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Just Mates

Guest Eli

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Type of story: Oneshot

Rating: A

Main Characters: Geoff Campbell and Lucas Holden

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Pretty/very mild SC

Is Story being proof read: No

Spoilers: No. I wish though.

Summary: Lucas and Geoff are just mates, nothing more.


Just mates

Neither of the two people on the couch noticed the gunshots and explosions in the American action movie on the screen in front of them.

It had been a while since anyone had given the TV a thought, not since one of them had reached out for the remote and turned down the volume so the TV wouldn't wake up the other one.

Lucas looked down on the sleeping boy leaning against him, resting his head on his shoulder.

He knew just a small movement would be enough to make him open his eyes, look down blushing and apologise.

In Lucas' opinion there was no need to apologise.

He didn't mind Geoff resting his head on his shoulder like that, and he didn't mind watching him sleep peacefully, or watch when he for a few seconds every now and then would move a little and make some small sound, like he was dreaming or something.

They had been sitting like this for a while, and Lucas' shoulder was beginning to hurt. If only he could move Geoff a little, make it more comfortable for both of them...

He slowly reached over and carefully pushed Geoff's shoulder.

Apparently Geoff wasn't a heavy sleeper, his eyes opened, and within a split second he was sitting up straight, combing through his hair with his hand, blushing.

"I'm so sorry," he muttered, looking down just like Lucas had thought he would, just like he always did when he was embarrassed, "I must have fallen asleep, I didn't mean to..."

Lucas smiled, there was something so cute about Geoff when he tried to explain things like that.

"It's okay," he said, still smiling, "I don't mind. Did you know you talk in your sleep by the way?"

"Umm, no, I'm so sorry!" Geoff muttered, looking like a grilled tomato.

Lucas laughed, he couldn't help it. Geoff acted like something horrible had just happened.

"No worries," he laughed, "I thought it was kinda cute actually."

Where did the words come from?

"Cute?" Geoff looked up, still a bit pink, but with a surprised look on his face.

"Adorable!" Lucas replied, trying to make it sound like he had been joking all along, but the honesty in the comment was shining through, and he was very aware of it.

Geoff smiled, he looked a little insecure, but he still smiled and blushed a little again.

"We're mates, right?" he asked, not looking straight at Lucas' face, but focusing on staring at Lucas' shoulder and a picture on the wall behind them.

"Yeah," Lucas replied, "Of course we're mates."

"Yeah, but we're... you know... we're not...?"

"We're just mates!" Lucas replied quickly, nodding heavily, then reaching out and touching Geoff's shoulder, "Really good mates."

Geoff suddenly smiled and looked down on Lucas' hand on his shoulder.

"You're tickling me," he said, grinning, "Stop it!"

He didn't really mean it seriously, Lucas could hear the laughter in his voice.

"Make me," he said, reaching out to tickle Geoff with his other hand as well.

The playful, friendly wrestling somehow ended with Geoff holding Lucas in his arms, while Lucas, trying to catch his breath laughed "Okay, you win! You're stronger!"

Then it became weird again, the moment they realised how this would look if anyone walked in. Not that anyone was expected home for a while, but it was just the thought of how this looked...

"Lucas?" Geoff suddenly asked, not letting go of his mate. There was something about the way Geoff said his name that made Lucas smile. He made it sound softer, sweeter. There was something he did when he pronounced it, kind of making the "u" sound a lot longer and softer than it did when anyone else said it.

"Mates don't do this, do they?" he sounded very insecure, almost scared and sad.

For a second Lucas was tempted to sigh and say no. After all cuddly wrestling and spooning wasn't really something he usually did with his mates, not even Geoff who had grown up practically with no mates at all, would buy that.

"No, I guess not," Lucas admitted, "But too bad for them, huh?"

He turned his head a little, smiled and looked at his mate, "They're really missing out on something."

It even sounded weird in his head, but he could feel Geoff smiling behind him.

Geoff's hand moved slowly from holding the other hand, trapping Lucas in a tight grip. Awkwardly and clumsily he placed it on Lucas' hip and slowly he started stroking Lucas' body from his waist and down to his hip.

He wasn't sure if he was "allowed" to do this, but Lucas didn't say anything, and quickly he gained some more confidence; dared to stroke with a firmer hand.

Lucas moved a little, not the kind of movement you make when you're uncomfortable, more like the kind of movement you make when you're in bed, trying to make it even more comfortable.

He moved even closer to Geoff's body, then he relaxed and enjoyed Geoff's gentle stroking.

Carefully Geoff moved his head a little, breathing on Lucas' neck, causing him to shiver and smile with the tingling sensation of the warm breath against his skin.

"You smell like rice," Geoff muttered, and as soon as he had said the words he realised how ridiculous it sounded.

"Rice?" Lucas repeated, obviously struggling not to laugh, "Rice?"

"No, no!" Geoff quickly replied, and Lucas knew he was blushing again, "Not rice, that Asian flower thing... Jasmine! You smell like jasmine! Not rice!"

Neither of them could hold it in any longer and they both burst out laughing. It wasn't even really that funny, but right now it seemed like the most wonderfully hilarious thing in the world. Rice!

"Rice...!" Lucas muttered to himself as soon as they had calmed down a little. Geoff was still holding him tightly like he had done when they had been laughing like they'd never done before.

He moved his own hand up to his chest where one of Geoff's were resting. He grabbed in and held it.

"Geoff, we're still...?" he asked, not really knowing what words to use, "I mean... we're not... we're just...?"

"Yeah, of course," his mate said, smiling, and squeezed him for a second, "We're just mates."

Neither of them had laughed that hard before, not even rice could be this wonderfully hilarious.



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