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type of story-Long Fic


Main characters-Lucas and Matilda but other characters


warnings-little bit of violence

is story being proof read-no

summary-Lucas and his family have just moved to the bay when the man who they were trying to get away from follows them, and Belle Taylor isn't making things any easier either.

Part 1

Lucas stared out to sea, he had only just moved here an hour ago, but already he was itching for a surf. It was sunset, and it was pretty cold, so noone else was at the beach.

Some one tapped him on the shoulder, he spun around, and let out a sigh of relief. It was only Jack

'Jack don't do that!I thought you was,well,you know,' he mumbled something that Jack couldn't hear, but Jack knew what he meant

'whatever,Dad says you needd o go home and help us unpack.'

Lucas nodded and headed back to their house with Jack.

As soon as Lucas got home he ran into the hallway and opened the first door he saw. A bed and matress stood there. On the other side he saw a wardrobe built into the wall. He chucked his backpack down beside th bed and fell back onto the soft matress abd was about to fall asleep when....

'LUCAS!' his dads voice drifted through the house. Lucas wondered if he should actually answer, but thought better of it.

'WHAT?!' he yelled groggily back


'YEAH, HET YOUR BUM OUT HERE!!' That was Jack, Jack would insult him nearly every chance he got, unless it was a serious moment. Lucas reuctantly got up and walked out of his bedroon to where his dad and Jack were carrying a couch on, they put it down.

'whew!I'm getting to old for this, Lucas, go help Jack carry another couch inside'

Lucas groaned, but walked out of the house to where the moving van was parked outside.

Matilda sat on the couch, watching yet another season of 'The O.C'. Henry, her twin brother, walked into the room and groaned

'MUUUM!Can you tell Maddie to stop watching this crap!'

Matlda heard her mum groan from the kitchen

'Matilda, come and help me wash the dishes,'


'no buts, come now!'

Henry smirked while Matilda trudged into the kitchen, picked up a plate, and wiped it slowly, while her mum washed them.

'hmm,looks like we have new neighbours,' her mum said, looking out the window infront of them.

Matlida looked up, 2 boys were walking up the driveway to the house nexdoor which hadn't been uccupied for weeks. 1 looked aout 21 ot 22 while the other was probably about her age. They were both very good looking.

'Maybe we should go and introduce ourselves, you know, do the neighbourly thing?'

Matilda stared at her

'mum,no way, you can go, but I'm stayong here'

she finished wiping the last cup, walked into her bedroom, chnged into her pyjamas and jumped into bed.

that probably wasn't very interesting as it is the first chaper and the first chapter of everything I write is always boring. But I really want feedback so if you have any comments please please please post them!!

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thankyou!!i am going to do p.o.vs' now, it is easier for me

part 2

Maddies p.o.v

'Matilda,wake up, we're going to see the neighbours soon!' I heard my mum shout from outside the door.

'Mum, give me 15 munutes to have a quick shower and get dressed,'

I heard Mum walk away and I jumped out of bed, had a quick shower and ran back to my room, receiving a confused look from Henry on the way. I wondered what to wear. My skinny-leg jeans would be good but then i would be too hot. What about a mini-skirt then? No,they would think I was a tart. I finally decided to wear a lght pink skirt that went jst past my knees and had beaded flowers on the side. Then I wore white thongs, and a white singlet top. Mum banged on the door.

'Matilda! Are you ready?'

'nearly!' I replied, panicking.

I sat down infront of the mirror and brushed my hair quickly, then put on some mascara and lip-gloss. I got up and walked out of the house with mum. By the time mum knocked on the door my hands were sweaty and I had butterflies in my stomach. A man of about 40 opened the door. He had brown dark curly hair that matched his kind, confident eyes. He had a nice smile and I noticed mum blushing as he opened the door.

'Hello,' mum said 'we noticed you just moved in her and we decided to come and introduce ourselves. do the neighbourly thing, you know?'

he smiled 'well thankyou, I'm Tony, oh, and this is my son Jack,' he gestured to a dark-haired man with equally dark eyes walking past the door, he stopped and said hi to us, then kept walking.

'he's 22,' Tony said 'and my other son should be around here somewhere, Jack, where's Lucas?'

'dunno,probably in his room writing,again' Jack rolled his eyes

'yes, well, my sons a writer, poetry' he added to us 'LUCAS?!' he yelled ove his shoulder

'what?!' came a far off answer

'could you come here, please?!'

