jack looked at the space beside him that Martha would have occupied just hours before, a pang of disappointment hit him when she was no longer there and then he remembered, Sam.

“Err” Jack groaned falling back onto the bed,

Sam, what was he going to do? His eyes suddenly fell upon a picture on the dressing bedside table beside Martha’s bed,

Jack reached over and picked up the photo frame, he smiled, he remembered when this photo was taken, it had been whilst him and Martha were dating, he smiled at the memories and then suddenly noticing the photo frame it was placed in he turned it over.

Dear Martha.

It read,

Happy 19th Birthday,

I love you,

Jack xx.

Jack smiled it had been his gift to her for her nineteenth birthday and he had gotten it engraved with those special words,

Jack all of a sudden realised what he was doing when his eyes fell upon his wedding ring,

He sighed and threw back the covers,

Getting up, he searched for his clothes; he bent down and picked up his boxers,

He pulled them on and went in search for the rest of his clothes,

Jack walked out into the lounge room,

“Where on earth?” Jack muttered under his breathe,

“Ahh” he exclaimed out loud,

He reached down and under the coffee table laid his shirt,

He pulled it over his head and looked spun around and lying on the couch were his jeans,

He snatched them up and pulled them on before making a quick escape from the apartment,

Jack walked down the stairs at the back of the diner, he didn’t want to go home but he knew he had to but before he did he decided he’d go for a walk along the beach,

Jack made his way down to the beach deep in thought until he stopped suddenly in his tracks when he saw two figures standing around thirty metres away.

“Hey” Martha Sam said making her way towards Martha,

Martha snapped her head up hearing Sam’s voice through her music,

Martha stopped running and paused her Ipod before pulling her earphones out and awaiting an unwanted conversation,

“Hey Martha” Sam aid again as she reached Martha,

“Hey Sam” Martha said putting on the best smile she could seem to muster up,

“Hey I know this question may seem a little strange but have you seen Jack, he didn’t come home last night” Sam asked looking at Martha,

All of a sudden Martha could feel a lump forming in her throat,

He hands became clammy and guilt started to wrack her body but she had to remain strong and not let Sam suspect anything,

“Um no” Martha managed to say, “Is everything alright?” Martha asked trying to seem more convincing,

“I hope so” Sam said, “Ok well I better get home, Rory’s waiting” Sam said,

“Ok, bye” Martha said relieved that it was only a short lived conversation,

“Yeah seeya” Martha said as she watched Sam walk up the beach, Martha turned her head as she had this feeling as though someone was watching her,

As she turned her head she found the reason for her discomfort,

Her eyes locked with Jacks as he began to make his way towards her but Martha just put her earphone back in and began running again,

Jack sighed as he watched her disappear into the distance and braced himself for returning home,

Jack huffed ‘Home’ where’s that? He thought to himself,

Turning he made his way up the beach.

Jack unlocked the door to the house and made his way inside,

His head still pounding for the previous nights drinking, he made his way to the kitchen, grabbed a glass off the drying rack next to the sink and filled it up,

Jack let out a loud sigh as he finished his drink,

He placed the glass down and began to wonder where Sam was,

He made hi way through to the bedroom and there Sam was sitting on the bed crying,

He looked at her helplessly, he thought of making his way to the bed and comforting her but it just didn’t feel right anymore, he turned and made his way to the living room,

Jack sat down on the coach and turned the TV on which got the attention of Sam from in the bedroom,

She stood up furious and made her way to the living room,

Snatching the remote from Jacks clasp, she switched off the TV and looked down at him, hands on hips looking incredibly furious,

“Where the hell were you last night?” Sam yelled at him like he was a teenager.

