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Oh My God – You Killed Kimmy !!!

Guest JosieTash

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Story Title: Oh My God – You Killed Kimmy !!!

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Matilda/Belle, Annie, Luc, Kimmy, Colleen, Jazz, Gypsy, Rachel and others

BTTB rating : A

Genre: Mixture

Any warnings: SC, VD, L

Summary: Kimmy returns to the Bay and is MURDERED, and Colleen continues her quest to break up the [to her] ungodly pairing of Matilda/Belle!!!

Author notes –

This fic will be updated on a weekly basis, usually every Sunday, and will have at least 20 chapters

This story takes place in December 2007

Most things are the same as current [Oz] relationships, living arrangements etc, but there are some things that are different, incl the following -

1. Matilda/Belle are approaching their 1st anniversary of being together – they live together at the beach house;

2. Maddie is approx 4 ½ months pregnant. Luc is the father [as Matilda wanted a non test tubey conception], but it’s Matilda/Belle who will raise the child as their own;

3. Annie & Geoff live with their foster parents Sally & Brad [at the van park house];

4. Belle, rather than wanting to be a photographer [like she does in real H&A], is keen on another profeesion in my fic;

5. There are references to events that occurred in my 2 previous fanfics, esp. “The Glowing City”


Maddie awakes from her slumber – to the most beautiful sight in the world, her fiancé Belle lying beside her.

The lovers get up & say good morning to Irene who is already up & about in the lounge room of the beach house. Irene thinks to herself that it’s WONDEFUL to having another WAAAAAAAAAAY loving couple under her roof – ever since Matilda moved in just days after Matilda, Belle & Annie were freed from being held hostage earlier this year.

After the trio has had breakfast, Belle says, “I do hope today’s the day, even thought I can’t be with you. I’ll waaaaaaaaaay be thinking of you Mads, and all that’s going on”

Matilda replies, “At least you’ll be at just about THE best place TO be thinking of me – at that funky clothes stores that you work at in Yabby Creek. Anyway, I shall see you this arvo, my love”

Belle then bails for Yabby Creek whilst, soon after, Matilda exits the beach house – heading for the diner.

Colleen [diner] is putting the finishing touches on a picnic basket full of romantic goodies – she’s hoping, praying even, that something she’s been wanting to happen for quite a while actually happens today.

Matilda enters and Colleen presents her with the picnic basket. Matilda is surprised and says, “Why thank you Colleen - but I’m with Belle, not Annie, remember?”

Colleen responds, “I thought that you & Lucas are going to the city today?”

Matilda replies, “Change of plans, he’s busy today ……. Oh, so THAT’S what this [basket] is all about. You're STILL trying to get me & Luc together?”

Colleen responds, “Well, he IS the father of your [unborn] baby”

Matilda replies, “If Belle & I could have actually found a way for Belle to be the biological father, we would have”

Colleen says, “It’s just wrong – I can imagine how your little one is going to be treated”

Matilda [fiercely] replies, “This bub will be THE most loved child in the history of the universe”

Matilda then [thankfully] sees Annie enter and says, “Annie, let’s get out of here. Oh, and Colleen, you can KEEP you stupid basket”

Matilda & Annie exit, and on the way to the bus stop, Matilda tells her friend about Colleen’s latest attempt to bring Matilda & Luc together.

After catching the bus to the city, Annie & Matilda enter a hospital room – and they sit at Kit’s bedside. Matilda’s sister has been in a coma for just over a month now, after being involved in a car accident.

Matilda [with Belle or Annie or Luc] have been coming to the city at last twice a week since the car crash occurred – and today, Matilda & Annie tell Kit all about what’s been happing Bayside since their last visit. Matilda esp. enjoys telling her sister Colleen’s “intriguing” attempts to break up Matilda/Belle,

About a half hour into their visit, Annie & esp. Matilda are surprised that they’ve not encountered Kimmy today. Both girls, however, are just pleased to be spending as much quality time with Kit as they can [given that visiting hours can be restrictive at times].

A nurse enters the room, to check on Kit’s vital signs etc, and the nurse says, “It’s good to see that Kit’ got some company again”

Matilda is intrigued and replies, “What do you mean?”

The female nurse says, “Her partner Kimmy – he hasn’t been here these last few days. I DO hope that he & the baby are OK”

Annie responds, “We’ve not heard anything”

Matilda says, “So sorry that we’ve not been here for you, sis”

Matilda then looks at nurse and wonders, “Why weren’t we told about this. I phoned the hospital everyday [pause] Sorry, about the outburst, not your fault”

Annie says, “I hope Archie & Kimmy are OK – hope nothing’s happened to either of them”

Meanwhile, back in the Bay, Colleen gets the shock of her life when Kimmy [with Archie] enters the diner.

Colleen approaches Kimmy, and he says all the things that Colleen expects that he would say – how worried he is that Kit isn’t out of her coma etc, but there’s just something about the way that Kimmy seems that makes Colleen think that Kimmy is indeed hiding something.

When visiting hours are over, Matilda & Annie are really worried about Kit – knowing that she’s not had someone visiting her everyday.

Matilda phones Kimmy. She enquires about what’s happening, and Kimmy insists that he & Archie are totally in good health, but before Matilda can ask further question, Kimmy tells her that he has to end the call.

Naturally, Matilda is WAAAAY even intrigued now, and she -like Colleen - senses that all of this is VERY much off kilter.

Soon after, Kimmy [outside the SB surf club] gets another phone call – it’s form his father.

Barry Hyde says, “Matilda has just been on the phone with me. She says that you’ve not been to visit Kit for a few days. She’s worried about you and Archie”

Kimmy replies, “Everything’s alright. It’s just that I’ve been doing some thinking lately”

Hyde responds, “And?”

Kimmy says, “Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Archie, and I like that”

Hyde wonders, “What are you trying to say, son?”

Kimmy replies, “Dad, I don’t really know how to tell you this – so I’m just going to come right out with it. I’ve realised a few things – I’m moving back to the Bay [pause] I think I got caught up with falling in love with Kit again because of Archie”

Hyde [trying to comprehend what’s going on] enquires, “Does this mean you’re going back to Rachel?”

Kimmy responds, “NO!!! I just like being a father, and I love the Bay”

A confused Hyde says, “Son, I don’t get where this is coming form?”

Kimmy responds, “You don’t have to, Dad”

Hyde replies, “But you are ABANDONING Kit - when she’s in a coma!!!!”

Kimmy responds, “I don’t have to listen to this” .... and Kimmy ends the call.

Around the corner of the surf club is Rachel – and she has heard MOST of the phone conversation that has just taken place. Rachel sneaks a very quick look around the corner, and she [even though she has seen him with her own eyes] can’t believe that Kimmy is back in town.

Rachel decides against confronting Kimmy right now – too much in shock, too many memories of Kimmy dumping her for Kit, too many thoughts just surging through her brain about everything involving the man she married last November.

Rachel decides that her best plan is to speak to Matilda when she returns to the Bay later today.

Throughout the afternoon, various Baysiders can’t believe it when they too catch a glimpse of Kimmy & Archie!!!!

To Be Continued ……

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Glad you are liking the story so far - next chapter will be posted on Friday, 05/10/07

Hope you enjoy ……. CHAPTER 2!!!!!

In Yabby Creek, Belle’s latest shift at the funky clothes store ends and within minutes of that happening, Belle’s phone rings – it’s Matilda, who tells her about Colleen’s picnic plan before going on to talk about Kimmy. Matilda tells her lover that, more than ever, she can’t wait to be face to face with Belle again.

Soon after, the bus from the city arrives and Belle is waiting there for Matilda & Annie. The lovers hug and kiss, before chatting with Annie about the whole Kimmy situation as the bus made its way back to the bay.

When the trio gets off the bus [at a stop near the surf club], they are rather surprised that Rachel is there waiting for them. The doctor immediately wonders if the girls know what’s going on with Kimmy. Matilda tells Rachel of kimmy’s evasiveness, and Rachel tells Annie and the others what she overheard.

Belle can see that Matilda looks like she’s been hit for six with this news. Annie senses it too, and both of Matilda’s closest friends hug her.

Matilda says, “How can he do this?’ but she reigns in her stress levels as she doesn't need Kimmy to be affecting the life of another Hunter babe.

