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The Story Of A Psychic Toddler - No Heart Break In This Story

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Story Title: The story of a physic toddler..

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Lyndon & Lathan

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Family?

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None as yet

Summary: Martha and Jack are married, have 2 Children

Will post longer chapters, this is just a teaser chapter, chapter one will come shortly

Staring into his dark brown eyes, Jack Holden already knew that this was love.

His wife of two and a half years, Martha McKenzie-Holden just gave birth to their second son, Lyndon Sage. Lyndon had already been introduced to his older brother, 2 years older exactly, Lathan Stryder. As most people could tell, Martha had named the children, she had always wanted to have children with unique names. Jack softly held his new-born son in his arms while Martha cuddled up to Lathan on her hospital bed. Jack bent down and sweetly kissed Lyndon's forehead and rocked him slightly in his arms, all his worries had disappeared when he was born three hours ago, everything that was in his mind had floated off into nothing, he was pleased.

Martha fake coughed, indicating to Jack to look over her way, Jack looked at Martha and she tilted her head at Lathan, who had his little arms stretched out, wanting to hold his new baby brother. Smiling, Jack walked over and carefully placed Lyndon in Lathan's waiting arms. When Lathan held him, his cute face lit up, this was possibly best birthday gift a child like him could wish for, Summer Bay did need a new child.

"Jack, darling, come here please" Martha spoke up, putting her right arm out, indicating that she wanted Jack to sit with her and their two beautiful children, as a family.

Jack gave her a great big smile and a nod then walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching over and carefully picking his two small sons up and placing them on his lap. He turned and faced Martha, who was clearly tired but also extremely happy. "Martha, everything is perfect" Jack whispered, kissed her lips softly then concentrated on the children once again. Jack started bouncing Lathan on his lap, and holding Lyndon close so he wouldn't fall or get hurt.

"Yeah, everything is perfect" Martha agreed, watching her family made her complete.

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Chapter one

Martha had come home one week and three days after giving birth to Lyndon and having him checked over, he was a healthy baby boy. Jack had resigned from being a policeman one week before Lyndon was born, the due date was coming and he did not want to miss the birth, he had also wanted to be a dedicated father to both of his boys and the perfect husband to Martha, not that he wasn't already, in his mind he was perfect, but we all know that's not true. Jack was sitting on the couch, cuddled closely up to Martha and Lathan, Lyndon was lying in his cot sleeping peacefully, Lathan's old security blanket placed over him, being the best oldest brother he could, he gave the tattered and torn blue blanket up to Lyndon.

"Mummy, is Lyni safe?" Lathan suddenly asked quietly, so quiet that Martha had to lean in to hear him speak.

Lathan very well knew that his little brother was as safe as he has ever been in his little two week life, Martha didn't know what to think of his question, neither did Jack for that matter, it was so sudden and unexpected for him to say that.

"Yes. Lyndon is quite safe? Why would you be asking?" Jack asked wearily, maybe Lathan hurt him somehow when he was holding him and is feeling guilty for what ever he has done, maybe he is owning up?.

"I had a dream and Lyni's lips was blue, like the Smurfs are." Lathan burst out crying, this was weird and it wasn't something that Lathan would ever talk about, a dream of his brother turning blue, choking maybe?.

Jack placed Lathan next to Martha, who was trying to think of this dream and why he had it, she was also trying to calm down her first born. Jack stood up and left Lathan crying with Martha while he went to check on Lyndon. Jack walked up the stairs, actually it was more of a jog, and walked along the corridor and reached his bedroom, where Lyndon was staying until he was around five months, they kept Lathan with them till he was five months too. Jack opened the door and walked slowly and quietly over to Lyndon's cot, hoping not to wake him if he was sleeping peacefully. Jack peered into the cot and looked at Lyndon, he lay there with a string from the blanket curled around his tiny neck. Jack panicked and picked the seemingly lifeless baby up and untangled the string. Lyndon soon enough began to cry while Jack rocked him in his arms and took him downstairs, forgetting that Lathan had this dream but focusing on how he nearly lost his boy.

"Jack, what happened?" Martha asked worried, Jack looked panicked and if nothing was up then Lyndon would be sleeping not in Jack's arms.

Martha stood up, leaving Lathan to sit on the couch frightened, his dream was so lifelike, he stared into nothing while Martha walked over to the boys and saw a mark around Lyndon's neck.

"Jack!" Martha repeated. "Jack, what happened!?" By this time Martha was holding Lyndon after taking him off Jack.

"Lathan was right, Lyndon had choked." Martha was carefully rubbing Lyndon's neck and bouncing him up and down to try and stop him from crying.

"Oh my.." Martha sat down with Lyndon, he was now peacefully sleeping, Lathan started talking.

"Is he alright, did he turn blue, I saw it mummy, I saw it" Lathan started crying again, for a boy of age two he knew what was going on, he was a gifted child, now in more ways than one.

Martha and Jack stayed silent, was they're son physic? Was he different or was the dream brought to him from the dead? So many questions and no answers. Lathan was an exceptionally smart toddler, he could already read and is learning to write his name, he even reads to his brother at night. Lathan is one of the gifted genius baby's and him, Martha, Jack and all the family are proud of him. Lathan soon calmed down, Jack hugged him and Martha held her new son while he slept, he had to keep an eye on them now, a very close eye. If Lathan was physic then he would never be able to sleep...would he?

That night, everything was calm again, Martha and Jack decided to keep Lyndon and Lathan in their room for the night, to monitor them both. Around three AM Lathan woke up screaming, another dream, this time..more gory and was not suitable for a two year old. His eyes were wide as Martha, Jack and Lyndon woke up. Jack looked over at Lathan who had sat up and was pointing to a picture on the cabinet, the picture was of Tony and Beth, it was a warning.

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