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Oh My God – You Killed Kimmy !!!

Guest JosieTash

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Glad you love the latest action .....

I just ADORED it when i thought of why Colleen has this thing aginst same sex couples, and i KNEW you'd LOVE that glorified extra bit to.

Have typed soem of the next chapter [YKK 11] and plan to post it at about this time tomorrow !!!!

CHAPTER 11 !!!!!!!

Its approx midday and we see a decently wide view of the exterior of the front of the beach house. Maddie & co are hanging out at the main beach and Irene isn’t home either, yet we see the shadowy outline of a person inside. At 1st we see them, just barely [through the blinds] in the lounge room. Within minutes, we see the same shadowy outline of a person against the closed curtain that is just inside the window of a room of the very front of the upstairs part of the house.

At the hospital, everyone notes how partic single minded Rachel is being towards her job. She is doing many MANY shifts – it’s like she is LIVING at the hospital these days [since the Kimmy’s attempted assault on Jazz AND Kimmy’s death]. When Nurse Julie, or anyone, tries to talking to Rachel about anything personal, she is quick to change the subject.

Nurse Julie is very intrigued when she enters the bathroom. She hears Rachel [who must be in one of the cubicles as Julie can’t see her colleague, saying [with more than a hint of stress in her voice], “PLEASE confirm that you have done as I asked” followed by, moments later, “Thank you SOOOOO much. Talk later”. Julie then hears Rachel let out a stress releasing sigh. Julie, whose hand was still holding the bathroom door open, then slowly closes in behind her, as she now doesn’t want to go in and let Rachel know that she overheard part of what sounds like an intense and private conversation. As Nurse Julie heads to another bathroom, she wonders, just maybe, if Rachel IS responsible for Kimmy’s death – or had a part in his demise anyway.

It’s approx 6pm and Lara is working her latest shift at the police station when she gets a phone call form the ppl who run the motel. They’ve made a discovery. One of their employees, who has been away [camping] these last few days, has noticed that the new vase [that she put in the room where Kimmy killed – on the morn of the day that he died] is no longer there. The operators of the motel AND Lara confirm that the vase hadn’t removed from the room by either the motel staff OR by the police. Lara gets a VERY good description of the vase in question, and she believes that it is either the murder weapon OR a contributing factor in Kimmy's death at the VERY least.

Lara and another officer leave the station – and they plan to request to search the houses of Jazz, Colleen, Rachel & Belle. Lara IS pleased when she gets no objections - no requests for a warrant even – from any of the 4 suspects or their respective housemates.

As the police conduct the rather extensive searches, they find nothing incriminating [i.e. the vase] at either Rachel’s house or the mansion where Jazz lives or the mobile home where Colleen resides. Lara and her on duty partner then search the beach house. They don’t find the suspected weapon in any of the rooms [incl Belle & Matilda’s] downstairs so the police venture upstairs. They find nothing in Irene’s room, and then Lara suggest to the other [male] officer that it might be a good idea if, given the circumstances, that Lara should search Annie’s room alone. Lara looks through the cupboards in the young girl’s room without success, so Lara starts searching in a set of 4 clothes drawers. There’s nothing of interest to the police in the top drawer, but when Lara searches through the next drawer down, she finds, at the VERY back of the drawer, THAT vase!!!

Lara speaks to the other officer, who is just outside Annie’s bedroom door and both are thinking the same thing – since Annie has a watertight alibi for the night of Kimmy’s death, Belle “might” have put the vase in Annie’s room as she could have thought that the police wouldn't look there.

Lara and her on duty partner descend the stairs and “suggest” to Belle that they’d like her to accompany them to the [police] station – for questioning about THAT night. Belle, and the others [especially Annie], can’t believe that the police found THAT vase in Annie’s room. Belle, although she doesn’t have anyone to back up her alibi, agrees to go with Lara & the other officer – after all, Belle knows that she didn’t kill Kimmy, do she has nothing to hide. Maddie, and Annie & Irene, of course, think that Belle is being “framed” by the real killer.

AT the police station, Lara “takes the lead” in questioning Belle about her exact movements on the night of the murder. Both police officers can sense that Belle is muchly forthright and there’s a feeling that Belle at least MUCHLY is 110% sure of what she is telling them is true [as to her whereabouts THAT night].

Out in the main area of the station, Matilda, Irene & Annie are still clearly thinking that someone is setting Belle up, although Maddie & Irene DO kinda appreciate the twist [of whoever “planting” the vase in Annie’s room]. Annie, however, wasn’t so keen on anyone rifling through her clothes drawers – even if that person is the g/f of her good friend Luc. Annie is muchly keen – maybe even a tad more than Matilda at this moment – to clear Belle’s name.

In the interview room, Lara and the other officer end their “chat” with Belle. Until they get the forensics report back on the vase [checking for ‘prints etc], there’s no way they can hold their current prime suspect at this time. Lara, however, tells Belle that she had better not even think about leaving town until the forensics report is sent to YC police. Belle tells Lara that she has NO intention of going anywhere [out of the Bay], and then Belle exits the interview room – and enters the main area of the station here her fiancé greets her with a BIG hug and a tasty kiss. It’s not long before Irene & Annie mag it a group hug.

Meanwhile, in the city, Amanda sits by Kits’ bedside. It feels kinda weird being at a hospital caring for someone this evening – after caring for patients for most of today in her [main cast] role of Nurse Jaina Gilmore during the filming of the latest episode of the TV medical drama “All Saints”.

Amanda knows about all that is happening Bayside at present – Kimmy’s attack on Jazz, his murder, even the latest news about the vase being found at the beach house and her daughter being “asked” to go to police station for questioning. Amanda tries to keep all her thoughts positive about the situation that Belle is in with the police, but its not that easy. Amanda wishes that she could have a moment like the one that she & Kit had atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge a few months ago – that led to her then kidnapped daughter being freed. Amanda had thought about returning to the Bay to be with her daughter, but she knows that Belle is in the good hands of her fiancé Maddie and the likes of Annie & Irene. Besides that [in good hands] info, Belle & Matilda thought it best, given there own dramas, that it would be GREAT if Amanda visits Kit today, so at least Matilda’s sister will have a loving, caring, familiar voice talking to her.

As Amanda talked to the comatose Kit about all that’s happened on set [of “All Saints”] today, Amanda is kinda glad that there’s been no press here today [both because she’s the star of a medi drama on TV OR because of her daughter’s troubles] but Amanda IS expecting some sort of attention sooner or later. Indeed, Belle’s mum isn’t really surprised when one of the nurses [on the ward that Kit is on] asks Amanda, just after visitng hours have concluded, for a photo of the two of them [TV nurse & real nurse] together.

To Be Continued …….. [sunday, 09/12/07]

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Although the vase IS intact, it could have also been smashed to pieces because of the vibration form the very hollow inside of Kimmy's [no brains] head!!!

Is Belle really being framed? and, if so, by whom ??? ..... we'll see !!!

CHAPTER 12!!!!!!!

As Amanda exits the hospital, she thinks to herself that she’s had a pretty good “run” with both the media and fans about her past [various topless photos etc] and her daughter’s same sex ‘ship – but she IS expecting some media attention today, and sure enough, when she gets home, there are reporters waiting there for her. Amanda had already thought of some of the questions that she might get for the media – and she fiercely defended not only her daughter’s innocence but also the still occasional question about Belle’s engagement, especially with Matilda being preggers and all.

Back in the Bay, local and city media had descended in the town – with the non local media wanting to make the most of the fact that it’s the daughter of a TV star that’s in the news. The reporters not only approach Belle, Maddie and their close friends but other Bay residents as well, incl the other murder suspects. Naturally the local press had been on the story form the start, but only after Belle was REALLY thought to be involved in the murder, thanks to where the police found THAT vase, was the interest of the city media piqued.

Belle fiercely protests her innocence to the media and Matilda & Belle certainly don’t shy away form physically showing their affection towards each other when they are being interviewed by various reporters. Annie is, naturally, also questioned by reporters, especially because of where the suspected murder weapon was found. Annie is, naturally, a tad more reserved about her answers than Matilda or Belle, as she tries to deal with something VERY new to her. Sure, she’d dealt with the media after Maddie, Belle & Annie were freed after being held hostage earlier in the year, but whilst all but all of those questions were all about the happiness of being freed etc, most of the reporters questions now are all about how her great friend is being accused of murder.

Despite, or maybe even BECAUSE of all the things happening Bayside, Gypsy phones the beach house, and Belle is more that a tad pleased when she is told by Irene [after the call ends] that Will & Gypsy are not only totally on Belle’s side, but are going to truly show that they trust Belle, by bringing over [to beach house] baby Shannon today. Belle & Matilda are trying to totally not think about think of the other things in their life’s and just concentrate on caring for little Archie, and when Will & Lily arrive, baby Shannon too.

Whilst the rest of her family are at the beach house, Gypsy is scouting about town – trying to discover anything she can to take the police’s focus in the direction of the real killer. Gypsy knows all too well about Colleen’s nature, so she begins to get herself up to speed on what makes both Rachel & Jazz “tick”. Gypsy can already see that she can identify with Jazz – as many in the Bay hold Jazz in the same [bed hopping] esteem that they once held Gypsy, whilst Rachel seisms to be Gypsy’s opposite – as Dr Armstrong what the one who had her man [Kimmy] “stolen”.