There was a sound of a bedroom door slamming and Lucas walked out. He had wany blonde hair and two locks fell over is beautiful, crystal clear blue eyes. He had a perfect nose and lips and a determined chin, even though you sould see a hint of shyness in his eyes.

'hi,' he said.

I noticed he was talking to me and my heart fluttered. All i could manage was a feeble 'hello' in return.

'Lucas, this is.....What did you say your name was again?' Tony asked

mum smiled

'I'm beth and this is my daughter, Matilda,'

'call me Maddie,' I said

Lucas smiled at me, I smiled back

'dad. I'm going for a walk to th beach,' Lucas said to Tony

'amybe Maddie would like to go with you?' Tony said

I nodded

'cool,let's go then'

We both walked down their driveway to the beach. When we got to the beach we took off our shoes.

'so is there anthing I really, desperately, horribly need to know about Summer Bay?' Lucas asked

'ahhh, nothings really happened as long as I've been here, the odd brawl and scandal, nothing more than that, maybe a few parties'

I felt as thought I didn't need to mention anything else

'so basically I just need to know whos who?'

'you desperately need to know who's who' I confirmed

next update :D-guess who they meet on the beach

please please please show your feedback!!

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haha lol, you'll see

part 3

I saw a few people from school walk past and began showing people to lucas

'that's Dylan, Kyle and Matt, they're like the punk group, and there's Bethany, Steph, Logan, Melinda and Dean, the emo group, and here comes, uh-oh,'

'what?' Lucas asked

'Belle Taylor, and the m&ms',Miranda, Melinda and Melanie,'

'hahaha, so Belles' like, the odd one out?' Luca asked, watching them approach us with growing dislike.

'I suppose you could say that, since she's the bitchiest and prettiest of them all,'

'hi, Matlida,' Belle enphasized my name, knowing i wanted to be called Maddie. Her eye turned to Lucas, making it obvious she was checking him out.

'who's this?' she asked with interest

' I beleive that's none of your business' I retorted

'I can make it my business' she cast a seductive look at Lucas, and when he didn't do anything, she quickly leaned forward and smashed her mouth against his. I could see he forcing her tounge into his mouth and it made me feel sick. Lucas, after five seconds, could finally push her off.

'seeya stranger!' she said, and strutted off in her usual haughty manner.

'she's, very, erm, confident!' he said awkwardly, watching her walk off with a mixture of disgust and embarrassment.

'yeah, I know, and she already has a boyfriend'

'she what!' Lucas exclaimed

'yep, Drew Curtis, good-looking,sporty,poular, the type Belle would go out with

'she is very,very,confident'

I nodded. There was silence as we walked down the beach.

'ooh,look, and there's Ric and Cassie!' I exclaimed, and waved to them, they waved back,and walked over.

'Lucas, this is my best friend Cassie, and her boyfriend, Ric,Ric and Cassie, this is Lucas, he just moved here'

'hi,Lucas' they both said

'we'd better go,Ric, you told Sally you'd be back about now,' Cassie said, checking her watch. Ric nodded and they kept walking

'we'd better start walking back too, it will be lunch soon.

Lucas nodded and we walked back up the beach

'so,school starts tomorrow, are you nervous?'

Lucas thought for a moment before he answered

'yes,but no, I mean I am excited becuase I'll meet new people and make more friends, but I'm nervous because I'm afraid nobody will like me'

I smiled 'don't worry, everybody at Summer Bay High is pretty nice, except for Belle Taylor and the m&ms', but don't worry about them, I'll show you around

he smiled and it melted my heart


I smiled back 'no problemo'

sorry it's so short, the next one will probably be longer

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this might be long but it might be short :P

part 4

Lucas' p.o.v

Maddie was a nice girl as well as beautiful. She had blondie-brownie fair hair and beatiful blue eyes. We said good-bye at my driveway and I walked in, Beth was gone already.

'It's a make-it-yourself dinner today,Luc' Dad said as I walked in. I nodded, still thinking about Maddie. I made toast and spread Vegemite onto it.

'so how was your walk?' Dad asked as I sat down at the table with him and Jack.

'good' I said through a mouthful of toast

'Maddie seems like a nice girl' Jack said, smiling slightly

'she is'

'and she's pretty too' he was smirking now

'don't get any ideas, Jack'

'why bot? I know it's a girly thing, but I enjoy playing matchmaker'

I rolled my eyes and wondered what I was going to do for the rest of the day.