Matilda says, “Belle, you’ve GOT to find out what’s happening. I would myself, but”

Belle replies, “We BOTH don’t want any harm to come to this little one” – as Belle says that, she runs her hand over Matilda’s decently sized baby belly.

Rachel says, “Come on Annie, let’s get Matilda home” – and after Rachel & co drive off [heading for the beach house], Belle begins her search for the man who seems to have abandoned his comatose partner.

Speaking of Kimmy, he is leaning against the fence that overlooks the beach near the surf cub. He is staring out to sea – wondering about everything that is happening. He thinks about the car crash that landed Kit in her coma and about a few other things too. Especially on his mind are the children that he has lost over the years - Charlie [whom the mother claimed was kimmy’s but the child wasn’t] and Hayley’s 1st born.

Kimmy thinks about the seemingly endless days of going up to the hospital to visit Kit since the accident, and his thoughts of what this crash might have done to her brain if/when she comes out of the coma. Will she want to take Archie form him? or never allow Kimmy to see his child again? in the days after 1st thinking that, Kimmy decides that he can’t let it [loosing another child] happen again, so he decides to permanently return to a place that he knows his only child likes – the Bay.

Kimmy decides that he will worry bout Kit if/when she comes out of her coma, because, right now, also has another plan in his mind.

AT the mansion, Jazz comes downstairs – and Drew comments about her “dressed to impress” appearance. Drew is also VERY pleased that, beside the occasional one night or stand with other guys, that jazz and Tony seem to have a pretty strong relationship.

Jazz heads for Noah’s but on the way there, she gets a call form Tony, saying that he can’t make it this afternoon. Tony way apologises – and the all dolled up Jazz tell Tony that she looks forward to seeing him again real soon.

Jazz decides that she will go to Noah’s anyway, and when she arrives, she starts talking to the on duty Martha, before she sees someone new to her, with a baby, enter the bar. Jazz introduces herself to Kimmy, and they start chatting. Martha can see that the pair is getting very friendly, but it’s quite busy at the bar as evening approaches, so she doesn’t get the opportunity to say anything to either Kimmy or Jazz.

Belle, however, when she arrives at the surf club doesn’t have the same constraints as Martha. Belle sees that Kimmy & Jazz are siting close the doorway that seperates Noah’s and the pool room. Belle listens to the duo chat, and its clear to her, like with Martha, that Jazz & Kimmy are both WAY interested in each other. Its’ also clear, given the chat tween Kimmy & Jazz that neither of them knows that Belle is listening in.

Belle however decides that she’s had enough of Kimmy & Jazz talking about the very real possibility that something could happen tween them.

Indeed, Belle storms into Noah’s and says, “I don’t believe this!!! Kimmy, do you KNOW how much you are stressing Maddie right now? - and Jazz, just when I think that you might be OK, you go and hang out with this low life. Bet he hasn’t told you about Kit? Or maybe he has, and you just don’t care”

Jazz replies, “Who I’m interested in is NONE of your business – even drew “gets” that I can be with other ppl these days”

Belle responds, “Only because they are pretty decent randoms, and NOT the world’s biggest moron”

Kimmy says, “Belle, this is none of yours or Maddie’s business, so I suggest you go back to that not so little fiancé of yours”

Belle replies,”Kimmy, do the world a favour and just leave town – I’m sure NO ONE will miss you THIS time”

Belle bails – and because Martha has heard most of that rather boisterous “chat”, she is keen to speak to Rachel about all of this.

Indeed, when Alf arrives for his shift, he is just as surprised a Martha when he sees Kimmy talking etc the way he is to Jazz. Alf talks to Martha, before he goes over to “ask” Kimmy & Jazz to bail [can‘t have a bay of the promises when it’s a licensed bar at night time], but the new duo has already bailed.

Outside the surf club, Jazz asks, “Since you are new back in town, where are you staying?”

Kimmy replies, “Hadn’t worked that out yet”

Jazz replies, “You can “crash” at my place – but in case you’re wondering, I like you - but I’m not up for anything sexy tonight if you get my drift. Besides, sounds like Drew might kill me with you even just STAYIING the night”

Kimmy tells Jazz that he is totally OK with her “call” about tonight, esp. since Kimmy IS keen to bed Jazz eventually – as he has discovered [in a post car crash check up] that he was misdiagnosed in the past.

Kimmy ISN’T infertile after all!!! – and he is keen on Archie having a little brother or sister!!!

To Be Continued ......... [next Sunday, 14/10/07]

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's GREAT that you all are loving YKK so far ....

Stay tuned ….. incl more reasons for various ppl to want Kimmy DEAD !!!

Time for [Aussie MotoGP Sunday] …… CHAPTER 3!!!!!!!

Belle returns to the beach house. She is at the front door, but she is way in trepidation of entering the house of having to tell Matilda about how Kimmy is now together with Jazz. Belle knows that she can’t keep this info to herself, but she just can’t face up to Matilda right now, so she sits on the front steps [just outside the house].

Matilda, however, sense that her lover is near, and after Matilda opens the front door, she finds the in a quandary Belle. Matilda sits beside Belle, and hugs her, before asking, “What’s up?”

Belle replies [emotionally], “I really can’t … “

Matilda cuts in, “You KNOW that you can tell me ANYTHING”

Belle gingerly replies, “Mads, you know that Kimmy is back in town [pause]”

Matilda responds, “Yeah?”

Belle replies “Well, he ….. was getting way friendly with Jazz. I KNOW that Drew is going to kill Jazz for this, but [pause]”

Matilda says, “This is BIG. How, how could he do this to Kit ….. and does Rachel know? I SOOO can’t BELIEVE this!!!”

As Belle tries her best to help Matilda deal with the shocking news [belle’s retelling of her rant to Kimmy & Jazz at the surf club certainly helped], Leah approaches Rachel in the diner, as she can see that her doctor friend is quieter than usual. Leah wonders what’s happening, and Rachel tells her that Kimmy is now only back in town, but that he seems to have abandoned Kit.

As they talk about what all this could mean, Annie enters – she’d only just got off the phone with Belle who told her about Kimmy/Jazz. Leah & Rach approach Annie, wondering about how Matilda is dealing with the info that Rachel knows about Kimmy. Annie tries her best – but Leah, and particularly Rachel, can sense that there are things that Annie ISN’T saying.

After Annie bails [she was only at diner to pick up some takeaway food for herself, Matilda etc], Rachel goes after her. Dr Armstrong tries her best to get to the bottom of Annie’s evasiveness. Annie is SOOO not keen to hurt Rachel, but she eventually “coughs up” the info

Rachel, like the others, is TOTALLY taken aback by the news. She heads for home, as she doesn’t want to face the world right now, and Rachel finds Martha there waiting for her. Before Martha even opens her mouth, she KNOWS that Rachel is ware for the shock new development.

Martha tries her best to help Rachel deal with all this, but she knows that there is someone better for the “job”. Martha contacts Leah, who knows that this chat with Rachel can’t wait for the end of her shift. Leah tries to get Irene to come in and cover for her, but Irene is busy, so Leah calls Colleen, who IS able to come in.

When Colleen arrives, she wonders why all the fuss is about, and she drives Leah up the wall, to the point where the frustrated Leah relents. She spills the beans about Kimmy’s “association” with Jazz.

Whilst Rachel & Leah talk [at Rachel’s place] about what’s happened/happening, Colleen broods at the diner. Colleen KNOWS that she just LOVE to give Kimmy [and Jazz] a piece of her mind.

Drew enters the mansion [approx 8pm], after hanging out with Luc & Ric. He notes Jazz’s upbeat mood – and comments to her how well her latest “date” with Tony. Indeed, when Drew hears splashing coming from the pool, he thinks that Tony must be in there, but then Drew hears a baby starting to cry. He investigates – and sees Archie AND [in pool] Kimmy!!!

Drew confronts Jazz – wondering what’s going on. He can’t believe it when Jazz says that she has “hooked up” with, of all people, Kimmy. Drew knows that he & Belle will NEVER get back together, but he also knows how much Belle & her lover Matilda will be feeling tight now.

Drew strongly enquires, “Does Tony know about this?”

Jazz replies, “He’s sure to be fine with it – just another, well, 1 night or so stand”

Drew asks, “Do you realize who this guy is?”

Jazz responds, “Yes!!! Belle made that QUITE clear”

Drew says, “I don’t think that Tony IS going to be so understanding this time – Kit is like family to him”

Jazz replies, “It’s not like I actually put Kit in that coma myself!!!