As Gypsy talk to various ppl in the Bay, there’s a hive of activity of the police station. McGrath gets the results of the forensics report on the vase – no trace of anyone’s prints but those of the motel employee who put it in Kimmy’s room. McGrath thinks to himself that the employee has proved that she wasn’t the killer – has an airtight alibi form friends that she went camping with.

McGrath had only just finished telling Jack the info about the forensics report, before Jack answers a phone. On the other end of the line is a woman in her mid 60s who introduces herself as Glenda Howard. She tells Jack that she’d been out of town for a few days and is only now aware of Kimmy’s murder. Jack tactfully wonders why Glenda is phone the police, and Glenda responds buy saying that she saw someone matching Belle’s description walk by her house on the night of the murder. Glenda quickly adds that the motel where Kimmy was killed is just a street or two away from Glenda’s house, and this person that matches Belle’s description walked by her house around the time of the murder.

After Jack gets some more details form Glenda about exactly what she saw THAT night, Jack make some loose calculations about whether Belle could have made it home in time from when Glenda thought she saw her. Jack thinks that, given his calculations and various other info [eg Belle definitely has a motive to kill, and no alibi], that Belle could be in a world of trouble. Jack approaches McGrath and tells him about the Glenda phone call, his calculations, and Jack’s thought that they should go to Glenda’s house for a better understanding etc of her version of events and where she lives in relation to the motel. McGrath agrees – and the two officers exit the station.

Meanwhile, near THAT motel, Glenda is hoping that all of this might put an end to the problems she has been experiencing with some teens that live in the area near her house.

Maddie & Belle are lying on their bed when Belle says “Mads, I want to you to know something about me that virtually NO ONE knows”

Matilda [tentatively, in light of recent events] replies, “Go on”

Belle responds, “Well, [pause] my name’s not Belle. It’s not even CLOSE to being that cool. It’s, now don’t laugh now, [pause] Susan”.

Matilda rather surprises by her lover by saying, “Hey, that’s a name that we can add to out list of baby names. Well, a shortened, funkier version like Suzie - with a Z. [pause] Belle sooooooooooooo suits you more - much funkier”

All that Belle CAN do at this moment is waaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss her fiancé, before the two just take comfort of hugging each other.

Jack & McGrath arrive at the house of Glenda Howard, who well & truly reiterates what she told Jack on the phone [about how the girl she saw THAT fateful night muchly matches the additional pics that the police show her of Belle.

As the police bail form Glenda’s house, both McGrath & jack are thinking the same thing. Its time to head to the beach house, to talk to Belle about the night of Kimmy’s murderer – as things are REALLY stacking up against Matilda’s fiancé.

Soon after, Jack & McGrath arrive. McGrath tells Belle and housemates [incl Irene] that they want Belle to accompany the police to the station for further questioning. Naturally, Maddie & Irene & Annie insist on going to the station too.

After they all get to YC police, Jack & McGrath interview Belle, who continues to protects her innocence, as she tells the police her exact movements that night, which Belle insists soooooooooo do NOT include going anywhere near the motel, but nothing that she says seems to convince McGrath & Jack. Indeed, to further their thoughts, Jack exits the interview room, and speaks to Glenda, who, unbeknownst to Belle, is watching the entire interview form an adjacent [with a one way mirror] room. Glenda tells Jack that there is NO doubt is her mind, having now seen Belle up close [during the interview] that it was Belle she saw THAT night.

Jack re enters the interview room, and whispers the info [that Glenda told him] to McGrath. The latter then informs Belle that she is being CHARGED with the murder of Kimmy Hyde!!!!!

To Be Continued …….. [Wednesday, 12/12/07]

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Susan sooooooooooooo doesn't suit Belle .... i rem that she was given that name by the couple that Kitty, well, sold Belle too [after telling Amanda that her bub didn't survive childbirth.

As for Glenda, you'll see .......

CHAPTER 13!!!!!!!

Jack handcuffs Belle and as she continues she continues to PLEAD her innocence, Jack leads Belle out of the interview room and into the main area of the station [on the way to the cells], past the TOTALLY disbelieving Matilda, Annie & Irene!!!

Matilda & Belle try to kiss, but McGrath prevents this, and as Belle is taken by Jack into the corridor which leads to the holding cells, the distraught Matilda is hugged by Annie. Irene, meanwhile, tries to get some answers form McGrath. Irene can't believe what has happened, and the info about a witness comes as a COMPLETE shock!!!

Irene is keen to fight this and find the REAL truth. So too is Annie, but ALL Matilda wants to do right now is to be with Belle. McGrath, thankfully, lets Matilda talk to Belle, with the newly charged criminal in a holding cell & Matilda just on the other side of the steel bars that imprison her beloved. Naturally, an officer is keeping watch.

Irene & Annie split up, in a bid to find Alf, when they arrive back in the Bay. Irene heads for the surf club, whilst Annie makes her way to the diner. When Annie enters, she sees Alf, and [facing in his direction] blurts out “Belle’s been charged with Kimmy’s murder!!! We need you to contact Morag!!!”.

As Annie catches her breath, and then talks calmly to Alf about what’s happened, the on duty Colleen [who heard what Annie said what she 1st entered] is now salivating at the thought of Matilda/Belle being [physically at least] split up for quite a while if Belle is sentenced to time “inside”.

Jazz is at home when she remembers something about the night of the murder. Jazz phones the police, and she insist to Jack [who takes the call] that she can well & truly clear her name off the suspects list. Jazz tells Jack that she refuelled her car when she was on her way to the city THAT night, and she did this [refuelled] not long after she turned around and headed back to the Bay. Jazz insists that security camera footage from the service station that she went to should prove that there is NO chance that she could have made it back to the crime scene by the time the murder was committed.

After the call ends, Jack speaks to McGrath. Although they ARE certain that they already have the killer in custody, McGrath tells Jack to get hold of those surveillance camera tapes – so another suspect in the murder is TOTALLY eliminated.

Meanwhile, throughout the Bay, Belle’s name is in EVERYONE’S lips. Most, if not all, really didn’t like Kimmy, but actually killing him is another matter altogether.

At the same time that Annie, Luc & Gypsy discuss the best way to help their great friend, Morag arrives in the area and head straight for the YC police station. Morag [interview room] speaks to Belle about what’s occurred, with Maddie & Irene out in the main area of the station. Irene can see that Matilda is trying ALL she can not to lose it completely.

Back in the interview room, Morag tells Belle that, despite the evidence that the police seem to have against Belle, that she totally BELIEVES that Belle is indeed innocent. However, when Morag makes a request to McGrath to have Belle released on bail, the request is rejected. McGrath insists that a judge has ordered that, because of the nature of the crime, Belle MUST remain in police custody until the case goes to court.

Morag [alone] exits the interview room, and Maddie can instantly tell that things haven’t gone well. Morag begins to tell Matilda & Irene exactly what the situation is, when Belle is led out of the interview room and [once more] past her lover. Maddie is too quick for the police this time – and IS able to quickly kiss her soul mate.

When Belle is almost out of sight [being taken back to the cells], Maddie thinks that although she’d LOVE to be with Belle right now, she thinks it’s a better plan to find out who REALLY killed Kimmy. As Matilda catches one last glimpse of Belle, as her fiancé is taken through the doorway heading for those cells, Maddie yells out “I’ll save you!!!”

Matilda slowly calms herself, and she is encouraged when Irene whispers that Lucas, Annie & Gypsy are already planning on some SERIOUS amateur detective work – and as they exit the police station, Matilda insists, “I HAVE to help them”

Irene, realising that there’s no chance of being able to stop the determined teen, says “Just don’t go overdoing things, girly” [as Matilda well & truly notices that Irene is looking straight at her baby bump]

Matilda then phones Annie and they arrange for the 4some – Annie, Matilda, Lucas & Gypsy – to meet on the beach near the surf club. After Annie gets off the phone, she, Lucas & Gypsy go to bail form the diner. Colleen sees this, and wonders why the trio is in such a hurry. Annie [despite the “DON’T tell her” look form Gypsy] DOES inform Colleen, prompting a suggestion that the 4some should split up into pairs, with Gypsy and Annie in one paring and, of course, Luc & Maddie the other. Gypsy, who knows all about Colleen’s wishes for Luc & Maddie to get together, snaps back, “Colleen, I’ve NEVER listened to ANY of your advice before, so don’t even BEGIN to think that I’m going to start now”. With that, Gypsy, Annie & Lucas exit the diner.

As they head for the beach, radio news reports [and local gossip] inform ppl that the dangerous killer hasn’t been released on bail. Whilst those who TRULY know Belle can’t believe that this has happened, Nurse Julie [hospital] notices the almost immediate relief in Rachel’s mannerisms & speech patterns. Julie thinks of the phone call of Rachel’s that she partly overheard on the day that the suspected murder weapon was found at the beach house. Julie also think to herself that she is glad she didn’t go to the police about the phone call which made her think that, just mayb, Rachel is the one who ended Kimmy’s life.

On the beach, Matilda, Gypsy, Annie and Luc talk about what’s happened with Belle – and as they do, Maddie well & truly thanks Gypsy for Will looking after Archie today. Gypsy muchly insists that it’s an easy payback for Matilda & Belle looking after Shannon several times since Gypsy & co hit town.