I woke up at 7.30, I was leaving at 8.00 to go to school and show me to all my classes. I picked up the school clothes at the end of my bed and put them on, they were a white shirt and a blue tie. I got a pair of jeans out of the closet and quickly put them on. I heard the front door open

'hello?' it was Maddie

I ran out

'hey I'll be just a second'

Maddie nodded and I ran back to my bedroom, grabbed my school bag and the books and stuffed them into the bag, then ran back out. Then me and Maddie walked to school

I decided to shorten this chapter because my hands were sore lol

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part 5

Summer Bay High was an average school with an average amount of people. As I walked into the grounds I could see the different groups:the sportos,emos,skaters,punk/rockers,Belle Taylor and the m&ms',the geeks and the wannabes. I walked into the building and Belle waved flirtaciously at me. Matilda rolled her eyes whereas I just ignored her. The corridors were exactly as I expected-doors,lockers and a plain,tiled floor.

'so what's your first class then?' Maddie asked

I pulled the time-table out of my bag and looked at Mondays column 'first I have homeroom,duh,then I have english in room 5'

'I have english the same time as you!' Maddie exclaimed

I grinned, it was nice to know I could hang around someone. The bell went so we headed for homeroom, which was quick. Then we headed for english. Maddie was twisting and pushing her way through the crowd of people trying to get to classes so much, I found it hard to keep up with her, but thankfully we made it to english ontime. English was actually better than I expected. The teacher was nice and actually knew what she was doing, but I was still releived when the bell went for recess. Maddie and I headed for the school grounds.

'so,like english?' Maddie asked

I shrugged 'yeah it's pretty good'

I saw Belle across the grounds kissing someone

'is that her boyfriend?' I asked

'yep, that's Drew'

Belle and Drew were eating each others faces infront of a crowd, which consisted of all of Drews friends and all of Belles, plus there were some people watching in disgust. Belle was the kind Belle would date. You could tell that he was popular,sporty and the kind for breaking the rules just by looking at his clothes. I could also tell, for the second they broke apart to draw a breath, he was very good looking. They finally broke apart and Drew walked away, heading for the football field, while Belle made a bee-line straight to me.

'uh-oh' Maddie whispered

I swore under my breath as Belle appraoched me. She looked at Maddie as if to say "go away" then looked back at me.

'I found out your name Lucas' she enphasized it as though it was some big achievement.

She pulled me towards her but I pushed her off

'you already have a boyfriend!' I exclaimed

'so, you're not taken, unless you're going out with this, thing?'

She looked at Maddie wth disgust and Maddie looked so hurt that I felt like slapping Belle, but I didn't. She took my look fo apology to Maddie as a chance to kiss me. I felt her push her tounge into my mouth, it felt disgusting. Somehow, I managed to push her off.

'Belle, I don't like you!'

she smiled flirtaciously at me 'that can be arranged, seeya, Lukey-boy' and then she strutted off.

Suddenly, my vision started going blurry. I blinked, it went back to normal. Mddie was watchoing me.

'Lucas, are you alright?'

I nodded

'she annoys me so much, and the fact that.....'

but her voice was fading out, my vision was going blurry again, now all I could see was the outline of her dress

'Lucas, are you sure you're okay?' She sounded concerned

'I-I,' and then my vision went completely. My legs were no longer able to support me, everything was black. I felt myself hit the ground.

Maddies' cry of 'LUCAS!' was the last thing I heard before I faded into oblivion.

next update- what happens while Lucas is unconcious?

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part 6

Lucas' p.o.v

I paddled out to sea on my surfboard. It was a great day for surfing. Other people were out there aswell,but I ignored them, just focusing my attention on getting a wave,and then one finally came. I swung my board around and paddles furiously back toward the shore,waiting for the moment, waiting, waiting.....


I pleced my hands flat down on the board and pushed my right foor forward and pushed myself up at the same time. I put my arms out for balance and bent my knees slightly,letting the adrenaline and exhilaration run through me. Suddenly, I lost my balance and fell. The wave crashed down on top of me,blinding me, twisting me, turning me, pushing me down furthur, I had run out of breath, the water rushed up my mouth and nose, I couldn't breathe, I would surely die.....

I woke up.