Jazz continues, "Besides, I can see WHOEVER I like, and you and the rest of this town are just going to have to deal with it!!! [pause] I think that we are done here – I’d offer for you to join us in the pool, but I get the feeling that you’d just bring the mood down. Anyway, laters”

After Jazz bails form the lounge room, Drew can only imagine how Belle & Matilda are feeling right now. Drew thinks that he LOVE to punch Kimmy right now, but, then again, Jazz would probably get a LOT of satisfaction form that.

A little later that night, Jazz invites Kimmy into her bedroom AND into her bed, on the proviso that the DON’T do anything tonight. Kimmy tells Jazz that he is totally OK with that – after all, this is a nice lead up to his paln of actually “sleeping” with Jazz in the coming days.

At the beach house, Matilda & Belle both know that the other is waaaaaaay having pent up felling about what is occurring, Matilda knows that herself getting too work out is NO good for her in her current [preggers] state, so she says to Belle, “I know that you’re just as stressed as I am right now …. “

Belle cuts in, “So, let’s USE all that emotion POSITEVLEY”

Belle & Matilda says goodnight to Irene, and hop into bad. The lovers eagerly kiss & caress each other – and Matilda especaially loves it when Belle kisses etc her decently sized baby belly.

Both know that the other is dealing with this [Kimmy] situation the best way that they can, and Irene quite likes it when she hears the sounds of laughter etc [form Matilda & Belle] in her house again, ESPECIALLY at a time like this.

To Be Continued ......... [next Sunday, 21/10/07]

Preview of YKK Chapter 4 –

Kimmy’s actions cause more tension, and

Some former residents of the Bay arrive in town

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaay glad that you are enjoying my story ….. hope you love the latest action

Get Ready for [Gold Coast Indy Sunday] ….. CHAPTER 4!!!!!!!

Early next day, colleen unlocks & enters the diner. She’s had a restless night – tossing & turning about how callous Kimmy is being. Colleen admits to herself that if had returned to town and got back together with Rachel, colleen had probably have been Ok with Kimmy just walking out on the comatose kit like that, but to get together with Jazz of all people is just wrong.

AT the van park house, Annie takes to her brother. She wants to know what he thinks of her idea of moving out of here – and into the beach house, to support her 2 bestest friends in the world, Matilda & Belle. Geoff is initially concerned about Annie moving out like this, but he knows how strong a bond that Annie had with the 2 girls. He also knows how much Annie’s spirits were kept up by one of the bay’s few lesbian parings with the trio were held hostage earlier this year. Geoff knows that Annie really NEEDS to be by her friends’ side at this time in their lives.

Indeed, when the Campbell siblings are having breakfast with Sally, Brad, Alf & Ric, a rather more forthright than usual Annie tells her foster mum that she wants to move out – into the beach house.

Sally phones Irene, and wonders if she is cooool with Annie's idea. Irene IS a little taken aback, but she knows that having young Annie around [in the next room etc] will help lift the spirits of Belle & Matilda.

Since Sally is in the phone when Irene gives her the green light to the moving in plan, Annie speak to Irene – they agree to keep the move a surprise from Matilda & Belle until Annie arrives at the beach house – with her bags etc – soon after. Indeed, when Belle & Matilda says good morning to Irene [after they’d admittedly been lying in bed a little that morn kissing etc], Irene doesn’t say a word about Annie’s plan.

Back at the van park house, Brad, Ric, Alf, little Pippa and especially Sally & Geoff bid a sad, heartfelt farewell to Annie. There’s TOTALLY hugs & tears all round, before Alf [who’s recently had corrective surgery on his eyes and is legally allowed to drive once more] & Annie hop into Alf’s ute and head to the Annie’s new home.

Colleen’s already been having a bad day at the diner – getting orders wrong etc – gets worse when Kimmy [with Archie] enters with Jazz on his arm. Both Kimmy & jazz are well aware that their new relationship has caused waves in the community, but for different reason, neither of them cares. Jazz just LOVES to be the name of everyone’s lips, whist all Kimmy wants is another child.

Colleen KNOWS that Kimmy & jazz are expecting her to “blow up” at them, but she can't help herself. Colleen all but ignores jazz and focuses her verbal arrack on Kimmy, and even after Archie starts to crying, colleen isn’t REALLY in the mood to stop, but she DOES finish her rant and goes back into the kitchen.

When colleen gets there, she is greeted by Martha, who had just got to the bottom of the internal staircase. Martha gives colleen a bit of a look, indicating that she heard some of colleen’s spray at Kimmy. Indeed, Martha IS thinking of a verbal attack on jazz etc herself [for the pain that this is causing Rachel], but she decides that kimmy's had enough [form Colleen] for now – better to “hit” Kimmy & jazz later.

Annie enters the beach house [via back door] and greets Matilda, Belle & Irene. Belle & Matilda are pleased, yet intrigue at how upbeat Annie in this morn.

Annie tells her great friends that she has a surprise for them – just outside the front door. Matilda & Belle open said door, and see a suitcase or two, and Annie says excitedly “Meet your new housemate!!!!”

Matilda & Belle early hug their young friend, and they thank Irene for allowing this to happen. Annie’s move brings some much needed happiness to these tense times.

Annie’s move isn’t the only surprise to happen this morn in the life’s of Sally & those at the van park house. Just as sally & brad are about to bail to go to work, Sally gets a surprise phone call – from Gypsy. Sally wonders what’s wrong – as its a few days before her regular weekly phone chat with the redhead.

Gypsy wonders if sally can afford to be late to school today. Sally, excepting bad news [esp. with all that is going on with Kimmy at the moment] says that she has all the time in the world.

Gypsy says, “well, that’s awesome them, because I’ve got someone who'd LOVE to meet you”

Sally, upon hearing the door next to the laundry open, turns around, and sees Gypsy, with baby Shannon cradled in her arms, enter the house!!!!

Sally is also pleased to see that ALL the family – Gypsy and Shannon AND Will and Lily – are now in her home!!!!!

To Be Continued ......... [next Sunday, 28/10/07]

Preview of YKK Chapter 5 –

Why are Gypsy and her family back in the Bay???

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LOVING your responses .... and i've [in the mean time] added a new scene to YKK4 ..... it's in italics for easy finidng.

It’s Sunday, so that means ………. CHAPTER 05!!!

Gypsy can see that Sally is all but speechless, and when Brad & Ric enter the room, Gypsy takes it upon herself to [face to face for the 1st time] introduce Will, Lily & Shannon to Brad & Ric.

Alf [having just returned form taking Annie to her new home] enters the house, and he is sooooooooooooooo pleased to see Gypsy and esp. Will for the 1st time in ages.

Gypsy can sense that Sally is kinda keen on knowing why Gypsy and her family have sprung this visit on them, so the redhead says, “Sorry I didn’t tell you about this, but it was a last minute decision. Will & I were just going to spend the 2 weeks holidays that he both have off work with a small getaway close to home in QLD …. but then I sensed a few days ago that I should be here – and hey, it will be great for Lily to hang out where she was born, and for this little one [baby Shannon] to see where her “slightly” mad parents got together”.

Gypsy continues [in her usual full throttle style], ”Anyway, I can see that you are wondering about this feeling I had. I have NO idea what it’s all about though”

Sally is apprehencious, but she works up the courage, and says, “I think I might know why. Do you remember having that vision of the photo shoots which led to Matilda and her friends being freed [Gypsy nods] and how you & Kit started sharing pregnancy stories were we were all at that nudist beach”

Gypsy replies, “Spit it out, Sal. Has Kit’s condition got worse? I know that we’ve all been very worried about her …being in a coma and all”

Ric says, “Mind if I take this one, Sal?”

Ric can see that Sally isn’t objecting, so he continues, “Kit’s partner Kimmy, well, he’s left her – and he’s back in the Bay – and there’s talk that he's already together with someone else”

Sally adds, “Yeah, a woman who some ppl in this town, like Colleen, would say is similar to their perception of, well, you”

Gypsy responds, “So all THAT means that Kit’s mongrel partner is together with someone who sounds like they are a bit of “bike” then”

Gypsy’s self loathing comment brings a bit of smile to Sally’s, and the others’ [incl Gypsy herself] faces.