Although Matilda & the other realise that although there’s no real way they can prove that the vase was planted in Annie’s room, all 4 can see the funny side when Annie tells them that Irene [jokingly] just wished that her house was still being “observed” by Tasha’s rich dad – with ALL those cameras he secretly had installed a few years ago.

Matilda suggests that they focus on the reported witness sighting of Belle near the crime scene THAT night, which prompts Luc to speculate that the might be able to garner further info form Lara. Matilda is a tad cautious about doing things via official channels, and says, “Hey, we ALL know that ppl have been “stitched up” in this town and gone to jail – like Ric & Alf. I think we should just take our chances and hang out near the motel. I KNOW that Belle is, to me, THE most DDG person in the universe, but with that bob cut and dark hair of hers, she’s not as distinctive as, say, you Gypsy, with those red lockes of yours”

Annie wonders, “You think it’s a case of mistaken identity?”

Matilda confidently replies, “Of course. My Belle didn’t do this”

Gypsy drives Matilda & the other to the motel where Kimmy was killed. When they arrive, Matilda even phones Irene, to tell her that she & Annie “might” be home a little bit late tonight. She doesn’t reveal their current whereabouts, or plans, though.

Matilda & her friends walk about the streets near the motel for quite a while – not knowing of course exactly in which house the witness resides in. It’s a long, and ultimately fruitless, night. They DID encounter some teens, but no one who could even remotely be considered to be mistaken for Belle.

When Annie & the others do arrive home, it IS muchly late at night, but all 4 has ppl waiting up for them, incl Tony for Luc. Tony tells his son that Lara [at work] wants Lucas to call her. As Lucas pick up the phone, he does so with a sense of trepidation. After all, shouldn’t he be supportive of his girlfriend’s colleagues’ decision? Lucas also wonders if Lara is perhaps worried about how much time he is spending with Matilda, esp. in light of Kit & Kimmy getting back together because of THEIR child.

To Be Continued …….. [saturday, 15/12/07]

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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY glad that you're enjoying ...

I sooooo just couldn't help incl that thing about Tasha's dad, and another FINE Gypsy Vs Colleen stoush !!!

Re Glenda, things start to REALLY develop further with her on page 74 of my handwritten draft - to put it into perspective, the end of Ch 13 is bout halfway down page 67 !!!

Change of plans ……. Here’s [a day early] CHAPTER 14!!!!!!!

Lucas almost immediately tells Lara about the group’s amateur detective work, and whilst she IS a little annoyed at the Bay’s new Scooby gang, the real reason why Lara called is simply that she just wanted to chat to her b/f, as it’s a pretty slow night at the police station.

Meanwhile, in another part of Lara’s workplace, the imprisoned Belle thinks of the weeks that she spent in TOTAL darkness earlier this year - when she was kidnapped by drug gang that incl both Alex & Cassie. Belle thinks that although she has WAAAAY more room in this cell than that cramped, dank one a few months ago, at least back then she had Matilda & Annie by her side. Belle, who had been siting on the little cell bed, finally lies down on it – it feels, well, AGONISING not to have Matilda beside her, like her beloved has been EVERY night since she moved into the beach house [and Belle’s room] within days of the trio being freed form THAT dark “hell”.

Belle finds it VERY hard to drift off to sleep – and Matilda is having exactly the same problem. BOTH girls are SOOOOO thinking of each other, wanting to just hug, or even just touch their lover. Belle does EVENTUALLY drift of to sleep, but before Matilda does likewise, Annie, who is “camping” in Matilda & Belle’s room [on a trundle bed], hears her great friend all but balling her eyes out.

Next morning, Belle wakes – the cell bed certainly is nowhere near as comfortable as her own. Belle IS, however, pleased that she remembers the dream that she had last night – of being “intimate” with Matilda in their own bed.

Meanwhile, when Matilda awakes [not long after Belle did], she realise that she is NOT alone – as lying, no still ASLEEP, beside her [on Belle’s side of the bed] is ANNIE !!!. Matilda, for the briefest of moments thought that it was Belle beside her, and that Belle being locked up at the police station was just one big [whilst Matilda slept] nightmare. Matilda also briefly contemplates waking “Belle” with a hug, but she thinks it best not to, so Matilda quietly, slowly exits both the bed and the room. As Maddie enters the main part of the house, Irene, who is already up & about, sees Matilda, and she sooooo knows that Maddie is way stressed, so Irene MUCHLY hugs her young housemate.

Elsewhere, Morag is also up & about. She heads straight for the YC police station, and when Morag enters, Lara [whose shift will soon end] informs her that Jazz has a watertight alibi – the security camera footage from the petrol station confirms what Jazz told Jack on the phone.

Morag is allowed, with the just arrived on duty Jack overseeing the matter, to speak to Belle. Morag tells her client that the trial date has been set for next Tuesday, a week form today. Belle once more pleads her innocence, but Morag insists that given all the evidence [although some of it IS just circumstantial] that the police has against Belle, they’ll certainly have a fight on their hands proving that Belle is indeed innocent

Annie [beach house] awakes – and is WAAAAY surprised that she is in Belle & Matilda’s bed. Annie is sooooooooo embarrassed by what’s happened, and when she enters the main area of the house, Annie’s head is tilted down even more than it usually is. Matilda sees this, and says, “Thank you SOOOOO much for last night and ESPECIALLY this morning, Annie. It was AWESOME to wake up and see your cute little face beside me”

Annie [still rather perplexed] replies, “I don't even remember getting out of the trundle bed”

Maddie [totally tongue in cheek] responds, “Looks like Belle Obi-Wan’d you”, and as Maddie & Irene both start to laugh, Annie has a “What ARE you going on about?” look on her face.

Soon after, as Annie does the breakfast thing, Matilda gets ready to go to the police station – and after Irene takes Maddie there, Jack says that Matilda can talk to Belle, but not for too long. As Maddie & Belle set eyes on each other after their 1st night apart in soooooooooo long, the emotion levels in the room are so palpable, you seriously could cut them with a knife. Both want to even just hold hands, but they know that it is forbidden. Belle’s spirits are lightened by the whole “Annie slept in our bed” thing, but she’s not so uplifted by Matilda’s all but whispered news of the lack of success [near the motel]last night.

At the diner, Colleen tries her best to hold in her glee that the current bain of her existence [Matilda/Belle] spent last night, and could be spending MANY more, without the other by their side.

That night, Maddie, Gypsy, Lucas & Annie head out again to near the motel. They do, once more, encounter some teens, but when Gypsy & co ask if the teens have encountered a girl who looks like Belle, they say that they haven’t. Maddie & her friends sense nothing to suggest the ppl that they encountered are lying.

After ANOTHER difficult night apart, Matilda vists her beloved at the police station. They are allowed to speak to each other as Morag speaks to her client. Despite being in the same room, with just a table separating them, Maddie & Belle kinda feel like they are chatting on msn messenger – as they can see other, but not being able to each other brings both teens to tears.

Belle & Matilda aren’t the only ones having a tense day. Rachel is tending to a female patient at the hospital when the woman’s husband enters the room – with a small bunch of, it looks like, hand picked flowers. This allows Rachel to see the vase that the flowers are in – and it looks JUST like the one that is believed to be the murder weapon. Memories of Kimmy – both happy and sad – come flooding into Rachel’s mind, and both the patient and her husband can see that something has muchly affected Dr Armstrong. The couple wonder if they can help Rachel in any way, and Rachel responds by enquiring where he got that vase form. The patient’s husband says that one of the nurses gave in to him, after he arrived on the ward with just the flowers.

Rachel, after she’s finished tending to her patient, goes into the lunchroom – and she wonders what REALLY happened THAT night. Could she have, say, killed Kimmy, and then completely blanked it out of her mind? Rachel hopes that this isn’t what happened, but she also knows that she was more than a tad annoyed at the things that Kimmy did in the days prior to his murder.

Whilst Annie is at school, and paying all but NO attention to any of her teachers, Luc & Maddie make the journey to the city to see Kit. Once there, Maddie starts to cry, as she “breaks” and tells Kit EVERYTHING that’s happened, esp. about how Belle has been charged with a crime that even Morag doesn’t believe that she committed. After “spilling her guts”, Matilda IS kinda relieved that Kit didn’t chose that very moment to awake from her coma.

At SBH, it’s Geoff, along with Sally [with no Maddie, Belle or Lucas there of course], who comes to Annie’s defence when she is picked on because of what’s been happening. All the taunts DO, however, give Annie even more resolve – she vows to Sally & Geoff that she IS going to get Belle out of the holding cell AND ensure that her great friend doesn’t go to an actual prison.

That night, Maddie & the rest of the Scooby gang decide to try their luck just one more time – looking for this girl that they hope looks just like Matilda’s beloved. They all see more teens, some the same as the nights’ previous, before Annie [paired with Lucas] spots a girl who looks VERY familiar. Annie phones Maddie [who is partnered with Gypsy] whilst Lucas approaches the girl that Annie spotted. Lucas CAN tell that there are OH SO MINOR differences tween this girl and his former g/f, but he also can MUCHLY see how a person, who doesn’t know Belle as well as Maddie & the others do, could mistake this teen for Belle.

The girl wonders why Lucas asked her to stop, and Lucas tells the dark haired teen about her resemblance to Belle. When Lucas asks, the girl tells him that her name is Helena – and then she quickly demands to see a photo of this Belle for herself. Gypsy & Matilda arrive at the spot where their friends are. Maddie is PARTICULARLY taken aback by how closely Helena resembles her fiancé - even their clothes are not that dissimilar, and Helena seems rather intrigued when Maddie shows her a photo of [together in a rather sexy pose] Belle & Matilda.