I saw Dad beside me and tried to talk to him, but the oxygen mask covered my face and I couldn't speak, but he saw my eyes open and his face flooded with relief.

'Lucas! You're alright! We were so worried'

I saw Jack and Maddie and a dark haired woman beside Jack. They all looked really releived I was awake. I took the oxygen mask off to talk.

'what happened?' I asked to no-one inparticular

Maddie answered, she looked like she'd been crying

'we were at school, and Belle had just-well,you know, and you just collapsedthe doctors don't know why'

'did anything happen after that?' I asked, Maddie looked surprised

' well, no-I mean someone went and got a teacher, they got an ambulance, they took you here...' her voice trailed off

' we were so worried,' Dad said 'I was at home when we got the call, Jack was at work, They daid you'd collapsed at school!I came straight here with Jack, you've been unconcious for almost 2 hours!'

Jack nodded, the dark haired woman beside him suddenly looked uncomfortable

'maybe I should introduce myself?' she steped forward. She was very beautiful, with shiny dark hair and dazzling brown eyes 'I'm Martha, It's noce to meet you Lucas, but under the circumstances' she shrugged awkwardly and turned to Jack

'I'm going to get a coffee'

I raised my eyebrows at Jack 'so who was that?'

Jack crossed his arms 'she just introduced herself'

I opened my mouth to retaliate, but Dad intervened

'boys,boys, this is neither the time nor the place, you have just collased at school!'

'yes, and do you have any idea how that happended?' Jack asked


'what have you eaten thismorning?' Dad asked

'uhhh' I focused my attention on the ground 'nothing'

'what?!' Dad exclaimed

'I'll go get a coffee too' Maddie said, hurrying out of the room

'are you saying you didn't eat anything this morning?'

' I was in a rush, Jack was in the shower and-'

'so? I'm sure you could have eaten a banana or something on the way!'

Jack stood there with a smirk on his fae, looking satisfied I wa getting told off, until Dad turned on him

'and you! You could have atleast told your brother to eat something before he left!'

'what!me? I had to get ready for work, incase you hadn't notices, it was my first day to!'

'Dad abnd Jack went on argueing, while I turned over and blocked them out of my mind, thinking about the weird dream. It was so real, like it was actually happening, like I was actually there. I snapped back into reality when a doctor came in and told me I could go. They said I must've collapsed because I was dehydrated, but I should stay home from school all week, just to be safe. I got dressed out of the hospital clothes and we went home.

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  • 2 weeks later...

part 7

Lucas' p.o.v

I was bored the whole week. I had absolutely nothing to do. Maddie came over after school and told me what had been happening, but apart from that, nothing.

On Friday Jack and I decided we would go surfing, the bad part was that I had to get up at 5:00 in the morning,so at 5:00 in the morning, I slowly reluctantly pulled the warm covers off of me and got out of bed. I searshed thorugh one of the draws and pulled out my red and white Quicksilver board-shorts. I ran downstairs where Jack was already waiting downstairs.

'about time!' he said, angrily 'hurry up!'

'yep, we can go, I just need to get my surfboard'

I ran out to the shed and pickes up my surfboard. I still couldn't beleive dad had bought it for my birthday last year when he's seen how expensive it was. I'd ben begging for it for aged, but he'd always say no. So I was amazed on my birthday when I walked outside and seen my dream surfcoard waiting for me with a note attached;

Dear Luc, happy b'day,have a great day, Jack and Dad.

But i'd never really had a chance to surf on it. We were always running, running from...

Jack and I ran down the beach

'bet cha' I can catch a wave first!'

'wooooh, competition!'

I paddled out to sea on my surfboard. It was a good day for surfing. Other people were out there aswell, but I didn'n pay any attention to them, just on getting a wave. And then one came. I swung my board around and paddled back toward the shore, waiting fot the moment,waiting....


I placed my hands flat down on the board and pushed my right foot forward and pushed myself up at the same time. I put my arms out for balance and bent my knees slightly, letting the adrenaline and exhilaration run through me. Then suddenly, I lost my balance and fell. The wave crashed down on top of me, blinding me,twisting me,turning me,pushing me down furthur, I had run out of breath,water rushed up my mouth and nose, I couldn't breathe, I would surely die.....

Suddenly, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me up, it was Jack.

'are you alright? I saw you fall, it was bad, do you want to go back to shore?'

