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Gail v Chrissie

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Why is Gail the ex-wife that Paul is still in love with? They broke up 18 years ago, his marriage to Chrissie was far happier (putting aside his affair with her sister), lasted longer, and they were on better terms a couple of years ago compared to Paul and Gail. We're not even completely clear on why that marriage failed, whereas we know how Paul screwed up his marriage to Gail. And it is undeniable that Paul was in love with Lil, Izzy, Lyn and probably Rosie in between.

I'm basing this on Paul's claim that he was supposedly still in love with her last year when they pretended to get remarried. I realize that he now has no memory of loving anyone after Gail. But I don't get that he's never mentioned any remaining feelings left for Chrissie.

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Yeah along with Julie's death I was wondering if he had been told about the whole Chrissie saga including his kid? I think he's in real need of seeing some other familiar faces...

What is the year he remembers last being in? Would he recognise Christiana?

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Chrissie annoyed me at times, she was too whiney.

I think everyone feels like Paul and Gail belong together more so than Chrissie and Paul, they are the most remembered and most well regarded.

I would love to see Chrissie back though, maybe she will…with more of Paul’s kids, I’d want the same actor though!

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