To Be Continued ….. [i'd say Tueday next week]

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AWESOMELY glad that you are WAAYY enjoying !!!

Must admit, although I LOVE “Bones”, I’ve hadn’t even thought of that reference that the chapter kinda has – amongst refs to the original Scooby’s AND the Buffy version, plus SN and SW.

I love the difference tween these 2 times that Belle has been held against her will – it’s THAT reason why I’ve had it that she looks way guilty …. AND the gut wrenching emotions of these two being apart. ................... Naturally, info about Helena, Glenda and THAT Rachel phone call is coming!!!!!

Chapter 15 will now be posted tomorrow [19/12/07] as comp issues prevented me from doing so today. The bonus is that chapter 15 should now contain MORE, as I can type more scenes form the draft morrow before I post it here !!!

CHAPTER 15!!!!!!!

After Maddie gives Helena a rather succinct [deliberately not overly emotional, as Maddie didn’t want to look like a blithering idiot] account of what’s happened, Helena [whose voice has a slight eastern European accent, as does her mother's] admits that she had heard something about the murder at the motel, but didn’t really pay any attention to it. Gypsy then wonders if there’s been any bad blood tween Helena and anyone who lives around this area, and Helena gets rather defensive – and insists that she can’t help Matilda and her friends. Luc tells Helena that both his brother and his g/f are police officers, and whilst Gypsy tries a different strategy - telling Helena some of the mischief that she’s got herself into over the years, its only when Matilda VERY emotionally PLEADS to the Belle look-alike for help, with talk of how much of an injustice it is for Matilda’s beloved to be in THAT holding cell, does Helena relent, and agree to go with Annie and the others to YC police station

When they arrive, Luc alone enters and the on duty Lara is rather surprised to see him. Luc tells his g/f that there may be a serious flaw in the case against Belle, and Lara [like Gypsy & co] is INDEED shocked when [side by side] Matilda & Helena enter the station, with Gypsy & Annie close behind them. Luc CAN tell [just from a very subtle change of expression on Lara’s face] that she is annoyed that he & his friends took the law into their own hands, but Lara does agree to speak to Helena about what’s occurred.

After Lara & Helena enter the interview room, Lara is a tad surprised when Helena immediately wonders if Glenda Howard is the witness that the police have mentioned in the media. Lara confirms that it is Glenda that saw Belle THAT night near the motel. Helena admits that she passed by the witness’s house at approx 10.30pm, [which Lara knows IS the time that Glenda claimed to see Belle, AND is info that supposedly ONLY Glenda & the police knew], as Helena and her parents live not that far away form Glenda. Lara wonders if there are “issues” tween Helena’s family and the witness and although it takes it bit of coaxing form Lara, Helena finally admits that there is – but Helena won’t elaborate. Lara ends the interview by telling the Belle look-alike that the police will be investigation her story.

Lara & Helena re-enter the main area of the station, and Lara tells Matilda & the others that although this does partially affect things, it certainly doesn’t change the fact that the vase was found at the beach house. Maddie suggest that, just maybe, that she was right all along – that Belle is indeed being framed by someone. Lara insists that the police will investigate things further, but Lara can’t promise anything.

Matilda wonders if she can briefly speak to Belle, AND show her Helena. Lara insists that Maddie & Helena must be VERY quick about it. Meanwhile, in her cell, Belle is trying to get to sleep, but somehow, she just KNOWS that her beloved is near. Belle hears the cell bay door open – and she is pleased, but intrigued, when Lara says that she has visitors [this late at night] that she can speak to very briefly. Belle is OVERJOYED when she sees Matilda, but she is AMAZED when she sees Helena – its like Belle is looking into a mirror, so close is their resemblance !!!! Matilda tells the still muchly in shock Belle that this IS the change of luck that they’ve been after.

As the 2 lovers talk [with THOSE holding cell bars tween them], Helena’s mobile rings – it’s her mum wondering where she is. Helena says that she will be home soon – she doesn’t say anything about being at a police station though. When the call ends, Helena admits that she has to get home – as that was her folks. Matilda takes that, added to the annoyed looks from Lara, as her cue to bail. Because of Lara’s presence, the 2 lovers decide against any kind of physical contact, and muchly air kiss each other.

As Annie & the others exit the station, Gypsy aggress to take Helena home, and on the journey there [Helena’s home], Matilda & Luc, respectively, phone Irene & Tony. Both aren’t exactly thrilled that Matilda and the others [especially Annie, who has school tomorrow] ARE going to be so late home [it’s about 10pm btw], but news of the discovery of Helena quells some of Irene & Tony’s anger.

Gypsy drops Helena off at her home, and when the Belle “clone” enters her house, she [rather tersely/angrily, call it a rant if you will] says, “We have a MAJOR, major problem!!! Our Intel ppl have TOTALLY F***ED up!!!! I look just like the identical twin of a girl who lives not too far form here, and I’ve seen her in person so trust me. And, oh, she’s up for murder – AND it looks that old woman that we’ve been trying to get our things from, dobbed my “twin” into the police!!!!”

Helena’s “parents” are waaaay surprised by her outburst, and her “father” Alan responds [rather defensively], “It’s not like these ppl don’t have non biological identical twins – just take a look at these two” [as he brings up an image of Brooke Satchwell & Billie Piper on a computer screen]

Helena [still annoyed] replies, “But they’re both FAMOUS!!! ….. AND they don’t live in the next town to each other!!!! Is there ANY way that I can change, and NOT like look anyone who lives around here?”

Saskia, Helena’s “mum”, [who looks like Aussie actress Roxanne Wilson, see below] responds, “You know the deal. That kind of energy transfer would alert our enemies to our presence. That mustn’t happen before we get what we came here for – THAT recording device which is buried under Glenda’s house. If Glenda or another human or ESPECIALLY our enemies find it before we do …”

Helena cuts in [kinda annoyed still],”I know. [more sombre] Our comrades, no, our FRIENDS are doomed”

Alan [who looks like Oz actor Tony Martin – see below] says, “Now Helena, you WILL have to go through with this police thing now. After all, despite the “intrigue” of the situation, the humans just think that you just weirdly look just like this other girl”

Helena wonders, “But, won’t I then be in mission ruining trouble – when Glenda tells the police that she’s seen me in her yard a few times?”

Saskia responds, “Perhaps we COULD use some of our tech to change the records of that house – to say that our relatives once owned/rented the place”

Helena replies, “So, we’re losing the softly, softly approach then?”

Alan responds, “Perhaps. We’ll decide tomorrow.”

Next morning [Wednedsay], Jack arrives at work. Luc’s already filled him in [at home] with parts of what’s going on [belle & Helena etc] and Lara give Jack & McGrath a more formal heads up before she exits the station at the end of her shift. Not long after, Jack & McGrath are the latest to be taken aback by the similarities tween the 2 dark haired teens, when Helena and her parents enter the station. McGrath & Jack get a little more than they bargained for – when Saskia & her family tell them that Helena HAS been going into Glenda Howard’s yard, because the residence once belonged to their relatives. McGrath “suggests” that Alan and his family should be as up front with Glenda as they have been with the police. Helena then whispers something to her “dad”, who in turn asks McGrath and he & his “wife” could, perhaps, talking to this Belle girl who looks like their “daughter”. McGrath isn’t so keen on the idea so Saskia takes the initiative and says [to McGrath], “I think we’ve wasted enough of your time already. [looks in Alan & Helena’s direction] Come on, let’s go and try to resolve the situation with that Howard woman”

After the Earnhardt family exit the station, Helena says, “Thanks for that, mum. Now, if you’re hoping to REALLY know what going on in my “twin’s” head, I say we talk to her fiancé. These two are WAAAAAAAY “tight”. Oh, and Matilda, Belle’s beloved, lives in the house where the suspected weapon [in the murder case that has imprisoned Belle] was located. I’ve seen Belle with my OWN eyes, I read her mind and I KNOW what she did THAT night and NONE of it involved killing. I REALLY think that we should help these ppl – especially since I’m part of the reason that Belle’s locked up like that. And, hey, maybe Matilda and her friends can help US find what we’re looking for [at Glenda’s house]”

Saskia & her family decide that they WILL go and see Matilda, and thanks to the knowledge that Helena has gained [form a bit of mind reading as she talked to Maddie when they encountered each other last night], the trio heads for the beach house. When they arrive, Irene is intrigued when 2 unfamiliar faces [Alan & Saskia] wonder if they can speak to Matilda, but before Irene responds, Helena comes into her sight. Irene is a “tad” [read massively] surprised – even though Matilda & the others told her about a girl who looks just like Belle, actually seeing Helena is the flesh is something else!!! Irene points the Earnhardt family in the direction of the main beach, which is where Maddie [with Archie] is hanging out with Luc and Gypsy & her family. Naturally, after the Earnhardts have bailed, Irene’s still “shaking her head” at the sight of Helena.

On their way to the beach, Helena & her “parents” discuss what’s going on. Helena insists that with a simple conversation with Matilda, she’ll be able to find out more about what’s going on [through mind reading], even without talking about the murder itself.