Jack looked up at her ‘With Martha’ he thought to himself,

“Jack?” Sam yelled again waiting for a reply,

“Out” Jack said snatching the remote back from her and turning the TV back on,

“You are unbelievable” Sam yelled,

“Why?” Jack yelled “Because you put your selfish needs before everyone else, it’s always Sam this and Sam that” Jack yelled “You only care about yourself” Jack said turning the TV off and throwing the remote down on the coach and making his way to the door,

“Where are you going I’m not finished” Sam said infuriated,

“Well I am, this may come as a shock to you but I’m not a child” Jack said opening the door, walking out and slamming it behind him.

Sam stood in the middle of the lounge room shocked by Jacks outburst.


Jack and Martha have and encounter…

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oh please do continue. i Love your fics

Im glad JM had a drunken one-nighter. And now she'll fall pregnant and Jacky will get the baby he alwayz wanted :P I hope anyways :)

Dont like Sam, so yeh :P

Greatly written

more please

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^ Thanks!!!


So close yet so far...

Jack made his way into Noahs,

He made his way over to the coach, he sat down and rested his head in his hands and let out a loud sigh,

He was married, how could of last night happened? He asked himself,

“Because it was Martha” he answered himself,

“Err” Jack groaned looking up he made his way to the bar to get a water in hope to get rid of his head ache,

“Excuse me” Jack said over the bar to the person crouching down looking for something,

“Can I have a water please?” he asked taking his wallet from his pocket, freezing when the person stood up and looked at him slightly shy,

“Oh um” Jack mumbled as the moment increased in awkwardness,

“Hi” Martha said looking at Jack,

“Hey” Jack said looking at her,

‘God she’s beautiful’ he thought to himself but almost instantly scolding himself for thinking such things,

“So water” Martha said breaking the silence turning and taking it from the fridge behind her,

“Thanks” Jack said handing over the money, there hands touched momentarily but Martha snatched hers away almost instantly as she felt the electricity surge through her arm making her stomach fill with butterflies,

“So” Martha said trying to think of something to say “Head ache?” she asked gesturing to the water,

Jack laughed looking down at the bottle in his had,

“A little” he said,

“Me too” Martha laughed back at him smiling they got lost in each others eyes, moments later Jack pulled his gaze away from hers and said,

“Well I better get going” Jack said,

“Yeah ok” Martha a little disappointed that he was leaving,

“Ok seeya” Jack said,

Martha sighed,

“Jack” she said,

Jack looked at her, his eyes begging her not to mention last night but Martha ignored him,

“Jack we just can’t pretend last night didn’t happen” Martha seriously,

“Martha” Jack said,

“Jack what are you going to do about Sam?” Martha asked,

“What do you mean?” Jack asked,

“Are you going to tell her?” Martha asked,

Jack thought for a moment before looking back up,

“No” he said making up his mind,

“Martha looked at him her eyes suggesting that she didn’t like this and that it was a bad idea but Jack ignored her just as she had done to him,

“Well I gotta go” Jack said trying to avoid any more awkward moments as he made his way from the bar,

“Yeah seeya” Martha mumbled under her breath”

Martha stood behind the counter slightly gutted, she should of know one night together wouldn’t change anything, he was married and not to her, he had a family and she was just going to have to get used to the fact that he was over her and even though it pained her to admit it, he no longer loved her.

Martha reach up almost instantly and quickly wiped the crystal tear that had spilled from her eye from of her cheek.

Jack walked down to the beach and collapsed in the sand,

Last night was just replaying over and over in his head and he didn’t know how to stop it or if he wanted to…

He couldn’t erase the feeling of being with her again, it was different with her, and as much as he tried not to admit it, it felt so different because, he loved her.

Jack fell on his back and closed his eyes, he mentally cursed himself, he was married for crying out loud, he had a son, well sort of he just had to forget that last night ever happened and let things go back to normal, but after last night he wondered if things would ever be normal again…

“I’m home” Jack called as he entered the Pad.

