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Future Iconic Episodes sets

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All of these episodes, based on what I've read, deserve to be on future editions of the Iconic Episode sets.

*167-68: Terry kills Charles Durnham and then shoots Paul

*170: 1985 Season finale

*637: 1987 Season Finale - Paul reveals that he loves Gail

*1058: Joe and Kerry's wedding

*1350-51: 1990 Season Finale/1991 Season Premiere: Glen arrives and tells Jim he's his son

*1585-96: 1991 Season Finale/1992 Season Premiere: Glen falls off the roof of the Waterhole

*1726: The Martins arrive

*2070-71: 1993 Season Finale/1994 Season Premiere - Plane crash

*2403: Reuben's death

*2528: Susan's Confession/Mark's departure (evidently, Susan's was some of the best acting in the season, while Mark's departure was no doubt a relief)

*2571/2579-80: Cody's death

*2770-71: 1996 Season Finale/1997 Season Premiere: Mal trapped under a ladder.

*2798: Harold and Madge renew their vows

*2842: Ben's confession

*3108-10: Caitlin and Nick's departure/Philip and Ruth's wedding/Susan slaps Karl.

*3220: 1998 Season Finale - Joel trapped under car

*3221: 1999 Season Premiere

*3245: The Full Monty

*3558-59: Libby and Steph's bike crash

*3749: The Hancock's arrival

*3853: Woody's car crash

*3968: Ben's christening/Rosie's arrival

*3973-74: Matt and Leo's car crash

*3999: The Hancock's Departure

*4000: Church on fire

*4029: Susan's accident

*4091: Drew's death

*4155-56: 2002 Season Finale/2003 Season Premiere - Karl and Susan renew their vows/Lyn's pregnancy

*4267: Darcy's departure

*4308: Oscar's birth

*4316: Izzy's arrival

*4344: The Bishops' arrival

*4395-96: 2003 Season Finale/2004 Season Premiere - Lou and Trixie's wedding/Harold's stroke

*4434: Stingray's arrival

*4473: Making Mansions

*4528: Max and Stephanie's wedding

*4592-93: Serena's confession that Luka is her brother

*4678: Karl's heart attack

*4688: Lassiters reopening

*4691: Janae and Bree's arrival

*4769: Annalise's return

*4771-75: Anniversary Week

*4836-38: Lassiters plane crash

*4872: Susan and Alex's wedding

*4875-76: 2005 Season Finale/2006 Season Premiere - Harold strangles Paul

*4926: Charlie's birth

*4932: Robert arrives

*4975: Cassie's death

*4977-79: Connor's disappearance/Kim and Janelle's wedding

*4995: Karl and Susan's reunion

*4999-5002: Boyd and Janae's wedding/Robert traps Paul in mineshaft

*5012: Paul and Gail's fake wedding

*5042-43/5048: Camerons accident and death

*5057: Izzy's departure

*5074: Rosie, Pepper, Frazer and Will's arrival

*5087-88: Kerry's birth

*5116-7: Paul and Lyn's wedding/Lyn's depature.

*5120-1: 2006 Season Finale/2007 Season Premiere - Toadie shot in siege

*5171-80 (except 5176): Karl and Susan in London/Stingray's death and funeral

*5255: Allan and Janelle's wedding

*5126-27: Frazer and Rosie's wedding/Bus crash/Parkers arrive

And since that's over 100 episodes, they have enough for at least 4 more volumes. I suppose they'd break them into categories like they're doing with the fire episodes and the Charlene episodes on Volume 2. There'd be enough for a whole volume about Robert's storyline.

So, have I missed anything?

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I’d agree they are all definite worthy contenders, love to see them all on DVD!

Id also love to see some stuff that probably won’t ever be put on DVD, such as:

Pam being sent to prison for euthanasia - (she didnt do it)

Eilieen’s nervous breakdown

Julie/Michael and the Martin family rows

Helen’s stroke including telling Karl to let her die in hospital after her stroke

Todd on the run

Sarah and Karl affair – the more the better!

Josh goes blind

Cheryl’s kid-nap story

...and more

I agree with whoever said a Susan and Karl feature would be fantastic.

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