Helena’s thoughts were indeed correct, as all it took was the now standard shock factor [about Helena] from Gypsy & her family, for Helena to see what’s going – as the Belle look-alike focussed on Matilda. As she read Maddie’s mind, Helena also sense that Matilda might be able to be trusted enough with the info about who the Earnhardts REALLY are. Helena tells Saskia & Alan of her plans, before asking Matilda if they can speak to each other one on one. Maddie agrees to do so – but on the condition that they do so on the way to, and AT the diner.

On the way to the eatery, Matilda jokes about how much fun they will have at Colleen’s expense – even if she has been told about the resemblance tween Belle & Helena. The latter, knowing/sensing the closeness of Maddie/Belle, says [kinda tongue in cheek],”I wonder. Do you think us kissing as we enter will be too much?”

Maddie responds, “REALLY sounds like I’m not the only one with issues with old women then”, and both teens laugh.

Helena & Matilda enter the diner arm in arm, coincidentally just as Colleen exits the kitchen. Her jaw, AND the food order in her hands, drops to the floor. As the plate smashes, Helena sensed a VERY powerful thought from someone nearby, whilst Leah [in kitchen], having heard the commotion, enters the main part of the eatery, just as Matilda [sarcastically] says, “Colleen, I would have thought that YOU of ALL ppl would have known about Helena by now.”

Maddie [in a mostly apologetic tone] adds, “I’m REALLY sorry, Leah”, just before the 2 teens bail form the diner.

As Maddie & Helena head back to where Luc & the others are, Helena says, “I know that we just shocked Colleen but, well, I’m about to surprise you”

Matilda [jokingly] responds, “Don’t tell me that you’re in love with me too?”

Helena replies, “No, it’s much more serious than that. I THINK that I can waaaaay trust you. I’m not who you think I am, and my parents, they soooo aren’t REALLY my parents. Are you a fan of sci fi films, Maddie?”

Matilda responds, “Not overly. I'm more a rom com girl”

Helena says, "Well, you’ve at least heard of shape shifters? [Matilda nods] Well, I’m from a species who can do that … and I can read minds too."

After a LONG pause, with Maddie's only "response" being a shocked look on her face, Helena enquires, "Matilda, PLEASE say something ….. ANYTHING !!!”

To Be Continued …… [Friday, 21/12/07]


"Alan" is 3rd from the left. Its ironic, given who Gypsy’s bub Shannon is named after, that the actress to “Alan’s” left [Rachael Blake] played Mandy Thomas in H&A

Saskia.jpg Saskia, Helena’s “mum”

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I just couldn’t help adding a sci fi/SN element to the tale [shock] ….. .

Oh, and Helena doesn’t have a thought ABOUT someone as such, she sensed a strong thought FROM someone ….. Think of Buffy and the canteen lady in “Earshot”

Re the various names of the characters that I’ve created for this fic –

1. Helena is from the actress who played Lynn Davenport, Helena Bozich;

2. Earnhardt is the surname of 2 of my fave US race car drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jnr AND his legendary [deceased] father, Dale Snr;

3. Saskia is form Aussie actress Saskia Burmeister [The Jammed, Sea Patrol];

4. Alan is courtesy of the Danish race car driver who won this year’s Oz GT [sports car] title, Alan Simmonsen; and

5. Glenda Howard – surname form the now [thankfully] ex Oz Prime Minster John Howard, and 1st name from somone at my work.

Btw, I’ve made a couple of changes to Ch 15, which are in italics

Chapter 16 will now be posted tomorrow [22/12/07] !!

CHAPTER 16!!!!!!!

After ANOTHER long pause, Matilda VERY bewilderedly replies, “So ..…. I’m thinking …..…..that you’re either a real life version of the ppl in that show …. with the cheerleader played by Hayden Panettiere ….or ……... my mum, who’s dead btw, sent you to me ….. or ……. I’m hanging out with alien ….. maybe? … who looks my beloved ……. And what’s with the mind reading thing?”

Helena decides to be TOTALLY honest [despite the possible “escape clauses”]. She leans over and whispers in Matilda’s ear, "I AM an alien …. and the mind reading is why I KNOW 270% that Belle DIDN’T kill this guy … AND I know who did.”

Matilda [normal volume, trying to process everything] responds, "WHO? No, wait. If you’re an alien, how can we prove what you’ve said? The police will want HARD evidence …. and why are you helping us like this? …. and you weren’t joking about being an alien, were you?”

Helena replies, "DEFINITELY not joking. As for helping you, the reason myself and my parents, colleagues, call them what you will, are here is to retrieve some evidence to prove that some of OUR friends aren’t guilty of a crime either”

Matilda [having heard the conviction in Helena’s voice, and now seemingly having accepted what Helena has said as the truth] wonders, “Can I see what you REALLY look like, your TRUE [alien] form?”

Helena responds, "Sorry, out of the question. Something like that would alert our enemies to our presence. We’ve REALLY had to “slum it” tech wise, compared to what we’re used to, whilst we’ve been on this mission”

Matilda wonders, “So, I’m not sure if I WANT to know did it, IF we can’t prove it. There’s GOT to be a way. Sorry, I just HAVE to know. Who killed Kimmy?”

Helena whispers the murderer’s name to Matilda, which prompts the latter to say, “WHOA!!!!! That’s BIG!!!! [more calmly] But how do we prove it? I doubt that Lara & Jack are going to go for the “Helena read the killer’s mind” idea. You couldn’t, like, do the Jedi thing on the killer and get them to confess?”

Helena replies, “Sorry ….”

Maddie cuts in, “The whole your enemies thing, I’m guessing, [Helena nods] And cool that you “got” the Jedi line, btw. How long have you & your parents been living at that house near the motel?”

Helena responds, “Not that long, a couple of weeks. We decided to settle in for a bit – didn’t want to “make waves” with the locals immediately”

Matilda wonders, “You can’t tell me your real name, can you?”

Helena replies, “When this over, perhaps – it’s a name that WOULD draw the attention of our enemies”

Matilda responds, “What ARE you looking for anyway? with the evidence thing that you mentioned. And where is it?”

Helena says, “Well, it’s like a video camera – and it’s buried under the house of the old woman who told that police that she saw Belle that night”

Maddie replies, “OH!!! That’s BIG!!! and coincidental. I could sooooooo help you find what you are looking for, and, maybe, we CAN figure out a way that you and your folks can help me & Belle. Oh, and, sorry, can I ask you old you REALLY are?”

Helena decides once more to whisper the response in Matilda’s ear, and Maddie responds [with a cheeky grin on her face], “You ARE looking GREAT for your age then”

Matilda then says, “I think that either you & me, or your parents, or maybe even Gypsy, should ask that Howard woman if we can search under her house”

Helena replies, “Maybe. After all, searching bit by bit at night hasn’t helped much.”

Matilda wonders, “Why WERE you searching for the evidence that way?”

Helena responds,”It reminded me of times past where I come form. Scavenging and all, when things were REALLY tough back home. Now, back to your idea. I’d say that it would be GREAT of you came with me & my folks when we ask Glenda”

As Helena & Matilda recommence their journey back to the beach [after having been standing, or sitting, ever since Helena decided to reveal all to Matilda], Helena’s phone rings. It’s Saskia, who says that Gypsy & the others have all quickly bailed form the beach, as baby Shannon began to be a little unwell. When the call ends, Helena passes on this info to Matilda, and the news that Luc took Archie with him when he went with Gypsy & her family back to the van park house. Matilda tells her new friend that she knows that Archie is in VERY good hands [with Luc, Gypsy, and Will].

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rachel really ISN’T glad that she’s just finished another shift – as that means her mind, which could focus on the patients that she was treating, can now focus on other things. There was just something about seeing THAT vase on the ward recently that is STILL troubling her. Its not like she actually had a flashback of killing Kimmy, but her head immedaietly had feeling of dread. Rachel knows that the mind is a complex thing, from her days of old as a psychologist, but could she REALLY have just pushed the memory soooooooo far into her subconscious that she now can’t remember it? And should she go to the police, or someone, with the news of her, well, maybe memory loss?

As Rachel continues to ponder, well, ALL of that, Matilda & Helena arrive at the beach, and as they approach Saskia & Alan, Matilda wonders, “Sorry for question 7 BILLION, but what about money? How do you guys "get by" here?"

Helena responds, "We've had a bank account here for a while - for "holidays" like this. All totally legitimate"

Matilda & Helena tell the latter's parents of their "straight up" plan of finding the missing item under Glenda's house. Helena even suggests that they take a few decoy items with them - so they can actually show that Howard woman what they've found. Helena then whispers something to Saskia, who then [in a normal volumed speaking tone] says, "So Matilda, you know who we really are now, but Helena is right. Both Alan & I can sense that you are trustworthy"

Matilda responds, "Well, ever since my mum "came" to me when I was kidnapped, I'm more, let's say, open to these sorts of things. You probably already know that my mum has .... passed away?"

Saskia replies, "I sensed that when Helena was telling me that she's told you about us. Oh, and speaking of my daughter, soooooooooo sorry that she looks just like Belle".

Maddie insists that that's not really an issue anymore [i.e. it's happened, move on] and she wonders, "I know that you're going tech free, but is there ANY way that you can help. I NEED evidence against the REAL killer?"

Saskia replies, "We’re sure to come up with something"

After Matilda gets into the car of her new friends, and the drive to Glenda's house begins, the questions from Matilda recommence. She subtly discovers that the recording device under THAT house was morphed into another object, a small-ish scale model car, when it was buried sometime within the last 20 [Earth] years. Also, that Helena & co come form a species that has same sex 'ships, and that none of the trio are [on Earth] the opposite of the gender that they are "back home".