Sam emerged from the bedroom with a tear stained face, her eyes begging for Jack to take her into his arms,

Jack moved towards her and reluctantly took her into his arms,

He held her as she whispered to him that she was sorry,

Jack could vaguely make out what she was saying but wasn’t really paying much attention,

“Jack are you listening to me?” Sam asked looking up at him,

“What?” Jack asked looking down at her as she broke him form his thoughts,

“I said Rory is at a friend’s house” Sam said,

“Ok that’s nice” Jack said beginning to make his way into the kitchen,

“Sam giggle as she ran in front of him,

‘What?” Jack asked as he looked down at her grinning face,

Sam smiled moving closer and pressing her body close against his,

She reached down and started to undo his belt,

“Whoa” Jack said as he realised what she was initiating,

“What’s wrong?” Sam said as Jack pulled away from her touch,

“Um nothing” Jack said,

“Then come on” Sam said gesturing towards the bedroom,

“I um have a shift” Jack said trying his best to get out of it,

“Really?” Sam asked confused “Well we’ll be quick” she said reaching for the bottom of his shirt and began to tug,

“Um sorry I’m already late” Jack said making his way towards the bedroom to get dressed,

Sam stood rooted on the spot confused at what had just happened,

Jack walked into the bedroom closing the door and resting up against it,

He let out a loud sigh,

‘What the hell was that?”’ he thought to himself,

Jack made his way towards the cupboard and pulled out his uniform, he didn’t even have a shift so he had no idea what he would do to pass the time all he knew he had to get out of there and that was the easiest way to do it…

Jack sat on the beach thinking, something of which he had been doing a lot of today, he sighed, he was just going to have to push and insecurities or second thought or anything else in that nature aside, he had to concentrate on his marriage.

Jacks eyes wandered to a figure in the distance, Martha.

He looked at her longingly, she was so close yet so far he thought to himself, she had been for a long time.

He wished that he could just go over and talk to her but it was to late for that now he was married and that’s all there was to it, he had to make this work even though that meant leaving the best part of his part behind, Martha...

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It was six weeks exactly since Martha and Jacks night together.

Martha and Jack had not spoken to each other since the ‘morning after’ as Jack was trying to make his marriage work.

Martha respected his wished and steered clear of the couple even though it pained her to see him trying to make a relationship work with another woman.

Martha was sitting at home alone when her phone began to ring,

“Hello” Martha said answering the phone,

“Oh hey Cass” Martha said,

“Um lunch yeah sure” Martha said,

“Ok seeya in twenty” Martha said smiling placing the phone down she made her way into the bedroom to get changed.


“Coming” Martha said as she made her way to the door grabbing her bag off the bench on the way,

She made her way to the door and opened it,

“Hey Cass” Martha said as she cam face to face with her friend,

“Hey so you wanna go?” Cassie asked,

“Yep” Martha said making her way out of the apartment and closing the door behind her.

“A table for two thanks” Cassie said as her and Martha arrived at the restaurant for lunch,

“Right this way” the lady said leading the pair to a booth,

Martha and Cassie were both handed menus,

“Would you like a moment to order?” The lady asked,

“Um no I already know what I want” Martha said,

‘Ok” the lady said taking her note pad from her apron pocket and the pen from her shirt pocket,

“What will it be?” the lady asked,

“Um I’ll have the steak with chips and pepper sauce” Martha said,

Cassie looked at her with a strange face,

“And you?” the lady asked still shocked that such a skinny person would eat such a meal,

“Um a creaser salad thanks” Cassie said handing the menu to the lady,

“Very well” the lady said scurrying away,

“What the hell?” Cassie asked laughing “I thought you hated red meat” Cassie said,