After Ric & Brad head of for work, and Alf does soon after, Sally chats to Gypsy & Will about what’s been happening bayside, whilst Little Pippa & Lily play together and Sally eagerly holds baby Shannon for the 1st time.

After Gypsy & Will are bought up to speed, Gypsy wonders if Sally knows if anyone is visiting Kit today. When Sally says that she doesn’t know, Gypsy has a suggestion. Sally then phones Irene [beach house] who is thrilled to bits when Sally says that Gypsy and her clan are not only in town, but that they know the latest developments and want to speak to Matilda.

As soon as Belle’s beloved comes to the phone, Gypsy says, “There’s not another Hunter sister in the Bay is there? Because if there is, tell her that she’s bound to be preggers the next time that I come to town”

Matilda laughs at Gypsy’s comment, and then replies, “Well, Belle’s my fiancé, and if she got pregnant, it would be just LIKE another Hunter being in the family way”

Gypsy & Matilda then start to talk about Kit, with BOTH not saying THAT moron’s [who walked out on Kit] name. Matilda loves it when Gypsy suggests that instead of taking the bus to the city [to visit Kit] that Matilda, Belle & Annie can jump into Will & Gypsy’s car, so all of both clans can go to the city to visit Kit today. Matilda, [whilst still on the phone] tell Belle & Annie, who ADORE Gypsy’s plan.

Matilda then thinks to herself that it will be great to be in contact with a baby [shannon] again, with her own little one due in a few months. Indeed, after Gypsy & co arrive at the beach house, Matilda can see that Gypsy looks VERY keen to run her hand over Matilda’s sizable baby bump, whilst Gypsy senses that Matilda AND Belle “might” be keen to get in some baby holding, changing etc practice.

Matilda wonders if Gypsy & Will are really keen to drive them to the city – after they’d been driving these last few days on their journey down for QLD, but Gypsy insists that she WAAAAY wants to. Indeed, Gypsy has been champing at the bit for these hols to arrive – so Gypsy could come down here & visit Kit.

Before they all even think about getting in the car and going to the city, Gypsy DOES run her hand over Matilda’s baby belly, with the added bonus of the odd kick form the unborn child.

Gypsy then returns the favor – and gives Matilda & Belle some tips before Matilda gently picks up & holds Shannon for the 1st time. Gypsy, Will & Irene can see that Matilda seems to be a bit of a natural with Shannon. Gypsy can esp. see that Matilda is soooooo treating Shannon like she was Matilda’s OWN child. The redhead then admired how forthright Matilda is, when she gently hands the baby to Belle’s waiting arms. Gypsy really likes it when Matilda makes comments [to her beloved] about what Shannon seems to like and dislike.

As Belle hold the child, Gypsy can’t help it when she comments to Irene about how she has another much talked about couple under her roof – as Gypsy reminisces back to the days when she moved into Will’s room.

Soon after, Gypsy, Matilda, Belle, Annie, Will & co begin to make their way to the city, whilst Rachel seems to be distracting herself form everything that is going on by agreeing to extra shifts at the hopital. Nurse Julie notices Rachel’s change of attitude, and tries to talk to her colleague & friend, but Rachel insists to Julie that Kimmy can do whatever he likes – after all, he dumped Rachel for Kit, so why should him getting together with Jazz make any difference.

Elsewhere, Jazz [without Kimmy by her side] enters the gym and Tony, as ever, is pleased to see her. He apologises once more for not making it for their date yesterday – but Jazz, NEVER afraid to speak her mind, tells Tony almost immediately about her new dalliance with Kimmy. Jazz insists that she KNOWS how Tony thinks of Kit as his daughter, but she also reminds Tony that it’s not like she hasn’t “snapped up” other new male talent as soon as they arrived in the Bay.

Tony decides to keep things pleasant when he is talking to Jazz – after all, they’ve only got a loose relationship arrangement, BUT [and to quote Jeremy Clarkson, its big J-Lo sized butt] he thinks to himself that Jazz picking Kimmy, of all people, that’s just not right.

In the city, Matilda and the others approach the nurse’s station on Kit’s ward. Belle etc are VERY pleased when the nurse says there are NO problems with the ENTIRE group going into Kit’s room at the same time. Indeed, the nurse suggests that the extra voices [esp. Shannon’s, given that Gypsy’s & Kit’s youngest are about the same age] could be VERY beneficial for Kit.

Matilda, Gypsy & the others tell Kit most of what’s been happening lately, with Annie esp. keen to tell Kit of her BIG move to the beach house, but even with the happy cries of Shannon, there’s no change to Kit’s condition.

Belle just KNOWS that Matilda is in a quandary – she wants Kit to wake up, but, if/when she does, how to tell her about Kimmy/Jazz [even if that pair split even after just a few days]. Belle eagerly give her lover a comforting hug, and a kiss on the [face] cheek, whilst Gypsy has the briefest of thoughts of her own girl on girl dalliance with Desiree [incl a kiss that “slightly” freaked Gypsy out, just like Desiree said it had].

Back in the Bay, Colleen’s already VERY fraught day isn’t getting any better – when Luc enters the diner. Colleen can’t help herself and launches into another attack – she’s waaaaaaaay has a go a him for cheating on Matilda.

Luc is all but flabbergastered, and he says, “You DO remember that Maddie & I aren’t actually together?”

Colleen replies, “But you the father of her baby!!!”

Luc responds, “You LNOW the deal there, Colleen”

Colleen replies, “Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Especially with you with another woman now - and the age gap. What is it with you and older women, 1st Naomi and now THIS?”

Luc replies, “I’m very happy where I’m at right now, and you don’t see Jack complaining about it, do you?”

Colleen responds, “She’s not joining you here today, is she?’

Luc replies, “SHE has a name, Colleen. [Luc sees his g/f enter] Great timing, Lara. Colleen was just commenting on how “happy” she is that we are together”

Lara sits beside Luc and they softly kiss, and as the “slightly” annoyed Colleen walks away, she [in a low voice that Lara only just hears] says, “Cradle snatcher”

Lara Fitzgerald takes it all is her stride - after all, she’s been called FAR worse by the criminals that she’s encountered over the years. Lara then thinks to herself of how she 1st got together with Luc – after seeing him in a more adult light when he hung out with Jack, Lara and some of the other YC police [on social occasions of course, it’s not like Luc wants to be a cop] after his HSC exams were done & dusted.

Soon after, Luc & Lara bail, and Colleen began to think to herself that maybe, just maybe, she’ll get a bit of piece in this shift, but its just not meant to be today.

Colleen sees Irene, Gypsy, Matilda, Belle, Annie & co enter, and, once more, Colleen decides to voice her opinion. She approaches the table that Annie & co are sitting at, and she says “I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but Matilda & Belle, you should take a leaf out of Gypsy’s book”

Matilda tries her best to not reply, but she decides to “bite” at Colleen’s line. Matilda replies, ”We ARE – Gypsy eventually got together with her soul mate, and started a family, JUST like me & Belle”

Colleen responds,” You young’uns are going to be the death of me”

As the flustered Colleen walks away, Gypsy wonders, “Maddie, have you ever thought of becoming a redhead? Would suit you”

Belle, Matilda, Annie and the others all laugh - and are pleased that their thoughts, at least for a short time, AREN’T focussed on what Kimmy is doing to poor Kit.

To Be Continued ......... [next Sunday, 04/11/07]

Preview of YKK Chapter 6–

Kimmy’s ULTRA SHOCKING [new] actions lead to even MORE people baying for his blood!!!!!!!

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LOVE the comments !!!!

Re killing Kimmy, that's ??????? job !!!!!,

I must say that also we don't see her that often, it's always GREAT to see a scene [in real H&A] with Lara in it !!!

Also, its comforting to know that even Gypsy was once a blonde [so the change can be made]

Time for …… CHAPTER 6!!!!!!

Matilda & her friends bail form the diner, but before Gypsy & her family head back to the van park [where they are staying whilst bayside], the redhead & her clan go to the beach house – as, at such a tense time, Irene & esp. Belle just know that Matilda was well and truly calmed and focused on just the task at hand [and not stressing about Kimmy, Kit etc] when she had little Shannon in her arms earlier today.

As Matilda take notice of Shannon’s every little movement and sound, both expectant parents are asked about their thoughts of possible baby names. Matilda & Belle are in agreement that they don’t want to know the sex of their bub until the day of her or his arrival, but there are a few names on the short list, including [for obvious reasons] Beth and Lucas.