When they arrives at Glenda's house, Helena does the [typical] teenage thing, and tells Glenda that "my parents forced me to apologise" before Alan asks if his family, with Matilda's help, can look under Glenda's house for the item that belonged top their relatives. Glenda IS rather sceptical, but Alan IS rather charming [helps that he is a First Contact ambassador at "home"] and the woman in her mid 60s agrees to let them search. Glenda does, however, insist that she WILL be keeping an eye on Matilda and the Eanhardts.

Elsewhere, Rachel is Leah's house. Earlier, she had phoned Leah and wondered if Leah could bail form her shift at the diner - so they could talk about something REALLY important. Naturally, Leah made the necessary arrangements, and is now talking at home talking to her close friend. Rachel tells Leah about her suspicions about the vase, and what might have happened. When Rachel enquires, Leah isn't exactly keen on the idea of Rachel going to the police with this story of possibly blocking everything out - esp. when Rachel would have had to have gone to so much trouble [gloves to "mask" fingerprints of the vase, taking Archie to the beach house] if she had committed the crime. Leah also suggests that Rachel's idea of going under hypnosis, given EVERYTHING that Kimmy have put Rachel though, isn't exactly a brilliant one either.

As Helena & the others continue to dig in the dirt under Glenda's house for buried recording device, Glenda "suggests" that she would like, in future, some help in and around her house [gardens etc] for allowing Saskia & co to search. Matilda, knowing that the Eanhardt's "holiday" is over as soon as the device is found, offers the services of herself & her friends. Matilda thinks to herself that her new friends are sure to think of a way to use the no doubt advanced tech to free Belle in THAT holing cell. She also imagines herself and the REAL Belle doing odd jobs around this place in the near future. In the present, however, Matilda takes comfort in the fact that whenever Helena says something, Matilda [despite Helena's accent] "hears" Belle saying those words.

As the searching continues, Matilda quietly asks Helena why exactly the recording device IS here on Earth. Helena [totally telling the truth btw] tells Matilda that the previous EVIL regime in control on her home had some of her friends locked up in prison. Helena and those opposed to the regime has evidence [on the recording device] that their friends aren't responsible for the crime that they've been thrown in jail for, but the evidence had to be hidden so it couldn't be found, and destroyed, by the evil doers in power. Helena continues by saying that now that that evil regime has been overthrown, the evidence is now being retrieved and CAN used to free her comrades.

To Be Continued …… [close to New Year’s Eve]

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  • 2 weeks later...

CHAPTER 17!!!!!!!

Helena also comments to Matilda that she & her family here on Earth know that their enemies have a ship that is orbiting the planet, just waiting for to pounce on ANY sign of non Earth tech/energy signatures.

As the searching continues, Matilda thinks that, despite being under Glenda’s house, its hot & sweaty work trying to find the recording device. She seriously thinks about phoning the likes of Luc and others for help, but Matilda isn’t sure if Glenda would like even more ppl searching under her house.

Soon after, Alan is about to suggest that they take a short break, but Saskia calls out to the group that she thinks that she is getting very close to finding the “treasure”. The other 3 converge on where Saskia has been digging, and sure enough, within a few minutes, Helena finds the [morphed into a toy Earth car for security purposes] recording device.

Helena waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hugs Matilda – for helping the aliens find the evidence that they need, and Matilda & new friends eagerly thank Glenda for letting them search under her house. Alan even “feeds” Glenda a credible story as to why this toy car is soooooo important – that it’s a limited edition toy [protected by a sturdy plastic case] from the 1960s which is rather valuable now. Just before Matilda and the” out of towners” bail, Matilda gives Glenda her mobile number, so they can arrange for Maddie & her friends [hopefully incl Belle] to help the woman in her mid 60s with those various things around her house.

Once Matilda & the Earnhardts are in Alan’s car, Matilda REALLY starts to verbally think to/at her new friends. She wonders if there is ANY way that they CAN use their own tech, either without being detected by their enemies, or before their enemies “lock onto” them. Matilda also wonders if Helena & her parents actually have a scanner that is sensitive/powerful enough to detect a fingerprint even if someone [e.g. Kimmy’s killer] was wearing gloves. Before Helena & her folks can answer that, Matilda continues to just put even more thoughts out there – like wondering if Alan could use his sweet talking skills on the killer.

Another suggestion is that maybe the killer might be staying quiet because it’s Belle who has been charged with the murder. Matilda suggests that they should, maybe, try to get, say, Rachel to confess, or at the very least, put word about town that she is going to go to the police. Maddie adds “I know that you guys can’t “alter” Rachel’s opinion, BUT it would be a GREAT help to at least know what she is thinking”.

Matilda is muchly pleased when Saskia & her new friends agree to her latest suggestion, and then she remembers what ELSE is happening. Matilda phones Gypsy, to see what is happening with little Shannon. Maddie is a little surprised when Luc answers Gypsy’s mobile, but he says that Gypsy & Will are a “little” preoccupied at the moment – with worry for their bub. Matilda is surprised, yet pleased [given her own suggestions of late] that Rachel is currently at the van park house, as Gypsy got very concerned for her child. Naturally, all this talk about children prompts Matilda to wonder about Archie, and Luc tell her that the recently home form school Annie is taking care of Archie like her were her own child.

Soon after, Matilda, Helena, Alan & Saskia arrive at the van park house. When they enter, Rachel has Archie is his arms, with a VERY protective looking Annie close by. Maddie is pleased to hear that Shannon’s illness isn’t as nearly as bad as Gypsy & Will thought it was.

After Matilda tells Luc, Annie, Gypsy etc of her day helping the Earnhardts, Saskia has a quiet word in Matilda’s ear. Saskia says that, through reading Rachel’s mind, she has discovered that Dr Armstrong IS racked with guilt, thinking that she may have killed Kimmy and blocked it out. Matilda decides to speak To Rachel, and she JUST sees [out of the corner of her eye] Rachel bail form the house, so Maddie follows her out. The pregnant teen calls out to Rachel and wonders if she would like to help Matilda free Belle from THAT holding cell. Rachel is waaaaay skeptical when Matilda tells her that she KNOWS who the killer is, but can’t prove it. When Rachel enquires, Maddie tells her that she who the killer is because her Saskia is kinda in the same [psych field] profession that Rachel used to be in. Rachel wonders if Matilda should be so trusting of these ppl who, because of Helena’s looks, have “landed” Belle in jail. Matilda insists that she just KNOWS that Saskia & her family ARE telling the truth. Matilda offers to tell Rachel who the killer is, but Rachel insists that she can’t help, even when Matilda [as Rachel is getting into her car] angrily accuses her of letting Belle “rot” in jail for a crime that she didn’t commit.

After Rachel drives off, the “slightly” stressed Matilda calms herself – there’s no point in letting Kimmy [even after his death] affecting the lives of even more Hunters, in this case esp. Maddie’s unborn child - and she goes back into the van park house, where she tells Helena that Rachel wouldn’t go along with her plan. Matilda then phones Morag, and arranges a meeting with her. Matilda is VERY pleased when Morag says that she will head on over to the beach house VERY shortly.

The Earnhardts take Maddie, little Archie and Annie to the Irene’s place [dropping Luc off at the diner on the way], and Morag arrives soon after. Maddie - with Helena, her parents & Annie nearby – tells Morag the name of the person that she KNOWS is the killer, but Morag seems just a skeptical as Rachel [as to where Matilda got her information about the killer from]. Morag insists that the police have all the evidence they need, and although Morag will try her best in court to free Belle, she really doesn’t like their chances. Matilda thanks Morag for all that she has done, and will do [in court], just before Morag exits the house. Matilda then loses her cool composed demeanor, for one that is waaaaaaay more emotional. She all but screams, “That BITCH is going to get away with it!!!!”

Maddie then starts to cry – as thoughts of spending ENDLESS days & nights without her beloved Belle come into her head. In that sea of emotion, Matilda sees Helena [sitting beside her] out of the corner of her eye. Matilda can’t help it – and she KISSES the Belle look-alike!!!!!! Helena is way shocked by Matilda’s actions, so much so, because it’s a new sensation for Helena, that she even starts to kiss Matilda back!!! It’s only THEN that Matilda realises what she is doing, as Helena “tastes” different to what Matilda is used too, so Matilda pulls away.

Matilda sooooooo just can’t deal with what she’s just done, so she decides instead to plough on with her thoughts from before the kiss. She exclaims, “It’s not fair!!!! That BITCH is going to get away with it!!!! [pause, then more slightly calmly] Hey, let’s shock her into a confession. [more emotional] I want my Belle back!!!!”

As Annie hugs Matilda, Helena says “Come on, there’s got to be a way that we can help them – after all, I’m the reason why Belle is inside”

Saskia wonders, “What if we DID, say, “slightly” advance humankind?”

A more composed and intrigued and hopeful Matilda replies, “What do you mean?”

Helena responds, “Saskia is thinking that we could, say, give your species a scanner that CAN detect ‘prints even if the person is wearing gloves”

Matilda replies, “Like the killer was. Hey, what about those enemies of yours, detecting you and all? And I don’t think that you can just “rock up” at the police station with new tech like that”

Annie [who is more than tad lost by what the others are saying] wonders, “Back all this up a little. What’s going on, Maddie?”