I nodded, got back on my surfboard and paddled back to shore

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thankyou!!sry that last one was so short, my sister wanted 2 go on the computer, this one will be short aswell.

part 8

Lucas' p.o.v

I lay down gratefully on the soft sand, dragging my surfboard up beside me.

That had already happened before, well not really, in a dream, but the dream that was so real,made it seem real.Now I realised why,because it was real. I made a decision that I couldn't tell Jack or Dad about this,they'd just laugh, I'd get teased for the rest of my life, or they'd think I was sick or something. That only left one person who I trusted, Maddie. But there was one thing I knew for sure, even though it sounded cheesy and childish, I'd predicted the future through a dream.

I walked to Maddies' as soon as I could, which was after lunch. I knocked on the door, Beth answered, she smiled.

'hello Lucas, how are you?'

'good thanks, is Maddie there?'

'no, she went to the beach, but she should be back in-'

But I had already started running in the direction of the beach.

Maddies' p.o.v

I walked along the beach slowly. Enjoying the feeling of the sand inbetween my toes. Suddenly Lucas came tearing around the corner toward me, nearly tripping over. He still looked cute when he was running. His blonde hair pushed back in the direction the wind was heading. He stopped dead infront of me, leaning on his knees to catch his breath.


'I-need-to-talk-to-you'he said, inbetween gasps for breath.

He sat down on the sand and I sat next to him, wondering what was going on

when I passed out, you know, at school,' He began ' I had a dream that I was surfing, I stood up and lost my balance and fell,I couldn't breathe and felt like I was going to drown, that's when I woke upbut that bream wasn't just any dream, it was so real Maddie, so lifelike,' He took a breath and looked at me, he looked so scared and confused 'this morning I went surfing and experienced the exact same thing, the same breathlessness, and like I was going to drown, I'd experienced it before, it was like I was predicting the future or something, the dream was so real because it was real'

I stared at him, it had to be some sort of joke, but I could see Lucas was dead serious.

'you're sure it's not just,' I paused, looking for the right word 'cooincidental?'

he shook his head ' it was so real Maddie, you've no idea,' he looked at me ' you do beleive me,don't you?'

I thought for a moment. Predicting the future?That was somehting you saw in movies, or read in books. But now Lucas was telling me he's predicted the future in a dream, in real life. My choice was, should I trust him?

I took a breath 'I beleive you'

He smiled at me, releived ' thankyou'

'I smiled back 'it's okay, so what are you going to do about this?'

he shrugged ' I dunno, maybe it's just a one time thing, maybe it's a warning, it could be anything'

I nodded. We sat there a while before we decided to leave.

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Part 9

Lucas' p.o.v

I was so releived Maddie beleived me. She was the only one I knew that tok me serioesly for ages. I'd had a lot of friends at my old school, but things happened that made me change my mind.I lay in bed for a while thinking, before I finally drifted off to sleep.

I walked down the hallway and into the loungeroom. The T.V faced me from behing the back of the couch.

'dad!' I yelled 'I need to-' the rest of the sentence was caught in my throat as I walked around the couch because of what I saw infront of me. Dad was lying on the ground, face upwards, with his mouth half-open. His eyes weren't open, but I could still see the expression of horror upon his face. But what scared me more was the blood pouring from the gash in his head. With sick realisation I realised he would breath to death if I didn't do something to help him...

I jerked awake. I had a bad feeling about the dream I'd just had. It was like the one I'd had of surfing, only I dreaded this one more. I glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table. 6.30am. I sat up, too awake now to go back to sleep. I went to the shower, thinking that, atleat now, I would get to have a shower before Jack got up and used all the hot water. I went to the kitchen and made myself breakfast and sat down at the table with dad. By the time I'd finished, Jack had got up and was halfway through his breakfast when his moblie rang.

'hello, Jack Holden?' he said

There was a oause when the person on the other end spoke

'yes I'll be ther right away'

He stood up and rushed to his bedroon. In a minute he had his police stuff on and was frantically tying his shoelaces.

'Got a call from the police station, car accident. Be back in a couple of hours'

and then he was gone.

I looked at Dad eating his weat-bix, thinking about how he might die, about what had happened to him, about how his life may lay in my hands....

'Lucas, earth to Lucas?!' Dad called to me. He was waving a hand infront of my face and I realised I'd been staring at him. 'are you alright, you've been acting abit strange since after the-you know-accident at school?'