At then mansion, drew continues to brood AND, at the same time, he way avoids ANY contact the 2 people causing him all that grieve.

Speaking of whom, Kimmy could see that Jazz clearly adored it that he had gone to the trouble of cooking [himself] her fave meal for a waaaaaaaaaaay romantic dinner that they both muchly enjoyed. Kimmy is loving that all this care & attention that he is showing Jazz looks like it will land him his ultimate goal. Kimmy thinks to himself that he had even considered getting back together with Rachel when he returned to the bay, esp. since she was all to keen to have his child earlier this year, but when a woman as flirtatious of jazz approached him, why fight it.

Jazz was thinking to herself that Kimmy IS looking to go all the way with her tonight, but he surprises her when he suggest not to go straight to the bedroom, but for the two of them to go for a moonlight swim. When they get out into the pool area, jazz is once more a little surprised – no suggestion of them skinny dipping even, but its all going according to Kimmy's plan.

Drew hears the laughing & carrying on in the pool area. He tries to block it out by listening to music rather loudly. Drew considered going out tonight, but he knows that he’s in too a frustrated mood [with jazz because of Kimmy] to be good company for, well, anyone tonight.

After Kimmy & jazz exit the pool, jazz is unaware is secretly kinda annoyed that she didn’t suggest that they could shower together before heading off to bed – after all, there’d been a kiss or two on the lips in the pool and Kimmy went all kinda chivalrous when kiss tenderly kissed jazz’s hand during their romantic dinner together.

After Jazz has had a shower, she [dressed in a satin nightgown] exits the bathroom, and as jazz walks towards her bedroom, Jazz can’t help herself. She tenderly runs her hand down kimmy’s arm when they both briefly stop in the hallway tween the bedroom and bathroom. Kimmy, naturally, takes this as a sign from jazz, even despite no steamy shower scene together. Not that all of this mattered to Kimmy. Jazz would be “his” tonight, no matter what her mood etc is.

Kimmy enters Jazz’s bedroom [following his shower] and he’s “dressed” only in a towel [that is covering his lower half]. Jazz isn’t exactly comfortable with his attire, or lack of it, but thinks she can handle things. Kimmy sits beside Jazz on the bed, with jazz dressed in a slinky thin strapped nightdress that you would expect of Drew’s rather forward mother.

Kimmy begins to massage Jazz’s neck, and jazz rally likes that, but she isn’t so keen when Kimmy moves one of the thin straps of her nightdress off the shoulder which reveals a bit too much of Jazz’s left breast for her liking. Kimmy isn’t exactly keen when she puts that strap back on her shoulder. Indeed, Kimmy begins to realize that jazz may not be as keen to “be” with Kimmy tonight. This is reinforced a little more when jazz moves ever so slightly away form Kimmy. She’s still on the bed, but she’s hoping that he gets her message, i.e. not tonight, boy.

Jazz further expresses her mood with an arm stretching yawn, but Kimmy decides that THIS is THE time. Kimmy grabs Jazz’s arms and pins them down on the bed [just behind her head] All of Jazz's back is totally pressed rather hard against the bed now, and she almost can’t believe it when Kimmy, with 1000% conviction and intent in his voice says “you ARE going to have my baby!!!!”

Jazz intensely tries to free herself form kimmy’s clutches, but he seems to be too strong for her. One of his hands are keeping her arms out of the game whilst his other hand is trying make her most private of parts more accessible. Jazz tosses and turns her body but she is really worried when she sees that Kimmy has discarded THAT towel. Kimmy’s hold of Jazz’s hands [clasped just beyond the top of her head] seems to be more intense, more stronger than ever. Jazz sees that Kimmy is now REALLY ready to have his way with her – so she tosses & turns and is JUST able to get one of her feet into JUST the right position, and she delivers a DAMNING blow to kimmy’s MUCHLY unclad groin area !!!!!!

Kimmy is so stunned that he falls back and off the bed, and as he writhes in pain, jazz [whose nightdress has been partly torn in the terrifying encounter] runs form the room.

Drew has heard some of the commotion [even over his loud music] esp. the loud thump when Kimmy hit the floor and he finds his mother [in tears] curled up on the couch in the lounge room. Indeed, jazz certainly thinks that Drew is Kimmy, looking to continue his attack, and jazz immediately tries [in the dimly lit lounge] to push drew away, until she actually realizes who it is.

Jazz only then begins to use drew as both a shoulder to cry on AND as someone to listen to her as she rant about what had happened. After all, Jazz ALWAYS loved to be the one in control when it came to the bedroom, and all was SOOOOO out of control tonight.

After jazz eventually is able to drift off to sleep, drew ventures up to his mum’s bedroom. Drew see kimmy’s naked body lying there on the floor. Jazz’s son can tell the Kimmy is still alive [pity] as he can hear the moron snoring.

Drew then returns to his mum’s side downstairs. It’s a way sleepless night for drew – as he keeps watch over his mum, hoping the Kimmy doesn’t awake in a rage and try to finish what he started.

Drew AND Jazz are muchly pleased when he tells Jazz, early the next morning, that Kimmy has bailed form the house – taking little Archie with him.

Jazz decides that NO man is going to get her “down”, or get away with this, so she decides to use the bad feelings towards Kimmy that are already way rampant throughout the town. She & Drew head to the diner, and jazz starts mouthing off about Kimmy to ANYONE who'll listen, and given the prevailing mood, there ARE plenty of ppl who are eager to hear Kimmy’s latest indisgression against someone of this town [even if they don’t exactly like Jazz].

There are many ppl who are incensed by this by what happened, and Belle can see that Matilda has taken this latest news rather “hard”. Its like, how COULD Kimmy do this, esp. with Kit the way that she is.

To Be Continued …….. [sunday, 11/11/07]


Is THIS the night that Kimmy will DIE???

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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY glad that you are enjoying .....

i must admit that, becasue i knew that Drew wouldn't want to get too close to the monster that tried to do THAT to Jazz, that it felt right that he should know that Kimmy is alive by an obvious way.

MUCHLY loved your BIG, BIG OUCH line in PM !!!

I'm muchly looking fwd to posting new chapter on Sunday !!!!

CHAPTER 7 !!!!!!

Colleen is also REALLY annoyed about all of this – and when Rachel hears about Kimmy’s attempted attack on Jazz, she takes the news especially hard. Not only has Kmmy returned to the bay and NOT got together with back together with Rach, but what he did to Jazz brings back painful memories of what Henk did to Rachel all those years ago.

As the morning continues, Belle can see that the Matilda [although she’s not actually saying anything about it] is waaaaaaaaaaaaay stressed about what’s occurring – and how Kit will react if she were to wake up from her coma very soon. Belle does the only thing that she can think of that MIGHT alleviate her fiancé’s stress.

Soon after, Gypsy arrives at the beach house with baby Shannon [with Will & Lily hanging out with Sally etc at the vph]. Belle is VERY glad that Gypsy is around, as [on this Saturday] she’s got to head into Yabby Creek for her job at THAT funky clothes shop. Belle thinks to herself that she LOVES being around all those clothes all day – and is hoping to, in the near future, ask her boss [the shop owner] if Belle can try to sell some of her OWN designs at this place where she works.

Throughout this day, Belle is JUST able to keep it all together, although there were more than a few times where she had to REALLY think fast and cover up that she isn’t 100% concentrating on the task at hand – of selling clothes, helping customers with their choices etc.

Meanwhile, back at Belle’s home, Irene & Gypsy CAN see that Belle’s plan has very muchly worked. Matilda indeed seems MUCH less stressed as she, with Gypsy’s guidance etc, tends ever so gently to Shannon. Once more, there is a sense that Matilda is very muchly caring for the child as she is Matilda’s own. Indeed, when Matilda laughs a kinda ironic laugh, Gypsy & Irene can’t help but wonder why – and Matilda tells them that she’s just imagined that Shannon IS Maddie’s firstborn, with Matilda being pregnant with a 2nd child [baby belly same size as Maddie's is now] on the way.

Matilda adds, “Although I DO doubt that Lucas would “go there” again. After all, Lara’s long arm of the law “might” have something to say about that this time”, and Gypsy & Irene [and even Shannon, in ways] join Matilda when she smirks, and kinda laughs at her own line.