“I do” Martha said looking as confused as Cassie,

Cassie laughed,

“Probably just craving because of your period” Cassie said,

At that comment Martha turned as white as a ghost,

“What?” Cassie asked confused by Martha’s reaction,

Martha ignored Cassie and grabbed her bag pulling her diary from it,

She opened it and placed it on the table counting the days,

“Oh my god” Martha said looking up,

“What how late are you?” Cassie asked,

Martha looked at her,

“Two weeks” Martha said all of a sudden feeling sick to her stomach,

“Oh my god” Cassie said,

Martha looked down, this couldn’t be happening,

“Come on” Martha said stuffing her diary back into her bag and standing up,

“Where are you going?” Cassie asked startled standing up with her friend,

“To the chemist” Martha said rushing from the restaurant,

The waitress whom was bringing there meals to the table looked confused as Cassie rushed past her,

“Sorry” Cassie said following Martha out of the restaurant,

“Martha wait” Cassie said catching up with her,

Martha looked scared out of her mind,

“I can’t be pregnant Cass I just can’t” Martha sobbed into Cassie’s shoulder,

Cassie pulled away,

“If you’re pregnant, who’s the father?” she asked with caution,

Martha looked into Cassie’s eyes and spoke softly,

“Jack” she whispered,

“What?” Cassie exclaimed,

“Err, I’ll explain later” Martha said as she made her way to the car…

Martha emerge from the bathroom with the small white stick in her hand,

Martha made her way over to the coach and sat down next to Cassie placing her phone down on the coffee table with her phone next to it which had the two minute timer on it.

“So” Cassie said breaking the silence,

“Martha turned to her waiting for the questions to hit,

“I don’t understand Martha” Cassie said,

“How could it be Jacks?” she asked,

Martha let out a deep breath and began to explain,

“About six weeks ago Jack came to Noah’s, he was really upset that Sam didn’t want any more kids” Martha looked up,

“Go on” Cassie urged,

“Well we got talking, one drink leaded to another and the next thing I knew he was in my apartment, and we were…” Martha trailed off,

“Have you spoken to him since?” Cassie asked,

“The morning after” Martha said “That was the last time” Martha said,

“God I’m so stupid how do I keep getting my self into these things?” Martha asked,

“I don’t know” Cassie said thinking of a way to help her,

“Com here” Cassie said bringing Martha into her arms,

“Thanks Cass” Martha said,

Cassie smiled at her just as a beeping noise sounded from Martha’s phone.

“Here goes nothing” Martha said leaning down and picking up the stick not yet looking at the results,

“So tell me again what it means” Martha said,

Cassie leant over and picked up the box,

“Ok one pink line false alarm, two lines pregnant” Cassie said,

“Ok” Martha said removing her hand and looking down,

‘Oh god” Martha said her breath hitching in her throat,

“What?” Cassie asked,

Martha looked up her face had a look of total terror,

“Two pink lines” Martha said,

Cassie looked at her,

“Oh Martha” Cassie said bringing her into her arms,

“It’ll be ok” she assured her,

“How can it be Cass?” Martha asked,

“Just trust me” Cassie said,

“Cassie Jacks married he has Rory and Sam” Martha said,

“And he had a baby” Cassie said reminding Martha,

“Mmm” Martha mumbled as she looked down at the stick in her hands,

“I think I need to be alone” Martha said hoping Cassie would take the hint,

“Yeah ok but call me if you want to talk, anytime” Cassie assured her,

“Thanks” Martha said,

“Yep” Cassie said making her way to the door and exiting the apartment.

Martha sat in the silent apartment thinking.

She finally peeled her eyes away from the stick placed in her hands and let her right hand wander until it rested on her stomach. She smiled as she thought about what was growing inside of her and it felt different than when she was pregnant to Ash, it was a part of her and a part of Jack, she smiled at the thought but was brought back to reality as she remembered the three small problems Sam, Rory, Married…

Jack sat at home on the coach watching a game of football when he heard his phone beep,

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone,

Hey I really need to talk to you, its urgent.

Plz txt bak!!

I really need to talk to you.


Jack had a puzzled look on his face as he read the message again,

After reading it a few times and contemplating deleting it he decided against it, if Martha said it was urgent then it was and he wasn’t about to turn her down if she was in trouble.