Matilda quickly replies, “Sorry, Helena & her parents are from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay “up north” [Matilda does the inverted commas actions of she says those last 2 words] – and I don’t mean far north Queensland, and the Northern Hemisphere either.”

After a short pause, Annie [having realized what Maddie has REALLY just said] responds, “OH !?!?!?!?”

Maddie replies, “Sorry Annie, tell you everything later. I only found out earlier today. [turns her head to the other side, to face Helena and her colleagues] You just can’t “rock up” with new tech like that”

Helena responds, “There’s GOT to be a way of solving both the detection problem and that one that you just mentioned Maddie.”

Alan replies, “Two of us could “Jedi” some police scientists into believing that THEY created the new scanner, and the other could create, like, a thought field – to stop our enemies form realizing what we are up to, or, at the very least it will “buy” us enough time to carry out the scanner plan”

Saskia responds, “No offence to your species Matilda, but I’d say ONE of us will “convince” the scientists, whilst 2 of us take on our “friends” in space.

Helena replies, “Alan, you “take” the Earth ppl, and me & Sas will deal with our enemies”

Matilda hugs Helena, and says, “Thank you for ALL of this”

After the embrace ends, Alan wonders [rather officially], “So do we “launch” straight away?”

Helena [tongue in cheek] responds, “I don’t know, you guys are the parents. [pause, then in a serious tone] Yep, let’s launch [pause, then in a friendly tone] Hey Maddie, mind if I’m there when Belle is released from THAT holding cell?”

Matilda replies, “Of course not”

Helena then says, “Alan, head for home. Once there, call me – and “mum” and I will “launch” the scatter field which SHOULD make it look like there LOTS of tech from our species on Earth”

Soon after, Alan is back at the Earnhardt’s house, and he phones Helena on her mobile. Alan says that he is all set to teleport the scanner to a CSIRO [Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization] lab AND to “amend” the thoughts of several of the scientists there. Helena tells Alan to wait for her signal before he “goes to work” on the scientists etc.

After the call ends, Helena instructs Matilda to go to just outside the front door [which Matilda is to leave open] of the beach house, she also “asks” Annie to go to the back door – with both girls there to stop anyone form entering and maybe breaking Helena & Saskia’s concentration. Helena then instructs Matilda to text Alan after she nods her head – with the latter action indicating that the scatter field IS in place. Matilda keys the message into her mobile and awaits the nod from Helena. Moments later, Saskia & Helena hold hands, and close their eyes.

Just beyond Earth’s atmosphere, one of the bridge officers of the enemy ship says, “Sir, I’m getting MASSIVE non Earth tech readings form ALL over the planet”

The enemy captain responds, “I want squads of 2 send to each of the locations that are showing up as having enemy tech. We MUST ensure that that evidence is DESTROYED!!!!”

Back on Earth, with a nod of Helena’s head, Matilda sends Alan THAT text message, and he does his thing. Alan teleports the scanner and can sense that the scientists etc he chose have absorbed the info that he “sent” them, including info about successful trials of the scanner AND a “subtle” suggestion for the 1st “field” use for the new invention to be the investigation into Kimmy’s murder.

Up above, the enemy squads continue to report back that there’s no sign of any non Earth tech – or the ppl that Matilda knows as Helena, Saskia & Alan.

At the Earnhardt house, Alan texts Matilda [beach house], indicating that his part of the mission is complete. Matilda, following Helena’s instruction, gets that one simple thought into her mind and Helena “picks up” that new thought. Saskia & Helena open their eyes – and the “scatter field” is no more.

Helena phones Alan, and they both congratulate each other on a job VERY well done – although some of their comments to each can’t be heard over the shouts etc of joy from Annie & especially Matilda. On the flip side of the coin, up in space, the enemy captain curses when told that the vast non Earth tech readings have COMPLETELY dissipated.

Back on Earth, whilst Helena, her family & Annie are gleefully lapping up the achievements of the 3 aliens, Annie realises that the tears that Matilda is crying AREN’T happy ones. Annie approaches her friend and says, “What’s wrong?”

Matilda [with a very teary voice] replies, “I can’t believe it!!! I kissed Helena!!!! What’s Belle going to think? She’s not here so I just go and kiss someone else”

Helena [who had heard her name mentioned] approaches Matilda, just as Annie says, “Maddie, you KNOW that Belle will understand. Helena looks just like her and you were way stressed.”

Matilda responds, “Annie, that doesn’t make what I did right. [exasperated tone] How on Earth am I going to tell her?”

Matilda’s thoughts are interrupted when the beach house land line phone starts to ring. Matilda is once more glad that she has been distracted. It’s Jack, who tells Matilda that the YC police has just got word that police scientists have perfected a new scanner that we will tested on the suspected murder weapon, as the scanner is powerful enough to detect fingerprints even if a person is wearing gloves etc. Jack tells Matilda that he just knew it what be the right thing to contact her, since Maddie & Belle are totally [except for prison bars] inseparable. After Matilda gets off the phone, she tells Annie & her new friends the good news. Not long after, Alan arrives at the beach house, and Helena, Saskia, Matilda [with little Archie] & Annie all get into the vehicle, and they head for YC police station.

When Matilda & her friends arrive at the station, there’s a hive of activity as Claire Brody has just arrived “armed” with THAT scanner. Claire instructs Jack to put place his fingers on the scanner’s LCD screen, and the device records Jack’s ‘prints. Jack then complies when Claire instructs him to put on some gloves before he retrieves the vase form the evidence room. When has returned the [interview] room where Claire is, she runs the scanner over the small cardboard box that the vase was being contained in. Claire deliberately runs the scanner over the section of the box where jack had just been holding it – and the scanner beeps, and shows up on screen that the ‘prints are an exact match for Jack’s.

Claire & Jack contact Rachel & Colleen – and instruct that to come to the station for further questioning about the murder. After they both arrive, Rachel & Colleen, along with the handcuffed Belle, are taken into the interview room. All are told about the next scanning technology. Belle is all too happy to provide the police with her fingerprints, whilst Rachel & Colleen are just as eager to clear themselves of any suspicion. Rachel knows that she has no real idea is what she perhaps did that night – but at least this new scan tech will tell her one way of the other. Belle, then Colleen and then Rachel put each of their fingers on the new scanner, and it quickly reads them. Jack removes the vase from the small box that it had been in. Claire, Jack, Rachel, Belle, Colleen and – out of the main area of the station – the likes of Maddie, Annie, Helena & her family all appear to be slightly on edge. After all, this is the very 1st time that this scanner has been used in an actual real crime investigation – well, on Earth anyway. Claire runs the new scanner over the surface of the vase. Everyone is holding their breath. One person in particular is hoping that the new tech isn’t as good as Claire said that it is.

The scanner beeps - a positive ID on fingerprints that are in the scanner’s memory!!!!!

To Be Concluded …… [in a few days time]

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Soooooooooo glad that you had plenty to ponder whilst you were away!!!

I loved coming up with all that scatter field stuff, and esp. everything to do with THAT [Mads & Helena] kiss!!!! I like your thinking about Maddie telling Belle in space …. You’ll see how all pans out ....

Hopefully, all your questions/queries will be answered in final chapter, which will be posted either later today or worst case tomorrow!!!!

Offiicially now tomorrow

CHAPTER 18!!!!!!!

Claire says, “Jack, I think you should do the honours.”

Jack responds, “Rachel [the doctor’s heart races] and Belle, [all 3 suspects’ hearts are racing] you are BOTH free to go”

As Jack removes the ‘cuffs from Belle, she almost can’t believe that she is free, but that relief quickly turns to anger. She fiercely [whilst death staring Colleen] says, “You set me up, you BITCH”

There’s no look of guilt on Colleen’s face, as Claire, eager to regain control, says “Belle, I think that you should leave the room”

Belle angrily replies, “Tell me that it’s HER!!!! ….. And if it is, I want to see her in ‘cuffs”

Claire [rather authoratively] responds, “Jack, escort Miss Taylor & Dr Armstrong from the room. Have a word to both of them before they are reunited with their families.”

Jack exits the interview room with Belle & Rachel – heading for another room so he can debrief them. Rachel, like Belle, isn’t sure what is going on. She wonders if it actually Colleen who committed the murder or maybe Colleen helped out someone else, by "merely” planting the vase at the beach house. Rachel is, however, VERY pleased that whatever she did THAT night didn’t involve killing – well, at the very least, her ‘prints weren’t on the vase.

Back in the interview room, Claire [with McGrath also in the room] begins the taped interview by saying, “Now Colleen, let’s talk about what happened that night”

With those words, Colleen seems to “break”. She’s in total shock. She can’t believe that she’s been caught … and that she even committed the crime in the 1st place. Although part of Colleen’s brain urges her NOT to talk, the guilt is too much. A teary eyed Colleen says, “I didn't mean it. Kimmy was being a total pig. You just can't do that to people like Kit, Rachel and even that brazen hussy Jazz. I just lost it – hit him with the vase. He hit his head – couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t have Archie suffer for what I did, delivered him to the beach house”

Claire, eager to takes advantage of Colleen’s current emotions, asks, “What about the vase?”

Colleen [still mostly in shock] says, “Had to hide it. Never thought that you would look in Annie’s room”

Claire wonders, “Why did you plant the vase?”