AT the diner, Colleen is well & truly letting the various customers know her feelings about what Kimmy did, and because Leah is similarly appalled by his actions, she isn’t even “pulling rank” and advising Colleen not to harass the customers. Indeed, Leah and Colleen are both VERY pleased when someone, who has just listened to Colleen’s “rant” tells her that Kimmy has booked himself into the motel just out of town – the one where Ethan took THOSE pics of himself in bed with the drugged Amanda!!! Not surprisingly the info of Kimmy’s new address becomes common knowledge throughout the Bay – after all, it’s in Colleen’s genes to pass on such vital info to the world.

Day turns into evening, and the likes of Rachel, Colleen, Drew, Tony, Jazz & Belle [separately] all head out for the night – with Belle insisting to Matilda that she’s all fired up [about Kimmy] and that it wouldn’t exactly be the best idea for Belle AND Matilda to BOTH be in the same place stressing etc.

Quite late that night, Kimmy answers a knock on the door of his motel room – he thinks that it’s the room service that he ordered, but it’s waaaaaaaaaaay someone else.

With the camera looking at Kimmy like the camera IS the person who has knocked on the door, Kimmy says [with more than a bit of disdain], “Oh, it’s you. Just go away – I’ve hot NOTHING to say to you”.

Kimmy pushes the door to closed it, but [still with camera as the perspective of Kimmy’s visitor], his “guest” is able to just prevent the door form totally closing. Indeed, the mysterious person slowly pushes the door open, without making a sound to make Kimmy aware that they are entering his room.

Cut to a wider shot of the motel [we see Kimmy’s slightly open door centre of frame, with the doors of the rooms either side of Kimmy’s also in frame]. We hear a loud thud of someone crashing to the ground, and we see a [way darkly lit] someone exit the room briefly, before they go back inside Kimmy’s room. Within a minute [still wide shot btw], the mystery person exits the room carrying a decently sized but unknown object in their arms. The person then kinda quickly walks away from the motel grounds.

Soon after, Belle arrives back at the dimly lit beach house. Only Matilda is still awake - lying on her back on their double bed. Matilda can see that Belle looks stressed [even with Matilda completely naked from the waist up], so Maddie decides to tell her lover more about how she de-stressed today, with all that caring for baby Shannon [who, at times, was just as feisty as her blood nut mum]. Matilda can see that this seem to have cheered Belle up a little so she adds, “Gypsy says that she will come over again tomorrow. I know that you’ve not got to go into work, so she can REALLY see that I know what I’m doing with a bub, when I pass on what she’s taught me. I just KNOW that we are BOTH going to be awesomely yummy mummy’s”

Belle [who was sitting on the bed] lies down, and runs her hand slowly, gently over her fiancé’s uncovered baby belly. Matilda can see that this action has bought a bit more calm to Belle, and the latter seems further de-stress herself by gently kissing Maddie’s right breast a few times. Matilda & Belle then kiss softly on the lips, before they both get under to covers and fall asleep within a few minutes.

Belle certainly isn’t the only one who made it home rather late that night in the Bay – including the likes of Rachel, Jazz, Tony, Drew & even Colleen.

About a half hour about Maddie & Belle fell asleep, Matilda hears a baby crying. She initially thinks that its just in a dream that she is having, but Matilda ISN’T the only one who hears the baby crying. Indeed, Annie, Belle & Irene are also woken by the sound. Matilda is about to get out of bed to investigate when Belle says that she will check things out.

Belle, Annie & Irene enter the kitchen, where it sounds like the crying is coming from, and they are somewhat SHOCKED to find [in a for-a-car-type plastic booster seat] baby Archie. The booster seat on their bench next to the sink, and the window nearest to the sink IS still partially open.

All 3 are curious about what’s going on – why is Archie here? Who could have just left him there? Just how long HAS Archie been at their house before his cries alerted them all to his presence? Why would Kimmy has done this?

Belle knows that this could stress Matilda beyond belief, but to find out even the next morning would most likely be even worse, so she enters their bedroom, carrying baby Archie in her arms. Belle tries her best to explain what’s happened, but she sees that Matilda seems FAR more focused on caring for little Archie than on dealing on how he got her in the 1st place.

As Matilda & Belle take care of Archie, Irene [with Annie by her side] phones Kimmy’s mobile – but the call goes to his message bank. Irene the calls the motel -the receptionist isn’t exactly that most helpful person in the universe, and even when Irene is eventually put through to the phone in Kimmy’s room, she gets no answer.

Irene phones the motel reception once more, and she wonders if someone could go to Kimmy’s room and check up on him, and the receptionist tells Irene that they will check things out and phone back soon. Irene & Annie, and the just entering the lounge room now-not-topless Matilda [carrying Archie] and Belle eagerly await the response form the motel.

Matilda can see that Belle seems particularly on edge, but Maddie IS encouraged when Belle asks her [with Archie] to pass on some of the knowledge that Matilda has learnt form caring form Gypsy’s baby Shannon. Matilda indeed starts to do so – by handing the child to her beloved Belle.

As the engaged couple focus on Archie, Irene is getting worried that she’s not had a response form the motel – but, for the motel staff, Irene is the last thing on their minds ….

They have found Kimmy DEAD in his room!!!!!!!!

To Be Continued ……..

[sPECIAL day - Thursday, 15/11/07 : due to V8Supercars in Tasmania next weekend]


The investigation into Kimmy’s death begins!!!!

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Soooooooooooooooo glad that you ARE waaaaaaaaaay look fwd to find out .....

LOVED your PM comment about Lara!!!

Must admit that I muchly had to rewrite part of the draft, to have the killer take the baby to the beach house, as more than a few times [when writing draft] i initailly forgot about Archie a few times.

I've amended YKK7 in a few places now, most notably is a sentence that I've put in italics for easy finding.

i slightly got my dates wrong .....

YKK8 will be posted on FRIDAY, 16/11/07

[i got which day that i'm having off work mixed up]

CHAPTER V8!!!!!!!

The motel staff contacts the police – Lara is in charge of this late night shift and she and another of the male uniform offices head out to the crime scene.

When they arrive, Lara & the other officer “lock down” the crime scene. Lara instructs her partner to begin to examine the body for any signs of what caused Kimmy’s death, whilst she speaks to the motel staff, wondering why they, so last at night, were checking up to see if Kimmy was OK.

At the beach house, Irene & the others are concerned that there’s still been no word form the motel. As Belle eagerly focuses on what Matilda is telling/showing her [all the things that Gypsy passed on the Maddie today], all 4 of them JUMP when the phone rings – after all [even thought they are expecing a call], its after 11pm. When Irene picks up the phone, she is shocked that it’s Lara who is at the other end of the line. When asked, Irene recounts to Lara why she phoned the motel in the 1st place [Archie being left at the beach house]. Lara suggests to Irene that they [Maddie and co] might have to care for Archie for a while longer – as Kimmy is DEAD!!!!

When off the phone, Irene tells Matilda, Belle & Annie the shocking news. Belle seems to especially tense up when told, whilst Annie can see that Matilda is trying her best to hold in her emotions, so Archie won’t sense them. Matilda thinks to herself that, with Kit in THAT coma, neither of Archie’s parents can take care of him right now.

Even after Irene & the others head off to bed, it’s a way restless night for all of them – worrying/thinking about Archie, Kit, and, even though they don’t like him, Kimmy.

Following her phone call to Irene, Lara enters Kimmy’s motel room. Her on duty partner informs her that there appears to be no gunshot or stab wounds, but he HAS found, on the side of Kimmy’s head that is against the floor of the room, a small trickle of blood, indicating a blow to the head. Lara, like her partner, notes that the floor of the room isn’t slippery at all, and, given all the hostility against Kimmy since he returned to the Bay, both suspect that this wasn’t just Kimmy having a clumsy accident all by himself.

Lara remembers that Archie is now at the beach house. She imagines that the killer WAS thinking enough to ensure that no harm should come to the child. Lara’s partner points out to her that, as far as he can see, everything in the room looks to be in its rightful place – so nothing here at least appears to be the murder weapon.