Meet me at the rocks in 10,


Jack wondered what could be wrong; he got up and made his way out the door.

“Hey what’s up?” Jack asked walking up behind her,

Martha turned her head to face him, her face was tear stained, her eyes were red and puffy and she had tears resting on her delicate cheeks,

“Hey what’s wrong?” Jack asked as he sat down on the rock next to her,

“Jack we need to talk” Martha said as she wiped the tears that glistened in her eyes away so she was able to see clearly,

“What about?” Jack asked confused,

“Jack you remember our night together?” Martha asked,

“Yeah” Jack said not quite understanding where she was heading with this.

“Well” Martha started, she knew it was going to be hard but not this hard,

“Jack that night, we conceived a child, I’m pregnant Jack” Martha said

Jack felt as though his world was spinning,

Had she really just said that? Was Martha really carrying his child?

“What” he finally managed to get he words out,

“I’m pregnant Jack you’re going to be a dad” she said.

Jack looked at her,

“Let’s walk yeh” Martha said as they began to walk along the beach.

“I can’t believe this is happening” Jack said once he had gotten over the initial shock as he and Martha made there way up the beach,

“Neither” Martha said resting her hand on her stomach,

“So what now” he said stopping and sitting down on the soft sand,

“Well” Martha said sitting down beside him,

“I know this isn’t what you planned” Martha said hoping she wouldn’t come to regret what she was about to say,

Jack let out a small laugh,

“Not really” he said smiling,

“And I know you have Sam and Rory” she said,

“Martha where are you going with this?” he asked her,

“Jack I’m giving you the way out” Martha said waiting for Jacks reaction,

“What” he asked slightly confused,

“You have a family Jack and if you don’t think you can give this baby the attention it needs then back out now” Martha said seriously,

Jack felt as though he had been punched in the guts as Martha continued,

“Jack if you want to be a father to this baby then you have to be one hundred percent committed to it” Martha said,

“So you’re keeping it” Jack confirmed with her,

“I have to Jack, I can’t not it’s something I have to do and I understand completely if you don’t want anything to do with it, I’ll move away and you never have to have anything to do with either of us ever again” Martha said,

Jack looked at her he could tell that saying those words was hard for her and there was no way he couldn’t be part of his child life especially a child that was part of him and part of Martha.

“No Martha” Jack said,

“What?” Martha asked confused,

“I don’t want you too” Jack said,

“Jack I meant what I said and this could totally destroy your relationship with Sam” Martha said “Not to mention the rest of your life” she added,

“Martha” Jack said taking her hands in his,

“Listen to me” he said looking her straight in the eye meaning he was serious,

“I want to be part of this baby’s life” he said,

“Ok” Martha said she wasn’t going to deny him that right she wanted her baby to have a father,

“But you don’t have to be the dad” Martha said,

“What?” Jack asked confused,

“You can be the uncle” Martha said giving him all the way outs but he refused to leave,

“No Martha, I want to be this baby’s father” Jack said finally,

Martha grinned all of a sudden,

“You’re sure your not going to look back in a couple of years and regret this?” Martha asked,

“I’m positive” Jack said with certainty,

“Ok” Martha said smiling,

“Ok?” Jack asked,

“Ok” she said again,

Jack smiled,

“I’m going to be a dad” he exclaimed,

“And I’m going to be a mum” Martha said as the realisation hit her,

Jack smiled, he imagined this moment somewhat different though, when they got engaged he pictured her telling him she was pregnant and him scooping her into his arms, telling her he loved her and that she was the most amazing person in the world, but so much had changed and he couldn’t do that, there was Sam…

Jack froze, Sam he thought, he had forgotten the problem that he was married and he was having a child with his ex wife, but somehow he didn’t feel guilty or bad, he just felt an overwhelming sense of happiness as he held her in his arms and said softly,

“I love you”

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