Colleen responds, “You’ve seen those 2 with their ungodly relationship?

Claire replies, “Matilda & Belle?”

Colleen [wanting to ALL of this off her chest] responds, “Of course - had to split them up, especially with young Annie under their wing now. She’s WAAAAY too impressionable. You mark my words – they’ll have her kissing girls in no time. Two girls canoodling like that. It’s just not right.”

Claire [rather officially] replies, “Neither is killing. Colleen Smart, I’m hereby charging you with the murder of Kimmy Hyde – AND for obstructing the course of justice”

Colleen doesn’t actually say anything. She just cries even more – especially with Claire puts the handcuffs on her.

In the main area of the station, Matilda & her friends [old & new] have been joined by Leah, Sally and Brad. Moments later, as Belle & Rachel emerge into the main area, Matilda IMMEDIATELY sees that Belle is NOT ‘cuffed. Belle’s beloved exclaims, “You’re FREE!!!!!!”

Matilda races over and hugs & kisses her lover. It’s the 1-st time that they’ve kissed in days, and both NEVER want THIS pash to end. Annie can’t help herself – she hugs her still kissing friends, whilst Brad & then Leah hug Rachel.

Sally & Leah then turn their attentions towards thoughts of what’s happening with Colleen – as no one has been told as yet. Maddie is keen to bail, and go somewhere private where, if she can work up the courage, she’ll tell Belle about THAT kiss, but Belle isn’t keen on going anywhere just now – not until she discovers who killed Kimmy and/or who set her up.

In the interview room, Jack makes Claire very aware that there’s still a “bit” of a crowd still on the main area of the station. Claire takes it upon herself to deal with them. She exits the interview room and goes into the main area of the station. She can see that everyone is about to “open fire” with a million questions, esp. Belle. Claire decides that the straight, factual, no nonsense approach is the way to go. She says, “Let me get this VERY clear. I want most of you to leave this station as soon as I’ve said what I’m about to. No arguments. Is THAT clear?”

Belle just knows that Claire’s comments ARE pointed at her, and she is thinking of arguing with Claire, but then it’s really TRULY sinks in to Belle that she doesn’t CARE who killed Kimmy. Belle is FREE – and eager to spend as much time as is humanly possible with the woman whose heart, soul, body, mind, touch she completely adores. As Belle looks lovingly at Matilda, Claire gladly sees the change of the look of Belle’s face, and, once everyone is silent, remarks, “Colleen has been charged with Kimmy’s murder”

Claire sees the various reactions on people’s faces – but what catches her eye most is STILL how “chilled” Belle is. Even Annie looks/seems angrier, whilst Sally seems partic concerned for Colleen. Rachel muchly looks like she’s VERY relieved, whilst Brad & esp. Leah’s emotions are torn tween feeling great for Rachel and worry about Colleen. All the while, Helena, Saskia & Alan are picking up various thoughts, esp. how one of the ppl in the room, naturally, believes that Gypsy would absolutely love to be here right now, and is imagining her reaction when she does find out. Helena pays special attention to Belle – and discovers that the outer calm she is showing ISN’T just an act.

Belle then suggest to Matilda that they should bail – and catch up on the together time that they’ve not had since Belle was locked up. As Annie [holding Archie], Belle & Matilda bail form the station, Helena tells Matilda that she and her family REALLY have to go home now, as their “holiday” is over. As Maddie, Belle & Annie says goodbye to their new friends, there’s lots of hugging going on. It’s especially weird for Belle when she kinda hugs herself - when she hugs Helena. When the embrace is over, Belle [tongue in cheek] says, “So Mads, am I gonna have to speak with an accent now? I just KNOW that you would have TOTALLY forgotten about me by now”

Matilda responds simply by MUCHLY hugging her beloved, and although Belle doesn’t “pick up” on what Matilda is truly being emotional about, Helena can tell that inside Matilda is WAAAAAAAAAY worried about THAT kiss, so the Belle “clone” uses her powers to “plant” a subconscious thought in Belle’s mind.

Very soon after, having driven to a secluded spot not far from the police station, Helena & her parents teleport up to their ship [just beyond Earth’s atmosphere].

That evening, almost as soon as Leah arrives at Rachel’s house, Rachel tells Leah that she went to a hypnotherapist that afternoon. Rachel insisted that she just HAD to know what she did THAT night, especially now that she knows that she didn’t kill Kimmy – and Leah wonders, “So, what did happen?”

Rachel replies, “Something REALLY terrible. [Leah looks worried] Just kidding. [Leah looks relieved] I was right the first time. I just drove around for a while – stopping sometimes to think about things. I didn’t get too far – furthest I went was the lookout [where Shane died, and Josie & Tash etc posed for their pics for the Bay Babes calendar in KMA]. Btw, the hypnotherapist said that seeing the vase at the hospital just made me think of how much I STIILL feel for Kimmy. Sure, he dumped me, and then got together with Jazz when he could have come back to me, but I just KNOW, even through all THAT, that I still love him”.

Leah hugs her emotional friend, but the moment is cut short when the [land line] phone rings. Rachel says, “I know it’s not my beeper, but I better answer that. [Rachel walks over to phone and after answering with her standard greeting] I hope nothing’s wrong.”

Julie Cooper responds, “Just ringing to say how glad I am that you’re totally in the clear.”

Rachel replies, “Why thank you.”

Julie says [tentatively], “Rachel, you can tell me to mind my own business, but ….”

FLASHBACK - Nurse Julie is very intrigued when she enters the bathroom. She hears Rachel [who must be in one of the cubicles as Julie can’t see her colleague], saying [with more than a hint of stress in her voice], “PLEASE confirm that you have done as I asked” followed by, moments later, “Thank you SOOOOO much. Talk later”. Julie then hears Rachel let out a stress releasing sigh. Julie, whose hand was still holding the bathroom door open, then slowly closes in behind her, as she now doesn’t want to go in and let Rachel know that she overheard part of what sounds like an intense and private conversation.

Rachel responds, “What is it?”

Julie [still quite tentative] replies, “The day that the vase was found in Belle’s house, I overheard you talking on the phone in one of the bathrooms at the hospital. You sounded VERY stressed there for a bit, when you were on the phone. Sorry, but curiosity is going to kill this cat”

Rachel [after thinking for a bit] responds, “OH!!! Now I remember – was having issues with the bank. They were telling me that I hadn’t made a payment on my credit card, and I INSISTED that they should WAAAAAY check their records again. I HAD made the payment ..... just some stupid bank error. Made the call in bathroom as all that finance stuff is NOT the sort of thing that you want to “advertise” by using the hospital’s phone.”

Julie replies, “Sorry for doubting you. After all, we’ve been such great colleagues, friends. Hope this doesn’t change anything?”

Rachel responds, “Julie, given how much that I’ve been doubting myself, until I went to hypnotherapist today, it’s understandable that you and others picked up on that”

Julie replies, “Well, I’ll see you at work tomorrow. Will be kinda weird not seeing you at work 24/7, like you have been”

Rachel responds, “Yeah, definitely. Work sooooooooo, well, mostly helped keep my mind off other things. See you tomorrow, Julie. Bye”

When off the phone, Rachel tells Leah that she’s just soooooo pleased that everything can, for the time being anyway, go back to what passes for normal in Summer Bay.

At the beach house, it’s around 9.30pm when Matilda, Belle, Annie & Irene had just finished watching a waaaaaaay romantic movie on DVD. Irene & Annie say good night and head upstairs to their rooms. After Annie & Irene have closed their doors, Matilda & Belle kiss once more, before they go into their room. They are about to get into bed when Matilda starts crying, and Belle DOES pick up this time that these AREN’T “good” tears. Belle [tenderly] says, “Mads, what’s wrong?”

Matilda, who just can’t hold things in any longer, replies [totally all teary], “You’re going to HATE me ……. I kissed someone else ……. “

As Matilda pauses, a thought comes into Belle’s mind, and she says, “I KNOW [Matilda looks shocked, and worried] One of your friends from up above who, well, WAS my twin, must have sent me a message of some kind before she bailed. When you said that you kissed someone else, I got this vision in my head. It was like someone had filmed when you two kissed. No, it felt like I was THERE in the room. [belle continues to see that Matilda looks worried] Trust me, if Helena looked like you, and I was there at Sally’s house, and you were in that jail cell - I DO hope you know where I’m going with this.”

Belle is VERY pleased to see her beloved wiping the tears from her eyes. Matilda then [tongue in cheek] says, “I DO hope that’s not just lip service”

Belle responds, “Put it this way” and Belle tenderly lock lips with her fiancé. The lovers then start to REALLY pash.

After seemingly having kissed forever, both girls strip down – leaving on ONLY their briefs. Matilda & Belle sit on their bed and eagerly caress each other’s bodies, with Belle paying especial attention to the awesome baby belly that she’s REALLY missed touching when she was in that holding cell.

After a while, Matilda & Belle, who’d been through soooooo much over the last few days, get under the covers, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuddle up, before drifting oft to sleep!!!

THE END ……….. almost


1. Colleen WAS sent to jail, but “only” for manslaughter

2. Until Kit is out of her coma, Matilda & Belle will legally be the guardians of Archie, on the proviso, for the time being, that they remain living with Irene.

3. The aliens that Matilda knows as Helena, Saskia & Alan returned to their homeworld - and the evidence they retrived on Earth FREES their colleagues.



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