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Can You Ever Forget The Past?

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: Can you ever forget the past?

Type of story: Romance, drama

Main Characters: Peter Baker, Rachel Armstrong

BTTB rating: G, T, A

Genre:Romance, drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: T

Summary: Peter returns to the Bay in a mess but will Rachel and Drew beable to save him before things get too bad? Or will his return start the next chapter of his life?

Life was full, full of happiness and joys with outstanding moments reminding you of the past, every hour of the day but what life came down to was – love, the person you wanted to be with 24 hours a day, every day for the rest of their lives.

Giving everything to one person and only that person was hard when you heart had just been ripped apart 5 minutes ago, what seemed like 5 minutes ago anyway.

Would them feelings come back again for another man, the strongest feelings she could ever feel?

Rachel walked through the hospital gathering her belongings as she waited for Brad to collect her from work, her car was in the garage and Brad had kindly offered to pick her up but something in the back of her mind which made her think that their was something more to Brad just offering to take her home.

Rachel walked from the hospital, immediately spotting Brad in a distance. Smiling at her brother, she jumped in the car and sighed with exhaustion.

“Hard day at work” Brad asked smiling.

“Yes very busy… I can’t wait to get home and curl up in bed,” Rachel told him excitedly.

“Well that’s the thing….” Brad started to say.

“I knew you were up to something when you offered to pick me up from work” Rachel laughed.

“It’s just that I need your help, I brought Sally a birthday present and I…. can’t wrap it,” he confessed.

They were driving down the road towards his place when he pulled over to the side of the road, “Why are we stopping” Rachel asked confused.

“I just need to make sure Sally isn’t home, we can’t have her seeing us wrapping her huge present” Brad joked.

Rachael laughed, turning the radio on as she began to sing along to the song on the radio.

Brad came off the phone, looking at Rachael. “She’s at Leah’s and Ric is with Maddie tonight”

Brad started the car and drove towards the house.

They finally arrived to a very dark, quite house.

They headed to the front door, brad slowly turned the key, opening the door slowly followed by Rachel who didn’t suspect a thing.

“Surprise!” everyone shouted as Brad flicked on the light.

Rachel stood shocked as she saw all her friends smiling at her and running over hugging her as they said, “Happy Birthday”

“I can’t believe” Rachel said still stunned as she punched Brad playfully.

It had been a few hours since the party started, it had been an amazing few hours with her friends but there was one person that she hadn’t seen in a while.

She started to walk towards the sink but stopped what she was doing when she saw Peter sat outside alone.


Peter lifted his head, still holding his beer, feeling guilty as ever, trying to smile he couldn’t bring himself to.

“Hey, Happy Birthday by the way”

“Thanks,” smiling warmly as she slowly took a chair and sat in front of Peter.

“I guess your wondering why I’m back in the Bay,” he asked but secretly hoping she already knew but their wasn’t much chance of that, he had only been back an hour.

“It kind of crossed my mind but I’m sure you had your reasons”

“I had to come back to the bay, be in a place were I had my friends and family” Peter tried to explain.

“Am I right in saying you and Amanda have gone separate ways” Rachael asked softly.

Peter nodded; he was just staring at his drink, unable to have a full conversation. Rachel sat just watching him, knowing that he was still deeply hurt with his separation and only time would make him get over his failed marriage.

“Why hasn’t Kim dragged you back inside yet?” Peter wondered.

Hearing Peter say that shocked Rachel slightly, it was strange hearing Peter say Kim’s name. It had been weeks since anyone had mentioned him, even Colleen hadn’t spoke about him, trying to find out some local gossip.

“Rachel?” Peter said, lifting his head to look a Rachel who seem like she was miles away.

Rachel quickly looked at Peter, “Kim left me 5 months ago”

Before Peter could say anything else, Brad walked outside looking at his sister as he said, “Time to cut the Cake, Bloss”

Rachel hesitated weather to leave Peter alone; she could see he needed a friend right now. Before she could tell Brad she wanted to stay, Peter smiled at her whispering, “I’m ok”

It had only been five minutes since Rachel had left to cut the cake but as she walked outside she couldn’t find Peter anywhere. She wanted to make sure he was ok but she couldn’t just up and leave her party. If she did start to look for him, she wouldn’t know where to start looking.

Peter had managed to walk to the beach, just going over and over in his head what a failure he was with women and as a dad. Drew had barely said hello to him since he arrived earlier. He just didn’t know what to do.

Rachel looked around at the party unable to have a good time and she couldn’t help but think about Peter, she just wanted to know he was ok. He looked devastated earlier.

Rachel finally managed to get home where she was determined to get hold of Peter. Dan had given Peters number to her, she made up some excuse about a patient needing police help. She was putting the number in her mobile as she walked towards her front door. She came to a stop when she saw Peter lying crashed out on her doorstep

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