Lara & the other officer exit the room, locking ALL entrances and exits as they go. They head for the motels’ reception area – as Lara has noticed that there is a security camera near the door of Kimmy’s room. Lara hopes to discover Kimmy’s assailant via the camera footage. As she heads for the reception/office area, Lara thinks briefly of this could affect her fairly new relationship with Luc - after all, he is the biological father of Matilda’s unborn child, and who knows what Maddie will be thinning right now. Lara imagines to herself that Matilda might be thinking that Archie is just like, say, caring for her own [albeit] premmie baby.

As Constable Fitzgerald gets her mind back on the case at hand, she almost can’t believe it when a reporter form the local newspaper arrives. Lara thinks to herself that all the commotion must have startled either one of the other motel guests, or a nearby resident. Well, startled them enough to contact the local press anyway – despite the fact that it’s now approaching 2am. Lara instructs the reporter to contact police PR [in the morning] about the case, but she knows that the press won’t wait THAT long for a juicy story like this. Lara now expects to see this motel death as front page news – in TODAY’S edition of the local paper.

Lara brushes all that aside. She enters the reception area – eager to start viewing the video surveillance tapes form earlier that night. Lara & her partner begin searching through the footage. Both are well and truly aware that Kimmy certainly wasn't the most liked of people, but that’s no reason for him to be killed.

Dawn breaks, just as Lara & her partner discover, after looking through the cameras surveillance footage, that Kimmy’s room’s doorway isn’t lit enough form them to get a good look at the person who visited Kimmy and who [from the time of death] appears to have been the one to ended his life. Lara does note that it’s rather clear to her that Archie is the reason why the killer returns to Kimmy’s room after the clash which must has ended his life. Lara know that there are more than a few people who weren’t exavctly fans of Kimmy’s recent actions, and each of those will need to be spoke to about this shocking crime.

Lara collects all of her thoughts about that's happened so far, and passes on all the info that she has gained to McGrath & Jack when they arrive at the crime scene [at the very beginning of their latest shifts].

Meanwhile, the rest of the town is waking up top the news, in print AND on radio, of Kimmy’s death. Both forms of media have “jumped” on the suggestion that Kimmy was, indeed, MURDERED!!!

Matilda, Annie & Irene [beach house] notice that Belle seems to be totally focusing on Archie, whilst, at the diner, Leah can tell that Colleen seems even more distracted than usual. Elsewhere, whilst Drew tries to keep to himself this Sunday morning, he notices that Tony is here at the mansion bright & early – after Jazz phoned him. Drew can see that Jazz is MUCHLY seeking the comfort of Tony’s arms. Drew also notices that Tony doesn't seem to be too annoyed by Jazz’s recent “fling” with the now dead Kimmy.

AT the hospital, Rachel is trying her best to focus above 100% on her job. Nurse Julie sense that whilst Rachel is totally medically on the ball, Kimmy’s death IS still affecting Julie's friend & colleague. Julie briefly wonders to herself about what if maybe Rachel just “snapped” last night and ended Kimmy’s life. Julie can imagine that Rachel IS caring enough to see that Archie didn’t come to harm tween the time that Kimmy was murdered until that time that the motel staff would have found the body the next morning.

Julie's not the only ones having such thoughts – Drew knows that Jazz [naturally] WAAAAAAAAAAY didn’t like what he did to her the night before the murder. Drew even imagine that even he is a suspect, and because he was out lat last night [drinking, no less] that the police might want to talk to him.

Belle [beach house] is glad that she’s not working today – as he thinks she’d be even LESS help to customers than she was yesterday. Belle is currently still dressed in her PJs, and isn’t planning on changing any time soon – and its not like Matilda cares what Belle is wearing. She could be wearing a potato sack and still look HOT to her beloved Matilda.

Belle, like she was both before, and esp. after the news lat night of Kimmy’s death, seems to focusing of Archie – knowing that her clashes with Kimmy, AND that fact that she arrived back at the beach house not THAT long before Archie’s cries woke the house, must make Belle one of the suspects, maybe even at the VERY TOP of the police’s list, for Kimmy’s death.

To Be Continued …….. [sunday, 25/11/07]


With speculation rife all over town about who killed Kimmy, Colleen begins her evil plan to use the death to split Matilda/Belle!!!!!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

The irony of the potato sack comment, about recent IADL, stemmed form teh fact that i KNOW that this [YKK8] chapter had a potato etc coment.

I know we don't see themn that oft on screen, so i've tried to0 include Lara & Julie in a fair few scenes here [in YKK].

LOVED your jack being the clumsy one [not kimmy] comments .... and i'm soooooooooooooooo look fwd to the upcomiong weeks, with the whole 2 chapters deal that i've mentioned !!!!

CHAPTER 9!!!!!!!

Gypsy [van park] phones Irene, wondering if it’s a good idea for Gyps and her family to come over today with Shannon, especially when Belle & Matilda already have Archie to look after. Irene asked the girls, and both agree that its cooooool for Will & co to come over – after all, that will mean a bub each for Maddie & Belle to look after, with the bonus of the 2 babies being different sexes. Irene relays that info to Gypsy, who, when off the phone starts geeting ready to head on over to the beach house.

AT the diner, Colleen is eavesdrooping on all the various chats about the murder. Colleen knows that she hasn't exactly got a watertight alibi herself for last night, and it’s not like she would want Archie to come to any harm.

Another thought comes into Colleen’s mind – with the goss that Belle only made it home not that long before Archie’s cries awoke the beach house, then maybe it was Belle who killed Kimmy. Colleen think to herself that Belle IS fiery enough to have done this AND even better than that, this could HUGELY help Colleen’s ambition to split up the ungodly paring of Matilda/Belle. Colleen also thinks to herself that if she can’t emotionally split the duo, then maybe she can at least PHYSICALLY split then up, if Belle has to do ”hard time” in prison for Kimmy’s murder.

Colleen continues to eavesdrop, but not as much as she had been. Indeed, Leah can sense that colleen is more “here” than at any previous time today.

AT the crime scene, Jack & McGrath, like Lara, have no luck with any of the motel guests, or those ppl in houses near the crime scene. Both cops start to make a list of the people who’ve been affected by Kimmy’s actions of late – knowing that they’ll need to speak to the various persons of interest.

Meanwhile, Lucas is rather surprised when Lara arrives at his place [previously known as the Hunter House]. She tells Lucas that she REALLY can’t sleep after a night like that. Lucas kisses his g/f and tries her best to begin to ease her problems. Lucas knows that Tony didn’t make it home until late last night, but there’s no real need, he feels, to tell Lara that after the night that she has had.

Soon after, Lara [on Luc’s bed] drifts off to sleep. Lucas lies beside her for a while before he slowly gently gets up. Luc is muchly pleased that he hasn’t disturbed Lara’s sleep.

Luca goes into the main part of the house [from his room, Flynn’s old surgery] and he phones the beach house. Irene answers and tells him that both Matilda & Belle have their hands litterly full with the bubs – Shannon & Archie. Irene suggests that Luc can speak to Annie, and Lucas only just hears that line form Irene, as Archie has just started to cry.

Annie comes to the phone, as Matilda tries to comfort her sister’s child. The young girl & Luc talk about what’s happened and how they are both feeling at the moment. Annie tells Lucas that she is REALLY pleased to have friends like Luc, Matilda & Belle. When Luc mentions that Lara is asleep on his bed, these 2 [with voices at a lower tone than previously in this phone chat] begin to speculate on who might have killed Kimmy. Annie tells Luc that she is glad that she can speak to someone about this – esp. in light of how in baby care mode that Belle & Matilda are. Although neither is initially forthcoming, Annie takes Lucas’ lead, as after he says that Tony arrived home rather late last night, Annie admits that Belle made it home only after Anne herself went to bed. Lucas assures Annie that Belle wasn’t involved, and Annie eagerly returns the favour with a similar line about Luc’s dad.

When the call ends, Annie is rather emotional. She muchly likes that now it’s like she has TWO big brothers, with Lucas looking out for her too. Annie also likes that Lucas seems to be more caring than many of the men/males that she has met – esp. his act of waaaaaaaaaaaaaay love, agreeing to be the biological father of the baby that Matilda and Belle soooooooooo badly wanted.

Jack & McGrath [police station] have as much luck as Lara did with THAT security camera footage – so that means having to interview the various persons of interest. The officers have a fair idea about who they want to speak to – the likes of Matilda, Jazz, Drew, Lucas, Rachel, Belle, Tony, Colleen & Annie, as all of these ppl have, in particular, had issues with Kimmy since he returned to the just a few days ago.