'ni, I'm fine' I lied

'you know you can come to me about anything, right?anything'

' it's okay dad, iI'm fine' I exclaimed

'right, well, I'm going for a walk'

and he walked out the door and was gone. I sighed and decided to go and do my homework I'd been putting off for a while, it was probably, unless by some miracle, going to take a long time.

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part 10

Lucas' p.o.v

I finished my homework way quicker than I expected, only 2 hours. Everything was pretty easy. Jack had always called me a nerd, and now that I thought about it, I guess I kind-of was one. I heard a knock on the door and opened it, it was Maddie.

'hi' she smiled


'wanna go to the beach?'

'yep, sure, I'll just write dad a note'

I got a notepad out of a draw and a pen.

"Dear Dad," I wrote "I've gone to the beach with Maddie, if I'm not back already, I'll be back at 6.00 by the latest.Lucas"

I put the note on the table and walked out towards the beach with Maddie.

'I had another dream' I said

She nodded, waiting for me to say somehting.

'In the dream I walked into the loungeroom and around the couch and Dad was lying on the ground. He looked like he was going to die! Ans there's another thing, I think he was attacked, he loojked like he's been hit with something'

'it might just be a dream?' she asked hopefully

'no, Maddie, it was a dream like before'

she nodded

We walked for a little longer

'oh, I forgot to mention, I texted Ric and Cassie and they're supposed to be meeting us here.

Maddies' p.o.v

Ric and Cassie walked toward us, hand in hand, and I found myself wondering if I'd ever get to do that with Lucas, but I snapped out of it.

'Hi Maddie, Lucas' Cassie said

Ric smiled at us. We smiled back

'so what do you wanna do?' Ric asked

' let's go to the diner' so we did.

We walked up the beach to thew diner and sat down.

'so Maddie, I saw a gorgeous skirt yesterday that would look perfect on you!' Cassie exclaimed

' me and Lucas will go get drinks!' Ric and Lucas stood up and left. As they left, I heard Ric say

'.....you don't want to get mixed uo in that girly talk,man...'

Cassie smiled

' easiest was to get rid of them, so,' she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table infront of her and smiled slyly

'what's happenin' with you and Lucas?'

I was surprised 'nothing!'

'don't lie, I could see the chemistry between you two!So what's happening, ahve you kissed, has he asked you out?!'

I sighed and loojed toward Lucas, who was now laughing at one of Rics' many jokes 'I wish!'

'so you do like him?'

'huh?' I looked at her 'Isn't it obvious?'

' okay, okay, just checking before we make plans'

'plans?' I asked suspiciously

'yep, plans'

'what "plans"?'

'plans to get Lucas to like you, ofcourse!' she shook her head in disappointment of me

'and how are we supposed to make these "plans"?What are they?'

Suddenly, A man walked into the diner. He had dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. I saw him staring at Lucas in a way that sent shivers up my spine, but Lucas hadn't even notice him arrive, he was engrossed in conversation with Ric.

Irene walked up to the counter and looked at him inquireingly

'need anything?'

' I'll ahve a beer, thanks'

Irene served him and he walked out, the little bell above the door tinkling as it closed.

The car door slammed shut as a man with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes entered it. Another amn sat in the drivers seat. He has jet-black hair and clear, clue eyes. He would have been good looking if it had not been for the ugly scar running down his scheek and his permanently angry expression.

'did you see him, Dan?' he asked. He held up a file that read Lucas Holden and had a picture on the front of it. The picture had been taken at the beach and he obiously hadn't noticed it being taken as he was staring out to sea.

Dan nodded 'yeah, I saw him. Are you sure that's him though, on the cover I mean, if it's not, the boss would soon have marked a file with the names Dan Fitzgerald and Mark Smith on the front'

Mark opened the file to reveal another picture. It was of Lucas with another man around 20. He had dark hair that could be mistaken for black and brown eyes. Both boys had the same shape of their eyes and mouth

'yep, you saw him if that's his brother' Mark said

Dan fidgeted, apparently thinking

'are you sure about this? I mean, he's only a kid. How old is he, 15?16?'

Mark rolled his eyes,and started up the car. He onoly answered Dan when he'd started up the car.

'he's 16 and don't worry, it's our job, we were payed to kill him'

next update-what does Maddie encounter?and will Lucas be able to save Tony before it's too late?

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