That afternoon, it’s like a cattle call at the police station, with the various person of interest interviewed by McGrath & Jack.

After the interviews are over, Matilda, Lucas & Annie are ruled out pretty quickly, as all have watertight alibis. Lucas was at the van park house that night, hanging out with Geoff & Ric – with not only those two confirming Luc’s story, but Sally, Alf & Gypsy and her clan [also at vph that night] as well.

Both Annie & Maddie are also off the suspect list, as not only do those two’s accounts of what they did that night match, but so too does Irene’s [also at home that night] tale of what Annie & Matilda got up to that fateful night.

Unbeknownst to Jack & McGrath, during her interview, Matilda [although she knew in her heart that Belle sooooo didn’t kill Kimmy] oh so briefly thought about lying about Belle’s whereabouts. This is because Belle simply told her beloved [and the police during interview] that she was out that night de-stressing, or at least tying to, with no one to back up her story. Belle told the police that she was just “chilling out” on the sea plane wharf, or on the park near the wharf.

Belle, however, isn't the only one whose whereabouts that night can’t be confirmed. Rachel told the police that she went for a “de-stress” drive that night, going nowhere in particular, just driving and trying to deal with all that had occurred since Kimmy returned to town.

Colleen told McGrath & Jack that she was planning to visit some friends in the bay that night, but she wasn't feeling the best, so she decided to stay at home in her mobile. Because the van park doesn't have that many customers at present, and with Gypsy & her family hanging out with Sally & co in the main house, there’s no one to back up Colleen’s story.

Jazz, like Rachel, also told the police that she went for a drive that fateful night, but it was her plan to dove to the city and not to come back to the place where Kimmy had attempted to rape her. Jazz told Jack etc in the interview that, after driving for a while, she decided to stop running – as, besides the Kimmy thing, she liked the Bay and her reborn relationship with her son Drew – and decide to drive back to the bay.

Drew told the police that he hung around in Yabby Creek for much of the night, and Drew added that he loosely remembers [because he was a “tad” intoxicated] they he was refused entry to some of the night clubs.

Things got very even more personal for jack, having already interviewed Lucas, when McGrath & jack formally spoke to Tony. Jack’s father told the police that he spend much of the night that Kimmy died on the beach at the site of where they held a memorial for Beth. Tony insist that he was trying to be esp. close to Beth in these times of the man who left the bay with Beth’s daughter retuning to town after Kit “landed” herself in a coma. Tony also admits to thinking, when at Beth’s memorial site, of the “incident” tween Jazz & Kimmy the night before the murder.

WIth Matilda & the other 2 ruled out, Jack & McGrath discuss the accounts of the rest of the suspects - and BOTH seem to be leaning towards 2 people in particular, Jazz & Belle.

They suspect Jazz primarily because of both THAT incident the night before the murder, and Jazz well & truly mouthing off about Kimmy on the day of the murder, whilst [they suspect] Belle because of how deeply both Matilda & Belle have been affected by both Kimmy's betrayal and because of the sexual assault attempt on Jazz. McGrath also suggest that Belle could be channeling not only her OWN anger but the internal rage of the trying-to-stay-externally-calm-at-all-costs of [because she is with child] Matilda.

Jack, all the while tying to keep muchly open minded about the killer, suggests that, given the rather precise blow to Kimmy’s head, if Rachel is perhaps responsible for the murder.

To Be Continued …….. [provisionally Friday, 30/11/07 – Oz V8s 2007 final round next Sunday]


At least 1 suspect is ruled out !!!!


A shocking secret form someone’s past is revealed !!!!

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I sooooooooooooooo LOVED writing that Luc & Annie scene, adore them both

As for Colleen and what she's up to, you'll have to wait and see.

i will say that the secret is VERY pertinent to someone's current actions.

Re that whole Kimmy using Maddie [to make Kit jealous] in the past in your PM, i had actaully thought about adding a comment about that in YKK, but, with so many other supsects that i decided to have [without alibis] i didn;t really need to go there, and besides, Maddie is stressed enough with her thinking about that.

YKK10 will now be posted on MONDAY, 03/12/07

CHAPTER 10!!!!!!!

As the police investigation continues, Drew is ruled out as a suspect for the murder, as Jack & the other officers accessed the security camera footage of some of the nightclubs at Yabby Creek that Drew had said that he was refused entry to. Given the times that he was refused entry in the surveillance footage, there’s no way that he could be responsible for the crime, as it’s impossible for him to have been at the motel at the tme of the murder.

Meanwhile, everyone is trying to get on with their lives – despite the as yet unsolved crime. Belle knows that Matilda is strong but hopes that all that’s happened isn’t TOO much for her beloved. Indeed, when Belle IS with Matilda [i.e. when she hasn’t got a shift at work], Maddie, and the likes of Annie, Irene & gypsy note that Belle seems more affectionate than usual with her fiancé.

Belle knows that she is one of the 3 main suspects in the townsfolk’s chatter about the murder – with Jazz & Rachel being the other 2. Indeed, the Baysiders are getting accustomed to these sorts of things being committed by females more and more [think Angie, Sarah, Zoë/Eve etc].

Of the other suspects that haven’t got an airtight alibi, the townsfolk know that Tony’s been through a lot lately, but they don't think that he killed Kimmy, and, as much as her gossip etc annoys ppl, the general consensus is that Colleen isn’t the murderer.

Matilda, Belle & Annie head down to the main beach – just to chill out etc. All 3 are, of course, concerned that there are more than a few ppl pointing the finger at Belle being the murderer. Also on their minds is when they go to the hospital in the city tomorrow – what, if anything, to tell Kit about all that’s happened, and would it be lying if they don’t tell her about Kimmy’s fling with Jazz AND his death.

After finding just the “right” spot on the beach, and setting down all their things, Matilda & Belle comfort each other with a kiss, which young Annie takes in her stride – she’s sooooooo used to her best friends doing so, but, naturally, when Colleen, who is looking out to sea near the surf club, see them, she is DISGUSTED – 2 girls openly kissing in public like that !!!!

Colleen starts to gently cry, as she recalls an incident that happened many many years ago.

FLASHBACK – It’s just days after Colleen’s Miss Groper Pageant win. She's TOTALLY in her prime, and many of the boys in town are VERY interested in Colleen, but there’s only ONE person that the young Colleen has her eyes on.

Colleen’s heart is all aflutter as she thinks about what she’ll wear, what she’ll say when she approaches the person that she fancies. Colleen knows that she is taking a BIG risk - what will all the gossip mongers in town say if/when the news got out etc – but Colleen NEEDS to do this.

She arranges a secret meeting in the park with the person that she is keen on – and muchly dresses to impress. Colleen arrives at the park – and she sees that the person she likes is already there waiting. Colleen approaches – her heart is all aflutter with a sea of emotions. Colleen and the person she secretly fancies exchange greetings before Colleen [not being able to hold her felling in any longer] says, "I don’t know how to say this but ….. I, I’m in LOVE with you”

The look of DISDAIN on MADGE WILKINS’ face [who Colleen adores] tears Colleen’s heart into a MILLION pieces!!!!

It gets worse when Madge says, “You maybe Miss Groper, but no thank you Colleen, I’m not into ppl of YOUR kind!!!!”

Madge storms off – and Colleen starts to cry.

As Colleen begins to slowly clear her eyes of tears, she is WAY pleased that NO ONE but she & Madge know that this incident, form so many years ago, ever happened. Colleen then sees Maddie & Belle in a rather tight embrace, and Colleen’s disapproval of the girl on girl ‘ship [because of her OWN experiences] intensifies. Colleen thinks to herself, if I can’t be with the girl of my dreams, then no other girl/girl paring will be together either!!!!!

Colleen then thinks to herself that she MUST find a way of steer the police into thinking\believing that it was BELLE who killed Kimmy!!!!

Speaking of the investigation, Tony is ruled out as being a suspect, as a [for want of a better word] glorified extra - with no connection to Tony whatsoever -comes forth and tells the police that she saw Tony just as he was leaving the site of Beth’s memorial, and the police ascertain, form the witness statement etc, that there is NO way that Tony could have made it [even by car] to th motel by the time of the murder.

That leaves the police with just 4 suspects, and ALL 4 of them women – Jazz, Rachel, Colleen and Belle!!!!

To Be Continued ….. [in the next few days]

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